The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a weird show...

  • Publisert 6. nov.. 2018
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    Sierra Burgess is a Loser is a pretty dumb movie...
    Insatiable really is the dumbest show...
    Twilight doesn't make any sense...
    Goosebumps was the weirdest kids show...
    Halloweentown doesn't make any sense...
    Riverdale season 3 is a mess...
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Kommentarer • 3 725

  • Liza Chilashvili
    Liza Chilashvili 3 timer siden

    7:45 same😂😂

  • Golden Notes
    Golden Notes 4 timer siden

    Most people on Yubo just want nudes....

  • Yeshiel Torres Navarros
    Yeshiel Torres Navarros 4 timer siden

    I like Sabrina you hater and you think your better than everyone

  • Jack Thunder
    Jack Thunder 9 timer siden

    Straight SJW Cringy bad moments... I liked the general plot, though.

  • Jeremy Heartriter
    Jeremy Heartriter 12 timer siden

    Am I the only one who finds Sabrina just as stupid as Archie???

  • Nitasha Sagar
    Nitasha Sagar 15 timer siden +1


  • Gio
    Gio 16 timer siden

    I liked the show a LOT, but man, Sabrina is such a goody goody. I would love a show about Ambrose, or at least a show about Sabrina getting down with her bad self and being spooky and cool at the witch academy. If the last episode is anything to go by she might actually cooler in the next season, but right now she's kind of a stick in the mud

  • DJ Woods
    DJ Woods 16 timer siden

    Ambrose is just that guy.

  • Jon Idoncair
    Jon Idoncair 16 timer siden

    i binged the entire 1st season last night and i gotta say the pacing is
    really well done. I like this Sabrina's personality more than the 90s sitcom version. sitcom sabrina was very whiney and bratty using magic for selfish reasons, usually 1st world problems smh. netflix sabrina is very kind always thinking about others' well being to use her magic to help them, even doing some seriously dark shit in the progress. which especially for this show "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" is the embodiment of her character and then some. I'm looking forward to seeing how far she'll go past that line for "the greater good" before fucking herself over.
    edit: i know this series is based off 2014 comic of the same time and not the 90s sitcom.

  • Рэнди 1994
    Рэнди 1994 17 timer siden

    I enjoyed the show. And I can't wait to see Season 2. The only thing got me confused at first was the timeline. But I got used to the show eventually...

  • CanYouFilmMe?
    CanYouFilmMe? 19 timer siden

    Yubo is for sending nudes

  • cardulio 88
    cardulio 88 22 timer siden

    This show is a progressive crap
    But in the good way
    I somewhat enjoyed it

  • jerlisha cumberbatch


  • Elizabeth M
    Elizabeth M Dag siden

    Ambrose is the absolute best. Pretty much everyone grew on me but Ambrose is king

  • FillyFlinFlan The 3 F's

    Lol that's kinda the point of the show, to be weird.

  • Amanda de Faria Rebelo

    spoiler ahead: the only thing I couldn't bear was the fact that the witch who killed herself to keep the witches alive was like a goddess but the greendale thirteen who were literally murdered to keep the witches alive were evil and all.

  • Aka Neymar
    Aka Neymar Dag siden

    This guy is actually so funny he deserves 10 Million subs hahha

  • OfficiallyVia
    OfficiallyVia Dag siden

    when i first saw the trailer i thought oh is this the same creator of Riverdale? oh it's gonna be cringey and what not. then i watch it for 1 episode or i finished the whole season and cannot wait for next season lmao

  • nil.
    nil. Dag siden

    What I am always asking myself when people argue that this shit is not logical enough. Sorry that we did not ask real witches how they would have liked to be represented. I mean this is not a science show. What they do is not going to bring you any kind of knowledge whatsoever. I mean the whole series revolves around a witch? Why would that be logical? I mean when the premise is already that we are watching a supernatural being? Do you really expect logical stuff to happen? This is just a series y'all. Calm your boobadies and just turn off your brain to rewind my. Some people just want to enjoy stuff. How should I be able to relate Sabrina? She is a damn witch. I don't think that I am supposed to see myself in her actions!? I think I am rather supposed to feel sympathy and empathy towards the characters.

    • nil.
      nil. Dag siden

      Same goes for Riverdale. This is just a TV show. That's their universe. What I mean is that they are not representing our reality. I mean think about it? They live in a completely different time set? They practically could be aliens.

