Trevor Chats with His Grandma About Apartheid and Tours Her Home, “MTV Cribs”-Style | The Daily Show


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  • Thabile Manganyi
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    I live in Johannesburg

  • Kecia Braxton
    Kecia Braxton 9 timer siden

    A beautiful moment...I loved this...💕💕💕

  • Ronica Owens
    Ronica Owens 10 timer siden

    Please do more videos Trevor! I love you with your grandmother and her voice is so soothing.

  • Me Justme
    Me Justme 10 timer siden

    You know, as an emt for soweto during the late 70s and 80s, I have to say that this is utter bullshit. "never seen a white person in the location" ?! Thanks, thanks a lot. We risked our fucking lives EVERY SINGLE Day for you.

  • Yanyan Jean
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    WOW ..THANK YOU ... that's remind me of my Haiti.. again, ..THANK YOU

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    What is up with black grandmas and the fruit magnets 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    She doesn't look 91 Black don't crack. Remember that

  • Nikki Giovanni
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    Damn he sound sexy with the African American accent

  • Amy de Wet
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    So great to have your grandmother still with you. I figured she was born around 1927. That means she was born under English rule, Queen of England who was in control of all then after depression years. Very difficult times my Granny also told me. The Republic of SA was established and recognised in 1960. Many people, women and children under English rule died and suffered in concentration camps, black, white and other.. farms were burnt down and all suffered... just remember.. saw all history on TV and difficult times for all. . The people and new SA children and even lots of them before did not invent this system. You can ask your mother because we had so many good people, black and white, suffering during those times. Maybe you should go to England and ask the queen why they invented this " colonial apartheid system" for all of us and our children and nation. They were the ones who created apartheid under the kings/queen rule. Actually, as you should know, we inherited the word :FUCK" (meaning: Fornication under command of the King - you can look it up if you want and inform yourself about the detail and practice) became part of SA and as you duly know is now accepted in all our dictionaries as legitimate word (??) being used in virtually every sentence we utter amongst South Africans every minute - or maybe split minute hehe. In short, many atrocities happened in the history of South Africa and for that matteer all over Africa, our beautiful continent... please help mending all the mess over centuries and put all in context and like Madiba said, create a place under the sun for all and mend the hurts of the past for all. I am white and have many precious black and other friends from all over the world. You have the platform, connect the hands holding each other instead of just feeding the past. the present is our future, the past we cannot change or re-write or erase. that goes for nations all over the world. My grandfather also comes from country your father came from.. and if you flip the board, maybe your mother could have come from there. If she was in SA now, or your father, because he or she white, they are prime game... just watch media platforms.. so since you in prime position to shout and influence from the top and around the world. pse help us mend this mess (between your white Western blood and African blood...this is no joke anymore.. not for any race or colour or ethnic group in South Africa, your maiden country anymore. We are all bleeding to death and you have the platform to call for help, peace and restoration. Dont forget your have blood from both sides running through your vaines. If you dont agree, fine, kill me, I know thats the norm in SA lately... but so unnecessary for all living in this country of freedom now. Blessings to your grandma and family where ever they are in the world and our country. Hamba Kahle

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    andres villani 12 timer siden

    too real

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    7:45 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 that second before they both laughed - precious moments 😂😂😂😃

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    You gotta let ppl speak, those who have no idea what being an African means. No need to bother explaining anything. Glad to see your grandma and the home where you grew up Trevor, there is nothing like being able to go back to your roots. African grandmothers are very entertaining and wise. They are a living History book with all the emotions and feelings attached, nothing can beat that. Much love to you & Gogo Xx

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    Thanks Trevor. If only to see that people my age try to remember just what happened. It hurts but again its okay because i wasn't there and my grand parents never said anything. I hope you find a say to me that i shouldn't care. ...... if only to move the heck on :)

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    Trevo Noah 🗣🗣🗣🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

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    Gets his sense of humor from his family.

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    Mostly good looking?
    Like heeelll!

