Joe Rogan Experience #1194 - Sober October 2 Recap


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  • frostmeister666
    frostmeister666 9 timer siden

    Laird Hamilton.

  • Octobers1086Own
    Octobers1086Own 13 timer siden

    I think Bill Simmons was one of the first people to start doing podcasts consistently... I'm not sure if he was THE first, but he had to have been close.

  • Andy Holt
    Andy Holt 16 timer siden

    Burt is a little bitch

    UHPΔRT 17 timer siden

    love watching you guys getting fucked up. not saying i want it more, but it's very enjoyable.

  • Matt Ruiz
    Matt Ruiz 19 timer siden

    “So I did nine in a row, and one thing I noticed about doing nine a row, is that once you get to about seven in a row you get really tired. But I just did it all in a row to wrap it up ya know” -Joe

  • Davidx
    Davidx 20 timer siden

    Is it me or was this episode removed from the podcast iOS app?

  • Olivier Laflamme
    Olivier Laflamme Dag siden

    what app were they using to track this?!?!

  • Jas Grewal
    Jas Grewal Dag siden +1

    Next October, the guys do a month of Jiu Jitsu and face off at the end of the month for a winner

  • firstname surname
    firstname surname Dag siden

    All the joe rogan on trt hate is really amusing because he has said it that he suggested his friends to be on it as well and also recommended them till go to HIS GUY!

  • Ravyn Katzen
    Ravyn Katzen Dag siden

    Someone please animate Joe skiing starting at 37:35 😂⛷🎿🍕🍕🎿⛷😲
    (and meme Ari's Disney face in there 🤗)

  • Liann Burgos
    Liann Burgos Dag siden

    Berts laugh. I. Legit died. I listen to the podcast at work. I was crying in my cubicle and had to pause it.

  • J Qaz
    J Qaz Dag siden


  • wade wade
    wade wade Dag siden +2

    Within 3 minutes I knew I'd be completely annoyed with all these mfers and sure enough I skipped forward 3/4 into it and these guys are high dipshits. I love Rogan and his guests but his friends suck balls

  • Abel Rodriguez
    Abel Rodriguez Dag siden +1

    Of course Joe Roidgain won

  • cheese burger walrus
    cheese burger walrus Dag siden +2

    What makes Joe Rogan so great is that he makes you feel like you're a part of his conversation I dig it Joe is the man thanks

  • NappaTheProducer
    NappaTheProducer Dag siden

    1:35:00 omg I nearly choked listening to this conversation with Joe's commenting in the background.

  • jacob Bunch
    jacob Bunch Dag siden

    Use a pager for a month.

  • Michael Bennett
    Michael Bennett Dag siden

    4:06:12 phantom pains? What part of your body did you lose?

  • steven johann
    steven johann 2 dager siden +1

    damn, bert....same skiing down the mountain song..........!!!

    • steven johann
      steven johann Dag siden

      bert and tom are noticeably in better shape, ari looks kinda the same, and joe has new circles around his eyes

  • leo daly
    leo daly 2 dager siden

    Whenever Rogan talks about marijuana teaching him humility, just watch this and recognise how full of shit this egomaniac is.

  • Caitlin Hammer
    Caitlin Hammer 2 dager siden

    My favorite one yet!

  • dudeson53
    dudeson53 2 dager siden


  • Karin Castro Studio
    Karin Castro Studio 2 dager siden

    I love tipsy tommy bunz

  • Dakota Ortiz
    Dakota Ortiz 2 dager siden

    When they were presenting the belt they all had thier phones out lol. Ari didn't, respect.

  • JTrillo
    JTrillo 2 dager siden

    I'm just saying, if you 4 did a tv show. Where all you did was get high and compete in challenges, I'd watch the shit out of that.
    The challenges wouldn't be dumb like Kenny v Spenny shit. Could be somewhere in the range of a week long thing, or a event after a week of preparation.

  • Slap Stick
    Slap Stick 2 dager siden

    This vid as of the 16th of November has 250K views. Yet the "sober october recap" on this channel has 2.3 million! This means the world is one big ball of nutjuice sprinkled with tons of crack flakes.

  • Rapack Goon
    Rapack Goon 3 dager siden

    Bort talks shit but can't back it up!! He worked out all month but he still looks 5 months pregnant ! LOL!

