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  • Angelic Felon
    Angelic Felon 4 måneder siden

    Hey Hey Hey. I just wanna say Thank You for your videos. I find myself rewinding constantly. Check out mine. Id love to know your thoughts😍👋

  • P L
    P L År siden

    wtf???...again NO podcast!!!...another blank screen.

  • ChasingSpace
    ChasingSpace År siden

    You guys should do an episode with comments sometime.

  • Ruben Griffith
    Ruben Griffith År siden

    Hey Joe Rogan you should check out a fighter named Ben "Mr Alaska" bennett he just won a world title and he is 30-3 he's an awesome guy you should look him up and invite him on the podcast

  • Lyndon Gray
    Lyndon Gray År siden

    Anyone know the mic Joe uses during his show

  • P L
    P L År siden

    what happened to the LIVE broadcasts?????

  • Avery Brooks
    Avery Brooks År siden

    I have a request for these guests again, Sam Harris and Neil Degrasse Tyson! Can't see them enough on your show, great stuff keep up the great work!

  • Jordan Johnson
    Jordan Johnson År siden

    Joe love the podcast brother, you seem like you would have a blast with Tom Campbell. He is a physicist who will BLOW YOUR MIND! no-clip.com/video/MOBT-TVAhM4/video.html

  • Jimeth
    Jimeth År siden

    I would LOVE to see Danny Green on the JRE podcast! #greenmachine

  • Gucci Bonds III
    Gucci Bonds III År siden

    Where the fuck is cts cast.

  • tony bologna
    tony bologna År siden

    joe, please try to get interesting guests on you show. your friends are not that interesting and weve seen them many time. Some even have their own shows we can watch if we really want to see them.

  • P L
    P L År siden

    add podcast #1045 to the list of "no shows".....????.

  • bigjoe
    bigjoe År siden

    This is the second live podcast I haven't been able to see...

  • P L
    P L År siden

    another "live" podcast #1044 CT Fletcher.....another blank screen.....wtf?.

  • Pantallicus
    Pantallicus År siden

    Dude no live comment section on your live video? Laaaame lol. I love your podcast man. Its like watching a more attractive, older, richer, and funnier version of me.

  • Drew Anderson
    Drew Anderson År siden

    Andreas Antonopoulos! Bitcoin is going crazy right now! Wheres that dude at? it just hit $10,000!

  • Dustin Shipley
    Dustin Shipley År siden

    Lets see Hamilton Morris again. Love his show Hamilton's Pharmacopeia.

  • Lakai Sharpe
    Lakai Sharpe År siden


  • Daryl Rybotycki
    Daryl Rybotycki År siden

    The live stream for #1043 is repeatedly giving me playback errors immediately after the ad plays. I will try again later...

  • napochulo
    napochulo År siden

    For us pool players. Any chance of getting Shane Van Boening on the podcast? Maybe to just play one game but more to hear about his road stories and opinion on where the sport is going.

  • William O'Leary
    William O'Leary År siden

    Why does it seem like the amount and quality of the content here is on the decline? I appreciate the "switch" between varying guest views (political, interest, etc) but 6 days pass and there's only an MMA recap? Still a fan, just wondering wtf is happening.

    • amandine512
      amandine512 År siden

      It's probably the holiday. Chill.

  • M. Xu Dorler
    M. Xu Dorler År siden

    Get Devon Larratt on your show!!! Really cool dude in the sport of Arm Wrestling!!!

  • Dallas North
    Dallas North År siden

    Please have Norm Macdonald on!

  • Felix van Diggelen

    Invite Adam Curry!

