Live Midterm Election Results | Democrats win control of House, Republicans retain Senate

  • Publisert 7. nov.. 2018
  • Live coverage of the 2018 midterm elections as Campaign 2018 is in full swing. Stay here for results and updates throughout the night from CBS News as America votes for key Gubernatorial, Senate and House candidates across the country.
    The fate of Congress hangs in the balance: All 435 seats in the House of Representatives are up for grabs, and 35 Senate seats are at stake. CBS News has projected that Republicans have kept control of the Senate, and that Democrats have gained control of the House.
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Kommentarer • 360

  • TriLung
    TriLung 11 timer siden

    كريم رجال الصحراء هو العلاج الطبيعي للتخلص من المشاكل الجنسية المرتبطة ب قضيب صغير و ضعف الانتصاب و سرعة القذف للاستفادة من المنتج يرجى التواصل مع الدكتور المالكي مصطفى على الواتساب00212689611487
    كريم رجال الصحراء هو علاج طبيعي وكل مكوناته طبيعيه ١٠٠٪ وليس له أي أثار جانيه امن تماما.
    خلطة رجال الصحراء هو المنتج الرائد في دول العالم عامة وفي الشرق الأوسط خاصة بسبب لنجاحه مع كل زبناء اللذين استعملوه
    خلطت رجال الصحراء منتج مرخص من هيئة الغذاء والدواء
    فوائد كريم رجال الصحراء
    1-يعمل على تكبير القضيب
    2-يساعد تأخير القذف
    3-يقوي على لانتصاب
    لا تترددوا وغيروا حياتكم للأفضل...
    نحن نرسل الخلطة لجميع دول الخليج و دول العالم

  • mary doe
    mary doe 18 timer siden

    I say that NO CHANGEOVER OF PEOPLE WHO ARE CURRENTLY IN CONGRESS AND SENATE UNTIL ALL VOTING POLLS ARE INVESTIGATED!!!! I saw where in Texas they had a video tape of worker there telling undercover person that they accept all illegal alien voters not to mention Broward County Florida and how many more illegal votes in each state???? It is very possible that the democrats only won the house through illegal voting!!!
    . Voter fraud seems to be rampant and it is nothing but the democrats who are doing this with our vote system!!

  • Elvar Snær Ágústsson


  • John L
    John L Dag siden


  • Alephs Channel
    Alephs Channel 2 dager siden

    I was blocked from trying to vote from overseas. I'm a registered voter for Maricopa County in Arizona and requested my ballot a long time ago. When I went on the site, it just told me that I was registered already and that a ballot would be sent to me. I never received it. When I tried to contact the voting office my emails were returned and I was no longer able to go online because their website was down.

  • wendy chou
    wendy chou 2 dager siden

    Need to recount on DemocRATS dead people hand written votes,dead people mail in votes,illegal immigrants votes, out of USA Anchor babies votes and one voter whose name show up on >10 voting offices.

  • Islamic Trend TV
    Islamic Trend TV 2 dager siden

    most impressive

  • Islamic Trend TV
    Islamic Trend TV 2 dager siden


  • sheckler hodgdon
    sheckler hodgdon 2 dager siden


  • John Hall
    John Hall 2 dager siden

    So far it sounds like the Progressive House priorities are: (1) impeach a sitting president who has dramatically revitalized our economy (not one iota of Russian collusion evidence); (2) impeach a sitting Supreme Court justice without a shred of evidence of wrong doing; (3) raise taxes which will throw a wet blanket on our economy; (4) infringe on the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding citizens which will do nothing to stop mass shootings; (5) keep our borders wide open for continued tsunamis of illegal aliens. Did I miss anything? Anyway, their shenanigans have no chance of succeeding but will ensure no progress is made for the next two years. Hopefully this will backfire on them big time in 2020.

