KSI - Ares (Quadeca Diss Track) Official Video

  • Publisert 4. des.. 2018
  • Directed by @RVBBERDUCK
    Produced by afterparty.studio
    Instrumental produced by instagram.com/z_azad
    Twitter: twitter.com/KSIOlajidebt
    Instagram: instagram.com/ksi
    Facebook: facebook.com/KSIOlajidebt/
    Footasylum: www.footasylum.com/
    Snapchat: therealksi
    Clothing: www.sidemenclothing.com/
    Myprotein - bit.ly/2w9KGa0
    KSI: Can't Lose available worldwide - www.cantlosefilm.com
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  • Gethyaboy
    Gethyaboy 18 timer siden

    MAKE A DISS TRACK ON DAX/ps you litrely need to do it this could be houndred dollar 💵 bills son

  • TDGHenry Artiga
    TDGHenry Artiga 18 timer siden


  • I Refuse I
    I Refuse I 18 timer siden

    Most Fire bar: I am the king of the Drama, Cream of the Crop i’m the new age farmer

  • bradley messi
    bradley messi 18 timer siden +2

    Who the ghost writer this time?

  • Dr doske
    Dr doske 18 timer siden +2

    Nice 👌👌👌

  • Uniscapes
    Uniscapes 18 timer siden +6

    He deleted his latest video about saying sorry to Deji :o

  • Munib Yousif
    Munib Yousif 18 timer siden

    Make a diss track on Deji with Randolph

  • Lezgin Soyler
    Lezgin Soyler 18 timer siden +4

    Make a diss track on deji

  • Ken Trix
    Ken Trix 18 timer siden +3

    Next diss u do feature HiReztv

  • BruhItsShadow
    BruhItsShadow 18 timer siden +4

    Its a good song but he dosent have alot of disses so im for quadeca for now if u dont make a better diss

  • Blitz GamerYT
    Blitz GamerYT 18 timer siden +1

    ur both old y u even trying

  • Dead Meme
    Dead Meme 18 timer siden +4

    Oof Quadeca still won

  • Colin Smith
    Colin Smith 18 timer siden +3

    I love the lyrics, the beat and the voice makes it perfect.

    • thesniperlyfe
      thesniperlyfe 18 timer siden

      Yes a sensible human the other duds don't know what dessparado is XD

  • maryam mohab
    maryam mohab 18 timer siden +8

    i love the lyrics n beat but his voice ruins it

  • Saitama Sensei
    Saitama Sensei 18 timer siden +4

    lol KSI is dead ass quadeca is god

  • Fortnite Master
    Fortnite Master 19 timer siden +6

    The one good thing was the beat

  • Warren Fletcher
    Warren Fletcher 19 timer siden +5

    Let's be honest ksi can spray bars and he has ammunition he's probably working on a diss track where he's going to go all out coz he's pissed off now the brotherly beef will be squashed soon deji released one now ksi will reply he has deleted his sorry video he's mad

  • Danny M
    Danny M 19 timer siden +11

    Your song doesn’t make any sense bruh

    • Gena Bexman
      Gena Bexman 18 timer siden

      +faZe kayor maybe you just abandoned logic completely. Tf is that even related to??

    • Gena Bexman
      Gena Bexman 18 timer siden

      +thesniperlyfe um if you are, you must be a special kind of stupid not to be able to speak your mother tongue.

    • faZe kay
      faZe kay 18 timer siden

      Gena Bexman or he just doesn't have a brain

    • thesniperlyfe
      thesniperlyfe 18 timer siden

      +Gena Bexman um your not from the uk

    • Gena Bexman
      Gena Bexman 18 timer siden

      +faZe kay because this is neither English nor rap.

    JSN AGR 19 timer siden +11

    Selling replay buttons
    Each cost one like

  • Relix Playz
    Relix Playz 19 timer siden +5

    who else thinks ksi hasnt uploaded because he is doing a diss with randolph on deji and dax and the other two that dissed ksi??

