BLACK Hooters Waitress Goes Off On Customer For Wearing Trump Hat!

  • Publisert 13. jan.. 2019
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  • UnderholdningUnderholdning

Kommentarer • 30 688

  • Corey Bracey
    Corey Bracey 18 minutter siden

    Typical Nigga!!!! All ya'll Clowns!!!!

  • Corey Bracey
    Corey Bracey 20 minutter siden

    You a Clown!!!!! Man up!!!!

  • Christina Clark
    Christina Clark Time siden

    He wanna be white so bad bihh ass nigga let it go Yu blacker then Black he hate black ladies his mama must of left him at a young age 😂

  • Mike MiKE
    Mike MiKE Time siden

    dam you no one has not yet

  • Louie Dee
    Louie Dee 2 timer siden

    So You clowns Voted For Obama And Now Talking Shit About Him Not Doing Anything,What has Trump Done For This Country.

  • Sharon Green
    Sharon Green 2 timer siden

    Punk shut up nobody like yo dusty ass! 💯

  • Curls N Melanin
    Curls N Melanin 2 timer siden

    @Tommy Sotomajor REBORN, You are an attention seeking disgrace to the human race. What you did was no better than what she did. This was hardly a reason to publicly humiliate this woman. And for what? What did you gain? You are loud, obnoxious and GHETTO. Sit your monkey ass down.

  • deaniemack
    deaniemack 2 timer siden

    The waitress - and anyone else who tries to intimidate someone for their politics - is flat wrong. But I also remember the time when Men used to take their hats off when they entered a room, restaurant, church, and when greeting a woman. Some old time values could use a dusting off. #MAGA

  • gnosticnihilist
    gnosticnihilist 3 timer siden

    Hooter tranny fest

  • David Merchant
    David Merchant 3 timer siden

    #JillSteinRapSong #PULEEZE, #WIGGER! ("Still Jill Stein" / #GreenNewDeal...WHO #AOC, DUDES? #AFROlatina, or #LatinX? WHO EFFING CARES?

  • King twin
    King twin 3 timer siden

    I don't think she did anything wrong she just asked a simple question.

  • Dan Ur
    Dan Ur 3 timer siden

    Im not black, but I can tell he don't like black women at all! LoL… Although, many of the times, he's got good reasons! haha! He's kool though lol

  • Lamont Williams
    Lamont Williams 3 timer siden

    House nigga. He doesn’t even like or respect the black woman. Dudes a clown. He not in California with that hat on, I know that. Come to California with a trump hat you will be beat down

  • David Merchant
    David Merchant 3 timer siden

    Were these gentlemen #BROS4HILLARY, #JillSteinSupporters, #BERNIEbros or 4 #JohnsonWeld? They SURE WEREN'T NO #TrumpANZEES!
    Brilo Black KTrill, this one for you #FuckNiggas

  • Carolyn Allen
    Carolyn Allen 3 timer siden


  • Anthony moffatt
    Anthony moffatt 3 timer siden

    i hate yo

  • Star Killer
    Star Killer 4 timer siden

    She should be fired period. Its inappropriate for a waitress to be asking cutomers about their political views at work. Not all black men are democrats their are alot of black republicans and yes Trump supporters. Good for him sticking up for his values! Shameful behavior on the waitress.

  • Sexy Keta
    Sexy Keta 4 timer siden

    Uncle Tom asz nigga, he got his name faithfully, smh.

  • Ebone Phillips
    Ebone Phillips 4 timer siden

    Tommy, you went to a predominantly black neighborhood wearing a MAGA hat proudly as if you didn't know there would be tension. You did it for views Tommy. You went amongst your people and exploited us for personal/monetary gain. Yea she was wrong because she is working but you went there to get a reaction and thats what u got. So far all you've managed to prove is that you're no different than the people you exploit. You are a part of us Tommy...u r us. Instead of tearing ur people down try to be a part if the solution and not the problem. I swear if u change ur approach you could really be an asset to our community...but that's not ypur style and thats not what u wamt

  • Snow Baggs
    Snow Baggs 4 timer siden

    Stay in your lane that's why somebody bust you in the first the first time

  • Kay OnlyCanBme
    Kay OnlyCanBme 5 timer siden

    This the type of nyga a black woman shouldn't even want. And the he have back up coons🤦🏾‍♀️

