Lawyer Reviews Laws Broken In Classic Love Scenes


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    Special thanks to: Diana Aizman
    Criminal Defense Attorney Diana Aizman of Aizman Law Firm
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    • mikemoair
      mikemoair 2 timer siden

      but weed be legals now

    • Dan Fleury
      Dan Fleury 5 timer siden

      Great video!

    • Deshour Robinson
      Deshour Robinson 2 dager siden

      Buzzfeed the cancer of the internet

    • kushi
      kushi 5 dager siden

      I’m sorry but this video was so unprofessional

  • doonkey80
    doonkey80 11 minutter siden

    Puke in video form

  • sikj
    sikj 24 minutter siden +1

    Bro this lawyer is fu*king trash, clearly a male hater, get the fu*k out of here, I feel sorry for the husband if she has one!

  • Katherine Hackett
    Katherine Hackett 48 minutter siden

    Whats battery

  • JBM Visions
    JBM Visions 56 minutter siden

    This video is awesome

  • CrasherGaming X
    CrasherGaming X Time siden

    this video is trash. Delete your self buzzfeed

  • devin gcghybh
    devin gcghybh Time siden

    If a man would’ve stood in front of a woman and said feel it. That guys going straight to jail. Woman says feel it oh possibly a civil case. Yep 👍🏽 that makes hella sense.

  • miles LeDonne
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  • Private Boy
    Private Boy 3 timer siden

    Wtf are these terrible movie examples, they should have shown the scene where Lawrence of Arbia got fucked by like 15 turkish dudes in a prison.

  • ATinyWaffle
    ATinyWaffle 4 timer siden

    Yes, let's all smile and laugh at the men getting raped and sexually assaulted and get outraged at the women...

  • Christian Achiri
    Christian Achiri 4 timer siden

    Where am i ?

  • Hazel Reed
    Hazel Reed 5 timer siden

    Lol “I love watching you sleep”

  • ItzAubberz
    ItzAubberz 6 timer siden

    For everybody being an idiot about feminism - Feminism means equality for all. Fem is in the name because it started with women being oppressed, but now everybody is basically. Feminism is not just for women. Someone who believes that would be consisered a Feminazi. Hope this helps and you have a wonderful day.

  • Trevor Thompson
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  • Todd May
    Todd May 6 timer siden

    Considering that these are actors and actresses who willingly entered an agreement... They are both willing participants. NOW... If this happened in REAL LIFE - That would be something different.

  • LenLen Brinez Vlogs
    LenLen Brinez Vlogs 7 timer siden

    That is just a fvking movie😂 your taking it too seriously😂

  • cristopher wong
    cristopher wong 9 timer siden

    Deus, if we assign her to guard the gate, she be feminista everything including lively sins.

  • Ali Salih
    Ali Salih 10 timer siden

    So if i go to a random girl with my dick hanging and tell her to feel it i wont get any charges right?

  • Just Daniah
    Just Daniah 10 timer siden

    Thank you

  • Superpoof
    Superpoof 11 timer siden

    Leave her *hanging*
    Saw what you did there

  • Lou Cypher
    Lou Cypher 11 timer siden

    This video gave me hemorrhoids.

  • FearIsAScaryGame
    FearIsAScaryGame 12 timer siden

    37,000 rapists disliked this video

  • Dane Rose
    Dane Rose 12 timer siden

    A few things: Glad this topic is explored graphically. NO-clip blocked my exploration of LOTR on copyright grounds just for showing and discussing a clip and I could not get a response from the documentary association I contacted so I'm curious about whether one is supposed to ask all these studios before using a clip. I do see a huge area of bias in this issue. I have had two women stalking me in frightening ways and there is little empathy for that type of thing. I also think that "trauma" is partially culturally defined. That if a man or a woman views something as a "violation" then it has more impact than when it is viewed as "normal." Secrecy often has more impact than some of the subtle forms of abuse (i.e. there are situations where a father might kiss a daughter in a mild form of incest and then tell her to keep it a secret - the secret and fear etc. bringing more harm than if everyone lived in a culture where that was fine and there was no shame/secret or sense of violation). I also think that the abuses of separation hurt many of us as much as the abuses of forced closeness. We are a culture dying of loneliness and dissociation that obsesses about anyone crossing the boundaries we have created that sustain our isolation. As social mammals our chemistry is damaged by living distant and separate lives. There is something incredibly healing and healthy in the certainty and safety of someone who always wants to be close. I have that with my own wife and have found it very rare among most Western women. We have little sense of the daily mental, emotional and physical danger of being isolated, but have fits that anyone might have touched us inappropriately. 100,000 years ago we were in the trees and had enough exercise and sleep and sex daily to be in better shape than many of us are now. I want respect for boundaries and requests. I also want a culture that raises it's people to request more touch, transparency and healthy closeness and which understands how dangerous social shallowness and isolation is to a species.

