The Insane Plan to Build a Sea in the Sahara With Nukes

  • Publisert 8. jan.. 2019
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Kommentarer • 9 566

  • Charity’s World 2
    Charity’s World 2 Time siden +1

    5:06 Did he just... *SWEAR!?!?*

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick 21 time siden

    Nuke the SHIT out of the ground

  • Cam The man
    Cam The man Dag siden

    Why do you love windmills?

  • *insert name here*
    *insert name here* Dag siden

    Ffs just make a 2x2 infinte water source

  • Michael Mejia
    Michael Mejia Dag siden

    3:13 , he’s the fourth ball brother

  • The revolution will Not be televised

    Was like the proposal to widen the Panama Canal with hydrogen bombs.

  • Mr.Awesome BoiThatDoesKewlStuff

    Wow great idea... if you want radioactive water XD

  • WingZ JvJ
    WingZ JvJ Dag siden +1

    So if this was over a hundred years ago he would not have to deal with the left over land mines because they would have not been there yet

  • WingZ JvJ
    WingZ JvJ Dag siden

    This music is annoying

  • The MinecraftyNerfer
    The MinecraftyNerfer 2 dager siden

    Nuke the sh*t out of the ground

  • -MeinJuaco-
    -MeinJuaco- 2 dager siden

    -most of the video talking adequately and with a relaxed voice tone-
    5:10; "nuke the shit out of the ground"

  • England is my Tity
    England is my Tity 2 dager siden +4

    5:06 fAmily frIEnDly cHAnnL

  • ioan dumitru
    ioan dumitru 3 dager siden


  • Miguel Tapia
    Miguel Tapia 4 dager siden

    So they make nukes without radiation fallout now? Huh didnt know

  • G4M3R19 man
    G4M3R19 man 4 dager siden


  • Eureka
    Eureka 4 dager siden +1

    But what if we rained the Mediterranean Sea first?

  • bilal bashir
    bilal bashir 4 dager siden

    they need to plant conucorpus trees for greenery in desert

  • Borna YT
    Borna YT 4 dager siden

    5:06 first time sweared

  • Laurens Veldhuizen
    Laurens Veldhuizen 4 dager siden

    is it just me or of you do it the global sealevel would be way lower

    • Lebanem carl
      Lebanem carl 3 dager siden

      that's a good thing though. sea levels are already rising

  • Blue Skies
    Blue Skies 5 dager siden

    Wonder what the release of radiation would be when compared to all the nuclear tests that were done.

  • kilen
    kilen 5 dager siden

    With humans, there is always a solution... Blow all up ! 😂

  • Generale Delogu
    Generale Delogu 5 dager siden

    Jules Verne should be credited with the creation of this idea, as his book Invasion of the Sea published in 1905 proposed creating a larger Sahara Sea in the low levels of The Sahara.

  • Nejc Slanič
    Nejc Slanič 5 dager siden


  • Daholyfox
    Daholyfox 5 dager siden +2

    What about the lag, it will crash people.

  • Paulo Sagario
    Paulo Sagario 6 dager siden


  • Bhum Brahmavira
    Bhum Brahmavira 6 dager siden

    Today we might be able to do it with Thermobaric explosives.

  • DeeEcks
    DeeEcks 6 dager siden

    fuck carthage

  • *I D *K
    *I D *K 6 dager siden

    It’s sah har a

  • PolaaR
    PolaaR 6 dager siden

    Infinate water source...duh

  • Alexis Bierque de Birka de Fauville

    Loved how you said "Nuked the shit out of the ground"

  • Sanj F
    Sanj F 7 dager siden

    Very few problems that can't be solved by nukes

  • VenusianGameplay
    VenusianGameplay 7 dager siden

    Colonization? Motherfucker Sahara belongs to countries in north africa. Europe can fuck its self with her Colonization

    • Lebanem carl
      Lebanem carl 3 dager siden

      ... North African countries would colonize it. wow you're dumb XD

    RED FIGHTER 7 dager siden

    This is a perfect movie 4 indiana jhones

  • Carlos Marin
    Carlos Marin 7 dager siden

    Lol just dig down with ur diamond pickaxes and shovels

  • Eeveememes Gaming
    Eeveememes Gaming 7 dager siden


  • Agent D
    Agent D 8 dager siden

    I think the original plan is still viable, and might eventually happen as the population continues to grow

  • beshar beshar
    beshar beshar 8 dager siden

    Fun fact the Sahara is an Arabic word and it means the desert

    • beshar beshar
      beshar beshar 6 dager siden

      +AskBeforePlaying yup

    • AskBeforePlaying
      AskBeforePlaying 7 dager siden

      So basically when you talk about the Sahara you're basically saying the "desert desert"? Huh.

