11 Types of Students in an Exam


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  • JianHao Tan
    JianHao Tan  2 måneder siden +3180

    If you haven't seen our previous video Types of Students BEFORE an exam, click here to watch: no-clip.com/video/up8wTrxUO0M/video.html

    • Gamingwith Ikran
      Gamingwith Ikran 3 dager siden

      JianHao Tan Lu. Ok u glassful nm, h. C eye t thrifter for hngfhhhnhhhhhhhhnhnnghnhhhX\ , h

    • Nathan Nguyen
      Nathan Nguyen 3 dager siden

      JianHao Tan u are the god

    • Rashya Noorizal
      Rashya Noorizal 4 dager siden

      You look like ken kaneki from Tokyo ghoul

    • Kim Nyen Ng
      Kim Nyen Ng 5 dager siden

      JianHao Tan i love

  • Anton15kurra09 Kujala

    1:57 i have that kind of bag to!

  • MissyPiggyRabbit
    MissyPiggyRabbit 2 timer siden

    LOL "there was question 21? " thats me 😂😂😂

  • Family Goh
    Family Goh 5 timer siden

    i have PSLE this year :(

  • sotek Party
    sotek Party 5 timer siden

    So boring

  • I am an artist but can’t draw

    I have SINUS lol

    i actually have sinus

    and I am always the sick student

  • Vatsal Bhuptani
    Vatsal Bhuptani 8 timer siden

    Look at denise now😂😂

  • nur syuhadah
    nur syuhadah 9 timer siden

    Okay class t1t5 the worst class in the school except for denise your exams will start in five minutes and if you guys have questions do let me know and if I catch you guys cheating i will throw you out the class got it hahahaha

  • Iqlays2nddummy
    Iqlays2nddummy 10 timer siden

    What does T1T5 look like to u?

  • jennie rubyjane
    jennie rubyjane 10 timer siden

    The "confident student" really me every time in exams.....

  • David Dechavez
    David Dechavez 12 timer siden

    4:05 No scoped

  • Zack The Gamer_ZTG
    Zack The Gamer_ZTG 12 timer siden

    The worst time is when you copy the one that is wrong

  • Basant Bam
    Basant Bam 13 timer siden

    Same happened in exam

  • Madilyn Dao
    Madilyn Dao 16 timer siden

    Scroll down super fast

  • Crystal Gacha, Toys, Games, and more!

    I have a mission project.
    1like=1 percent
    Yeah, not likes xD

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    Galaxy Heart 17 timer siden

    6:20 thats me

  • Rosella Phantom
    Rosella Phantom 22 timer siden

    GURL : Kevin why are u always so sick?
    Kevin : I dunno I have Sinus
    GURL : Whaits sinus
    Kelvin : Acutlly I don’t know what’s sinus my mom said I just have it


  • Jeremy Delgado
    Jeremy Delgado 23 timer siden

    I hate when people murmur in exam but i like the video its cool

  • S H O O K
    S H O O K Dag siden

    1:36 *says thank you so much BEFORE*

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    (i can't stop watching this video)

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    Class TIT5




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    Electronic Devices: **exist**
    Parents after caughting sons with bad grades: *_IT'S FREE REAL ESTATE_*

  • SpecTie XD
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    5:53 It Is Very Dumb That He Drops His Glasses Because Without Them He Can’t Copy The Other Students Answers...

  • Aisha 12453
    Aisha 12453 Dag siden

    Oh wait I'm the cleaner😂

  • Aisha 12453
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    4:31 😂 morning stretching😂😂

  • Wildfire wolf
    Wildfire wolf Dag siden

    The funiest is the janitor she is like “ these r not even correct *throws paper* oh wait im the cleaner” 😂

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    Story Of the day Dag siden

    Lololololol 🤣🤣🤣

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    daniel zhang Dag siden

    Has anyone noticed that Denise is a lefty?

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    How do you know what pee smells like😀

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    Somebody Dag siden

    Chinese? Omg these girls are like dolls ❤️❤️❤️😭😭

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    Who is from and in Singapore?

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  • CoollolipopgamingXDPlayz

    Class T1t5?
    More like class tits

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  • Cc Graham
    Cc Graham Dag siden


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    You are so funny.

  • Sulton Suib
    Sulton Suib 2 dager siden

    I use The Cheat From 5:45 It Worked

  • Slime,Roblox,Dance,Gameplays & Gacha Edits

    He killed the teacher with a cobra just to find his notes lol

  • Jyoti Wadhera
    Jyoti Wadhera 2 dager siden

    *throws paper*
    Oh wait i am the cleaner

  • Jyoti Wadhera
    Jyoti Wadhera 2 dager siden

    I love his videos!!

  • TheNeonRoboticFroggo - TheGalaxyGamer

    T1T5 = TITS
    (Other video)
    P3=N1S = PEN=IS = PENIS

  • Ann Andres
    Ann Andres 2 dager siden

    0:17 i lost my s**t😂my name is denise

  • Mantas Krisciunas
    Mantas Krisciunas 2 dager siden

    Abbey looks like sssniperwolf

  • Lemres
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    My exam is today , and I'm watching this hehe hahaha

    • Lemres
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      +Timothy Parsons thank you very much

    • Timothy Parsons
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      Lemres Good luck today!