  • Sage McAllister
    Sage McAllister Dag siden

    Where's the cheesy comedy? I like the 90s version better.

  • neko meow
    neko meow Dag siden

    Just finished this mind is blown.

  • SHINee Velvet
    SHINee Velvet Dag siden

    Alex, you ain't have to disintegrate those k i d s ;_;

  • DearMary V
    DearMary V Dag siden

    I watched the whole show in one day! It was so good, I loved it

  • leo Guatani
    leo Guatani 2 dager siden

    Please watch and review elite

  • Raye Johnson
    Raye Johnson 2 dager siden

    So it’s less bad and more weird which doesn’t mean it’s bad... huh...

  • Allinonestan
    Allinonestan 2 dager siden

    The show is a cool show and i really liked it. You should really watch the whole thing.

  • Kerberos Cosplay
    Kerberos Cosplay 2 dager siden

    I despise Riverdale because i think the whole story is just odd but Sabrina was actually enjoyable. I thought the characters behaved a bit old for their age, I am the same age as Sabrina, but the character of Susie was really cool and well done and realistic and I enjoyed Ambrose aswell. Salem should be voiced by john mulaney if he speaks at all. I thought that he was really funny in the original show and they should put that element in this one

  • Charlotte Connor
    Charlotte Connor 2 dager siden

    Is it bad that I watch these before watching the show to see if I'm going to like it?

  • Morgana Sundelin
    Morgana Sundelin 2 dager siden

    Why is there an LGBTQ+ section on every social media shit...
    It's pointless wtf

  • Julie K
    Julie K 2 dager siden

    It’s waaaayyyyyy better than riverdale

  • Noah Sosebee
    Noah Sosebee 2 dager siden +2

    Bruh, this was the best show of the year

  • Comedy Gold
    Comedy Gold 2 dager siden +1

    Copyright Voldemort disintegration.

  • Nnenna
    Nnenna 2 dager siden

    Watch the magicians

  • Daphne Cannello
    Daphne Cannello 2 dager siden

    do charmed please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it's a good (not to you) show
    DO iT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kure
    kure 3 dager siden

    I suggest you do American Horror Story season 8.

  • UniiqueDolan
    UniiqueDolan 3 dager siden

    A whole show about ambrose!!! YESSS exactly what I want

  • Muhammad Hafiz
    Muhammad Hafiz 3 dager siden

    For god's sake shut up!!!!

  • Meliza Payne
    Meliza Payne 3 dager siden

    Lol ok you are funny 😂 so I can't hate you .. But you are wrong chilling adventures of Sabrina is brilliant in my opinion.. I freaking loved it! But then again I love everything dark. Lol

  • Imamul Hasan Rana
    Imamul Hasan Rana 3 dager siden

    You Just earned a Subscriber :)

  • laya Storm
    laya Storm 3 dager siden

    But i *LOVE THIS SHOW*

  • VirgateSpy
    VirgateSpy 3 dager siden

    I just can't with all the sjw stuff they injected into both this show and riverdale, it feels so out of place and distracting.

  • FashionBIRD404
    FashionBIRD404 3 dager siden

    2:12 😂😭💀
    5:55 😂😭

  • 2wingo
    2wingo 3 dager siden +1

    I haven't actually watched the show, so I have a question; if Sabrina's friend was raped but refuses to name the culprits, then what in the howling blue thunderfuck does she expect the principal to do? Punish the whole team for what only a few of them did?

  • Box Bo
    Box Bo 3 dager siden

    My cat is named after Salem from the 90’s show
    Also ms Putnam? Hawthorne? 😂😂😂😂

  • Ariyyy
    Ariyyy 3 dager siden +1

    I enjoyed the show :) I’m ready for a season two.

  • P. // Jimin
    P. // Jimin 3 dager siden

    Why does the girl remind me of Emma Watson???

  • joya amoyal
    joya amoyal 4 dager siden

    make a video on the fosters!! its really good

  • Ninja Cats
    Ninja Cats 4 dager siden


  • Sophia Ellis
    Sophia Ellis 4 dager siden

    Best line in the whole show: “still got is Spellman”

  • Oscar Mombert
    Oscar Mombert 4 dager siden

    Riverdale is freaking great but s3 is a bit weird tho
    Wait and see

  • Tianna Green
    Tianna Green 4 dager siden

    LGBTQ, This world is corrupt enough... but enough is never enough. Sigh!

