The DC Snipers - Serial killer documentary

  • Publisert 30. juni. 2017
  • Pledge 1$/month to support this channel - The D.C. or Beltway sniper attacks were a series of coordinated shootings that took place over three weeks in October 2002 in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Ten people were killed and three other victims were critically injured in several locations throughout the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area and along Interstate 95 in Virginia. The rampage was perpetrated by John Allen Muhammad (then aged 42) and Lee Boyd Malvo (then 17), driving a blue 1990 Chevrolet Caprice sedan. Their crime spree began in February 2002 with murders and robberies in the states of Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, and Washington, which resulted in seven deaths and seven injuries, bringing the ten-month shooting spree total to 17 deaths and 10 injuries.
    In September 2003, Muhammad was sentenced to death. One month later, Malvo was sentenced to six consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole. On November 10, 2009, Muhammad was executed by lethal injection at the Greensville Correctional Center near Jarratt, Virginia. In 2017, Malvo's sentence was overturned on an appeal, with a re-sentencing ordered pursuant to the Supreme Court's ruling in Miller v. Alabama. Under the re-sentencing, Malvo's minimum sentence will be determined by a judge. The maximum sentence would then be life.
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    • browniepig
      browniepig 10 timer siden

      Those guys were some real niggas ya feel me?

    • scooby724
      scooby724 Dag siden +1

      @David Watson DO UOU LIVE HERE?? Yeah What I Thought. STFU

    • David Watson
      David Watson Dag siden

      +Nadine Schneider my teeth r fine trsiler trash

    • David Watson
      David Watson Dag siden

      +scooby724 u lot breleive anything cnn did it ru retarded

    • David Watson
      David Watson Dag siden


  • pointschamp
    pointschamp 34 minutter siden

    so they were illegal aliens too?

  • pointschamp
    pointschamp Time siden

    any hollow point round is meant to kill. That is not limited to the bushmaster AR. You can get a hollow point for any caliber that is meant to kill.

  • Morpheas
    Morpheas 2 timer siden

    They reached 5 stars so fast, and didnt even bother calling Lester.
    Such amateurs...

  • Damien Dompierre
    Damien Dompierre 3 timer siden

    Did you have to put the logo in the top corner and make it that big? Some people don't know how to edit...

  • XxFinnBoyxX YT
    XxFinnBoyxX YT 8 timer siden

    Well made and very intriguing. You deserve more subscribers.

  • Taylor
    Taylor 9 timer siden

    id love to cut their balls off

  • John Jameson
    John Jameson 11 timer siden

    If the AR-15 bushmaster is a “long range” rifle what’s a bolt gun? A guided missile?

  • Sharky
    Sharky 12 timer siden

    Everyone saying they were essentially forced to watch this due to the recommendations, you know if you press the three dots you can remove it by pressing "not interested"

  • Paul Lubaski
    Paul Lubaski 23 timer siden

    Now a 300wm is high powered "sniper rifle". Furthermore, the ar 15 was designed to wound and not kill in order to make someone to remove them from the battle effectively removing two people from the battle. And long range is a joke.

  • Donald Hill
    Donald Hill Dag siden

    People like this need to take their own life. Do destroy others!

  • Loawercs31
    Loawercs31 Dag siden

    Pretty sure the Muhammed lost his appeal for the death sentence considering he encountered a bad case of lethal injection in 2009.

  • Eli Laws
    Eli Laws Dag siden


  • Zach Anderson
    Zach Anderson Dag siden

    Just ar15 is NOT a highpowered rifle, .223 is NOT a highpowered cartrage, now, a .450 bushmaster bullet is a bit more...believeable, and wth is a bushmaster rifle? I see an ar15 sporting rifle which is not long range, more or less mid range, thanks for the vid tho, the whole case is nail biting

  • Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez

    Malvo should be given to the victims families, his debt is not settled.

  • Michael Price
    Michael Price Dag siden

    Actually no the shell casings didn't suggest it was a Bushmaster , just that it was chambered in .223. There are a dozen rifles in that calibre.

  • Michael Price
    Michael Price Dag siden

    No military rifles are not built to kill. They're actually built to intimidate. This is the sort of ignorrant shit that really pisses me off. Military rounds are NOT designed expand.