  • Shtzweak
    Shtzweak 3 dager siden

    It’s so funny to watch this and see the dynamic between these 4 really unfold as they get more fucked up, joe is like the big brother they all admire and look up to, Bert is the youngest little brother, Tom would be the brother that’s a bit older than Bert and likes to pick on Bert and Ari would be the brother that’s a little younger than Joe and has this mutual respect with joe and is trying to set out on his own to distinguish himself. You can definitely sense the brotherly love between these guys

  • Eastwood Fps
    Eastwood Fps 3 dager siden

    The next sober October will be cool or as it should be called Joe gets free shit month.

  • Jimmy Singh
    Jimmy Singh 3 dager siden

    Bert and Joe don't like each other.

  • NetHazard
    NetHazard 3 dager siden

    You guys are a little hard on Bert and next contest you guys need to figure out how to get Joe to eat a little bit of humble pie. 😉

  • Dean Peterson
    Dean Peterson 3 dager siden

    Joe's impression of Bert...

  • Alex Dunhill
    Alex Dunhill 3 dager siden

    fuck me bert kreischers fake high voice is fucking annoying.

  • Foo
    Foo 3 dager siden +1

    Bert Kreischer could never be funny. Not even accidentally. If he tripped and fell in a way that would normally be funny, it wouldn't be, because he is so fucking not funny.

  • Lil N8
    Lil N8 3 dager siden

    IM SORRY but I can’t be the only guy who thinks Bert may be intentionally stealing Lee Syatt’s laugh right?? Like come on.

  • Griff
    Griff 3 dager siden

    joe is just like my dad when he is drunk and repeats himself over and over again.

  • Alex Havill
    Alex Havill 3 dager siden

    Respect to Jamie for keeping up with all the camera changes for four hours straight!!

  • rp77beach
    rp77beach 3 dager siden

    I think Joe should put together a week long "Jokers Cruise" with him and all his best friend comedians on a cruise ship with the largest theater aboard. Let the fans pick a clever name for the cruise. Have meet and greets. Each guy does a set each day so the whole ship eventually gets to see everyone. Sell merch! Great idea. Just saying. I'd drop the money to see them all and hopefully meet them. Cruise + Joe Rogan, Joey Diaz, Ari Shaffir, Bert Kreischer, Duncan Trussell, Tony Hinchcliffe, Tom Segura, Bryan Callen, Doug Stanhope, Christina P, Greg Fitzsimmons, maybe even Big Jay Oakerson. Who knows maybe a few friends might jump on board just to join even if they're not comics. Eddie. Young Jamie. Just imagine a drunken Burt running shirtless down the cabin hallways. Priceless Memories. Let's make this happen young Jamie. I know you're reading..... Pass the word. I got a grand in the hand for my ticket. Cruise ship holds 4000 this would sell out in hours. Just sayyyyyyin.

    • rp77beach
      rp77beach 3 dager siden

      "JRE Comedy Cruise with Friends"

  • Mexico City
    Mexico City 3 dager siden

    15:51 "To Run a Hill" Written by. Joe Rogan

  • h1tman03
    h1tman03 3 dager siden

    Powerful Bert Belly at 1:50:06

  • 「 error 」
    「 error 」 4 dager siden +1

    Bert Kreischer will be the first human to successfully communicate with dolphins

  • Tim Rand
    Tim Rand 4 dager siden

    Man that how much can you surf for must of came up 4 times lol

  • E Hop23
    E Hop23 4 dager siden

    Four rich white kids planning their summer vacay 😂

  • Kyle Pearce
    Kyle Pearce 4 dager siden +1

    joe at 3:40:00

  • Tim Rand
    Tim Rand 4 dager siden

    Bob hemersley is the first podcaster

  • pcarroll666
    pcarroll666 4 dager siden

    This was a unfair competition come on joe!!!!

  • I'm Charming
    I'm Charming 4 dager siden

    Tom Segura is one of the greatest of all time. He just had to wait till the right moment to really hit it - he fits juuust right into this low key internet age.