  • NeoArashi
    NeoArashi 8 dager siden

    What is the song name?

  • Mr. P. Enis
    Mr. P. Enis 9 dager siden +1

    *It's free real estate*

  • Boned 1259
    Boned 1259 9 dager siden

    Why not get the water by using pipes?

    • Lebanem carl
      Lebanem carl 3 dager siden

      Because it would take to long to fill. he just said it would take 10 years to fill it with a 64 meter canal.

  • No. 548
    No. 548 9 dager siden

    This will just become another Dead Sea

  • No. 548
    No. 548 9 dager siden

    This will just become another Dead Sea

  • No. 548
    No. 548 9 dager siden

    This will just become another Dead Sea

  • Tepid Tuna
    Tepid Tuna 9 dager siden +2

    Nukes are certainly a bad idea, but it was the 1950s. New tech, new ideas had to be tested. Hopefully new construction techniques will one day be efficient enough to take the business case over the line.
    Some have made a good point about the inland sea salting up:
    Here's how to solve that...
    The Med Sea itself is a depression which in the past "mostly" dried out. The rivers feeding it could not maintain its levels as their flows were insufficient. The Straits of Gibraltar broke sometime in the past letting the sea (back-) in flooding a vast area all the way to Turkey and beyond. What stops the Med from salting up now?
    Maybe I'm simplifying this but, make the canal wider and then the flows become big enough to become tidal. The Med Sea evaporates as well but doesn't salt up. So if the flows are equalised then the new inland lake becomes a "bay" of the Med sea and thus follows the same cycles of the Med.
    Ultimately the big issue is cost and return.

    • pfaros25
      pfaros25 8 dager siden

      Tepid Tuna a seemingly elegant solution indeed

  • C4L4MITY1994
    C4L4MITY1994 9 dager siden

    Since europe has so many refugees that search for a new home, why dont we promote this idea with new technolegy and them as worker so they can build up their own new staat with a great future

  • nnghost
    nnghost 9 dager siden +1

    egypt says nah nukes are useless

  • Mitaka just
    Mitaka just 9 dager siden

    wHy U sWEar

  • Backing Track Machine
    Backing Track Machine 10 dager siden

    7:00 didn't see that coming

  • ab b
    ab b 10 dager siden

    A big problem is that it would be a salt lake that gets more and more salty every second, water keeps evaporating leaving the salt, and new sea water comes in and repeat. No chance that it would be habitable, but it still might change the weather.

    • Lebanem carl
      Lebanem carl 3 dager siden

      Yeah i didn't think about that. well no fish for them.

    FMGM1PCE7L 10 dager siden

    Radioactive sea?

  • SPDY_DenZ
    SPDY_DenZ 10 dager siden

    Digging a canal isn’t a bad idea. If we started now it will be done by 2029. But, I have other ways. 1. Dig a pipe. It could work because that makes it so the water has a specific route. Digging a canal could erode the land around it. The bad thing is if the pipe explodes. 2. Have all of the UN get some sort of planes to carry water from the Atlantic, Mediterranean and the Red Sea there. It will be a more efficient but slower process.

    • Lebanem carl
      Lebanem carl 3 dager siden

      1 Water from a pipe would take too long to fill it. 2 carrying water by planes? are you retarded? that would take 200 years

  • Eythn Warnes
    Eythn Warnes 10 dager siden

    5:06 lol

  • zn4rf
    zn4rf 10 dager siden

    So why would you want to bring SALTY water into a dessert? Not that the idea itself is bonkers.

  • SpaceSmarto 16
    SpaceSmarto 16 10 dager siden

    Your first swear word! Congrats.
    Is that a bad thing?