  • Edna Sugar
    Edna Sugar 2 dager siden

    Do you need even a
    Or a Rami!!!
    On an exam!!! i wi

  • Aslam Syed
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    My exams are starting tomorrow

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    Myles Pineda 2 dager siden

    Abby looks like sssniperwolf

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    21? (Lenny)

    Its the 9 + 10 vine hehe

  • Draco Gamez
    Draco Gamez 2 dager siden

    This is my whole class in exams literally

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    Mary Lee 2 dager siden

    I feel so sad for the nerd he’s so nice..😭😭😭

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    Why is there a sharpener with no pencil?

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    Slushybushi 12 2 dager siden

    Class T1T5 is tits and PE=N1s is penis

    MEMEING MASTERING 3 dager siden


  • Reem Mohammed
    Reem Mohammed 3 dager siden

    I'm the confident ones!

  • EtonMess 1892
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    Why did JianHao bring a sharpener when he didn't have a pencil? 😂

  • Yvanna Mozelle Gabriel
    Yvanna Mozelle Gabriel 3 dager siden

    I thought It was "Class TITs" that was written in the white board😂😂😂

  • Xx_Chloe Plays_xX
    Xx_Chloe Plays_xX 3 dager siden

    A - Also
    K - Known
    A - As

  • Sama MSP
    Sama MSP 3 dager siden

    Do you see the secret word?

  • Khan PS3D
    Khan PS3D 3 dager siden

    1:24 Can I Borrow A Pencil??

    Girl:*Gives Pen*

    Doesnt Care

  • Vibhuti Shah
    Vibhuti Shah 3 dager siden

    Hii i think the part of the teacher sleeping was copied from ashish chanchlani

  • Jenney Khemprai
    Jenney Khemprai 3 dager siden

    Asiatic accent are funny af

  • certified fan
    certified fan 3 dager siden

    2;: 49its my condition

  • Tik Tacs orange flavour
    Tik Tacs orange flavour 3 dager siden

    Class T1T5 means Tits.

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    Hey guys so my Exam Is tommorow Wish me luck !😉

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    I m the panic one 😂

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    i can do this...
    *open exam*
    holy shizzle...
    -i cant do this-

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    Kev: cheats

    G E T S O N E H U N D R E D P E R C E N T

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    she is really good at being a teacher

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    These aren’t even correct
    **throws paper**
    *oh wait I’m the cleaner*

  • gacha Maura
    gacha Maura 3 dager siden

    Denise is not a top student anymore Denise is a bad girl now

  • Nathan Cantu
    Nathan Cantu 3 dager siden

    5:25 if that was me I would of told him to shut the fuck up

  • YuriTheFluffyPurple Kitten

    Okay guys. Stop asking for fricken youtube likes. Your life doesn’t depend on them and you just focus on yourself instead of the video. So stop

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    7:16 is that from plane crazy from Mickey Mouse?

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    8:07 *throws notes on floor*
    Oh wait I'm the cleaner

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    yudha prawira 4 dager siden

    1:15 is literally me LMFAO

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    Class T1T5 lmao that spells tits

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  • Entity Gamerz
    Entity Gamerz 4 dager siden

    How the hell does he know DJ Bumbay Omg

  • Emily Lama
    Emily Lama 4 dager siden

    Got got sick during naplan once, it wasn’t fun

  • manaw k
    manaw k 4 dager siden

    Yeah my class is also worst class in my collage

  • 2 Subscriber without Videos

    What is a Spectacle?

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  • The Cute little bear
    The Cute little bear 4 dager siden

    Actually sinus is real

  • Wild_101
    Wild_101 4 dager siden

    Read The Second Word!

  • Random Megan
    Random Megan 4 dager siden

    I just finished my exams today :D

  • Grace Chen
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  • Bandana Oshawott
    Bandana Oshawott 4 dager siden

    T1T5? Tits?

  • Jennifer B
    Jennifer B 4 dager siden

    Video says panic student
    Me: ok I studied science .... wait I have math hw that I didn't even start and it's Sunday 6.30 and my parents don't let me stay up late. Ty for reminding me to do my math.

  • MysticalHuskySpirit Lily
    MysticalHuskySpirit Lily 5 dager siden

    7:15 - 7:23 Every note, except the final one, was a flute sound. And I know this because I PLAY THE FLUTE!

  • Lovely
    Lovely 5 dager siden

    I thought there was no more equations?

  • ramin golabi
    ramin golabi 5 dager siden


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    Nima Lama 5 dager siden

    Jian hao is the best

  • MaxplaysMc Legend
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    Why does Jin Hao have a sharpner if he doesnt have a pencil 😂😂

    LEGENDARY GAMER 5 dager siden

    3:33 every sinus kid hates this

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    Why is mr papadum in your school?

  • kartik naik
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  • Dania 0880
    Dania 0880 5 dager siden

    That when jianhao left the nite i know the video... The video name is " 12 type of student before exam" and then someone say "trying to cheat right? " i kniw it i just really lazy to write all about it ø-ø