The Insane Plan to Build a Sea in the Sahara With Nukes


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  • Nike_Aguaraguazu
    Nike_Aguaraguazu 7 minutter siden

    I just had a CRAZY idea. Imagine if every country in the world wasn't worried about making itself rich, but instead about improving life for humankind and the protection of the planet.
    Then, every country gives a percentage of their income to make this kind of works that could help humanity as a whole.
    Crazy, huh?

  • Item69
    Item69 Time siden

    The idea doesn't seem insane, just impractical and too expensive.

  • Xorn Xenophon
    Xorn Xenophon 2 timer siden

    Donald Trump will love the idea! Let´s make Africa glow in the dark again!

  • Vis Viva
    Vis Viva 3 timer siden

    "not all require a nuke to solve."
    I mean...not ALL....

  • TheWavy87
    TheWavy87 3 timer siden

    Humans are retarded

  • CreativeGuy
    CreativeGuy 3 timer siden

    This is completely stupid.

  • Trevor Gomez
    Trevor Gomez 3 timer siden

    "My first idea would create miles and miles of arable land, terraforming the Sahara desert, and creating both the most powerful sources of electricity and the biggest new source of food for humanity." Egyptian government and our investors say too expensive" "Well, how about we just nuke it all" "Brilliant"

  • troopa troops
    troopa troops 4 timer siden

    It would be inhabitable to go to for 100 years due to radiation so it would be absolutely no point to do that whatsoever. whatever dumbass website you read this off of or whatever dumbass source you got this from stop believing everything you hear retarded ass dude

  • Contango1000
    Contango1000 5 timer siden

    How about siphoning? With successive directionally angled holes through a massive pipe, being opened from lake to the mediterranean sea? This would gradually erode away the sand into my lake, hrmm... And, Bob's you Uncle. :-)

  • Dookie Howser
    Dookie Howser 5 timer siden

    Kids from Africa could've eaten those nukes!!!

  • jim morgan
    jim morgan 5 timer siden

    Silence you fools

  • Michael Boyers
    Michael Boyers 5 timer siden

    Why would you need nukes when silver iodide just proved that the desert is not porous, chemtrail jets sprayed saudi arabia no blue sky like a sack cloth over the sky or sun one might say and behold rain flooding the desert, it was cereal to sea the rain flood the desert for miles, also I don't believe in nukes what they really using is hydrogen it has the same mushroom cloud when it ignites and is indistinguishable from a so called nuclear bomb image that they put in or minds

  • Peadar Ó'Colmáin
    Peadar Ó'Colmáin 5 timer siden

    With regard to the radiation issue he should have said that he wanted to use hydrogen bombs, That would give him just as much blast and no radiation. Now that's one problem solved. Let's get the thinking caps on and make this work.

  • Sippy 4lock
    Sippy 4lock 8 timer siden

    Instead of nukes what about non radioactive explosives.
    You don't go in a straight line from top to bottom . you do teams on opposite sides . plastic lining lots of it
    Then pump water from the ocean to fill the holes made by these teams use the water as a large spray to break through the walls of these holes at the same time have containment walls to control the water even the volume control. You get local inspectors for constant integrity checks. The large lake would have to be fitted to contain the water and treated to prevent over salinity then for about 20 miles in circumference the land would need to be terra formed you can use fast growing seeds and bio amendments for plant food trust me I sprayed that on my yard and exploded with grass in 3 days. I know of a person right now who has a molasses based product right now that can do that. The sand will have to have imported soil. Placed on top of it . Thing about sand is you can flatten it out with calichi and put plastic lining on it then the imported soil. Sand plants do it all the time. I could do this with a 30 billion dollar budget. Im talking about that whole desert.

  • JC Pringle
    JC Pringle 8 timer siden

    This is a stroke of engineering genius if your aim is to farm fish with two heads! 👍👍👍

  • Magic Right
    Magic Right 9 timer siden

    I actually like the idea of flooding the Katara
    I think it would be a great adjustment that would make this land viable for living
    And it would lower the sea level from the rising sea level
    The nuke one is fucking retarded tho

  • Franklin Paul
    Franklin Paul 9 timer siden

    Why the hell are subtitles not freaking working I'm mad

  • paul skillman
    paul skillman 9 timer siden

    Keep it up. We will destroy this planet yet! What happens when we disrupt the present balance of the spin of our planet? I guess that is impossible. Right?

