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  • Dunny
    Dunny Time siden

    Behz turns into Frankenstein when he gets shocked

  • SpEcTrAl Ops
    SpEcTrAl Ops 4 timer siden

    0:50 His soul left his body

  • T Stratosphere
    T Stratosphere 14 timer siden

    Ksi laughing in the background made me laugh everytime

  • Hashim Nasim
    Hashim Nasim 18 timer siden

    1:30 ethans voice crack

  • Lewis Brearley
    Lewis Brearley 19 timer siden

    What was KSI’s reactions to being shocked about

  • Papoi
    Papoi 21 time siden +2

    1:34 u forgot it they both stick they're meat in 10 year old buns

  • Rihanna Is my dad
    Rihanna Is my dad Dag siden

    *everytime they show the phone I just assume it’s each other’s nudes*

  • Priyavrat Rathore
    Priyavrat Rathore Dag siden

    20:45 , what does KSI show on his phone?

  • Cole Johnson
    Cole Johnson Dag siden

    I really want someone to photoshop Viks face when he's laughing onto the Jurassic world t-Rex

  • Shakuza
    Shakuza Dag siden


  • Bruce_Swanson_07
    Bruce_Swanson_07 Dag siden

    Ksi s hair is prefect for this video

  • Ismail Ahmad
    Ismail Ahmad Dag siden

    What was vikk on before they filmed this???!!!

  • Zera Valentine
    Zera Valentine Dag siden

    And people wonder why Josh is the dad

  • krishan dhanda
    krishan dhanda Dag siden

    i really want to know what jj showed toby

  • Katie Harvey
    Katie Harvey Dag siden +1

    the demi lovato one lmaooo

  • Marvin Younis
    Marvin Younis 2 dager siden

    18:55 what’s that video?

  • Harry Underwood
    Harry Underwood 2 dager siden

    My mans looking like franking stein monster when he gets shocked

  • David Lara
    David Lara 2 dager siden

    Make more one word interviews

  • Otis UndaToivio
    Otis UndaToivio 2 dager siden

    josh is so godamn ugly

  • Hendrik Hendrik
    Hendrik Hendrik 2 dager siden +1

    I always cant hear the other sidemen cause i gotta turn my volume down cause of jj

  • -Toby-
    -Toby- 3 dager siden +1

    I skiped every time KSI got shocked, cuz its was too cringy.

  • Bryan Parks
    Bryan Parks 3 dager siden

    Is it just me or is the audio really low?

  • Edogawa Conan
    Edogawa Conan 3 dager siden

    What photo did JJ show Tobi

  • Sabrina Begum
    Sabrina Begum 3 dager siden

    3:50 is my best moment

  • Mr Nothing
    Mr Nothing 3 dager siden +1

    Poor Vikk. 12:28

  • Six 666
    Six 666 3 dager siden

    Everytime Vikk prepares to make a joke I get mad

  • Asul Nino
    Asul Nino 3 dager siden +1

    This was uploaded on my birthday and it made my day and birthday 💕


    That is fake

  • Bonuskills
    Bonuskills 4 dager siden

    JJ is overreacting

  • ReactionComics
    ReactionComics 4 dager siden

    ksi reactions when he gets shocked are too much

  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 dager siden

    Bro i love ksi when he gets shocked. Its hilarious.

  • TerraDon
    TerraDon 4 dager siden

    Am I the only one the doesn’t get the “how long is a Chinese name” joke

  • 3Bent Skata
    3Bent Skata 4 dager siden

    Eathan ones swallowed a dictionary -tionary

  • zargug
    zargug 4 dager siden

    Randolph is like i dont know what im doing here cuz im nobody and not in the group and im fat

  • Llyr Davies
    Llyr Davies 4 dager siden

    Is KSI putting it on for affect or is it that bad

  • akram socisse
    akram socisse 5 dager siden

    I DON'T get the elon musk joke

  • Y yeah yeah
    Y yeah yeah 6 dager siden +1

    Harry is too good at this😂

    btw please sub to me

  • Y yeah yeah
    Y yeah yeah 6 dager siden +1

    It really looks like his side isn’t getting shocked at all

    btw please sub to me

  • rangi Rewi
    rangi Rewi 6 dager siden


  • Its Leon
    Its Leon 6 dager siden

    So fake

  • James Hinckley
    James Hinckley 6 dager siden

    What’s up with him shaking his head so much

  • TheGoku OfFortnite
    TheGoku OfFortnite 6 dager siden

    What’s wrong with jj

  • Day Walker27
    Day Walker27 6 dager siden

    I like how vik laughed at his own jokes more than ye others

  • Corey Taylor
    Corey Taylor 6 dager siden

    Ksi overreaction when when he gets zapped

  • Pingu Pingu
    Pingu Pingu 6 dager siden

    Who made it as far to see the all seeing eye

  • foodygaming2002
    foodygaming2002 7 dager siden

    Fake AF

    TL LLAMAS 7 dager siden

    Look at his thumb 6:16

  • Spencer Gordon
    Spencer Gordon 7 dager siden

    Yo, jj’s reaction to the shock was so fake. It’s not even a real shocker

  • v.sekar veerasamy
    v.sekar veerasamy 7 dager siden

    tobi's hairline on fleek

  • Faint WILL
    Faint WILL 8 dager siden

    I hate vik Jesus he’s so annoying

  • Adam Wang
    Adam Wang 8 dager siden

    I used to hate facial hairs, but they grew on me.
    JJ: (Silence for 2 secs pondering) hahahaha
    That was epic

  • joshua drain
    joshua drain 8 dager siden

    mans getting vexed. I said maybe is live forever not wonderwall. come on lads ur English ffs

  • The Real Slacker
    The Real Slacker 8 dager siden

    0:04- 0:07 what was that noise

  • Ajayy Singhh
    Ajayy Singhh 8 dager siden

    Vik killed me in this video😂😂😂😂

  • Finley Chapman
    Finley Chapman 8 dager siden +2

    @ 9:59 vikk says the n word

  • Black Banther
    Black Banther 8 dager siden

    They made why u coming fast 100 times funnier

  • Ryan Zuppardi
    Ryan Zuppardi 8 dager siden

    8:51 is it just me?

