They Call These Chimps Lion Killers | Joe Rogan and Forrest Galante


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  • Bob Dole
    Bob Dole Dag siden

    Jaguars are bigger than leopards

  • MrDanybe
    MrDanybe Dag siden

    WRONG joe even the biggest male leopard isn’t as big as a male jag

  • jake mckernan
    jake mckernan Dag siden

    Big foot keeps people from side tracked from the ? Of evelution being bull shit just like aliens keep people from reolizeing we ant on a ball and Joe gives you a little truth and then side tracks you from ever looking at the fuckin truth bam

  • Syn R00ts
    Syn R00ts Dag siden +1

    Joe "I support Gillette with my shirt" Rogan

  • Gurt McDirt
    Gurt McDirt Dag siden

    I like how fast Joe shut down the enlarging conspiracy boner dude was hinting at.

  • Travis Brooks
    Travis Brooks Dag siden

    rich people from texas etc

  • Macmittens411
    Macmittens411 Dag siden

    "Planet of the Apes..." right Joe?

  • Juan Estrada
    Juan Estrada Dag siden

    I live along the border with Mexico in southern Arizona. There are a lot of mountain ranges along this part of the region, they travel along these mountain ranges to look for food. Unfortunately, that jaguar that was spotted in the Huachuca mountains was recently killed in Mexico.

  • Jimmy W
    Jimmy W Dag siden

    Joe “chimps” Rogan

  • steven laughs
    steven laughs Dag siden

    Not only are Jaguars bigger than Leopards,..a Jaguar doesn't strangulate, like the other big cats.
    The Jaguar's bite force is insane! It doesn't leap, pin, and strangle you. It leaps, sinks it's 4 huge, sharp canine teeth right into your brain.
    It's bite force is strong enough to bite straight through any skull.
    The Jaguar's bite force is the second strongest bite force of ALL mammals. Second only to the hyena.
    To give a comparison example- a Female hippo's bite force was measured in the 1821 pounds per square inch.
    The Jaguar bites down with 2000 pounds per square inch!!
    Imagine that? Something that has 4 long, super sharp, dagger-like teeth,.. that can bite you with more force than a friggin hippo! (Well, than a female hippo, the male hippo's were too aggressive to get close enough to test)..
    In the Mel Gibson movie, 'Apocalypto',..theres a scene where the Aztec hunters were chasing after the one guy who escaped their Sacrifice ceremony.
    He didn't live in the Aztec City, he was part of a smaller tribe that still lived out in the jungle, so he knew all the dangers he could lead the Aztecs into, basically leading them into nature's traps.
    One was a Fer-de-Lance snake bite. The other was leading the Aztecs right into a charging Jaguar.
    When the Jaguar leapt into the one bad guy, he crushed the bad guy's ENTIRE face with one quick bite.
    I know it's a movie, but they clearly based that kill on research to exactly how the Jaguar kills..
    It's a lonely Hunter that goes after crocodiles, Caimans, and other large, dangerous creatures. A speedy kill is a must.

  • djphx0001
    djphx0001 Dag siden

    Bro, what the f are you wearing, your grandma’s shirt?

  • Richard Hocking
    Richard Hocking Dag siden

    Erect? Upright is a better term!

  • Wtfpleasehlp
    Wtfpleasehlp Dag siden

    Jaguars are bigger than leopards

  • Advanced Civilisation47

    Is Joe wearing makeup that he forgot to wash off from some gay thing?

  • Advanced Civilisation47

    I'm from the tropics in Australia, the heat is becoming unbearable here, so... we have to move too, makes me no different to other animals!

  • 0786RICARDO
    0786RICARDO Dag siden

    Jaguar is slightly bigger

  • MightyIrons
    MightyIrons Dag siden

    Jaguars are bigger than leopards ffs

  • Chadd casale
    Chadd casale Dag siden

    Joe the chimp rogan

  • Machete Yo
    Machete Yo Dag siden

    Joe showed up in a blouse like nobody would say anything...Its the fucking internet bro...

