KSI - Ares (Quadeca Diss Track) Official Video

  • Publisert 4. des.. 2018
  • Directed by @RVBBERDUCK
    Produced by afterparty.studio
    Instrumental produced by instagram.com/z_azad
    Twitter: twitter.com/KSIOlajidebt
    Instagram: instagram.com/ksi
    Facebook: facebook.com/KSIOlajidebt/
    Footasylum: www.footasylum.com/
    Snapchat: therealksi
    Clothing: www.sidemenclothing.com/
    Myprotein - bit.ly/2w9KGa0
    KSI: Can't Lose available worldwide - www.cantlosefilm.com
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  • Z1ggy Day
    Z1ggy Day 43 minutter siden +1

    0:26 so funny

  • Alan Bijo
    Alan Bijo Time siden +1

    Someone should have made a disstrack called Zeus or Wonder Woman

  • Entity 301
    Entity 301 Time siden +1

    JJ your days are over. I used to be a fan when your content was funny.Its just flop songs now......

  • Zed
    Zed Time siden +3

    The first beat is probably the best beat he has ever chosen/made in a diss track.

  • MR Default
    MR Default Time siden +2

    The beat on Dax 2:11 is sick

  • TI SE
    TI SE 2 timer siden +3

    That beat drop at 1:10 gets me

  • somebody
    somebody 2 timer siden +2

    ksi won

  • doofnuggetsburger Uhh
    doofnuggetsburger Uhh 2 timer siden +2

    Get me likes 2:10

    KOBE BRYANT 2 timer siden +2


  • fgfg fgf
    fgfg fgf 3 timer siden +1

    try at 1.25 its sick

  • TotallyNotA Bot
    TotallyNotA Bot 4 timer siden +5

    the beat is sick but the lyrics don't fit it

  • Nathaniel Beadle
    Nathaniel Beadle 4 timer siden +7

    Still think quadeca won the diss battle but this track gets better the more u listen

  • Jones Elmundo
    Jones Elmundo 5 timer siden +4

    1:30 love that flow

  • Alexandrio
    Alexandrio 6 timer siden


  • Z1ggy Day
    Z1ggy Day 8 timer siden +4


  • Shray Sinha
    Shray Sinha 8 timer siden +10

    Quadeca: "You talk nonsense, mediocre with a god complex"
    KSI: names diss track after a god
    *Read more*

    • Dadin number1
      Dadin number1 50 minutter siden

      I fell for it

    • Hello hi
      Hello hi 6 timer siden

      jokes on you i use the old version of youtube

      i still fell for it ;-;

  • Kenneth Tay
    Kenneth Tay 9 timer siden +4

    Stop trying

  • Kenneth Tay
    Kenneth Tay 9 timer siden +1

    Fffffffffffffffuuuuyuuyyyuuuyyuuuccccccccccvcccccccckkkkkkkkkkk u bich

  • iLoveBaconAlfac
    iLoveBaconAlfac 9 timer siden +8

    Dude, there's no point. Quadeca already destroyed you.

  • Michael Rinehart
    Michael Rinehart 9 timer siden +5

    3:27 thank me later

  • Kpop Trash :P
    Kpop Trash :P 10 timer siden +3

    Umm. Sorta bad. Quadecas was honestly straight fire. LoOk At ThAt BaBy FaCe.. sorry. But. Um. No

    • Juniax CS
      Juniax CS 2 timer siden

      So you finally comment about it... 3 months later.. you just got internet or what... stop crying.

    VERBECK 10 timer siden

    😈😈😈Check out our music😈😈😈Muchas Gracias😈😈😈

  • teevee 246
    teevee 246 10 timer siden +2

    The beat is ok rymes are good but disses are trash

    SEBI XD 11 timer siden +3

    You look like a fish

  • Xierax Xierax
    Xierax Xierax 14 timer siden +10


    • seannwith1n
      seannwith1n Time siden

      you dont know rap girl

    • Hello hi
      Hello hi 8 timer siden

      @FadeBuX as if u know how to type

      Why Are You Typing All The First Letters Of Each Word In Capitals

    • SunnyArcade
      SunnyArcade 8 timer siden

      It's only weak cause you don't understand his references and the disses are only bad because JJ is a lot more out there in the public.