  • Youwill Neverknow
    Youwill Neverknow 2 dager siden

    Listening to her talk is so cringey it's like nails on a chalkboard. 😫

  • Youwill Neverknow
    Youwill Neverknow 2 dager siden

    What if they don't allow all the illegal votes? 😀

  • Starli Ann
    Starli Ann 2 dager siden

    The Dems knew they were going to be slammed and Obama didmt win his 2nd term!!! He rigged it a.d took it!!! They know that too

  • Starli Ann
    Starli Ann 2 dager siden

    I did paper ballot and if questionable those people should be called a.d verified

  • Starli Ann
    Starli Ann 2 dager siden

    The Dems.rogged mamy states we meed to demamd recount on all votes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amd then charge against Dems Fund!!!!!! They were stealing from all amd ma.y we know the Maga ralloes dont add up to the correct votes that We The People put in

  • Amy McKenzie
    Amy McKenzie 2 dager siden


  • Pen or Sword?
    Pen or Sword? 3 dager siden

    Tennessee and Arizona are the most corrupt states in America. Tennessee takes their money and Arizona puts numerous innocent people in prison and takes their money and belongs.

  • Hakim Morris
    Hakim Morris 3 dager siden

    This was on my birthday!!

  • Hulahoney 70
    Hulahoney 70 3 dager siden

    Feinstein controlling interest in AVID 'election management' MSM. Software stolen or shared with China?! Feinstein's Chinese spy sold Government Intelligence to China. Find out what states whose election system have Digital Keys for election systems owned by foriegners and Clinton Associates. The people should find out who owns them and why are they housed in other countries.
    FACTS on November 2018 Election Fraud with Michael McKibben

  • william willis
    william willis 3 dager siden

    This is a Democratic joke. You can't tell me, the people will vote more for a Taliban want to be instead of a American Veteran. This Voter Fraud, Not the American Citizens.

  • Fernando Simmons
    Fernando Simmons 3 dager siden

    Why are non public officials asking the government to help the homeless and PTSD ex military. Survival of the fittest darwin theory believers doesnt Care about people in the street. We all know its their fault. If rent is high its harder to help the homeless. People are just gonna walk pass them. Life is not to worry about but if you do unto them you do it to the lord. Usually the religion side end up adopting homeless and jail the drug addicts. Thats it more jails and rehab for PTSD and addicts.

  • John El Koury
    John El Koury 3 dager siden

    Demographics are changing. More Latinos come into the country and vote Democrat. More black people in the south are voting. Socialism isn't as much of a big no-no word anymore, and is starting to have a foothold in this country. This is the last big Republican gasp of air, clutching onto power while they can. By 2050, whites are projected to only be 50% of this country; the Republicans will be an irrelevant party by then.
    Enjoy this while it lasts conservatives :)

  • Quisno Rodonovich
    Quisno Rodonovich 3 dager siden +2

    liberals stole the republican vote Like in Arizona and Florida votes used after the election. I pray that God impacts this election.

  • AntBeats415
    AntBeats415 3 dager siden


  • Dadson worldwide
    Dadson worldwide 3 dager siden

    Abrams is a threat to our children's chances to retain the achievements made by the great forefathers of state.

  • Dadson worldwide
    Dadson worldwide 3 dager siden

    Listening to dems say its unfair if voters have to actually use there day off work gives to vote for actually going to a station not next door .non working voters have it rough if they have to drive 15 minutes to a
    Station that has voters every year .
    Come on be serious 8 hrs is plenty of time to find a station to vote at.
    No it makes no sense to hold hands to ensure people vote.

  • deadeye gamer
    deadeye gamer 3 dager siden

    Where is the love

    JULIO ROSENBERG 3 dager siden +1

    It's 11/8/18 and the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS Still have not said what they want to do POSITIVE for AMERICA 🇺🇸!! ONLY how many WOMEN and MINORITIES got in OFFICE!! What happened to TALENT and QUALIFICATIONS??!!! TALKING about HATE, REVENGE and IMPEACHMENT!! What about FIXING AMERICA 🇺🇸?? Hey WHO CARES about AMERICA 🇺🇸 and it's CITIZENS!! They are WORRYING about the CARAVAN!! What about the AMERICAN CITIZENS?? HELP US, PLEASE!!!

