Mystery Christmas Gift Challenge ft. Megan Fox


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  • Hannah Ciaran
    Hannah Ciaran 11 timer siden

    They have such a terrible relationship with josh’s cats even though they’ve probably never met them 🙈😂

  • DaRkMirRoR265
    DaRkMirRoR265 Dag siden

    She seems stuck up

  • POPE Ace Guru Genesis
    POPE Ace Guru Genesis 4 dager siden

    Is that a live Megan Fox??!? *NOPE!* Chuck Testa.

  • PharaohMTF
    PharaohMTF 10 dager siden

    I’ve been in love since the transformer days 😍😍😍 so happy she was on the show

  • Jason Yang
    Jason Yang 17 dager siden

    If shes not gonna be funny, at least show some cleavage or something

  • stickboy79
    stickboy79 17 dager siden

    Maybe it's because I saw the Padma Lakshmi episode first, but I don't see how Megan Fox was in any way offensive.
    Maybe a bit off-putting with her mannerisms but that's hardly worth calling attention to. I don't think she was that bad.

  • Tristan Spohn
    Tristan Spohn 17 dager siden

    I didnt get awkward at all she's very at ease. I think a lot of their guests are just in performance mode but she's more natural hang out mode.

  • Ana Morales
    Ana Morales 17 dager siden

    I loved the episode what are people complaining about! She was great

  • Ruchir Jain
    Ruchir Jain 17 dager siden +1

    Wow, i love how Rhett kept his cool even when she was sitting next to him. Link was just being a little bit unprofessional

  • Dallas H
    Dallas H 17 dager siden

    Rhett went to the elf and whispered "whatever number megan says" lol

  • Emmy Heikes
    Emmy Heikes 19 dager siden

    That poor octopus.

  • Anna Nicole Smiths Long Lost Son

    Awwwe Megan Fox seems so sweet but so shy! Lol 💖

  • rob sentman
    rob sentman 20 dager siden

    I wonder why link told Megan to shake the box with eggs in it more. like he knew what was in there 🤔

  • Rahmi Ariesty
    Rahmi Ariesty 21 dag siden

    Diajarin apa anak gue mex anak gue ga mungkin ngatain anak lo sm sam lah mati sn.ilmu apa sy gatau.

  • Rei Dabels
    Rei Dabels Måned siden

    I feel bad that she had so much surgery.... she was so perfect

  • Toxic Scrub
    Toxic Scrub Måned siden

    No one cares about the octopus that link shook 😂

  • Nick Phondoo
    Nick Phondoo Måned siden

    There those thumbs go again

  • Liana Ryerson
    Liana Ryerson Måned siden

    Megan Fox was such a boring guest. Good thing she has her good looks because she doesn't have much of a personality.

  • AndyM
    AndyM Måned siden

    where's Chase??????

  • Elizabeth Medina
    Elizabeth Medina Måned siden

    i love megan fox

    HUMBLE GAMER Måned siden

    what dose FOX say

  • Green Beanie
    Green Beanie Måned siden

    Anyone else seen her *secret* vids?

  • Medical Doll
    Medical Doll Måned siden

    God she’s so stuck up. Smh.

  • Zero Barge
    Zero Barge Måned siden

    Megan Fox is Lara Croft.

  • RS Ferrari 1
    RS Ferrari 1 Måned siden

    Gordon ramsay on the show Would be half of the show in “Beeps” 😂

  • Isabella Allen
    Isabella Allen Måned siden

    Link's shirt 😂😂😂

  • Anindita R.
    Anindita R. Måned siden

    megan is relatable

  • AnaxErik4ever
    AnaxErik4ever Måned siden

    Delphinus = the Greek god of dolphins and part of a myriad of minor oceanic deities under Poseidon's rule, responsible for locating Amphitrite and convincing her to accept Poseidon's marriage proposal to her. (That's what their saying "Delfin" kept me thinking of.)

  • AnaxErik4ever
    AnaxErik4ever Måned siden

    Watching GMM episodes I missed to prep for the new season in late January. Megan Fox, sexy actress, chilling co-host, and Mila Kunis is often mistaken for her.

  • Soleila Delgarito
    Soleila Delgarito Måned siden

    I guess 3 to

  • Baleigh Nielsen
    Baleigh Nielsen Måned siden

    5:55 so....gunpowder and bbq?

  • meghauw
    meghauw Måned siden

    I'm so jealous of Megan! She gets to sit next to Link! 😍

  • Kaitlyn J.
    Kaitlyn J. Måned siden

    "I don't hear you hear a moist sound?"
    "No I don't hear moist."
    "That's a weird projection.."
    😂😂 Megan was hilarious on the show

  • michael phelps
    michael phelps Måned siden

    Shes still soo fiine jus looser

  • akaiyukihana
    akaiyukihana Måned siden

    Huh... Never thought that megan is an introvert

  • YouTubeMyTube
    YouTubeMyTube Måned siden

    Where is Logan Fu*ks??