    • Maurice Reyes
      Maurice Reyes 11 timer siden +1

      Its worst than weak

    • FadeBuX
      FadeBuX 11 timer siden +1

      +HustleGamer No

  • Big Butter
    Big Butter 14 timer siden +9

    Damn bruh, this song is kinda doodoo

    • Maurice Reyes
      Maurice Reyes 11 timer siden


    • Big Butter
      Big Butter 14 timer siden

      Yo thanks for the like man, just got a notification, also I'm really fucking high.

  • Chodie #1 fan
    Chodie #1 fan 15 timer siden


    BGGAMMERZ 15 timer siden +2


    • Hello hi
      Hello hi 3 timer siden +1

      @BGGAMMERZ ye its cuz u posted this comment on a ksi vid there are so many kids that fanboy ksi, i mean i empathise with them... sometimes they have good points with like some lyrics but *MY GOD THE CRINGE*

      BGGAMMERZ 3 timer siden

      Hello hi at least u see it. Other people are hating on me for this

    • Hello hi
      Hello hi 4 timer siden

      @BGGAMMERZ tru lol

      BGGAMMERZ 4 timer siden +1

      Jeesrel Papi you shouldn’t be talking. 34 subs. Ass

      BGGAMMERZ 4 timer siden

      Hello hi this diss track got shitty views. Most diss tracks have way more views

  • Noah K388
    Noah K388 16 timer siden +6

    Get the bleached ear swabs again

    • Mr Ronaldo
      Mr Ronaldo 5 timer siden

      I subbed coz of that

    • Mr Ronaldo
      Mr Ronaldo 5 timer siden

      Bro ur profile pic is my wallpaper

  • doofnuggetsburger Uhh
    doofnuggetsburger Uhh 17 timer siden +8


  • TitanicTube
    TitanicTube 17 timer siden +6

    Why yall comentating now lmao

    • Vincent Le
      Vincent Le 16 timer siden

      +TitanicTube It's sorted new first, learn to read.

    • xCyclonex
      xCyclonex 17 timer siden

      Why did u randomly tag me?

    • TitanicTube
      TitanicTube 17 timer siden

      +xCyclonex ???

  • LiangGaming
    LiangGaming 18 timer siden +2

    lol 😂 it sounds like he is just fast talking...

    JORDAN COLE 18 timer siden +2

    who wrote that for you ksi because they sucks dax will roast you

    • Sans TheComic
      Sans TheComic 12 timer siden +1

      they sucks. its they suck and for the record no. just no

    • x GUNIT
      x GUNIT 16 timer siden +2

      JORDAN COLE nah, i think dax will say sorry

  • War Stories & Life Changing Advice

    You not as good bro

    X- BLASTER 18 timer siden +12


    • X- BLASTER
      X- BLASTER 7 timer siden

      +Hello hi quadeca is good but like ksi said he was reinventing his career

    • Hello hi
      Hello hi 8 timer siden


  • Elijah Burnett
    Elijah Burnett 18 timer siden +10

    I used to hate this, but if you actually listen to the song it's good

  • Quinten Dennison
    Quinten Dennison 20 timer siden +7


    • Dadin number1
      Dadin number1 45 minutter siden

      Quinten Dennison that’s what she said

    • DennyBoy
      DennyBoy 15 timer siden +1

      You probably want to be as successful as him 😂 good luck

    • Jhamaud Bradley
      Jhamaud Bradley 15 timer siden +2

      Like you can do better

    • The Riot
      The Riot 16 timer siden +1

      Definition of your life

    • IDentity Faisal
      IDentity Faisal 16 timer siden +1

      Definition of you

  • Chronic Tek
    Chronic Tek 20 timer siden


  • Mikail Tepe
    Mikail Tepe 20 timer siden +4


      JORDAN COLE 18 timer siden +1

      ik right his bars suck makin my ears bleed

  • Oliver Cork
    Oliver Cork 20 timer siden +11

    Fire JJ Fire

  • ATX 12
    ATX 12 21 time siden +6

    I am the table... ok

    • Hello hi
      Hello hi 8 timer siden

      @Mr_No_Name i hate this song but i like the flow a bit and i say it all the time lmao idk y

