• Publisert 5. jan.. 2019
  • So many people have asked me to do a football challenge against Talia, so here it is...
    Huge thanks to Nick too!
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  • Anukarsh Pradhan
    Anukarsh Pradhan 11 timer siden


  • Oh yeah yeah boi
    Oh yeah yeah boi Dag siden

    Oh yeah yeah

  • OllyB647
    OllyB647 Dag siden

    anyone realise Talia has an overwatch hoodie on?

  • Shifat Azmain
    Shifat Azmain Dag siden

    Talia is better than Vik

  • Disaster Review
    Disaster Review 2 dager siden +2

    5:00...that was hot

  • 05
    05 2 dager siden

    i thought it was ChrisMD in the thumbnail 😂

  • Rick-Z
    Rick-Z 2 dager siden

    am i the only one who heard that total overdose music in the background???

  • Stulch Mulch
    Stulch Mulch 2 dager siden

    Talia is good at Keepy ups

  • Wild Beast
    Wild Beast 2 dager siden

    You know you've found bae when she is more perverted than you are.

  • L.U.Z Edits
    L.U.Z Edits 3 dager siden

    I just realized the trophy in the thumbnail said big chungus lol😂😂

  • Juicy Mole
    Juicy Mole 3 dager siden

    Why does she have overwatch sweatshirt

  • edward 01emeraz01
    edward 01emeraz01 4 dager siden

    Is it really football though with a soccer ball 🤯🤯

  • Ian Pinckard
    Ian Pinckard 5 dager siden

    The greatest crossbar hit in history

  • Chief Manko
    Chief Manko 5 dager siden

    Talia is better than me at keepy ups
    Pls pin this Simon

  • bobothebuilder Plewinski
    bobothebuilder Plewinski 5 dager siden

    Simon u dirty person

  • R7 Gaming
    R7 Gaming 6 dager siden

    Song at 2:18 please 😂

  • Proper Skills
    Proper Skills 6 dager siden

    3:11 tho

  • Christian Cordovez
    Christian Cordovez 7 dager siden

    I love how Simon just bullies Talia and gets away with it

  • Rico2k1000 Esteva
    Rico2k1000 Esteva 7 dager siden +1

    She cute

  • ASM Squad Challenge /Gameplay/Vlogs

    Play Fortnite with Talia

  • Theo Fergusson-Powell
    Theo Fergusson-Powell 7 dager siden

    Do talia vs Vikk

  • DoryGod X
    DoryGod X 7 dager siden

    Nick is better than Callux in goal

  • Reusinho
    Reusinho 7 dager siden

    3:35 song name?

  • XdMcSwaggyTits Trolling
    XdMcSwaggyTits Trolling 8 dager siden

    How did Simon get a female ........
    They have sexx

  • Hyena Pax
    Hyena Pax 8 dager siden

    The trophy says bunt chungus

  • Rory Forsyth 10
    Rory Forsyth 10 8 dager siden

    That long white thing that talia wants off simon 😂😂😂

  • Danish Pontes
    Danish Pontes 8 dager siden

    Song 3:15?

  • JdHol67
    JdHol67 8 dager siden

    the dead pixel is killing me

  • ToxicMoxic
    ToxicMoxic 8 dager siden

    On the thumbnail, doesn’t it say big chungus or is that just me

  • Rakan Kawasmy
    Rakan Kawasmy 8 dager siden

    what is the song at 5:02 plz

  • John Docherty
    John Docherty 9 dager siden

    That was filthy 5:03

  • Saika Khan
    Saika Khan 9 dager siden

    Talia vs vickstar123

  • Abeyas
    Abeyas 9 dager siden

    The best thing about this video we’re talia’s vapormax’s

  • lil luca aka troço
    lil luca aka troço 9 dager siden

    "SIIIIIII... imon"

  • AtmosIST
    AtmosIST 9 dager siden

    guess how many times he might have took on that crossbar challenge

  • Bavinplay Z
    Bavinplay Z 10 dager siden

    I wish neymar was in goalie

  • KraZor
    KraZor 10 dager siden

    he should do overwatch with her

  • SammyBoy9004 #
    SammyBoy9004 # 10 dager siden

    Did anyone else notice that one dead pixel?

  • anonymoususer
    anonymoususer 10 dager siden

    Mashed potatoes

  • Emmanuel Kolawole
    Emmanuel Kolawole 10 dager siden

    It seemed pretty for Simon

  • Sachin Rajput
    Sachin Rajput 10 dager siden

    Dead pixel in last 5 minutes???

  • joshizgamer 22807
    joshizgamer 22807 10 dager siden

    Play overwatch with talia

  • SMKurama
    SMKurama 11 dager siden


  • Username Password
    Username Password 11 dager siden

    4:12 the way Simon walks there kills me every time

  • Jez Carlisle
    Jez Carlisle 11 dager siden


  • James Mitson
    James Mitson 11 dager siden

    willne is gonna steal yo girl boi

  • Wallace Oakes
    Wallace Oakes 11 dager siden

    Talia vs vikk I think it’s fair kinda 😃 😊

  • Timothy Sharrocks
    Timothy Sharrocks 11 dager siden

    fantastic photoshop job on that hand holding the trophy. 10/10 for effort.