    • Relix Playz
      Relix Playz 18 timer siden

      or is that what he is saying and he suprises people with a diss because everyone who has a diss track on him, he has replied with one

    • thesniperlyfe
      thesniperlyfe 18 timer siden


    • TheNever Storm
      TheNever Storm 18 timer siden

      No ksi said he wouldn't diss deji he said happy birthday deji today and stuff

    • faZe kay
      faZe kay 18 timer siden

      Relix Playz maybe

  • DMN Kronic
    DMN Kronic 19 timer siden +2

    Bro you’re so mean Go make it up with your bro Deji

    • DMN Kronic
      DMN Kronic 18 timer siden

      faZe kay no watch new vid Deji

    • faZe kay
      faZe kay 18 timer siden

      DMN Kronic deji needs to make it up he made a diss track on him

  • jack B
    jack B 19 timer siden +3

    Wet 😂😂💧💦

    • faZe kay
      faZe kay 18 timer siden

      jack B ur weird

  • BlazingTrolls
    BlazingTrolls 19 timer siden +1

    "make you missing like madeleine "is reference to some girl who was disappeared and was never found only ksi is type of dude to use something random like this in a 2018 diss track LUL

    • thesniperlyfe
      thesniperlyfe 18 timer siden

      +Nicole Cupidon yes a sensible human

    • Nicole Cupidon
      Nicole Cupidon 18 timer siden

      It’s a British thing Americans would not understand

      IMFALLINGBACK 19 timer siden +1

      not really random, it's a pretty relevant diss and was a good bar

  • cruz leonard
    cruz leonard 19 timer siden +8

    Like or die

  • jokepauler 78
    jokepauler 78 19 timer siden +9

    Quadeca won. Easy

  • Fletcher Pendry
    Fletcher Pendry 19 timer siden +2

    Hair looks like mince meat...

  • TK iN0t
    TK iN0t 19 timer siden +2

    i missed all the drama, rip

  • Charlie Elliott
    Charlie Elliott 19 timer siden +11

    Like=deji unforgivable
    Comment=ksi ares

  • shishi
    shishi 19 timer siden +13

    ksi won tho

    • gabe everdeen
      gabe everdeen 18 timer siden

      He did

    • WhiteWAFFLES
      WhiteWAFFLES 19 timer siden

      +Joshua Prasad the fanbase of both people are kids so they wont get his diss track lol its sad but true

    • Ilyaas Ahmed
      Ilyaas Ahmed 19 timer siden

      Yeah quad used overused jokes that ksi himself made up in the past

    • Adam Petrella
      Adam Petrella 19 timer siden

      Deji diss track better

    • viper4991
      viper4991 19 timer siden

      Not even close. Didnt know who Q was. ut have watched KSI for awhile. And Q crushed him.

  • Melted Ice
    Melted Ice 19 timer siden +10

    he deleted the deji apology vid

    • viper4991
      viper4991 19 timer siden

      Hes gonna make a diss track. This has ALL been a big plan for drama and hype for views.

    • Diversity 49
      Diversity 49 19 timer siden +1

      Melted Ice because deji is an idiot

  • Bobby K. Bert
    Bobby K. Bert 19 timer siden +2

    I’m not gonna lie I feel like he didn’t write this just cause of the golden state lie I’m sure it’s obvious ksi doesn’t keep up with the nba I’m sure of that and diss god is American and probably an nba fan so the golden state reference could have been put in there by him

    • BlazingTrolls
      BlazingTrolls 19 timer siden

      nah this song is not diss gods style diss god is more black rap style while this song is what youd expect from some white person XD

    • Bobby K. Bert
      Bobby K. Bert 19 timer siden

      DreTX yeah probably not that line just made me think twice bout the ghost writer thing

    • DreTX
      DreTX 19 timer siden

      Too much english words there, ksi doesnt use a ghostwriter

  • BoxingStation
    BoxingStation 19 timer siden +1

    This is hard I reckon

  • abdul
    abdul 19 timer siden +1

    i hate you look what u did to your bro

  • Black Panther
    Black Panther 19 timer siden +2

    Who is Dax?

  • ルーラーAYIE
    ルーラーAYIE 19 timer siden +7

    In my opinion, this disstrack actually good. You just gotta know what the word means. Also, to someone who said this music is trash, lemme give you something. First, he is better than you. Second, he actually fire back and got something so say. Third, y'all just trash talk. Like you can do better 😂😂 I'm not saying this disstrack is bad/really good, but it's actually good enough. Y'all gotta understand it. That's all, peace.