  • Fluffz
    Fluffz 8 dager siden

    literally no one :
    vikk : so

  • Lava Hassan
    Lava Hassan 8 dager siden +1

    3:46 😂

  • UNKNOWN Gamer
    UNKNOWN Gamer 9 dager siden +2

    8:14 saw an aligator

  • 2_G00D_4_N4ME
    2_G00D_4_N4ME 9 dager siden

    What’s the difference between a 5 year old and Russia? I have never been in Russia!

    DEXTER GAMING 9 dager siden

    Ksi showing dick= his big joke

  • Mirza Kamran
    Mirza Kamran 10 dager siden

    That laugh is cringy

  • itzechoesbit
    itzechoesbit 10 dager siden

    Toby or not Toby? That is the question

  • Alex Papatonis
    Alex Papatonis 10 dager siden

  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah 10 dager siden

    Vikk 😂

  • KawaiiLlama King
    KawaiiLlama King 10 dager siden +4

    15:35 JJ getting hard from mooning Ethan

  • Salmooooonn
    Salmooooonn 10 dager siden

    Iɟ ʎon ɔɐu ɹǝɐllʎ ʇɥıs ʎonɹ ƃɐʎ

  • 2 i's
    2 i's 11 dager siden

    10:15 Vik has the Kung Fu action grip

  • Mastered Ultra Instinct Shaggy

    Seriously vikk show not wear that shock thing he will die laughing

  • Toxic _Ali
    Toxic _Ali 11 dager siden

    KSI over reacting rlly made me not laugh

  • Kammie Walker
    Kammie Walker 11 dager siden

    21:27 What that laugh?!?😂

  • alex Criddle
    alex Criddle 11 dager siden

    One of the best sidemen Sundays in a long while

  • Abdirahman Hussein
    Abdirahman Hussein 12 dager siden

    At 18:25

  • Collin
    Collin 12 dager siden +2

    What the f*** was jj doing in 15:30 lol

    SALIFU SAMUEL KAMARA 12 dager siden

    When he gets shocked why does he bop his head up and down tell me in the comments on my comment

  • Nialls Tips
    Nialls Tips 12 dager siden +1

    what is the difference between a Boy Scout and a Jew?

    One manage to make it out the camp alive

    • Barbarian
      Barbarian 5 dager siden

      That's so... so... funny...

  • Gerry Mcvey
    Gerry Mcvey 12 dager siden

    sub to pewds!

  • Tom Lacey
    Tom Lacey 12 dager siden

    #sidemen bake off

  • Samuel Harrison
    Samuel Harrison 12 dager siden


  • Aj 64
    Aj 64 12 dager siden


  • T-Gay
    T-Gay 13 dager siden

    11:02 thats the song, on the cupcake meme muffin song

  • Disco Kid
    Disco Kid 13 dager siden

    Josh at 15:33 XD

  • ThatCarGuy Samuel
    ThatCarGuy Samuel 13 dager siden

    I want to see the uncensored version LOL

  • James Penfold
    James Penfold 13 dager siden

    I hate vik

  • Darío Nava
    Darío Nava 13 dager siden

    where can i buy some KSI bandanas

  • Ggskyrunner78
    Ggskyrunner78 13 dager siden


  • Jada Miles
    Jada Miles 13 dager siden

    Vik: what's the last thing that goes through a bugs mind when it hits the windshield
    Ethan: bzz

  • Musavar Hussain
    Musavar Hussain 13 dager siden +1

    This is kind of trash

  • Karl Tanner
    Karl Tanner 13 dager siden +1

    Remember when the sidemen used to be funny?

  • Lucas
    Lucas 13 dager siden

    Is Randolph only there because Ethan isn’t fat anymore? Every group needs a fatty...

  • Gareth Poon
    Gareth Poon 13 dager siden

    Randolph’s really polite 10:47

  • Evie Chalmers
    Evie Chalmers 13 dager siden

    I’m guessing randolf really enjoyed doing this

  • Qazi AW
    Qazi AW 14 dager siden


  • Fortunity
    Fortunity 14 dager siden

    Subscribe to Pewdiepie!

    WATERDRAGON YT 14 dager siden

    18:29 look at viks face

  • NinjaFan 02
    NinjaFan 02 14 dager siden

    Papa that good joke

  • White.Eye.Gaming
    White.Eye.Gaming 14 dager siden

    Why is Callux on Harry’s jumper?

  • Taylor Blake
    Taylor Blake 14 dager siden

    Ngl JJ is actually dirty as 🤣🤣

  • X.EpiczZzGamer.X X.X
    X.EpiczZzGamer.X X.X 14 dager siden

    why does vik think hes funny the only thing funnt is how thick hes eyebrows are

    • Barbarian
      Barbarian 2 dager siden

      +X.EpiczZzGamer.X X.X ok sorry. Hes eyebrows are really funnt though

    • X.EpiczZzGamer.X X.X
      X.EpiczZzGamer.X X.X 2 dager siden

      oh just f off correcting will ya +Barbarian

    • Barbarian
      Barbarian 5 dager siden

      Yeah they are pretty funnt