  • Vernelle Douglas
    Vernelle Douglas 12 timer siden

    CRIBS: Oppression Edition. Ha ha haaaaa!!!!

  • Casacara
    Casacara 12 timer siden

    I am in love with this woman! I lost my grandmother three years ago and this makes me miss her so much!!

  • ISparkU YOLO
    ISparkU YOLO 12 timer siden

    Your grandma is a sweet happy, elderly lady who is peaceful, content, and kind.
    God bless her.

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    Peninah Kiveu 13 timer siden

    Everything about this was wonderful

  • wholesome_hannah _
    wholesome_hannah _ 13 timer siden

    Shes so cute ive never smiled so much during such a sad topic

  • Clloyd Francis
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    I would love to watch a 2 hour video about how everything was because I realized mr Noah didn't want to have her saying too much 🤦‍♂️ her memory is like yesterday..the problem with young kids now a days is they don't have grandparents at home to teach them about the past society put them in homes not good

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    I hope he does set it all up for her

  • Justa Clapper
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    I LOVE ALL HIS INTERVIEWS EITH HIS FAMILY. LAST TIME I SAW WAS WHEN HE WENT BACK AND MADE A MOVIE ABOUT IT I love to here and see How his coco got to live to see how her life with white was and her grandsons get to live it with less fear of the whiteman . Because of people like her generation we get live a more free life. Long story about my dealing with racism when I was young, can't say I didn't forwarn you:
    I am white and my mother fought it and with what racism I dealt with I fought it. I lived in an area that was racist against me. And then I moved to an area where I literally stood face to face (as much as I could this guy was MUCHtaller than me) yelling at him becayse he was yelling at a black young lady in middle school. (I was in high school and so was this guy and his group. But he was "leading" them). Becayse I stepped in and got loud that poor young girl was confused but only for a moment. I believe she got the time she needed to run onto her bus. There was so much racism there that EVERYTIME I heard or saw anything I was loud about it. In the end those kids all got sent to the principles office and I got told softly "there is a better way to deal with this stuff" what be like you and let it go until I became an adult and realized that some of these teachers wanted to beat these kids but their hands were tied. Because EVERY SINGLE time they got in trouble and I didn't. I am not a hero its just what I did. And at first None of them wanted to be my friend. I didn't care. But I did end up having a lot of friends in the end. I don't know if I changed many minds but that was just my military brat (kids who have a parent or both in the military) life. I moved to a non military kids school for the 1st time in my life. These kids were used to having everyone living and growing up with them. And here comes a kid who lived at differant schools. I believe I changed 1 or 2 peoples minds. But I can only imagine what would have happened to me if I lived in the 1950s. Would I have been as brave. My mom always said that I did what she wished she could have done. But I feel my mom did more than me but she was shut down so many times and she got up and still did what she did. I hope the younger generation listen to their older generations. And try to end it all together and not start a differant race war against whites. Like I am seeing now. A black man can be a proud blackman yet still be looked at as non racist. A man from Mexico can be a loud proud man for his background and still be looked at as a non racist. But if a white man says he is a proud white...RACIST! I have seen it happen so many times. Even at jobs that I know have proud multicultural men and women. My goal then as it is now is to be proud of all cultures (nazi not so much cause that was a racist choice of a culture) and have everyone share there differant cultures. Anyway, its funny how I go to add my 2 cents into a comment section and i end up giving my $200. 😀 Trevor is just someone I am proud to say I got to see and experience his life, through the television, in my lifetime.

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    What a wonderful lady

  • Rohit Kashyap
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    5:29 that guy died inside. I could feel it

  • Caiphus Mokgethi
    Caiphus Mokgethi 14 timer siden

    Thanks Trevor for letting me laugh a minute since I'm one of the unlucky ones without a grandmother here in Botswana. You made my day bro. Thanks for this clip. You are the best.

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    I am a fan but he is out of touch with his grandmother... that’s so sad 😞

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    In my country we would call him red man

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    anyone else think that she would be in more danger if she had more material things?