  • Maximilian Sutton
    Maximilian Sutton 19 timer siden +5

    KSI saying he's unstoppable 4 days later Deji drops facts

  • Xb Zonalcrasher16
    Xb Zonalcrasher16 19 timer siden +3

    My mans went hardcore duuuude

  • The King
    The King 19 timer siden +3


  • ParerDoXx _add
    ParerDoXx _add 19 timer siden +4


  • Mk K
    Mk K 19 timer siden +2

    Add me on snp Alshamsi070g

  • T B
    T B 19 timer siden +1


  • Mxster Gaming
    Mxster Gaming 19 timer siden +2

    God of war not god of rap

    • A J
      A J 19 timer siden +1

      Listen to the beat one ×125,
      Yes I know that's irrelevant.

    • Paul Pogba
      Paul Pogba 19 timer siden +1

      God of rap war

  • retarded Duck
    retarded Duck 19 timer siden +12

    Its a good disstrack. You just have to know what it means

  • Luke Holohan
    Luke Holohan 19 timer siden +6

    To be fair there is no dirt to throw on Quadeca, therefore KSI’s disses were mild as opposed to Quadeca.

  • seasnake_ takuma
    seasnake_ takuma 19 timer siden +3

    KSI really

  • John B
    John B 19 timer siden +12

    KSI you are not good at dissing go back to Fifa pack opening

    • A J
      A J 19 timer siden

      +Vioq but he is decent at rapping, he ain't the best. But he has good bars that go over your head.

    • tay more #
      tay more # 19 timer siden

      +ルーラーAYIE IKR XD

    • tay more #
      tay more # 19 timer siden


    • ルーラーAYIE
      ルーラーAYIE 19 timer siden

      +Vioq Drop one, please. I want to hear it better.

    • ルーラーAYIE
      ルーラーAYIE 19 timer siden

      +Vioq Bruh like you got one? At least he fire back. Not trash-talk like you. I bet when you got roasted like KSI did, you just gotta shut your coward mouth.

  • Dàvid Mucza
    Dàvid Mucza 19 timer siden +4

    The best

  • pentagonz tv
    pentagonz tv 19 timer siden +6

    i expected better ......what a shame😑😑

    • ASenpaiKayn
      ASenpaiKayn 19 timer siden

      Its good dumbasses

    • Vioq
      Vioq 19 timer siden

      I say that for all his distracks. Still shit

  • Dr Goofenstien
    Dr Goofenstien 19 timer siden +4

    Rhyming lifting with weightlifting...yikes.

    • Ilyaas Ahmed
      Ilyaas Ahmed 18 timer siden

      Rhyming booth with you. Smfh

    • Sera Lars
      Sera Lars 19 timer siden

      +Nefarious 331 easy peasy
      hahahahahah that was a good one

    • Dr Goofenstien
      Dr Goofenstien 19 timer siden

      +Nefarious 331 And as a fact he didn't say "uplifting" he said " up liftning" , just read the text as proof dawg.

    • Dr Goofenstien
      Dr Goofenstien 19 timer siden

      +Nefarious 331 Well, nothing about the song is good so how bout u just calm down and stop sucking of KSI boi.

    • Ben Nears
      Ben Nears 19 timer siden

      twas wut I also t'ought

  • Wozza G
    Wozza G 19 timer siden +5

    Crypt said he was rap god, surely ksi and Eminem 2v4?
    Maybe team up with Quadeca to get rid of the irrelevant kids??

    • gabe everdeen
      gabe everdeen 18 timer siden

      i hate when Crypt calls himself a rap god

    • Vioq
      Vioq 19 timer siden

      Mate he don't have a rappers tone. Get that in your head jesus christ LOL

      DEATH DRAGON 19 timer siden

      Wozza G yo!

  • Özkan Öz
    Özkan Öz 19 timer siden +9

    He is so insecure, he is deleting comments lmao.

  • Vioq
    Vioq 19 timer siden +4

    He just don't have a rappers voice like LD. Bring the ksi fan boys.

    • Vioq
      Vioq 19 timer siden

      +Paul Pogba My g

    • Paul Pogba
      Paul Pogba 19 timer siden

      A J
      There is a tone and he doesn’t have it

    • A J
      A J 19 timer siden

      Jesus, why do you keep commenting this? It's embarrassing. There isn't a tone you have have.