  • Jaime Lopez
    Jaime Lopez 4 dager siden

    It took me about a month to stand on a surfboard for like 7 seconds

  • gabe mapother
    gabe mapother 4 dager siden

    1:35:19 “who loves who more” this is the proof that weeds non violent unlike alcohol 😂

  • Ryan Martin
    Ryan Martin 4 dager siden

    Anybody know what tech they used to do the competition? They probably said it, I just don’t want to go back through the 4 hours of content lol

  • NC LiveLines
    NC LiveLines 4 dager siden

    Joe. Buy Apple Watch. Weekly workout challenges. You guys can compete year round. Wow.

  • Shaun Thomas
    Shaun Thomas 4 dager siden

    Should be who's the best surfer at the end of the month

  • Big toe little finger
    Big toe little finger 4 dager siden

    between all the other podcasts am still trying to get to the end of this cocksucckas

  • boomdog349
    boomdog349 4 dager siden

    "Why don't you guys buttfuck and get this over with." Fucking hilarious.

  • Bryan Ludwick
    Bryan Ludwick 4 dager siden

    Joe got so twisted lol he almost didn't make it.

  • Devan Ashton
    Devan Ashton 4 dager siden

    Take some rad people have a contest with fans

  • Dalton Babb
    Dalton Babb 5 dager siden

    Everytime I watch something with Bert he gets more and more annoying it's a shame he he wasn't always so bad good thing everyone is great

  • Justin Tanner
    Justin Tanner 5 dager siden

    Next year you guys need to make a documentary so we can all see this shit

  • Josh Hendra
    Josh Hendra 5 dager siden

    Joe “because here’s the deal” Rogan.

  • Howie Gonzalez
    Howie Gonzalez 5 dager siden

    Did that dude whip it out and peed in front of those guys in a bottle FUCK DAT!!

  • Howie Gonzalez
    Howie Gonzalez 5 dager siden

    3 days in on this pod cast almost done

  • Drew Connelly
    Drew Connelly 5 dager siden +1

    I feel like Bert is 75% full of shit ...

  • Josh Hendra
    Josh Hendra 5 dager siden

    Love this one, but seriously Burt sounds like a tea pot boiling over every time! Constantly having to lower and raise the volume because I’m not trying to have my ear drums bleed. Burt, cool it man the laugh isn’t funny

  • BryanJ061287
    BryanJ061287 5 dager siden

    tom throws burt under the bus and acts like a bitch whenever theyre on joe rogan together

  • perknsmerch
    perknsmerch 5 dager siden

    This episode in summation:
    Joe: "dark place, did you guys get to that dark place? Dark place. Dark place. Hey Burt...are you in this dark place with me?
    Burt: acts like stereotypical anime character "i wanna battle joe at his strongest" eggs joe on the whole month
    Ari: Burt you're idiot! you do anything to win! Or in the case get in 2nd
    Tom: barely gets any words in because he's too polite to talk over people

  • Oliver Smith
    Oliver Smith 5 dager siden

    I guess we know Ari doesn't recycle. At least not those bottles. :D

  • wagtailVGA
    wagtailVGA 5 dager siden

    why is Joe such an asshole to bert?

  • Rog er
    Rog er 5 dager siden

    RUN THE JEWELS! Fuck Yeah, Burnt Chrysler!

  • TheFukwitz
    TheFukwitz 5 dager siden

    is Joe going to fuck berk in his dark road? is that the point?

  • Chap Sinclair
    Chap Sinclair 5 dager siden +1

    lol Bert thinks there are Grizzlies on the Appalachian trail, most AT hikers would consider themselves lucky to see a black bear before it runs off. I've spent more time in the woods than anyone I've met and I've seen a total of 5 black bears in 20 plus years, all close to suburbia, never in the "deep woods" which only exists in fragments on the east coast anymore due to ridiculously poor planning and developers greed. But maybe that misconception will keep some idiots out of the woods, which works for me. The real threat to hikers/hunters in the east is "Operation Paper clip presents" : LYME DISEASE.......

  • not burger planets mom
    not burger planets mom 5 dager siden

    why does bert look like he has no eyebrows?

  • JT F
    JT F 5 dager siden

    Really dipshits? Rats and squirrels? You’re quoting a scene from Inglorious Bastards and they think it’s an original thought.

  • Robert Plazio
    Robert Plazio 5 dager siden

    Did they ever tell us what MyZone product specifically they wore? I'd like to get one for myself.

  • Alad Namedgallo
    Alad Namedgallo 5 dager siden

    What was the running song they mentioned again? I cant seem to find it.