  • Ralph Garrett
    Ralph Garrett 3 dager siden

    This is your winning season in Jesus Christ name!

  • Seneca Brown
    Seneca Brown 3 dager siden

    "The worst defeat for Republicans since Watergate."
    - Joe Scarborough, former Republican and current co-host of Morning Joe cable news program, referring to the Republican defeats in the 2018 election,

  • Jacquelin Lopez
    Jacquelin Lopez 3 dager siden

    This is annoying just keeps repeating itself

  • moe nagle
    moe nagle 4 dager siden

    This is such slanted crap...whipping-up racists in the rural areas, how about whipping up the racists in the urban areas. Racists come in all colors.

  • Derek W
    Derek W 4 dager siden +2

    CNN is a rogue media ,not neutral. Always add socialist point of view in the report ,should send CNN reporters to China lift.

  • The Word of God
    The Word of God 4 dager siden

    Yes we have these groups. Don't we? How convenient for you all? But can any man win control of himself?

  • China Fun
    China Fun 4 dager siden

    Who will win

  • stan hootzz
    stan hootzz 4 dager siden +1

    Wheres them 2016 TAXES n the ELITE LIST of GOP DONORS thet were Utilizing TIM NOLANS services as TRAFFICKER of little kids. (Nolan-GOP Kentucky fund raiser, 21 counts PIMPING kids under 18, Convicted on all counts).

  • Geoff Collins
    Geoff Collins 4 dager siden +1

    Importing voters is paying off

  • Jody Alred
    Jody Alred 4 dager siden

    "We are here to put a dent on the universe. Otherwise why else even be here".
    The great Steve Jobs.
    We are biological creatures we are born, we live we die.
    ~Jonathan Sacks~
    We're all a passenger!! This too shall pass.

    • N RA
      N RA 2 dager siden

      Steve dependent on IBM breakthroughs jobs...

  • Tammy 2trueblue
    Tammy 2trueblue 4 dager siden

    what's wrong with her eyebrows?

  • 2010andrew
    2010andrew 4 dager siden

    My Congrats to all Democrats!! Now there´s interesting that more women are included and won elections! Just show that you can make a good job! (Don´t care Trump!)

  • CristianoTheGoat Ronaldo7
    CristianoTheGoat Ronaldo7 4 dager siden +2

    Trump 2020 baby!

    JULIO ROSENBERG 4 dager siden +2

    The DEMOCRATS WIN the HOUSE and INSTEAD of TALKING about what they are going to do POSITIVE for AMERICA 🇺🇸 they are BRAGGING about how MANY MINORITIES and WOMEN got in OFFICE!! QUALIFICATIONS Who CARES!! SKIN COLOR and SEX is BOSS!!

  • DaRk ShAdOw
    DaRk ShAdOw 4 dager siden

    I just want to know who won Pennsylvania....

  • Beverly Cook
    Beverly Cook 4 dager siden

    Reasons to RECOUNT. That's not what I saw on other sites at all..... Guess they will figure it out eventually... :)

  • dusty b
    dusty b 4 dager siden

    She has those pasted on eyebrows lol

  • Filiberta Rodrigez
    Filiberta Rodrigez 4 dager siden


  • carlos eduardo
    carlos eduardo 4 dager siden

    and now you lot will do anything, every thing to destroy America the same as that previous ape successfully did

  • carlos eduardo
    carlos eduardo 4 dager siden

    eyebrows galore? ridicule bahahahah

  • carlos eduardo
    carlos eduardo 4 dager siden

    nobody watches cbsn

  • metalrave
    metalrave 4 dager siden

    Lol When will you sheep learn. Once again, gridlock. Senate and House, divided. But please, go ahead and praise your so called 'winners' who will most likely get nothing done, but just shoot down each others bills. They collect salary no matter what.
    "As people get upset, ill sit back an just watch" -George Carlin

  • Eunice Jury
    Eunice Jury 4 dager siden +3

    No matter what happens trump ALWAYS says he wins. May win the senate but he has to get passed the house to get to the Senate. He sacks anyone who does not agree with him. Does he not realize he is supposed to be a President not on his televison show where he fired everyone. He cannot understand the difference.