  • Alice Gyde
    Alice Gyde 19 timer siden +2

    Rember he made this in like 4 days

    • Ilyaas Ahmed
      Ilyaas Ahmed 18 timer siden

      +Chris why are you lying. Im sure he said that he made this in three days man watch his reaction video

    • Chris
      Chris 19 timer siden +2

      Quad said his was made in under 24 hours and quadeca doesnt have a label and production team helping him

    • Vioq
      Vioq 19 timer siden +2

      Who cares? 4 hours or 4 days its still shit

  • The Special Boy
    The Special Boy 19 timer siden +6

    The people who disliking him is jealous of him or haters or they came from other channels

    Just for the second disstrack jj will destroy them

    • JD AD
      JD AD 19 timer siden +2

      The Special Boy mate good choice

    • Matthew Harrop
      Matthew Harrop 19 timer siden +1

      Yeah that is true

  • reassurance
    reassurance 19 timer siden +6

    why does this look like the place vikk took his sidemen diss track

    • Alice Gyde
      Alice Gyde 19 timer siden

      reassurance they all live in the same house it makes sence

  • Mr Momo
    Mr Momo 19 timer siden +5


    • J0nathan The dane
      J0nathan The dane 19 timer siden

      Wrong vid bruh.

    • Mr Momo
      Mr Momo 19 timer siden

      +Linus Sebastian Jobs He made a sorry video for Deji, and he deleted it. Even tho he was trying to manipulate us. Watch Deji his last video about KSI.

    • Linus Sebastian Jobs
      Linus Sebastian Jobs 19 timer siden

      Mr Momo ??

  • Little Khan 45j6
    Little Khan 45j6 19 timer siden

    This is actually good but he should reacts to deji and sort this out between his brother cause he dropped a diss on him I wonder what’s gonna happen now

    • Kaine Charles
      Kaine Charles 19 timer siden

      Little Khan 45j6 the hole sidemen said they wouldn’t react to it

  • ayman ali
    ayman ali 20 timer siden +3


  • Shameer Ashraf
    Shameer Ashraf 20 timer siden +3

    Fire 😎😎😎 savrge

  • TheSpookyBoi
    TheSpookyBoi 20 timer siden +8

    Good song.
    Terrible diss.
    Edit: Well... Everything before the second half was good.

  • Your Dogs Dad
    Your Dogs Dad 20 timer siden +8

    The amount of thought between each line is amazing. An example is when he talks about Isabella when he says “measure for measure.” Isabella is a character from a play called this. A good song is all about lyrics, not the flow or beat. Take Eminem, what’s he most profound for; his lyrics. People need to open their eyes and clean their ears. Just saying.

  • Sxrious
    Sxrious 20 timer siden +5

    The beat is fire af

  • TheSpookyBoi
    TheSpookyBoi 20 timer siden +5

    Yo he deleted the video regarding the apology to Deji. Snap. Guess he really might want to keep it all under wraps.

  • Smatty
    Smatty 20 timer siden +7

    Quadeca won

  • ACIDGameReviews
    ACIDGameReviews 20 timer siden +7

    Talks nonsense mediocre with a God complex.

  • Samkler
    Samkler 20 timer siden +2

    Can we get this beat?

  • Hassan Bandit
    Hassan Bandit 20 timer siden +9

    The song at 1.25x speed lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • gabe everdeen
      gabe everdeen 18 timer siden

      no its not.

    • Gena Bexman
      Gena Bexman 18 timer siden

      +ASenpaiKayn how tf did you land on Justin Bieber?

    • Hassan Bandit
      Hassan Bandit 18 timer siden

      Vioq I'm not acting dumb
      It's my opinion that 1.25 x speed is better
      Get lost kid

    • BlazingTrolls
      BlazingTrolls 19 timer siden

      +ASenpaiKayn this isnt a diss track this was some gay ass "im a god look at me" kysss

    • ASenpaiKayn
      ASenpaiKayn 19 timer siden

      Vioq you say this is shit? Haahahah that means ur justin bieber's fan. You dont have good taste of music

  • Fuze
    Fuze 20 timer siden +6

    People are deaf or they dont understand songs to say that this is trash

  • Tom New
    Tom New 20 timer siden +1

    Isabella is a character in the play measure for measure

  • Sayfur Rahman
    Sayfur Rahman 20 timer siden

    You delted ur apologies video on deji.