  • SimonV316 Sanity
    SimonV316 Sanity År siden

    most entertaining podcast in the world! Whens the next stream? i want to hear your thoughts on whats been going on in zimbabwe

  • Rilind Burniki
    Rilind Burniki År siden

    Joe Rogan, do you know John Rose, this man will blow your mind man. no-clip.com/video/inn22KZhujg/video.html

  • mckay Smith
    mckay Smith År siden

    # MAGA. Trump 2020!!

  • mckay Smith
    mckay Smith År siden


  • Kekistani
    Kekistani År siden

    we need a Joey Diaz and Alex jones podcast imo

  • Stephen Seress-Smith

    Hi Joe, is it possible for you to get That Handsome Devil on your show, the guys make some of the most weirdest and controversial music :D

  • Jake McCurdy
    Jake McCurdy År siden

    Do a no beat-off/porn challenge!

  • and jon
    and jon År siden

    Mark Booth Jonathan Black Mark Booth Jonathan Black Mark Booth Jonathan Black Mark Booth Jonathan Black Mark Booth Jonathan Black Mark Booth Jonathan Black Mark Booth Jonathan Black Mark Booth Jonathan Black Mark Booth Jonathan Black Mark Booth Jonathan Black Mark Booth Jonathan Black Mark Booth Jonathan Black Mark Booth Jonathan Black Mark Booth Jonathan Black Mark Booth Jonathan Black Mark Booth Jonathan Black Mark Booth Jonathan Black Mark Booth Jonathan Black Mark Booth Jonathan Black Mark Booth Jonathan Black Mark Booth Jonathan Black Mark Booth Jonathan Black Mark Booth Jonathan Black Mark Booth Jonathan Black Mark Booth Jonathan Black Mark Booth Jonathan Black Mark Booth Jonathan Black

  • and jon
    and jon År siden

    Mark Booth Jonathan Black Retweeted Sacred Geometry Int (@SacredGeoInt): Me too. With @joerogan as host, I guarantee @jordanbpeterson would never be the same afterwards. @Graham__Hancock should be present as well. Ultimate philosophy companion podcast. #TheGreatYear -Am* t.co/OWVAeGR6IU

  • Mp3BuRn
    Mp3BuRn År siden

    With your huge fan base.......Please cover the Net Neutrality ban....if you have, please link it. It needs to be announced!

  • FunnyAtItsFinest
    FunnyAtItsFinest År siden


  • Z750Monster
    Z750Monster År siden

    We need Zack de la Rocha on. We need a revolution.

  • All nothing
    All nothing År siden


  • TheChorus3
    TheChorus3 År siden

    Joe Rogan just a suggestion but can you please check out Owen from RSD aka ;Tyler Durden. The guy is around half his life into picking up girls and decoding their psychology. He is also part of underground community that almost now one knows about called PUA . I am a fun of both you and him. If you ever made a podcast together I think it would be so interesting to watch...

  • Norm Jones IV
    Norm Jones IV År siden


  • Review The Cheapest

    This is the best podcast on NO-clip.

  • Marcin Cebula
    Marcin Cebula År siden

    Please talk about the this article "This man is about to launch himself in his homemade rocket to prove the Earth is flat"

  • afad asdfadf
    afad asdfadf År siden

    Could you please discuss the topic of net neutrality. It is a serious issue that could essentially lead to cable providers being able to add microtransactions on any website that you visit. There is a vote happening in December by the FCC to abolish net neutrality and the protection that it grants everyday users. Cable and internet companies have spent so much money on lobying in favor of abolishing net neutrality because they are the ones that will directly benefit from it. There is still hope, and people can reach out to their local congress and call to show their support, but not everyone is informed about this issue. This platform reaches millions of people, and this topic needs to be discussed and recognized before it's too late. You can go to battleforthenet.com to show your support and call your local congressman, it only takes about five minutes.

  • Colton Nissen
    Colton Nissen År siden


    • Colton Nissen
      Colton Nissen År siden

      This guy has brilliant written all over him! Get him on the show before he flys!

  • Mr nice guy
    Mr nice guy År siden

    clip kings channel is using all of joes clips?

  • Brad Haaf
    Brad Haaf År siden

    mind blowing Chanel Isaac Arthur dude has done some serious homework on almost everything you could imagine in space, think you will binge watch lol

  • NPC#8841
    NPC#8841 År siden

    When is the surgery to cut off that PP joe? Your guest have been shit lately you cucked soyboy.