  • thisguy8
    thisguy8 4 dager siden

    I am as old as spiderman from homecoming now. I feel useless

  • Simchi
    Simchi 4 dager siden

    I could barely get through the first few episodes, it was so cringe! I just kept watching it, just to see what would happen next. But around episode 6 or so it got pretty good.

  • Angel Michael
    Angel Michael 4 dager siden

    fuck you!

  • nil.
    nil. 4 dager siden

    LOL, I was waiting for this

  • msp kitty
    msp kitty 4 dager siden

    It’s amazing and I can’t wait for the holiday special in 29 days

  • mira e
    mira e 4 dager siden

    ambrose is just a gayer v, change my mind

  • AquariusBeauty210
    AquariusBeauty210 4 dager siden +3

    I truly Enjoyed the Show. I look forward to Season 2 .

  • Abhin Vijay
    Abhin Vijay 4 dager siden +3

    Can't agree.Riverdale is shitty but CAOS is so good

  • My Autobiography A Fanfic

    Yeah, I'd rather watch an Ambrose & Chubby Lucy Davis show. The shame about the show is how it was serial rather than a set of chilling adventures. And it looks like they're going to keep the show going when it ended in the second to last episode.

  • Elina Ihnatsiuk
    Elina Ihnatsiuk 4 dager siden

    I like ambrose! a lot! i want more of him

  • Acid Flowers
    Acid Flowers 4 dager siden

    It's either just me because im into witchy stuff, but i actually love this show. But i agree, it can be super super weird.

  • akILAH wEEKS
    akILAH wEEKS 4 dager siden

    Ambrose, prudence, and Hilda were the best characters

  • Hanson
    Hanson 4 dager siden +1

    Riverdale is one of the fakest shows I’ve ever seen. Everyone is so dramatic and unrealistic. “Ugh poor me I’m an attractive teenager life is so hard”

  • lanise crespo
    lanise crespo 4 dager siden

    Ambrose is my favorite character

  • MadameTamma
    MadameTamma 4 dager siden

    Yeah the show has it's faults and cracks, and not like problems that springs to mind after giving it some thought. I mean little things I picked up on while I was watching it. The characters talk in a very exposition-y kind of way where they awkwardly bring up stuff they already know but the audience needs to know it. It's at it's worst in the first episode but if you can get beyond that it's a fun show.
    I would recommend it for people who were into the 90's movies 'The craft" or 'practical magic'. The way magic works in this show is interesting good spooky fun that you associate from witches and not the "Oh magic is this fun absurd fairy tale thing." like from the original Sabrina series or the later seasons of charmed. That stuff is fun in its own way but it doesn't feel very witch like.
    My favorite episodes were the last two of the season. Where Sabrina, up until that point has been lucky in finding creative ways to get her way but that all that overconfidence catches up to her when she tries to fix a problem for someone she loves against everyone's advisement and ends up making the situation worse than if she had just left it alone. I personally love cautionary tales about arrogance and it fits well with what the franchise has always been about: You can't fix all problems with magic and trying to take the easy way out will cause more damage in the long run.

  • Lego-V: Burbank Mothership

    Dude what with the phucing ad for yubo in the beginning of you video, if its free then put it at the end. Oh thats right you don't want people to just watch you take on a cool show, you want to sell them shitty t-sherts and lame social media app because why people dont have enough social media in there lives the need one more. I only came to lame video because a friend sent it to me while i was watching Sabrina, which I will have you know is actually quite a decent show. So take your lame ass casper and go sell you crap to someone else. You stole 10min I will never get back. SO LAME DUDE!

  • The Pun of Harts
    The Pun of Harts 4 dager siden

    I like everything about the show except Sabrina. She is hella annoying

  • Rainydaywriter23
    Rainydaywriter23 4 dager siden

    I really actually liked the show, it got pretty flippin dark at points for a teen show

  • Heidi's SUBTITLES
    Heidi's SUBTITLES 5 dager siden

    cmon man, every show is weird for you. Sabrina is actually good

  • L Song
    L Song 5 dager siden

    I honestly think Ambrose is everybody’s favourite character. The show is weird but it’s not bad, I genuinely don’t think I’ve ever disagreed with you about a show 😂

  • xenga92
    xenga92 5 dager siden

    I was worried that the show would be like "Riverdale", but it turned out better than I expected!