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    So, yes your grandmother's house is a museum. Very good for show!

  • The Unappreciated One
    The Unappreciated One 17 timer siden

    Until you said, this place hasn't changed...It's like a museum! You're wrong Trevor, so much has changed in Soweto. Don't be ignorant! I Like you though... Befor you make a joke about me.

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    Thank you for sharing, Trevor.

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    trevor hates white people

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    Good on him for going to visit his grandmother. If only he was funny.... Wonder how he feels about what is happening to the white farmers in SA...

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    Not oppession edition of cribs!! Trevor not today!! 😂😂

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    She looks young ☺

  • Mbalz 19
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    Trevor is so likeable

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  • A Black
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    So how the fuck do you expect anyone to live in a rich suburb if they do not want to enhance their life? So don't bring the racist issue into the equation! In general blacks shit outside their houses, throwing rubbish around etc. The adults do it so the young do it. You are a racist!!!!

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    I (legit) couldn't have loved this more ty XOXO total Like Comment & Share 😍👍🏆

  • Spyke Tan
    Spyke Tan 21 time siden

    A grandmother that I would love to have, so contented and humble. I would have hugged her for an hour 😬

  • Arlene Payne
    Arlene Payne 21 time siden

    Mrs. Coco is a realist😂
    Trevor thank you for showing us your grandmas house!

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    Lisa D 21 time siden

    Beautiful grandma!!

  • Loren Holmes
    Loren Holmes 21 time siden

    shes too beautiful i cant

  • Loren Holmes
    Loren Holmes 22 timer siden

    and who tf disliked the video? hate seeing the reality of SA? me too bud

  • Loren Holmes
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  • Vincent Cheatham
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    He reminds me of a white man

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    I love your grandma.💜

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    Your grandma is a conservative who fears God; why would she watch a liberal show?

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    Shirlene Wright 23 timer siden

    This is just so wonderful. Thank You Trevor, Crew .. and especially GoGo!

    BNOVA 23 timer siden

    Your Grandma is so Adorable. She reminds me of mine.

  • ryan dhliwayo
    ryan dhliwayo 23 timer siden

    she real funny man. but i thought thats what you spent your money on...taking care of granny loved ones etc. GO TREVOR

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    Love this vid! Reminds me of my Granny in the Caribbean! ❤💓💖💗💞💜💝❣

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    Who ever pressed dislike is an asshole

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    I love this Trevor

  • Kukhanya Mbhele
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    This is amazing🔥😢😭

  • Rose Mbam
    Rose Mbam Dag siden

    All the critics. Maybe the woman wants a simple life. That's how it is in Africa the old people like things as it is.

  • Violeta Cervantes
    Violeta Cervantes Dag siden

    I wish I could give this video more than just a simple “like”. An interview with his mom would be awesome as well!

  • Judith Brack
    Judith Brack Dag siden

    I live you Noah, and your Grandma! How sweet to share your family with the world. And to let those who haven't a clue to know a little bit more about South Africa and the history of apartheid. Bless you brother1

  • Agosi Malatji
    Agosi Malatji Dag siden

    I love you Trevor... The whole Limpopo loves you...

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    ohh please

  • Sandisiwe Mema
    Sandisiwe Mema Dag siden

    this was so beautiful to watch!

  • hatfieldrick
    hatfieldrick Dag siden

    Trevor's grandma is wonderful! They don't get much grander than that, in my opinion. What a beautiful character.

  • Pat Robertson
    Pat Robertson Dag siden

    Trevor, it was a joy watching you with your grandmother, she is
    adorable !

  • Agnes Phiri
    Agnes Phiri Dag siden

    sweet gogo indeed. special bond they have ....

  • Gizachew Endale
    Gizachew Endale Dag siden

    I love your mom!!!