  • wilderness fun
    wilderness fun 4 dager siden +3

    Over the last 2 years the true face of the party of slavery, aka Dems.,
    has come out, and it is a face owned by far to many people possessing a
    criminal and misanthropic type mind.
    Makes Sense when you think about it, After all, what can you expect
    from a party that is on the same side of the political fence as leftist
    monsters like The National *Socialists*, Joseph Stalin, Hillary Clinton,
    Maxine Waters, Mao tse Tung and Pol Pot

    • N RA
      N RA 2 dager siden +1

      True, democrats deserve prison and only prison..

  • Sequoia
    Sequoia 4 dager siden

    Americans are an ignorant balless coward people. Demoncrap senators and all services of anti american anti citizen pedophile criminal trash should be simply killed out and eliminated if you want a country of yours with freedom and rights. Rats and pests cockroaches should be exterminated.

  • Christina Elisabeth Ebbesen

    If gerrymandering wasn't a thing, how many democrats vs republicans would be in the senate and house right now?

  • Norte Prider14
    Norte Prider14 4 dager siden

    why do republicans claim that it was a big win for them they cant admit there was a blue wave in the house now some real work can get done

    • David Shaughnessy
      David Shaughnessy 4 dager siden

      You don't realize how this works. Whatever those retards in the house come up with will be shot down immediately by the senate.

    • Nintendex
      Nintendex 4 dager siden +2

      This level of denial physically hurts...

    • Erbe von Deutschland
      Erbe von Deutschland 4 dager siden +1

      Norte Prider14 and by real work, you mean absolutely nothing because a Blue House vs a Red Senate doesn't make for fun times.

  • Scott Sullivan
    Scott Sullivan 4 dager siden

    I really want blacks and browns to have higher quality of life.
    But free this, free that is only a short term solution.

  • # #
    # # 4 dager siden +2

    A Congress full of former CIA and NSA operatives?
    That's definetly something not worth celebrating.

  • Mitella Blue
    Mitella Blue 5 dager siden

    One lot won the house, the other lot won the senate. What that result means, is what comes out of your washing machine?

  • Smoke on the water
    Smoke on the water 5 dager siden

    You know your desperate for anything you can call a victory when you celebrate something as normal as winning the house when your party's not in control of the presidency. There's only been 2 occasions in US history where this wasn't the case. Not exactly something to get giddy over, pretty standard stuff....

  • Ck KO
    Ck KO 5 dager siden

    Down goes trump. Lock him up lock him up.

  • Luis Cortez
    Luis Cortez 5 dager siden +2

    I am a Democrat ,all my Life and I will Die Democrat , but we need to have Love and compassion for our republicans Brothers and sisters all over USA.

  • PootisLord
    PootisLord 5 dager siden

    Im not american i dont get it, what happened?

  • evelasco87
    evelasco87 5 dager siden

    Amen!!!! Sinema all the way!!!!💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • John Tornado
    John Tornado 5 dager siden

    Think about the future of America, your beloved country not your party... unify will make America stronger to deal with this wicked world ... God bless both Democrats and Republicans. God bless our great country.

    • jewmanchoo Lee
      jewmanchoo Lee 5 dager siden +1

      +Jon Dana and we would say the same thing about Hillary Clinton

    • Jon Dana
      Jon Dana 5 dager siden

      "God Bless Republicans"?! The people who have actively, nastily, dishonestly promoted lying, a criminal in the oval office, racism, hatred of their fellow citizens!!?! Boy, that would take a heck of a lot of "blessing". Not sure even God can spare that much.