  • asheriko26
    asheriko26 År siden

    Hey joe, I have a couple of interesting people for you: Dave Grhol (foo fighters) Tom Waits Nick Cave Black Pigeon Speaks Nick Manning (porn star) Jerry seinfeld

  • She'sElectric
    She'sElectric År siden

    It would be great if you could have available the subtitles

  • Gumps Greenhouse
    Gumps Greenhouse År siden

    Hey Joe, have you ever , or ever thought of interviewing Paul Chek?

  • M A R K O
    M A R K O År siden

    Maby David Goggins in show? He say he will come if u call him

  • Cuck Destroyer
    Cuck Destroyer År siden

    dude you need to film jaime schooling you in bball 1v1

  • XXX 2zigenTuner
    XXX 2zigenTuner År siden

    I'd love to see the anti-SJW youtuber "The Academic Agent" as a guest on your podcast Rogan. I'm sure he would be right up your alley. Please invite him.

  • Last Comment
    Last Comment År siden

    change that retard monkey sound already on your Home tab , it was cute 900 episode ago , but now it is just an annoying habit to mute the speakers and turn it back on after that shit intro is gone , it is loud and idiotic , not to mention how embarrassing it is when someone else is hears it "oh you are watching the monkey fucker again " , yeah , just end it

  • Jack W
    Jack W År siden

    joe u are a rare content, ... . truly a gem of the sea!

  • Cole G
    Cole G År siden

    my favorite are the podcasts with brendan, joey, and edgybrah

  • Kris Noir
    Kris Noir År siden

    More scientists, less comedians.

  • LockSteady
    LockSteady År siden

    I know Nick Diaz is a total mush mouth, but could you please have him on the show? Please?

  • Jared Venter
    Jared Venter År siden

    Tom woods, Ben Shapiro(maybe), Russell Brand.

    • Cole G
      Cole G År siden

      I'm pretty sure both russell brand and ben shapiro have been on

  • byebyegiomar
    byebyegiomar År siden

    Hey Joe, you need to have Tom Cruise on. He's really interesting character.

  • Adolf Buttheimer
    Adolf Buttheimer År siden

    Hey JOE! Here's a good video about AIKIDO vs MMA. Check it out: no-clip.com/video/0KUXTC8g_pk/video.html

  • Michael Mauchline

    Great Podcast! How about a science spin-off show?

  • Ben Bourgeois
    Ben Bourgeois År siden

    Went to JoeRogan.net, searched JRE podcasts for Dan Carlin, clicked on JRE #1041... Brian Regan JRE #1040 plays

  • cursive Valkyr
    cursive Valkyr År siden

    You should have Mark Neuhoff from Virginia Tech on your show.. another victim in a long line of university mob mentality firings over bullshit

  • Waylon Breaux
    Waylon Breaux År siden

    what happened to the dan carlin video earlier? :(

  • marco feola
    marco feola År siden

    joe when are we gonna see ted nugent on the show? that interview would be epic!

  • Chaz
    Chaz År siden

    You just need to turn off I message on your iphone then link your android phone to your number and it will work plus other people have to turn off imessage for your contact if they wanted to get your messages

  • aphaileeja
    aphaileeja År siden

    Tenshin Nasukawa

  • Sev Lehna
    Sev Lehna År siden

    Saw this this morning and thought you would like it. They are entering a new era. rsbl.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/13/11/20170398

  • ARMYstud0seven
    ARMYstud0seven År siden

    Get Duncan Trussell back on the podcast

  • Multi Verse
    Multi Verse År siden

    Get the dude from Bright Insight NO-clip channel or Ron Paul on your show!

  • Žibiņš
    Žibiņš År siden

    Hi Joe, could you comment on this in one of your podcasts: mymmanews.com/brad-kohler-gender-wars/

  • Matt Jose
    Matt Jose År siden

    I would like to thank Joe and Young Jaime for doing this podcast, you guys are my favorite media.......Rogan Rocks...the mushroom guy was mind blowing, the guitar player from blink 182 was strange but interesting, the girl that won moab was amazing, billy corgan and his puffy jacket ...did billy think his jacket was a cape?

