Fortnite X NFL

  • Publisert 5. nov.. 2018
  • We're excited to announce that Fortnite and the NFL are teaming up for the ultimate football face-off. Starting November 9 at 7PM ET you'll be able to purchase NFL themed Outfits from the Fortnite Item Shop.
    Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.
    Learn More:
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Kommentarer • 27 483

  • Musa Hussain
    Musa Hussain 19 timer siden

    Let’s gooooo

  • Connor Luxton
    Connor Luxton 2 dager siden

    I claim my revenge

  • Zen Waiters
    Zen Waiters 3 dager siden

    The one doing living large though ( Dallas Cowboys) 😀😀

  • Hacked User
    Hacked User 8 dager siden

    I have the sergeant skin! And Cosplay as black! One of my favorite skins so far!
    Btw when the NFL skins come out can u just make them with the spike It emote pls because I don’t have It

  • Hi Im SleaKy
    Hi Im SleaKy 18 dager siden

    Season 8 POG!

  • رسول البهادلي
    رسول البهادلي 20 dager siden


  • Meme Content
    Meme Content 20 dager siden +1

    Who’s here one day before season 8😳

  • 00 Penguin
    00 Penguin 21 dag siden

    One of the first signs fortnite was going to die

  • JoeyDaBoneBreakR
    JoeyDaBoneBreakR 21 dag siden +1

    Will these ever come back I just got vbucks a week ago and I want to buy it

      ZAK ATTACK 20 dager siden

      I want them back aswell

  • goksel arslan
    goksel arslan 24 dager siden


  • Gacha Gangsters
    Gacha Gangsters 24 dager siden +1


  • Bryan Harden
    Bryan Harden 27 dager siden

    Anyone here before fortnite died

  • Peterson507
    Peterson507 29 dager siden +1

    Those are all the dances that just loop

  • Eduardo Fraga
    Eduardo Fraga Måned siden

    Is time ... all guys dancing!

  • HarleyGameing 2008
    HarleyGameing 2008 Måned siden

    From the time you

  • Hxrten
    Hxrten Måned siden

    and nobody did the elctro drop...

  • Jeanette Reed
    Jeanette Reed Måned siden

    I want v-bucks

  • Vitor BC
    Vitor BC Måned siden

    Não gosto muito de Fortnite

  • OpTic VoltBeam
    OpTic VoltBeam Måned siden

    Super bowl 2019

  • wìtxch
    wìtxch Måned siden

    When is the Soccer skins coming back?

  • Evil Penguin419
    Evil Penguin419 Måned siden

    i already knew this glitch HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Jawa King
    Jawa King Måned siden

    NBA skins
    FIFA skins
    NFL skins,
    NHL Skins?

  • Bendy Boris
    Bendy Boris Måned siden

    Thank you for looking at my comment about the football or I could be wrong (+_+)

  • Rob Base Robs Military Bases

    What’s your favorite?
    End Zone
    Strong Guard


  • DaTbOi 445
    DaTbOi 445 Måned siden +1

    eagle skin doing the eagle smfh lmao

  • Axolio
    Axolio Måned siden +1

    My Denver homie's doing the orange justice.

  • Slouchyz
    Slouchyz Måned siden +1

    These skins are coming back in today’s item shop

  • WDSA
    WDSA Måned siden +58

    Like = Rams
    Comment = Patriots

  • WDSA
    WDSA Måned siden


  • cLouty
    cLouty Måned siden

    bring em back now

  • The creeper Gaming
    The creeper Gaming Måned siden

    The nfl skins came when the big fire started in Agoura

  • TimDoesGaming
    TimDoesGaming Måned siden

    fortnite whats your favourite team

  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer Måned siden

    O unico br daqui

  • Mr Prankster Vlogs
    Mr Prankster Vlogs Måned siden

    i love how the egales are doing egle

  • Comic Kid Playz
    Comic Kid Playz Måned siden +1

    Hype for NFL skins coming back!

  • Emmettc93
    Emmettc93 Måned siden

    They HAVE to come back super bowl Sunday..

  • Sasa
    Sasa Måned siden

    I ship it.

