Lawyer Reviews Laws Broken In Classic Love Scenes


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    Special thanks to: Diana Aizman
    Criminal Defense Attorney Diana Aizman of Aizman Law Firm
    Twitter: @DianaAizman
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    • Garett Shimer
      Garett Shimer 16 timer siden

      I hope you guys value honesty and because as a viewer I hope you value the inpit of those who are watching. Myself among others found the perspective of Diana to be unbelieveably sexist in descriptions or lack there of on certain segments. I don't want you to think that I am sexist because I absolutely am not but I feel that it is definately worth mentioning that the amount of portrayed sexual bias was very distasteful and if you read the comments there are many others who would agree. I gave a dislike to this video for that. I wanted to share rather than blow up about it because I know you guys care about the quality of your product and as a viewer I feel the best way to handle it is to state that. So do with it what you will and I hope to see you all grow even bigger than you already have.

    • Jen Smith
      Jen Smith 13 dager siden

      BuzzFeedVideo you should have a male lawyer review the same films and see his comments

    • phương bích
      phương bích 23 dager siden

      Anthony Nguyen. A a y

    • phương bích
      phương bích 23 dager siden

      Alexgames/vlogs dkf9e

  • Jay Comic
    Jay Comic 23 minutter siden

    Gloria clearly damn I wished that happened to me I’d give consent

  • Teekayhuey TK
    Teekayhuey TK 14 timer siden

    Battery she threw 007 first. She escalated it. And I'm sure Edward was joking

  • Patrick O'Brien
    Patrick O'Brien 16 timer siden

    I want more lawyers reviewing movies

  • tea time sis
    tea time sis 18 timer siden

    i get feminist vibes from this woman. she also ruined all these movies.

  • Andrew Ingram
    Andrew Ingram 18 timer siden

    7:10 *Owen Wilson voice*

  • glamorous trash
    glamorous trash 19 timer siden

    is that you phoebe???

  • Rebecca Bradley
    Rebecca Bradley 19 timer siden

    she is clearly a psycho feminist. she is being horribly unfair towards the men here. I'm a woman and I think this is ridiculous. men can definitely be assaulted too and when they are it is JUST AS WRONG. I can't believe she's a lawyer. she is so biased, this is not acceptable

  • Ashley Mayfield
    Ashley Mayfield 20 timer siden

    I like how she lets it slide when the men get raped but when it’s the women she goes off the rails.

  • Cyndie C
    Cyndie C 21 time siden

    Do 50 shades !!!!

  • Thomas TheGreat
    Thomas TheGreat 23 timer siden

    I'm only watching the first one. I'm pretty damn sure that's not supposed to be a serious love scene at all. Looks like a comedy like wtf why'd he judo grow her. I don't see a problem with these they look like they're portrayed as they're supposed to be viewed

  • Slaw Dawg
    Slaw Dawg 23 timer siden

    Buzzfeed fucked it up again. Just get an unbiased lawyer it’s that simple

  • Saulo Souz
    Saulo Souz Dag siden

    What scars me is you guys need to see a word Lawyer to understand what is going on in the scene isnt right.

  • Adil s
    Adil s Dag siden

    Ugh she threw him before he threw her

  • Uncle Caroline
    Uncle Caroline Dag siden

    Team Edward lol

  • Brianna Guzzi
    Brianna Guzzi Dag siden

    Well they were actually together in twilight and wait what about Jakob black kissing Bella without her permission and her breaking her hand that wasn't in this video why

  • Courtney Rene
    Courtney Rene 2 dager siden

    Here come the whiney men

  • Sophos
    Sophos 2 dager siden

    it-its a movie

  • Rexxaz
    Rexxaz 2 dager siden +1

    So if I walked up to a girl in a room and showed her my dick unprecedented then it probably wouldn't be a crime? Ok cool.

  • Molly Spiegelman
    Molly Spiegelman 2 dager siden +2

    11:13 srry but dat person's nose

  • metube lol
    metube lol 2 dager siden +2

    well I think the twilight one shouldn’t be there. I mean if he was a human it’d be different but he’s literally a vampire. I think he’s supposed to be kinda ‘creepy’ to some extent.

  • Android Artist
    Android Artist 2 dager siden

    Just imagine going to court with a vampire.