  • Taste Sking
    Taste Sking År siden

    wim hof is late for this year D': every october..

  • Brennan
    Brennan År siden

    Looking for Joe's quote on how some people are fucking driven... Talking about participation trophies maybe??

  • Infinilectics
    Infinilectics År siden

    Hey Joe, Talk to Cal Dietz, he has wide and deep insights into physiology and super high level athlete training.

  • Michael Adams
    Michael Adams År siden


    • Michael Adams
      Michael Adams År siden

      for all the aikido/ bullshito questions out there, this sums it up.

  • theauntiechrist
    theauntiechrist År siden

    Hi. would love to see an interview with Adam Curtis, if he's ever state-side.

  • Aaron B
    Aaron B År siden

    Joe, please interview Nick Cave !

  • mosdefer
    mosdefer År siden

    Have Kurt Osiander on!

  • mosdefer
    mosdefer År siden


  • Myrna van der Molen

    Your interview with Paul Stamets was absolutely awesome! Always love the mind bending conversations you have with some of your guests!

  • Devin Berger
    Devin Berger År siden

    Paul Kariya

  • shovel20
    shovel20 År siden

    Please please please can you get David Paulides (missing 411) on your podcast. He talks about people who vanish under mysterious circumstances

  • Micheal Telenga
    Micheal Telenga År siden

    this is fucking stupid but im danny noble from maidstone saskatchewan and i am lay down comedian i would love to see trent reznor from nin high ten from canada

  • Naits Nesnahoj
    Naits Nesnahoj År siden

    check out youtuber Adam at PsychedSubstance. i think he would be a cool guest for your show. especially talking about dmt and ayahuasca

  • Ben Gossler
    Ben Gossler År siden

    Sir Rogan... Of all of the music people you have had, why not the illustrious Marilyn Manson? THAT would be a super fucking cool 3 hours! DO IT!

  • OhMudluck
    OhMudluck År siden

    Sorry to put this here as well, watched your podcast episode with Ben Shapiro and wanted to stimulate some responses to my reply. I'm pretty sure I'm going to receive unanimous hate and dismissal, but it's occured to me that there is a lack of understanding between something that is essential and something that is a social construction, and that there is a danger if both social constructions and essential qualities are attributed to ONE identity. E.g. being a man, as I will briefly show, connotates much more than just having an XY chromosome pair. The notion that Ben seems to be putting forward here is that feeling disassociated with your biological sex, or with your gender is a mental illness. And that because of that, because of that way that you feel; you are more likely to commit suicide. I remember when being a homosexual was considered a mental illness, and when the suicide rates used to be much higher. I think the distinction must be made between people who feel completely at odds with their BIOLOGICAL SEX (gender dysphoria as it is called), and then the people who may not have a qualm or issue with what their biological/genetic make up is, but still wish to completely dissassociate with everything that it is to be a 'man' or a 'woman'. For example, it is a social construct of our society that women wear dresses, and men wear trousers. There's nothing wrong with this as a tradition, across the world you will find many different cultures who have different attires that are generally attributed to males, females, or people of any diferent kind of class or status. Workers wear this, royalty wears that, etc. So some aspects of our behaviour are social constructions. There is nothing natural or ontologically real about dresses being a female 'thing'. HOWEVER, what the problem is is that we assign things like this onto something ontologically real such as biological sex. So with that, you might have someone then who has no problem with the biological facts at hand, but wants to wear dresses, wear make up, talk in a higher pitch voice, whatever. BECAUSE all of those things and many more are socially accepted as one being 'a woman' people feel like they cannot asssociate with being a man anymore. They are going against what society tells them it is to be a man, to be masculine or whatever. So if you do NOT feel like you belong at all to the category of 'man' because you do not feel comfortable or associate with any of the social constructions surrounding that term then one can understand how many transgender people wish to disassociate with being a 'man' or 'woman'. I think this issue needs to be framed in a different way because many people are getting caught up in minor epistemological arguments without understanding the difference between something that is ESSENTIALLY true (biological sex) and something that is a social construction (Women should be stay-at-home, men should be tough, men don't cry, gays are camp, whatever). I know Joe and Ben have both expressed that they are ok with people doing, acting and being how they like, and that's great. No-one here I hope wants to deny people the right to act and behave how they would like so long as they are not hurting other people. What we need to look at is the fact that we equally ascribe biological truths and social constructions to the SAME term: Man, for example. So there are two sides to being a 'man'. Biological sex, and the social constructions around it. Some people have an issue with their biological sex. If they want to deny it they can, but they would be incorrect. Others wish to dissassociate from what it is to be a 'man' in society. We MUST understand the difference. I'm sure, if anyone bothers to read/reply to this that I'll be met with a lot of hate as from reading the comments nobody has asserted anything like this, but I'm curious as to what rebuttals will come forward. I understand there are quite often misunderstandings on youtube comments, so if anyone does do me the courtesy of replying I'll just highlight a few things that I imagine people will stab at me for: - Male and female are two ontologically real categories. They exist, and people are one or the other whether they like it or not (unless they have a specific chromosome defficiency, are 'inter-sex'. - Gender in some aspects can be considered to be ontologically real, but it must be separated from the undeniable truth of biological sex. Arguably at least not EVERY aspect of living out a gender is naturally determined. Much of it social construction. Whether these social constructions arose from something essentially true is a different matter all together.