  • tom coburn
    tom coburn Dag siden

    Jaguar's are larger than leopard's.

  • frejborgvlogs
    frejborgvlogs Dag siden

    Hey! Congo is awesome! Love that movie!

  • Wan Ahmad
    Wan Ahmad Dag siden

    Jaguar bigger than leopard

  • john t
    john t Dag siden

    Beautiful Jaguar 🐆=, May as well kill it . Human race is a disgrace . Eventually we will have noting left for our descendants and will be floating through space , if we’re lucky .

  • FATshadow
    FATshadow Dag siden

    My uncle had a Jaguar. God, he loved blow.

    YDINO Dag siden

    Yoooo Jev finally got on the podcast

  • LeakedMortez Audio
    LeakedMortez Audio Dag siden +1

    Nice shirt joe . all ur missing is the bra 😂😂

  • Futuristic Fathers
    Futuristic Fathers Dag siden

    Joe "erect" rogan

  • a clc
    a clc Dag siden

    Looks like the info chimp Alex Jones on DMT

  • shannonjackson464
    shannonjackson464 Dag siden

    Earth is only 60% explored leaving almost half the Earth unexplored. THERE IS STILL MORE UNKNOWN EVERYTHING WAITING TO BE DISCOVERED AGAIN.

  • Tab Valentino
    Tab Valentino Dag siden

    Deport those fucking Jaguars and illegal alien animals. Build that wall, we need that wall now more than ever. This is a perfect example.

  • King Snowman
    King Snowman Dag siden

    BS,, No chimp is that huge. The picture they show are Pigmees with one, the 2nd is a regular sized chimp. haha Don't fuck wit me, damn...

  • Joaquin Reyes
    Joaquin Reyes Dag siden

    jaguar's are bigger and stronger than leopard's in fact they are pound 4 pound the strongest cats alive today

  • Nick Slaughter
    Nick Slaughter Dag siden

    I would love to get high and talk about..... wait no I wouldn't

  • Ben Cornish
    Ben Cornish Dag siden

    Jaguars have the strongest bite on the pound per square bitey thingame.

  • Kenneth Kaiser
    Kenneth Kaiser Dag siden

    Has anyone else seen the new footage of the black Leopard? Its the first one seen since the turn of the century and it is in the Congo I believe. Black with Black spots, they say it's the reverse of an Albino. It has too much melanoma. It's beautiful

  • No Bull
    No Bull Dag siden

    The Jaguars are following the illegals and snacking on them!

  • lobomuerto11
    lobomuerto11 Dag siden


  • Ed Reynolds
    Ed Reynolds Dag siden

    Jesus, everything comes over that boarder, time for a wall

  • pork n beans
    pork n beans Dag siden


  • Daniel Cruz
    Daniel Cruz Dag siden

    For a wildlife guy he doesn't know much. Jaguars are larger than leopards......

  • Valdr Blödorn
    Valdr Blödorn 2 dager siden

    I have seen bigfoot, riding a megalodon, while fighting the loch ness monster while the aliens looked on in disapproval. The strange part is that a chuppacabra just sat back and watched it all on the history channel

  • D Lopez
    D Lopez 2 dager siden

    Such a gay shirt 👚 😂

  • Shane Beck
    Shane Beck 2 dager siden

    Hey Joe Jag's have been in Florida since written history

  • Pal Heebler
    Pal Heebler 2 dager siden

    Joe “lavender” Rogan

  • Keen Coyote
    Keen Coyote 2 dager siden

    Don’t forget to use the fuck words time to time.. it sounds soo fukin manly, dude..

  • I’m Free2OffendNE1
    I’m Free2OffendNE1 2 dager siden

    :32 because America is just that fuckin’ amazing. The call of freedom is strong

  • Lbbadfish
    Lbbadfish 2 dager siden

    I read that cats are desert animals originally which is why they can withstand hotter temperatures.

  • MetalJacket
    MetalJacket 2 dager siden

    Need a border wall to keep out those illegal cat immigrants.

