A Tour Of My Plants

  • Publisert 14. mars. 2019
  • Music is by the wonderfully talented Andrew Applepie open.spotify.com/artist/5BYcwjrQth7em7maAt0yKE
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    Planterina - no-clip.com/channel/UCUIdHDKQIy-vr-D7M6KuRUQ
    Kaylee Ellen - no-clip.com/channel/UCWRyi0LgQqAs7_Zz09VZA-Q
    Hilton Carter from Apartment Therapy - no-clip.com/user/results?search_query=hilton+carter
    Betsy Begonia - no-clip.com/channel/UCRjGbWm25MaUd3VLuJpPtYg

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  • Savannah Swygert
    Savannah Swygert Dag siden

    I didnt know that I needed this video in my life but I loved it!

  • A Bit of Brit
    A Bit of Brit Dag siden

    Jenna! OMG I have a genuine interest in house plants now! I had two drooping aloe Vera plants in my house and you have inspired me to make them as happy as can be! Thank you!

  • Alicia
    Alicia Dag siden

    Jenna....we just love you. Forever.

  • TeaLeaf Prophecy
    TeaLeaf Prophecy Dag siden

    I want plaaaaants 😭

  • deluxenonsense
    deluxenonsense Dag siden

    Hey, I'm not trying to make a big scene of this or anything like that, but the thing on the shelf in your bathroom that's a Buddha head can be seen as disrespectful by Buddhists because of the really awful history of people decapitating statues of Buddha to sell/take as some kind of perverse trophy. I know you probably didn't know this background and just intended it as a "serene" decoration, but I just wanted to quietly pass that info along. 🖤

  • Jackie Greene
    Jackie Greene Dag siden

    this is oddly calming to watch, almost inspiring me to go get some damn plants

  • eryaviel
    eryaviel Dag siden

    I turn 30 this year, and I relate to these vids way too much. Jenna, you're my domestic hero.

  • Noelle Baxter
    Noelle Baxter Dag siden


  • Perry Johanson
    Perry Johanson Dag siden

    This video makes me want to buy plants but for the sake of them green buddies, I won't

  • Gasper F Is A Friend

    IM SO JEALOUS OF ALL OF YOUR SNAKE PLANTS JENNA!!! all i grow is snake plants and i only have super common ones bc im a poor beetch

  • Viceroy Haukea
    Viceroy Haukea Dag siden

    I'm gonna cry I want so many plants I want them all around me so I can love them and sing to them and smell them and water them but I have none

  • Kati Miller
    Kati Miller Dag siden

    Other NO-cliprs flexting their cars and shit. And this bitch is like...I spend all my money on plants.

  • JenStro
    JenStro Dag siden

    That pastel shirt tho!!! Good job julie

  • MishaReiFuan
    MishaReiFuan Dag siden

    The real struggle is having pets that eat all the plants you love. Be cautious of plants that are toxic to animals if you have plant chewing pets!

  • Gila Yuval
    Gila Yuval Dag siden

    this was legit the most relaxing video on the internet thanks jenna

  • Chanay L
    Chanay L Dag siden

    Get a fern!! You can put it in your bathroom for humidity😊

  • john rgrking
    john rgrking Dag siden


  • Corey Pruitt
    Corey Pruitt Dag siden

    Your profile picture does not have peach in it what the hay

  • Tiffany Hayden
    Tiffany Hayden Dag siden

    Growing up with Jenna, I'm also super in to plants now, we are definitely getting old

  • Maggie Hadlow
    Maggie Hadlow Dag siden

    Did you and Julien get engaged?! If so, CONGRATULATIONS!!!💍

  • Tiffany !
    Tiffany ! Dag siden

    thank you so much for this video! it's nice to see how long you made it too, you really didnt hold back! i've been struggling a lot with life lately and have been feeling like life is pointless, but this soothing little video making light of even the small things in life, something so simple like plants, has felt so therapeutic! you're so amazing jenna, thank you for being here for me for like, 10 years.

  • Kira Lokwyd
    Kira Lokwyd Dag siden


  • Ramen God
    Ramen God Dag siden

    *puts on sunglasses* Fr*ck your plants

  • rabbit on the moon 🌙

    Jenna, about your succulents, they're very low maintenance plants that require less frequent watering and indirect sunlight which is prob why yours are alive. I got one for that reason. I almost killed it from too much sunlight & not enough sunlight but now it's thriving and is sprouting new buds. I had to place it in a wider pot because it was growing well. I keep mine in a pot with no drainage hole because succulents don't soak up the water right away. so I water it once every few weeks when I remember to tbh and it does well because of the lack of water

  • funkeydude99director

    I don’t care about plants I just think your fit

  • tripletrey34
    tripletrey34 Dag siden

    3million plus views for hot chick growing bud. WRONG. MIDDLE AGE CHATTERBOX SHITY HOUSEPLANT CLICK BAIT

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  • Rosie Woollard
    Rosie Woollard Dag siden

    this is possibly one of my favourite videos i've ever watched on your channel Jenna!

