10 ways Android is just better

  • Publisert 9. feb.. 2019
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  • PowerupMinionDK
    PowerupMinionDK 19 timer siden +1

    All dislikes are I-Dung users! xD

  • Nathan Akbar
    Nathan Akbar 19 timer siden

    Atleast iphone users are not as toxic as android users :/

  • RyanAlwayz_ Playz
    RyanAlwayz_ Playz 19 timer siden +1

    Twitter for IPhone

    ENTROPY ! 20 timer siden

    Android might be better, but I absolutely hate MY Samsung s7. Can’t even use NO-clip on it now!

  • Mayank Chauhan
    Mayank Chauhan 20 timer siden

    10 ways I am better than you to fuck your wife.

  • Tiff's Right Ear
    Tiff's Right Ear 21 time siden

    My pixel 3 can get up to 9 hours screen on time o0

  • Tobias van der Voorden
    Tobias van der Voorden 21 time siden

    4.6K dislikes = 4.6K iPhone fanboys

  • Anthony Narozniak
    Anthony Narozniak 21 time siden

    Apple products just suck that's all there is to it

  • Ahmad A.
    Ahmad A. 21 time siden

    Switched to Android back in 2014 after using iPhones for over half a decade. Never looking back at that stupidly restricted haven...

  • luckyjinxer
    luckyjinxer 22 timer siden

    Wow, how did you manage to limit it to 10?

  • Photelegy
    Photelegy 23 timer siden

    I'm pretty sure most of them saw the information after their Windows 10 update that "it's easier than ever before to work with your computer were you left of with your smartphone with the Microsoft Launcher!"

  • Terry Lui
    Terry Lui 23 timer siden

    But...via Twitter for iPhone.

  • Emile van Niekerk
    Emile van Niekerk 23 timer siden

    Samsung J110 and J111 have oled screens. The price? $85

  • Varun Kota
    Varun Kota Dag siden

    Via twitter for iPhone

  • ShynizZ
    ShynizZ Dag siden

    What the heck, you can go back by swiping from left border on any app + you can indeed install any app (not from the App Store, can me anything) from Safari. Maybe it's time to learn about iOS '':) Is that guy serious

  • MetallicBlade
    MetallicBlade Dag siden

    Number 11: Android is still dog-shit when it comes to multi-tasking even with a basic web browser. Apps always restart after a few hours when idle. Even as simple as tab switching will cause apps to restart.
    What a absolute joke of an OS.

    • chad billy
      chad billy 22 timer siden

      1.That depends on what phone you have some oems skins have bad ram management.
      2.ram management is not really multitasking when it comes to real multitasking android is far superior to ios and I'm not talking about splitscreen im talking about actually running background task on Android you don't have time limits like on ios.multitasking is far more consistent and you can run more than one task in the background at a time.

  • Aurnob Khan
    Aurnob Khan Dag siden

    i just delete the useless apps

  • Jonathan West
    Jonathan West Dag siden

    I knew I didn't care for apple products, but watching the explanation of the back button and a few other things make me feel like I would absolutely hate using an iPhone.

  • DQuiLon
    DQuiLon Dag siden

    the Microsoft launcher is actually really good... I only stopped using it because my Sony has the double tap to sleep functionality built into the Xperia launcher, so... but for almost everything else is great.

  • User Unknown
    User Unknown Dag siden

    I really hope you didn't just spit in the video LOL

  • Casey Reed
    Casey Reed Dag siden

    @Linus, is that a Note 9 or s9+ in your right hand?

  • Kentium4
    Kentium4 Dag siden

    Playing this. On a bt speaker. In the middle of an Apple store

  • CanthusOfCandE
    CanthusOfCandE Dag siden

    Iphones aren't plug and play??? Don't mac like to push the idea they created plug and play and no need for additional installations?

  • John Col
    John Col Dag siden

    10 ways android are horrible

  • CryptMSC
    CryptMSC Dag siden

    Lmaoooooooo all the like white ass movements and smiles XD

  • Michael Kindlarski
    Michael Kindlarski Dag siden

    Lol, this video already has more likes than the iphone one

  • Nankuh
    Nankuh Dag siden

    2:37 Microsoft Launcher it's actually really good btw

  • LetoDK
    LetoDK Dag siden

    Unsubscribed a year ago, but back to see how things are going. I see Linus is still sticking with SHOUTING everything he says. Bye.

  • Kaukus Anotherone
    Kaukus Anotherone Dag siden

    Best fuckin intro ever😂😂😂😂😂

  • ZonTheDon
    ZonTheDon Dag siden

    It's why I stick to it, despite being too lazy to most of it's unique features.

  • TheLionEric
    TheLionEric Dag siden

    Android Auto's ability to work in older cars is my No 11

  • Fentolix
    Fentolix Dag siden

    Lmao continually innovate, have you seen all the android phones with notches that released this year!

  • Dimitar Ristov
    Dimitar Ristov Dag siden

    can someone guide me how to root my phone but at the same time other apps wont be prevented from functioning while my phone is rooted

  • classicfrog80
    classicfrog80 Dag siden

    Apple users: Sandal-Man bad!