  • Jean-Michel Laloux
    Jean-Michel Laloux 9 timer siden

    sure... try it. what could go wrong?

  • Ilya Solovyov
    Ilya Solovyov 10 timer siden

    Make Sahara Green Again

  • ilyn Payne
    ilyn Payne 10 timer siden

    I wonder what type of shit that scientist fredrick was smoking cause i need some if that 😂😂😂😂

  • Nicholas veale
    Nicholas veale 11 timer siden

    Nick's version: nuke that s*** out of the ground

  • Maxime D.
    Maxime D. 11 timer siden

    My crazy goal: make a rocket engine

  • Asdayasman
    Asdayasman 12 timer siden

    Why dig a canal?
    Dig a tunnel.

  • Fross Fairy
    Fross Fairy 13 timer siden

    Why does that Bassler guy look like Geert Wilders? Loll, crazy people truly do look the same.

  • Adrov
    Adrov 13 timer siden

    Heard Slovenia, pressed like!

  • Oͥmeͣgͫa
    Oͥmeͣgͫa 13 timer siden +1

    Sahara: I'm a ground type
    Nuke: I'm a fire type
    Sahara: I will kill you
    Nuke: I know soak
    Sahara: NANI???
    *Sahara becomes water type*

  • CeleronS1
    CeleronS1 14 timer siden

    U just need one large komatsu with keel from gold rush and you will get small stream of water pooring in few weeks.

    RAHUL SAINI 15 timer siden

    Disliked the video when he said to colonise, if all the earth is short for your population maybe you need to control that first rather than these ideas

  • TheNostr4
    TheNostr4 15 timer siden

    why dont we just open a channel from the sea to the middle ...

  • Kiyarose3999
    Kiyarose3999 15 timer siden

    Wrong, the Sahara was created by deforestation!.

  • Dr. Paint pot
    Dr. Paint pot 16 timer siden

    There are 2 types of people out there:
    Those who nuke stuff that doesn't work and those who plant trees (google great green wall)

  • Hans-Jürgen Stoffels
    Hans-Jürgen Stoffels 17 timer siden

    Building it would give work to many Egyptians who have no future and tend to islamic radicalism.

  • That Mexican Boi
    That Mexican Boi 18 timer siden

    _big _*_BOOM_*

  • Mick Carson
    Mick Carson 18 timer siden

    Oh dear. The insane retards are always a step ahead with their weird ideas.

  • Frávik
    Frávik 19 timer siden

    "Humanity is nothing, if not grossly impatient." - Curse our larger (easily bored) brains! lol

  • Star of Eden
    Star of Eden 19 timer siden

    now why aim on the left side with a 55 kms straight line..
    a little further right on the map the distance would be shorter in the "V" on the map

  • Hi my name is Jordan :D
    Hi my name is Jordan :D 19 timer siden +1

    smh ya'll people are so stupid just get a couple of water benders

  • Zoti Rruges
    Zoti Rruges 20 timer siden

    I have a better plan, we make a sea of glass in the middle east with nukes.

  • Nethan Garvey
    Nethan Garvey 22 timer siden

    Better idea just put Africa throught a nuclear winter. That'll cool them down

    BLK MIND 23 timer siden

    A beach front? This is why

  • Lindsay Wheatcroft
    Lindsay Wheatcroft 23 timer siden

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall in that presentation.
    “...Did he just say what I think he said?”
    “You want us to do *WHAT*?!”
    “We must have misunderstood something”
    “Right, run that by us one more time”
    “He did, he really did say it”
    “I want to be diplomatic, but, seriously, you’re *out of your fucking mind*”
    “Are all white people like this?”

  • Aidan McWhirter
    Aidan McWhirter 23 timer siden

    This is honestly a fantastic idea. Without the nuke part of course.

  • One Individual
    One Individual 23 timer siden

    When the Sahara is not desert, where is the desert? It may have just moved, the sun beating somewhere else? Humans did it, with their shit.

