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  • Brenan Bigelow
    Brenan Bigelow 12 timer siden


  • Dheeraj Devgan
    Dheeraj Devgan 12 timer siden

    Hey guess what here in Australia I got my circumcision for free. I didn't get ripped off yay

  • Demi-Leigh Davies
    Demi-Leigh Davies 12 timer siden


  • Zakeem IMRAN
    Zakeem IMRAN 13 timer siden

    I swear just KSI's laugh makes 100x more funny

  • Partha Shetty
    Partha Shetty 13 timer siden

    What was at 20:47

  • Adnan Saff
    Adnan Saff 13 timer siden

    All dislikes are from someone named Justin 😂

  • OGGY !
    OGGY ! 14 timer siden

    Btw way *bass boosted* WTF VIK

  • Marcus Fao
    Marcus Fao 15 timer siden

    If I were to met khalid 6:46

  • Sakkas Uchiha
    Sakkas Uchiha 15 timer siden

    15:12 he later developed PTSD from this incident.

  • Marcus Fao
    Marcus Fao 15 timer siden

    1:30 ethans voice goes wonky

  • classy girl
    classy girl 20 timer siden

    harry did not laugh

  • ThisisAngelica
    ThisisAngelica 21 time siden

    17:44 - 17:54

  • Legendary Liron
    Legendary Liron 22 timer siden +1

    Vik just shouldn't tell any jokes at all ever

  • Sid Bhanote
    Sid Bhanote Dag siden

    Yooo what’s that by Harry at 6:45
    Earrape warning for headphone users btw

  • Oisin Kerlin
    Oisin Kerlin Dag siden

    dare your 2 put on ur cok for 5 seconds

  • Braden Jolley
    Braden Jolley Dag siden


    ha ha I get it, they get shocked. HA HAH HAH HAH HA

  • Xd HaHa
    Xd HaHa Dag siden

    It was funny till that joke about addiction don't want to be a buzz kill but addictions isn't a joke

  • Greg Mckay
    Greg Mckay Dag siden

    What did vik take before this😂😂

    ÏŇ SANE Dag siden

    I was eating chocolate pudding!!!😭😭

  • zuri013
    zuri013 Dag siden


  • Mahammad Gafarov
    Mahammad Gafarov Dag siden +1

    When the blur is so small 11:30

  • legend team
    legend team Dag siden

    16 33 ethan sounds like r2d2

  • Alpha Tubitron
    Alpha Tubitron Dag siden

    *16:11** The nightmare intensifies LMFAO 😂😂😂😂😂*

  • kiefer Woods
    kiefer Woods Dag siden

    I like vikk but he really isnt funny

  • Oskar Rehwaldt
    Oskar Rehwaldt Dag siden

    6:45 RIP headphone users

  • Aminul Islam
    Aminul Islam Dag siden

    18:20 was the best joke for me

  • Trioraptor
    Trioraptor Dag siden +2

    And how i ask... is this still monitised but pewds isn't if he says one swear!?!?

  • Nona Koxreidze
    Nona Koxreidze Dag siden

    Sooo fake shock

  • AirWidas
    AirWidas Dag siden

    your moms is like a 9gag, its 9 inches util she gag

  • Skittle XXX
    Skittle XXX Dag siden

    I thought jj didn’t like the sideman

  • TTV LooeyForTheChewy

    Holy shet jj’s laugh in the background during Simon’s turn had me weaaaaak

  • Shao Kung
    Shao Kung 2 dager siden

    So overdramatic

  • Relix Playz
    Relix Playz 2 dager siden


  • Lukas Thompson
    Lukas Thompson 2 dager siden

    He just wasn't being shocked

  • dimitrios kambanis
    dimitrios kambanis 2 dager siden

    I was only looking at jj’s bandana the whole time on his turn

  • Destroyer345600
    Destroyer345600 2 dager siden +1

    Could say this is shocking

    end me please

  • Jesse-Lingard 14
    Jesse-Lingard 14 2 dager siden

    What was on JJ's phone 😂😂

  • Lemar Williams
    Lemar Williams 2 dager siden

    The video volume is a bit low

  • Overall Ferret
    Overall Ferret 2 dager siden

    KSI's reaction were so fake😂

  • Tarik Ali
    Tarik Ali 2 dager siden

    This is fake

  • Lucas Argandoña
    Lucas Argandoña 2 dager siden

    11:10 but Simon didn't laugh

  • Faisal Razaq
    Faisal Razaq 2 dager siden

    Lol #sidemensunday

  • CricketJack
    CricketJack 2 dager siden +1

    vik is not funny

  • Joshua Gniazdowski
    Joshua Gniazdowski 2 dager siden

    That is a tens unit

  • Avi Kim
    Avi Kim 2 dager siden

    It's bad how much I laughed at Vikk's pepper joke lmao

  • Jesper Ljungdahl
    Jesper Ljungdahl 3 dager siden

    2:05 that immediate regret is to damn funny

  • Blizz
    Blizz 3 dager siden

    6 mid rolls

  • Ben Freed
    Ben Freed 3 dager siden +15

    Anyone from the What’s Good Podcast after they talked about Harry?

  • WroetoshawVEVO
    WroetoshawVEVO 3 dager siden

    I Made An Unofficial W2S Vevo!