    MOTOFIENDXXX 5 timer siden

    LOVE IT!!! A black man STANDS UP FOR THAT WHICH IS RIGHT, and "another ignorant, brainwashed black" cries and talks crap about it. (and check that guy in the Suffocation shirt- HOOOOAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • David Merchant
    David Merchant 6 timer siden

    Simple, #HATcrime!!!!!!! #NarcissisticRAGE!!!!!!! #BERNIEactuallyWON! #NOWwhat?
    "The X in #Latinx (Um...#SODOMites, HUAN! #PARANOIA, #PERSECUTIONcomplex),

  • Rachelle Williams
    Rachelle Williams 6 timer siden

    In the "real world" we all know that Tommy Sotomayor hates black women...I wanna see his Uncle Tom ass this to a black man.

  • David Merchant
    David Merchant 6 timer siden

    #TheFARleft snuck in... TF, IS A #LATINx?
    #BERNIESupporters shud become #JILLFRANKENSTEIN supporters for a #BLOODYrevolution, lol

  • Steve Allen
    Steve Allen 6 timer siden

    Hooters in the hood
    Sounds like a rap song

  • JT Alex
    JT Alex 6 timer siden

    He's crying and wining like a damn baby. Wow!

  • robert mabry
    robert mabry 6 timer siden

    I don’t like the hat either but true she shouldn’t say that while on the job. But tommy come on you can’t put all black women in that category. One thing I have to say though is she is fine.

  • Steven Smalley
    Steven Smalley 7 timer siden

    No Tommy’s right wtf if he was white he would of been asulted

  • Ocsheanna Arnold
    Ocsheanna Arnold 7 timer siden

    Df Nigga Yo Ignorant Ass Fuck You Mad For ?? Making Something Small Into A Big Fucking Issue Shut Df Up You Want Attention So Damn Bad Get A Mfn Job & Leave Her Df Alone . 🤷🏽‍♀️😒

  • Erica Johnson
    Erica Johnson 8 timer siden

    From my understanding she only asked a question "you support trump" he did have her on camera .. Went and asked her for her name just to show her face .. She did not consent to being on a video with that man nor do she know who he is. She gave him his drink and the restaurant looked pretty busy... She had others customers than just that man .. sound like he just wanted to get some views and get her fired .. Smh its sad.

  • Aundrae Reynolds
    Aundrae Reynolds 8 timer siden

    So Shay can’t voice her palatial opinion but the manager can stand and chop it up with you about his political views it’s okay because he agrees with yours. You should have shut him down too and hold hooters responsible as a company in regards to company policy. Then this guy puts the young women on blast but don’t expose the manager, also is hooters employees really get paid not to have an opinion if so it needs to be addressed because clearly the manager is in violation as well. Did you hear when he asked everyone who the manager was he took it along himself to Clarify for the viewers that the manager he spoke with was white. This to me feels like his intentions were not to bring attention to the young woman’s Unprofessional service Etiquette and to bring about some understanding but to cause yet more confusion and Chaos to the point of getting this queen fired over a correctable offense. It is a black mans responsibility to teach, uplift, correct and protect all Black, Hispanic and native women but yet this savage decides to do what known and unknown members of this country has done to our people for centuries witch is tarnish, diminish, tear down and spit on the very image of the Black women. Our Black, Hispanic and Native women come from a long line of slaughter and enslavement, now I regard to my Heritage the black woman have stood by black men through all, yes; the rape of our men by white men and white women slave owner to break our ancestors spirit by any means to keep us from being vocal and prideful to insure that we would not rise as a people the black women has been their. When terror came knocking on the out house in the form of a white man Frustrated at his white wife for sleeping with that black king I’ll because he was dealing with his own demands and infidelities, Even in the mist of her pain and anguish from getting plowed through unwillingly by the man who represented all man of his Color and creed Thought so hard to keep a segregated was even himself crossing the line of segregation willingly the black woman found the energy within herself to put into the black man because she knew if the head dies the body will surely follows. See it’s easy for people to give 6min and 27sec if there time but leave a 2 sec comment. See let’s call it for what it is this savage been tacking from black women and giving no substance back since his mother’s womb because he took all of what a black woman had to give to create a being in the image of a black man and he can’t find it in himself to return the love care time effort strength responsibility ownership nor the respect for self it took for his own flesh and blood took to produce the results of what we all witnessed in this video today. It’s unbelievable how racist I was as a black man myself when I think about it even to my own people and by people I mean Black Hispanic and Native Americans and didn’t even care to motive or pay any attention to self because as children of the corn we observe and mimic the actions of a broken society. America’s never been great for my people so how can any black man support a whole trump, yes a whole trump when the other half is not and can not relate in any way to what America has done and continue to do to us as a nation of people this country has never acknowledged as a nation. This is why the hat is so offensive to the majority. So in conclusion she was wrong because it was not the time nor place to address such a touchy and in-depth subject and you were also wrong as her elder and the head in with the minor you chose to educate the young lady. Thank you.