  • zadose
    zadose 5 dager siden +21

    Sucks to me that people like Maxine Waters who advocated for her followers attacking people on the right, get to keep their spots. Democrats or anyone that advocates attacking people, disgust me. And the media disgusts me for being okay with it.

    • paprikapasta95
      paprikapasta95 23 timer siden

      But sending bombs in the mail is totally okay with you ?

    • Alex Max2300
      Alex Max2300 2 dager siden

      Trump also advocates attacking people. You're either misinformed or a hypocrite.

    • 2126Eliza
      2126Eliza 4 dager siden

      zadose stfu. Your party can't tell anyone not to attack

  • zadose
    zadose 5 dager siden +38

    And unlike Democrats, the conservatives and Republicans won't riot or mob people or destroy things out of anger. We simply accept it, although are disappointed, and move on.

    • Viktorija Musavkovic
      Viktorija Musavkovic Dag siden

      hi-ya Folks gain 2 0 0 Instagram followers visit i g b u d d y . c o M

    • Ptah Herring
      Ptah Herring Dag siden +1

      Both parties have " We The People " issues ! But your statement has a whole lot of holes in it accept and move on , I beg to differ and have seen enough from both parties to say they are equally guilty of riots , mob disorder , public distruction . Personally the whole government on the local , state and federal levels need to be fixed to actually serve the people .

    • Vick Nad
      Vick Nad 2 dager siden

      Funny, when Obama was President all the Republicans whine and protest that he is not American because he is not white. The Republikkkans true colours came out.

  • Mona Katz
    Mona Katz 5 dager siden


  • stan hootzz
    stan hootzz 5 dager siden +1

    Dunleavey won the gov fer alaska...fer minorities this means more MURDERS, jim kkkrow and hate crimes............M$THERF$CKING GOP TERRORIST WHITE N$GGER FILTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Investor Emblems
    Investor Emblems 5 dager siden +3

    Trumped again!

  • dicemanace
    dicemanace 5 dager siden +3

    Welcome to gridlock ! your captain will be the walking corpse Nancy Pelosi !

  • tAmEz ZoDiAc
    tAmEz ZoDiAc 5 dager siden +6

    I just love winning. Ridding the red wave.

  • Denton Fender
    Denton Fender 5 dager siden

    Congratulations DNC! You and the press put on a very good dog and pony show for the nation as if you really want control of the government.

    • Jon Dana
      Jon Dana 5 dager siden

      Denton Fender "wahhhhh! wahhhhhhh!! wahhhhh!"

  • Rhea Tard
    Rhea Tard 5 dager siden +3

    what's with those "Groucho Marx" eyebrows??? HOLY GEEZ!

    • carlos eduardo
      carlos eduardo 4 dager siden

      I will borrow her brush to paint my fence, whitewash time

  • Tim Whatley
    Tim Whatley 5 dager siden +4

    Two disgusting globalist warmongers who need women to vote in more globalist warmongers. We don't need you.. NO MAATTER HOW FEMINIST YOU ARE!

  • Super Thunder Gamer
    Super Thunder Gamer 5 dager siden +13

    Democrats win House, Republicans win Senate, checks and balances on Trump! This night was a great night, I’m only upset about FL and TX results were I wanted Gilliam and Nelson for senate and Beto in TX!

    • Julian Ortega
      Julian Ortega 16 timer siden

      No sorry those to won't Venezuela my Florida.

    • N RA
      N RA 2 dager siden

      Democrat scumbag

  • Dushmanu Munkinboy
    Dushmanu Munkinboy 5 dager siden +5

    There goes birth right citizenship ban :(

    • N RA
      N RA 2 dager siden

      The anchor baby loophole is a lie anyway... Born on our soil through illegal jurisdictional violation does not grant anyone involved citizenship..