  • vertigo
    vertigo Dag siden +1

    I didn't realize iPhone users don't have split screen and multitasking wow...
    I have to watch videos and text someone at the same time for some reason

  • ChristofferLou
    ChristofferLou Dag siden

    *V I A T W I T T E R F O R I P H O N E*

  • Deniz Muratlı
    Deniz Muratlı Dag siden +1

    Freedom, basically.

  • Sumanth Siddartha
    Sumanth Siddartha Dag siden

    More like what you can't do on iPhone

  • MrCarrellScience
    MrCarrellScience Dag siden

    Watching that intro I'm 240p makes it look like authentic 80s talk show

  • F1 RIM Fusion
    F1 RIM Fusion Dag siden

    Iphoe works

  • WindowsEXE
    WindowsEXE Dag siden

    NipplesXD just wants to use Tor.

  • victor perez
    victor perez Dag siden +1

    I've stopped overpaying for Iphone and switched over from Samsung which I loved and now have pocophone f1 and I think I'm never going back again.

  • wolfseek
    wolfseek Dag siden +1

    As a iPhone user for years since iPhone 3g multiple iPads even a pro 12 inch when I was in high school I broke my iPhone 4S and I was like I’m going get an android till the 5 comes out best year of my life but the iPhone 5 came out and I was like I love the metal look and the feel of the phone but I been trying get out of the iPhone game I have a iPhone X and it’s going be my last one but idk the iPhone X mas looks so good but I know the iPhone is limited android you could do anything

  • chris c
    chris c Dag siden +1

    It's almost like closed systems suck.

  • GM
    GM Dag siden

    LastPass is a nightmare, tried it for 3 month and get back to Dashlane I’ve used for 3 years. Good video, thanks

  • Andrei GAMER
    Andrei GAMER Dag siden

    Ce muie ai ba

  • Bawa Harees
    Bawa Harees Dag siden +1

    via Twitter for iPhone

  • ZekwaldIX
    ZekwaldIX Dag siden +1

    There is NO reason good enough to buy an Apple product ever

  • Store Countz
    Store Countz Dag siden

    To set it straight:
    iPhones are better in performance, longevity (build quality, support, etc), and security/privacy.
    Androids are better for power users (split screen, Dex), ease of use, flexibility, customizability, camera, functionality.
    And obviously operating system Ios vs Android is subjective. I personally prefer Android. I am typing this with an iPhone and I'm not really a fan.

  • bobii
    bobii Dag siden

    Twitter for iphone

  • Nathan Froese
    Nathan Froese Dag siden

    Wow, I literally did not know iPhone's couldn't do allot of these things. I use pretty much all these features.

  • extraranzig
    extraranzig Dag siden

    Microsoft launcher is actually a pretty decent launcher

  • Smackerlacker
    Smackerlacker Dag siden

    Ah, the iPhone. A premium product that lacks basic features. Like a Lamborghini without power windows, it just doesn't make sense.

  • Harshit Das
    Harshit Das Dag siden

    i exactly paused the video at 4:16 by pressing the spacebar on mistake and now i am traumatized

  • darf Vador
    darf Vador Dag siden

    The Note 9 is King !!

  • felixrr
    felixrr Dag siden

    You can't change the place of your icons on iOS?

    what the actual fuck

  • Hansen Edits
    Hansen Edits Dag siden +1

    Via Twitter for iPhone

  • HarindeR SaharaN
    HarindeR SaharaN Dag siden +1

    and you have tweeted this with a iphone...lol

  • Yadiieel Abner Rodriguez

    Look minute 4:16to 4:22 linus have something falling from hes mouth. XD
    Like if you see it.

  • Yt syrex
    Yt syrex Dag siden

    I liked where you could connect a lanyard to the iPod 5 with the built in button

  • Golden Mole
    Golden Mole Dag siden

    4:21 linus spits something.

  • I Am Moth
    I Am Moth Dag siden

    I like both Android and iPhone

  • Yeah Oh Yeah
    Yeah Oh Yeah Dag siden

    Yall niggas buying the iphone just cuz of the price and "better" camera quality.

    • Daniel P
      Daniel P Dag siden

      people buy iPhones because they prefer it and it suits their needs

    LXRD Z4NG3TZU Dag siden

    11. I have a life so I don't need to pay approx 1,500 usd for a phone or even a 700 usd, instead I invest that money somewhere or get a monster gaming pc with the same amount of cash and yeah I'm sorry, I'm not rich like iPhone users for spending my money restricted Os for the sake of "Security" 💀. I'm so sorry for being salty but u see, I got a life. I can do the same shit in my 300 usd phone and make no mistake, even 300 usd is too much for a fucking phone.

  • izoyt
    izoyt Dag siden

    apple and ios combo is disaster, i never been so frustrated more, when i get some second hand ipad pro for sketching, design etc. they lock everything and charge at least double for everything.

  • The Scorpio
    The Scorpio Dag siden +1

    iphone *SUCKS*

  • That Gay Guy
    That Gay Guy Dag siden

    Yet you tweeted this video from an iPhone 🙄

  • Can Madran
    Can Madran Dag siden

    Where is the dongle recipe Linus?

