11 Types of Students in an Exam

  • Publisert 28. okt.. 2018
  • It's exam time. Who will pass? Who will fail? Who will just give up?
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  • JianHao Tan
    JianHao Tan  4 måneder siden +3973

    If you haven't seen our previous video Types of Students BEFORE an exam, click here to watch: no-clip.com/video/up8wTrxUO0M/video.html

  • Xairaxs
    Xairaxs Dag siden +1

    P3=N15 😂😂😂

  • Zohal Joya
    Zohal Joya Dag siden

    I just noticed that denise is left handed

  • na ni
    na ni Dag siden +1

    *"Hey Denise"*
    *Gets pushes*

  • Olena Pylypchuk
    Olena Pylypchuk Dag siden

    omg that was so funny I loved it lol

  • Eliza Jaime
    Eliza Jaime Dag siden

    What’s a sinus atcullay I don’t know my mom just said I have it

  • Eliza Jaime
    Eliza Jaime Dag siden

    You guys are so funny I love it also I can laugh all day I am so a big fan and I’m your number one fan love your vids

  • Chubby Dongsaeng
    Chubby Dongsaeng Dag siden

    What school is this🤣

  • Yourui Shao
    Yourui Shao Dag siden

    Denise disappears soon after she takes nap

  • Max London
    Max London Dag siden

    I just realized that t1t5 looks like tits on the black board

  • scoutie25
    scoutie25 Dag siden

    6:41 R.I.P Kevin

  • Kylie Novak
    Kylie Novak Dag siden

    1:43 a little too kind heh

  • Denise Close
    Denise Close Dag siden

    The minute jokers laugh played i screamed j love whim

  • *sips tea*
    *sips tea* Dag siden +1

    4:30 lol

  • Cookie Vlogger11
    Cookie Vlogger11 Dag siden

    What is a sinus? Was he really sick? Or was he not? Give me a shout out! Please?

  • Heheheheheh Haha
    Heheheheheh Haha 2 dager siden

    Omg Kevin is so adorable😂

  • Sam
    Sam 2 dager siden


  • Circle is my favorite color

    0:56 Madam Soot Beng absolutely nailed her performance lmao I love her

  • *. :Raven Playz:. *
    *. :Raven Playz:. * 2 dager siden


  • The Glory Girls
    The Glory Girls 2 dager siden

    1:55 why did he bring his sharpener when he doesn’t have a pencil????😲😲😲😲😲😲

    JENNIFERtotoa VALIENTE 2 dager siden

    Wait wait wait..?!?!.... What is T1T5?!?

  • Taekook,Yoonmin, Namjin Shipper

    8:57 me and my classmates during math class in an activity

  • จินต์จุฑา เย็นทรวง

    "When Madamn Soot Beng Said "You use a pencil not a pen" I thought and saw jasmine Hand with a pen luminati confermed"

  • Lyrical Brain
    Lyrical Brain 2 dager siden

    T1-T5 stands for Tit 5

  • Jennifer Le
    Jennifer Le 2 dager siden

    You have silme

  • yuki johoka
    yuki johoka 2 dager siden

    I thought they were going to a room with no windows. XD
    Who else noticed the windows at the beginning?

  • MrThomas9393
    MrThomas9393 2 dager siden

    But how ridwan copy when he has no specticle

  • MrThomas9393
    MrThomas9393 2 dager siden


  • Some Loser
    Some Loser 2 dager siden

    whats the outro song

  • Lisa The awesome!
    Lisa The awesome! 2 dager siden

    Who else noticed it said SUBSCRIBE on the board?