    • CellGames2006
      CellGames2006 4 dager siden +1

      America won't become any better until you have more parties and a more even distribution of power. You're halfways a communist state with two parties. Most western countries have 4 or more major parties. The more parties, the bigger chance a majority of them is in the government and not in opposition, because politicians naturally want power.

  • Avitar Magnus
    Avitar Magnus 5 dager siden +7

    TRUMP WINS THE VOTE!!!! PERIOD SENATE AND PEOPLE!!! the house will pay for their decent

  • Avitar Magnus
    Avitar Magnus 5 dager siden

    THANK GOD the Rep Win thats all that matters if we see another zionist masonic jew gay pedophile child molester feminist islamic in AMerica we will puke and fight them out of our Christian Catholic ,Built Died for, and Tax payed for country!!!! TRUE WOMEN ARE THE GOD FEARING CHRIST WORSHIPPING CATHOLIC MAJORITY IRISH< ENGLISH< SCOTTISH< POLISH< MEXICAN

  • Dewey Drip Goo
    Dewey Drip Goo 5 dager siden +13

    a house divided against itself..

    • Norma Lopez
      Norma Lopez 3 dager siden

      A house divided against itself will not stand.

    • Ellie MM
      Ellie MM 4 dager siden

      +wilderness fun Well, it's getting to the point where I think that's all it is. The people who voted them in are hoping for free healthcare. Now granted not all just want to mooch of the government. There are people out there who should have access to it......But that has been put aside.
      They by no means are "working on a free healthcare plan". Their interest is one interest only , and that's to get rid of Trump 24/7/365. You will hear blips about that healthcare plan, but it will never come into fruition.

    • wilderness fun
      wilderness fun 4 dager siden

      +Ellie MM I certainly Hope that not only Pelosi but Maxine Waters will go away soon because their incompetence is off the charts.
      Just look at how the districts they represent has turned into crime
      ridden, homeless ridden sh!t holes and how they themselves have stoked
      the flames of violence with their incompetent and unnecessary rhetoric.
      They and most Dems today do not want to help make Americ becomea a safe and decent place to raise a family they want power. Power that is reminiscent of the power that was grabbed and held by the leftist - marxist monsters of the 20th century.

    • wilderness fun
      wilderness fun 4 dager siden

      +Nigel P. Callaway Sorry but this so called "hate" is a direct result of the leftists/marxists immaturity, weakness as Human Beings, irrationality and overall indoctrination by a globalist elite.
      Like spoiled, over privileged children who bites the hand that feeds them leftists are throwing a tantrum because they didn't get their way and because Trumps presidency threw a wrench in their Democrat/globalist puppet masters agenda.
      like I said earlier, if leftists/marxists would judge their own party and their
      indoctrinated beliefs by the same standards that they use to judge all
      NON --Leftists I'm sure that many would be shocked and embarrassed over
      what they find out about their party of corrupt and incompetent

    • Nigel P. Callaway
      Nigel P. Callaway 4 dager siden +1

      +wilderness fun The hate appears to be a direct result of President Trump existing. Whether you blame him, or his aggrivated opposition is up to you. He kinda does stoke the hate as well with the some of the 'controversial' things he says, however I don't reckon things would change if he did tone it down; the media will be the media and the alt-left the alt-left.

  • j cloud
    j cloud 5 dager siden +4

    The only candidate I will celebrate will be a purple one. Both sides so corrupt that it doesn't make any difference to us gullible masses. Only the Senate Millionaires Club wins for their corporate supporters. We will get there, but until then, I feel like an idiot for voting for what I "perceive" to be the lesser of the two evils.

    • TerraTN
      TerraTN 5 dager siden +1

      Unfortunately, these days anyone can claim to be part of any Party, no matter what their views really are -- evidence by Trump as a republican, even though he was a democrat his entire life up until 2016. We must be careful to investigate each candidate & their past record before voting for them. Is tedious, & sometimes difficult, but lies & politics are 2 sides of the same coin.