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  • Larry Medina
    Larry Medina Dag siden

    33 on trending.....that is a number of the masons. Jenna is illuminati confirmed.

  • Mary Payne
    Mary Payne Dag siden

    When you get a new hobby, you go all out! I'm proud of you and all the research you do!!!

  • Lauren Fout
    Lauren Fout Dag siden

    what is the name of the website where you got the perfume plant?

  • Victoria Winchester

    I clicked on this video not caring about plants and now I want to start gardening

  • Miranda Neizer
    Miranda Neizer Dag siden

    I had a bunch of house plants and loved them so much and then my goats got into the house through the dog door and ate them all...

  • Cocoa Marie Fudge
    Cocoa Marie Fudge Dag siden

    Please do a bloom tour!!!🤗

  • haz azula
    haz azula Dag siden

    Put mayo on Keisha and she will glow beautifully.

  • Catherine Miller
    Catherine Miller Dag siden

    I’m 8 hahahahahaha😁

  • Kris M
    Kris M Dag siden

    I don’t mean to kill the fun but you have a Buddha head next to one of your plants and that’s considered to be really offensive. Knowing you, you simply didn’t know and didn’t mean any harm but I just wanted to give you a heads up.

  • SissiBlack Xx
    SissiBlack Xx Dag siden +2

    Can I get a

    Hoya (;

  • Rigo Yup
    Rigo Yup Dag siden

    Y is she so hot

  • Lord Ashe
    Lord Ashe Dag siden

    I never watch Jenna... But I'm here for this 👌

  • Michael Saffron
    Michael Saffron Dag siden

    11:41 (and thumbnail) Engagement Ring?!?!?!?

  • Brit
    Brit Dag siden

    Very wholesome content

  • kadeen M
    kadeen M Dag siden

    I am 1 year old boy

  • Сабина Гайсина

    Привет! Я из России , но всё равно очень нравится тебя смотреть!

  • cassie wunsch
    cassie wunsch Dag siden

    just watched Trisha talk about celery for 59 minutes and now I just watched Jenna talk about plants for 30 minutes. I feel healthier&happier than ever right now.

  • Mia DiCaudo
    Mia DiCaudo Dag siden

    jenna have kids already

  • Chloe heart ASMR Elizabeth

    Omg I'm obsessed 😍

  • alice pdn
    alice pdn Dag siden

    I couldn't care less about plants but I love to see how passionate she is about it 💁🏻‍♀️

  • Helen Forster
    Helen Forster Dag siden

    My fiddle leaf fig is no hassle at all🙈😂

  • Mia DiCaudo
    Mia DiCaudo Dag siden

    this is such a peaceful wholesome video omg

  • Christian Scott
    Christian Scott Dag siden

    “Some times it’s about boring pedestrian things..”
    Ok - so, enough about you - let’s talk about the plants.

  • Sarah Swann
    Sarah Swann Dag siden

    I usually don't care much for gardening and plants, especially when it comes to watching someone talk about them and all that shit.... Yet somehow I loved this video (maybe not as much as some of your others but I still loved it, especially given it was about plants!)

  • Chris Colon
    Chris Colon Dag siden

    I enjoyed the crap out of this video!! I'm definitely inspired to learn more about plants so I may create my own jungle, thank you so much!

  • Carly Ballard
    Carly Ballard Dag siden

    You should put glue all over your face then shove your face into a pot of dirt. Don’t ask me why I want to see this I just do. Like if you want to see this

  • Megh Pixel
    Megh Pixel Dag siden

    this is the best video.

  • G0lden.bunny
    G0lden.bunny Dag siden

    I might become a plant lover now thanks!!

  • AppleJuice
    AppleJuice Dag siden +1

    I dont watch jenna marbles normally but everytime i click a video of hers its always good

  • foreverstrange
    foreverstrange Dag siden

    I think it's so cool that you know all the scientific names, not just the common names!
    You're such a wholesome loving plant Mom!
    We definitely need an update at some point!

  • Cobrakay2003
    Cobrakay2003 Dag siden

    Misread the title, I will find my way out.

  • Madison Empie
    Madison Empie Dag siden

    Jenna: I’m just a beginner
    *ten minutes later*
    Me watching: woah I know so much about plants ima make a greenhouse I know so much now 😂

  • Karin Wilkins
    Karin Wilkins Dag siden

    PEACE LILLIES ARE TOXIC to DOGS - I'm sure you know that but as a fellow virgo who love plants and animals i just needed to post this.

