Being the Best/Worst Ever


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  • Ice bear Slime
    Ice bear Slime 23 timer siden

    I like purple.


    Your right.

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    Bozzak 23 timer siden

    PewDiePie sent me

  • TWZ Apexツ
    TWZ Apexツ 23 timer siden

    Your part of the rewind was the best parts

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    Sebastian Saelee 23 timer siden

    I *dab* don’t *dab* need *dab* you *dab* in *dab * my *dab* life *dab*

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    Danieru 23 timer siden

    The 9-year old godess

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    man this is very life changing can we get Jaiden another million subs and sun yes a sun literal sun

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    Jonjonbeast123 23 timer siden

    You are now a princess of the pewdiepie family

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    Konrad 6k 23 timer siden

    You need to host meeme review btw you were selected to be a princess of the pewds channel and are under protection of 9 year olds (14? I think we had birthday recently)

  • Isaac Luzu
    Isaac Luzu 23 timer siden

    $399 ONLY $399

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    Thank you for your service to the 9 year old army Jaiden

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    Eagles 23 timer siden

    Clever mother thank for putting pewdiepie in the 100 millon viewed video y not 69 hmmmmmmm

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    ninjabo 01 23 timer siden

    Stwahp dapbding

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    Ward Playz 23 timer siden

    My friend liked the color blue so I wanted to be her best friend so I said I liked blue to

  • ven
    ven 23 timer siden

    *nine year olds have joined the chat*

  • Brock Smith
    Brock Smith 23 timer siden

    You were so close to 10 minutes

  • Kiara Animefan
    Kiara Animefan Dag siden

    3:45 Oh, Jaiden! Have you really never heard of self-flagellation? Yeah, it's not usually pretty.

  • Kopeke Nuva
    Kopeke Nuva Dag siden

    Holy crap. this is super relatable to my work mindset. I always feel like I'm sucking at my job because I'm not as good as X person who has been there for years, or because I make the occasional mistake, and that my coworkers hate me or are constantly talking smack behind my back. Even though I'm told by friends there that bad things are never said, even when my manager is giving me a raise and considering sending me across the country to be trained for better positions, when the owner of the store is coming up to me and telling me he appreciates me, I always feel like I'm failing because I'm not as good as X. It's a crappy mindset and something I wish I knew how to work through.

  • FTN Iceberg
    FTN Iceberg Dag siden

    I see your being showered with admiration from the 9 and 14 year old armies. Good job on being one of the only 2 things not total trash in the rewind.....that spider was hella cute!

  • UnhappyMeal 567
    UnhappyMeal 567 Dag siden

    I love how a lot of your videos give me an existential crisis and helps me at the same time. You're awesome! Love your vids.

  • AlphaTuano
    AlphaTuano Dag siden

    Very cool Jaiden! Been a sub since a year ago, but sneaking in Pewds chair is awesome!

  • Girlz Got Ideaz
    Girlz Got Ideaz Dag siden

    I. Have. One. Thing. That. You. Have. Jaiden.


    Meh name is Spelled" .J.A.D.E.N. :3 We have da same name but spelled differently ANYWAYS.... (I realized nobody would care to know this 'Bout me but...)

    I also almost have 200 Subscribers, compared to you Jaiden I. Am. A. Piece. Of. Trash. Yippie Mk Bai Hoomans

  • mario burney
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    Jaiden a
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    This took only like 38 seconds

    • mario burney
      mario burney Dag siden

      I know it's not long but I hope u like it!?

  • Ghosty Toast
    Ghosty Toast Dag siden

    I like how she needs big bobs

  • Tramp DanIs41
    Tramp DanIs41 Dag siden

    Moral of The Story
    Avoid meteors at all costs...

    And wear your seatbelt...

  • Maria Rondon
    Maria Rondon Dag siden

    I came because of the pewds chair, I stayed for the amazing videos. Keep it up, love your channel!

  • joshesh1
    joshesh1 Dag siden

    I know I'm commenting on this a little late and you may never see this, but thank you. I oddly needed this video.

