I Survived an Airplane Crash

  • Publisert 7. nov.. 2018
  • Sucked out from the airplane and falling 2,987 meters (9,800ft) from the sky, Juliane Koepcke miraculously survived her freefall from her disintegrating plane crash. Spending 11 days in the Amazon rainforest, at 17 years old, she had to remain mentally strong gathering all of her strength and her will to survive.
    A true story, Juliane only had 1 shoe and 1 eye to see out of. Being separated from the entire plane wreckage, she knew she had to find her way out if she wanted to survive. The thick Amazon rainforest made it difficult for rescues to find the plane, let alone her! She tried so desperately to find her mother, but in her fragile state, she had to worry about herself first. Not knowing if she would ever be found, she took a chance and followed a river hoping it would be her shot at finding people. Her gamble paid off when she managed to find a resting post where the next day, people found her and quickly transported her to a hospital.
    Out of 91 passengers, she is the only survivor of the Lansa Flight 508. She not only survived a plane crash but survived it falling nearly 3 1/2 Burj Khalifa's (tallest building in the world) without any life-threatening injuries and survived 11 days on her own in the Amazon rainforest. Showing the will to survive, her story shows us how strong, resilient, and determined someone can be when faced with the most difficult challenges.
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    Berry :3 3 timer siden

    The work of J E E B U S

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    Lorena Olvera 3 timer siden

    Did you animate for Michelle Phan

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    Samuri LUL 3 timer siden

    Is this on the news?

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    the voice is not Juliane Koepcke

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    Tiffany Wu 3 timer siden

    Is this real?

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    Angie Ramirez Ramirez 3 timer siden

    I feel bad for that girl loseing her mom and being in that Did you situation

  • djxearo
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    I stopped watching. Fix your enjoying cringe voice

  • hydra masteras
    hydra masteras 3 timer siden

    This is a other person story!Not her story!

  • Rip X
    Rip X 3 timer siden

    I hope people realise this is fiction

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    I’m a potato

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  • The Random Channel!
    The Random Channel! 3 timer siden

    With force X mass and weight the force would have killed her and everybody else real science here. Like if you are depressed

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    Sinestre Gaming 3 timer siden

    This is legit sad Alexa play the world's smallest violin 10 hour edition.

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    This is fake... I know it.

  • Mía
    Mía 3 timer siden

    How did she survive falling from such a tall height?

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    Wow I literally have a flight to Dominican with my mom next week

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    This is fake

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    Oh. She did not care about kids and people dying? Well that's weird

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    Weird flex but ok

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    this is so sad

    alexa play despacito

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    I am never going on a plane again

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    The mom ;(

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    this was heart breaking alexa play despacito

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    I thought ur mother was ur uncle

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    What airplane crash any name?

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    I hate this voice actor sm

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    Is this real? I don’t think so HOW COULD YOU SURVIVE THAT COME ON! If this happened no one would talk about

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    Weird flex but ok

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    This is fake because

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    I'm scared of plane crashing

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    Mom: I have a surprise for you on your birthday!!!
    Me: yayyyy!!!
    (My birthday comes)
    (Drives me in car)
    Me:where are we going
    Mom;you’ll see..
    (Gets there)
    Mom gets out of car-
    Mom: we are flying to Spain!!!
    Me: stays in car, locks doors and hides behind a chair--

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    Terrible voice acting

  • Christopher Virgo
    Christopher Virgo 4 timer siden

    Awww she’s lucky I never had ride a plane

    • Möö
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      shes lucky for falling out of a plane?

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    Is this really true, becouse it sound like a storytale 🛬🛬🛬🛬👌

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    Why did you put nice music over this wtf???

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    Wow life is wild

  • Natalia Corbacho
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    If this had rly happened, wouldn't we know your name from the news. And therefore you would have like millions and millions of subscribers. So...


    I’m sorry this is cool and all but HER VOICE AND THE WAY SHE TALKS IS SO ANNOYING

  • Aesthetic Catz
    Aesthetic Catz 4 timer siden

    Why am i watching this at the airport..now i am imagining my plane crashing...

  • liz annie hiciano
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    Is this real tho? The info is so accurate

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    Have dat hapeend

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    That’s a good story for your children and your grandchildren 😉

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    Oh my gosh

  • Josef Hossein Al-Mersal 5g Herstedøster Skole

    Planes are lightning safe if a lightning strikes the plane it will absorb it so this is fake.