  • Eliya
    Eliya 2 dager siden +1

    I'm the well prepared student 😂

  • •SEMPAI •
    •SEMPAI • 2 dager siden

    It sounds like he is moaning while saying spectacles

    HANNAH NGUYEN 2 dager siden

    I love the teacher I well throw u out the classroom

  • gravediger 1123
    gravediger 1123 2 dager siden

    Would you have smashed these girls, press like if you agree

  • Denise Martinez
    Denise Martinez 2 dager siden

    Wow Denise is my name🤣😂

  • HowToSports
    HowToSports 3 dager siden

    10:09 or 10:10 voice crack

  • Lamees Abusiyam
    Lamees Abusiyam 3 dager siden

    Do more school videos ( p.s. i love your videos).❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

  • Ramil Macalino
    Ramil Macalino 3 dager siden

    T1T5 = Tits

  • Mitzi Mamaril
    Mitzi Mamaril 3 dager siden

    im at china to im at donguan jianhao tan

  • Gacha Garbage
    Gacha Garbage 3 dager siden +1

    2:47 THATS MY NAME (nicole)ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄

  • Hamza Saleem
    Hamza Saleem 3 dager siden

    Wow this was uploaded on my bday and I never realised!!!!

  • Riley Lindsay
    Riley Lindsay 3 dager siden


  • good vibes only
    good vibes only 3 dager siden

    3:10 me in exam

  • adong retiro
    adong retiro 3 dager siden

    i love anime with guya in kuya

  • adong retiro
    adong retiro 3 dager siden

    hey girl with guya

  • Mystic Pro815
    Mystic Pro815 3 dager siden

    Meaning for Sinus:

    a cavity within a bone or other tissue, especially one in the bones of the face or skull connecting with the nasal cavities.

    relating to or denoting the sinoatrial node of the heart or its function as a pacemaker.
    "sinus rhythm"
    ( Copied from google )

  • Azlorey
    Azlorey 3 dager siden

    "These aren't even correct" 'throws on floor' "oh wait I'm the cleaner" I DIED 😂

  • Alystarr
    Alystarr 3 dager siden


  • Oturei Sio
    Oturei Sio 3 dager siden


  • Claire Tolbert
    Claire Tolbert 3 dager siden


  • CDI Shaksi
    CDI Shaksi 3 dager siden

    P3=n15? Or p3=n1s

  • Adelmund Yin
    Adelmund Yin 3 dager siden +1

    Cleaner: These aren't even correct *Throws paper*
    Cleaner: oh wait im the cleaner

  • Nsagali Njalu
    Nsagali Njalu 3 dager siden


  • Jocelyn Bailey
    Jocelyn Bailey 3 dager siden

    Does anyone know why they called it T1T5 and why one of the answers was P3N15 because I dooo 😉😉😋😋

  • Jayden Camacho
    Jayden Camacho 3 dager siden


  • bailee evergreen
    bailee evergreen 3 dager siden

    I am practically the panic student and the annoying student , caused by my anxiousness i guess ..

  • Debby Nian
    Debby Nian 3 dager siden

    0:40 REJECTED

  • Debby Nian
    Debby Nian 3 dager siden

    AHH!!! I need my pills because I am going to fail my test because i didn't studyLOL

  • Liddie Bunton
    Liddie Bunton 3 dager siden

    If so I've been learning it since first grade

  • ShahBolorian
    ShahBolorian 3 dager siden

    I li,e madam soot beng

  • Big broom Crazy
    Big broom Crazy 3 dager siden

    Everybody has a sinus

  • Amazing Video Artist
    Amazing Video Artist 3 dager siden


  • Amazing Video Artist
    Amazing Video Artist 3 dager siden

    Look at Kevin

  • Asiyah Ali
    Asiyah Ali 3 dager siden

    the funny thing is i have an exam tm

  • odhise duni
    odhise duni 3 dager siden

    im such a panic student

  • D Singh
    D Singh 4 dager siden

    The girls name was Jas and my name is Jasveer

  • Handcraft 3
    Handcraft 3 4 dager siden

    I know the song you played it called the snake dace

  • Breakdown Gaming
    Breakdown Gaming 4 dager siden


  • elamparuthi ravi
    elamparuthi ravi 4 dager siden


  • Akiko
    Akiko 4 dager siden +1

    Pee Boy

  • Marcella Rizal
    Marcella Rizal 4 dager siden

    Since I'm tall, I always sit at the back bcoz when I forgot some things or it's a hard question I can just peek at other ppl's paper uwu

  • piano Love
    piano Love 4 dager siden +2

    That's me the sick one 😔✋

  • haevyn kemp
    haevyn kemp 4 dager siden +1

    who else came from 12 types of students before exams?

