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  • Fat_Salieri
    Fat_Salieri År siden

    Is Jon still monetized? If it isn't makes sense to put videos on hold to upload until he gets supporters and brands to offer publicity space for those videos, like Swagbucks in the last one

  • The Tim&Ron Show More

    poopy biscuits

  • HollwIchigo
    HollwIchigo År siden

    Good guy like his video's I don't think he is racist at all! Keep up the good work fuck the haters

  • Covie Eric
    Covie Eric År siden

    I can't believe people are so wrapped in this political garbage. Been here since the Monster Party video release, and honestly couldn't give a fuck about political stances of creators. Unless they are force feeding their insights and political nonsense, then they are no harm. Jon isn't one of those idiots, and I'm not Democrat nor Republican. He's still Jon, and always will be. And that is all that matters.

  • Biscuit WHYYY
    Biscuit WHYYY År siden

    I like cat more from Alax

  • AreoTale
    AreoTale År siden

    has he ever done anything on the show Mr. Meaty? it was wholly traumatic.

  • Luke LaPointe
    Luke LaPointe År siden

    King meme is back

  • Shinkai Atusya
    Shinkai Atusya År siden

    You should do a review on children/family games that they turn into infomercials eg Headbandz, bonus has a crossing guard ask a random person do I exist, its hilarious and dark xD.

  • Brandon Bohannon
    Brandon Bohannon År siden

    Hey jontronshow, wanted you to know that I love you so much! Lol. You keep my days at work interesting. I introduced my girlfriend to your song "Being in love is like being on drugs" the other day and was delighted to find that she liked it as much as I do. You are amazing, keep up the good work!

  • SuperTupac
    SuperTupac År siden

    kill yourself you racist fat fuck

    • snek
      snek År siden

      Nice tolerant comment- you're a real paragon of humanity.

  • MultiPSthreegamer

    heh heh.. Hi

  • David Akers
    David Akers År siden

    Star Fox Assault StairFax A** Sault please? (Pardon my language, I bleeped the bad word out, betcha know what that word was JonTron)

  • SixthSense782
    SixthSense782 År siden


  • Monotone is likeable

    Some people deserve to never die. Jon is one of them.

    • Gerard PK
      Gerard PK År siden

      Wishing death upon others isn't exactly the nicest thing either, if you catch my drift.

  • EpicGamer 19
    EpicGamer 19 År siden

    When are you gonna upload JonTron?

  • Trismon55555
    Trismon55555 År siden

    Dear Jon, I have been a faithful sub since the beginning of this rink-a-dink channel started, And no words describe what you have done for me other than "Thank You" As you probably know, the FCC is planing to"fix" as in screw up the internet. And in case they succeed, I just wanted to say thank you for all the laughs. - Tristan Head

  • Mackzchess
    Mackzchess År siden

    Halloween edition please!

    • JK
      JK År siden

      There... was one. It's literally the most recent post. But it has been a bit now.

  • HUH Derp
    HUH Derp År siden

    Review zootopia Jon!!!!

  • Zelda Gamer Ld-401

    I need a voice acter for the werehog

  • Danielle Scott
    Danielle Scott År siden

    Hey, Jon. You should review "KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park." It's up there with the Starwars Christmas special.

  • Blicious
    Blicious År siden

    This channel has been one of my go-to favorites ever since I discovered it way back when. I will still come back and binge re-watch all your videos and I have a phenomenally good laugh doing so. I know life comes first and shit, is it ever unpredictable, but 3.6 million of us got your back, Jon. Take care of yourself, you magnificent bastard.

  • Madole
    Madole År siden

    will you talk about the movie The Christmas Tree?

  • Da_Pikmin_Coder
    Da_Pikmin_Coder År siden

    Do Bible Man JonTron I'm begging you.

  • Max Ashabranner
    Max Ashabranner År siden

    o o f n

  • FakuTV
    FakuTV År siden

    did you make a gameplay of Sonic Forces with reactions??