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    Poor girl

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    I'm already terrified of plane rides and this did not help

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    Nagito is that you??

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    That’s sad 😔

  • Chim Mr. Krab's Wife and Gf

    I heard this story in class. She was on LANSA. This girl is not the real person.

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    The god allah is help you

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    I am shook. My Family and I are traveling almost every Year and I can't stop imagining. What if this had happened to me, or you?

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    Im sad that people died... 1 Like 1 Pray

  • Alma PlaysROBLOX
    Alma PlaysROBLOX 5 timer siden

    I would cry and scream if i would be in a plane crash and if m seat row fell down i would cry so much😭😭😭😭and im so happy that ypu survived😁

  • Hester Zijlstra
    Hester Zijlstra 5 timer siden

    Im realising the moment a 3 moments ago in a small plane... im terryfied now

  • Barb Edwards
    Barb Edwards 5 timer siden

    I’m going on my fourth flight back to home . Thanks 🙏

  • tsj games
    tsj games 5 timer siden

    If you were the only one that survived then what were the rescue helicopters doing

  • you are reading this in your head

    ME: walks into AIRPLANE, several minutes later I open up my phone to watch some youtube and I see THIS in my RECONMENDATIONS

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    She is really annoing

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    It would be so hard to lose my mother

  • PenaPVP
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    Wait did you *drink* anything during those first four days cause if you didn’t this is confirmed fake. (She would die from dehydration)

  • Frazix
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    Channel name 1 minute videos
    Makes a 6 minute video

  • PenaPVP
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    If this was true u would be dead before you reached the ground due to g-forces or decompression in mid-air

    LORRAINE WOODHOUSE 5 timer siden

    Wow I would be so got damn sad if I lost my mom my mom is in okc and if she died I would kill my self

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    Must be fake

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    Like 60 people dies
    *Playing happy music*

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    I live in Dubai! Sorry it doesn’t help

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    You had an adventure I hope your not hurt to bad wish you good luck ^v^ (I wish I had an adventure why me Q^Q)

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    *sees bodies* continiues speaking normally

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    This isn’t true ahahha it’s impossible

  • I.derpy suppaboy
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    How did u not get eaten by a crocodile when going through the river

  • Casual Charlie
    Casual Charlie 5 timer siden

    Girl you are a survivor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel so bad for you that is so scary , you are so strong , this is amazing , sad and inspiring

  • ooo SoggyDoggy ooo
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    Guys you DO know that this is ONE plane out of THOUSANDS! That's like being afraid of cars, bc a car crashed. Planes are built to be extremely safe and secure, and pilots train for YEARS until they're even allowed to fly commercial airlines.
    So chill, your plane won't crash.

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    This is so sad

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    I know how you survived


  • The fist elements of Darkest brain

    I’m sorry for your mom she is in a happy place now

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    She could have just dropped earlier but the "battle bus" dropped in Moisty Mires

  • Toxic Nea
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    This is why I don’t go on planes

  • Elysian Genesis
    Elysian Genesis 6 timer siden

    Hate to be like everyone else in this comment thread but damn.. this video could've touched my heart if it was narrated appropriately.

  • Toxic Nea
    Toxic Nea 6 timer siden

    She’s lucky

  • Kareem Williams
    Kareem Williams 6 timer siden

    Woa you survived that's rare I think I'm just a kid I'm retarded so please tell me if surviving an air plane is rare

  • TheMrGasth
    TheMrGasth 6 timer siden

    I’m about to throwup with those details

  • Esmeralda Balcorta
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    God bless you didn't die

  • Thilde Kruuse Wind Mikkelsen


  • Nogi Lover
    Nogi Lover 6 timer siden

    "Miracles Still Happen" is the movie.
    Year 1974 and directed by Giuseppe Maria Scotese.
    Movie used to trip me out when I was a kid.
    Very haunting!!!

  • Rehan Ghani
    Rehan Ghani 6 timer siden

    I'm sorry for your mother..... And you.

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    F a k e

  • daniel houseworth
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    This story is fake

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    I that Real? Or a story?

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    xXELITE SKULLXx 6 timer siden

    What do u call a mexacon who lost his car car loses

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    You are the bravest person I’ve ever heard