Bill Burr Gets Red in the Face While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Publisert 29. nov.. 2018
  • Bill Burr is one of the most requested Hot Ones guests of all time-not to mention a standup legend, host of the Monday Morning Podcast, and co-creator and star of Netflix's 'F Is For Family.' But how is he with spicy food? Find out in this highly anticipated Hot Ones event. As host Sean Evans peppers Bill with questions, the comedian's notoriously hot takes get even hotter-even for him. Watch as Bill gets red in the face with spice and rants about everything from cyclists to cooking shows. You don't want to miss this!
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Kommentarer • 24 254

  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  2 måneder siden +28465

    "I'd like to say f**k you to all you people for putting me on this s**t!" -- Bill Burr, to everyone who requested him

    • Martin Kaz
      Martin Kaz 3 dager siden

      well done Bill,,,, but FU for you making me think of you in a milk bath...

    • Do Better
      Do Better 10 dager siden


    • Mai Tai's All Day
      Mai Tai's All Day 12 dager siden

      Best guest ever next to COOLIO

    • Bear Knight
      Bear Knight 13 dager siden

      Blacklivesmatter is for racial segregation and their calls for violence have lead to dozens of dead police in places like baltimore. Way to keep things lite and entertaining, hot ones. L.A. = echo chamber

    • RedRedMCmusic
      RedRedMCmusic 14 dager siden

      Bill burr go fuck ya self. Love, Your biggest fan

  • DCMutE27
    DCMutE27 Dag siden

    Bill, my hat is off too. To you. BUT yes, you ought to have watched the show before agreeing. Sean, another great chat.

  • Cinnamon
    Cinnamon Dag siden

    What a fucking badass. You see the pain, and you see him pushing through anyway

  • VisualxxKhaos
    VisualxxKhaos Dag siden

    Love Bill. CONAN O'BRIEN next please!

  • ExileOnDaytonStreet

    Hey, get me on this show. I’m a nobody that enjoys spicy food but doesn’t really like it when it gets too spicy. I have nothing to offer but being a regular person being tortured. Sign me up.

  • mrs benedict cumberbatch

    did he just say it's worse than india?

  • Admiral Bright
    Admiral Bright Dag siden

    I think Sean realized its more important to save Bill than to let ISIS win, so he reached for the milk first.

  • Andreas Holmen
    Andreas Holmen Dag siden

    what a fucking legend

  • Actorsstudio2777
    Actorsstudio2777 Dag siden

    Get Bryan Reynolds from Deadpool on here!

  • Sebby H
    Sebby H Dag siden +1

    Hahahahah omg
    "I'll do anything, I'll carry the meth in the background"
    Omg laughed so hard

  • Ken Gilliland
    Ken Gilliland 2 dager siden

    Dude, you're relentless, LMFAO !

  • OrbofShingeki
    OrbofShingeki 2 dager siden

    get Cory Stoll on this!! He's literally 20 years older sean!

  • Zach Lathouris
    Zach Lathouris 2 dager siden

    "I gotta go milk"

  • Ebony Everette
    Ebony Everette 2 dager siden

    I absolutely love Bill.

  • Beaches and Hose
    Beaches and Hose 2 dager siden

    I have that same jacket that Sean has

  • The Jack of Realms
    The Jack of Realms 2 dager siden

    i agree i tried Da Bomb years ago and it is very intense right away, very bitter herbal flavor, and then of course the 120k (feels like so much worse) burn.

  • Jeffrey Dustin
    Jeffrey Dustin 2 dager siden

    Bill is Sean's long lost father.

  • Short Tom
    Short Tom 2 dager siden

    1:59 when someone says that they won't vaccinate their kid

  • mwpaul6062
    mwpaul6062 2 dager siden +2

    How do we get Joe Rogan on this?

  • manue3l1976
    manue3l1976 2 dager siden

    Bill Burr crushes anything he does

  • illcombustion93
    illcombustion93 2 dager siden

    Can anyone help me find the Culley's Fire Water? lol
    i can find all 9 from season 7 but can't find Fire Water.

  • Renae Gaws
    Renae Gaws 2 dager siden

    Bill Burr is so.... cute.....

  • Steadly
    Steadly 2 dager siden

    Red faced Billy Burr

  • Nick Chavez
    Nick Chavez 2 dager siden

    I can die happy if he can get Ari and Joe on here

  • Jimmy Olsen
    Jimmy Olsen 2 dager siden

    Ah, shit! I was hoping the motherfucker was gonna choke to death. Fuck!

  • Greg Kral
    Greg Kral 2 dager siden

    The Bomb sauce seems to inoculate for the last two. good tactic, that would blow the roof off the top o the mouth, then the others you won't opefully notice that much, and you can still walk out like a champ.

  • gradeahonky
    gradeahonky 2 dager siden

    Got to hand it to Bill, that old asshole really did end it on a sweet note.

