Joe Rogan Experience #1194 - Sober October 2 Recap


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  • sublimeweeze
    sublimeweeze Dag siden

    Bart "Me me me me I'm fat it's all about me" Chrystler

  • sublimeweeze
    sublimeweeze Dag siden

    This would be way better without Bart

  • Michael Bailey
    Michael Bailey 3 dager siden

    I think I could beat joe rogans ass from the months of April to September , October to March, I’m good

  • Sean D
    Sean D 3 dager siden

    Ahaha Rogan is high as fuckkkk

  • Christopher Esguerra
    Christopher Esguerra 4 dager siden

    Jamie: behind the scenes hero

  • Vinny Musso
    Vinny Musso 5 dager siden

    This must be the 8th time I have watched/listened to this and I have never laughed harder. Your quick wit settling in finally after hearing the same shit before is like a humor revelation. Thanks. Much love to my favorite comics. Hope I get the guts to go to open mic soon.

  • That one scene
    That one scene 6 dager siden

    Phantom pains

  • Nerdy White Guy
    Nerdy White Guy 6 dager siden

    I watch this as im pooping and drunk

  • Daniel Anderson
    Daniel Anderson 8 dager siden

    Joe "nobody wants there dick sucked 8 hours in a row" Rogan

  • Patrick Boian
    Patrick Boian 8 dager siden

    this dude was signaling the birds outside lol 2:08:30

  • Andrew Donadio
    Andrew Donadio 9 dager siden

    Do you think that Tom loves me More or do I love him More?! Hahahahahaha

  • Andrew Donadio
    Andrew Donadio 9 dager siden

    Is that Monkey Shoulder Whiskey?

  • Jon Jon Engel
    Jon Jon Engel 9 dager siden

    What’s the point workout app that they used?

  • bigolnut
    bigolnut 9 dager siden

    I would pay good money to see you all in one stadium

  • Andrea Mae
    Andrea Mae 11 dager siden

    Doooo itttt

  • hector mora
    hector mora 11 dager siden

    Joe can’t win he’s on steroids(testosterone)

  • WakingRibbons
    WakingRibbons 11 dager siden

    I wish, when I was a little girl, someone would have explained to me that the "adults" that were around were actually as clueless to how to make it through life as an adult as I was. Then, this would be so much easier.
    (This is what I'm thinking of when I watch 4 grown men sitting around laughing at each other at how old they are lol)

  • SkippingRhyme
    SkippingRhyme 13 dager siden

    you can totaly see joe checking out Ari's Dick when he was pissing, hat else is he looking down at?

  • Bobby
    Bobby 13 dager siden +2

    Why does everyone wear the Sennheiser headphones backwards. The cord goes on the left side.

  • tchapps1
    tchapps1 13 dager siden

    IDK about Mickey Mantle, but Barry definitely has the Mickey Mouse Gene. Huh ha

  • yogi bear
    yogi bear 13 dager siden

    If david goggins did this he's probably get 18,000 every month

  • yogi bear
    yogi bear 13 dager siden

    Joe just told them he wouldn't kill them to give them a false sense of security he totally would

  • CaptainTenseNips
    CaptainTenseNips 13 dager siden

    These guys have such great chemistry. I love all their individual podcasts and love watching when they get together

  • tara Toes
    tara Toes 14 dager siden

    Anybody els....Run the jewels....the intro song to "This is not happening"?!?!

  • Shane Tims
    Shane Tims 14 dager siden

    God damn man.....I could listen another 4 hours

  • Chuck D
    Chuck D 14 dager siden


  • garrett messer
    garrett messer 15 dager siden

    Who is the woman that shows up talking about drinking puss at 2:40:50?

  • wiswellwiswell
    wiswellwiswell 15 dager siden

    Hey does anyone know which app they used to track all there data in ?