  • Old School
    Old School 9 timer siden

    He stupid stop watching him she can say what she feels a job or money don't stop that or you from thinking.

    OBAMA HATER 9 timer siden


  • R R
    R R 10 timer siden

    You r a AZZHOLE!!! So r those people who r commenting. I can not stand him!!!!!!!

    LAST ZODIAC 10 timer siden


  • Dudley Bonton
    Dudley Bonton 11 timer siden

    Hmmmm, she should not have kids 😲😲😲😲😲

  • maureajulise
    maureajulise 11 timer siden

    He wore the hat purposely for this exact reason. Everyone knows no matter what race. The hat and the offensive pigheaded beliefs and sayings that go along with it and practicing the opposite of what the hat says. Everyone knows this is a trigger. This clown was just waiting for the right "female" to make the matter a big spectacle. She's not all that innocent either but this man is a well known antagonist #PERIOD

  • msblessed1108
    msblessed1108 11 timer siden

    Tommy so extra 🙄

  • Sonjai Smith
    Sonjai Smith 12 timer siden

    Those black people sound white,im black to so i know,there is a difference between a black person talking educated and talking white,i dont see why they are trump supporters seeing how he is racist,sexcist,and just an overall hateful ,and horrible person

  • alvis truchie
    alvis truchie 13 timer siden

    Fuck tommy he needs to get shot

  • cheryl Sparks
    cheryl Sparks 13 timer siden

    Sitcho Tom foolery having azz down. Maybe she was out of order but you are making a spectacle out of yourself and look stupid

  • Bianca Green
    Bianca Green 16 timer siden

    He got a black women complex like a bitch!!! I'm talking about big mad👐 damn bruh why we all got to be ghetto and unprofessional or whatever tf bullshit he said smh seems like the hat was really HIS trigger.......some of these so called black men blow my mind. She asks if he's a trump supporter and he tries to get her fired?? He wack as fuck he felt like by asking she was trying to check bitch maybe she was just asking?!?!?! Inferiority complex have ass😒

  • Armind Commodore
    Armind Commodore 16 timer siden

    That nigga is a real dick sucking bitch

  • Alton Weston
    Alton Weston 16 timer siden

    That's them black bitches my mother is queen these black chicks are fucking crazy my hat your doing to much now baby foreal

  • Anthony Taylor
    Anthony Taylor 17 timer siden

    He is A COON SAMBO. HE GOT A BUNCH OF CLOWNS HELP HIM TO PUT FOEN A SISTA. ALL OF THEM ARE HOUSE NIGGAS. You have no right to make her work environment uncomfortable for her. You are saying a lot of negative stuff about her. Trump DO NOT CARE NOTHING ABOUT YOUR ALL COON SAMBO ASSESS.

  • Anthony Taylor
    Anthony Taylor 17 timer siden


  • gp pl
    gp pl 18 timer siden

    I bet if a white man came in with a black face, those comments would have been completely different from... she's at work she shouldn't have an opinion, she needs to just do her job, and Tommy definitely would not have been filming....smh

  • Reezy_Bad
    Reezy_Bad 19 timer siden

    This guy is sick

  • CTC
    CTC 19 timer siden +1

    Uncle Tom ass bitch smh. Weak ass fuck boy!