  • bb Jacques
    bb Jacques Måned siden

    eagles doing the eagle

  • Callum Irvine
    Callum Irvine Måned siden

    When will these come back out ? 😃

    • Callum Irvine
      Callum Irvine Måned siden

      +the helpful Canadian thanks gonna cop juke,whistle warrior and striped soilder

    • the helpful Canadian
      the helpful Canadian Måned siden

      They said some to before the super bowl so probably this week

  • The Pathfinder
    The Pathfinder Måned siden

    Season 8 anyone?

  • JoeyTheGamer
    JoeyTheGamer Måned siden

    *now this is epic*

  • jas
    jas Måned siden

    kill it

  • Gregory the man
    Gregory the man Måned siden

    Will this ever come back

  • Joji Pops
    Joji Pops Måned siden

    Bring back

  • OutstandingJack
    OutstandingJack Måned siden

    Pleas bring back the NFL skins cause I missed out and other people missed out to

  • Its_ Afi_gameryt
    Its_ Afi_gameryt Måned siden

    Read the first two words 💎💋

    • Harrison Hofacker
      Harrison Hofacker Dag siden

      Read the 3rd then 1st word

  • Vegetablue 24
    Vegetablue 24 Måned siden

    How I get

  • Agente Smith
    Agente Smith Måned siden +1

    Hello a question will come back the skins of the FNL? When they left, they do not have turkeys and I love those skins. I've been saving turkeys for more than a month and it's been 2 months since they left.

  • malachi edwards
    malachi edwards 2 måneder siden

    I want it to come back

  • Beast Mode1
    Beast Mode1 2 måneder siden

    Am I the only one who likes both Fortnite and the NFL

  • Clean Aardavrk98
    Clean Aardavrk98 2 måneder siden

    you guys show do the same thing but with the nba fortnite x nba but when you do you put the fortnite nfl skins back in the item shop

  • EnragedDisc ·
    EnragedDisc · 2 måneder siden

    My fav emote is the Llama Bell dont judge me :3

  • Artic Assaian
    Artic Assaian 2 måneder siden

    Oh sure put charger all the way in the back

  • DeadlyAlan X
    DeadlyAlan X 2 måneder siden

    There's a person doing BOMBASTIC. I know this is WAY after the NFL skins And Bombastic were in the item shop
    Just saying Bombastic was leaked in this trailer. He is in the middle of 2 girl nfl skins The team was the Indianapolis Colts☺

  • GamerX
    GamerX 2 måneder siden +1

    Come back please

  • Ender Wolf
    Ender Wolf 2 måneder siden +12

    Bring it back at the item shop plz i will buy it with v bucks

  • Bei kai 123
    Bei kai 123 2 måneder siden

    Epic Games sind die besten der Welt

  • Angelo Salas
    Angelo Salas 2 måneder siden +1

    Are theses coming back

  • k455
    k455 2 måneder siden

    0:05 when you get that epic victory royale

  • LVT11
    LVT11 2 måneder siden

    I got strong guard and made it into von Miller

    HAZE HAZE 2 måneder siden +1


  • randomplayer1122 !
    randomplayer1122 ! 2 måneder siden +19

    Really wish i had that llama bell emote

    • DJDOM44
      DJDOM44 Måned siden

      It came out today👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👍👌👍👌👌👌👌👍👍👌👍👌😎😎😎👌👌👍👌👍😎👌👍👌😎👌👍❤❤👍👌😎👌😢❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤no homo

    • Luis Espino
      Luis Espino 2 måneder siden

      randomplayer1122 ! I do

  • Joey Logano Fan
    Joey Logano Fan 2 måneder siden

    Can You Put Nascar Drivers In Fortnite Plz

  • Matija T Gaming
    Matija T Gaming 2 måneder siden

    Who has an nfl skin friend me. My ps4 gt is matijadragana

  • Baywatch_ 1
    Baywatch_ 1 2 måneder siden

    Bring them back

  • Kyle Gibbons
    Kyle Gibbons 2 måneder siden

    I swear, if they put ONE hand on the 49ers, they’re toast.