  • Saagar Khan
    Saagar Khan 3 dager siden

    Vikks jokes were horrible

  • Jose Ramirez
    Jose Ramirez 3 dager siden

    Idk why I hate KSI so much.

  • Bernice Amina
    Bernice Amina 3 dager siden

    Poor Harry

  • hypa tai56
    hypa tai56 3 dager siden

    Only bit that made me laugh was when ksi go shocked

  • Annya _
    Annya _ 3 dager siden

    Ooooooof 9:15

  • blaze jackson
    blaze jackson 3 dager siden

    He is the worst faker ever😂😂his reaction was a whole cringe

  • Ravd
    Ravd 3 dager siden


  • HeyyyIt'sMal
    HeyyyIt'sMal 3 dager siden

    Harry says that... As he's wearing Callux merch

  • Alfie Walters
    Alfie Walters 3 dager siden

    15:46 when Randolph’s realisation kicks in

  • Dariush Asadi
    Dariush Asadi 3 dager siden

    Harry did really well! That's the power of fear I guess

  • Stacy Solomon
    Stacy Solomon 3 dager siden +3

    Anyone watching after listening to the what’s good podcast about this?

  • Noah Gorry
    Noah Gorry 3 dager siden +2

    Is it just me that is wondering what the pictures they are showing each other are?

  • Winsky82
    Winsky82 3 dager siden +1

    10:10 vikk be like «look at me», and looks away while simon is just staring at him

  • Starzyy YT
    Starzyy YT 3 dager siden

    The sidemen are going downhill

  • Juar Krasniqi
    Juar Krasniqi 3 dager siden

    this is probably the first time he has changed his bandana in a video

  • Kristóf Szabó
    Kristóf Szabó 3 dager siden

    16:32 ...I feel good trrrrt.. so good tt so good..

  • Cackalenzie
    Cackalenzie 3 dager siden

    I don’t get the “how long is a Chinese name” joke, someone pls explain

    • Stacy Solomon
      Stacy Solomon 2 dager siden

      Cackalenzie “how long” is a Chinese name. That’s the joke

  • Askthepanda TTV
    Askthepanda TTV 3 dager siden

    Why does he fake it so much?

  • Manu Kirch
    Manu Kirch 3 dager siden

    14:17 look at the arms fam

  • Matija Simic
    Matija Simic 3 dager siden

    vikk is retarded

  • repsyn
    repsyn 3 dager siden

    2:30 wtf

  • sam jones
    sam jones 3 dager siden

    Ksi’s reaction was really fake

  • EXP CrazyGames
    EXP CrazyGames 3 dager siden

    JJ chill!!!

  • Ethan Takahashi
    Ethan Takahashi 3 dager siden

    i need what ever their on

  • Blue Wolf
    Blue Wolf 3 dager siden

    1:33 “Nooooooo!” 😂😂😂

  • Owen McCarthy
    Owen McCarthy 3 dager siden

    What is it with the sidemen and showing off their balls? Harry did it in the pool video and JJ’s done it multiple times.

  • Wrk_ Cash
    Wrk_ Cash 3 dager siden

    Is vik on crack or tweak

  • Matthew Melton
    Matthew Melton 4 dager siden

    I stopped in the.middle of the video cuz everytime jj laughed my earbuds killed me

  • Daniyal Harris
    Daniyal Harris 4 dager siden

    Vikk is so funny

  • Ashley Cruz
    Ashley Cruz 4 dager siden

    The fear in Randolph’s eyes at 6:18

  • Enlightment
    Enlightment 4 dager siden

    I don't get the vik video

  • Reed Philo
    Reed Philo 4 dager siden

    Vik just makes these so much worse lol

  • Milli Milla
    Milli Milla 4 dager siden +2

    Y is Vick a sdmn he ruins all the vids

  • G Deck
    G Deck 4 dager siden

    I really wanted Harry to punch Randolph

  • Fearless faze Tiger
    Fearless faze Tiger 4 dager siden

    When he gets shocked the lol😂😂😂😂I’m crying rn

  • Joxl
    Joxl 4 dager siden


  • Yvng X
    Yvng X 4 dager siden

    Jj has no shame

  • Yvng X
    Yvng X 4 dager siden

    Guys please don't do this again

  • Yvng X
    Yvng X 4 dager siden

    This is not right this makes me feel so sorry for jj

  • Enigma0920 Good dude
    Enigma0920 Good dude 4 dager siden


    CHANZEZ 4 dager siden

    Hi man 😂

  • jsmxth 14
    jsmxth 14 4 dager siden


    that’s bang out of order!

  • shei
    shei 4 dager siden

    The guy with caps is retarded click on without them even laughing. Maybe given to someone knows the game well. He just an awkward person

  • Mohammad Conte
    Mohammad Conte 4 dager siden

    who is here after deji disstrack

  • Alex Perrin
    Alex Perrin 4 dager siden

    15:12 Jesus Christ jj 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Da Boyz
    Da Boyz 4 dager siden +1

    That shocked me

  • taran is hereiguess
    taran is hereiguess 4 dager siden

    KSI a blood now

  • Harrison Whipkey
    Harrison Whipkey 4 dager siden

    JJ is used to getting tased

  • Mori Lezutekong
    Mori Lezutekong 4 dager siden

    rip me i was wearing earphones

  • Tobi Wilde
    Tobi Wilde 5 dager siden

    Ksi is disgusting 😂🤙🏽