  • Grey ninja
    Grey ninja 4 dager siden

    6:40 look at Kevin

  • Jonathan Gurrala
    Jonathan Gurrala 4 dager siden


  • Rotchel Selerio
    Rotchel Selerio 4 dager siden +2

    The unprepared one.. I'm dying.. 😂😂

  • G A C H A   G I R L S A M I R A H

    "Hi Jas i didn't study bye Jas" (4:54 pm)

  • lily tuda
    lily tuda 4 dager siden

    4:10 Its laggy

  • wassup fam
    wassup fam 4 dager siden +2

    When that girl asked for the ruler that kid shoulda smack her

  • Mr. Speedbuild
    Mr. Speedbuild 4 dager siden +12

    Girl: “Kevin, why are you always sick?!”
    Boy: “I have sinus..”
    Girl: “What’s a sinus..?”
    Boy: “Actually I don’t know.., my Mom just said I have it!
    😂 lol!

  • Kuasha Paul
    Kuasha Paul 4 dager siden

    8:06 these aren't even correct OH I'm the cleaner 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kristine Jane Quiboloy
    Kristine Jane Quiboloy 4 dager siden

    Ö (:O)

  • AshleyTheLoving Gamer
    AshleyTheLoving Gamer 4 dager siden +1

    I'm the panic student,disturbed student and the desprate student but the panic student i don't take pills

  • Lui gameplays 26
    Lui gameplays 26 4 dager siden

    I just realized jianhao brought a sharpener when he had a pen

  • Shreya Nand
    Shreya Nand 4 dager siden +1

    First to finish kid that's exactly like me

  • joshua's epic channel
    joshua's epic channel 4 dager siden +1

    Mr raju something is better then them all

  • Ethan Holmes
    Ethan Holmes 4 dager siden +3

    T1T5 XD

    Edit: 5 being s and 1 being I

  • Manju Dumre
    Manju Dumre 4 dager siden

    Your u tube channel 👍

  • Roro Forever
    Roro Forever 4 dager siden

    I'm like Denise 😂😂
    I finish before 3/4 of the time

    • f
      f 4 dager siden +1

      I finish 1/4 oof

  • keitorinケイトリン
    keitorinケイトリン 4 dager siden

    U suck

  • Muneeb ur Rehman
    Muneeb ur Rehman 4 dager siden

    these arent even correct
    so what through it on the ground nothing will happened
    oh wait im the cleaner

    PLS DONT KICK ME 4 dager siden

    I’m the unprepared one lol

  • Kaitlyn Bertram
    Kaitlyn Bertram 4 dager siden

    I think I have sinus
    The pee is from when he got peed on

  • May the food lover
    May the food lover 4 dager siden


  • Football JR
    Football JR 4 dager siden +1


  • Karthik Saxena
    Karthik Saxena 4 dager siden

    Pause at 1:56 if u bought a pen why would u need a sharpener
    Like pls let's hit this time 100 pls

  • Zlord Pro
    Zlord Pro 5 dager siden

    Damn I was that sick kid

  • Isaiah Gomez
    Isaiah Gomez 5 dager siden

    Is that real pee lol

  • Romduol Tep
    Romduol Tep 5 dager siden +10

    Me : class t1t5 is the best class ever (saying out loud)
    FBI: this is the FBI open up open up !!!
    Jian Hao : wow ty man btw your still going to jail

  • ♡candy yuki♡
    ♡candy yuki♡ 5 dager siden +1

    *Im* *probally* *the* *anoying* *one*