  • Дмитрий Чуяшов

    I guarantee you that Russia had hacked into the House elections!

    GLO BOY 5 dager siden +8

    Congratulations to all Americans and their president on this victory! ✌️

    • cyberpunk 97'
      cyberpunk 97' 4 dager siden

      +Darkless4X lame comeback!

    • Darkless4X
      Darkless4X 4 dager siden

      +stan hootzz Lol you're stupid.

    • stan hootzz
      stan hootzz 5 dager siden +3


  • Diego Andreu
    Diego Andreu 5 dager siden +2

    Come for the news, stay for the eyebrows.

  • Anton Sokoli
    Anton Sokoli 5 dager siden +13

    Doesn't matter who won, left and right Zionist puppets
    That's it

  • A random Person
    A random Person 5 dager siden +17

    Great now nothing will get done.

    • XxDemonicGamer
      XxDemonicGamer 3 dager siden +1

      be honest did the reps get anything done even when they had the house? NOPE 😂

      JULIO ROSENBERG 3 dager siden +1

      A random Person , TALENT and QUALIFICATIONS do not MATTER to the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS IN THIER POLITICIANS!! ONLY SEX and SKIN COLOR, HATE and REVENGE!! They could CARE LESS about doing anything POSITIVE for AMERICA 🇺🇸!! TRULY TERRIBLE what the DEMOCRATIC politicians have BECOME!!!

  • DYESS Ship
    DYESS Ship 5 dager siden +4


    • pringles 13579
      pringles 13579 5 dager siden join discord they give you free paypal gifts if u spread this link

  • James Fleming
    James Fleming 5 dager siden

    The house went left due primarily to white women and Latinos Now we have a huuuuge centralized govt thats beyond worthless.Its really the govt of new England.The Democrats are gonna spend most of their time in character assassination.The prez will spend most of his time finding spots to hide in.That whole govt lives in its own orbit.Lawyers piled on top of lawyers piled untop of even more lawyers. It reminds me of a defense contractor I worked for 38 yrs ago in MA.They still stalk me.What happened in that building was another country entirely.They do something ,then it's correct.
    You do it.Your going to jail.They changed their name,went bankrupt(of course),and left a mess the planet Venus would be proud of.They didn't do it!
    Prove it! I didn't see them either.The point is, it made sense that they were quasi govt.This is a democracy in name only.Its not representative at all.Its laughable.Everything works by force here.You drape yourself with lawyers and you run crazy.That huge centralized govt is just a complete waste of my time .
    It's not mine.It belongs to itself only .

  • Tracy K
    Tracy K 5 dager siden +53


    • gamerx112
      gamerx112 4 dager siden +2

      house means nothing, 2 years of stagnation will naturally be blamed on the ones who caused it, namely the democrats and 2020 will be secured by the republicans.
      why do you think trump isnt worried about the house and is even pushing Nancy as house speaker?
      because shes the most optimal person for the position of embarrassing the democrats.

  • theburkeman1
    theburkeman1 5 dager siden +10

    The loss to the House was expected and minimal. The loons have a few choices, either work to get some things done or stay the course of crybaby obstructionism. AND., the blue wave was a trickle.
    Historically, Trump kept more seats in Congress than Clinton and Obama and Bush. So it is quite a historical accomplishment. But you won't see this on Liberal rags.

    • paprikapasta95
      paprikapasta95 23 timer siden

      Trump had far less seats to proctet than Obama and Bush

    • CellGames2006
      CellGames2006 4 dager siden

      Here, have some of mine... I cried of joy when it was revealed that Antonio Delgado had stolen the 23rd house seat from Republicans.

