The Smartest Paper Clip


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  • Nɪɢʜᴛᴄᴏʀᴇ Bᴏx
    Nɪɢʜᴛᴄᴏʀᴇ Bᴏx 11 dager siden +3413

    3:08 Where can I buy this vacuum cleaner?

  • Bubba bitty
    Bubba bitty 10 timer siden

    Lol - the future of shopping and yet they made the driver look like he was a healthy weight lol, you know if that happened then the driver would be some massive tub of lard

  • Toxic Aryan
    Toxic Aryan 14 timer siden

    poor bear :(

  • NadineDuck Duck
    NadineDuck Duck 15 timer siden

    no, the smartest paperclip will always be clippy

  • Leo Lee
    Leo Lee 15 timer siden +1

    0:57 America vs Canada

  • Autumn Merrill
    Autumn Merrill 16 timer siden

    What is the purple plant with the triangle leaves called?

  • eggthing 1334
    eggthing 1334 16 timer siden

    hes a true swedish viking

  • Pizza Is Cool
    Pizza Is Cool 17 timer siden

    2:07 obese then it will be *a wreaking ball*

  • Keller Blankenship
    Keller Blankenship 17 timer siden

    Bear V.S. Eagle who will win?

  • Masterzooka
    Masterzooka 17 timer siden

    The wheel kid...

  • Rvp Rvp
    Rvp Rvp 17 timer siden

    2:05 worst idea

  • Kittytheamazing103
    Kittytheamazing103 18 timer siden

    2:06 Yoo just get up and walk

  • Vangvangz Gaming
    Vangvangz Gaming 18 timer siden

    If you want to empress people in a bike...........1:26

  • Davis Long
    Davis Long 18 timer siden

    USA 0:58

  • m c
    m c 19 timer siden +1

    1:54 bold of you to assume the cars won't be self driving

  • Alan the Gorgeous Gorilla
    Alan the Gorgeous Gorilla 19 timer siden

    I must get Nitinol within the next five more days of boy scouts

  • Zach Attack
    Zach Attack 19 timer siden

    0:56 if that is not American, I don’t know what is

  • Legend XY
    Legend XY 19 timer siden

    I NEED that bike 1:26

  • Cindy Dang
    Cindy Dang 19 timer siden

    If it gets formed back into a normal paper clip with hot water what if you do cold water?

  • Shaggy
    Shaggy 20 timer siden

    wow daily dose of internet has really blown up this year

  • Chase King
    Chase King 21 time siden

    The future would be terrible

    COOL FILMS 22 timer siden

    What is the hamster vid

  • Nigel Noyes
    Nigel Noyes 22 timer siden

    1:59 TAKE IT AND RUN

    i mean drive

  • Narrowpath247
    Narrowpath247 Dag siden

    Damn it america dont provoke the damn bear i mean russia.

  • Mustard could be instrument

    2:00 people will get so lazy that, to go shopping, they can't get out of their car

  • Magenta Freak
    Magenta Freak Dag siden +1

    *1.8k Normal PaperClips Disliked This*

  • Trap Walker
    Trap Walker Dag siden

    I can already see some memes out of this

  • FaZe ColeTEW
    FaZe ColeTEW Dag siden

    Is it bad that I used this video for a science project? Cus nitinol can be used for a lot of things.

  • Your Dxddy
    Your Dxddy Dag siden

    Your voice is so soothing

  • SunsetDraws Animals

    That paper clip is smarter than me.

  • MERB_JacoGames
    MERB_JacoGames Dag siden

    I love ur vids

  • White Asian
    White Asian Dag siden

    I wish I could go back to my original shape


  • fluffy llama corn
    fluffy llama corn Dag siden

    3:09 It's a tiny vacume!😄

  • Collin Blackman
    Collin Blackman Dag siden

    Sky base cheese at 3:00

  • Do not press the button

    What’s the name of the thing in the sky

  • Liv Just liv
    Liv Just liv Dag siden +1

    “Isn’t dat amazin”

  • gog matthews
    gog matthews Dag siden

    People who try to build a stairway to heaven be like 2:57

  • Agsoe AJ
    Agsoe AJ Dag siden

    Paperclip is smarter than me I don't know what 1+1 is

  • Melvern Yang
    Melvern Yang Dag siden +2

    0:49 I thought the sign said I am white😂😂

  • Jennifer Orvik
    Jennifer Orvik Dag siden

    1:24 *the plants are coming*

  • Gacha Gamer
    Gacha Gamer Dag siden

    The cat got floofer

  • Principal Of The Thing

    2:59 *Legend Says he is still climbing that*

  • Principal Of The Thing

    1:05 *We Bare Bears in a Nutshell*

  • Mr Waffles
    Mr Waffles Dag siden

    0:49 Autobots,ROLL OUT!!!

  • Keen Joaquin
    Keen Joaquin Dag siden

    2:11 Did you see connor in the top left corner

  • irfankamil turan
    irfankamil turan Dag siden


  • Night flyer
    Night flyer Dag siden

    1:51 unless a a wrekless driver comes in and ruins everything LOL

  • Leroy Robins
    Leroy Robins Dag siden

    That spring tho

  • Icy Family
    Icy Family Dag siden

    Man I would rather walk to the mall or store then being a lazy @$&

  • V P
    V P Dag siden

    Imagine how much fatter the obese will be in America, for a lot of them the only exercising they do is shopping

  • iiKyanite
    iiKyanite Dag siden

    0:48 That could actually help fix dents in cars, if cars were made from that material. I hope that material isn't too expensive.