  • EmZite Official
    EmZite Official År siden


  • Maverick Santos
    Maverick Santos År siden

    Is Jaque coming back, Jon? I've been wondering for the longest time..

  • Aras Finn
    Aras Finn År siden

    Hi there Jon, former fan here- just wondering if you'll be licking Breitbart boots again since they've been defending Pedophiles and like Roy Moore.

    • snek
      snek År siden

      The Dems are defending Al Franken and Kevin Spacey. Stop bringing in guilt by association.

    • Monokuma
      Monokuma År siden

      The fuck you saying?

  • Dukeofnuyork A1
    Dukeofnuyork A1 År siden

    A video a month? Bad sign. I love the high quality videos that John makes. They are some of the best on NO-clip. But he needs to create content for when we have to wait for the big stuff. Just do a simple game review or maybe a Let's Play. John is naturally funny and all he has to do is sit in front of the camera and be himself. I'd watch that any day of the week. Just make content, we'll watch!!!

    • Monokuma
      Monokuma År siden

      It was always a video per month, retard.

  • Texan Mad Man
    Texan Mad Man År siden

    would you like to cinsider giving away a n64?im sorry if im being a dick my family is very pore butt just cant aford stuff like a n64

    • Ampharosite
      Ampharosite År siden

      Firstly, just because you enter a giveaway doesn't mean you win it. Secondly, how can you afford internet and devices to use said internet... but not an N64? Pretty sure computers, tablets, and phones are more expensive than the average N64.

    • Texan Mad Man
      Texan Mad Man År siden

      im 13

    • AdamatrixPlays
      AdamatrixPlays År siden

      9 year olds need no N64.

  • James LaCount
    James LaCount År siden

    and please comment me please

  • James LaCount
    James LaCount År siden

    and first review boku no pico

  • James LaCount
    James LaCount År siden

    and review anime

  • James LaCount
    James LaCount År siden

    proud for this world jon

  • James LaCount
    James LaCount År siden

    make all of them

  • James LaCount
    James LaCount År siden

    please im begging

  • James LaCount
    James LaCount År siden

    jontron make more videos

  • scroomnut
    scroomnut År siden

    jon can i suck your big succulent titties please daddy

  • Thaddeus Nichols
    Thaddeus Nichols År siden

    ya bet hell talk about that new bubsy?

  • ShallowDepth
    ShallowDepth År siden

    bubsy is back my dude it is your time

  • Brenmad mom
    Brenmad mom År siden

    You should come to PAX East Boston!!

  • be nice 496
    be nice 496 År siden

    *HEY JONTRON* - do you know why the demonetizing situation started? *It started because* the CEO of NO-clip, Susan Wojcicki, is an ethnic jew and didn't like it when PewdiePie exposed the jews for running our media & hollywood even if joking. *The jews also started* the feminist & liberal movements and they HATE the fact that all you guys are making it fun & cool to criticize it. *They are in a state of panic* bc you guys have an outreach to millions of young people who are fed up, while historically jews have always controlled the narrative: *ABC* - Ben Sherwood (Jew) Co-Chairman *CBS & Viacom* - Sumner Redstone (Jew) owner *NBC & Comcast Corp.* - Roberts family (Jews) owners *CNN* - Jeff Zucker (Jew) President *Time Warner Inc.* - Aviv Nevo (Jew) largest individual shareholder *Walt Disney* - Bob Iger (Jew) Chairman and CEO *Paramount* - Brad Grey (Jew) Chairman and CEO *Warner Bros.* - Warner brothers (Jews) founders *Universal Studios* - Roberts Family (Jews) owners

  • Rifet Sabanovic
    Rifet Sabanovic År siden

    hey was just passing through your channel and wanted to wish you a nice day! keep being awesome JonTron

  • Tyler Stout
    Tyler Stout År siden

    Don't let these assholes tell you what to do, you're content is A+ and I've always been a fan. I and many other's would be so sad to see you go. I love you Jon

  • Ian Plocki
    Ian Plocki År siden

    Do the new Bubsy game... Do it...