  • Canfooy
    Canfooy Dag siden

    hello i'm a long time sub from pewdiepie, good job on the rewind! i'll be here for a while, i watched some of your other stuff, and i can't wait to be here for a while

  • Bellaaviles26363
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  • AnonymousPhoenix
    AnonymousPhoenix Dag siden

    the colour thing with your friend is very relatable I did the same when I was 10 😐 but other than that I love your videos very much and I got your 'I'm awkward' shirt to :D

  • StarDustBoom 1160
    StarDustBoom 1160 Dag siden

    Congratulations on being part of the biggest piece of shit video thats worse then justin bieber's baby.


    How weird I found more inspiration in NO-clip than in any movie or book.

    *Maybe 'cus I don't read*

  • Kj espinoza
    Kj espinoza Dag siden

    Plz post more

  • Screaming Goes Viral

    I know this is unrealated but I hate these fake Jaiden Animations like I think it's you but it's not so I get so sad but anyways Great video keep on working hard:D
    Edit: I mean if you want u do u :3

  • Gabriel Contreras
    Gabriel Contreras Dag siden

    All hail jaiden animations for including pewds chair so he could copystrike NO-clip rewind so he could win all revenue.👍 good job jaiden

  • newns9649
    newns9649 Dag siden

    Video won't buffer past the jerk coin for me :(

  • Clover Kitty64
    Clover Kitty64 Dag siden

    0:20 me when its 5 minutes till school but I'm hungry

  • starkiller gold7
    starkiller gold7 Dag siden

    DO you have a crush on James

  • Caelura
    Caelura Dag siden

    Damn, I came here just to say thanks for shoving Pewds and other memes in the NO-clip Rewind, but this video just got real with me.
    I’ve been living a life of trying to make as many people as happy as possible with me so I’ve shifted my personality in some ways and even made some pretty bad decisions for the sake of making others like me. Some, for the best (I was a short-tempered asshole) others, less so (peer pressure stuff).
    The light-heartedness of this video on the topic also made it pretty easy for me to understand and even pay attention to which I greatly love as a few others felt a little too heavy for me to bare.
    In general, this video struck a chord with me and I think I’ll actually start watching your videos from here on out.
    Thank you for the video Jaiden! (And thank you for reading random stranger and/or Jaiden!)

  • Softer boy
    Softer boy Dag siden

    Is it weird that when I hear positive things it actually makes me feel worse than when I hear negative things

  • Alexis Perez
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  • yes
    yes Dag siden

    You did your part

  • American Fry
    American Fry Dag siden

    “You deserve this... Idiot” 😂

  • Gavin Hanes
    Gavin Hanes Dag siden

    Ur a god sub2pewdiepie

  • ahmad ghazi
    ahmad ghazi Dag siden

    who've seen bowsette in 5:44

  • Misko Jones
    Misko Jones Dag siden +1

    Thank you Jaiden for including pewdiepie's chair in youtube rewind, very cool.

    • Clorox Bleach iP
      Clorox Bleach iP 23 timer siden

      +Kiara Animefan no it wasn't. NO-clip rewind 2018 was hell...

    • Kiara Animefan
      Kiara Animefan Dag siden

      Shouldn't NO-clip hold off on the rewind untill the end of December? Also, is the 2018 rewind any good?

  • Angel Alexander
    Angel Alexander Dag siden

    That fusion fire though 3:37

  • kukukachu
    kukukachu Dag siden

    Your videos actually have a lot of thought put into them and the animation is fun. I am quite impressed with your content. Good show.

  • TMZtech
    TMZtech Dag siden

    Subbed from the chair reference

  • Winter Blossom
    Winter Blossom Dag siden

    Purple is a nice color 👍

  • Anti Social Moth
    Anti Social Moth Dag siden +1

    Your just a hater and I don’t **dabs** need **dabs** you **dabs** in **dabs** my **dabs** life!