  • Tinix The Killer
    Tinix The Killer 2 måneder siden

    Season 8 now

  • [LIFE]Vikhil
    [LIFE]Vikhil 2 måneder siden +1

    I what to buy it

  • P4C3Z BOI
    P4C3Z BOI 2 måneder siden

    Where is Fortnite and champions league

  • The Icyboy
    The Icyboy 2 måneder siden +1

    I would love to have them in my locker If they come back🤧🤧🤧😖😖😖🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧

  • The Icyboy
    The Icyboy 2 måneder siden +1

    Are they coming back I reaaaaaalllllyyy want them🤧🤧🤧😖😖🤧🤧🤧🤧

  • JoltGamer123
    JoltGamer123 2 måneder siden

    fortnite + football which are the worst things on earth = crap

  • Muhammad Kashif Khan
    Muhammad Kashif Khan 2 måneder siden

    0:10 number 45 is does secret (not so secret now) but he was doing a secret emote bombastic so yea bye get this 100000000000 likes thx bye😘

  • dark drift
    dark drift 2 måneder siden

    I dont get the point just to collab with blog when their going to make skin and nothing else??

  • Matthew C
    Matthew C 2 måneder siden


  • I Love LA
    I Love LA 2 måneder siden


    DMN GAMING RO 3 måneder siden +1

    I see the new emote

  • Lucas Teague
    Lucas Teague 3 måneder siden

    fortnite fortnite fortnite fortnite fortnite fortnite

  • hank jr
    hank jr 3 måneder siden


  • Cuddle Team Leader
    Cuddle Team Leader 3 måneder siden

    So glad they added this. Wanna get browns

  • Reynaldo Sánchez
    Reynaldo Sánchez 3 måneder siden +2

    Okay now FORTNITE should make NBA skins 😉
    Fortnite X NBA

    • Narco leptic
      Narco leptic 2 måneder siden

      Reynaldo Sánchez jumpshot and triple threat

  • the game soldier fan
    the game soldier fan 3 måneder siden


    EREN HD 3 måneder siden +1

    Hello fortnite

  • Gustav Fritz
    Gustav Fritz 3 måneder siden

    absolute great game for adults...
    and when you don't see the Ironie I just fell sry for you...

  • LuC4S3TtE
    LuC4S3TtE 3 måneder siden

    Fortnite handball

  • Stoicalbrush 359
    Stoicalbrush 359 3 måneder siden

    Baseball is next right?

  • Hyper GunM45t3r
    Hyper GunM45t3r 3 måneder siden

    Fortnite did my account get banned on xbox my username is GunM45t3r2006

  • Unai Perea Mendez
    Unai Perea Mendez 3 måneder siden

    prefer forknaif x FIFA

  • Andre Goco
    Andre Goco 3 måneder siden


  • Valerie Meynet
    Valerie Meynet 3 måneder siden

    One dance is missing(pop&lock)

  • Bob De Klerk
    Bob De Klerk 3 måneder siden

    I got the skin

  • Kimora Life
    Kimora Life 3 måneder siden

    Hi my p name is leo love FORTNITE. 🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮

  • Melissa Gord
    Melissa Gord 3 måneder siden

    Just noticed the one wearing the Eagles jersey was doing the eagle emote

  • fanlicK Jamar
    fanlicK Jamar 3 måneder siden +105

    Season 7 anyone 👌🏽

  • جوكر كلاش /JOKER
    جوكر كلاش /JOKER 3 måneder siden

    Hello 👋 and welcome to joker 🃏 clash. Like and school 🏫 districts

  • Tuana ' nın Diyarı
    Tuana ' nın Diyarı 3 måneder siden


  • Therealpyrocynical Olbe
    Therealpyrocynical Olbe 3 måneder siden

    In Soviet Russia anthem plays you

  • mr. triggered
    mr. triggered 3 måneder siden

    This is the first thing I see when I go to School 8 year olds doing fortnite dances

  • Simon Morgan
    Simon Morgan 3 måneder siden

    Will this come back out at time I didn't have any vbucks to get but I seriously want it I Love it