  • Kween Wolf
    Kween Wolf 2 dager siden

    I really want to be a lawyer when I grow up I want to be a criminal lawyer!!!!!

  • Adrian Jimenez
    Adrian Jimenez 2 dager siden

    Buzzfeed snowflakes

  • Joseph Shaffer
    Joseph Shaffer 3 dager siden

    Feminists want to ruin everything and make sure no one has fun ever again!

  • Moaz M
    Moaz M 3 dager siden


  • Soccer fan 3436
    Soccer fan 3436 3 dager siden

    Ohh my god tus lawyer is so annoying and sexist!! These movies are fake, there not real!!!

  • Erin Ford
    Erin Ford 3 dager siden

    The lawyer looks like phoebe buffet from friends

  • #samandcolby
    #samandcolby 3 dager siden

    I know the comments are talking about other things but was anyone upset about her talking about Edward like that XD She should watch the movies first then she would understand XD

  • What ever you want me to be

    Please never watch Game of Thrones

  • Mia Echlin
    Mia Echlin 4 dager siden

    the reason why people are getting mad is because she said “i’m pretty sure it’s sexual assault, maybe they did it?? idk they don’t show it??”

  • Jack Hunter
    Jack Hunter 4 dager siden

    But when she slams him that's fine

  • _DankHowell_
    _DankHowell_ 4 dager siden

    I like how she always was so triggered when a girl was the victim but when a guy was the victim she was slow about what she was saying and seemed like she didn’t even really care. Love how feminist she seems in this video lol sarcasm

  • Jay Santos
    Jay Santos 4 dager siden

    GoPro camera, protects both participants of a sexual act better than condoms.

  • Ethan Baker-Hayes
    Ethan Baker-Hayes 4 dager siden

    Photo of policemen from SPongebob:
    Calm down son it's just a movie.

  • Delaney boehm
    Delaney boehm 4 dager siden

    This makes me want to be a lawyer for some reason.

  • Captain Corgi
    Captain Corgi 4 dager siden

    5:16 Then how do you know if they are unreported?

  • IV M4J0R VI
    IV M4J0R VI 5 dager siden

    On the first one she threw him first

  • Im muffin And it is muffin time

    Man rapes women-omg that’s so wrong are u serious, women rapes and abuses man- egh but the man took it in

  • The Nightcore Ninja
    The Nightcore Ninja 5 dager siden

    I only clicked for 16 candles

  • Stacy Stage
    Stacy Stage 5 dager siden

    She looks a bit like Lisa Kudrow lol

  • _Alyssa.D_
    _Alyssa.D_ 5 dager siden


  • Emilyabad
    Emilyabad 5 dager siden

    Why does she charge James Bond for battery and not both, the lady threw James as well

  • colie s
    colie s 5 dager siden

    Sierra Burgess is a recent film that's wrong on so many levels ahah

  • Andrew A
    Andrew A 5 dager siden

    She went FBI on these fools

  • Dolan Twiener
    Dolan Twiener 5 dager siden

    I don’t care I would want Edward to stalk me😘

  • Tommy Ricoy
    Tommy Ricoy 5 dager siden +1

    This bish annoying

  • Crazy4Game z
    Crazy4Game z 5 dager siden

    HaHahahahahaHaHA hA 😂

  • Alice TheDarkRoseBunny
    Alice TheDarkRoseBunny 5 dager siden

    So pissed off with this

  • Alice TheDarkRoseBunny
    Alice TheDarkRoseBunny 5 dager siden +1

    And why in the hell
    Did you
    Talk out about male victims
    In a lighthearted fashion
    Like what the hell is wrong you.

  • Alice TheDarkRoseBunny
    Alice TheDarkRoseBunny 5 dager siden

    Men can be Sexually assulted to you know
    As woman.

  • Charlie Barber
    Charlie Barber 5 dager siden

    I already hate the lawyer

  • Lolololol
    Lolololol 6 dager siden

    And what’s most angering is that in most of these forceful scenes the victim just happens to respond positively, like “heh not bad:)” like, nooo

  • Harper Powell
    Harper Powell 6 dager siden

    It made me so mad that she favored the women. She was smiling through the whole time she was talking about the man being tied up.