  • Brittany Morris
    Brittany Morris Dag siden

    Lol, is it weird I’ve been screenshooting her videos to see her plants in the background? 😂 Ive been waiting for this!! 💕

  • •-trinity-•
    •-trinity-• Dag siden

    she reminds me of rachel from friends omg

  • Blue Cheese
    Blue Cheese Dag siden

    jenna: don’t tell anyone
    also jenna: *makes a video with 3.5m views*

  • Eian Guevarra
    Eian Guevarra Dag siden

    If you have one chair in the corner, just stick the jeans chair in the other empty corner

  • Bri A.
    Bri A. Dag siden

    I just came from “how to trick people into thinking you’re attractive” and am just so proud of how Jenna has grown. I used to dislike her and now I’m subbed AND I actually watch lmao I’m so glad to see her happy and healthy.

  • 김정하
    김정하 Dag siden

    this is going to be my favorite ! I've been watching this video almost 7 times in this week!!!

  • Alicia Kossler
    Alicia Kossler Dag siden

    20:56 - 21:08 that was so adorable lol

  • Isabelle Paquette
    Isabelle Paquette Dag siden +1

    How to mildly annoy me dogs number 4. I’ve been watching you for EVER. And I’ve seen all your vids and my favourite one is how to mildly annoy your dogs! 😂

  • DamaMediana
    DamaMediana Dag siden

    Ok but am i the onlyone who appreciated: sHE'S WEARING PEOPLE'S CLOTHES GUYS, SHE PUT ON JEANS FOR THE TOUR

  • Aoife McLoughlin
    Aoife McLoughlin Dag siden

    This is literally the best video you’ve ever made I’ve watched it four times this week

  • aaliyaht36
    aaliyaht36 Dag siden

    I wish my mom loved me as much as jenna loves her crimson rubber plant

  • aaliyaht36
    aaliyaht36 Dag siden

    Watching jenna talk about her plants is as soothing and refreshing as watching bob Ross paint

  • Courtney Collinsworth

    This was surprisingly educational. All hail our new science teacher Mrs. Marbles!

  • Ploops Mcgoops
    Ploops Mcgoops Dag siden

    Don’t give that last plant a name. It makes him too powerful

  • aaliyaht36
    aaliyaht36 Dag siden

    Cermit is so precious when he's asleep and you're holding him lolololol

  • Shellah eluma
    Shellah eluma Dag siden


  • Pearsann
    Pearsann Dag siden

    I know jenna and julien were really stressed about making their house look nicely decorated when they got it but they’ve done a really lovely job so far

  • Hannah Young
    Hannah Young Dag siden

    I'm going plant shopping because of this vid, and now I follow Planterina. Also, I don't feel so afraid of plant ownership!

  • maddy w
    maddy w Dag siden

    this video made me tear up its so cute

  • Katelyn
    Katelyn Dag siden

    I love this??

  • Avie Porter
    Avie Porter Dag siden +1

    I love how this is number 28 on trending

  • Conscious & Cute
    Conscious & Cute Dag siden

    My palm died because of an infestation :( killed off every leaf one by one even though I tried so many different remedies!

  • Nevaeh S.R
    Nevaeh S.R Dag siden

    It doesn’t matter what jenna post im gonna watch it😂and enjoy it!!

    YOURGRANDAD Dag siden

    Please react to your video Bounce that Dick🙏🏼

  • Tiffany K
    Tiffany K Dag siden

    Who else read this as "Tour of my Pants"

  • Lizosaurus
    Lizosaurus Dag siden

    Just so you know, keep an eye out for your string of pearls dropping any of its pearls because they’re toxic to dogs (and babies)! Please keep your fur babies safe

  • Alan Alatorre
    Alan Alatorre Dag siden

    I’ll see you at Toro Nursery, girl. I work for a nursery thats all outdoor plants. You can walk around with all the dogs and i would love to help you out❤️

  • Blue Cheese
    Blue Cheese Dag siden

    i have a plant named rex!

  • BeauxSelector
    BeauxSelector Dag siden

    Ima a 33yr old lady and i still enjoyed this. Nah actually i loved it, thank you!

  • BS Detector
    BS Detector Dag siden

    Too heavy makeup......very distracting. If you look good under all that, show it.

  • Madison Savoie
    Madison Savoie Dag siden

    I needed this video today.

  • Paige Williams
    Paige Williams Dag siden

    Jenna is singlehandedly neutralising LA's carbon footprint

  • Tendianni Moondreams

    Ooooo get some redwoods and grow the best trees ever!

  • Ric Seaberg
    Ric Seaberg Dag siden

    Oh thot that said pants

  • Jay Sherwood
    Jay Sherwood Dag siden

    Wish i could have plants but my cats would absolutely eat any and all plants in my house

  • Shannon McDaniel
    Shannon McDaniel Dag siden

    Video idea: You should make your own pots for your plants 🌱

  • Nichole Solga
    Nichole Solga Dag siden

    Did you really say non-binary friends? I can't believe that people are saying that now just to be politically correct. God made man and women not man woman and others f*** all the b******* quit being politically correct I do not want a man pissing in the same bathroom as my daughter f****** sick.

  • Katy Bishop
    Katy Bishop Dag siden

    House tour vid