  • ChocoTato
    ChocoTato Dag siden

    i keep comparing myself to szin and have a meltdown even though she’s more than 5 years older than me

  • Tercio Olivera
    Tercio Olivera Dag siden

    Man just wat watch(not her video) was sick i cant even describe what was it, why i have such ideia, fool of me the internet is the internet, jaiden i try to not but i find it, i'm sorry

  • Anti Social Moth
    Anti Social Moth Dag siden

    Therapist Jaiden is back!
    yay self confidence booster :D

  • Jimmy Faeth
    Jimmy Faeth Dag siden

    by proud of your self when you succeed to a limit

  • Pizza Time
    Pizza Time Dag siden +1

    The pinnacle of best and worst:
    Be in the worst video on NO-clip
    Put in the best Easter Egg in history

  • An Swadian King
    An Swadian King Dag siden

    If I could jerk off longer than 12 secs I’d be happy

  • Thi Nguyen
    Thi Nguyen Dag siden

    6:28 DANG IT😑

  • Benzimer
    Benzimer Dag siden

    Thank you, for bringing pewdiepie to rewind (secretly) . Can you do it again in the next rewind?

  • Bonnie Rabbit
    Bonnie Rabbit Dag siden

    🤜🏻🤛🏻 The greatest NO-cliprs support other NO-cliprs!

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    FuriousFurrE Dag siden

    6:28 , every gosh darn video

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    Abacate AJ Dag siden

    Thank you Jaiden.

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    Meme boi Dag siden

    Subscribing. Thanks for sneaking PewDiePie's chair in youtube rewind!

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    YKoF CALm Dag siden

    Jaiden, thanks for putting Pewds into where he belongs. 🖒👍

  • Joker 0064
    Joker 0064 Dag siden

    I did my part...

  • brandon wilkes
    brandon wilkes Dag siden

    Bet you didnt look at her hand at 6:27

  • Dropping 2020 in every video

    Brofist gang.. where you at??.

  • Matty Mckenna
    Matty Mckenna Dag siden +1

    You were featured on youtube rewind 2018 and james was congrats!

  • Doorbell Dead meme
    Doorbell Dead meme Dag siden

    Jaiden + pewdiepie = 76,000,000

    BASE BRIW Dag siden

    More vids pls! especially when its gonna be christmas! Thanks

  • Kai The Great
    Kai The Great Dag siden

    Jaiden's bizarre adventure anybody?

  • Shoozie
    Shoozie Dag siden

    Are u our new queen?

  • Fun
    Fun Dag siden

    This video... It’s 9:59... How humble!

  • Ghostl9
    Ghostl9 Dag siden

    "Cause people who like purple are FREAKS!"
    Me: Wait... I like pu- WAIT A SECOND!

  • Tićma Boss
    Tićma Boss Dag siden

    Thank you for making place for pews in youtube rewind

  • sami circle
    sami circle Dag siden +1

    jaiden also put a easter egg saying sub to pewds

  • Goku -San
    Goku -San Dag siden

    She said hit by "meteors". Like on earth. My nerd rage rises

  • TheGamingReaper
    TheGamingReaper Dag siden

    I can't be the only person who got the Bo Burnham Pringles reference, can I?

  • Joseph Paterson
    Joseph Paterson Dag siden

    jaiden are you subscribed to pewdiepie

    • Clorox Bleach iP
      Clorox Bleach iP 23 timer siden

      She did.
      Check her subscription.
      You'll see pewds there.

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    ReRunDown Dag siden

    Your animations are rlly good.

  • Death Fox
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  • ReRunDown
    ReRunDown Dag siden

    Thank you for doing your part in Rewind. Time to sub to you now and try to get u to 6 mil 😺

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    Thanks for giving Pewds a shout out 👍

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    I subscribed because you put PewDiePie in NO-clip Rewind 2018.

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    Alex Max Dag siden

    8:24 That part actually made me laugh.

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    Who am I!?

    • Ki-Zumi
      Ki-Zumi Dag siden

      Where am I!? What am I doing here?


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    CookiePink Gaming Dag siden

    Thank you for doing your part Jaiden. Legit that was the only good part in Rewind.

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    Jaiden you are so hot. Pls marry me

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    Thank you next

  • Kiara Capistran
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    Their is a song with Ari in it

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    make video about yt rewind plzz

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    Dont mind me 9 year old joined the chat


    Shoulda added a few seconds to make your video eligible for monetization 🤣🤣🤣

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    i spent very much time trying to make a cgi video like jurassic world but it didnt end up very bad compared to jurassic world. but i am still very proud of myself because i did my best and that is all what i can do