I Made A Giant 30-Pound Donut For A Bodybuilder • Tasty

  • Publisert 3. mars. 2019
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    Eric Sze
    Michael Counihan
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Kommentarer • 14 759

  • Jusuf Gashi
    Jusuf Gashi 19 timer siden

    wow verry big wow

  • Hola Pfttt
    Hola Pfttt 19 timer siden

    Giant Mc Donalds happy meal
    (The kids box)

  • Jaden Smith
    Jaden Smith 19 timer siden

    Giant churro

  • Julian Lopez
    Julian Lopez 19 timer siden

    Make a giant pizza or chicken

  • farhan najme
    farhan najme 20 timer siden

    Alvin is snack 😍

  • Paticu S
    Paticu S 20 timer siden

    “Some sugar” adds whole bowl 😂😂

  • Carmina Santos
    Carmina Santos 20 timer siden


  • Mary Thompson
    Mary Thompson 20 timer siden

    The beginning read like a grindr message exchange lmao omg

  • Xavier THompson
    Xavier THompson 20 timer siden

    30 pound hot dog

  • Ella Zachary
    Ella Zachary 21 time siden

    Giant happy meal!🍔🍟🥤

  • David Ortiz
    David Ortiz 21 time siden

    Make a BIG taco

  • Elene Bedianidze
    Elene Bedianidze 21 time siden

    make a gaint sushi

  • Connor Rivera
    Connor Rivera 21 time siden

    I want one 😭

  • Marcus Carpio
    Marcus Carpio 21 time siden

    Make a huge sushi roll

  • Pretty In Aqua
    Pretty In Aqua 21 time siden

    Me: Red Robin,YUMMM

    Donut: HELP ME!!!!

  • Jonathan Bacio
    Jonathan Bacio 21 time siden

    I wont do it at home ill do it at a hotel

  • Edit_stylz Lol
    Edit_stylz Lol 21 time siden

    Do a burrito

  • Libby Hollis
    Libby Hollis 22 timer siden

    Are you in Rosanna Pansino's kitchen?

  • raeley antonio
    raeley antonio 22 timer siden

    What about a giant cookie with 10 litres of milk

  • Rikyama Bioru
    Rikyama Bioru 22 timer siden

    Wow tasty is copying hellthyjunkfood now really?

  • Despacito Spider
    Despacito Spider 22 timer siden

    yeast will yeet you

  • pablo chicot
    pablo chicot 22 timer siden


  • Libby Edgarton
    Libby Edgarton 23 timer siden

    Make a huge chocolate chip cookie!

  • Mart C20LET
    Mart C20LET 23 timer siden

    So how much did it cost him???

  • highlighter head
    highlighter head 23 timer siden

    Make a gaint crape cake

  • Will Zimmerman
    Will Zimmerman 23 timer siden

    Chicken nuggets

  • Thomas Gjervik
    Thomas Gjervik 23 timer siden

    Huge sushi

  • Typical_Cranberry
    Typical_Cranberry 23 timer siden

    giant sushi roll

  • VapeReviews
    VapeReviews 23 timer siden

    Just me or does the body builder look like a buffed up zac Efron during baywatch?

  • Human GIRAFFE
    Human GIRAFFE Dag siden

    Him: White powder reminds me of something
    Me: Cocai-
    Him: Snow
    Me :Snow yep totally not anything else ... (Heavy Breathing )

  • Yandere Girl
    Yandere Girl Dag siden +1

    When he dropped the dough, it shook the camera. Dang dude

  • madelyn basinet
    madelyn basinet Dag siden

    yellow you better represent us now 😂 I almost died

  • NonStopxballer3 Marshmallow

    You should do a giant waffle

  • Ariëlle Dirkzwager
    Ariëlle Dirkzwager Dag siden +1


  • Ski_ Thunder
    Ski_ Thunder Dag siden

    My name is Alvin

  • Japop Happy
    Japop Happy Dag siden

    Make a Giant piece of sushi

  • the random channel
    the random channel Dag siden

    Can you try to make a 7 stack tall pancakes like 2 feet by 2 feet

  • Jessica Yagow
    Jessica Yagow Dag siden

    make a huge bole of ice cream

  • Rachel Stanfield
    Rachel Stanfield Dag siden

    Giant chicken nugget (with sauce)

  • Mason Blose
    Mason Blose Dag siden

    Hey you should do a giant frosted galaxy cake, just a idea lol

  • Vivian Mann
    Vivian Mann Dag siden

    Could you try to make a giant ice cream cookie sandwich. 🍪🍦

  • Undenied Storm
    Undenied Storm Dag siden

    12:49 the donut looks like a pillow.

