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2Sexy Gets a Turbo2Sexy Gets a Turbo
2Sexy Gets a Turbo
3 måneder siden
The Return of 2SexyThe Return of 2Sexy
The Return of 2Sexy
4 måneder siden
JDM Wheel RestorationJDM Wheel Restoration
JDM Wheel Restoration
5 måneder siden
Biggest Delivery Ever!!Biggest Delivery Ever!!
Biggest Delivery Ever!!
11 måneder siden
180SX Vs Tow Car180SX Vs Tow Car
180SX Vs Tow Car
2 år siden
Knock KnockKnock Knock
Knock Knock
2 år siden

Kommentarer • 200

  • not2quickontheuptake

    Do something with an fc. Rotary engines get no love.

  • Dave Erp
    Dave Erp 5 år siden

    lost all faith in seeing another video.... hurry up! do some skids! in your MX5! MARTY RULES!

  • Edward Ind
    Edward Ind 5 år siden

    Put a turbo on a Ford Focus st170 Mk1........

  • Soup
    Soup 5 år siden

    +1 for the V8s. Toss the jap turbos away and bring on real muscle

  • Ehab Isaac
    Ehab Isaac 5 år siden

    I agree with Jonathon Hughes!

  • Mitchell Williams
    Mitchell Williams 5 år siden

    Yeah, I'm not sure if you guys check this forum but I agree with John below me. A shift back to the funnier, grassroots videos you had before would be mad. That civic with the PVC rollcage you did was awesome.

  • Jonathon Hughes
    Jonathon Hughes 5 år siden

    What a shame... This used to be a wicked channel.... but you seem to have lost your roots.... What happened to simple cheap how-to modification videos to the blue turd.... I mean the MX5 turbo conversion was great and everything... and abit larger scale than the traditional blue turd videos... and its what everyone wanted to see...... but im not really looking for another person to make music videos for a car meets.... there are hundreds of them. I want you back to grass roots... instead of jet setting on the fame you have got from this.

  • elkoonpsn
    elkoonpsn 5 år siden

    yea new video mates

  • Flontrol
    Flontrol 5 år siden


  • ddaaz1871
    ddaaz1871 5 år siden

    Y are u taking so long to post a vid?? 2 weeks now what a joke

  • Jake Castle
    Jake Castle 5 år siden

    you's should do something on a old commodore like a vl or something

  • Chris Giordano
    Chris Giordano 5 år siden

    how do u get the turbo sound? i hav a 2008 golf gti with 2.0 turbo, but it doesnt sound like it has the turbo. What do i do?

    CHINOZ CHeNTeZz 5 år siden


  • Simple Status
    Simple Status 5 år siden

    getting CARBON FIBER hood makes the car lighter ,so the lighter it is the faster you go!!!

  • Reeshan Than
    Reeshan Than 5 år siden

    hey mcm i heard that Carbon Fiber on hood makes your car go faster is that true.Can u show me the diffrence

  • FurIouS
    FurIouS 5 år siden

    Come on MCM time to ditch the shitty turbo 4's and go / show some nice muscle V8's :)

  • Patrick G
    Patrick G 5 år siden

    does anyone know the tires they used for their golf on the /budget street cred/ episode

  • Citroman3cv
    Citroman3cv 5 år siden

    next vid! please! hi from argentina

  • OfficiallyJimbo
    OfficiallyJimbo 5 år siden

    this wait is'nt mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddddddddd

  • andr3y240
    andr3y240 5 år siden

    video pls!!!... Hello from Romania!

  • sean bellows
    sean bellows 5 år siden

    are we gonna go on two weeks without a video? guys are really staying on top of things

  • Diax1324
    Diax1324 5 år siden


    KJTUSKJTUS 5 år siden

    really cheryl... a honda civic, everyone knows how to make a damn honda civic a sleeper. but anyway you should do a new episode, i just rewatched season 1 and 2 i need another episode soon!!! haha

  • cheryl patey
    cheryl patey 5 år siden

    you should do a video on how to make a 2001 honda civic 5 speed 4 door a sleeper

  • James Grand
    James Grand 5 år siden

    really need help asap i got a nissan laurel c33 rd28. the pump decided to fuck out how can i get it fixed please help cant find details ne where

  • Abu Layla Abdul Khalaq Figueroa

    video suggestion: what would you recommend be the first performance part that should be installed if you plan to race?