    • Jon Dana
      Jon Dana 5 dager siden

      +Jo Blogs HARHARHR!!! "Liberal" tears?!? The GOP will be nearly extinct in 10 years. Olde White People (and I am one, but I'm intelligent, decent, patriotic, and not a racist - so I can't vote GOP) ain't gonna be around much longer. Your "base" is on a fast train to Shady Pines.

  • Joey Racano
    Joey Racano 5 dager siden +2

    Hitler has been checked

    • Julian Ortega
      Julian Ortega 16 timer siden

      By putting Stalin in the house. Oh wait.... you fuckers like his style.

  • Corey Caswell
    Corey Caswell 5 dager siden

    One day at a time, One Foot In Front of the other we're going to walk it out. Coming

  • Pat Cannon
    Pat Cannon 5 dager siden +7

    Watch the Democrats continue to give the President trouble as now they continued to control the house. I am sick and tired of that, just work together.

    • carlos eduardo
      carlos eduardo 4 dager siden

      Not a chance of that happening, with that mummy as speaker of the house. I thought American people would see through her, but no

    • Codeman
      Codeman 5 dager siden

      Did you preach that when Repubs had control in Obamas term? They done the same damage

    • ladylenett
      ladylenett 5 dager siden

      Benjamin Vargas
      Well said my Brother 👍

  • that wasn't.chicken
    that wasn't.chicken 5 dager siden +21

    lol.....are you kidding me? 2.6M views and only 26 comments? Everybody stay up all night partying? got yer tongue?...lmao!!

    • evelasco87
      evelasco87 5 dager siden

      Right!?!?!?! Lmao 🤣😂🤣😂

    • rRobert Smith
      rRobert Smith 5 dager siden +1

      I smell a rat. A big rat named CENSORSHIP.

  • H Pn
    H Pn 5 dager siden +12

    GOP won the Senate. We will have gridlock. Watch.
    I hope the new folks actually work.

    • CellGames2006
      CellGames2006 4 dager siden

      They're on very thin ice... talk about bipartisanship now, but just wait till rubber meets the road. It's like the Kavanaugh hearing all over again, but instead of Judiciary committee, it's the whole congress, senate vs. house. When there's a problem who's the first one to point fingers and say "it's them, not us"... when's the next govrnment shutdown? Guesses?

    • H Pn
      H Pn 5 dager siden +1

      +brokenlibrary2591 affordable housing depends on which state you live in. home in Oklahoma would be over 5 million in Massachusetts or Vermont.

    • pringles 13579
      pringles 13579 5 dager siden join discord they give you free paypal gifts if u spread this link

    • brokenlibrary2591
      brokenlibrary2591 5 dager siden +1

      Now that we have more economic oppportunity with the ecomomy stabilizing, let's talk more about affordable housing. No point in getting a better job, a raise or any other advancement if rents are over blown, or simply enough affordable housing hasn't been built. 3D printers can put up a house in a day. Why aren't the new technologies being put forward to benefit mankind?

  • ASMRHype
    ASMRHype 5 dager siden +57

    wow Trump made history. Usually the sitting president loses the senate.

    • A Gaytheist
      A Gaytheist 2 dager siden

      The Senate stayed with Democrats in 2010 despite losing 63 House seats.

    • sosaboy sosa
      sosaboy sosa 2 dager siden

      Agreed he did make history..he will also make history in the "orange jumpsuit " with his criminals buddies! "THERE IS NO HONOR AMOUNG THIEVES" thank you Mr President it's time for you to resign & walk out or be taken out in handcuffs 👌

    • AmaraGrace Bigueja
      AmaraGrace Bigueja 3 dager siden

      +Nigel P. Callaway agree more reality show.... He is the only president who is still on campaign trail after winning the electoral college.

    • John El Koury
      John El Koury 3 dager siden

      +gusdahlehhater >using libtard unironically

      E🅱️ic roast

  • super geeky
    super geeky 5 dager siden +114

    can ya'll please stop claiming to speak for ALL women. You don't! You don't speak for me and many others.

  • legend man
    legend man 5 dager siden +2