Binging with Babish: 3-Day Potato Salad from SpongeBob SquarePants


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    BIG MACK 23 timer siden +1

    Do one of American Psycho please!!!..... And Dexter 😉

  • Soumyakanta nayak
    Soumyakanta nayak Dag siden

    Butter beer from Harry porter pls

  • Daisy The Dunce
    Daisy The Dunce Dag siden

    It took us three days to make that potato salad, T H R E E
    D A Y S!!!!

    ESCOOTER Dag siden

    Create bitch lasagna

    Pretty plz

  • Misa Redwolf
    Misa Redwolf Dag siden

    You should make sponge bobs onion sundae

  • Elizabeth Stanley
    Elizabeth Stanley Dag siden

    I watched all the first season and all the second season and when I finished this video I looked at my boyfriend and said “ now what am I supposed to do with my life “ 😂

  • Scoobity
    Scoobity Dag siden

    You forgot the oceans worth of saltwater.

  • Serendip
    Serendip Dag siden


  • t3rror5am
    t3rror5am Dag siden


  • Brian Kavanagh
    Brian Kavanagh Dag siden

    You gotta do the Hateful Eight Stew recipe

  • Leon Strife
    Leon Strife Dag siden

    I have an idea you could try from American Dad season 4 episode 18.
    It's rogers favorite meal roast squab with a burgundy pine nut reduction on truffle risotto with toasted brioche.

  • swerve
    swerve Dag siden

    Make the Spicy Curry from Smash Bros.

  • Alma Tallborn
    Alma Tallborn Dag siden

    Freddys ribs from house of Cards!

  • Party
    Party Dag siden

    You supposed to put your feet it in it at the end

  • OFP Reflex
    OFP Reflex Dag siden

    Babish. My friend. Can you do apple fritters? Or just another doughnut episode. But you know..... More of a complex one with all different kinds. Like crowlers fritters, devils,etc

  • Nicholas Johnson
    Nicholas Johnson Dag siden

    You should do the Bob's Burgers 7 layer flambee!

  • Theonionator 423
    Theonionator 423 Dag siden

    I’m guessing the reason behind the fact it took him 3 days to make the potato salad is because of how the ingredients in said potato salad are fairly rare in that part of the world’s oceans

  • Andrew Marquez
    Andrew Marquez Dag siden

    Stephen Hillenburg: Creator of SpongeBob, Nick Legend, and Legendary Chef. He is number one.

  • ghazt master
    ghazt master Dag siden

    Make the fried Krabby pat on a stick from Spongebob

  • Emily Claussen
    Emily Claussen Dag siden

    You should make spaghetti tacos from iCarly! And then redo it with multiple different kinds of homemade taco shells like a cheese shell ❤️

  • Obi wan kenobi
    Obi wan kenobi Dag siden

    You should do the ice cream Sunday that spongebob made

  • Excuse Me
    Excuse Me Dag siden +1

    Brad Leone approves

  • Vaughn Gessley
    Vaughn Gessley Dag siden

    You should recreate Dunkin Donuts with Julien Baker!

  • Jake Adragna
    Jake Adragna Dag siden

    I cant imagine potato salad without sweet pickle relish in it.

  • jisabeauty
    jisabeauty Dag siden

    you should try recreating the spaghetti from Blue is the Warmest Color, accurate to their size proportion , it looks sooo good!

  • durangodudes
    durangodudes Dag siden

    You forgot to step in it.

  • Silent Ciara
    Silent Ciara Dag siden

    Have you ever tried making baked Alaska?

  • AnimEats
    AnimEats Dag siden

    If you like these videos come over to my channel and watch mine!

  • Evan Blenkinsopp
    Evan Blenkinsopp Dag siden

    As another tribute to Hillenburg, what does everyone think of a King Size Ultra Krabby Supreme, with the works, double batter fried, on a stick? With mayonnaise, of course.

  • Rylie Brown
    Rylie Brown Dag siden

    Slimly sliced scallions. Love it.

  • Abby Narveson
    Abby Narveson Dag siden

    Can you do food from from “the grinch” for the holidays (roast beast, who hash, etc)?

  • H K
    H K Dag siden


  • Advaith Krishnan
    Advaith Krishnan 2 dager siden

    Do the Thanksgiving feast of Brooklyn99 for Thanksgiving Day PLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE

  • Jahad Strickland
    Jahad Strickland 2 dager siden

    Watching this video 3 days later 😂

  • TheLizzifer
    TheLizzifer 2 dager siden

    And here I thought pickling was really only pickling if vinegar was involved. If soaking in brine is also pickling, how much more pickley goodness don't I know about that I'm missing out on? Mmm, pickles.