    ........... Sh-

  • AlternateFutureOf???
    AlternateFutureOf??? 10 dager siden

    Nuke the *beep* out of the sahara

  • Commander ™
    Commander ™ 11 dager siden

    Is he in a phone booth or what, get your audio game under control. 🤓

  • Eric Harrison
    Eric Harrison 11 dager siden

    Okay but wouldn’t digging that canal and making the lake help with rising water levels? That would be a shit ton of space for a lot of water to go to. Don’t attack me pls lol I was just wondering

  • brian burch
    brian burch 11 dager siden

    Tunnel boring machine

    LLWSS 11 dager siden

    Metro 2033 finna be real

  • SSS Joker
    SSS Joker 11 dager siden

    Push red button.

  • THExteam
    THExteam 11 dager siden

    Bruh just use hydrogen bombs

  • Holly Pacheco
    Holly Pacheco 11 dager siden +1

    “Let’s spread human habitat by probably killing everyone on a continent!”

  • BlackKataklyst
    BlackKataklyst 11 dager siden +1

    It's sand...nukes would turn it to glass.
    Not opposed to creating a lake or whatnot, this is just an unrealistic idea lol

  • thomas schmitt
    thomas schmitt 11 dager siden

    You would have to worry about evaporation causing a salt lake.

  • D
    D 11 dager siden

    Governments should research NO-clip comments... better information and logic here

  • Q Series//sub2pewdiepie
    Q Series//sub2pewdiepie 11 dager siden +1

    Before I watch this vid, i must ask:, WHAT ABOUT THR RADIATION

  • Gaurav Chugh
    Gaurav Chugh 12 dager siden

    But why was the canal idea dropped?

    • nnghost
      nnghost 9 dager siden

      google it, also let me know

  • rRobert Smith
    rRobert Smith 12 dager siden +1

    Build a pipeline and thorium power plants to make the same area fresh water farm land...same thing with Australia with enough cheap nuclear desalting plants, desert becomes farm land.

  • Aaron Lassen
    Aaron Lassen 12 dager siden

    LOL wow... of course someone wanted to nuke it... please no one show Donald Drumpf this video

  • Raiders County
    Raiders County 12 dager siden

    Didn't watch the video but all I know is that would be stupid because there would be a lot or radiation there if I'm not mistaken when the nuke drops

  • Timo Grönroos
    Timo Grönroos 12 dager siden

    This sounds like a good project in fighting against climate change (but do it without nukes). It could help a little bit when sea levels will be rising to store water in Sahara. Also it would create new giant green area in Afrlca and bring new rain in the area. Also it could help many out of powerty and by doing so, could also help with climate refugee problem.

  • TheAntonyDude
    TheAntonyDude 12 dager siden

    *nuke the sHiT oUt oF tHe grOUnD*

  • Michael Mayers
    Michael Mayers 12 dager siden

    Just a testing feild . Japan we ready for u

  • _Maykoo_
    _Maykoo_ 13 dager siden


  • Magnet Head
    Magnet Head 13 dager siden

    John got balls

  • Deathbyfarting
    Deathbyfarting 13 dager siden

    When he said "nuke the s*** out of it," I thought: 'merica!.....
    when he said 213 nukes, 100 times more powerful then the hydrogen bomb I thought: "aaawww hell no"

    Sounds like someone was bitter about being turned down about his canal...

  • Iafiv Iv
    Iafiv Iv 13 dager siden

    The idea of a sea in the Sahara has been talked about for more than a century.Jules Verne talked about it in one of his books.But no idea ever got beyond the idea stage.Costs have always been too high.The nuke idea was also just that an idea that got floated around by one guy and quickly dismissed.

  • Sam T.
    Sam T. 13 dager siden

    sounds good... let's do it.

  • LegionnaireScout
    LegionnaireScout 13 dager siden +3

    Mínus the nukes, this could help lower the sea level, so we might see this done in the future

  • Anderson Brant
    Anderson Brant 13 dager siden

    the water would be radioactive tho so...