  • Sikisan
    Sikisan 16 dager siden

    I'm Not a fan of Ari. Dude go to the bathroom, u only pull that shit if ur in a car. Lol

  • james lisk
    james lisk 17 dager siden

    these boys are off there heads pmsl

  • CeaserTJ
    CeaserTJ 18 dager siden

    Best Podcast ever

  • you fucking momo
    you fucking momo 19 dager siden +2

    Joe drunk is pretty annoying. His punchlines are just to scream words and then bert will squal in response.

  • CTG
    CTG 19 dager siden +1

    The squeaky fat guy is annoying

  • alex pratt
    alex pratt 20 dager siden

    bert squeaking is so funny

  • HolyCity'sSon
    HolyCity'sSon 20 dager siden

    @Joe Rohan. You talk about books on tape. When I was active duty military. I used to do the same thing. It helps take your mind off the pain

  • Brandon Camarillo
    Brandon Camarillo 20 dager siden

    jesus dont let burt procreate

  • Jake Medeiros
    Jake Medeiros 22 dager siden

    Joe "You Know Some People Are Allergic To Peanuts" Rogan

  • JBragg50
    JBragg50 22 dager siden

    Joe "i don't let something not motivate me" Rogan

  • Kristen s
    Kristen s 27 dager siden

    Love the sober October challenge. Inspiraring. But what about sinner December. Or try it July. Everyone goes all out. Does whatever the person who experiments the most does.

  • Purple Alpha
    Purple Alpha 28 dager siden +1

    Bert's squeeking is so annoying

  • Karl Dennis
    Karl Dennis 29 dager siden

    17:49 Ari's face

  • Nathaniel Sanchez
    Nathaniel Sanchez 29 dager siden

    Man love all these guys but there were points where the cacophony of everyone talking over each other and Bert's obnoxious dolphin voice made this hard to listen to.l

  • Michael Ulickey
    Michael Ulickey Måned siden

    Jesus Christ, can Bert's squeals be edited down a little bit so I don't go deaf at work? Love these guys but can't confirm I didn't have a stroke..

  • Michael Melro
    Michael Melro Måned siden

    I feel like they should do the opposite of what Ari wants and see who can get the most views on social media over a month. Force Ari to learn the dark side of the social media world.

  • Ted Bear
    Ted Bear Måned siden

    1:16:00 To Berts credit he parties HARD like all the fucking time. He def gets a pass.

  • Ted Bear
    Ted Bear Måned siden

    24:00 To speak on this a bit I noticed after I stopped playing sports that I really neglected getting enough exercise over the years. I was doing myself a huge disservice and Joe has really motivated me to go hard. At one point I was not sleep well or right or anything and it got so bad I started having back problems and I'm still a young dude so I just made an effort to be more healthy and I can't even begin to describe how much this poddy has help me just be healthier. All the Doctors... Even just the other day with Henry S's podcast I learn so much. Since doing all these thing my joint pain has gotten much better and that's the only thing I would want Joe to ease up is chiropractic work. I do a stretch for all my joints at least once a day and I've never felt better. No more joint pain and I can tell just the motivation from this show I've become stronger than ever before. It's so funny Joe mentioned his legs and butt got bigger because mine have too x'D I bought pants last year that don't fit around the cheeks they did a year before lol
    So over the past few years as Joes been doing more I've tried to as well. It's crazy how life ends up working out but about the time you all started Sober Oct 1 a yoga studio opened up next to where I float at and I've been going every week. This week is a special week where I'm going to Yoga > Meditation > Float and you feel amazing afterwards and I think that's Joe's real advantage over most everyone is that he takes the time to float for 2 hours or something crazy like that. That shiz is so good for you and I'm so glad I have a really nice float center nearby. I got into this podcast about the same time float centers started opening up in my area a few years ago. Just weird how things come together sometimes :P Really enjoyed getting to catch up on Sober Oct for this year : )

  • Just a Random guy
    Just a Random guy Måned siden

    17:49 what happened to ari??

  • AJ E
    AJ E Måned siden

    Besides Rogan all these guys are a mess! What did they look like b4 the month of working out 🐳

  • lucas whitman
    lucas whitman Måned siden

    Bert gets bonus points for run the jewels!!!