  • Adinnov Herdiarto
    Adinnov Herdiarto Dag siden

    The narrator's voice sounded like Josh Homme

  • V Guyver
    V Guyver Dag siden

    Hmm. If you want to make such an. Idea to take off, you'd need to make it not just profitable, but cost effective to investors.
    This would include having to take all that dug up material and repurpose it into something like earth for artificial islands, and sand for construction.
    No matter the business plan I assemble for it, I can only see losses.
    The only person who would realistacly build such a thing today would be someone like Joseph Stalin or Emperor Qin. They both would send as many "enemies" of the state as slave labor to work to the death regardless of the human cost.

  • 0Guiltyone0
    0Guiltyone0 Dag siden

    I feel like those 363 people know somthing we dont..

  • Dyx Angelo
    Dyx Angelo Dag siden

    Yeeeet nuke the shit out of the ground... Literally

  • Leon C
    Leon C Dag siden

    would it really be insane if it worked? 🤔

  • Pookie Somsanith
    Pookie Somsanith Dag siden

    White people always tryna move people out n blow shit up 🤦‍♂️

  • Daniel Ryan
    Daniel Ryan Dag siden

    Sounds great-in theory. Well, the part about terraforming the Sahara, not the nuke part. But truth is there is no way to predict what the result would be. The ecology could be made worse just as easily as better. Never minding that it is within close proximity to several other countries who would have a say in how it would effect them as well.

  • cujoe Mblakka
    cujoe Mblakka Dag siden

    Look Africa is for Africans, why don't you flood Europe. Leave peoples homes alone. You want to change peoples home land, arn't you arrogant.
    Radioactive particulates. Nuts.

  • LecTriXx Official
    LecTriXx Official Dag siden

    Someday, I'll be matured enough not to laugh on "John Ball". Sorry, no offense

  • TheEnd IsNigh
    TheEnd IsNigh Dag siden

    Weather control caused, research its real. Research professor admits weather control. They could fill it with rain right now, fresh water

  • L.A. O.A.
    L.A. O.A. Dag siden

    Dudes, just take some ice from antártica and let it melt.

  • Artem Ma
    Artem Ma Dag siden

    Nuke the sh*t out of the ground 🤣🤣🤣

  • A Mexican Fox
    A Mexican Fox Dag siden

    Are we all going to ignore the fact that he said the *s-word*

  • Gunther41
    Gunther41 Dag siden

    How about hydrogen bombs?

  • pailmaster
    pailmaster Dag siden

    problems can be solved with nukes just ask Ghandi

  • Cernumospete
    Cernumospete Dag siden

    Why Sahara, why not the Rub al' Khali? I mean the Saudis have enough money to do it. When they wouldn't throw them at Israel, USA or Iran (in that order).

  • Markel Wenker
    Markel Wenker Dag siden

    Use a fake but completely realistic volcanic eruption or solar panels

  • Hong Ji Chen
    Hong Ji Chen Dag siden

    thats stupid

  • Onetwo Threefour
    Onetwo Threefour Dag siden +1

    why use nukes when you can use equally strong non-radioactive bombs like aerosol bombs? or what the russians called the radium bomb? (which apparently is a conventional bomb, eventhough the chemical element radium is totally radioactive so dont ask me, i got this from a science journal from back in the day

    • Onetwo Threefour
      Onetwo Threefour Dag siden +1

      or, you know, just dig a small canal with concrete walls and let the stream dig it deeper by flooding away excess material through erosion

  • Onetwo Threefour
    Onetwo Threefour Dag siden

    nice hungarian map there xD

  • Daniel Hammer
    Daniel Hammer Dag siden

    digging a trench is expensive.. lets nuke it"

  • Kitt Parker
    Kitt Parker Dag siden

    no no god please no no NO

  • Billy  I
    Billy I Dag siden

    Who’s crazy idea was this?

  • Vitor Saugo
    Vitor Saugo Dag siden

    but wouldn't that ocean be radioctive ?

  • Roman_7777777
    Roman_7777777 Dag siden +12

    I’ll bet the people in the international space station would see the nukes go
    “Poof!” “Poof!” “Poof!” “Poof!”

  • Christian Henderson

    You made Alaska bigger than the us I like

  • Captain Kefler
    Captain Kefler Dag siden

    Forget the nukes the radiation would be too much of a problem, but how about we go get a good sized asteroid (let’s shoot for 50 miles better to be safe than sorry) and slam that baby down to create a 100% natural, with a helping push from humanity, channel. Boom instant and with no harmful radiation from nuclear weapons.