  • Hozic Games
    Hozic Games Måned siden

    Pozor octopuss

  • Ordinary Taco
    Ordinary Taco Måned siden

    hmm is it just me but Davin is preeettty cute

  • Aziz Rahman
    Aziz Rahman Måned siden

    This Megan really diminishes the standards of this channel. I can imagine her agent begging GMM for an appearance.
    I bet she was a replacement as the local Walmart manager cancelled at the last minute.

  • Nick
    Nick Måned siden

    Yall should have Megan back on

  • jade
    jade Måned siden

    whenever i see megan fox i just remember how she forgets to flush her poop and talked about how her wardrobe on the transformers smelled like farts

  • Smash Burn
    Smash Burn Måned siden

    I love Megan 🐺Fox🐺. She was amazing in Jennifers Body. She's gorgeous inside and out.😍

  • WickedLILYBUG 2016
    WickedLILYBUG 2016 Måned siden

    The poor Octopus oh no Link was shaking the rap out of it aww no

  • Galivon Prime
    Galivon Prime Måned siden

    This was my first Mythical Morning (a month or so back) and I haven't stopped since! :D

  • Yo_dawg
    Yo_dawg 2 måneder siden

    The guys smile at 7.11 and the very next day they nake 7 11 food video. Hmmmmmmm 🤔

  • David Bradt
    David Bradt 2 måneder siden

    I hate guests

  • GibberingMaw
    GibberingMaw 2 måneder siden +1

    Why is Megan Fox the host of such a show? She knows NOTHING about that kind of stuff.

  • Sara
    Sara 2 måneder siden

    She hated it

  • MrSpawnofglory
    MrSpawnofglory 2 måneder siden

    Dude Megan fox is a bummer

  • Christian Rodriguez
    Christian Rodriguez 2 måneder siden

    Imagine meeting Megan Fox as an elf...

  • muderX
    muderX 2 måneder siden

    I think they should try to get Dwayne Johnson on the show and eat nasty stuff because he would do it and it would be funny and awesome

  • Jiru Candy
    Jiru Candy 2 måneder siden +1

    I didn't know much about Megan Fox, but after seeing this, she seems super chill and fun~ ^.^

  • M Donatelli05
    M Donatelli05 2 måneder siden

    Santa Monica.......

    Like if you know what this is from

    ANGERY OTTER 2 måneder siden

    Also Megan is a demon

    ANGERY OTTER 2 måneder siden

    And Megan is comfortable

    ANGERY OTTER 2 måneder siden

    Screw Megan she didn’t do anymore transformers

  • rmp5s
    rmp5s 2 måneder siden

    Cringy body language, Fox...

  • Lexi Economou
    Lexi Economou 2 måneder siden

    2:05 spot the mistake

  • Perceptual Tree
    Perceptual Tree 2 måneder siden

    She did not look like she wanted to be there haha

  • Ranjan Biswas
    Ranjan Biswas 2 måneder siden

    She is looking like younger version of Pete Burns

  • Eric Breen
    Eric Breen 2 måneder siden

    She's looking like, why do I have to do this to promote my show

  • Aethryx
    Aethryx 2 måneder siden

    GMM: Featuring this awesome guest host!
    GMM comments every time: Is it just me or did the guest look unhappy

  • Bethel Dinampo
    Bethel Dinampo 2 måneder siden


  • xXDjMischiefXx
    xXDjMischiefXx 2 måneder siden

    Link and Megan would make a nice color

  • Shawntaya Nelson
    Shawntaya Nelson 2 måneder siden

    The elf dude said “hello link” to Rhett😂

  • Quintin White
    Quintin White 2 måneder siden

    happy hanukah link

  • Abagail Delahoussaye
    Abagail Delahoussaye 2 måneder siden

    You should do an episode with Doctor Mike!

  • Nia Henry
    Nia Henry 2 måneder siden

    The octopus shake made me sad and uncomfortable

  • HardCoreHockeyPlyr14
    HardCoreHockeyPlyr14 2 måneder siden

    my celebrity crush 💕

  • Raspberryteå
    Raspberryteå 2 måneder siden

    Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree I love how good mythical morning uploads for me. :3

  • TUmaDO
    TUmaDO 2 måneder siden

    hei look its Megan Croft!

  • Nero Mauritzen
    Nero Mauritzen 2 måneder siden

    I'll be giving myself a thumbs ups, but can you give me an extra "moisture thumbs up?" 🤗💖
    Yes you person reading rite nao, I mean you specifically 😉😆

  • Nero Mauritzen
    Nero Mauritzen 2 måneder siden

    Her body language when she first gets in between them is super uncomfortable, they should not have sat her between themselves.
    Incredible, just seeing her like that gives me shivers, and I rarely react to body language
    Poor doll

  • Rybreadsandwich
    Rybreadsandwich 2 måneder siden +3

    Always hiding those thumbs

  • Glonojad El Bandito
    Glonojad El Bandito 2 måneder siden +11

    Do you guys remember the one guest that nobody liked? The woman that spited in links cup and stuff.
    I honestly, i thought that Megan would be just like that or maybe even worst. I mean, she's a star, well known celebrity, starring in many good, and popular movies.
    So my instinct was like "She's gonna be bossy, or something".
    I couldn't be more wrong.
    She so nice and kind. She being herself made her one of my favorite guests. I really don't understand the hate that she received from some of people in the comments.
    I was in love in her when i was a teenager because of her looks, later i was in love with her for her movies and her skills, and now i'm in love with her personality.
    That's all from me, good episode, great guest, and Good Mythical Morning to every one :D

    • Glonojad El Bandito
      Glonojad El Bandito 2 måneder siden

      +Kt Qt It was Padma Lakshmi from episode 58 part 1 in 13 season. Burnt food taste test.