    • Jennifer Ghaleb
      Jennifer Ghaleb 20 timer siden


    • Fuck Microsoft
      Fuck Microsoft 20 timer siden

      Thank god you’re here, I don’t think KSI would never know he deleted his video if you didn’t tell him.

    • Junior Toga
      Junior Toga 20 timer siden

      Sayfur Rahman Stay in school bruh.

    • Mythledon
      Mythledon 20 timer siden

      Sayfur Rahman *deleted

  • Max Howlett
    Max Howlett 20 timer siden +7

    I don't care about the beef, but KSI has the best video production in the game

    • Jennifer Ghaleb
      Jennifer Ghaleb 19 timer siden

      JC TheBlackGuy I was mainly stating about the visuals within his music videos not typically the songs itself, but I do agree with you that he expresses lack of skill in rapping, in comparison to DAX and Quadeca. I also agree that all these diss tracks are stupid and a waste of excessive time, throughout it can illustrate lyrical talent towards artists and open the door to what they call “NO-clip Artist”.

    • JC TheBlackGuy
      JC TheBlackGuy 19 timer siden

      +ACIDGameReviews Based on KSI Standard it is his best work...

    • ACIDGameReviews
      ACIDGameReviews 19 timer siden

      +JC TheBlackGuy In my opinion On Point was also shit. KSI isn't a rapper and claims them to be rap. He uses autotune

    • JC TheBlackGuy
      JC TheBlackGuy 19 timer siden

      +Jennifer Ghaleb On Point was his best work...He will not be able to surpass this...And Keyword..."Video". The video is over the top bcz he is over compensating for his rapping skills...As a NO-clipr I think that's a great things, it's entertaining, but calling out other rappers, being disrespectful is just wack. He doens't have the skill to backup trash talk...Right now Dax and Quadeca are killing the NO-clip rap game and they do not have KSI god complex ego...Even his own brother is stepping up and rapping better...

    • Jennifer Ghaleb
      Jennifer Ghaleb 20 timer siden

      JC TheBlackGuy I will admit he’s songs ain’t the best, but are you saying that ‘On Point’ isn’t a good music video?

    DAVOR TRAJKOVSKI 20 timer siden +2

    Because deji made a diss track with dax and other people you should make a Diss track with randolph

    • No Nut November
      No Nut November 20 timer siden

      DAVOR TRAJKOVSKI yea great idea to bring up more drama think before you fucking comment

  • Lock
    Lock 20 timer siden +4

    why does this dude think he can rap? stick to screaming at fifa

    • FBI
      FBI 18 timer siden

      +ASenpaiKayn foolish. He is a NO-clipR. I do not consider someone like him a rapper.
      Try to compare him to professional rappers. He's like a 5th grader in a school full of 10th,11th,12th,13th graders. He is no match for rappers like Dex,but he still messes with him.
      I repeat:
      KSI is no rapper.
      Your logic:
      Logan Paul is a rapper,Jake Paul is a rapper,PewDiePie is a Hip-Hop/Rap star,Ricegum is a rapper.
      NO-clip singing=No Rapper
      As easy as that. Get it into your brain.

    • ASenpaiKayn
      ASenpaiKayn 19 timer siden

      FBI hes a youtuber/rapper

    • ASenpaiKayn
      ASenpaiKayn 19 timer siden

      FBI he is a rapper. Do u even know how many songs he made?

    • FBI
      FBI 19 timer siden

      +ASenpaiKayn you are joking...right? He IS A NO-clipr. I wouldn't call someone like him a rapper. And still,he messed with a PROFESSIONAL. A professional rapper vs a NO-clip star who wants to be a rapper..

    • ASenpaiKayn
      ASenpaiKayn 19 timer siden

      FBI ksi is a rapper.

  • mattylfcnumber8
    mattylfcnumber8 20 timer siden +1

    wish all these NO-cliprs would stop trying to box and rap and just stick to FIFA and fortnight because their shite everyone should unsubscribe that would teach them a lesson.

  • bunny - TF2 & Fortnite
    bunny - TF2 & Fortnite 20 timer siden +4

    1:39 1.25 speed

  • Felix van Lith
    Felix van Lith 20 timer siden

    should be at 1,25 speed

    • 9 november • 1 year ago
      9 november • 1 year ago 20 timer siden

      His ghost writer is too fast tell him to slow down a bit cuz your not in his league to make rap songs

  • Fazlid falix
    Fazlid falix 20 timer siden

    18 years old vs ???