  • ConnorDaPegasus No
    ConnorDaPegasus No Dag siden

    1:03 must be a new eagle player. Everyone knows that in the current expansion stealth high-attack builds are best for beating tanks.

  • Idk i am doing
    Idk i am doing Dag siden


  • Donimations
    Donimations Dag siden +1

    Anybody getting Aizawa scarf vibes from the paper clip

  • Dennis Pedida
    Dennis Pedida Dag siden

    0:56 Bear=Soviet Russia Eagle=The US.

  • The Outcaster
    The Outcaster Dag siden

    The plants moving was extremely disturbing to me for some reason.

  • OB1 KenoB
    OB1 KenoB Dag siden

    That futuristic shopping thing? Yeah it’s stupid

  • Mr. Foxy 05
    Mr. Foxy 05 Dag siden

    1:00 bird “YEET” bear “why u...why you bully me”

  • UD RolePlay
    UD RolePlay Dag siden

    I’ll go to bed early

    Me at 2am : the smartest paper clip

  • IX Arksaber
    IX Arksaber Dag siden

    Discovers plants to move alot just slowly.
    Me: great it looks like vegans have to eat air now😂😂😂🤔🤔

  • Sir Higgers
    Sir Higgers Dag siden

    First thing i think of is fricking boku no hero, momos version of erasures scarf

  • KitterCatow
    KitterCatow Dag siden

    Its 3AM... i am way to tired to fall asleep... so i'm binge watching this...

    I got no life

  • KK10
    KK10 Dag siden

    1:25 Looks like Premium Rush

  • micah benson
    micah benson Dag siden

    "its a fucking bear, *NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO* "

  • Jacked Up
    Jacked Up Dag siden

    Bruh there’s a reason why cyclists are hated on the road

  • FaZeFazbear X
    FaZeFazbear X Dag siden

    Run on treadmills with a car


  • MrBlackAndWhiteGuy
    MrBlackAndWhiteGuy 2 dager siden

    Lol, dude biking in a highway in BRAZIL. He ded.

  • Guillaume Comeau
    Guillaume Comeau 2 dager siden

    That’s one cool paper clip.

  • no 1
    no 1 2 dager siden
    yo have you ever just whanted to watch music say no more oscilloscopemusic is good shit

  • autumn w
    autumn w 2 dager siden


  • Dooper Blooper
    Dooper Blooper 2 dager siden

    1:00 the Cold War oversimplified

  • Rebin Shwan
    Rebin Shwan 2 dager siden


  • Peterkaboomi Train
    Peterkaboomi Train 2 dager siden


  • Caleb Erb
    Caleb Erb 2 dager siden

    Bald eagle vs bear: the cold war in a nutshell

  • Sofus Lee Andersen
    Sofus Lee Andersen 2 dager siden

    0:56 Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

  • Jihan Kim
    Jihan Kim 2 dager siden

    But if I mess up a paper clip and then I put it in water then I take it out and put it back in will it be messed up again?

  • Sael Sael
    Sael Sael 2 dager siden


  • jeremy's gameplay Studio
    jeremy's gameplay Studio 2 dager siden

    0:48 deltarune in a nuthshell

  • Geo- King AJ
    Geo- King AJ 2 dager siden

    *”I am a wheel”*

  • Heliacal
    Heliacal 2 dager siden

    “ *Grandayy viewers watch this.* “

  • Kim King
    Kim King 2 dager siden +1

    I love cats!

  • Sky and Luna Are taking my place now cause I ded

    0:50 ...looks like C. From the new Deltarune game ( acts)

  • Entimed Entwined
    Entimed Entwined 2 dager siden

    Am I the only one who read "smartest" as "smallest" in the title?

  • cat boi
    cat boi 2 dager siden

    1:00 AMERICA BOI

  • elosozelo
    elosozelo 2 dager siden

    ROTFL: we're in 2050, everyone is so tired of walking that even groceries are done on a drive thru basis... Still, we're swiping the credit card as if it was 1980s because who heard of EMV in the US?

  • Ryan flatulence
    Ryan flatulence 2 dager siden

    The bottle of coke with the ribbon is a perfect gift for the girlfriend I haven't got this Christmas!

  • Robert Hilden
    Robert Hilden 2 dager siden

    This is one of the best videos yet!

  • Random RimRock // TripleR

    Thank you so much for your effort in the description, really appreciate your work.

  • anottakenusername
    anottakenusername 2 dager siden +10

    02:00 this is what will lead us to the future in WALL-E where we are all chunky blobs who never have to leave a seated position.

  • Meenty
    Meenty 2 dager siden

    That poor

  • InsaniacIvy
    InsaniacIvy 2 dager siden

    That paperclip is more flexible than me.

  • Extreme Rain
    Extreme Rain 2 dager siden

    0:30 can I put my slinky in that? Lol

  • Will Carter
    Will Carter 2 dager siden

    When I saw those plants move, I instantly thought of all Vegans as Murderers.

  • Blu Wølf
    Blu Wølf 2 dager siden

    Why don't we make cars out of that metal? Then, when there is a car crash, dump hot water on it, bang! No totaled car!

  • Don’t Mind The Doge
    Don’t Mind The Doge 2 dager siden

    Gosh dang it Paperclip, keep stealing the girls.

  • milk bilk
    milk bilk 2 dager siden

    boi dat faek

  • Dragongameing
    Dragongameing 2 dager siden


  • Markus Allen
    Markus Allen 2 dager siden

    “America f*** yah”

  • Mocha_the_cat_44 :p
    Mocha_the_cat_44 :p 2 dager siden

    When you have been used for a long time then someone says that they love you.

    THE GOOD THINGS 2 dager siden

    The hamster is basically just a cute vacuum cleaner