  • Ilikepie Ilikepie 3
    Ilikepie Ilikepie 3 13 dager siden +1

    *nile sits quietly in the corner*

  • Commander Pop N' Fresh
    Commander Pop N' Fresh 13 dager siden

    I actually laughed out loud when you said his plan was to nuke it😂

  • savage diamonds
    savage diamonds 13 dager siden

    There will be fishing alright

    Some nice glowing fish

  • BeastMaster 64
    BeastMaster 64 13 dager siden

    why do you use uncharted music

  • Iara Amelia
    Iara Amelia 13 dager siden +1

    Qattara depression? What happened? Is she thinking about her dead mother again, or maybe something happened to Aang?

  • Yuuta Sai
    Yuuta Sai 13 dager siden

    White people really going off with colonization in 2019 huh? Mans really acknowledged the village that exists and just say hey let's displace them cause oh well

    • Corinthian
      Corinthian 13 dager siden

      Why not just move the village to where they'll be the first ones with oceanfront property. That's the more ethical thing I can think of.

  • johneygd
    johneygd 13 dager siden

    So in short that plan is cancled and it will probably never happen any soon.,,,,,also,,,

    Am i the only one who hates that he alway’s try’s to emerge his sublects to his website at the end?

  • Anthony
    Anthony 14 dager siden

    Ok, obviously nukes wouldn't work. But what about standard artillery? Like carpet bombing the path?

  • M Andzar Dzulfikar
    M Andzar Dzulfikar 14 dager siden

    Think if sea level rise because ice melt, just make that lake 🤣

  • OnlyOne
    OnlyOne 14 dager siden +13

    That dude thought it was minecraft.

  • Michael Bobrik
    Michael Bobrik 14 dager siden

    I stopped at "It would be so hot, the water would evaporate". Uhh - then it would cool. Also - Suez didn't need nukes - get a grip.

  • The DestrOyer A
    The DestrOyer A 14 dager siden

    Why nukes though?just use ballastic or other missles...they're not weak you know

    • Synon
      Synon 12 dager siden

      +The DestrOyer A The radiation probably wouldn't be as bad as the massive amount of wasted resources, carbon emissions, and time/work involved in creating, placing and detonating over half a million bombs... Besides, the nukes would be detonated underground in an unpopulated desert so radiation probably isn't as big of an issue. In the past 100 years over 2000 nukes were detonated on earth so it's not like it's something we haven't already done... I mean it's bad but I think conventional weapons would be more harmful and impractical.

    • The DestrOyer A
      The DestrOyer A 12 dager siden

      +Synon but atleast we won't get radiation

    • Synon
      Synon 13 dager siden +1

      Yeah they are... the biggest non-atomic bomb/missile ever invented is equivalent to 44 tons of TNT. The nukes they were talking about using were 1,500,000 tons of TNT for each bomb.
      You would need 35,000 of our strongest conventional bombs to equal just one of the thermonuclear bombs they wanted to use.

  • videoloops1
    videoloops1 14 dager siden +22

    Solution to every man's problem since 1945....Nuke it!
    Humans, I tell you.

    • Luther Burgsvik
      Luther Burgsvik 6 dager siden

      It worked for Cola. I mean look at Fallout..

    • AskBeforePlaying
      AskBeforePlaying 7 dager siden

      So true. One of my teammates at my robotics competition asked how long to put his breakfast in the microwave for... I said "just nuke it."

    • Enjoy
      Enjoy 11 dager siden +1

      USA, I tell you.

  • Patrick.0.5
    Patrick.0.5 14 dager siden

    Couldn’t we just use non nuclear bombs

  • Karlo Žulj
    Karlo Žulj 14 dager siden

    just use a shit ton of dynamite

  • Mosef
    Mosef 14 dager siden

    How would this effect sea levels?

  • Raptorzilla Productions
    Raptorzilla Productions 14 dager siden

    2:12 anomalies you say? Time to call the scp foundation

  • MrBoliao98
    MrBoliao98 14 dager siden

    Short cut it with a aqueduct pipeline?

  • Trezker
    Trezker 15 dager siden +1

    Sounds like a job for the boring company.

    • Corinthian
      Corinthian 13 dager siden

      Get Elon Musk on the phone.

  • andre le coz
    andre le coz 15 dager siden

    gota nuke somethn....