  • Faith_Mazzi
    Faith_Mazzi 20 timer siden +1

    Second part slaps

  • Dragana SJ
    Dragana SJ 20 timer siden +3

    speed 1,5 and I am a fan 😂😂😂

  • Diggs
    Diggs 20 timer siden +3

    God 🏆

  • Baby Kermit
    Baby Kermit 20 timer siden +3

    This shit so lit at 1.25x Speed

  • Soukhanya Waters
    Soukhanya Waters 20 timer siden +4

    He tried too sound good on the Dax one😂💀😂

    • Pablo Favela
      Pablo Favela 20 timer siden

      He can't compete with Dax to be honest. Dax pretty much even carried Unforgivable.

  • ARI HD
    ARI HD 20 timer siden +10

    Try it at 1.25x(speed)

  • Charlie Elliott
    Charlie Elliott 20 timer siden +5

    This is so shit at normal speed

  • Rory Forsyth 10
    Rory Forsyth 10 20 timer siden +3


  • 1 miljoen subscriber challenge With no video's?!

    who do you guys think is telling the truth

  • Grzesiek Gacek
    Grzesiek Gacek 20 timer siden +4

    Why Ares, not Zeus?. Shit song.

    • ĸeιѕнa
      ĸeιѕнa 18 timer siden

      aloshegames2 I'm just saying that Zeus is more relevant to the situation. Like, If the song was about JJ being able to beat someone or he was better than someone for example someone thought they were the best youtube rapper ever and they challenged JJ even though they were actually incredibly shit. Like WoahVicky or someone. Using Zeus as a reference would be better than using Ares if you know what I mean.

    • The Cube
      The Cube 19 timer siden +1

      He chose ares because ares is the god of war

    • Wow, what a load of bullshit
      Wow, what a load of bullshit 20 timer siden

      Because Zeus is God Of Gods, he is just opening himself to a cool reply name.

    • aloshegames2
      aloshegames2 20 timer siden +1

      +ĸeιѕнa zeus isnt just god of thunder lol he is the god of the gods

    • ĸeιѕнa
      ĸeιѕнa 20 timer siden

      Wow, maybe because he has a fucking opinion. Maybe he likes Ares better then Zeus? Maybe because Ares is God of WAR.
      What has thunder got to with this argument lmao

  • Ibrahim Muhammad
    Ibrahim Muhammad 20 timer siden +1

    did you loose some b?

  • Aaron Joseph
    Aaron Joseph 20 timer siden +3

    R.I.P lipsync 😂

    • Aaron Joseph
      Aaron Joseph 20 timer siden

      +Gamingx Banana I know... His lipsync ain't proper

    • Gamingx Banana
      Gamingx Banana 20 timer siden +2

      Aaron Joseph btw alll people who make music videos lip sync for better sound quality

  • Yung Fal
    Yung Fal 20 timer siden +1

    boyyy i love it!!!I want this in spotify!!

  • Hinata Kun
    Hinata Kun 20 timer siden +2

    Most of quadecas fans are Logan’s fans 😂😂

  • Francesco Malik
    Francesco Malik 20 timer siden +1

    What is the term after worst

  • Xevie X
    Xevie X 20 timer siden +2

    Quadeca doesnt’t like this but tbh I think he jealous af

    • spliitz
      spliitz 20 timer siden

      Quad ain’t jealous lady.

  • xXFr3cXiGamingXx
    xXFr3cXiGamingXx 20 timer siden +4

    Not even close to Quedecas leevel.

  • Joogie Licker
    Joogie Licker 20 timer siden +7


  • The Amazing one
    The Amazing one 20 timer siden +3

    Did u know that ksi video deji my brother is deleted

  • Mehrab Sk
    Mehrab Sk 20 timer siden +3


  • Mike Martinesi
    Mike Martinesi 21 time siden +2

    I'm not a fan but thus was not bad!

  • Laxshan Vigi
    Laxshan Vigi 21 time siden +1

    Hate everything you are about Deji exposed YOU

  • Varnan Logeswaran
    Varnan Logeswaran 21 time siden +8

    x1.25 speed is awesome