  • عمرو
    عمرو Dag siden

    If the iPhone costs the same as a flagship Android phone, then I would be confused about what to buy.
    But Apple made it a lot easier for me.

  • Miha Smrtnik
    Miha Smrtnik Dag siden

    Who came here after MKBHD's video??...hahaha

  • Aron Jervis
    Aron Jervis Dag siden +1

    Who's here after MKBHD's new video?

  • Crucified squidward

    Fuck, my phone doesn’t blow up, too bad.

    • Daniel P
      Daniel P Dag siden

      I tried throwing my phone like a grenade and it didn't explode. disappointed

    • AL1V3
      AL1V3 Dag siden

      New jokes please

  • Henry Austin
    Henry Austin Dag siden

    I'm an android user. I have no issue with ios. It's just over priced. Android has come along way. It's become efficient, powerful and well you can customize it. Back in the day, bloatware and a bit slow. Software and hardware has come a long way. Android is great.

  • Long Le
    Long Le Dag siden

    When Linux made fun of Microsoft Launcher and you're using it . . . It's actually a good launcher, they should stop make phone and focus more on android launcher tbh

  • Hariank Devaiah
    Hariank Devaiah Dag siden +4

    Says the man who tweets with an iPhone

  • Andrew Christian
    Andrew Christian Dag siden

    Android is just so confusing, why do you need to download a separate "App Store" in chine, when iPhones just come with an App Store that you can access anywhere

  • Anew Senevi
    Anew Senevi Dag siden +1

    And he’s posting this with an iPhone! hahhahahaaaaa😆😆😆

  • Chandra Shekar
    Chandra Shekar Dag siden

    Hey Apple user
    Very Hi

  • smallz0611
    smallz0611 Dag siden

    Uploaded twitter for iPhone 😂😂😂

  • Bearded Bear
    Bearded Bear Dag siden +1

    8:49 owner of a MacBook Pro 2018 here. Type c charger except apple's own doesn't work. Tried using the pixel charger and OnePlus charger. Don't get what's the use of type c now🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    • AL1V3
      AL1V3 Dag siden +1

      +Bearded Bear understandable have a good day

    • Bearded Bear
      Bearded Bear Dag siden

      AL1V3 I meant the MacBook Pro. And I meant the type c eventhough a common standard, is made unusable by Apple. Lightning port is dead and I accept that. I am actually a fandroid. Watch video at the timestamp given where Linus says type c on MacBook is common standard

    • AL1V3
      AL1V3 Dag siden

      Fastest charger and faster download and upload, jesus lightning port is dead, get out of the past

  • XOXO Shan
    XOXO Shan Dag siden

    Via Twitter for iphone. You just an idiot

  • Apothecary Terry
    Apothecary Terry Dag siden

    I never even knew you couldn't use drag/drop to move files from/to an iPhone...well at least I now have a valid reason to mock the phones other than just fanboy users! I regularly use my phone to carry dashcam footage over to my PC and that kind of thing. £30 got me a nice 128GB U3 SD card and it's now basically an external hard drive too. That's in an S5...

  • jimmiegie gie
    jimmiegie gie Dag siden

    The one thing that will always come to note in this ios vs Android is price . At the end of the day Android just offers more value for money and that's why iPhones share market and profits keep dropping

  • Nursing Soto
    Nursing Soto Dag siden

    Lol then tweets from an iphone

  • Aggravated a salt
    Aggravated a salt Dag siden


  • Rigo Acosta
    Rigo Acosta Dag siden

    Shared on an iPhone

  • Napster2002 . aspx
    Napster2002 . aspx Dag siden

    You caught the vaporwave bug I see.

  • ツblondEEagle
    ツblondEEagle Dag siden

    the problem is... you can't downloasd pornhub app

  • gameflux
    gameflux Dag siden

    For me an Apple device is not worth it !

  • Luis Rivera
    Luis Rivera Dag siden

    MKBHD called you out Linus. You tweeted how Android is better than iPhone on your freakin iPhone (via Twitter for iPhone ).. it's pretty funny

  • GamerRunerrabits [GD]

    ***Twitter for Twitter***

  • Steve Yull
    Steve Yull Dag siden

    That spit XD ( 4:19 )

  • Demon Avenger
    Demon Avenger Dag siden

    And you tweeted this with "iphone" in twitter😂

  • EdM.
    EdM. Dag siden

    and of course this doesnt get mass disliked

  • Julian Tito
    Julian Tito 2 dager siden

    Are u did a prank?

  • Abdul Mashoom
    Abdul Mashoom 2 dager siden

    You say android is better and users be like wow. Backstage how sweet is apple i

  • Luis Angel
    Luis Angel 2 dager siden

    Where is Tailosive tech in the comment section😂, cheers🍷to Apple isheep🐑

  • Charlie Moss
    Charlie Moss 2 dager siden

    Dislikes are from biased apple fanboys

  • No Longer
    No Longer 2 dager siden +1

    You can get apps off the App Store for iPhones Same as android.