  • Roks Decim
    Roks Decim År siden

    Jontron, there's a new Bubsy game, it's time to finish the series once and for all.

  • David Nugent
    David Nugent År siden

    I've seen a few of your videos in the past and enjoyed them quite a bit, but I subscribed today after I saw your debate with Destiny. In my mind, that is a feat similar to a fire walk. He is the most insufferably smug, condescending, Communist, racist SJW I've ever seen on YT. Hats off to you for remaining a bastion of civility and composure throughout.

  • Government Certified Entertainment

    please fix your channel layout

  • Ahmad Syahmi
    Ahmad Syahmi År siden

    Please make a video on the new Bubsy game. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

  • Miles P
    Miles P År siden

    Fuck Off you hypocritical Ass Moocher

  • JK
    JK År siden I miss every day Jontron like the olden years.

  • Samantha Alloy
    Samantha Alloy År siden

    The fall of Mr. Jafari was a tragic waste of a great talent. He didn't need to end up that way.

    • snek
      snek År siden

      #1 on trending- he didn't fall. He made a mistake, but not a career ending one.

  • ZeldaMaster64
    ZeldaMaster64 År siden

    Hey Jon, if you ever get the you think you can revisit Star Fox Adventures? I've found out Grant Kirkhope was involved in the music production

  • MarbleCampus
    MarbleCampus År siden

    boys bubsy is back and he is here to knit

  • Gus Cohen
    Gus Cohen År siden


    • snek
      snek År siden


  • Raynamenta
    Raynamenta År siden

    Dimitri Kalashnikov I watch. Yis.

  • Raynamenta
    Raynamenta År siden

    I bet Jontron has the does the very big cock!

  • Laila Clements
    Laila Clements År siden


  • TDT Void
    TDT Void År siden

  • menumotheghost
    menumotheghost År siden

    did th salmonella kill you i hope not

  • SephirothSuperKool

    Jon, for the love of all that's Nostalgic, play the new Bubsy game that's just come out.

  • Antonio Cvitković

    Jon HE IS BACK!!! Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back

  • amillionguns
    amillionguns År siden

    Jon, Next video Should be on the world famous anime game: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory(GameCube) a little warning the hentai might make you wanna bust an almond instead of a nut

  • Diego Garcia
    Diego Garcia År siden

    hey do a new video on the new bubsy

  • Murad Beybalaev
    Murad Beybalaev År siden

    You release one episode a year, you lost your comedic touch, people calling you a racist, but I still love yo ass, Jon.

  • Zack Is Back
    Zack Is Back År siden

    yall just complaining about the intervals between videos. Just give the guy a break. This shit aint easy

  • Alduin the Mad
    Alduin the Mad År siden

    come on!

  • duck poop
    duck poop År siden

    stop it! the end of your video streak is the drugs psa. Like you started doing drugs

  • Trevor D.
    Trevor D. År siden


  • Jessi B
    Jessi B År siden

    Hey JonTron, just wanted to drop you a line and say welcome back! My husband and I missed your content (and you) and hope you are doing well. Get your stride back in your time.

  • Gus Of The Dorks
    Gus Of The Dorks År siden

    Hey Jon, I'm kinda new and like what I see. But it's kinda hard to get into the channel because of a lack of play lists. Any chance you might make some play lists in the future to help out guys like me? Maybe break it down into like movie reviews, game reviews, early episodes. Just stuff like that.

  • Mr. Blocky
    Mr. Blocky År siden

    Jon, will you make a new video about obscure games? Not that I already like the movie reviews and what not, but I really miss those kinds of videos. They made me laugh really hard, and I really want to see a comeback. I know Starcade didn't do as well, Heck I thought it was a bit boring, But I still want those old videos.. Then again, I could watch them from Daikatana to Starcade and the first year of Game Grumps' existence.