  • Sternia Hoenheim
    Sternia Hoenheim Dag siden +1

    You should not shoot white people

  • stuffandotherstuff
    stuffandotherstuff Dag siden

    I swear they travelled the nation. Was probably just paranoid but I remember thinking and they could strike anywhere they going to shoot us in our school bus are like a whole country way

  • autisticat -
    autisticat - 2 dager siden


  • Lorenzo Crawford
    Lorenzo Crawford 2 dager siden

    This was a scary time 💯 we couldn’t even go outside or anything , ppl was scared to even get out and get gas

  • Karen Gunn
    Karen Gunn 2 dager siden

    how anyone can be so evil ill never know?? i could never imagine going outside just popping to the shop and not knowing if u will ever come home again and not knowing whether u will be able to walk through the front door again. even though he's been caught by police and executed there's always someone that's willing to do it again. what i wanna know is what goes through their head right b4 they kill someone?? cuz whatever reasons they give i will never understand why they do it's just evil pure evil that's the only reason i can think of. i would also like to know why the younger guy who was with him never got executed?? he must of been thinking and doing the same things, just shoot and kill anyone and i mean anyone.

  • Intent
    Intent 2 dager siden

    LOL, "Don't blame the gun blame the murderer" please the gun is equally if not more to blame. He wouldn't have been able to kill as many people and would've been found x10 easier if he didn't use a gun but something like a knife. we understand you love to shoot things but these are killing machines designed for that purpose.

  • Monk Kenyon
    Monk Kenyon 2 dager siden

    I fuckin hate when hoaxers fuck up the investigation for notoriety that they'll never get unless they try to turn themselves in. Now the killer can run free, kill your family, rape your dog etc -.-

  • Triple Oh
    Triple Oh 2 dager siden +1

    How u get kick off the bus eating candy

  • kraysahn
    kraysahn 2 dager siden

    Did they mention how they shot through a hole in the trunk of the car so they could just drive off? Interesting fact i think they left out

  • kraysahn
    kraysahn 2 dager siden

    That doctor...
    "you have cancer, there's nothing we can do, YOURE DEAD"

  • Lord/ o
    Lord/ o 2 dager siden

    I watch so many documentaries on serial killing g but somehow have never heard of this... wtf

  • Loocke
    Loocke 2 dager siden

    love from germany to america. i hope this shit never happens again

  • Loocke
    Loocke 2 dager siden

    21:18 this reporter is a fucking asshole.

  • Kenny Childers
    Kenny Childers 2 dager siden

    That man makes it out of Vietnam just to get killed at home. What a shame...

    SUBLIME KUSH 2 dager siden +2

    So the cops were useless, we the people are the law. PROTECT THE 2ND AMENDMENT! !!!

  • Jimmy Parker
    Jimmy Parker 2 dager siden

    Why in the world would tell people how you catch killers? Shut your damn mouth and don't tell people what how you use technology to catch killers. Fucking idiots.

  • JellyNutShell
    JellyNutShell 3 dager siden

    wait this isn't horror stories

  • Bailey Xavier
    Bailey Xavier 3 dager siden +1

    Incompetent police force wasn't even close without help from the public

  • James Snider
    James Snider 3 dager siden

    Eyewitness accounts are notoriously inaccurate and this really proves that. They spent SO much time looking for a white van and it turned out to be a blue POS sedan. I was in central Indiana at the time working for a city Police Department and remember pumping gas with my head on a swivel and giving the side eye to any white van or panel truck I saw.

    R1ATLANTA 3 dager siden

    I remember this.. crazy when we had to pump our cars with gas we would get back in the car and lay out seat all the way down.. so they couldn’t snipe us

  • David Colney
    David Colney 3 dager siden

    Why the 911 call ask so many questions...It's an emergency number to use for emergency, many things can happen during that the first call.

  • TheAkbobby
    TheAkbobby 4 dager siden

    Why would they report all were shot in the torso when the second or so victim was thought to have shot herself in the head. The encouragement leads to a more harmful outcome as it obviously did.

  • Jeff Owen
    Jeff Owen 4 dager siden

    If I lived around there I wouldnt of went anywhere unless i had to. I certainly wouldnt be going to a craft store....

  • goose Evans
    goose Evans 4 dager siden +1

    These were Islamic jihadists let's just say the truth

  • Marcus Withers
    Marcus Withers 4 dager siden

    Somebody was listening to eazy e. Neighborhood snyper.

  • goose Evans
    goose Evans 4 dager siden

    My friends and I talked about this at lunch every day wondering who was doing it

  • Diaz Fan
    Diaz Fan 4 dager siden


  • Diaz Fan
    Diaz Fan 4 dager siden

    They should have sniped out sex offenders

  • Space Man
    Space Man 4 dager siden +1

    I was in 3rd grade when this was going on and living in northern virginia. They told us that we couldn't go to recess because of pollution and I was super pissed.