  • LinZee Linuz
    LinZee Linuz 20 timer siden

    I want to talk about that gray sweater in the back round

  • sabrena tisdale
    sabrena tisdale 20 timer siden

    His unattractive ass just wants to be seen.

  • sabrena tisdale
    sabrena tisdale 20 timer siden

    He is so stupid, that could have been a isolated incident, that's what I say about black people who makes it to the top. Why not just have a private conversation with her about her actions.

  • Rosalyn Dancy
    Rosalyn Dancy 20 timer siden

    he need to shut the fuck up disrespectful ugly- ass I want give two f**** about that hat but don't ever disrespect or shame your black sister brother if you had issues with how she handle that you could have pulled her to the side instead of making a spectacle of her or the situation bomb ass and your crew bootlicking ass.

  • David Merchant
    David Merchant 21 time siden

    Some of you #Melinated folks have BRAINS IN YOUR HEADS..
    "THIS IS FOR YOU! #WalkAway #Blexit #CantBullyUs #Republicans #Conservatives #WalkAway"

  • Tynaquia Haywood
    Tynaquia Haywood 22 timer siden

    He show did he stupid for being a trump supporter cause trump his black ass and those are sell out black ppl that sad

  • David Merchant
    David Merchant 22 timer siden

    Most #ConservativeWomen are pretty good, but, YOU poor asoles don't even consider them HUMAN.
    #HeliumVOICE-#womanCHILD, #AFROlatina? #AlexandriaOcasioCortez WITH #NICEtits and #HipsterGlasses, goes #FULLRETARD...

  • mobil gameplaytv
    mobil gameplaytv 23 timer siden

    That waitress is fine asf, fuck all they talking bout

  • Rudy Flores
    Rudy Flores 23 timer siden


  • Willie Coles
    Willie Coles 23 timer siden

    I am black and I support trump,and all you black mf who have a problem with can holler at me ,we can solve this real quick in person.

  • The One
    The One 23 timer siden

    He does things for attention. Smh. Pray for this self hating black man🙌🏾🙏🏾❤ God loves him too!

  • Ruby Fontaine
    Ruby Fontaine Dag siden

    I hope all those black people know they look really stupid!!! I applaud the waitress!!!! Kick his house nigga ass out!!!! Now he wanna cry!!!

  • Ruby Fontaine
    Ruby Fontaine Dag siden

    He needs to sit his house nigga ass down....he's offensive his face is offensive...he wants to go out and trigger people that hate ignorance!!!! Smh all of them house niggas hiding their tails when a white man walks in the room! And FUCK YO DRANK FUCK BOI!!!

  • T Bellz
    T Bellz Dag siden

    She did not fucking yell at him he's just a bitch boy period

  • Licia Blessed
    Licia Blessed Dag siden

    U are a di#* 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • unsheepled
    unsheepled Dag siden

    Leftists are brain damaged- no exception !

  • David Merchant
    David Merchant Dag siden

    Suspects arrested in fight that left (#MAGAhat WEARING?) Applebee's waitress robbed, stabbed"

  • David Merchant
    David Merchant Dag siden

    Why Does #pMSNBC's #JoyReid #HateBernieSanders and #KillerMike
    Joy Reid accused of threatening colleague with violence"

  • Eddy Black
    Eddy Black Dag siden

    Nigga stop fuckn with black people clown

  • Djuante James
    Djuante James Dag siden

    Dude u sad af fr you're a real bitch

  • LIMMIL Music Group
    LIMMIL Music Group Dag siden

    I don't know who's worst, him or Kanye West, SMH

  • Mark Schouls
    Mark Schouls Dag siden

    🇺🇸 🇺🇸GO TRUMP GO 2020!!! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 Make America Great Again. 🤑 And if that offends you... well 🖕🏻

  • Huncho Dre
    Huncho Dre Dag siden

    Fuck you nd trump bitch uncl tim ass dude

  • Yolanda Grizzard
    Yolanda Grizzard Dag siden

    you intentionally wear that hat there to cause chaos symbol is that you even said it you wore that had to cause a reaction and when you got the reaction you try to act like the victim get out of here man