  • Brod Words
    Brod Words År siden


  • This Guy
    This Guy År siden

    For The Love of Gosh Jon pleez do a video on SCARY GODMOTHER!!!

  • Uaevo
    Uaevo År siden

    That was a good Halloween special

  • Hunter Gman
    Hunter Gman År siden

    There seems to be a bot impersonating you and giving out "giftcards." I would recommend taking a look at it.

  • Ruben
    Ruben År siden

    are you a jon or a tron

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy År siden

    There was a lotta damage when what he said was taken out of context.

  • Dylix Croft
    Dylix Croft År siden

    How's the next Halloween special, Jon?

  • Zack Hound
    Zack Hound År siden

    How old is that bird?

  • Isaac Osterhoudt
    Isaac Osterhoudt År siden

    If you all want more Jontron, check out A Hat in Time. He is a moon penguin. Take that Yooka Laylee!

  • Ahmeto Fihhhters
    Ahmeto Fihhhters År siden

    Hi, JonTron, I FULLY Love You! I am Ahmeto Fihhhters. This talking this: JonTron, please you play the Princess Minerva for the Super Famicom? Buy on eBay. Do you have on Super Famicom? If didn't have, also buy the Super Famicom on eBay? Thanks.

  • Sprint Wyvern
    Sprint Wyvern År siden

    i had a very weird lucid dream that he and i went out like buds and just joked around n shit ._. was very weird because he didnt have a bird he had a dog like my boyfriend and ...almost completely lost his interest in this youtube channel but still kept the silly jon tron wisecracks n stuff its...ITS WEIRD...

  • Loki Scarlet
    Loki Scarlet År siden

    Keep playin' birds, Jon. And please make another goddamn video. You've been Gonetron for too longtron.

  • Karaf Prof
    Karaf Prof År siden

    Jon, can you please check out the movie ''Who Killed Captain Alex'' and make a video about it? It's one of these low-budget movies that are so bad that they are actually hilarious.

  • Big BOi
    Big BOi År siden

    make more videos cunt

  • Blank_ knowledge
    Blank_ knowledge År siden

    Make more videos please or ill make a passive agresive comment

  • FamousXander
    FamousXander År siden

    jontron you are awesome, although you frequent 4chan too much

  • Sam Davis
    Sam Davis År siden

    yo dude, halloween special or what??

  • Some Kid
    Some Kid År siden

    LOL True Content.

  • Ashton Krause
    Ashton Krause År siden

    As soon as I watched the flex tape video, as soon as I heard the music, It was like a drug, as soon as I heard it I just went and binge watched a ton of his videos to get my fix of Jontron drugs.

  • Brian Jameson
    Brian Jameson År siden

    Does anyone know if jon has done a movie review on the Halloweentown series? If so he should do one for this year am i right?

  • Butter Pig
    Butter Pig År siden

    Halloween is near and you MUST braid your beard! ...nothing special really. Just fancy yourself up. Pinkie out, gentleman like.

  • Kayla Halder
    Kayla Halder År siden


  • Kaizo_Dread
    Kaizo_Dread År siden

    I just wanna say, you were awesome as Sniperwheel.

  • Indomitable
    Indomitable År siden

    It's been fun John.

  • TheLastAtomBomb
    TheLastAtomBomb År siden


  • Jclish7
    Jclish7 År siden

    Unsubbed today because I learned about some of Jon's political views. I know he makes gaming videos, not political videos. Still, a subscription is an endorsement. It's support. I don't want to support individuals (monetarily or popularity-wise) who believe certain things. We all have that choice.

    • armhand97
      armhand97 År siden

      That's the beauty of living in a capitalist society, using the free market to choose whether or not to support something, not having to be forced at gunpoint to support something regardless, which is what we almost got until people voted otherwise.