  • Andreea Kaulitz
    Andreea Kaulitz 5 dager siden

    Pleaaaase watch Hemlock Grove

  • Andrew Ponti
    Andrew Ponti 5 dager siden

    Didn't know what I'd think about it and yeah, I ended up liking it. And yes, show about Ambrose? 100% yes. He's definitely the best.

  • Aarushi Sunil
    Aarushi Sunil 5 dager siden

    At least it's better than Riverdale
    ahem *RiverFAIL*
    I could just complain about how shitty Riverfail was. why does it even exist?

  • Carly Tonkin
    Carly Tonkin 5 dager siden

    I hate this show and it is so annoying 🙄

  • TheWayItIs
    TheWayItIs 5 dager siden

    My manager used to work with the guy who played Ambrose and apparently he was always a bit OTT but a lovely guy 😂

  • France V
    France V 5 dager siden

    i just finished this one. I like it. It's a darker version and very different than the comics.

  • Maya Connor
    Maya Connor 5 dager siden

    The only thing I feel they could have gone without is Harvey. He has no personality except being perfect. Where are the flaws??

  • Gabriela Alvarez
    Gabriela Alvarez 5 dager siden

    I liked the show but... Sabrina is really manipulative

  • Leilani m
    Leilani m 5 dager siden

    I like the old one and the new one

  • Chris World
    Chris World 5 dager siden

    i loved it tbh. at first i didn't like Riverdale season 3, but after watching TCAOS i totally understand whats happening, And also ep 4 of Riverdale (throwback episode) was reaaaaly good!!!

  • Erza Boysenberry
    Erza Boysenberry 5 dager siden

    This is giving me Sabrina the teenage witch vibes

  • NoClout KD
    NoClout KD 6 dager siden

    Part 2 pls

  • Anime Girl
    Anime Girl 6 dager siden

    Yubo is also known as the dating app for teenagers

  • Maya Sone
    Maya Sone 6 dager siden

    finished the whole series yesterday and I gotta say, Ambrose is the only character I care about. he was really the only reason I forced my self to finish it!

  • book lover 057
    book lover 057 6 dager siden

    Skip 2 1:25 to get to video

  • Rachel Cuccolo
    Rachel Cuccolo 6 dager siden

    I love this show!!! The only thing I don’t like was Susie and roz. They were so annoying and the dumbest characters in my opinion. But Sabrina was an amazing character! Gotta give it to Kiernan Shipka

  • Rey O'Rourke
    Rey O'Rourke 6 dager siden

    I think you have a low view of women

  • Zahra Mai
    Zahra Mai 6 dager siden

    Let’s be honest the only reason that most people watched this show was because of Ambrose

  • Rose's Blog
    Rose's Blog 6 dager siden

    omg did he just support yubo wtf thats a datingapp for children da fuq

  • bleep
    bleep 6 dager siden

    Animations are so cute and funny xD

  • Elena Fox
    Elena Fox 6 dager siden

    Anyone else get incredibly annoyed with the blurry camera shots they constantly used? They were clearly going for something... but it just infuriated me!

  • Bryce McKenzie
    Bryce McKenzie 6 dager siden +1

    Riverdale and Sabrina is Not one of the shows I like. I really can't watch them

  • por qué
    por qué 6 dager siden

    Ambrose is my favorite too. ❤

  • Vera Hagsten
    Vera Hagsten 6 dager siden

    6:03 *Billie Eilish has entered the chat*

  • baby girl
    baby girl 6 dager siden +1

    when they said this show was dark I wasn't expecting how dark it would get

    • Jon Idoncair
      Jon Idoncair 16 timer siden

      it felt like "my kid's first horror movie" dark, it was pretty tame overall tbh
      i don't like horror myself but nothing ever scared me seeing this season

  • QTEbosssbattle
    QTEbosssbattle 6 dager siden

    You know the + in LGBTQ+ means pedos, right? It used to be LGBTQP. Alex, they are trying to normalize diddling kids. Alex, you are supporting pedos.

  • TheDreamyUnicorn
    TheDreamyUnicorn 6 dager siden

    I really wanted to like this show but after 20 minutes i already gave up, i like riverdale so i thought i would like this. But i just don't really like the acting from the main character, i thought it was quite boring honestly

  • Nela
    Nela 6 dager siden

    I liked the show.... until "that" happend to Tommy. "That" ruined it for me. It doesn´t make sense anymore. --> P.S. It´s hilarious how many satanist feel "offended" by the show.