  • Colin Olmstead
    Colin Olmstead Dag siden

    uncle tom goes to Hooters

  • David Merchant
    David Merchant Dag siden

    Tommy, YOU #ConfrontEVIL, FACE TO FACE...For over 25 years, I've done it by #EXPOSINGthem, and, STILL, HAVE NEARLY BEEN MURDERED A NUMBER OF TIMES.
    BUT, #CharacterASSASSINS, #SCAPEGOATERS, #NarcoPATHS AND #FLYINGmonkeys have certainly taken a toll on me
    #Smugglypuff in Court"

  • David Merchant
    David Merchant Dag siden

    Are you #MOFOS ASLEEP?
    #BERNIESupporters shud become #JILLFRANKENSTEIN supporters for a #BLOODYrevolution, lol!

  • David Merchant
    David Merchant Dag siden

    #ComradeBernie got fookt by #DebbieWassermanSchultz and #RobertaLange, DUDE$. Tis #HowTrumpWon-#LoLwtf?
    "#Sanderssupporters make voices heard on #DNC floor"

  • booney 256
    booney 256 Dag siden

    Who gives a fuck about a hat deal with real problems

  • David Merchant
    David Merchant Dag siden

    Homeless #WhiteBoy gets a shower in DD

  • David Merchant
    David Merchant Dag siden

    #CowardlyChristians won't #ConfrontEVIL! Ya #skinCOLOUR GOT #NUFFIN T'DO WIFFIT... #Sodom..#Genesis19

  • Barry Pierce
    Barry Pierce Dag siden

    He be looking for shit to talk about stop fronting on the sister

  • QB HIll
    QB HIll Dag siden

    He hates himself, and his mother.

  • Donald Young
    Donald Young Dag siden

    This black people is called "cooning"

  • Leslie Galloway
    Leslie Galloway Dag siden

    I can’t stand this guy but she dug a hole for herself. Please people keep your political and religious beliefs and thoughts to yourselves on the damn job. This is the reason why it’s just social etiquette not to discuss these things with everyone. Corporate America has even incorporated that into trainings for people during new hire trainings/orientations. That’s not our business to discuss other people’s political or religious beliefs when we’re on the clock. The only time that is acceptable is when discussing religion and politics is in the job description

  • Thomas Weldon
    Thomas Weldon Dag siden

    Dudd your a clown. You know why because you would not. I repeat you would not wear that hat at a soul food restaurant in the hood. And to all you blacks supporting this nutt. Shame on all yall.

  • Reyna Hernandez
    Reyna Hernandez Dag siden

    Sad, human being!

  • dgo alacran
    dgo alacran Dag siden

    It was just a question u fookin idiot maybe she was tryin to have a conversation with you and you wanted to get attention from people you were with

  • Derrick Mitchell
    Derrick Mitchell Dag siden

    bitch you ain’t got no opinion, you at work

  • Robert Lane
    Robert Lane Dag siden

    Fuck Trump and his supporters

  • Pamela Stallworth
    Pamela Stallworth Dag siden

    Post some "real-world stuff" about positivity regarding black folks instead of trying to tear them down all the time.
    Or has your mirror cracked, because the people you ridicule look like just like you.
    That young girl asking you about your Trump hat was a battle that need not have been fought.
    Just saying as I was taught. It takes a village to raise a child and we don't need any more Village idiots, so try offering encouragement not discouragement.

  • Damen Roscom
    Damen Roscom Dag siden

    Forever fuck trump

  • Chamisha Roots
    Chamisha Roots Dag siden

    Im sorry he is the worst.. I follow him from time to time and it like when it comes to woman in general he doesn't have any repect for especially when they dress an certain way or how they might carry themselves.. I bet he the type to think it alright engage in a conversation with her and ask her question that is not containing to her is alright as if she committed a crime.....

  • Robert  Knight
    Robert Knight Dag siden

    well dont support Trump

  • Mark Helmboldt
    Mark Helmboldt Dag siden

    People are starting to open there eyes.

  • dnglbry
    dnglbry 2 dager siden +1


  • King Woolen
    King Woolen 2 dager siden

    Dude you a white dark skin ass beyatch that girl young as hell and you look broke.