  • Agnieszka Wcisło

    make a video abaut animaniacs games

  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson År siden

    plz come back

  • JCI1990
    JCI1990 År siden


  • Jeremy Grice
    Jeremy Grice År siden

    As an idea for a show, can I request you partake in a viewing of "TomorrowLand"? I know it's a bit unfair to ask since I haven't seen it and don't think I could sit and watch George Clooney pretending to be smart for 2 hours, I just think, with a splash of JonTron it might be watchable. Thanks

    ΛTLΛS År siden

    jon tron you need to do this

  • Matthew T
    Matthew T År siden

    Jon, I think I have some movies for you to review. Basket Case 1, 2, and 3. Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor Magic Island and Frostbiter: Legend of the Wendigo. Feel free to review any of these. They are all SO bad, but oh SO good!

  • Shi Treasury
    Shi Treasury År siden

    Is there any way you can review Time Splitters Jon? <3

  • Cliff Savage
    Cliff Savage År siden

    Can you go back to making videos about video games?

  • Samir Abadeer
    Samir Abadeer År siden

    Would you check out my latest composition in 4 versions , thank you

  • Splochy Axis
    Splochy Axis År siden

    ha haoyfouygfuy

  • Omnomaly
    Omnomaly År siden


  • James LaCount
    James LaCount År siden

    jontron you should meet angry video game nerd

  • jasonpp11
    jasonpp11 År siden

    more apples and grapes please

  • good boy
    good boy År siden

    He protec. He also attac. But most importantly. He come bacc.

  • naters pataters Major


  • The_Funk_Ninja!
    The_Funk_Ninja! År siden


  • The Raging Elmo
    The Raging Elmo År siden

    he taunting us its like a third coming of Christ is coming

  • Rasmus Lundqvist
    Rasmus Lundqvist År siden

    Upload jontron or i'll overfeed your bird.

  • Morgan Harper
    Morgan Harper År siden

    Jon. Batman and Harley Quinn. Please watch it. I guarantee you will not regert it.

    INDYKI År siden

    Hey you! If you like the idea of Nicolas Cage going ,excuse the pun 'batshit insane' because he got bit by a bat during sex and gets rabies. Then give Vampires Kiss a try. If youve seen this shitty but fantastic movie ,then I would love love love to see you review it! Please and a great Thank you! :D

  • Thaddeus Nichols
    Thaddeus Nichols År siden

    OUR LORD IS BACK im a bit late

  • Medienfreier
    Medienfreier År siden

    Stupid Fuck.

  • Devin Alexander-Swanson

    We miss you Jon

  • ScribTOON
    ScribTOON År siden


  • tylerm_
    tylerm_ År siden


  • LDA
    LDA År siden

    my sempai is back. I LOVE YA JONTRON

  • Rebel Gamer
    Rebel Gamer År siden

    #JonTronDidNothingWrong Fuck these snowflake assholes who accuse Jon Tron of racism, they are pathetic losers who are just looking for an excuse to vent rage. Virtue signaling pieces of shit!

    • Ben Phillips
      Ben Phillips År siden

      And what pray tell would you call what you're doing cuck-boy? You're not virtue signaling, but you're certainly all revved up with that rage boner of yours with no place to go. #FuckJon

    • dawson parker
      dawson parker År siden

      I know, i came here to see if anyone else saw this disgusting garbage These degenerate "gaming (((journalists)))" need to leave him the hell alone already

  • ELConno801
    ELConno801 År siden

    Watch the scooby doo live action movies

  • well prepared44
    well prepared44 År siden

    *Hey JonTron,* would you happen to know that the largest US media corporations & hollywood are specifically ran by ethnic jews. How funny? (look below) *ABC* - Ben Sherwood (Jew) Co-Chairman *CBS & Viacom* - Sumner Redstone (Jew) owner *NBC & Comcast Corp.* - Roberts family (Jews) owners *CNN* - Jeff Zucker (Jew) President *Time Warner Inc.* - Aviv Nevo (Jew) largest individual shareholder *Walt Disney* - Bob Iger (Jew) Chairman and CEO *Paramount* - Brad Grey (Jew) Chairman and CEO *Warner Bros.* - Warner brothers (Jews) founders *Universal Studios* - Roberts Family (Jews) owners

    • well prepared44
      well prepared44 År siden

      Lol they've been controlling the narrative of everything from how we view politics to our culture.