  • A-hammer C
    A-hammer C 2 dager siden

    Jaguars are just a little lighter but are stocky like a pitbull they have the strongest bite force psi pound for pound of the big cats

  • Theo Devlaminck
    Theo Devlaminck 2 dager siden

    Maybe they're looking for DMT

  • Rngnd1314
    Rngnd1314 2 dager siden

    was joe just saying dont build the wall cause the jaguars cross it? or was he just throwing it out there?

  • Glenn L
    Glenn L 2 dager siden

    Is this the longest podcast ever or what

  • crazyfisho tezza
    crazyfisho tezza 2 dager siden

    Joe. You look like one of the chimps you talk about

  • Marcus Ross
    Marcus Ross 2 dager siden

    Its funny how they keep blk ppl and monkeys together...but u never see them put a white man next to a dog...thats funny

    MICROSOFT HQ 2 dager siden

    Probably forest get to small

  • shea davis
    shea davis 2 dager siden

    There's your "bigfoot"

  • Jacob Steele
    Jacob Steele 2 dager siden

    That shirt go hard

  • Forresy Woolum
    Forresy Woolum 2 dager siden

    Probably aren't Bigfoot or any "crypto" (I'm assuming that means the monster things ...) roaming around...
    I will say if someone *were* to find them it absolutely wouldn't be someone ...looking... for them.
    Just kinda stumble across
    A lot of things seem to work like that, especially with discovery.
    Life in general too tho
    If u need something hard to get.
    If u don't need, it's easy.
    Funny n also kinda unfortunate
    Sad sometimes
    But it can lead to stuff so it is the way it is, or what we've chose
    I guess
    Probably same for human people's in general... needing to understand things we can't see or prove necessarily
    So... it'll be difficult... 😉😆
    Anyway good stuff ...
    As always... sometimes . JK
    Like the guys name too

  • knowerzark
    knowerzark 2 dager siden

    Back in the day...the Pleistocene day

  • 92bormrod
    92bormrod 2 dager siden

    I cant tell what's more feminine, joe rogan's shirt or the other guys chin..

  • burden on society
    burden on society 2 dager siden

    Did this other guy do another interview with Joe talking about being a rent a soldier? Talked a bit too much about killing???

  • T BoK
    T BoK 2 dager siden

    Seen a. Huge black Panther in. Missouri . Dont give it A. Xanax. Ha. Rip your face off. Turn u. Aroind & Fuck. Ya .

  • John Biggs
    John Biggs 2 dager siden

    "would you ever consider trying to go find them?"
    "FUCK yeah!"
    Classic science

  • AdamDunlapTV
    AdamDunlapTV 2 dager siden

    I like how Joe is educating the biologist lol.

  • Andre Johnsao
    Andre Johnsao 2 dager siden

    He's erect.
    Is he?

  • Andre Johnsao
    Andre Johnsao 2 dager siden

    A jaguar is larger than a leopard

  • Skinny P
    Skinny P 2 dager siden

    just because his name is Forrest doesn't mean he knows about them

  • SK
    SK 2 dager siden

    *Something something joke about Chimps taking DMT*

  • at BitcoinJake09
    at BitcoinJake09 2 dager siden +2

    I'm a crypto guy :p

  • 2 dager siden

    Jaguars are actually bigger than leopards...

  • Yoo Daddy
    Yoo Daddy 2 dager siden

    Obviously illegal smuggled an got released for some reason.. morons

  • Bob Fulci
    Bob Fulci 2 dager siden

    Still doubts Bigfoot, despite THOUSANDS of credible sightings....knucklehead.

  • Lucky SOB
    Lucky SOB 2 dager siden

    Both of you were wrong. Jaguar is bigger than leopard. Jaguar are the 3rd biggest cats.

  • Robert Martinez
    Robert Martinez 2 dager siden

    Jaguars are bigger you fool

  • Robert Martinez
    Robert Martinez 2 dager siden

    jaguars r bigger than leopards it's tigers lions jaguars leopards

  • James Dean
    James Dean 2 dager siden

    Since when is a leopard bigger than a jaguar? I'm fairly certain that jags are full size cats like lions, tigers etc. and leopards are mid size cats like mountain lions and cheetahs.