  • human being #5678
    human being #5678 2 dager siden

    take a shot everytime he says potato

  • Michi Mochii
    Michi Mochii 2 dager siden

    THREE DAYS!!!!

  • Nicholas Welch
    Nicholas Welch 2 dager siden

    Oh that message at the end got me. ❤ rest in peace.
    Babish thanks for this episode decision.

  • Ken R
    Ken R 2 dager siden

    *T H R E E D A Y S*

  • king miaw miaw
    king miaw miaw 2 dager siden

    Can u do nutty butter ??

  • Kristopher Bries
    Kristopher Bries 2 dager siden

    Grilled cheese deluxe from regular show

  • TeylaDex
    TeylaDex 2 dager siden

    sorry, but these look like the most boring poatato salads ever..

  • sparky games
    sparky games 2 dager siden

    How do you know that they didn’t just fail at making the potato salad so much it took three days

  • George Montes
    George Montes 2 dager siden

    It took him 3 days to make the potato salad because they're underwater

  • Sandra Johansson
    Sandra Johansson 2 dager siden

    potat sallas 2 was swed style:D thas how we do it here

  • Adam Sheehan
    Adam Sheehan 2 dager siden

    MY LEG!!

  • Mickey 468
    Mickey 468 2 dager siden +1

    Do Beverly’s shrimp parm from the Goldbergs

  • Juliet Blue
    Juliet Blue 2 dager siden

    Request for House M.D. Reuben Sandwich

  • Nichole Dominguez
    Nichole Dominguez 2 dager siden

    Omg before reading it I thought it was a bowl of donut holes 😂💀😂

  • Jojogape
    Jojogape 2 dager siden

    I liked when he mentioned patatas bravas ♥

  • Spencer Horovitz
    Spencer Horovitz 2 dager siden

    Its called al's place

  • Tony Deleon
    Tony Deleon 2 dager siden

    Okay but why am I crying in the kitchen

  • Elijah Vigil
    Elijah Vigil 2 dager siden

    Rest easy, Stephen Hillenburg. Thank you for making our childhoods very memorable and your legacy and all the residents of Bikini Bottom will live on forever

  • Sterben Töd
    Sterben Töd 2 dager siden

    you are my role model

  • UserMCSkull FormerlyknownasPowerofL

    Out of all the SpongeBob food I would expect you to do videos on, this is THE one I expected the least

  • A Zee
    A Zee 2 dager siden

    Who lives in a pineapple under the sea

  • mysteryman
    mysteryman 2 dager siden

    “Karen, nobody wants your bland ass potato salad”
    ~ King T’Chala

  • SuperKnowledgeSponge
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  • Sergey Magel
    Sergey Magel 2 dager siden +1

    *Appetizing Work, Friend. Regards You.*

  • Mohamed Mahmoud
    Mohamed Mahmoud 2 dager siden

    I sometimes boil potatoes and add some vinegar to the boiling water to make it sour

  • Hi Its Me!!
    Hi Its Me!! 2 dager siden

    Where is brad? Hahaha

  • Suberus
    Suberus 2 dager siden

    The most amazing thing you can do to your potato salad is add bacon to it. Seriously. Do it

  • Pops
    Pops 2 dager siden

    I get slated by my Italian girlfriends family for using ketchup. Makes me feel better that you obviously value ketchup very much if your fancy fries are ALMOST good enough to not use ketchup.

  • JAZZ
    JAZZ 2 dager siden

    Brad would be proud.

  • Caryn Wilhelm
    Caryn Wilhelm 2 dager siden

    My ceilings been looking a little boring 😂😂😂

  • Chaoz
    Chaoz 3 dager siden

    The second recipe is the exact one I had to make 10 kg of a week when I was a apprentice except I just knew it as “poor man’s potato salad”

  • AG Kaiju
    AG Kaiju 3 dager siden

    Way to go, buddy. It took us three days to populate the comments.

    *_THREE DAYS!!!!_*

  • j b
    j b 3 dager siden


  • Tony Spark
    Tony Spark 3 dager siden

    Can you made a special episode on food from Kung Fu Panda?

  • Ypsilion
    Ypsilion 3 dager siden

    Nooooo! I’m Spanish and all-i-oli doesn’t have egg on it! At least in my area of Catalunya where all-i-oli is from, we don’t use eggs 😱😱😱

  • Cody H
    Cody H 3 dager siden

    But you forgot the last step! The literal last step! Stepping in it.

