4 Levels of Spaghetti & Meatballs: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


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  • geniusfollower
    geniusfollower 6 timer siden

    "Your water must be as saline as the ocean."

    Me: "puts the pot on the flame"

    Me: "okay come on nerds, road trip to the beach to compare!"

  • oswaldo padilla
    oswaldo padilla 6 timer siden

    The level 2 cook is so god damn annoying gay and pretentious

  • Vikrant Sinha
    Vikrant Sinha 6 timer siden

    super se uper mam so nice recipe 👌👌

  • x_ Bxeauty _x
    x_ Bxeauty _x 7 timer siden

    I avtuaalllyyy thinkkkk thatttt loreenzoooo issssss jayyyyyy frooooommmmm theeeeeew kubbbbzzzzzzz scccccccouutttssss dadddddd theyyyyyy looooook soooooo similarrrrr anddddd areeeeeee reallllyyyy funnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy omaogoododododododododood idddkkkkkkk immmmmmm typppinnngggg likeeeeeee thisssssssssss :) I-I mean...:))))))))))))))))

  • lil roblox
    lil roblox 7 timer siden

    im a level -3 chef. i can cook up a badass instant cup spaghetti

  • Marie Ysabelle Baylon
    Marie Ysabelle Baylon 8 timer siden

    Papyrus' Spaghetti

  • Livvy Sweets
    Livvy Sweets 8 timer siden

    Alright meatballs,

    ANIME HD 8 timer siden

    Why didn't you invite Gordon Ramsey for level:unidentified

  • Spiritless Mortal
    Spiritless Mortal 9 timer siden +1

    Level 3 chef, “Delish.”
    Level 1 chef, “It’s good.”
    Level 2 chef, “DELICIOSO.”

  • promontorium
    promontorium 9 timer siden

    Dry noodles make a nice platform for delicious sauces. But if you use fresh pasta, it becomes a flavorful part of the meal. It's like the store bought dried noodles don't harm the meal, but fresh pasta adds to it.
    I'll tell you recently I've been learning fresh can be so much better. Home made chips are so much better than store bought. And they're easy, fast, and cheap as hell to make. Just use a potato peeler to cut chips and throw them in hot oil for like a minute. Remove and season. Boom.

  • ZAY X TV
    ZAY X TV 9 timer siden

    I’m level zero....straight out the can lmaooooo

  • Lmao Stephon
    Lmao Stephon 10 timer siden

    so who had the best one?

  • Carnez
    Carnez 10 timer siden

    Level 2 the type of guy to run through the high wall of lothric in full havels

  • ben warman
    ben warman 10 timer siden

    This video is really well edited

  • Alec Magill
    Alec Magill 10 timer siden

    4:32 “If you really love people you make fresh pasta.” Uhhhhhhhhh, ok?

  • Gerard’s Jackets
    Gerard’s Jackets 10 timer siden

    Now we *scoop*

  • dark clouds
    dark clouds 11 timer siden


  • Simon Larzn
    Simon Larzn 11 timer siden


  • Mizzmic Lola
    Mizzmic Lola 11 timer siden

    *Now we scoop*

  • ren c:
    ren c: 11 timer siden

    spaghetti is American not Italian- um

  • Tally Hall Enthusiast
    Tally Hall Enthusiast 12 timer siden

    I wish Lorenzo was my dad he seems so cool

  • Tomasavage
    Tomasavage 12 timer siden

    Why does the “scientist” look like a rhombus?

  • Why Don’t We Watch Youtube
    Why Don’t We Watch Youtube 12 timer siden +1

    thank you for making me question all of pasta in history

  • Help meh
    Help meh 12 timer siden

    What lvl is Gordon Ramsey

  • obrienize
    obrienize 12 timer siden

    level 2 guy is great

  • Valery Nicolle Lemus Sandoval

    I wanted to pull my own eyes out when she broke the spaghetti

  • Sun Master
    Sun Master 12 timer siden

    if someone break a spaghetti, obviously the person is a beginner

  • Liam Martin
    Liam Martin 13 timer siden

    Dunkey outta nowhere

  • Pomegranate Seeds
    Pomegranate Seeds 13 timer siden +1

    Home cook
    Expert chef
    Gordon Freaking Ramsay

  • Hj Mary
    Hj Mary 13 timer siden

    I am very hungry and I should probably not be watching this oh well

  • TheOriginalDJFender
    TheOriginalDJFender 14 timer siden

    I feel like the middle guy's food would taste like "Dad's afternoon spaghetti" and the chefs would taste like it cost $20.