  • PaperMind
    PaperMind 4 dager siden +1

    That nigga’s too old to have an 11 year old

  • InsaneCarnageZ
    InsaneCarnageZ 4 dager siden

    Damn she thicc 14:02

  • Rony Adwan
    Rony Adwan 5 dager siden

    دجالين سفاحين شاذين سارقين متل نبيكم السفّاح محمد. من ثمارهم تعرفونهم. محمد ينكح الصغار والكبار العجوز والذي لا يجوز ينكح حتى في القبور.

  • bob jim
    bob jim 5 dager siden

    imagine calling a .223 round a large round. you mfs need to be learnt

  • Daily Dose of Drew
    Daily Dose of Drew 5 dager siden

    12:21 did i just hear that right "these rifles are built to kill"... No shit sherlock have you ever heard of a gun designed not to kill?

  • Lumen
    Lumen 5 dager siden +1

    Dear whoever is reading this, i don't know who you are or what you are going through in your life but i just want to say that you're beautiful. We are all beautiful in our own special way, no matter what size, shape or color. And we should all feel comfortable in our own skin and be confident with who we are. This world can be cruel, i know. People tend to throw negativity in other people's directions and that isn't right. Why is it so easy to be mean to each other but so hard to be nice? This comment may get lost in the comments, but i have hope that at least one person will see it. So to whoever is reading this, you're beautiful, i love you and i'm glad you're alive because without you something would be missing in the world that nobody could ever replace. I hope you have an amazing day, gorgeus, stunning and nice stranger.

  • Andrew Grey
    Andrew Grey 5 dager siden

    43:08 - So did he get the death penalty that he is appealing or did he get 6 consecutive life terms? Which is it?

  • Leland James
    Leland James 5 dager siden +1

    Democrats want a country full of illegal immigrant snipers.

  • EPB 323
    EPB 323 5 dager siden

    Crazy times...

  • HvN
    HvN 6 dager siden +1

    I noticed 27 casualties, each one round. I think the sniper turned himself in cause no ammo.

  • Kushblowing420
    Kushblowing420 6 dager siden

    They made a movie similar to this situation its called Jack Reacher thank me later :)

  • Cameron Lilly
    Cameron Lilly 6 dager siden

    I was in elementary school in Anne Arundel County, Maryland at the time. We had to have recess inside for most of my 4th grade year. After a false tip, helicopters were over the school for a few days. Every student was told different stories. Code Red air pollution days, weather was too hot / too cold. Problems with the field. It was very strange.
    Watching this is the first time I’ve heard the real story.

  • Yo Turkey
    Yo Turkey 6 dager siden

    People are so ignorant does it matter what gun is used.. obviously its a gun that does damage. Smh everything isn't about gun laws

  • Yo Turkey
    Yo Turkey 6 dager siden

    People are so ignorant does it matter what gun is used.. obviously its a gun that does damage. Smh everything isn't about gun laws

  • Mario G619
    Mario G619 6 dager siden

    They just did what the government does... kill people.

  • Zachary Keller
    Zachary Keller 7 dager siden

    I live in Virginia, USA

  • Zachary Keller
    Zachary Keller 7 dager siden +1

    I have been to one of those stores where one of the slayings occurred. I have spent a lot of time in that mall/parking lot. Always creeped me out...I'll probably go back there again, too. Every time I go by it, I think about this.

    • scooby724
      scooby724 4 dager siden

      @Zachary Keller Same Memories Dude Just Different Shooting Location ! That was Fk-Up . I lived one State and Worked in the other.✌🏽🍃🌸🍃🌷🍃🌺🍃

  • LucasBrien
    LucasBrien 7 dager siden

    .223 is considered a varmin round, very small. If these dumbass killers knew their shit they would use a .357 or a 30-06.

  • fred savage
    fred savage 7 dager siden

    Muslim trash

  • bi0lizard1
    bi0lizard1 7 dager siden

    “Petrol station” “kilometers”....... wish the narrator would stop saying that shit. Its ‘ gas stations’ and ‘miles’

  • Klose
    Klose 7 dager siden +1

    It's true i was the car

  • Dr. Aldo Guerra
    Dr. Aldo Guerra 7 dager siden


  • Meatball Sub
    Meatball Sub 7 dager siden

    So who received the 200K?

  • Random Australian
    Random Australian 8 dager siden +1

    I still can't believe after all these shootings and the countless more that the US hasn't banned guns. Almost like they want their citizens shot and killed every day

    • Timothy Ramirez
      Timothy Ramirez Dag siden

      Random Australian it’s called freedom. You should learn something about it :)

    • Random Australian
      Random Australian 3 dager siden

      +The Red Knight it's called a constitution. It can be changed

    • Random Australian
      Random Australian 3 dager siden

      +The Red Knight not exactly making your case. A very violent, hateful and NOT FREE country

    • The Red Knight
      The Red Knight 3 dager siden

      The US just can't ban guns, it goes against the constitution that MADE America what it is today.