    • Patrick Trujillo
      Patrick Trujillo 2 måneder siden +1

      Kt Qt Yeah, I don’t know who he’s talking about.

    • Kt Qt
      Kt Qt 2 måneder siden

      Glonojad El Bandito which guest was the one that no one liked? I haven’t seen it

  • GhostLoveScore0
    GhostLoveScore0 2 måneder siden +1

    She is awful. No wonder Spielberg told Bay to loose her.

  • So social shut-in
    So social shut-in 2 måneder siden +1

    Digging that Rihanna-nukkah sweater tho 👌

  • shadowofthecandle
    shadowofthecandle 2 måneder siden +1

    What is Link's shirt??

  • Synergy Official
    Synergy Official 2 måneder siden

    This was so scripted it’s unreal.

  • Kawaii Ghost
    Kawaii Ghost 2 måneder siden +1

    OOooOo i love the games they play ❤ megan fox is so pretty and nice yey for her being on show

  • DragoonZell
    DragoonZell 2 måneder siden

    How come Link wasn't wearing the Elf hat.....perfect moment right there Com'mon

  • Joe berdanke
    Joe berdanke 2 måneder siden +1

    Who cares if she was uncomfortable, she's eye candy and simply gorgeous

    • Hilarry Ciltnon
      Hilarry Ciltnon 2 måneder siden

      They could have just had a mannequin or wax figure as a guest, in that case.

  • Hilarry Ciltnon
    Hilarry Ciltnon 2 måneder siden +1

    I'll give Megan a thumbs up for her effort in this episode... It's not always easy to be a guest on GMM, but you gotta hand it to her.........

    • Introspective
      Introspective 2 måneder siden

      Is that a tease cos she has toe thumbs?? 😂

  • Sexy Bum
    Sexy Bum 2 måneder siden +1

    Shes so funny, glad they had her on!

  • MLGJoshua
    MLGJoshua 2 måneder siden

    Watch pewdiepies video called a funny montage and skip to 2:07

  • roach bandit
    roach bandit 2 måneder siden +1

    She looks a little bored 😂(me in school)

  • Lovetohatehatetolove
    Lovetohatehatetolove 2 måneder siden

    Mythical beasts have been so immature and ignorant lately

  • Martin marty
    Martin marty 2 måneder siden


  • delightfullyawkward
    delightfullyawkward 2 måneder siden

    I feel like every guy on set was both really excited and super jealous of Rhett and Link in this episode. I assume she was all of their woman crushes at some point in life

  • Matt L
    Matt L 2 måneder siden

    We know she blows directors to be in movies. I wonder if she blew rhett and or link to getbon here

  • lil
    lil 2 måneder siden

    This is cookie 🐶 cookie is going to drown 1like = 1 air tank

  • Family is Forever
    Family is Forever 2 måneder siden

    Who are some of the worst celebs and youtubers gmm has ever collabed with?

  • Daniel Eriksen
    Daniel Eriksen 2 måneder siden


  • Suny Figuron
    Suny Figuron 2 måneder siden

    Boss: hey you, I’ve got a job for you.
    Worker: yes boss.
    Boss: you have a cat right.
    Worker: yeahhhhh?
    Boss: well I need you to bring some of it’s poop for tomorrow.
    Worker: wait wtf?!

  • Cindy Chang
    Cindy Chang 2 måneder siden +1

    I mean really, I am just another comment on body language. Was she uncomfortable or something? She had her arms crossed all the time and didn't really smile. She is an actress, she should know better than anyone else about body language. Maybe Rhett and Link just really creeps her out lol.

  • Dragon Fire
    Dragon Fire 2 måneder siden

    12:35 oo naughty megan

  • S CJ
    S CJ 2 måneder siden

    Had no idea how Megan Fox would meld with the super quirky and batsh*t crazy ways of GMM when I clicked this episode, but I think she was a great guest!

  • Brand On
    Brand On 2 måneder siden

    What does America smell like?

  • Random Crackers
    Random Crackers 2 måneder siden

    Congratulations on trending

  • McKayla Dolly
    McKayla Dolly 2 måneder siden +10

    I don't think she was uncomfortable at all, I actually think she was a better guest than some of the people they've had on. She wasn't over the top or fake, she was just her normal self. A little introverted and shy, and not used to the activity she was doing. She's used to interviews, not watching giant men aggressively shaking Christmas presents haha.