  • Gabrielb0830
    Gabrielb0830 5 år siden

    can you guys do a video on how to smoke your tailights? be really helpful

  • Clay Daetwyler
    Clay Daetwyler 5 år siden

    i have been watching for 2 years and i think you have the best and funniest DIY on the internet. My suggestion for a new video would be swapping out an automatic tranny for a manual or an AWD conversion. MAAAAAD

  • Sergio Morelos
    Sergio Morelos 5 år siden

    Can you guys please show me how to plasti dip a whole car with plasti dip spray cans there is videos on youtube already but to be honest i'm not going to dip my car until you two show me how lol

  • Jer T
    Jer T 5 år siden

    So how 'bout you guys come to Holland for a change :) you can use my car :D.. to... i dont know tune up i guess :) great show guys keep it UP!

  • Alex Manlavi
    Alex Manlavi 5 år siden

    You're in Australia, right?

  • Tony Santos
    Tony Santos 5 år siden

    Did the miata get an LSD? - British racing green and champagne coloured wheels for the win, with chrome rollover bars mwhahaha

  • ConfidentClownXx
    ConfidentClownXx 5 år siden

    @mac hunter; leave them alone, actually, here's an idea... Create your own youtube show, get 45million+ video views then start talking shit about other people. Until you can claim to be as or more successful them you don't have a right to talk shit about people who you have never met! MCM FTW

  • mac hunter
    mac hunter 5 år siden

    LOL, was a fan of you guys, watched all ur videos and told my buddies about them, till i saw ur 2012 Q and A episode and listened to you bash Hyundais and Hondas, you guys are fcking losers, 1) theres hondas out there that would blow the doors off ur peices of shit and 2) any REAL car guys dont bash other brands for no reason. or simply when you dont know enough about them. way to make fellow auzzies look bad, losers

  • Ethan Fisher
    Ethan Fisher 5 år siden

    video on pro's and cons of BOV and flutterdump good or bad?

  • Michael Hyden
    Michael Hyden 5 år siden

    How would I adjust the accelerator and/or brake pedal sensitivity for more or less resistance?

  • Daniel O'Connell
    Daniel O'Connell 5 år siden

    Will you guys make a vid on how to install a vacuum gauge on a non-turbo car?

  • Wrex
    Wrex 5 år siden

    you need to get your hands on a rx7 and its 270hp rotary madness :)

  • BR BUD!
    BR BUD! 5 år siden

    hello can u make a video on how to make your car higher for more ground clearance for free ??

  • hmiller18
    hmiller18 5 år siden

    Fan from Saint Louis, MO in the US. I'm not sure what insurance or availability is like for V8s down there but I think it's about time you guys get a big honkin' V8 and do some massive burnouts/terrorize children and small animals.

  • Nathan Henk
    Nathan Henk 5 år siden

    Where do yall get your cheap cars from??

  • Gian Galigo
    Gian Galigo 5 år siden

    U guys should post more videos with you guys getting more subscribers

  • WorldWAR208
    WorldWAR208 5 år siden

    Guys i would really like some advice on what to do with my car! if you could please message me! i know you are busy and i would just like a moment of your time you guys are my idols i would ove to be able to do what you guys do on a daily bases! keep up the good work!

  • Bman6085
    Bman6085 5 år siden

    You guys sud mod a American car! like a 3rd gen camaro or somthing!

  • Toothless Hoogstra
    Toothless Hoogstra 5 år siden

    Greetings from Netherland love you guys and cant wait to get my drivers license and my first car witch am definatly going to mod and thanks to your videos i know a lot more how to do it

  • Hussain Kadom
    Hussain Kadom 5 år siden

    i would like to see a bmw in the show

  • Adrian K.
    Adrian K. 5 år siden

    I heard things about grounding cable increase horsepower. Can you do a myth test if it's really worth fixing. The one product which I know of is HKS nano tech grounding cable. There's also the QMAX nano tech but not sure if it's available in ur country

  • MrRazeops
    MrRazeops 5 år siden

    please install nos into one of ur cars and show us how to

  • James Morrissey
    James Morrissey 5 år siden

    Hey love ur vids can u do a holden comador

  • ii skinnaayy
    ii skinnaayy 5 år siden

    Love your vids, should dp a vid on how to make a Nissan Micra k11 JDM worthy... :) Keep up the good vids, cant wait for the next one

  • Izak Botes
    Izak Botes 5 år siden

    Hi Guys I have got a 2007 Daihatsu Terios II 1.5 4x4 It has no LOW Range gear but on the internet I found n forum of guys stating it would be possible to Fit the DAIHATSU ROCKY's gearbox obviously with adapterplates and wat not my question is if it will fit 1: Cost effective 2: would it make a huge differance to 4x4 capabilities 3: what would the gear ratios be like in the 1.5? 4: and how would the 1.5 perform with the new ratios ........... and lastly 5: would it be worth while to fit a supercharger rather .... would be great to hear your opinion as this could be a interesting one !!! Awesome show Lav it!