  • factstraight
    factstraight 5 dager siden +1

    1:22:39 "Boxer, actor, and rapist Mike Tyson..." - Bianca Barragan

  • FromPoetryToRap
    FromPoetryToRap 5 dager siden

    What's better than this? Just guys being dudes.

  • swuuggs
    swuuggs 5 dager siden

    So fucking obvious none of these jabronis know anything about surfing, based on the way they talk about Kelly and their ridiculous goals for themselves vis a vis time standing on a surfboard.

  • Ryan Surbrug
    Ryan Surbrug 5 dager siden

    I tell ya What I think Ari should make some calls when he gets back to NYC to even the playing field . Rogan is totally fucked with a juiced up Jew on his ass , if Ari came this close with Joe on the Sauce Ari will for sure blew him out the water !!!

  • David Cameo
    David Cameo 5 dager siden +1

    Guys - if you want to keep off social media for a month, just buffer your posts ( Delete the apps from your phone, replace with buffer, good to go. you can still post/promote shit without all the apps and engaging on social media

  • thewerdo123
    thewerdo123 5 dager siden

    Ive been trying to watch the whole thing for like the past 4 days now lol

  • Jeremey Lochridge
    Jeremey Lochridge 5 dager siden

    After Joe's rant, Tom's "I'm so high." hahahaha

  • person one
    person one 5 dager siden

    What's the app called

  • Nick Jonathan
    Nick Jonathan 5 dager siden

    Take my self off soical media would i watch the podcast then or buy tickets to your show

  • Riv Filmer
    Riv Filmer 5 dager siden

    3:01:28 - this can only happen between long term great friends. Love it

  • Andrew Stone
    Andrew Stone 5 dager siden

    Ari jo kids WTF

  • Kevin Persaud
    Kevin Persaud 5 dager siden

    joe should do an interview with jeremy wade!!

  • paul gabriel
    paul gabriel 5 dager siden

    How in the FUCK do these three guys put up with Berts laugh?!? Holy shit it's so annoying

  • SteelCXLII
    SteelCXLII 6 dager siden

    Can't wait for Sober October 2019!

  • David Cameo
    David Cameo 6 dager siden +1

    That Hibiki is the shit. Enjoy boys, you've all earned it

    • David Cameo
      David Cameo 6 dager siden

      Also, my friends and I were podcasting since 2003, at least

  • Brennan koble
    Brennan koble 6 dager siden

    Bert is such a pile of total garbage. The whole thing would be soooo much better with literally ANYONE ELSE.

  • Chris Fraser
    Chris Fraser 6 dager siden +5

    That Bert fella is very very insecure

  • Tim Stein
    Tim Stein 6 dager siden +2

    Today I learned Rogan has no idea he is on social media.

  • Tim Stein
    Tim Stein 6 dager siden

    Rogan couldn't hook anything up with the UFC so Ari had to hook up Chang Beers and Chang Fights.

  • Ivan Nazario
    Ivan Nazario 6 dager siden

    so did he drank pee? i know that was the plan all the time thats why this other mofo peed in that cup

  • Pilkie101
    Pilkie101 6 dager siden

    The "I went to the dark place" shit is so cringey I can't bear it. He's on TRT and HGH, is competing with guys who are either obese or never work out, and he's been working out his entire life.

  • Wick'd Surf Camps
    Wick'd Surf Camps 6 dager siden

    Don't worry about how long you stand on a board for over a month, just learn how to surf, train with whoever + wherever and at the end of the month, have a surf competition.. just the 4 of ya with impartial judge's in an agreed upon spot. That's fair and super easy to stream live.

  • Nicholas Leoni
    Nicholas Leoni 6 dager siden +2

    "This podcast is tremendous. " - Joey Diaz

  • Caleb Bumgarner
    Caleb Bumgarner 6 dager siden

    When are they gonna start a “sober October Tour?”

  • Rafiki
    Rafiki 6 dager siden

    Ari's Bathroom Moment - JRE Toon

  • Shane Cody
    Shane Cody 6 dager siden

    Bert, Joe is both right and wrong about the elk meat. He is correct that you can't legally purchase "wild" game meat in the United States. However, there are plenty of elk farms that legally process and sell elk meat. I suggest you take up archery elk hunting and go kill a wild one like Joe, it would feed you and your family for an entire year!