    • Mr_No_Name
      Mr_No_Name 10 timer siden

      For some odd reason I keep saying that everyday

    • Tristan From School
      Tristan From School 19 timer siden

      ATX 12 such a good bar lmao

  • HI HI
    HI HI 21 time siden +2

    This plus big subwoofer = perfect

    • Mr_No_Name
      Mr_No_Name 10 timer siden

      Or small cheap sub and bass booster lol

  • GameCycle yi
    GameCycle yi 22 timer siden +5

    Why does ksi always wear the same tshirt. ITS DAX!!

  • NachoMuchacho
    NachoMuchacho 22 timer siden +2

    Can't take KSI seriously when he looks like a rip-off version of Dax

    • Hello hi
      Hello hi 8 timer siden +1

      @Shawn prg Dax of version off-rip a like he when seriously KSI take cant


      *you said LITERALLY, HMMMMM* xd

    • Shawn prg
      Shawn prg 18 timer siden +1

      Or literally the other way around

  • Queen_Savage1120
    Queen_Savage1120 23 timer siden +5

    I don’t like KSI but this goes hard 😂 and actually I didn’t know who he was till I watched Logan Paul vlogs 😂
    Ps: go subscribe and cop merch loganpaul/shop 😂😂

  • Hamza Mohammed
    Hamza Mohammed 23 timer siden +6

    this is actually good

  • Horizon
    Horizon Dag siden +7

    It’s hard to understand the bars but there are good bars

  • Squishykaboom 123
    Squishykaboom 123 Dag siden +7

    Quad’s was better

    • Hello hi
      Hello hi 8 timer siden

      dude dont say this in a ksi video, all the ksi fanboys will get triggered and go NUTS

    • Jeesrel Papi
      Jeesrel Papi 9 timer siden

      Lying to yourself is not an answer

    • Yasmeen Shah
      Yasmeen Shah 19 timer siden


    • Rahul Noorani
      Rahul Noorani Dag siden

      They were both good tbh

    • Game Crusader
      Game Crusader Dag siden

      I liked the first part of ares

  • XiX
    XiX Dag siden +14

    Americans won't understand the Madeline line which is sad as it's a good line

    • XiX
      XiX Dag siden +1

      +qwerty Madeline McCann, was a little girl that went missing in 2006 or 07 when she was with her parents in Portugal, and it's kind of a British dark humor joke saying what's probably happened to her

    • qwerty
      qwerty Dag siden

      what does it mean

    • XiX
      XiX Dag siden

      +Sang _YT 0:48

    • Sang _YT
      Sang _YT Dag siden

      XiX Can i have the time like when he said it

  • Squirtle zZz
    Squirtle zZz Dag siden +8


  • Declan 3:16
    Declan 3:16 Dag siden +2


  • Dilakshan Gamer
    Dilakshan Gamer Dag siden +5

    Im being honest ksi diss track was better then quadeca's. quadeca has no talent he thinks rapping is only ryhmes but this was fire Edit : Im being honest it was joke XD

    • Dilakshan Gamer
      Dilakshan Gamer 5 timer siden

      it was a joke i done it for the likes jeez

    • Mr_No_Name
      Mr_No_Name 10 timer siden

      Are you listening for rhymes or good disses

    • Sang _YT
      Sang _YT Dag siden +1


    • Hello hi
      Hello hi Dag siden

      ok but wrong

  • I aM nOt CrEaTiVe B0I
    I aM nOt CrEaTiVe B0I Dag siden +3

    2:59 woulda been sick to see ksi on I'm a celeb

  • Mattyboy21plays
    Mattyboy21plays Dag siden +3

    this song through high def headphones thooooo

  • Lidia Donascimento
    Lidia Donascimento Dag siden +3

    Are you talking to me bro

    • Pingu Pingu
      Pingu Pingu Dag siden

      Do you know how to reply to a comment and not spam thot

    • oh yea yea
      oh yea yea Dag siden

      I would

    • Mirrored
      Mirrored Dag siden

      Lidia Donascimento who would want to talk to you

  • Lidia Donascimento
    Lidia Donascimento Dag siden +5

    Ksi trash

  • Lidia Donascimento
    Lidia Donascimento Dag siden +5


    • Jeesrel Papi
      Jeesrel Papi 3 timer siden

      +Lidia Donascimento keep your opinion to yourself. You can't even comprehend two words even tho you typing the word "trash" on the comment section HOW IRRELEVANT YOU ARE.