    • David Voss
      David Voss År siden

      I'll grant you, just like society has, that not all aspects of living life as a woman or man are naturally determined. Some are self-determinable or relatively determinable for a lack of better terms. However what Ben Shapiro reiterates is you're either a man or a woman as determined by xx or xy chromosomes. He doesn't say anything about how you choose to live your life after that point.

  • Xeneon341
    Xeneon341 År siden

    Hey, Joe. I'd love to see MJ DeMarco on your video podcasts. Thanks for all that you do.

  • EdTheJew
    EdTheJew År siden

    Thanks Joe Rogan, entertaining as fuck.

  • Lianne German
    Lianne German År siden

    Could you please do a Vegan advocate vs a Meat advocate debate or get Dr Edward Group or something?

    CRACKER År siden

    Love your stuff by the way!

    CRACKER År siden

    Joe, please get Marshal Masters on your pod cast. He is a planet X researcher and a very interesting dude. Not your run of the mill conspiracy theorist. Look into him, I think it would make super interesting show!!

  • KellerDH
    KellerDH År siden

    Invite riane eisler?

  • SimonV316 Sanity
    SimonV316 Sanity År siden

    Hey joe any chance of getting mike tyson on the podcast? cos that would be epic! :D

  • Ross Palumbo
    Ross Palumbo År siden

    Whats your take on Louis CK?

  • Tyler Kimball
    Tyler Kimball År siden

    Paul Stamets podcast was amazing! Would love to seem him back SOON! Keep up the good work Joe & Jamie!!!!

  • Decipherlogic
    Decipherlogic År siden

    Hey Joe, you should reach out to Jimmy from Bright Insight. He would be a great guest. no-clip.com/channel/UCsIlJ9eYylZQcyfMOPNUz9w

  • Delightful Travellers

    Really like your channel. Keep up the great work and awesome videos!

  • joeroganforpresident joeroganforpresident

    joe rogan for president 2020

  • brentpod
    brentpod År siden


  • p
    p År siden

    private prisons, central banks, lobbyists, career politicians... why don't you discuss real shit? higher primate my fucking ass. all you do is filler.

  • Jonathan Mcmuffin

    Please get Johnnie Langendorff and Stephen Willeford on your show! True American Heroes in the recent church shooting here in Texas.