  • Saveon Chin
    Saveon Chin 5 år siden

    hi there, can a soft turbo car still fix in another turbo as a compound turbo.......what will happen?

  • Fevzi Garip
    Fevzi Garip 5 år siden

    Do a Toyota glanza v

  • Brendan Alexander
    Brendan Alexander 5 år siden

    can you please do a video on how to install an AFR meter with a digital display in the car?

  • Irs Fisk
    Irs Fisk 5 år siden

    maybe i can get some help how much would it cost me to switch my steering wheel to the right hand side

  • Xander Cozaciuc
    Xander Cozaciuc 5 år siden

    Rest in peace Moog, you will never be forgotten!

  • Rizky Perdana
    Rizky Perdana 5 år siden

    hey guys, i have an idea how about DIY coilover? most people do that it would be great

  • josh brock
    josh brock 5 år siden

    hey guys i was just wondering what the song is when you start to wash the cressida in the cressida part 2 video. it says "you got me fired up like a doggy to a bone"

  • Cameron bryson
    Cameron bryson 5 år siden

    Hey guys i was just wondering if yall plan on getting into the diesel world?

  • josh brock
    josh brock 5 år siden

    Hey guys I am from the united states of awesome and i am getting a 2001 BMW 740il for my first car and i really wanna put air ride on it, any tips? it would be really awesome if you made a video about it

    BUILDSforDRIVING 5 år siden

    hi guys I have a 82 mazda ute and about to put a v6 96 lexen motor (holden v6 ) the ignition plug is also connected to the anti theft shut off . but I don't want this as it will only be a track toy..do I need a new ecu trying to keep it cheap..as I have other cars draining funds.....the loom for ignition plug into main loom so a plug and play option would be cool

  • OfficiallyJimbo
    OfficiallyJimbo 5 år siden

    does anyone else think they should mod a small van like a partner or is it just me

  • Benjamin Valitutti
    Benjamin Valitutti 5 år siden

    Dear Mightycarmods, please consider doing a painting tutorial for all your viewers, it would be so helpful for people who want to escalate their cars street cred.

  • T&T_drift_ production

    please do a review no a nissan lauarl c35

  • masterjefferson0892
    masterjefferson0892 5 år siden

    Hey dudes, discovered your channel about a month ago. Great stuff! Much love from Montana, USA

  • mat arif leen
    mat arif leen 5 år siden

    hey guys... since u guys just install a nice and awesome setup turbo kit in the mx5.. i was wondering if u guys could make a vid about the shape of exhaust manifold does or doesnt have major effect on the car performance... cuz the custom manifold from the turbo yoda is just to awesome!!!

  • Angelos Kalogeros
    Angelos Kalogeros 5 år siden

    Guys you should do a video on putting nitrous oxide system in Moog Silvia.It's gonna be MAAAAAAAAAD

  • fire700rescue
    fire700rescue 5 år siden

    I think the next should be a cheap offroad truck OR a subaru special....more subarus for the win!

  • Gliderboy96
    Gliderboy96 5 år siden

    Guys you need to do a video on making your own and/or installing Halo LED Headlamp rings!

  • boostingaddict
    boostingaddict 5 år siden

    do a dsm vid

  • 13deryck
    13deryck 5 år siden

    moog and marty make a video about blow off valves on diesel engines. it is good to install an aftermatket one for the wooosh sound or not? it will affect my engine performance?

  • OddBallPerformance
    OddBallPerformance 5 år siden

    Is it just me, or are the season playlists all out of order, or even backwards?

  • 4evadunkley
    4evadunkley 5 år siden


  • ozzy1180
    ozzy1180 5 år siden

    loving the videos keep them coming

    ZODIAK BBX 5 år siden

    you guys should do a rotary episode :) like put a rotary in a small car or something like that :P

  • Alex Russell-Saw
    Alex Russell-Saw 5 år siden

    Thanks so much for making this channel. it's exactly the kind of thing that i will sink hours of my life into. and providing me with some much needed knowledge on general car modding and shit. cheers guys.