  • Brian Schonecker
    Brian Schonecker Dag siden

    Just run a few hundred garden hoses and suck.. How hard can that be?

  • Roger Brown
    Roger Brown Dag siden +2

    I'm sure it was the antelope and their industry that keeps changing the climate as the great antelope civilization rises and falls.

  • Isaac Mireles
    Isaac Mireles Dag siden

    Why they haven't asked Elon Musk...???
    He would do it with a robot in a 1/10 of the time!

  • David Webster
    David Webster Dag siden

    at what point do you say to yourself: I should stop suggesting ideas because no one will take me serious...ever again.

  • pinecrustjuise
    pinecrustjuise Dag siden

    If I see another one of your videos tie into an add at the end, you will have lost me for good, your content is great but I'm sick of the lies! I got no problem with you using adds to generate profit but don't fucking trick me again cunt.

  • BP Lup
    BP Lup Dag siden

    Nuke the whales.

  • Ibrahim EndWarrior
    Ibrahim EndWarrior Dag siden

    Wow he said shit good times Buddy Good Times

  • shashank raul
    shashank raul Dag siden

    If not properly maintain it could become next dead sea.

  • TCMartin
    TCMartin Dag siden

    the evaporating water would create rain meaning there will be rain in the deserts meaning green sahara? right?

  • Dag siden

    Both Russia and the US have enough conventional bombs to drop there and have the mines that are already there help in the digging process.

  • Tianhao Ju
    Tianhao Ju Dag siden

    Something purely for fun.
    213 can be read as 2B, in modern Chinese and Mandarin language, this is know as “二逼”, or dumb f***s. Humm, seems rational after his no. of nukes.

  • Badran & Friends
    Badran & Friends Dag siden

    Wow Bassler really wanted to make that channel

  • Badran & Friends
    Badran & Friends Dag siden

    Great way to do ads asshole

  • Higgins_123
    Higgins_123 Dag siden

    If salty sea water only goes in and evaporates then it'd become insanely saline like the deadsea == no fish, no agriculture... duhhhh

  • mike stewart
    mike stewart Dag siden

    My ideas mostly include nukes including the ever popular “Nuke the Whales” plan.

  • Hero! Gaming
    Hero! Gaming Dag siden

    5:06 Airstrikes in a nutshell

  • Usman Zia Ullah
    Usman Zia Ullah Dag siden

    perfect spot for nuclear soup

  • Carlos Costa
    Carlos Costa Dag siden

    I don't think this could work

  • Garry Sekelli
    Garry Sekelli Dag siden

    pointless idea unless we relocate the Aaarabs around them parts to somewhere else first.

  • Shez Whiteman
    Shez Whiteman Dag siden

    Is it just an excuse to nuke all the migrants making their way to Europe?

  • Sans Decorum
    Sans Decorum Dag siden

    Why mess up a natural barrier between Europe and one front in the never ending battle with Islamic insanity?

  • Mercury _
    Mercury _ Dag siden

    you sound so weird when you curse lol

  • Ernesto Tamayo
    Ernesto Tamayo Dag siden

    Looking at the video, there is a nearer location than the 55 KM length. Its nearer the Nile River Delta. Underground water seepage is much more likely a probability.. See the fingerlike pointing east portion of the lake assuming it is filled and at sea level .

  • Ernesto Tamayo
    Ernesto Tamayo Dag siden

    Also please post videos of the life of the 636 local village inhabitants. Interviews on paranormal activities there they can tell and other stories, folklores and legends.They have something to tell.

  • Anthony Arcano
    Anthony Arcano Dag siden

    If you take out the crazy nuke,This is an awesome idea, it benefits are 3 fold. the the seas level are rising this would lower them a tiny, also it would create farm able land in a planet which farmland are very few, and also create a new area to colonize since we are overpopulating....

  • Ant Man11
    Ant Man11 Dag siden

    The US needs to Nuke Egypt now😂😂😂😂

  • Jody Swaney
    Jody Swaney 2 dager siden

    I taught myself to give you a thumbs down for excessive spam.

  • Beckett Ellsworth
    Beckett Ellsworth 2 dager siden

    5:06 makes me crack up!!!

  • Armando the wanderer
    Armando the wanderer 2 dager siden

    Dude that would be dope let's do it.