  • Paper Bag Gaming
    Paper Bag Gaming 6 dager siden

    No one kiss this girl or she will legally finess your ass into a law suit

  • Maddie Bolland
    Maddie Bolland 6 dager siden

    These scenes are so fucked up! What the hell. I can’t believe most of these came from comedy videos. I’m glad she set the record straight!

  • Nuclear Nerd
    Nuclear Nerd 6 dager siden

    Man in film: looks at woman
    Lady: thats disgusting sexual assault

  • CJ Atkinson
    CJ Atkinson 6 dager siden

    Its a movie

  • evelyn kaminari
    evelyn kaminari 7 dager siden

    *uncomfortable x10*

  • Dr. Burn The Skywing
    Dr. Burn The Skywing 7 dager siden

    as the mood intensifies, they must BREATHE INTO THE MICS SO ALL YOU HEAR IS
    Deborah: *inhales*
    ohh this feels soooo good
    (Making sure you can hear EVERY click of her tongue and shuffle of clothing)
    Johny: I know right babe
    (actually crisp nice sounding voice
    *I N H A L E S*
    viewer: oh gods they’re breathing again

  • leilan.y
    leilan.y 7 dager siden

    why the warning in the beginning

  • thrillspeak
    thrillspeak 7 dager siden

    People hating on her, she did talk about abuse of men and how it's harder for them to be believed. She also laughed uncomfortably through the twilight scene too -.-

  • Lil_kid 445
    Lil_kid 445 7 dager siden

    We all know it’s all woman that are raping

  • Kyrell Jenkins
    Kyrell Jenkins 7 dager siden

    love how she downplays it when its a man getting assaulted but she was throwing theoretical years around when the women were vics.

  • J J D
    J J D 8 dager siden +1

    Defo a feminist

  • Shemariah Vlog
    Shemariah Vlog 8 dager siden

    Don’t really get why yall are saying she only ‘laughed’ at men’s if you look at the twilight one she was light-hearted then too🙄

  • 16pixelogo
    16pixelogo 8 dager siden

    “Unfortunately victimise lots of women... *thinks* oh and men around the country

  • Pepper Salt
    Pepper Salt 8 dager siden

    Could use battery for my D6

  • Arpan Samuel
    Arpan Samuel 8 dager siden

    Do you know that the guy in twilight is a vampire

  • Sneha Mandala
    Sneha Mandala 8 dager siden

    I want to make her watch bollywood scenes.

  • MrRhysReviews
    MrRhysReviews 8 dager siden

    I WISH Isla Fisher would bound and gag me tbh 👍

  • DucKIe cHunNEl
    DucKIe cHunNEl 8 dager siden

    Everyone is commenting on how she wasn't being as serious with the male sexual assults than the female ones. I do agree slightly but it never showed what happened next so it could be way worse or way "better" than it seemed. I suppose I am being a bit biased, but still, it doesn't happen as often and I don't think you should give criticism for that.
    Edit: And plus, she did say that it was also sexual assult and that it *is* a crime. (Just as bad is the females)

  • ColbaltMind
    ColbaltMind 8 dager siden

    She also should have mentioned that Edward is 100 years old and Bella is only 16-17, so it’s also pedophilia.

  • Shannon Lee
    Shannon Lee 8 dager siden

    I'm a law student and I enjoyed this so dang much. It's so satisfying! Also, whenever we have a hideous case to discuss I have to try not to laugh, not because I think it's funny but because it's a copying mechanism to laugh at innapropriate times. These assaults against men are particularly uncomfortable to watch because they were supposed to be funny at the time, which is sick! If you've never experienced nervous laughter maybe you haven't heard a dark enough story yet, yknow? The context you learn when you study law makes these things all the ickier. Further, she explained that the sentences she gave were based on whether a prosecutor would be realistically likely to succeed. The messed up truth is that it is really hard to get a jury to side with a female victim, let alone a male victim. All the odds are stacked against the victim in a sexual assault case. That's not how it should be but it's how it is right now. Also, some things may be decided differently in different jurisdictions but the offenses are essentially pretty similar.

  • cameron elizabeth
    cameron elizabeth 8 dager siden +4

    wouldn’t want to watch a movie with her 💀

  • Miss Quinn
    Miss Quinn 9 dager siden

    James bond is a dirt bag 😂😂

  • Juanita Mathis
    Juanita Mathis 9 dager siden

    Guys let’s get this video to 100,000 dislikes I know we can do it

  • Juanita Mathis
    Juanita Mathis 9 dager siden

    “I *loved* John Hugh’s movies.”