  • Lufc_dylan
    Lufc_dylan 11 dager siden

    hope your bro is a leeds fan too mot

  • JMSNIPZ27 27
    JMSNIPZ27 27 11 dager siden +1

    If you look closely you can see Simons bum

  • the one
    the one 11 dager siden +1

    I mean braaa it's to obvious

  • Ranso
    Ranso 11 dager siden

    Talia vs vik?

  • trevor o connor
    trevor o connor 11 dager siden

    Typical English quare hawk. Any excuse to dress in women’s clothes.

  • PJSTAR 777
    PJSTAR 777 11 dager siden

    Simon you absolute god

  • Beep Boop
    Beep Boop 11 dager siden

    Did anyone else see the dead pixel?

  • Liccle H
    Liccle H 12 dager siden

    5:00 that was so clean👌🔥

  • Luc Mills
    Luc Mills 12 dager siden

    What’s the outro song ??

  • Isaac Lewis
    Isaac Lewis 12 dager siden

    Everyone has already left the house so he adds his gf a his brother

  • The Asian Beast
    The Asian Beast 12 dager siden


  • xRedRxses
    xRedRxses 12 dager siden

    #45 on trending. Congrats

  • 2millionviews
    2millionviews 12 dager siden

    It's crazy how he juggles a pineapple which is almost impossible to juggle 7 times


  • YT TheRealmX
    YT TheRealmX 12 dager siden

    Yeahhhhhhhhh Siiiiimon!!

  • Savage  King
    Savage King 12 dager siden +12

    To be honest talia is not bad at football

  • JOIN US oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah OYYOYY CLAN

    Noice Overwatch T-shirt

  • DG4
    DG4 12 dager siden

    Mad 36 on trending

  • Pug Life
    Pug Life 12 dager siden

    Yea. This is decent

  • Shivoham Jimp
    Shivoham Jimp 12 dager siden +1

    One thing that the Mini's have taught us, *whenever out of content, call the girlfriend*

  • Caitlin Olsen
    Caitlin Olsen 12 dager siden

    I thought he was running to hug her lmao

  • best gamer
    best gamer 12 dager siden +1

    simon would be 88 rated on fifa 20

  • night stalker
    night stalker 13 dager siden

    simon please do more vids with talia

  • Haseeb Tahir
    Haseeb Tahir 13 dager siden

    She’s not bad it’s just that she’s a girl it’s not her fault 😂😂

  • Nomiz
    Nomiz 13 dager siden

    Nice rabona!

    JUSTIN B 13 dager siden

    When he sticks it in the wrong hole 1:03

  • Carrot Garret
    Carrot Garret 13 dager siden

    new york red bulls lookin fresh

  • __Jess __
    __Jess __ 13 dager siden

    “We need to find something that Simon can- Pineapple”- Nick 2019

  • Skele_Boy
    Skele_Boy 13 dager siden

    ive waited more than 3 days for a sidemen phone case and im in the uk

  • Jaja
    Jaja 13 dager siden

    She’s fit 😻

  • Blast - YT
    Blast - YT 13 dager siden +1

    Idk why but talia playing football is sexy

  • Rosy Shadow
    Rosy Shadow 13 dager siden +2

    What hows she bad at football clearly you haven’t met me..I can’t even do *two kick-ups* 😅😂😂🤣🤣

  • Super Kieren
    Super Kieren 13 dager siden

    Love your girl friends overwatch pullover

  • BeastBOSS
    BeastBOSS 13 dager siden

    Simon has some wack style

  • SpacemanSam
    SpacemanSam 13 dager siden

    Please get married

  • VegaCentari
    VegaCentari 13 dager siden

    there's a dead pixel wtf its 2019

  • Geans73
    Geans73 13 dager siden

    Did anyone els here him when he was on the floor dizzy he said I feel the same as the other night when I was oh no wonder what the missing word is

  • i phone z
    i phone z 13 dager siden

    My mans did the chili con carnage theme song

  • 8D MUSIC
    8D MUSIC 13 dager siden +1

    Who will win ?

  • justin thompson
    justin thompson 13 dager siden

    Is talia wearing a over watch shirt

  • jshx_ _
    jshx_ _ 13 dager siden

    it's acually soccer.

  • Sean Zavala
    Sean Zavala 14 dager siden

    Am I the only one who clicked for a Big Chungus trophy then got disappointed

  • Philip Brady
    Philip Brady 14 dager siden

    Any one else see that one dead pixel

  • Romix908 Fazal
    Romix908 Fazal 14 dager siden


  • Romix908 Fazal
    Romix908 Fazal 14 dager siden


  • Minicook 20
    Minicook 20 14 dager siden

    Ur girl is sexy

  • Mxtt FPS
    Mxtt FPS 14 dager siden

    Do a who’s better Vik OR Talia

  • findoca 1
    findoca 1 14 dager siden +2

    Simon Vs Talia FIFA

  • kev don
    kev don 14 dager siden +3

    What’s the name of the song in the outro

  • Neil
    Neil 14 dager siden

    You could bag a better girl than her simion come on bruh do better

  • h2O Clan
    h2O Clan 14 dager siden

    Did anybody else notice on the trophy it said big chungus

  • Kamo Karwan
    Kamo Karwan 14 dager siden

    is that your girl frind simon