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  • Publisert 8. feb.. 2019
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  • Derpy Dillon
    Derpy Dillon 23 minutter siden

    12:20 I died

  • Nboss57
    Nboss57 32 minutter siden

    Wtf I have notifications on for your channel and set to always but I haven't gotten notifications in 2 months

  • Rhys Berk
    Rhys Berk 55 minutter siden

    What is ashphale
    Is it diarrhea

  • Irene E
    Irene E Time siden


  • Sunniva Mel
    Sunniva Mel 4 timer siden

    Kwite man is gooded your tube er!!

  • Northropi
    Northropi 4 timer siden

    I like how the house eater's emphasis circle was a dick.
    Like I know you can say that about a lot of things but just look at it that cannot have been an accident.

  • John Moses Browning
    John Moses Browning 5 timer siden

    All hail the great European Onion. Europa Gloria

  • Max the Paladin
    Max the Paladin 5 timer siden

    Two men enter!
    One man die!

  • S K
    S K 7 timer siden

    Post hoe, I miss you

  • TeaRoses
    TeaRoses 7 timer siden


  • Arcadia The Dork
    Arcadia The Dork 7 timer siden

    Dr. Gay

  • Cyntrovert
    Cyntrovert 9 timer siden

    is 7:09 pro or anti weed

  • Jason Martel
    Jason Martel 10 timer siden

    I like th collab

  • Level 35 mafia boss
    Level 35 mafia boss 11 timer siden

    Reddit man

  • Chibbu The goldfish
    Chibbu The goldfish 12 timer siden

    s q u a r e

  • Awesome Gaming 65
    Awesome Gaming 65 13 timer siden

    You should do r/IncelTears

  • Sneeky
    Sneeky 17 timer siden

    *tearing Kwite the fuck apart*

  • Maya Micallef
    Maya Micallef 17 timer siden

    1:30 r/wooosh

  • Yuvn AMVS
    Yuvn AMVS 20 timer siden


  • Skyman Lee
    Skyman Lee 22 timer siden


  • Aliza
    Aliza 22 timer siden

    I would definitely get a bracelet that says "DiscoCunt"

  • Sky High Productions
    Sky High Productions 23 timer siden


  • Warf, Local Trash
    Warf, Local Trash Dag siden

    Get a Fuck < Eat fuck

  • Retro guy Mark
    Retro guy Mark Dag siden


  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous Dag siden

    They call me doctor gayyy~ I’m not a real doctor but I am a real gay, I am an actuaaaaaal gaaaayy~~

  • Jack Mazeika
    Jack Mazeika Dag siden

    Please look at r/entitledparents

  • Herkinator
    Herkinator Dag siden

    Nothing like a good ol' kiss with your mouth muscle.

  • Eyes of a Tragedy
    Eyes of a Tragedy Dag siden

    Of the countless and exponentially growing section of NO-cliprs who are doing reddit subreddits nowadays, you are by far and infinitely wide the most entertaining one. You’re the only one I’ve subbed as well. You make me laugh so much

  • Merary Guard
    Merary Guard Dag siden

    I like kwites voice

  • Coltyn Stone-Lamontagne

    More, yes.

  • Chad Swalls
    Chad Swalls Dag siden

    Is that Muzak Stimulus Progression I hear?

  • 4 Minute Mile-LoveToRun

    Dude SorrowTV is it actually you? I played zombs royale and we won a game so i friended you and we won like 6 more! I never knew you were famous on youtube

  • Alma Martinez
    Alma Martinez Dag siden

    Please do r/gocommitdie !

  • KekChicen
    KekChicen Dag siden

    Kwite is a cutie

  • Mashimo
    Mashimo Dag siden

    10:14 is this best

  • Gamingeko
    Gamingeko Dag siden

    L O N G T E E N

  • LmaoMoni
    LmaoMoni Dag siden

    *Stop i cant breathe*

  • space nerd
    space nerd 2 dager siden

    i died with the fallout loading screen in the beginning woops

  • kristien clarke
    kristien clarke 2 dager siden

    I'm in tears. Holy shit

  • Hoaxes it
    Hoaxes it 2 dager siden

    *Y E T T U S C L E E T U S G O C O M M I T S Q U A R E*

  • Gli occhiali
    Gli occhiali 2 dager siden

    _"I will eat your house"_

  • DudeAwesome27
    DudeAwesome27 2 dager siden +2

    this guy should become a voice actor, he has the potential to build some really iconic characters

  • RealiableCandy4
    RealiableCandy4 2 dager siden +1

    Turn on Captions

  • Nathalia N
    Nathalia N 2 dager siden +4

    Can I borrow teeen bucks?

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 2 dager siden

    I’ve had a really shitty past couple of days, the day before Valentine’s Day my girlfriend broke up with me because she’s moving to Liverpool to go to university. Thank you for these videos man, they really cheer me up

  • max The doggo
    max The doggo 2 dager siden

    Two legends collab hell yeah

  • skelskii
    skelskii 2 dager siden


  • Boss Lady
    Boss Lady 2 dager siden

    4:13 - 5:17 omg gross lmfao!! you two are such dorks and I LOVE it!! Love ya Sorrow TV!!