  • atc tycoon
    atc tycoon 8 dager siden

    12:23 sorry i didnt know there were guns made to maim.

  • American BadAss-732
    American BadAss-732 8 dager siden

    Punk fukin Losers should have been burnt at the stake for that shit...along with whoever else does shit like this...straight upp.

  • Jenciey Legaspi
    Jenciey Legaspi 8 dager siden


  • frozenstein
    frozenstein 8 dager siden

    hey what kind of documentaries do you have? i looked all around and i cant tell if they are political or nature or??

  • Lightnin Hopkins
    Lightnin Hopkins 9 dager siden

    Kicked off the bus for eating candy?

  • Conrad Weis
    Conrad Weis 9 dager siden

    I called the tip line a few times & messed with them, I was a stupid college kid at the time & it was a kick. :D

  • Giancarlo The Big Boy
    Giancarlo The Big Boy 9 dager siden

    Oh Fuck me it's anti gun

  • Diamond Boo
    Diamond Boo 9 dager siden

    This is crazy I grow up in that area 😬

  • Tema Loveless
    Tema Loveless 9 dager siden

    Whole place should have been on lockdown from the 2nd murder at least! Nobody should have been leaving their house..

  • Samuel Barrell
    Samuel Barrell 9 dager siden


  • Beer lover
    Beer lover 10 dager siden

    i remember this....funny how what was left out was at first the "experts" were saying it was a white male with military traning...yes they profile white men....the look on the faces of the "experts" esp at the likes of CNN and MSNBC were priceless when two black men were arrested...they thought for sure it was some beergut redneck that was doing the shooting...cause you know they know everything....what this video also left out was that John Allen Muhammad was muslim and hated this country even though he served in the military....

  • NaCl H2O
    NaCl H2O 10 dager siden

    Sick fuckers

  • Ravi Vishwakarma
    Ravi Vishwakarma 10 dager siden

    Why are guns easily available in America ? In india its a long & legal process with date to date bullet count after giving to ensure its illegal use ....

  • Z K
    Z K 10 dager siden +1

    My guy called an AR15 a military rifle... Please try taking an AR15 to war and report back.

  • Chad Kentile
    Chad Kentile 11 dager siden

    When I lived in Virginia about 13 years ago, I delivered for a company out of Richmond.
    When I stopped for fuel on one or my routes, my partner told me "you're standing right about where a man was shot by the DC sniper".
    That was the gas station where the taxi driver was killed.
    Little unsettling.

  • Micheal Myers
    Micheal Myers 11 dager siden

    The operators sound so unprofessional. How did they get the job.

  • IAmRedherrings
    IAmRedherrings 12 dager siden

    25:22 erm nope the second or third victim was shot in the head... I hope this was a production error and not what the police actually surmised lol

  • NadrianATRS
    NadrianATRS 13 dager siden

    if all these Muslim n!##@$ are named Muhammed, how TF are you supposed to tell them apart

  • RockSo GVO
    RockSo GVO 13 dager siden +1

    21:25 worst question of all time

  • Ulkreghz Draugr
    Ulkreghz Draugr 13 dager siden

    Serial killer on the loose? Better stop a child from taking the bus because he had candy.

    America's a fucking joke.

  • abcd bcde
    abcd bcde 13 dager siden

    Fuck this shit channel and its shit logo

  • burningsociety
    burningsociety 14 dager siden

    .223 is hardly a high powered round..

  • Aiden Parker
    Aiden Parker 14 dager siden

    Tactical nuke ruined

  • Oscar_FML
    Oscar_FML 14 dager siden +1

    “The safety of school children was a concern”
    Still make them go to school🤦‍♂️ even though they are the easiest target since they are in a big ass group coming off the bus

  • Oscar_FML
    Oscar_FML 14 dager siden

    There finally after a month I watched the video you happy know

  • Oscar_FML
    Oscar_FML 14 dager siden +1

    “Schools went into lock down”
    Why the fuck were they even in school

  • CrazyJayBe
    CrazyJayBe 14 dager siden

    "Pupils" lol

  • Binkleyme
    Binkleyme 14 dager siden

    That dude in the blue shirt knows nothing about guns. All guns are designed to kill, all bullets get bigger as they pass through material.

  • Binkleyme
    Binkleyme 14 dager siden

    223 is not a "high powered rifle cartridge." 223 is a varmint round, like for coyote, or fox.

  • fjhSB
    fjhSB 15 dager siden +1

    21:19 Did that reporter really just ask her why they canceled the softball league? What a stupid fucking question. It's because some motherfucker is running around sniping random people in public you idiot!