Found GAME MASTER Top Secret LABORATORY! (Using Spy Gadgets to Recreate Lie Detector Potion)

  • Publisert 6. nov.. 2018
  • Watch - GAME MASTER Take Down PROJECT ZORGO DATE REVEAL! (Underground Tunnel and Secret Cave Control Room) -
    After Rebecca Zamolo was Escaping an Abandoned Prison in Top Secret Location with Stephen Sharer! (Hidden Mystery Box found) and took Lie Detector potion from Game Master to reveal hidden secrets (hypnotized by code 10) she escaped with her husband Matt. Matt and Rebecca had to solve clues and riddles using spy gadgets in a ball pit and bounce house that led them to the final clue in the Zen Room. The GM trapped Rebecca and had her take a lie detector potion to reveal secrets about Doomsday and hypnotized her with Code 10. In today’s video Rebecca Zamolo and Matt find the GameMaster top secret laboratory and a secret message on a laptop. What do you think the Game Master Network means?
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    When Rebecca Zamolo and her husband Matt (not brother) use the spy gadget device they see the Game Master in a laboratory on one of the surveillance cameras. They decide to drive to the location and begin spying on him while he’s outside talking on his iPhone. When the laboratory is abandoned, Rebecca and Matt sneak in and find a mysterious message inviting them to join the Game Master Network. While in this escape room in real life they use clues to find hidden keys and solve riddles in less than 24 hours. Thanks so much for watching my family friendly videos in 2018!
    We love this Escape Room
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  • Edzia Gagat
    Edzia Gagat 6 timer siden

    there is a man climing on the boat cant you see that

  • Alina Rodriguez
    Alina Rodriguez 8 timer siden

    code 10 code 10

  • Nana Kyiretwie
    Nana Kyiretwie 14 timer siden

    Project zorgo is watching

  • Google Fleming
    Google Fleming 22 timer siden

    That's the boat on the picture frame when Rebecca did 24 hours in the Attic.

  • Micki Asher
    Micki Asher 23 timer siden

    I saw that ship when you were in the attic. It was in the frame

  • Martha Atiencia
    Martha Atiencia Dag siden

    North south east

  • Taylor Hoskins
    Taylor Hoskins Dag siden

    NNESWN means North North East South West North for the lock that you use with directions

  • Luz Serrano
    Luz Serrano Dag siden

    If you know his hide out call the police

  • Granolapug
    Granolapug Dag siden

    At 10:26 in the top in a cupboard, does anybody else see the sign that’s says ‘GET THE F OUT’?

  • Amy Schipper
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  • BELLA Corrigal
    BELLA Corrigal Dag siden

    I will put a 😜 for every reply and like

  • Gyamera Kweku
    Gyamera Kweku Dag siden

    GM NO

  • My Me
    My Me Dag siden

    I did i almost die but i servivd but im glad you did to goo and get the grandmaster

  • Louise Page
    Louise Page Dag siden

    Zorgo diffuse

  • Kabelo Tamocha
    Kabelo Tamocha Dag siden

    camera watching you guys be safe.

  • basmalh ahmed
    basmalh ahmed Dag siden

    pp,hacker and the dollmaker might be working for the gamemaster

  • Nicole Zenko
    Nicole Zenko Dag siden


  • Nita Krasniqi
    Nita Krasniqi Dag siden

    Just a thought 369 was the code to then zen room and the GM laboratory

  • animal girl
    animal girl Dag siden

    Ok I think it might not be true but I think pumpkin patch is good pls don't have Meh

  • Ryan Dunne
    Ryan Dunne Dag siden

    It's the MIDDLE I saw of Carl and ginger

  • Alexis von Husen
    Alexis von Husen Dag siden

    How did she know which order to place the letters in. This is such a setup.

  • Carmela Gallardo
    Carmela Gallardo Dag siden +1

    Nooo game master is mean

  • Nikki B
    Nikki B Dag siden +1

    I think pumpkin patch is working with the game master

  • Krystal Annable
    Krystal Annable Dag siden +1

    I know who the game master is

  • Lily Meunier
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  • Rip
    Rip 2 dager siden

    Is the camera man the game master

  • Alyssa Gray
    Alyssa Gray 2 dager siden

    Papa jake went to that ship with logan

  • Ella Claire
    Ella Claire 2 dager siden

    i’m sorry, but why is the camera man just watching matt get kidnapped

  • Shayla Cremin
    Shayla Cremin 2 dager siden +2

    Dec 4

  • AllAroundHaley x
    AllAroundHaley x 2 dager siden +1

    Guys you should Catch the game master!! ❤️Btw be safe!! ❤️

  • Alex Nieto
    Alex Nieto 2 dager siden

    Zorgo diffuse 2:11

  • Mamma Mia! Lover
    Mamma Mia! Lover 2 dager siden

    Did anyone else notice game masters sticker at 10:36 that said "get the f out"?