  • Angry Birds Too nice


    Edit: spelling correction

  • Ben Breuker
    Ben Breuker Dag siden

    Can you make a giant vanilla ice cream cone and make the cone chocolate

  • Zeltrik
    Zeltrik Dag siden +3

    next time you should make a giant taco

  • Ericka Sultzer
    Ericka Sultzer Dag siden

    Giant pancakes

  • burning souls
    burning souls Dag siden

    Accidents happens that how most of us are here

  • Matthew Linke
    Matthew Linke Dag siden


  • Jhonatan Villa
    Jhonatan Villa Dag siden

    Make a giant churro

  • Jhonatan Villa
    Jhonatan Villa Dag siden

    Make a giant strawberry filled churro

  • Jhonatan Villa
    Jhonatan Villa Dag siden

    Make a giant strawberry filled churro

  • Shrekpacito 69
    Shrekpacito 69 Dag siden

    Giant grilled cheese

  • It’s ya boi chips ahoy

    *toliet has left the chat*
    *matt stonie has joined the chat*

  • jade tha awesome
    jade tha awesome Dag siden

    Could you make a GAINT milkshake

  • wayne king
    wayne king Dag siden

    Giant pop tart

  • Papas Alonzo
    Papas Alonzo Dag siden

    Make a giant fry 🥺😐

  • Emmerson Petushek
    Emmerson Petushek Dag siden

    You know what I want you to make it’s a 30 pound California roll (sushi) please do it! I always wanted a huge sushi roll befor

  • sucheng zhu
    sucheng zhu Dag siden

    When you wish you got this for your birthday...................

  • Juizedupworld
    Juizedupworld Dag siden

    Mmmmmmmm dooooonut

  • Crystal Gonzalez
    Crystal Gonzalez Dag siden

    Could you make a giant ice cream sandwich I really want to see it and I subscribe to you maybe I can come see you one day

  • Mehname Isbob
    Mehname Isbob Dag siden

    Hey who wants to make a giant donut at hog warts?

  • Luke Kennedy
    Luke Kennedy Dag siden

    giant ramen noodles

  • Sam Gould
    Sam Gould Dag siden


  • VaPor Dash
    VaPor Dash Dag siden

    Make a giant enchilada

  • Adjoni Peters
    Adjoni Peters Dag siden

    Make a giant chicken tender.

  • I am Normal
    I am Normal Dag siden +1

    Make giant skittles

  • Bullshark Hunter
    Bullshark Hunter Dag siden

    Ok ill do it at a park

  • Brooklin M
    Brooklin M Dag siden

    This dude is funny

  • Pegasoos
    Pegasoos Dag siden

    When he said “4 eggs” I thought he said “borax”

  • Mauricio Barbecho
    Mauricio Barbecho Dag siden

    Do a giant dumpling

  • smol child
    smol child Dag siden


  • len kagamine
    len kagamine Dag siden

    Make a lol I pop pls

  • susan lopez
    susan lopez Dag siden +1

    Donuts rule the World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In Donut 🍩 world

  • Victory Royale.V2
    Victory Royale.V2 Dag siden

    Try making a giant taco

  • Hope Kad
    Hope Kad Dag siden

    Will you please make a giant steak?!

  • Mister Pokerface
    Mister Pokerface Dag siden

    Make a giant 🍣 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Kai Goldstein
    Kai Goldstein Dag siden +1

    4:42 " so we're going to divide this into ten bajillion bowls..... 12345"

  • Kai Goldstein
    Kai Goldstein Dag siden +1

    4:06 just one drop..........OH FUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!

  • Wow success
    Wow success Dag siden

    make a giant lolipop pleeeeeeeeeeeas

  • Julia Browning
    Julia Browning Dag siden



    3:50 that cloud reminds me of something else
    me: cocaine?

    ITZLYAN - Dag siden

    The funny thing is that this recipe makes _______________________________ Lol. Alvin says that every time

  • Ben Bradley
    Ben Bradley Dag siden +1

    **Giant Donut has entered the chat**
    *Giant Donut*: I’m undefeatable!
    **Matt Stonie has entered the chat**
    *Matt Stonie* H-
    **Giant Donut has left the chat**

  • Ben Bradley
    Ben Bradley Dag siden +1

    **Dunkin Donuts has left the chat**

    DALVIS MAJORS Dag siden

    Make a giant 200lb pizza slice

  • Ben Bradley
    Ben Bradley Dag siden +2

    6:23 look at all that *D’OH*

    (Homer Simpson reference)

  • Brendan Eash
    Brendan Eash Dag siden

    This is like the only funny baker on NO-clip

  • Jose Dominguez
    Jose Dominguez Dag siden

    Diabetes who? You guys gotta give credit for what pain they went through

  • Tom Price
    Tom Price Dag siden

    Giant pretzel 🥨

  • Seraph
    Seraph Dag siden

    a big mincraft cake

  • Fortyyis life
    Fortyyis life Dag siden

    make a giant cnady cane

  • Eli Brown
    Eli Brown Dag siden

    "This is the most dough i've held in my entire life.. I would not be a good rapper."

  • DragonBone Fiasco
    DragonBone Fiasco Dag siden

    He literally just left after seeing, trying the donut and congratulating the guy who made the donut

  • Jess Lynn
    Jess Lynn Dag siden

    Moto Moto likes you

  • Pretty boy Idk
    Pretty boy Idk Dag siden

    Longest sandwich/hero or dorito

  • Queen Briana
    Queen Briana Dag siden

    Can you make me a a giant fried chicken leg

  • Tangy Doritos
    Tangy Doritos Dag siden

    Jiant hot dog?

  • Lily The fox
    Lily The fox Dag siden

    r u sure it isn't burnt

  • Logan Richards
    Logan Richards Dag siden

    Lol don’t try this at home - who tf has a huge bowl and enough time to make a HUGE donut

  • Annabelle Skerten
    Annabelle Skerten Dag siden +1

    Make a giant pretzel