    • Lidia Donascimento
      Lidia Donascimento 6 timer siden

      +Jeesrel Papi what you saying

    • Jeesrel Papi
      Jeesrel Papi 9 timer siden

      Irrelevant OPINION

    • Game Crusader
      Game Crusader Dag siden

      How many comments is too much comments? Troll

  • Kaotik clan
    Kaotik clan Dag siden +6

    "You talk nonsense, mediocre with a god complex"
    Quadeca 2018

    • Frank Bui
      Frank Bui 20 timer siden

      Kaotik clan "I'm small, I'm skinny, I'm white, I got a lisp, I'm awkward and Im fucking better than you" Quadeca 2018 KSI *procedes to make fun of Quadecas size and lisp* yep thats definitly original

  • Zyrokke
    Zyrokke Dag siden +3

    I’m literally so close to 3.1K, please help me out, sorry for asking, only kind hearted people will help💙💙

    VERBECK Dag siden +1

    🔴Just dropped a new track🌎Check it out👽👽👽

  • Mistik
    Mistik Dag siden +3

    Recent comments????

  • Alonso bernal baltazar Lel


  • MookDaGamer
    MookDaGamer Dag siden +3

    ksi you trash bro

  • Angelica Magill
    Angelica Magill Dag siden +4

    This is so stupid and QUAD WON ALL THE WAY

  • K.W Gaming
    K.W Gaming Dag siden +1


  • Theo Gsell
    Theo Gsell Dag siden +3

    Why are so many recent comments??

    • Justa Rock
      Justa Rock Dag siden

      There's an option where you can have it set to new comments or top comments.

  • Zerkon 1021
    Zerkon 1021 Dag siden +7

    This is very good too but in my opinion Quadeca won btw i dont hate ksi i like both ksi and quadeca I watched quadeca since 2018 march and Ksi 2014

  • Albi Pajaziti
    Albi Pajaziti Dag siden +4

    The beat nedet to be lauder at the first verse

  • ZaddyOc & Mohamedissavage

    This was so anti-climactic
    For all the hype he received...

  • PotadoChip
    PotadoChip Dag siden +11

    Why is there so many recent comments this came out 2 months ago

  • Michael V
    Michael V Dag siden +9

    Your not a rapper I'm sorry

    Edit: Just to let you guys know. I'm not fan of logan, jake, or quadeca becuase they are all just lyrically shit, Including ksi.

    • Hello hi
      Hello hi 8 timer siden

      nah quadeca is good in my opinion.

    • Reitrac
      Reitrac 16 timer siden

      Michael V No I don’t but he isn’t half bad ok

    • Michael V
      Michael V 19 timer siden

      +Elektra Yes

    • Michael V
      Michael V 19 timer siden

      +TR1BE Yea I'm not rapper but hes trying so hard to even though hes not

    • Michael V
      Michael V 19 timer siden

      +Reitrac So your telling me you would actually listen to him on your free time

  • Mestar XFX
    Mestar XFX Dag siden +16

    Bitch lasagna is better.

  • Jackieboychapps
    Jackieboychapps Dag siden +3

    There’s all the beef here and no one is not really saying how many more subs Pewdiepie has than both of them and is better 😂

  • Harry just harry
    Harry just harry Dag siden +3

    That was cringe

  • aiden2dawin
    aiden2dawin Dag siden +6

    Quadeca is just a fan

    CHILLY PATATO_ Dag siden +6

    3:00 that face tho

  • Lidia Donascimento
    Lidia Donascimento Dag siden

    I did
    This is trash

    • Deadlyaim 093
      Deadlyaim 093 12 timer siden

      +Hello hi only reason quadeca destroyed him because he was doing nothing but cursing at him during the whole music video