  • Tom White
    Tom White 2 dager siden

    Bill tore those wings up!!!
    Fuck yea!

  • emmett hassen
    emmett hassen 3 dager siden

    Thanks for getting Ol’ Billy Red Face! Please keep the comedy gold coming.

  • cessactdm
    cessactdm 3 dager siden

    I'd LOVE to see Matt Stony doing this

  • Bawbzillah
    Bawbzillah 3 dager siden

    I can't stand this host. He's like a fake robot. His guest is dieing in front of him and he totally ignores that and carries on with his bullshit question that the guest clearly doesn't give a fuck about.

  • celestine kiprono
    celestine kiprono 3 dager siden

    Bill is secretly cute

  • Vampz0r
    Vampz0r 3 dager siden

    "It's what young people do and i _respect_ that" *No* you don't!! ;D

  • R3DDRAYN 33
    R3DDRAYN 33 3 dager siden

    Fire whoever picking your clothes bro

  • Eshu Prakash
    Eshu Prakash 3 dager siden

    I love this guy

  • Geovannie Soto
    Geovannie Soto 3 dager siden

    da bomb needs to be replaced with a hot ones sauce thats equivalent spice

  • Misses Kingdom
    Misses Kingdom 3 dager siden

    “Am I supposed to fucking answer that dude?” LOL

  • Cj Z
    Cj Z 3 dager siden

    Nice to see this father son bonding

  • Neggy Deep
    Neggy Deep 3 dager siden

    My Fav. Hot Ones by far... Hell Yeah

  • Rene Villegas
    Rene Villegas 3 dager siden

    More bill and love F is for Family

  • dbabbitt25
    dbabbitt25 3 dager siden

    Why'd you cut the 2nd sauce?

  • Rupert White
    Rupert White 3 dager siden

    BILLY! He's so great. Love this episode

  • Ben Burns
    Ben Burns 3 dager siden +1

    I feel at home in my house... you don’t say bill?

  • Maelseom
    Maelseom 3 dager siden +2

    18:15 *_"Fuck your question"_* 😂😂😂

  • T Gev
    T Gev 3 dager siden

    Bill is a cool dude.

  • Vince Williams
    Vince Williams 3 dager siden

    If Patrice Oneal were alive, and he did your little show...then you'd be doing something.

  • Woebegone Kenobi
    Woebegone Kenobi 3 dager siden

    What a 100% genuine man. Gotta love Bill

  • Marko Kondić
    Marko Kondić 3 dager siden

    Im willing to bet that host wings are spiced a lot less than Bills 😂

  • klysa
    klysa 3 dager siden

    which cheese?

  • SkaIsNotDead
    SkaIsNotDead 4 dager siden

    Seriously tho, if you had a female host the answers would not be the same

  • SkaIsNotDead
    SkaIsNotDead 4 dager siden

    Really? Stand up at a women's college is a bad thing? Fuck off. Maybe that means your sense of humor is outdated.

  • Eamon Sullivan
    Eamon Sullivan 4 dager siden


  • oi Won't Read Your Reply
    oi Won't Read Your Reply 4 dager siden

    I'd be the hottest thing he ever ate

  • JohnHowardHenry
    JohnHowardHenry 4 dager siden +3


  • Mike X
    Mike X 4 dager siden

    Bald, Irish drunk eats a free meal and doesn't pay with his clown jokes. At least trump makes you think your getting something when he eats your lunch.

  • Mike X
    Mike X 4 dager siden

    Bill burr just looks like he raped a few girls back in his drunker, more evil youth.

  • J R
    J R 4 dager siden

    Wow, hella impressed, Bill went beast mode on those wings!

  • CobaltBomber
    CobaltBomber 4 dager siden

    I still have some maddog 357 or I'd order that hot ones last dab. I gotta say... after watching so many of these I havn't seen anyone be affected by the final sauce. I don't think its all that spicy.

  • Aniruddha Niranjan
    Aniruddha Niranjan 4 dager siden

    Louis CK!! :|

  • rabooey
    rabooey 4 dager siden

    WTF HAPPENED TO WING #9? They skipped the ninth fucken wing! At 19:48 Sean fiddles with his #9 and Burr's is sittin' on the board, then cut to close-up of Exhorresco bottle, and then presto at 19:59 both their #9's are gone and Burr's already answering the #9 question and lookin' completely chilled out even after #8 just fucked his world up. What the fuck happened to wing(s) #9?

  • Paul Calvin
    Paul Calvin 4 dager siden

    I'm screamming, "Dont do it Bill"

  • Paul Calvin
    Paul Calvin 4 dager siden

    This pure awesome! Lol, 'fuck your question'? God, I love how he keeps asking questions while Burr is dieing.