  • Tracy Saponara
    Tracy Saponara 2 dager siden +1

    yes that is the same place as PumpkinPatch's hide out

  • Sandra Juarez
    Sandra Juarez 2 dager siden

    Proyecto zorgo is waching

  • Carrie Dooley
    Carrie Dooley 2 dager siden


  • Madisyn Mcknight
    Madisyn Mcknight 2 dager siden

    Else in Chinese

  • Nicole Lee
    Nicole Lee 2 dager siden

    The directional lock

  • Rayza Tejeda
    Rayza Tejeda 2 dager siden

    You got to Pull that key down

  • Rayza Tejeda
    Rayza Tejeda 2 dager siden

    That writing that you saw says December four

  • Awesome Sauce
    Awesome Sauce 2 dager siden


  • Sophia Leach
    Sophia Leach 2 dager siden

    It was the arrows

  • Olivia Lipinski
    Olivia Lipinski 2 dager siden

    The 24 challenge in the attic you saw a picture with a boat on it

  • Sophie Vyse
    Sophie Vyse 2 dager siden

    Love your videos rebbeca! ♥ #zamfam lysm

  • Puppylover06
    Puppylover06 2 dager siden

    It’s for the navigational lock

  • I love Burgers
    I love Burgers 2 dager siden

    Why are people disliking?

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    AAA channel aaa 2 dager siden

    It is

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    South West east north

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    if you give me a like ill give you one

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    Is this real?💩✌✌

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    On floor

  • Magdalena Bañuelos
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    Udllr ➕2

  • Aaliah Macabenta
    Aaliah Macabenta 2 dager siden

    Mybe thepumpkin patch is the game master

  • Paisley Jackson
    Paisley Jackson 2 dager siden +1

    You are good at math

  • nicolas benisar
    nicolas benisar 2 dager siden

    Ur such a cute couple

  • candis stein
    candis stein 2 dager siden

    Grace is the game master ok 👍🏻

  • Ryon Piphus
    Ryon Piphus 3 dager siden

    Chad wild clay is not the gm
    steven sharer is not the gm lucus and marcus and Cyrus and darius is not the gm

  • Brooklyn Bennett
    Brooklyn Bennett 3 dager siden

    I feel bad for you because thanksgiving is so soon and they better not do anything to you and Matt or any other NO-cliprs

  • Kotey Hill
    Kotey Hill 3 dager siden

    i think that the game master is papa jake

  • The Klovers
    The Klovers 3 dager siden

    Hey code 10 was on the smiley face on back. That was game master's

  • Cora Atkins
    Cora Atkins 3 dager siden

    Redeca project zorgo on your video and he said that he's taking over NO-clip there's going it will be his and in the things that he doesn't approve of he will delete Rebecca save youtoud for all of us

  • Esteban Shower Paulino
    Esteban Shower Paulino 3 dager siden

    That ship is haunted do not go in that ship

  • Wong Pat Hui
    Wong Pat Hui 3 dager siden

    the code is GAME

  • sharmili begum
    sharmili begum 3 dager siden

    the ship looks similar to the picture in the attic im sure its the
    exact same ship

  • sharmili begum
    sharmili begum 3 dager siden

    omg its so similar to project zorgo im refering to the lab btw

  • Ann Marie Stopforth
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  • Ann Marie Stopforth
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  • Ann Marie Stopforth
    Ann Marie Stopforth 3 dager siden

    I’m scared every time something clickes

  • Ann Marie Stopforth
    Ann Marie Stopforth 3 dager siden

    Grace is working for the game master or the hacker

  • Ann Marie Stopforth
    Ann Marie Stopforth 3 dager siden

    There mad because they lost there spy cams haha u stole it yay ❤️ you

  • Aya Bear
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    New south wales

  • Xiah Nesbitt
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    😭🤯🤭😱omg no

  • kaydence Bloor
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    the game master

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    Diamond equal zero zamolo.

  • The Pet Show
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    Just telling u there is a camera in there

  • Jr and Alycia Robles
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    I am

    EVA BITAR 3 dager siden

    A new adventure

  • Lupita Hinojosa
    Lupita Hinojosa 4 dager siden

    At the end it looked like the game master is dragging as dead body

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    I will ad a👍🏻 for every like 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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    It's Carter sharer (is game Master)

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  • Chilling with Evie and Olivia

    The cloaks that pumpkin patch the game master and the others 2 people were wearing looke exactly like the wife ones but black you are the fourth member of his team the boys wear black and the girls wear wihte

  • Mirryn Dawson
    Mirryn Dawson 4 dager siden

    Hi Rebecca you are the best NO-cliprs EVER

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    Matt the game master is mad at pumpkin patch because he lost that device

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    Rebecca I saw the simbles on the cupboards

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    The numbers in the Zen Room says 369 and the clock says 369

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    What have u done game master

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    Dont say code 10

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    This looks like a movie

  • Naya Jarbou
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    Rebecca and Matt the game master is The leader of project Zorgo I hope that this information will get handy one day💖🙏🏻😘😝🤣😂🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟💋💋💋

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