  • Jeremy Johnson
    Jeremy Johnson Måned siden

    Joe "I'm not a biologist, but here's a biology lesson" Rogan

  • TheScottGillies
    TheScottGillies Måned siden

    That 'Fly' thing with the Acro Yogi that Ari mentioned... I once attempted that with my 6' 6" 350lb cousin and dropped him accidentally with him landing SQUARELY on my head. When done right though, that shit is awesome.

  • TheScottGillies
    TheScottGillies Måned siden

    TIME ON A BOARD!!! So awesome of an idea! I'm roughly 30+ hours a month on skating around instead of ever driving.

  • ufo multiverse
    ufo multiverse Måned siden


  • Mike Bracciodieta
    Mike Bracciodieta Måned siden

    Lmao... guess Joe Rogan never heard of the salt water flush.....smh

  • Stephan Humphrey
    Stephan Humphrey Måned siden

    bert looked like a sad puppy at the end when he found out no-one could stand losing to him

    • H K
      H K 12 dager siden

      Stephan Humphrey you have to know where you are in the food chain.

  • Stephan Humphrey
    Stephan Humphrey Måned siden

    joe soo drunk he offered ari the belt

  • TheMAgenda
    TheMAgenda Måned siden

    Ari for sure cheated. Should get someone that can compete with Joe.

  • Jason Stimson
    Jason Stimson Måned siden +1

    Yeah Jamie is a savage I hope he's paid well

  • Lil Bibby
    Lil Bibby Måned siden +1

    Over 4 hours with no time stamps 🤦‍♂️

  • Mach1_03
    Mach1_03 Måned siden

    Ari needs to stop being so fucking weird and staring at the camera!

  • dijsugdrtggi3684
    dijsugdrtggi3684 Måned siden

    did ari drop an n bomb lol

  • Oneil One
    Oneil One Måned siden

    Loving every moment of this

  • Amanda Orr
    Amanda Orr Måned siden


  • Erich Christian
    Erich Christian Måned siden

    I'm just going to post this here: Both Joe and Jeff have similar backgrounds.

  • Lazo Minic
    Lazo Minic Måned siden

    I fuckin hate bert kreischer

  • Cristian Castro
    Cristian Castro Måned siden

    Someone Link me to when Joe was all “MATE .... *monsters are real* “

  • Meat Sweats
    Meat Sweats Måned siden

    Lol Of course the guy discussing all the ways he could've deceived and cheated in the competition is Jew Ari

    • Be Happy
      Be Happy Måned siden

      Meat Sweats okay hitler chill lol

  • Devin Jones
    Devin Jones Måned siden

    1:37:53 funniest laugh ever

  • Eddie Nahigan
    Eddie Nahigan Måned siden +5

    Bert's laugh cures cancer

  • Jim Jurkowski
    Jim Jurkowski Måned siden

    They should do teams next year. Joe & Bert vs Tom & Ari

  • Quinn Harris
    Quinn Harris Måned siden

    Church of what's happening now episode 596 time stamp 1:50 Bert telling stories about his experience surfing

  • Kyle R
    Kyle R Måned siden

    Loved it. XD thank you

  • Coty Kelly
    Coty Kelly Måned siden +3

    Do blood work at the start and end of next October and see who has become healthier by percentage of positive change in blood work.

  • Pri vate
    Pri vate Måned siden

    I drank along and panicked when I saw Joe was bald. "When did he shave his head???" It's been a long bottle of wine

  • Pri vate
    Pri vate Måned siden

    Bert "Im gonna need another drink" kreischer

  • george E.A.
    george E.A. Måned siden

    This makes me want to run

  • Dakota Thayer
    Dakota Thayer Måned siden

    Airy plugging DJ Dad Mouth as his motivating music

  • BJhasabeard
    BJhasabeard Måned siden +1

    This was just a group of friends getting drunk, high, and having fun. Any of you talking like this should be anything more than just that is just wrong.