  • Adams mums pimp
    Adams mums pimp 5 år siden

    we know you have everything ready just upload it we waited a week. Please guys.

  • Aby Tom
    Aby Tom 5 år siden

    Come on guys, please don't let us wait too long for part, just upload it already!

  • Alex Doyle
    Alex Doyle 5 år siden

    i wanna know what happened to the 180

  • z32na2tt
    z32na2tt 5 år siden

    part 3!! we need it!!

    THANAS 5 år siden

    Ehrmagherd Pert Three Erlrerdy!!!!!

  • Cassidy Scanlon
    Cassidy Scanlon 5 år siden

    let moog get an s14!

  • Cameron Allan
    Cameron Allan 5 år siden

    mate love the show when are you guys gonna rip out an aussie classic (Holden, ford or Valiant)

  • samuelmdouglas
    samuelmdouglas 5 år siden

    have you guys considered doing a water/methanol injection viseo

  • Michael Bennett
    Michael Bennett 5 år siden

    Sup guys, here from South Africa, post PART 3 plzzzz also do a diesel vid !!!!!!!!

  • Jorge Becerril
    Jorge Becerril 5 år siden

    make a wire tuck in honda make a wire tuck in hondamake a wire tuck in hondamake a wire tuck in hondamake a wire tuck in hondamake a wire tuck in hondamake a wire tuck in hondamake a wire tuck in hondamake a wire tuck in hondamake a wire tuck in hondamake a wire tuck in honda

  • diego roma
    diego roma 5 år siden

    sub spanish !! please

  • jose Franco
    jose Franco 5 år siden

    mcm you should try a street cred with a pick up truck

  • Drawde Inc
    Drawde Inc 5 år siden


  • james mai
    james mai 5 år siden

    you guys should do a build series with an e30

  • HaxoResc
    HaxoResc 5 år siden


  • HaxoResc
    HaxoResc 5 år siden

    PART 3!!!! WE WANT IT NOW!!!

  • sabba dabba
    sabba dabba 5 år siden

    marty what happened to subaru love mate?

  • Eduardo Herrera
    Eduardo Herrera 5 år siden

    Get a Toyota :) Never get a Hyundai They suck ass

  • Lewis Martin
    Lewis Martin 5 år siden

    Hey MCM for your next vid you should show us how to change child lock on windows so you can see out this would pretty cool if you did it

  • Romilios
    Romilios 5 år siden

    Get a volvo :P

  • Javed P
    Javed P 5 år siden

    possible to tune a boring nissan sunny n16?

  • dick faber
    dick faber 5 år siden

    a beetle sti mashup? can you beat that? DwS3W227qP8

  • XDC Kev
    XDC Kev 5 år siden

    in Drift Car Build - Part 3 whats the song at 04:39 ???

  • Ole-Herman
    Ole-Herman 5 år siden

    Can you make a vid about How to A/C your non-air condition car??

  • kunglody
    kunglody 5 år siden

    Hey guys you guys do a MAD job on your videos and all. You have inspired me into doing my own mods. I just brought a 2000 Plymouth Neon 2.0L I4 producing 132 Horsepower and it runs fair but its crap. This car is in need of a lot of unicorn rainbow fart to make this car super MAD. I need help to make this Mad some advises are much appreciated. Problems with the car it smells like pubes mixed with smoke, a lot of pubes. Engine miss firing, all wheels are bad, bad tires, bad brakes, no electricity whats so ever, except for headlights only. Dashboard not working, and have roll up windows (hands have a workout). Help me make a MAD mod to this car please and thank you

  • im knownas
    im knownas 5 år siden

    you two are like Hamish and Andy. you should have your own tv show or better yet, you should redo australia top gear with you 2 and mechanical stig.

  • Michael L'Heureux
    Michael L'Heureux 5 år siden

    Awesome videos guys, I'm so glad you're back :3 I don't think we'll have to wait long for part 3! Patience, MAD episodes take time, and lots of unicorn rainbow farts to power the editing department.