  • RPMD glitches
    RPMD glitches 13 timer siden

    James bond was a mothafucking pimp

  • Number 69
    Number 69 13 timer siden

    I know people keep complaining about her going on about mostly the women having more of the crimes committed against them but come on guys. *It's buzzfeed.*

  • Quall Plays
    Quall Plays 14 timer siden

    9:35 uhm uhm CRINGE

    MOOVE SHOW 16 timer siden

    why this video sucks so much?

  • azumi quirola
    azumi quirola 16 timer siden

    omg its just a movie

  • Camilla cutey
    Camilla cutey 18 timer siden

    ...FBI OPEN UP

  • Laura Dusty
    Laura Dusty 18 timer siden

    This was hilarious

  • adolf hitler
    adolf hitler 19 timer siden

    OK cool

  • Wolfy Girl
    Wolfy Girl 19 timer siden

    Am I the only one who realized the guy from Twilight played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire?

    No... just me? Imma go crawl back into my corner now😂

  • West Kagle
    West Kagle 19 timer siden

    . BuzzCancer drunk on PC Kool-Aid once again. Can't wait for the lunatic left to get around to devouring the AIDS of NO-clip during it's 'eating it's own' phase.

  • Xavier Lopez
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  • TheBussinessCow
    TheBussinessCow 20 timer siden

    In 16 candles, both were drunk, but still it’s the woman who was raped

  • Madi Boggs
    Madi Boggs 20 timer siden

    He’s a vampire! He doesn’t sleep so he doesn’t know what it’s like! He doesn’t have much human contact! He is genuinely fascinated by her! She acts like his intentions were bad. I’m getting too heated, she’s talking about this hypothetically if it were real but like you gotta take in the context

  • Jared Brown
    Jared Brown 21 time siden +7

    2 of 3 sexual assault cases go unreported. If they go unreported how would you know??

  • KING-ORTON Chris Orton
    KING-ORTON Chris Orton 21 time siden

    Hippies have anything better to do and Rec could movies yes of course these are illegal activities but it's a movie get over it you are all twats

  • hector ruelas
    hector ruelas 21 time siden

    Thx for ruining these movies for me..

  • Blue Bunny
    Blue Bunny 21 time siden

    seems romantic until its in real life smh

  • david danielx23
    david danielx23 22 timer siden

    She want dat d😜ck

  • capitano moe
    capitano moe Dag siden

    Sean Connery goin to prison

  • AntoineLavoisier
    AntoineLavoisier Dag siden

    Hey guys I'm a professional meteorologist in Maryland. If you ever do disaster/weather movies I'd definitely be interested. I might even be able to convince a few of my co-workers to be on camera.

  • choccybuttie
    choccybuttie Dag siden

    It’s funny how, whenever a woman gets assaulted she’s disgusted and thinks it’s totally wrong, but when a man gets assaulted she smiles and doesn’t really bother

  • Anna Ottchitch
    Anna Ottchitch Dag siden

    the man-inists are attacking LoL

  • Check Zhong
    Check Zhong Dag siden

    If filmmakers do what she said may not be earning money

  • Harrison Singleton
    Harrison Singleton Dag siden

    Bond girl: violently throws him over her body.
    Bond:does the same thing but into hay.
    Lawyer: its all the mans fault he did battery!!!!