  • John LaRegina
    John LaRegina 14 timer siden

    The two chiefs are wrong you cook the meatballs in the sauce

  • Isaacs gaming16
    Isaacs gaming16 14 timer siden

    My name is mafia and I’m a level 99 boss

  • Dacl3
    Dacl3 15 timer siden

    so we don't see anything about the actual dishes' taste?

  • Luca Toscani
    Luca Toscani 15 timer siden

    04:43 in Italy they are not very harsh on prison sentences but I'm sure for this woman they would make an exception

  • Nahuel
    Nahuel 15 timer siden

    Level 2 was the best.

  • Akram Max
    Akram Max 15 timer siden

    Lvl 0 : me :'(

  • RunawayGore 649
    RunawayGore 649 15 timer siden

    Can they make

    Bi**h LASAGNA

  • the real light buzzyear man

    My name is boss, I am a lvl 100 boss

  • David
    David 16 timer siden

    Lv99 Spaget Mafia Boss 🍝

  • kale
    kale 16 timer siden +1

    This is how the restaurant works.

  • Ramune Icepop
    Ramune Icepop 16 timer siden

    I thought I was a level 1 amateur, turns out I'm actually a level 1.5!

  • George Keller
    George Keller 16 timer siden

    Level 100 boss chef

  • SandaLord
    SandaLord 16 timer siden

    Lvl 3 Profesional Chef with a ring when he's cooking? False

  • chopstix906
    chopstix906 17 timer siden

    It's actually pronounced "SHMAGHEGGI"

  • Ying Yang
    Ying Yang 17 timer siden

    Lvl 1 Crook
    Lvl 35 HitMan
    Lvl 100 Boss

  • TheAllVerlix
    TheAllVerlix 17 timer siden +2

    1) Le polpette sono un secondo, come fai a mangiarle insieme alla pasta??
    2) No pasta all'uovo, ci vuole quella di grano
    3) Ma il senso di mettere l'olio nell'acqua???
    4) Gli spaghetti NON SI ROMPONO MAI, CAZZO.

  • Youshisu
    Youshisu 18 timer siden

    Traditional dish? meybe in america, or uk :P

  • Youshisu
    Youshisu 18 timer siden

    Its not hard at all to make pasta ~ said guy using machine to get pasta

  • Bob Lemester
    Bob Lemester 18 timer siden

    Yo they stole dunkeys famous spaghetti and meatballs

  • Rico g
    Rico g 18 timer siden

    Elana is more my cooking style. I always add a little oil to my pasta. It keeps it from sticking togather.

  • 111 23
    111 23 18 timer siden

    Salt doesnt help to boil water faster. That's a MYTH.

  • ChloeRose Russo
    ChloeRose Russo 18 timer siden

    Sorry, jarred sauce is a sin🙊

  • Courtney
    Courtney 18 timer siden

    And they say women should be in the kitchen....nah these men killed it

  • IAmLosts
    IAmLosts 19 timer siden

    im lvl 900 boss

  • cary bary
    cary bary 19 timer siden

    Am I the only one who dislikes using canned tomatoes? Too watery for my liking.

  • Andres Quintini
    Andres Quintini 19 timer siden

    the moment she cracked the pasta....

  • Mary Baker
    Mary Baker 19 timer siden

    The level 2 chef was so annoying

  • Lotte Starck
    Lotte Starck 19 timer siden

    Nice competitive levels - though, I stick to potatoes in various 'chef levels' :))*

  • Zohaib Ali
    Zohaib Ali 20 timer siden

    Hey, your recipes is very good and I loved recipe like this☺☺☺☺☺☺😎

  • Evan Duncan
    Evan Duncan 20 timer siden

    I do a little bit from each of them. Except I don't like adding egg and breadcrumbs. I've never like it as much.

  • Matthew -Pokémon and More!

    TBH Lorenzo should have a TV show because I would throw away my homework just to watch it

  • Trashcan #1
    Trashcan #1 22 timer siden

    This is the first time the expert chef wasn’t annoying (in my opinion and of the episodes I’ve seen)

  • Sam Meyer
    Sam Meyer 22 timer siden

    Adding salt to water doesn’t make it heat up faster... just think about what you’re saying!

  • OmmiSombra
    OmmiSombra 23 timer siden

    My knees are weak

  • Hugh Denniston
    Hugh Denniston 23 timer siden

    One min I'm gonna google why I'm watching this

  • chrisddudududu
    chrisddudududu 23 timer siden

    She didnt chew her spaghetti...my stomach howled

  • Regina De La Cruz
    Regina De La Cruz Dag siden +1

    Dude got a sense of humor at 5:34 his voice trembling

  • Benjamin Maxwell
    Benjamin Maxwell Dag siden

    Level 5 Gordon Ramsay

  • Humble Gamer
    Humble Gamer Dag siden

    It’s 2am on a school night... wtf am I doing

  • Lieutenant Axner
    Lieutenant Axner Dag siden

    Hi im Lieutenant. Im lvl 35 like a Mafia.