  • Gabriel Noel
    Gabriel Noel 5 år siden

    Guys !!! I really need your help please I buy on Ebay a JDM steering wheel BUT I dont know what else to buy to complete the installation I dont want a Quick Release hub I just want to tighten the wheel in my car and thats it . I have a Toyota Matrix 2006 . Please can you help me ? Thank you

  • boostingaddict
    boostingaddict 5 år siden

    now how long do we have to wait for part 3 any guesses anyone? my guess to long

  • TheBboyronny
    TheBboyronny 5 år siden

    A boxer engine

  • TheBboyronny
    TheBboyronny 5 år siden

    Is it possible to put a 3.0l engine into a 2.0l engine bay or is it to big

  • MG-ZR
    MG-ZR 5 år siden

    Tuning ideas for a 1.6 zetec s mk5 fiesta pleeaassee

  • Cassidy Scanlon
    Cassidy Scanlon 5 år siden

    upload part two pleeeeaaaassseee

  • Mitch Reed
    Mitch Reed 5 år siden

    Get the mad MX-5 Turbo conversion part 2 uploaded i need my MCM shizuoka.

  • GhostRiot
    GhostRiot 5 år siden


  • ArdionProductions
    ArdionProductions 5 år siden

    hi i got a wired but i think a cool mod. y dont u try to install a sort of big tv in a car LOL

  • HaxoResc
    HaxoResc 5 år siden


  • Steve Holden
    Steve Holden 5 år siden

    Y U HEF 2 MAKE US WAIT!!!!!

  • boostingaddict
    boostingaddict 5 år siden

    were the fucjds;avdhsafjpsrf;ewaghdkjfndsfndsafedgbrgntyhthgtrgdfds fv is the new video srsly what is going on why do we have to keep waiting

  • 加藤みずっち
    加藤みずっち 5 år siden

    Hi Marty, What camera did u use to record your videos?

  • Citroman3cv
    Citroman3cv 5 år siden

    and the new episode?

  • csalad
    csalad 5 år siden

    Do an episode for surface rust repair!... My subie has some rust.....

  • Julian Rosenvold
    Julian Rosenvold 5 år siden

    When is next video?

  • Allen cobbo
    Allen cobbo 5 år siden

    I think you guys should make a video based around a P plate legal drift car

  • rudeboy rupert
    rudeboy rupert 5 år siden

    yo guys whens the next episode

  • Jawwad
    Jawwad 5 år siden

    Hi Marty and Moog. How are you?. My request is can you plz tell me how can I install turbo in nissan x-trail? and which turbo should I buy to install in it?. Thanks

  • jawbraeka
    jawbraeka 5 år siden

    please do a WA Series Festiva/DA series mazda 121 With a B6T and G-Series transmission and if you don't like it, get rid of it.. you'll also find that these things are faster than any subaru or nissan you guys seem to drive due to the power/weight ratio. try it on a quarter mile, plus this will also enable another episode on engineering certificates for mods as the transmission mounts will need to be altered for this type of setup too. Another suggestion for a show is HHO Setups.. and are they any good for roaduse.. could be an ongoing updated series as it does take more than 1 run to see results and also could be good for hoons alike who want to save a buck.

  • cronusangel93
    cronusangel93 5 år siden

    hey marty and moog. my name is angel and i watch your videos here in arizona, usa. just wanted to ask if you guys have seen that anime show "initial D"? if not, i really think you guys will enjoy it.

  • 4Joe20
    4Joe20 5 år siden

    Did you remove the Brake Caliper rebuild episode I'm looking for it and can't find it i'm doing it to my car soon

  • boostingaddict
    boostingaddict 5 år siden

    to much waiting to much waiting to much waiting to much waiting to much waiting to much waiting to much waiting to much waiting weres the new videos

  • 1sammyi
    1sammyi 5 år siden


  • Marcus Hollstein
    Marcus Hollstein 5 år siden

    Is there going to be a video of painting the blue turd?

  • Ashley Pinfield
    Ashley Pinfield 5 år siden

    When is there gonna be a video on the aftermath of Marty keying Moogs subaru?

  • Jerram89
    Jerram89 5 år siden

    You guys should consider supporting the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party for The Senate (if you so believe in that kind of thing)

  • farawaydave
    farawaydave 5 år siden

    congratulations saw you on the outro or the youtube live feed! livin the dream boys!!! wes straya!

  • Stratz_
    Stratz_ 5 år siden

    Hey Marty.... That lady that interviewed you at the youtube feast looks interested on you.. haha

  • Colton Oshowy
    Colton Oshowy 5 år siden

    Did you remove your vidoes off iTunes (or did iTunes remove them)? I know that there used to be mightycarmods vids in the iTunes store. now I cant find them! Why are they no longer available??