  • JomoDaMusicMan
    JomoDaMusicMan 2 dager siden


  • Jonathan Mendoza
    Jonathan Mendoza 2 dager siden

    Jaguars and all animals dont came to america they well killyou animals6

  • shadrock mannI
    shadrock mannI 2 dager siden

    This dude Galante is 'wildlife adventurer and he didn't know that there were Jaguars and American Lions in North America? Just another example of a fool that wants fame, without having the proper knowledge to do the job. What an uninformed clown...

  • LongshotRecordsTV
    LongshotRecordsTV 2 dager siden

    Trump needs to build the wall to stop the jaguars!

  • maria elena
    maria elena 2 dager siden

    Joe how are you so ignorant but speak to so many intelligent people ?

  • Brad Taylor
    Brad Taylor 2 dager siden

    Jaguars are bigger than leopards back to that shirt u got on...🤔

  • Frank Jaegervand Larssen
    Frank Jaegervand Larssen 2 dager siden

    Actually the Jaguar is quite a bit larger than the leopard.

  • Jammy alonso
    Jammy alonso 2 dager siden

    Jesus, these primates have some thick skulls!

  • Justin Arthur
    Justin Arthur 2 dager siden

    JAGUARS are native to Southern AZ and Mexico area.

  • James Wicked
    James Wicked 2 dager siden


  • Garry Cole
    Garry Cole 2 dager siden

    Animals are moving because their territories are being encroached upon.

  • spunkmeyer k
    spunkmeyer k 2 dager siden

    The jaguar payed a coyote to get him across the border.

  • Robert Reese
    Robert Reese 2 dager siden

    Pretty sure Jaguars go 300 plus pounds. MUCH bigger than a Leopard.

  • greg featherston
    greg featherston 2 dager siden

    Jaguars are bigger than leopards facts straighten

  • Prof. Genki
    Prof. Genki 2 dager siden

    Jaguars are bigger than leopards guys.

  • Artie Selander
    Artie Selander 2 dager siden +1

    This guy is a scientist and doesn't even know that jaguar are native to northern Mexico, and the southwestern part of the United states, but were but were eliminated in the US due to over-hunting.

  • Akili Preston
    Akili Preston 2 dager siden +1

    Joe this dude is a fucking fraud

  • John Crespin
    John Crespin 2 dager siden

    Rogan punk is a sell out

  • Zane Szymczak
    Zane Szymczak 3 dager siden

    Lol @ people commenting on Joe’s shirt. Who gives a fuck? Honestly. I guarantee you people wouldn’t say the contents of your comments to his face. Haha you two faced mother shit cunts would probably act all nice like most people I meet for the first time with the added ass kissing that you’d add in just because he’s Joe “pink shirt straight as fuck” Rogan. I fucking hate the internet. One day in the future when humanity is ruled by a futuristic dictatorship police state, I pray that the anonymity afforded to people by the internet is stripped away for no other reason than to shut you pussies up. Would it kill you people to be nice for a change? Jesus man

  • Cory Lyons Music
    Cory Lyons Music 3 dager siden

    They aren't lion killing chimps, it's called Bigfoot.

  • Cory Lyons Music
    Cory Lyons Music 3 dager siden

    Why are they going into Arizona? It's called Global Warming.

  • Taylor Rhodes
    Taylor Rhodes 3 dager siden

    Leopards are faster and more lean or thinner whereas jaguars are huskier, lower to the ground, and more powerful

  • Darren Hawkins
    Darren Hawkins 3 dager siden +1

    These animals are trying to get to Arizona before TRUMP'S Wall is put up. FACTS Lol

  • Daniel Soares
    Daniel Soares 3 dager siden

    Did he find that shirt in a Star Trek convention or something? That shirt is disgusting. Put on a wig and some lipstick and while you are at it.