  • rodolph schmirnoff

    I love you and schaub great entertainement and insight,but wtf does gsp have to do to get the respect he deserves from you two? you're saying Woodley or whitaker is tough? how about both of you where sure he was losing to bisping.and dana thought so too... gsp has the real potential to become by far goat,by beating withaker no matter how, same for Woodley,then doing to that loudmouth boxer chest tattoo guy what he did to bj penn. remember that? possibly one of the worst beatings ever in the octagon.

  • Lee Stembridge
    Lee Stembridge År siden

    Keep the kool glass fence , and Hawks , but hire a struggling local artist to etch the glass so the Hawks can see it ? (REEEspec)

  • Kyle LaCoursiere
    Kyle LaCoursiere År siden

    Joe you should interview Corey Goode, if its true its some fascinating shit he has to say

  • Josh
    Josh År siden

    Podcast with Paul Stamets was unbelievable, I mean that in a good way. The struggle of understanding Nature so well that you know how to fix problems in the world, but that doing so would flip our society on its head and anger Governments that worked so hard to suppress this knowledge. The man is a genius, a badass, a "Walter White" if you will. Paul Stamets is truly a hero. Thank you Joe for having him on!

  • Daniel Hopp​​

    Did the podcast with Paul Stamets get taken down? Video stopped halfway through and now I cannot find it.

  • Bill Billinton
    Bill Billinton År siden

    Nevermind, just me.

  • Bill Billinton
    Bill Billinton År siden

    The audio is messed up on the stream Jamie.

  • Lester James-Brooks

    I'll beat ur leftie ass in a fair fight joe rogan u piece of shit. pick up the pace. more uploads, more guests. u dont get a day off sucker

  • Mo Ping
    Mo Ping År siden

    Get Devon Tracey (Atheism-is-unstoppable) on your show!

  • vigRX Plus Review

    Hey Joe. ask redban if he has tried VigRX Plus!

  • James Savoy
    James Savoy År siden

    Rogan! Huge Fan have you heard of Scientist Michael Tellinger? I think he might peak your interest in ancient technology!

  • Patch Town
    Patch Town År siden

    Corey Feldman has to be on dude.

  • Ricky Martin
    Ricky Martin År siden

    Your the best Joe Rogan. You always have a different way of looking at things that makes it interesting to listen too.

  • Marc Raccioppo
    Marc Raccioppo År siden

    SAVE ANDY DICK! He needs your help!

  • warhawke223
    warhawke223 År siden

    You need Marc "The Animal" MacYoung on your show www.nononsenseselfdefense.com/

  • Andrew B
    Andrew B År siden

    You should have on Gerard Morin and John Hutchinson

  • Christoph Scheier

    My top 3 interview partners would be jim carrey, craig ferguson and eckhardt tolle.

  • jinks1
    jinks1 År siden

    you should interview the WEST MEMPHIS THREE

  • ScottTheAngel
    ScottTheAngel År siden

    Joe there is a guy called Brien Foerster his past time is ancient sites exploration he must know tons of information on it and I think it would be good for his channel also. He might have some knowledge to help they guys who think of the meteor impact around 12000 years ago. He has tons of videos on his channel from everywhere.

  • dOG-FΔRт
    dOG-FΔRт År siden

    MY WIFE LEFT ME & MY KIDS HATE ME... but i'll always have trump on the T.V :|

  • TheNinjaWallaby
    TheNinjaWallaby År siden

    why cant I search ur vids

  • Shane Green
    Shane Green År siden

    my video is messed up no-clip.com/video/emcJJJ5yABc/video.html comment?

  • Edmond KO
    Edmond KO År siden

    Joe, invite JP Sears!

  • Aviv Resnick
    Aviv Resnick År siden

    Bring Jacob Collier on the JRE!

  • arkham10981
    arkham10981 År siden

    no-clip.com/video/v-PQ6tSextM/video.html&feature=youtu.be Ernie listens to the podcast....you should get him on.