  • se7en the great
    se7en the great År siden

    can you review "Double Down" it is in the same level as birdemic and the room.

  • Horror Gang
    Horror Gang År siden

    i farted

  • Jet Set Dizzy
    Jet Set Dizzy År siden

    Flex tape video was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

  • Ivan Peña
    Ivan Peña År siden

    wot happened to jocc?

  • ExodusTheFestive
    ExodusTheFestive År siden

    welcome back jon we missed you

  • Robert Cop
    Robert Cop År siden

    Jontron needs to review Leo the Lion (2013)

  • migero
    migero År siden

    1 month and no new video :(

  • Blitzkrieg
    Blitzkrieg År siden

    Jon, my friend Jon and I love your channel. Ever since 2014, we don't care about any politics we only care about the great content you put out!(In relation to you over course, we do other things) Keep up the good work friend!

  • Biffy Tannen
    Biffy Tannen År siden

    Keep making vids ya titpickle

  • Otávio
    Otávio År siden

    Jontron, you should make a video about the 1986 movie "Monster in the Closet". Given the nature of the picture, I'm sure it will be a fruitful source for your comedy. Best regards from a brazilian fan. Keep up the good work.

  • Jordan Oxx
    Jordan Oxx År siden

    welcome back you smooth motherf@#$er

    BUN YOODER År siden

    It's funny. I have 'alt-right' views, but I watch Steven Universe, and listen to Welcome to Night Vale, even thought their creators are really liberal. But as soon as some guy spouts out what he thinks sounds nice, which happens to sound really 'alt-right' to liberals, they can't watch him, and instead whine in his comment section. Hmmm...

      BUN YOODER År siden

      I think you have accidentally replied to the wrong comment.

    • Ben Bross
      Ben Bross År siden

      Also, it's personal, not personnel. Personnel (per-son-elle) is for referring to a person or group of people who fall under a certain category.

    • Ben Bross
      Ben Bross År siden

      Do you people see? Do you see what happens when we let 12 year olds with autism on this site? Listen Buddy, if you've ever even seen a video of the creators of Rick and Morty, it's clear they didn't have intelligent people in mind when making the show. So stop trying to make an adult cartoon about how you need to feel higher than everyone else, ok? Or don't listen to me, I'm just a hateful internet comment from a person hiding childishly behind a computer screen...

    • God fuck
      God fuck År siden

      To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewers head. There's also Rick's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they're not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Rick & Morty truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in Rick's existential catchphrase "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub," which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev's Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Dan Harmon's genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I pity them. 😂 And yes, by the way, i DO have a Rick & Morty tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid 😎

  • Brent Bottoms
    Brent Bottoms År siden

    oh god he left game gumps again

  • Sarkam
    Sarkam År siden

    • migero
      migero År siden

      wow u slow its old as f

  • Aidan smith
    Aidan smith År siden

    Jon? you said there will be new videos up... so where are they? Please don't tell me that its going to be another month without you, your long time subs want YOU. We want Jon and Jaques, the dynamic duo of feathers and New York accent (with facial hair of course). I know that I miss the Jontron that had fun making fun, for all of us, subs and non-subs. Please Jon, come back to NO-clip with a full force. Even if you are afraid to fail, you shouldn't be afraid to try. We miss you buddy, all of us.

  • Timothy Dufresne
    Timothy Dufresne År siden

    ching bung bung

  • Dustin Kropp
    Dustin Kropp År siden


  • GodzDMT Dotto
    GodzDMT Dotto År siden

    Damn he hit hard with that come back

  • Axton Lennox
    Axton Lennox År siden

    always loved the video's Jon since the day I found this channel. best humor on this site and your reactions are always gut busting

  • Chris Boring
    Chris Boring År siden


    • JK
      JK År siden

      My name is Chris Boring and I read one piece of clickbait and form an entire extremely opinionated view on the matter.