  • Mary A
    Mary A 9 dager siden

    Twilight the whole movie would be criminal offence 😂😂😂

  • MacIsNotCool
    MacIsNotCool 10 dager siden


    AWESOMENISH 10 dager siden

    Bringing in some actress and having her read a script about laws doesn’t make her a lawyer

  • Jojo
    Jojo 10 dager siden

    My WHOLE romance life is in prison now.

  • karina revenko
    karina revenko 10 dager siden +6

    FEMINISM 🖕🖕🖕

  • Daughter of The King
    Daughter of The King 10 dager siden +1

    Oh my word! Who made these movies?

  • Phandom 4ever
    Phandom 4ever 10 dager siden

    Is it just me or does it seem like if a girl raped a boy then it can go so unnoticed but if it happens to a girl then ppl go crazy

  • Dillon Cutlip
    Dillon Cutlip 10 dager siden

    James Bond: defends self after being attacked Law: THATS BATTERY

  • Ridhima Joshi
    Ridhima Joshi 11 dager siden

    They're so so so cringey!

  • Dae Dubois
    Dae Dubois 11 dager siden

    The only thing this made me realize is how terribly acted twilight is.

    • Ali Vanessa
      Ali Vanessa 9 dager siden

      Agreed and it's one of my favorite movies 😂

  • Lorela
    Lorela 11 dager siden

    It honestly disgusts me how much she was smiling when talking about men’s sexual assault

  • Alex Pettit
    Alex Pettit 11 dager siden

    angry feminist

  • - Vkook Animations -
    - Vkook Animations - 11 dager siden +2

    " i like watching you *sleep*"

  • Have An Ice Day
    Have An Ice Day 11 dager siden

    Those movies were terrible!

  • spavlo
    spavlo 11 dager siden

    God dayum vampires at it again

  • I AM GAY
    I AM GAY 12 dager siden +7

    *I LiKe WaTcHiNg YoU sLeEp*

  • Shad Davis Sr
    Shad Davis Sr 12 dager siden

    It's not always a male that is guilty. I know for a fact. I was sexualy assaulted by a family member when I was 5. She is deceased now

  • Emily Sierra
    Emily Sierra 12 dager siden

    “We call that stalking” 😂

  • Sad Max
    Sad Max 12 dager siden

    Just women? He threw him too ya know

  • Syriun
    Syriun 12 dager siden

    She doesn't seem to be able to do her job without removing her emotion. Comes across as a 'man-hater.'

    • Syriun
      Syriun 12 dager siden

      +playlist forsleep When she analyses footage where the man is the perpetrator she frequently shows disgust for the man and concern for the female victim and there are even hints of anger. However, when the perp is female, she smiles and smirks. Now that is probably, partly because they are scenes from funny movies and they are a little ridiculous, however, if she was being unbiased herself, she would analyze both scenarios with the same gravitous. She doesn't do that.
      Is your judgement coming from a place of bias?

    • playlist forsleep
      playlist forsleep 12 dager siden

      I think your judgement is coming from a bias place

  • 4hrbigos
    4hrbigos 12 dager siden

    This comment section is cancer.

  • Bellamv _
    Bellamv _ 12 dager siden +4

    As a female law student, I personally feel that this attorney had a clear bias throughout this video. Her supposedly "laughing" aside, the tone of her voice when delivering the analysis of the female victim scenes and the male victim scenes was noticeably different. For example, she appeared and sounded far more passionate about the female victim scenes than the male victim scenes, for example her reaction to thebSixteen Candles scene vs. the first scene of Wedding Crashers. That could be an indication of unconscious bias. Additionally, at or around 11:25, she seems to add "and men" as an afterthought post discussing the MeToo movement, an organization that has explicitly specified that they represent women only, not men. That could also be an indicator of unconscious bias. That's just how I interpreted this video, but I would like to see the same exact video analyzed by a male lawyer, just to see if the answers are different or the demeanor and tone changes. Is this video what I would expect coming from Buzzfeed? Definitely.

    • SUB BOT
      SUB BOT 9 timer siden

      I am not reading all of that sry