  • Cristhian Vallejo

    At what time is this First of November Podcast at?!?!?! I want to see your come back to the where the grass is greener!

  • Spencer Jordan
    Spencer Jordan År siden

    Joe, you should invite Ravi Zacharias for a discussion. Very thoughtful guy. I think you would appreciate him.

  • AzizaVFR
    AzizaVFR År siden

    Please fix the angle of the guest microphone boom. It does not need to be up in the sightline of the guest. Make it equal to Joe's. This keeps from distracting the guest and having to look around it.

  • John Doe
    John Doe År siden

    At some point you have to address the Tom Delonge insanity.. please.

  • Misunderstood78ca

    What a fukin dolt!

  • d1ll0n
    d1ll0n År siden

    Please try to book Robert Lanza on the show, thanks!

  • Viva Max Channel
    Viva Max Channel År siden

    Invite Bruce Willis, he's cool!

  • Billboard Blue
    Billboard Blue År siden

    interview comedian Stewart Lee! :)

  • reggy pirens
    reggy pirens År siden

    no-clip.com/video/aPAJI5oWwAw/video.html !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JOE THEY FILMD REAL BIGFOOT NOT GUY IN MONKEY SOOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Will H
    Will H År siden

    Why do people want fluff and not substance? What happened to putting life and life events into a state all can understand and learn from? personalize it, keep it relevant and most important, keep things in a honest context.

  • lefty wolf
    lefty wolf År siden

    Thank you for turning me on to "The OA" (short attention spans need not bother)

  • Bobby Bologna
    Bobby Bologna År siden

    You people bitch about the weirdest shit sometimes, do a drug so maybe you'll shut the fuck up and enjoy the podcast for what it is. jfc

  • Joe Troy
    Joe Troy År siden


  • SoberRacing
    SoberRacing År siden


  • Bill Billinton
    Bill Billinton År siden

    Tour of your new diggs (English for new man palace, which again is slang for studio building) please Mr. JOE ROGAN

  • Shrubchucker
    Shrubchucker År siden

    JFK files released rogan, get your shit ready

  • Erectus666
    Erectus666 År siden

    Jon Ronson was talking about that Harold Puthoff. He took part in the project ""Men Who Stare At Goats"" based it's plot. FRAUD by a bunch of idiots xD

  • FakeMoonRocks
    FakeMoonRocks År siden

    Oh, fuck it! Get Corey Feldman on the show. Let's hear what that little prick has to say.

  • Henrijs Andriksons

    no-clip.com/video/pX0XFCX1GyY/video.html What do you think about boxer Josh Kelly?

  • dieraffe2
    dieraffe2 År siden

    Please invite Shinzen Young and/or Daniel Ingram (integrateddaniel.info/)

  • DarthBalls454
    DarthBalls454 År siden

    the show has been awesome with you sober... your interviews have been fantastic...you stay on topic more... butt, i cant wait till you get the guys on and end sober October... i wanna see Bert and Tom wrestle over a burrito...

  • Chris S.
    Chris S. År siden

    So, we're all in agreement that the Tom Delonge interview was basically a PR stunt to sell his book, right?

  • Andrew Dunbar
    Andrew Dunbar År siden

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  • Kiran Bains
    Kiran Bains År siden

    Hey Joe! I’ve found a common thread in your videos where guests would suggest books, for example, Whitney Cummings referring to “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” by Yuval Noah Harari and Russell Branch mentioning “Biocentrism” by Robert Lanza. It could be a great addition to start incorporating into your videos where your guests suggest one book they found influential to them or the topic they're discussing on your channel to help educate your audience further - I’ve certainly enjoyed reading what they've mentioned and look forward to future recommendations!

  • Robb
    Robb År siden

    Hey Joe! Can you try to get Paul Stamets on your podcast? Noticed he's in your neck of the woods 4th of november presenting on the myco-cosmos conference in LA state historic park! Thnx for your show btw, great stuff

    • Robb
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    • FakeMoonRocks
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  • Chinggis420
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    TANKBUST3R66 År siden

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