  • Jessica thomas
    Jessica thomas 2 dager siden +2

    so sad we'll be leaving the European Onion soon

  • Katrina Clubb
    Katrina Clubb 2 dager siden


  • MisfitPanda
    MisfitPanda 2 dager siden

    I got some screenshots from a choosing begger... Where can I submit it

  • TheDennys21
    TheDennys21 2 dager siden +3


  • Vision Tale
    Vision Tale 2 dager siden

    i can explain the size thing, its from wish alot of squishies do it. its how they let us select which squishy we wanna buy

  • Alexia Gewrgiou
    Alexia Gewrgiou 2 dager siden


  • Void of Space and Time
    Void of Space and Time 2 dager siden


  • ThatguyScotland
    ThatguyScotland 2 dager siden

    Has my mind deteriorated that much that hearing "penuts" made me laugh harder than anything this year?

  • Shelby Hillebrand
    Shelby Hillebrand 2 dager siden

    Please more kwite, I adore him and yall are gr8 together 👌

  • Chuy Ezekiel
    Chuy Ezekiel 2 dager siden

    Love it absolutely love it

  • TLepageArt
    TLepageArt 2 dager siden

    Ah yes, the four horsemen of the apocalypse:
    The pebbles, the glass, the asphale, and square

  • RGS AdrianSalinas
    RGS AdrianSalinas 2 dager siden

    I cant believe how many people in different cultures you hired for this video. This vid probably cost you a lot to hire them.

  • Yuu Takemiya
    Yuu Takemiya 2 dager siden

    Discord invite?

  • Sit And stare
    Sit And stare 2 dager siden

    -green leaf-

    S P I N C H.

  • Hansel And Gretel
    Hansel And Gretel 3 dager siden

    More like legless hoodie

  • PolarBear112 5
    PolarBear112 5 3 dager siden

    11:38 had me dead

  • Yeetroni Bertoine
    Yeetroni Bertoine 3 dager siden

    Remember when he voiced comics?

  • Banana Attack
    Banana Attack 3 dager siden

    Gay straight or Chinese?

  • David Steinhauser
    David Steinhauser 3 dager siden

    Isn't a fire alarm the same thing as a fire distinguisher?

  • Sam Austin
    Sam Austin 3 dager siden

    “No! I must climb the stairs”, he shouted
    The internet said,”no Sorrowtv,You are the stairs!”

    And then Sorrowtv was a trash can.

  • Twinkle Toes
    Twinkle Toes 3 dager siden

    Genuinely started to panic half way through this when I couldn't stop myself laughing long enough to breathe xD

  • PhantomLord
    PhantomLord 3 dager siden


  • tree hugging dirt worshipper

    6:31 *call me by your name*

  • Koen Zimmerman
    Koen Zimmerman 3 dager siden

    is that one munkey bracelet a korn reference? doubtful by the general trend of illogic spewed by the others but i can be hopeful

  • Amy Frost
    Amy Frost 3 dager siden

    This is a definite one-up ⬆️ from that Soot House collab.

  • Manas Sikdar
    Manas Sikdar 3 dager siden

    I love your channel man.

  • melody o
    melody o 3 dager siden

    Sorrow and Kwite together well same same I just came

  • Lucas nada mas
    Lucas nada mas 3 dager siden

    I love how people that know english in Asian countries just like to fuck with people and put random things becouse no one will realize

  • Lucas nada mas
    Lucas nada mas 3 dager siden

    Yeah I always wanted tp have a "CHILD TRAFFIKER" bracelet

  • Rose Doesn't Know
    Rose Doesn't Know 3 dager siden


  • theMutedMusic
    theMutedMusic 3 dager siden


  • nani pyyo
    nani pyyo 3 dager siden

    there was a bracelet that said Fist me.

  • Cryptic Bunny
    Cryptic Bunny 3 dager siden

    bbq grill though

  • Sub To Pewds Or I Will Take Your Cat

    Kwite and Sorrow would be a good couple.

  • Riley the pokemon master films

    Do r/entitled parents

  • A S-H
    A S-H 3 dager siden

    okay whose next? PYROCYNICAL?!

  • mattmeow123 catttymeowa
    mattmeow123 catttymeowa 3 dager siden

    Fire extinguisher: Hand Grenade

  • mattmeow123 catttymeowa
    mattmeow123 catttymeowa 3 dager siden

    Does not buy!!!

  • Teirdalin
    Teirdalin 3 dager siden

    I never knew Chinese was a sexual orientation.

  • valaryya Purpura
    valaryya Purpura 3 dager siden

    It really scares me that I fully understand 7:19

  • mia frye
    mia frye 3 dager siden


  • apolytikion
    apolytikion 3 dager siden

    God, first time Turkey is mentioned and my people totally give us a good name. You know, I was always told to behave because if you act bad, you will represent your country and family terribly. This guy must have missed the memo.

  • Well_Shit_This_Is_Bad _
    Well_Shit_This_Is_Bad _ 4 dager siden


  • Well_Shit_This_Is_Bad _
    Well_Shit_This_Is_Bad _ 4 dager siden

    I can relate to I'm gay

  • Well_Shit_This_Is_Bad _
    Well_Shit_This_Is_Bad _ 4 dager siden +1

    Hi I'm Dr.Gay

  • Ÿoey
    Ÿoey 4 dager siden

    The Chinese didn’t know “Chinese” is a sexual orientation, right? No wonder they didn’t know, they could never see it!

    If you are offended by this, grow up. I’m Asian, and this shouldn’t be offensive to anyone.

  • Panic! at the Fall Out Dragons


  • tired student
    tired student 4 dager siden

    Sorry, out of cock.

    Oh but they have cock zero.

  • tired student
    tired student 4 dager siden

    Oh yes when theres a fire, always use a fire distingwicher.

  • tired student
    tired student 4 dager siden

    d i s c o c u n t

  • tired student
    tired student 4 dager siden

    *same same I came*