    (Why did i even say that)

  • MienKraft
    MienKraft Dag siden

    Lvl 100 gordon ramsay
    Thats how master chef works

  • Przemyslaw Łyżwa
    Przemyslaw Łyżwa Dag siden

    3:24 - its dangerous to put parmesan skin just like that :S but This Guy is nice :) And why the fk she broke that spaghetti? XD 4:44

  • Crownthepilot
    Crownthepilot Dag siden

    The first one seems high
    The middle one deserves its on tv show
    The last one is being a show off

  • gacha Ashraff
    gacha Ashraff Dag siden

    It they own spaggeti they must say it good ;-;

  • Eon OoF
    Eon OoF Dag siden

    Lorenzo deserves to bbe a lvl 3

  • Karla Garza
    Karla Garza Dag siden

    Is Lorenzo Charles Boyle in disguise?

  • Shamoon Saqib
    Shamoon Saqib Dag siden +1

    T H E T H U M B N A I L

    swear i don't have a dirty mind XD

  • Rob Denaro
    Rob Denaro Dag siden

    This is not a traditional dish. Meatballs are never served with the pasta. It's a separate dish. Maybe it's traditional in America, but not in Italy.

  • Heyitsellie
    Heyitsellie Dag siden

    Salt brings the temperature of the water up quicker it boils at 105 degrees rather thsn 100. This is because it isnt a pure substance anymore

  • Jaydon Lye
    Jaydon Lye Dag siden

    Level 1 Amatuer cook
    Level 2 cooker
    Level 3 chef
    Level 4 head chef
    Level 5 LAMB SAUCE MAN

  • Allan Mariscal
    Allan Mariscal Dag siden

    Level 2 looked delicious!

  • Ken Frank
    Ken Frank Dag siden

    When I go to an Italian restaurant the first time I always order spaghetti & meatballs. If they can’t do that right than I find another place to eat.

  • Ken Frank
    Ken Frank Dag siden

    Loved this video. Thanks

  • Shemsuh0r
    Shemsuh0r Dag siden

    Boy I really liked that Lorenzo guy.

  • bruce thundercock
    bruce thundercock Dag siden

    2 inch meatballs.. sweet jesus

  • Mariela J
    Mariela J Dag siden

    i'm gonna add some G A R L I C

  • Annoying Dog
    Annoying Dog Dag siden

    I eat my spaghetti without meatballs

  • DaryleneZ
    DaryleneZ Dag siden

    me: ikea meatballs, dried pasta, canned tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella done.

  • gefluzafix
    gefluzafix Dag siden

    i use jhonsonville mild italian sausage, bay leaf, cilantro, garlic salt first boil the sausage to remove a good portion of the fat, then add the sausage to tomato paste, cream of mushroom, and dice tomatoes, and 1 can full of water into a crockpot for 4.5 hours
    the fettuccine doesnt need to be broken, you can tip the pasta into a decent sized boiling pot and boil for 20 minutes on high, the noodles will slide into the boiling pot as it cooks.

  • random person
    random person Dag siden

    Level 1 cook vs Level 3 Meatball Boss.

  • Witheringtie 975
    Witheringtie 975 Dag siden

    Level 2 chefs looks better but level 3 tastes better

  • pedro kreutz
    pedro kreutz Dag siden


  • scoot backsome
    scoot backsome Dag siden

    Alena marry me! Lol

  • Chandra Satrio
    Chandra Satrio Dag siden

    Lorenzo is so cheerful and Elina is so proud! Lovely energy

  • NoJusticeNoPeace
    NoJusticeNoPeace Dag siden +1

    The thumbnail looks like GOATSE man. That is all.

  • Nancy Miller
    Nancy Miller Dag siden

    Real Italians don't put onions in their sauce. It sours the sauce and if you're planning on having it for leftovers say 2 Days Later the cooked onions go bad before anything and the sauces going to taste horrible. No onions in real Italian gravy

  • kavitha thiru
    kavitha thiru Dag siden

    Video editing was soo great!!!!

  • Fletchfang
    Fletchfang Dag siden

    Now we SCOOP.

  • TaHsEEn VgT
    TaHsEEn VgT Dag siden

    i know frank