  • Alex Randazzo
    Alex Randazzo 5 år siden

    just one question, what happened to the 180???? if you sold it, i would of bought it asfdlkjhaslkfhag

  • Sean Shanahan
    Sean Shanahan 5 år siden

    do you guys ever do any other cars????

  • alexander bleichner
    alexander bleichner 5 år siden

    james boulton see the last video and you will know.

  • Ole Zuniga
    Ole Zuniga 5 år siden

    I need help I cant seem to find that cable that I need to install my ipad installation in my car you guys are the best

  • Michelle Sakaio
    Michelle Sakaio 5 år siden


  • Citroman3cv
    Citroman3cv 5 år siden

    i´ve been seen you guys from a year ago! from argentina! doing some stuff to my cars too! i have a IES SuperAmerica 88 and a GMC Chevette 1996! your are maaaad!

  • Henry Cuellar
    Henry Cuellar 5 år siden

    Why don't you guys do a VIP build? That would be very nice! JDM 4dr big body sedan not just VIP styled actually VIP =D

  • King Ragnar
    King Ragnar 5 år siden

    MARTY'S NEW CAR PLEASE AND FREQUENT VIDS! Your channel is the only channel I watch on NO-clip

  • armspac
    armspac 5 år siden

    love Martycar Moogs

  • Kirk Peter
    Kirk Peter 5 år siden

    Hey Moog, I really like the music you have on the japfest video, I was wondering if you would mind using some of my music too? also is there anywhere i can hear your stuff?

  • André
    André 5 år siden

    what did you guys do to the 180 sx ? like is it being used ??

  • boostingaddict
    boostingaddict 5 år siden

    justin and mupho1 are right we are still waiting and also going threw you guys videos i dont see any dsms?? you guy should should pick up a eclipse gsx and throw some mods on it

  • Mpho Jan Tsokela
    Mpho Jan Tsokela 5 år siden

    I think you guys should buy a golf mk4,for your experiments

  • Mpho Jan Tsokela
    Mpho Jan Tsokela 5 år siden

    Justin is right we r still waiting

  • Angel Johnson
    Angel Johnson 5 år siden

    hey I was wondering ... what do you think about American made cars?

  • Justin Ulloa
    Justin Ulloa 5 år siden

    still waiting for marty's new car lol

  • GM 1193
    GM 1193 5 år siden

    Hey guys, fan of the show (I enjoy it, but my life doesn't depend on it). Just wanted to give the suggestion of making an update video or something. We are all human beings, and I'm sure that we would all understand if something were happening, just as long as you let the fans know there may be a delay, I'm sure that the fans will accept and continue to stay loyal, instead of unsubscribing. Anyways, keep up the good work. I hope that you guys are alright and we all hope to see a new episode soon. Thanks

  • King Ragnar
    King Ragnar 5 år siden

    Frequent uploads pleaaseee guys!

  • Visualfedz
    Visualfedz 5 år siden

    Marty's new car?

  • lukeycapicino
    lukeycapicino 5 år siden

    whats happened wheres the frequent episodes gone, come on guys make more stuff, big fan of the channel

  • varo
    varo 5 år siden

    hi guys, for when a car wrapping?

  • happyherbz1
    happyherbz1 5 år siden

    I think this is the longest time between videos! Please show us Martys new new car! I also think you guys should do some more cheap cars like the 'Blue Turd' :)

  • Winny
    Winny 5 år siden

    moar videos

  • LAGG MoTiOn
    LAGG MoTiOn 5 år siden

    when r u guys posting some more videos its been awhile

  • avenged8fold1
    avenged8fold1 5 år siden

    Hey guys, love what you're doing! just a suggestion, DIY sunroof install on a car without one :P

  • Agostino Scanu
    Agostino Scanu 5 år siden

    HEY guys i love your shows and what you guys represent. i live in the us and i have a couple questions to ask you guys! i might but a 1990 Honda civic that has been fully tricked out with air ride suspension and ext. it has a 1999 Honda 1.8l engine with a turbo that's been placed in but not fully completed i need your help guys! please contact me through youtube facebook or email my name is agostino scanu and email is Agoshizzle334@aim.com i hope you guys contact me! i think this car might be MAAAAADDD!!

  • Eric thai
    Eric thai 5 år siden

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