  • Seán Caverly
    Seán Caverly Dag siden +2

    Why did she ignore the man being battered

  • Brownie Cake
    Brownie Cake Dag siden

    Same two kids from the breakfast club!

  • Reap Bench
    Reap Bench Dag siden


  • lakiaya godfrey
    lakiaya godfrey Dag siden

    I hate her because she keep on confirming that these people got raped but if they got raped then it is going to be the whole scene that have been like oh he touched me that he would have happened Mission but if but if they touched you did you confirm it or no but they seen the characters seem like they okay with it so it really wasn't right it was confirming

  • 3milyMerritt
    3milyMerritt Dag siden +1

    So Vince Vaughn's character was only "possibly raped". "We don't know for sure because it cuts to the next scene pretty quickly". I love how she says that men can be victims as well but then smiles about this scene as she goes over it.

  • Proxy Creepybear
    Proxy Creepybear Dag siden

    “How did you get in here?”
    Nonchalantly states: “through the window.”
    Me: BoI if you don’t-

  • M Chris
    M Chris Dag siden

    Give the vampire a break. Stalking is way better than sucking the blood out of her.

  • 920921
    920921 Dag siden +1

    6:20 That scene is so disturbing. I watched the movie years ago but never paid attention to what was actually happening, It's so gross.

  • Aryaanl Heresh
    Aryaanl Heresh Dag siden

    You t
    You think I'm actually going to write this whole thing and waist 30 mins from my life


  • Daniel Dorn
    Daniel Dorn Dag siden +1

    This video just shows how misandrist our western culture and society has become.

  • Joshua Abou Atmeh
    Joshua Abou Atmeh Dag siden +1

    She 100% a feminist

  • amarath84
    amarath84 Dag siden +2

    can understand her reaction to the girls in this vid, but with the guy NOTHING lol (feel a little bias here).
    let's do the reverse then.
    Young woman sits on the bed with unease because of a naked middle aged man in front of her, (he says to her) i have trained hard, my wife doesn't care about it and you have played cat an mouse with me all night so here touch my muscles.... and call me KittyCat/Daddy.
    the young woman in an uncomfortable unease (don't want to do that), and she says that to him by using his name. He responds by stating again call me kittycat/Daddy...AND i won't let you leave this Room until you touch my muscles. So she against her own will does that so she can leave ("possibly" the scene ends there).
    NOW with the guy in the vid the lawyer saw a Potential civil lawsuit for harassment.
    what do you think would happen in reverse leave an honest comment.

  • BallPython38
    BallPython38 Dag siden

    She says the one at 7:00 can’t be recognized as an actual crime easily. Yet if the aggressor were a male and the victim were a female, she would be exponentially more disgusted by it.
    I’m quite disgusted by the way she handled both the situations involving male victims.

  • Kyle Holland
    Kyle Holland Dag siden

    Huh… whole lotta rapists in these comments…

  • Melanx
    Melanx Dag siden

    I like how for wedding crashers she says its hard to determine its a crime bcs its a girl commiting it but if i guy took off his pants and forced a girl to feel his penis oh boy would there be charges

  • Rjay Almedora
    Rjay Almedora Dag siden +1

    She doesn't have love life that's why..

  • TEA TIME 101
    TEA TIME 101 Dag siden

    At 7:10 isn’t that the dad from the movie wonder?

    GAME PLAYER Dag siden

    Wtf was thumbnail

  • Dodem V
    Dodem V Dag siden +1

    Feminism is cancer. Period.

  • charmspeaker
    charmspeaker Dag siden

    6:59 When the lawyer said there’s no real proof of sexual assault or allegations which could be made, I think she’s wrong. That’s complete emotional manipulation. Also the woman was ordering him to touch her when he was clearly uncomfortable.

  • Gear5 ZYF
    Gear5 ZYF Dag siden

    for decades, hollywood portray america women as sluts, now u r telling me that is not true?
    i m chinese BTW.

  • S C
    S C Dag siden

    I like how when the girl throws the man no charge but reverse it ILLEGAL

  • Darth Vader Light Saber Handheld Immersion Blender

    I mean she took her clothes off, that has to be worth something, a dude would get crucified if he pulled his pants down and showed himself off to a woman who hasn’t given consent. She also clearly stated that she wouldn’t let him leave until he touched her breasts. That’s definitely kidnapping with a side of sexual harassment.