    • clorox bleach
      clorox bleach År siden


  • Nuclear Fallout
    Nuclear Fallout År siden

    Jon, bad tidings are upon us. I wouldn't deem you this piece of news, milord, but it seems that there is no longer any time to waste. The apocolypse is nigh! Our hour of doom is nearing. For the love of all that is holy, don't go near. Don't even THINK about the new bubsy game. He is coming. Our end. Our doom! PREPARE YOURSELF!!! PREPARE!!!! AGHAHAGHAGHAAGHAgHAgHAGHAhgGHagh!!!

  • Sean T
    Sean T År siden

    Hey Jon, _HE_ is back. Guess who's the first domino in a domino chain leading to _HIS_ return? *_YOU_* You made that one video which made _HIM_ well known on the internet, people talked about _HIM_ (in a negative way), and the last major social media thing about _HIM_ was when the Custom Character for Sonic Forces was teased as a silhoette, people thought it was _HIM,_ an official SEGA employee joked about the misconception, asking if anyone knows who owns the rights to _HIM._ (And _HIM_ is Bubsy by the way.)

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  • Ray Gaming
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    And then gone for 8 months

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    I've been doing a collection of Video Games and Game Consoles, the reason? Because I watch Jontron's videos that made me nostalgic and interested in doing a minor collection on them :)

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    I have the same birthday as you Jon it's the 24th March 😁🤙😂

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    • Void
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      This is probably why.

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      yes, the last video with the normal boots intro is the disney bootlegs. I wonder why though.....

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    JonTron, love ya. Sorry that all this critical theory bullshit and cultural marxism is spilling into our world of entertainment. You are the man. Fuck the haters.

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    Hey dude, I'm just coming to say hi and to tell you to go fuck youself on an imigrant cock, you fat racist fucker.

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    • TheDreReichDude
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      He should do one on Birdemic 2 instead, The Room has been done to fucking death.

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    Unlike some people here, Jon. I'm not pissed at you for the political thing. You've already apologized and it's clear you want to move on from it. I do however have a MUCH better reason to be pissed at you! When you promoted Iron Blooded Orphans in the first part of the Food Games videos, could it have killed you to bring up that there may be an AGONIZING AS ALL FUCKING HELL CHILD BRIDE SUBPLOT IN IBO?!

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      Because he's funny. Unlike some people, we don't come to his videos to hear about politics.

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      "all yall"

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    the only channel that have a legit followers, 3.3m sub, 3.3m views at least

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    *HEY JonTron,* I'm surprised you haven't noticed the trend in Hollywood and the media by now - look below lol *NBC & Comcast Corp.* - Roberts family (Jews) owners *CBS & Viacom* - Sumner Redstone (Jew) owner *CNN* - Jeff Zucker (Jew) President *ABC* - Ben Sherwood (Jew) Co-Chairman *Time Warner Inc.* - Aviv Nevo (Jew) largest individual shareholder *Walt Disney* - Bob Iger (Jew) Chairman and CEO *Paramount* - Brad Grey (Jew) Chairman and CEO *Warner Bros.* - Warner brothers (Jews) founders *Universal Studios* - Roberts Family (Jews) owners

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      wow! how original and has totally not been said by millions of other people on different videos that they didn't agree with! darn dudes! i think jontron gots *R O A S T E D* dude if you don't like his content than just leave... you wouldn't see me going to a Fred durst concert to tell him to kill himself...

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  • shopatten
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      Didn't you see @ 0:29 of the Vanilla Ice video? He's right there! Frozen on the table! (no clue where he really is though)

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    I just want to say that I totally feel for you in your transition. Life is more difficult than ever for many angles right now, and work subsequently becomes more difficult as a result. What you have done is awesome and I rewatch and share it regularly even still, and I'm confident that the next direction you take will also be sick as fuck. Just keep it up and one day we'll collab and all will be well.

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