  • Paul Calvin
    Paul Calvin 4 dager siden


  • Julio Cornejo
    Julio Cornejo 4 dager siden

    Jim Carrey and Eddie Murphy. Plz

  • Howard Treesong
    Howard Treesong 4 dager siden

    The nod to his wife at the end, was the sweetest moment ever on spicy wings.

  • Tamara Ayala
    Tamara Ayala 4 dager siden

    I love you Bill Burr!

  • The Revolution Will Not Be Youtubed

    That's my favorite denim wash. *Timeless. Americana.*

  • Jegbmf
    Jegbmf 4 dager siden +1

    Hey Ryan Reynolds, he would be great.

  • Adrián Piedra Méndez
    Adrián Piedra Méndez 4 dager siden

    Respect to Bill, he ate the whole thing, cleaned wings all the way up. Unlike that bitch Wiz and others that just take a bite and toss the rest of the meat.

  • James Monroe
    James Monroe 4 dager siden

    Dude wtf! That's worse than India, fuck your question! haha!

  • corwin .r
    corwin .r 4 dager siden

    f*** your question lol

  • Eric Olsen
    Eric Olsen 4 dager siden

    How cool is it to make a living by torturing celebrities and have them not beat the hell out of you afterwards.

  • Alex Willis
    Alex Willis 4 dager siden

    Bill Burr? More kind Sean is eating wings with himself in 20 years

  • Riles07
    Riles07 4 dager siden

    You guys need Louis CK.

  • Tugrul Ates
    Tugrul Ates 4 dager siden

    maan i love bill burr... sean is one of the only interviewers he didnt trash... he's a great interviewer.... good moderators and interviewers are very rare imo

  • Cesarini77
    Cesarini77 4 dager siden

    23:50 - fuck, am i gonna die?

  • Lucas Dine
    Lucas Dine 4 dager siden

    Have Joe Rogan because you had all his stand up friends on for the most part

  • I am Bear
    I am Bear 4 dager siden

    Listening to Burr lie about lentil burgers pains the soul.

  • Lonnie Lindauer
    Lonnie Lindauer 4 dager siden

    Fuck off Burr

  • Brawny Prawn
    Brawny Prawn 5 dager siden

    Bill Burr is one of the greatest men alive, massive respect my friend

  • Bad Sector
    Bad Sector 5 dager siden

    How does 2300 people not like this? WTF? As Bill Burr would say....'Fuck you'

  • Mister Martinho
    Mister Martinho 5 dager siden

    *Host begins to ask question.
    Bill: Fuck your question.

  • Under the Mat Radio
    Under the Mat Radio 5 dager siden

    @First We Feast this show is amazing loved that fact that Bill Burr said "Fuck Your Question" hahaha great stuff

  • Locane256
    Locane256 5 dager siden

    That was quite enjoyable! What happened to the second-to-last wing?

  • lexwaldez
    lexwaldez 5 dager siden

    This was a really great episode. I'm late to the party on this one, but I really enjoyed this guest. Great job.

  • RK35
    RK35 5 dager siden

    Da’ Bomb @16:30

  • skipsteel
    skipsteel 5 dager siden

    Bill Burr much respect, with your wife much love(Lefties are a force of nature). Behind every successful man is an exhausted woman.

  • Matthew Ridgway
    Matthew Ridgway 5 dager siden

    Bill's a hero. He's the sun blazing in the void. Weird Al is Pluto, cowering and shivering at the far end of the solar system.

  • Adam Cram
    Adam Cram 5 dager siden

    we need Conan!!!

  • Anthony
    Anthony 5 dager siden +1

    That and the Gordon Ramsay episode were my favourites so far 😄

  • SimonTheWicked
    SimonTheWicked 5 dager siden

    I just love how genuine BIll is

  • Miles Tovar
    Miles Tovar 5 dager siden

    i havent commented on a video in almost a year but I gotta say the background music in this interview really pissed me off

  • blake montenegro
    blake montenegro 5 dager siden

    get michael jordan! you got bill burr, gordon ramsay if you get the goat this show will be legendary, but it already is.

  • Life And Times Of TJ
    Life And Times Of TJ 5 dager siden

    My BrOtHeR iS FiGhTinG iN iRaQ

  • Curtis Proulx
    Curtis Proulx 6 dager siden

    You guys gotta get deadmau5 on here

  • Jonas Bartho
    Jonas Bartho 6 dager siden


  • Aaron Burton
    Aaron Burton 6 dager siden

    Best guest ever

  • Justin Ayala
    Justin Ayala 6 dager siden

    Bill Burr Kinda looks like Vincent Van Gough(sp?)

  • JackDoesStuff
    JackDoesStuff 6 dager siden

    Liam Gallagher on Hot Ones PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • Corey Faith
    Corey Faith 6 dager siden

    Idk if he has yet but snoop dog