    • Lidia Donascimento
      Lidia Donascimento Dag siden

      +Pingu Pingu I'm sorry same as hello hi

    • Lidia Donascimento
      Lidia Donascimento Dag siden +1

      +Hello hi I'm sorry if I done something wrong
      Let just be online friends

    • Pingu Pingu
      Pingu Pingu Dag siden +1

      Lidia Donascimento 😂😂😂

    • Lidia Donascimento
      Lidia Donascimento Dag siden +1

      +Hello hi I'm sorry if I done something wrong
      We can just be online friends

  • icedout monke
    icedout monke Dag siden +4

    Bro quadeca took the W way to easy

  • caden ridge
    caden ridge Dag siden +4

    Quadeca won he took the W

  • Lidia Donascimento
    Lidia Donascimento Dag siden +4


  • David gameplay
    David gameplay Dag siden

    Fire no cap

  • The GodGamer
    The GodGamer Dag siden


  • steelokey
    steelokey 2 dager siden +2

    lol he was quick to go back to the funny videos lmaoooo

  • TSM_deaqan teamsolomid
    TSM_deaqan teamsolomid 2 dager siden +2


  • Seanstar08 And maydead
    Seanstar08 And maydead 2 dager siden +3

    Sick song

  • Flamingo Fan
    Flamingo Fan 2 dager siden +4


    To like my comment.

  • steelokey
    steelokey 2 dager siden +1

    should I diss KSI ?

  • Flamingo Fan
    Flamingo Fan 2 dager siden


  • SI Raghavan
    SI Raghavan 2 dager siden +3

    perfect heated rap , ksi destroyed quadeca and dax

    • Hello hi
      Hello hi Dag siden

      the diss is okay but anytime there is a fire i'd just watch ksi and it will all be okay

      cuz it aint fire

    • ReallyUnexplainable
      ReallyUnexplainable Dag siden

      I agree. Complex lines, harder hits, mature beat.. and most of all.. NO CONFUSION ABOUT WHETHER QUADECA HAS A GOD COMPLEX OR IS INSECURE!.. it takes an idiot to put both together like quadeca did..

    • Mestar XFX
      Mestar XFX Dag siden

      Not even close mate.

    • Lee Bangs
      Lee Bangs Dag siden

      SI Raghavan don’t know what you are hearing , Quadeca bodied him

  • Teron Lawson
    Teron Lawson 2 dager siden +6

    Dnt care what nobody say. This was heat.

  • the awesome 132
    the awesome 132 2 dager siden +7



    Where is my comment

  • Mohamed Salah
    Mohamed Salah 2 dager siden +4

    He lost to quadeca in fifa19

  • Lidia Donascimento
    Lidia Donascimento 2 dager siden

    He sukks

  • Brandon Matthews
    Brandon Matthews 2 dager siden +1

    0:50 The flow on that part is noice, "Fifa to the football to the Rapping."

  • A.N.X.
    A.N.X. 2 dager siden +7

    1:39 - 1:50 was the only good part

    • TheReal EDM
      TheReal EDM 2 dager siden

      the dax verse was pretty good

  • Ch1ckeN1ples
    Ch1ckeN1ples 2 dager siden

    why does it sound like hes tripping over his own writing and lips like bruhhhh

  • Kagers 22
    Kagers 22 2 dager siden +5

    This is the worst diss track I have ever herd in my live

    • o yeye
      o yeye Dag siden

      +Hello hi he said everything right tho, what are you correcting

    • Hello hi
      Hello hi Dag siden

      heard * life *

    • Black Out
      Black Out Dag siden

      this is the worst grammar i've ever heard in my life

    • Gonçalo Duarte
      Gonçalo Duarte Dag siden

      +Proxima that's your argument? Quadeca won easily, KSI just spits non sense bars

    • GD Naifalzhrani63
      GD Naifalzhrani63 Dag siden

      +Proxima so? he can play whatever he wants to

  • TheOle HoodNibba
    TheOle HoodNibba 2 dager siden +2

    Saved by producer

  • Zyrokke
    Zyrokke 2 dager siden +2

    I’m literally so close to 3.1K, please help me out, sorry for asking, only kind hearted people will help💙💙

    • Justa Rock
      Justa Rock 2 dager siden

      Don't need to post twice