    DANNO Måned siden +1

    Joe "Power Bottom" Rogan

  • Daniel H
    Daniel H Måned siden

    2:08:23 Jesus Christ MY FUCKING EARS!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel H
    Daniel H Måned siden

    God I hate Bert Cringe-scher. His voice is SOOOO fucking annoying. #Bertisfat #Bertis53

  • que hacer
    que hacer Måned siden

    Tom at 1:35:05 is probably the best thing that ever happened

  • Edward Tivrusky
    Edward Tivrusky Måned siden +7

    Only a true pothead would think steam sets off a smoke detector.

    • wesley hudnall
      wesley hudnall 13 dager siden

      My shower in my barracks room used to set off the fire alarm.
      No one wants to be the reason why a whole building of marines have to go stand outside for 30 minutes because of a shower.

    • garrett messer
      garrett messer 15 dager siden +1

      Edward Tivrusky certain types of smoke detectors can be set off by steam. I used to work in apartment maintenance and there were several times when we had to replace and move detectors because they were directly outside a bathroom and the new tenant would take an excessive long hot shower and set it off. There was also another time we had a hot water line beak and it filled the apartment with steam and such high humidity that the smoke detector alarms were going off.

  • dugwyler
    dugwyler Måned siden

    Good shit!
    1:52:30 Get Adam on the show, would be a great story. Know you've tried to have him as a guest before but it hasn't worked out. He did indeed start the podcast by developing some software along with the guy responsible for RSS feeds (but didn't coin the name)

  • Dante boi
    Dante boi Måned siden +3

    Joe after listening to this and feeling all the good vibes I feel a lot better than I have felt for a while, I haven’t been to class for over a week and I’ve been staying in my dorm only coming out for food and showers but now I’m gonna start the day early and get shit done. I’m doing all my laundry, I’m gonna get something healthy from the cafeteria to eat for breakfast tomorrow then I’m gonna take a walk over to chipotle and come back to my dorm to try to think constructively about what I should do with my life instead of just drifting through waiting for someone to point me in a direction. And hopefully fix my sleep schedule

    • rick james
      rick james 19 dager siden

      get after it bro, one step at a time

  • Deadheads
    Deadheads Måned siden

    As listerners we shouldn´t probably be privy to all of what they are talking about.

  • Deadheads
    Deadheads Måned siden +1

    Burt is right when it comes to the origin of podcasts. The first succesful podcasts came before they called them podcasts, like Ricky gervais.

  • emmanuel nunez
    emmanuel nunez Måned siden

    Joe tapped into another dimension.

  • V8tZ Bish
    V8tZ Bish Måned siden

    Joe is LIT people lol

  • Tom Ray
    Tom Ray Måned siden

    Burt wants to fuck Joe so bad

  • ootd cartel
    ootd cartel Måned siden

    what are they drinking

  • Barak Fries
    Barak Fries Måned siden

    Man what does it take to smoke with you guys, do I got to get cancer or loose a leg???

  • Spursfan1527
    Spursfan1527 Måned siden

    1:58:06 Garth Brooks is fuckin weird

  • surlykaratemonkey
    surlykaratemonkey Måned siden

    Joe "I got on top of him and I just got a little relaxed" Rogan

  • EarlyGray
    EarlyGray Måned siden

    [....meat you know so you have to take it out in loads. So if you have two guys;
    right, you are taking it out in several loads...]
    Joe Rogan, 2018

  • kyle griffin
    kyle griffin Måned siden

    02:22:51 lolololololololololol

  • Herbert Lush
    Herbert Lush Måned siden

    I will never believe Ari actually worked out the whole time. Never ever.

  • Bush Wookie
    Bush Wookie Måned siden

    The bald and balding ASSEMBLE!

  • cb7pwn
    cb7pwn Måned siden

    right around the 3 hr mark these boys are FAded

  • Liam Owen
    Liam Owen Måned siden +3

    Bert is the only human who can communicate with Dolphins