  • bookcreator
    bookcreator Dag siden

    I wish they would translate when they speak in Xhosa

  • James Omungo
    James Omungo Dag siden

    I never knew you Trevor is South African. Congrats

  • Minerva Ruiz-Cordova

    Trevis' grandmother is adorable. I love her. She reminds me a lot of my own maternal grandmother. Beautiful ladies.

  • A Reyes
    A Reyes Dag siden

    You’re grandma is so cute.

  • Jessica Spec
    Jessica Spec Dag siden

    Thank you for sharing Trevor!! :-) What an amazing grandmother you have. Now you got to buy that generator and put it in for her.

  • Big Daddy Romeo
    Big Daddy Romeo Dag siden

    Manager of white people LOL

  • Big Daddy Romeo
    Big Daddy Romeo Dag siden

    I absolutely enjoy watching this really it was entertaining you have a beautiful grandmother man you can tell that she really has nothing but love in her heart for you

  • Reginald Rewayi
    Reginald Rewayi Dag siden

    Yoh Trev, this edition is amazing. i love how ur grandma remembers ur childhood and the events. lolest. amazing. and she even has a humorous side to her, i guess it runs in the family. yu shld have her as ur guest some time.

  • Chris Meyer
    Chris Meyer Dag siden

    Trevor what a d@@s you are, joke boyi

  • Lori Smith
    Lori Smith Dag siden

    I've watched this interview so many times. His grandmother is our grandmothers too :-) I would love to see the uncut version....LOL

  • Twysted Syxx
    Twysted Syxx Dag siden

    This reminds me of my mum's side of the family. All truth and fire. I love it! They will say, when you offer them new things, "why? These things work fine. I don't need new things. But, have you eaten?"No matter how much you can give them.

  • bachiano
    bachiano Dag siden

    What a Beautiful interview 😍

  • Desi R.
    Desi R. Dag siden

    Grandma! ❤

  • foxylee
    foxylee Dag siden

    Hot damn, Trevor is attractive!
    Like the perfect combination of playfulness, intellect and caring. And that smile.

  • Esther Denenga
    Esther Denenga Dag siden

    I love his Gogo, she makes me miss mine

  • Isaac Asher
    Isaac Asher Dag siden

    You all need to watch Cry Freedom about Stephan Biko to get some understanding of what it was like under Apartheid

  • anika dev
    anika dev Dag siden

    I wish my grandmother was alive...

  • makey ray
    makey ray Dag siden

    Your mother was tough Trevor 🤣🤣🤣 you are both loved you & your mother

  • Rose Wint
    Rose Wint Dag siden

    Makes me miss my grandmother

  • Frikkie Gariseb
    Frikkie Gariseb Dag siden

    Wow beautiful granny, may God bless her abundantly

  • Johanna Asino
    Johanna Asino Dag siden

    Her English and memory is so good! No matter where gogo lives she won’t leave her place for the rich suburbs because we’re Africans.

  • Michael Cohen
    Michael Cohen Dag siden

    How can you not love this man, so humble

  • Shadik
    Shadik Dag siden

    God bless Trevor. This makes me smile while tears run down my face. Beautiful.
    Grandma is brilliant, bright and amazing.

  • Anya N
    Anya N Dag siden

    Trevor always comments he is more white then black. But his features are more black. Just saying😏

  • martin116d
    martin116d Dag siden

    I love your show - but this one is beyond special. Thank you for sharing it!

  • JahLioness RasTafari

    You guys got me smiling and crying at the same time just can't help it. Take care of this gem of a gran, she is beautiful. ONE LUV BARBADOS.

  • Ntando Mbali
    Ntando Mbali Dag siden

    This guy think he's white 🤣🤣🤣 your parents are mix so you not white just a mix masala, nx you boring

  • Ayoub Merabet
    Ayoub Merabet Dag siden

    God bless her ❤️ made my day

  • Nondumiso Nkosi
    Nondumiso Nkosi Dag siden

    7:40-45 😂

  • nicole merriweather

    Trevor I love your grandmother she is amazing!