  • Michelle-Volkfire
    Michelle-Volkfire Dag siden +1

    Ridiculous. You only see women as victims. You're a feminist and have no respect for men.
    No wonder men get screwed over so much in courts. Lawyers should be unbiased or lose their license.

  • Lup Lol
    Lup Lol Dag siden

    Boys👏can👏be 👏sexual👏assaulted👏and👏raped👏too👏

  • Gates2Aion
    Gates2Aion Dag siden

    I guess this lawyer lost a lot of male clients doing this xD

  • Saul Garcia
    Saul Garcia Dag siden

    4:21-4:22 New Years night

    Oh yeah what you really came for

  • Rpg Madman
    Rpg Madman Dag siden

    Bet she's an old virgin

  • Zachx
    Zachx Dag siden

    I love this! Bringing light to these topics!

  • Kawaii Scout
    Kawaii Scout Dag siden

    I like this person

  • George Fulton
    George Fulton Dag siden

    I know

  • Rick Bignall
    Rick Bignall Dag siden

    I'm sorry but you are one sided with each film. Also, you seem to be looking at the girls as the saints and the guys as the sinners here. You are having double standards towards the guys!

  • Deadpool L
    Deadpool L Dag siden

    I don’t think they told her these are movies 1:08

  • Mya Rae
    Mya Rae Dag siden

    Who remembers the Twilight scene?

  • Blake Derrick
    Blake Derrick Dag siden

    She had also threw him so she would get batter as well

  • James Check
    James Check Dag siden +2

    In the first one she threw him first?
    I am confusion

  • Glitz Kitten
    Glitz Kitten Dag siden

    Who’s he?
    That’s me

  • Glitz Kitten
    Glitz Kitten Dag siden

    *So many crimes*

  • xxxtentacion
    xxxtentacion Dag siden

    Don’t ever take this lady to the movie theater .

  • Little Herobrine
    Little Herobrine Dag siden

    Watching that clip, I remembered why I didn’t even make it through the first twilight movie.

  • Cire Porter
    Cire Porter Dag siden

    I'm sorry but these are just movies so u know they didn't do "it"

  • FriedApple
    FriedApple Dag siden

    of course this is from buzzfeed.

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith Dag siden

    Should someone tell these people that these are movies? They're fake, they're not supposed to be realistic or follow our real world laws, calm down.

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy Dag siden

    Fuckin feminist only say half that stuff cause it’s the girl getting “taken advantage of” even tho like half the time they were ok with it at the end

  • Leonidas Sabr
    Leonidas Sabr Dag siden


  • Rpg Madman
    Rpg Madman Dag siden

    It's not raped, if the victim liked it

  • TylerDoyles
    TylerDoyles Dag siden

    Think of it... a lot of adults see “#” as “pound” so... pound me too or #metoo

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin Dag siden

    When man is raped :hahahahahaha
    When woman is raped : DISGUSTANG

  • Not Hannah
    Not Hannah Dag siden

    I came for Sixteen Candles. ; p

  • sonny alaniz
    sonny alaniz Dag siden +2

    more than 60% of sexual assaults go unreported? So how do you know about them😂🤣 5:17 Buzzfeed logic

    • 小龙女
      小龙女 Dag siden +1

      Good god almighty, you're dense. Researchers survey people in a study and ask them about past sexual encounters and whether they've reported any coercive sexual encounters before. This has been done for decades to estimate the population parameter of unreported sexual assaults. If you don't understand something, Google it instead of laughing and assuming you're somehow smarter than the system.

  • Msbonehunter57
    Msbonehunter57 Dag siden

    I have watched these movies and half of the guys are not the girls boyfriend's

  • midget gem
    midget gem Dag siden

    Why she laughing whe shows stuff happening to guys men get assaulted raped as well very poorly done shame on her.

  • Crispy Dex
    Crispy Dex Dag siden

    *_tHiS yOuNg LaDiE wAs RaPeD_*