  • James Peterson
    James Peterson 3 dager siden

    From Parks and Rec S6: E13
    "Pizza Stuffed Crust Pizza. It was a pizza whose crust was stuffed with little pizzas. And the crust of those little pizzas was made of chocolate."

  • Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    *Diligent Babish*
    Who creates quality daily vids like this guy?

  • Kyle Hunter
    Kyle Hunter 3 dager siden

    . . .who takes 3 days to prepare ANY kind of salad!?

  • Eddie Thao
    Eddie Thao 3 dager siden

    Yummy Food

  • Top hat 131th
    Top hat 131th 3 dager siden

    Absolute mad lad

  • Slythhin
    Slythhin 3 dager siden

    I legit cried when I saw the end of the vid

  • TheIceSamurai
    TheIceSamurai 3 dager siden

    Rest in piece Stephen Hillenburg

  • Zmanattack 04
    Zmanattack 04 3 dager siden

    Make some cheeki breeki

  • JuicedUp OddJob
    JuicedUp OddJob 3 dager siden

    I'm still waiting for a collab with Kenji Lopez-Alt

  • Heather Blucher
    Heather Blucher 3 dager siden

    Wow i didn't know they did weights for pickling. the more you know rainbow.

  • iMarc89
    iMarc89 3 dager siden

    4:25 Wait, what happened to tiny whisk?

  • TheTofuGod
    TheTofuGod 3 dager siden

    Hey Babish make Minny's Chocolate Pie
    from The Help!

  • Isaac Baez
    Isaac Baez 3 dager siden +1

    *3 D A Y S*

  • seekee520
    seekee520 3 dager siden

    I was wondering why brine sounded so familiar then I realized there is a song called Beneath the Brine I listen to. It has nothing to do with pickling or cooking it is just an epic orchestral song I found.

  • Eric H
    Eric H 3 dager siden

    call'em spuds... condensed sweetened milk.... I need to start a cooking channel too

  • huntingfishinman 2103
    huntingfishinman 2103 3 dager siden

    Why does no one make potato salad with radishes anymore

  • Ninja4Hire
    Ninja4Hire 3 dager siden

    Maybe it took 3 days to perfect the recipe or he kept messing up

  • Wurstmensch
    Wurstmensch 3 dager siden

    you could call them "earth-apples" just like they do in austria

  • Elliane MacConvery
    Elliane MacConvery 3 dager siden

    Don't you mean a...DILLuge?

  • jakub c.
    jakub c. 3 dager siden

    okay listen up. i'm gonna tell you how to make a *REAL* potato salad.
    you boil:
    - whole potatoes (with skin)
    - whole carrots and whole celery
    you leave that over night.
    the next day you peel the potatoes and cut them up together with all the carrots and celery, also add peas.
    you mix it up with hardboiled eggs and dill pickles, all cut up to the size you want.
    then you add mayo and mustard of your choice.
    - ingredients of choice: apples, onions
    *every other version of potato salad is an abomination!*

  • Niles I
    Niles I 3 dager siden


  • Retr0 sneaker collector
    Retr0 sneaker collector 3 dager siden

    The eggplant burger with chocolate sauce and hot sauce from the scooby doo live action movie movie

  • Jono Griffiths
    Jono Griffiths 3 dager siden

    The thumbnail makes it look like potatoes with sprinkles on them 🤣

  • Mo n
    Mo n 3 dager siden

    I feel like I'm watching binging with Karen... where is the paprika? Why is the mortar so small?

  • Chinchilla Zilla
    Chinchilla Zilla 3 dager siden

    But... Did you keep those jars at the fermentation station?...

  • sad boi hourz
    sad boi hourz 3 dager siden

    Wow didn't even call Brad

  • DrRedRose8
    DrRedRose8 3 dager siden

    My grandpa’s potato salad recipe actually does take a full two days (he insists you have to boil the potatoes and then let them sit whole in the fridge overnight so that they don’t crumble when you cube them and then when you mix everything together it has to sit another night for the flavor to be right.) So three days never felt out of the question for me.

  • Kay W
    Kay W 3 dager siden

    my dad makes the second potato salad, but he also puts chopped cornichons/gherkins in the dressing- it’s REALLY good

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 3 dager siden

    Gotta make it always so complicated huh? Can't just make a potato salad like normal. Sorry but the potato salad in that episode is basic mushy potato salad. Not little balls of fermented potatoes. God..