Joe: President Donald Trump Was Freaked Out Yesterday | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  • Publisert 8. nov.. 2018
  • Democrats had the biggest House gains in the 2018 midterms since Watergate, but Donald Trump appeared to be in denial about those wins. The Morning Joe panel recaps the midterms and the president's Wednesday news conference.
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    Joe: President Donald Trump Was Freaked Out Yesterday | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Kommentarer • 2 379

  • ben Won
    ben Won Dag siden

    Trump acts more like parasite 🦠 he even was upset that Hillary won the popular election 2016.
    Yes, trump was freaked out like scared kid. Joe is so RIGHT & WISE

  • bruce jacobson
    bruce jacobson 4 dager siden

    The Supreme Court is where the action is.....guess who votes on Supreme appointments? Right....the Senate

  • Carrol Clark
    Carrol Clark 5 dager siden

    Trump I'm a genius I'm smart I have a big brain I didn't even realize we lost

  • Devi Rino
    Devi Rino 5 dager siden

    Mika sucks at reading teleprompters.

  • Schwaltzvald
    Schwaltzvald 5 dager siden

    Bush's was a "thumping", Obama's was a "Shellacking", for Trump, I'd call it a "Reaming of mass proportions".

  • Peace S.
    Peace S. 5 dager siden

    tired from such media

  • Peter S
    Peter S 6 dager siden

    *It's Mueller Time! Trump Administration Season Ending* -

  • pdg61met
    pdg61met 6 dager siden

    Do they realize that the House can't accomplish anything without control of Senate? They are putting lipstick on a pig for their viewers. Senate has to approve anything the House wants to get passed. And Senate is Red.. And that doesn't even include the Judges who are Trumps. Sorry but the truth doesn't go away.. Trump isn't freaked out and he didn't lose as much as these two are trying to convey to their viewers.

    • Tom Hartman
      Tom Hartman 6 dager siden

      pdg61met Well, they can subpoena his tax returns, for starters.

  • Kevin Phillips
    Kevin Phillips 6 dager siden

    So many seats were lost during the Obama years because of politicians' racist appeals and the moral degeneracy of the country overall.

  • ang ela
    ang ela 6 dager siden

    God placed Trump in the white house, Thank you Jesus

  • premirra lucie
    premirra lucie 6 dager siden

    Let Trump do his job ! Stop being obsessed by him. It's a mental illness.

    • Tom Hartman
      Tom Hartman 6 dager siden

      premirra lucie Did your Kleagle tell you that?

  • Robin Addis-Vaughn
    Robin Addis-Vaughn 6 dager siden

    He's already changed it. The GOP no longer exists. It is the Trump party. So, if the conservatives want a party to stand with then they have to create one.

  • DR ER
    DR ER 6 dager siden

    This animal is 100 times worse than Hitler!

  • Jackie Malmberg
    Jackie Malmberg 6 dager siden

    Gosh, how long ago was Watergate-Oh yea, 40 years plus... Trump supporters may be "deplorable," you people lack ethics, professionalism and decorum. Equal to despicable, impeccably so.

  • Robbynne Smith
    Robbynne Smith 6 dager siden

    Edison Americans are not targeting anybody we love our neighbors we love our friends of race color or Creed if you people that are creating this propaganda and causing the division and this is why one day more than likely it's not going to be safe for any of you to walk the streets because everybody sees it no one has a problem with this stuff if you people that have a problem with this stuff where are friends we are feeding each other we all help each other if you that is causing the division watch your back I wouldn't want to be you I'm just saying I'm poverty I don't know any LOL we all help each other it's you guys to keep causing the division and America is well aware of it

  • Janelle Silbernagel
    Janelle Silbernagel 6 dager siden

    Trump is a freak all the time!!!!

  • Jessica jessica
    Jessica jessica 6 dager siden

    People let's not lose control we can only go after Donald Trump we have to go after every single one that put their hand is that Melting Pot they are going to pay for all our lost tax dollars these past two years I am so proud of this station even Donald Trump is bring it all the racist out we as the people are sticking together fighting for freedom and fight for rights for all definitely the African Americans that are being gunned down by police officers come on America we're better than this let's not go back to the past let's keep moving forward let's take our house back

  • nickcage633
    nickcage633 6 dager siden

    Acosta karate chopped that girl and we all saw it

  • Ronnie Baker
    Ronnie Baker 7 dager siden

    This is the first time I’ve watched Scarborough since he was giving trump a half hour of free champagne time every morning. Joe’s rating were below the weather channel until they made Joe end his bromance with trump

  • 3natey
    3natey 7 dager siden

    Puh lease gardner romney burr they would roll over for dump just like all the rest Red = Fascist

  • Anne Nyman
    Anne Nyman 7 dager siden

    You don’t need to show him! We have all seen more than enough of him already!

  • Roman Darius
    Roman Darius 7 dager siden

    President Trump is a million times more stronger than you leftist can ever be. Ask Rossie O' Donnel, she has been seeing a psychiatrist every since President Trump won. And I love the guy

  • jesper heglingegård jensen

    is this news or opinions ?? im sick of all these panel shows passing them selfs of as "news" both on fox and nbc and cnn

  • sailor75565
    sailor75565 7 dager siden

    MSNBC Joe, you finally have me as a fan..

  • Ben Fong Torres
    Ben Fong Torres 7 dager siden

    Trump claiming victory is so laughable its embarrassing. if you think the midterms was a win for R, you should probably read more.

    IAMKALKAN!!! GAMING!!! 7 dager siden

    Destroy the Republican party? THey should be destroyed (as a Party) for voting him in and accepting the "Embrace". He's going to be declaring marshal law as soon as he has everything in place, dont hesitate go to the stores and stock up. As a matter of fact stock up now.

  • T Mac
    T Mac 7 dager siden

    JOEEEEE,,, Let the panelists speak💆🏼‍♂️

  • Tin Man
    Tin Man 7 dager siden

    Wow you guys are such professional brainwashers! Lie lie lie lie.

  • sal lugo
    sal lugo 7 dager siden

    I hope on some level that Obama also realizes that it is in fact his fault that trump got elected...donald trump will meet minster Farrakhan

  • Anicca Smith
    Anicca Smith 7 dager siden +1

    One Person One Vote....Count All Votes...NO Illegals Voting.

  • Juan Sarasky
    Juan Sarasky 7 dager siden

    From even the 80's, this is a guy who doesn't like to lose (Trump). Now he is going to be under the radar of democrats.....He is definitely scared...

  • Paula Penny
    Paula Penny 7 dager siden

    You guys are unglued 😂

  • Bmk Bmk
    Bmk Bmk 7 dager siden

    More fake news..... Totally unprofessional journalism..... Totally biased............ Poor rating?

    • Metro Hemo
      Metro Hemo 7 dager siden

      What did they say that was untrue?

  • Lisa Anderson
    Lisa Anderson 7 dager siden

    Agolf,Supreme Orange Egomaniac!!

  • ideaquest
    ideaquest 7 dager siden

    MSNBC is unhinged by Trump day in day out.

  • vince kelly
    vince kelly 7 dager siden

    and the republicans will have another supreme court pick when ginsberg finally gives out
    this is small potatoes compared to that
    democrats gained 1/3 of what they lost
    not going to help your cause much
    at best you can slow down the trump train

  • Beautiful Me
    Beautiful Me 7 dager siden +1

    Trump should eat a Snickers because when he's hungry he acts like a dictator.

  • Dennis Hartnett
    Dennis Hartnett 7 dager siden

    I can't wait for the new year to begin. What a joy to see the orange liar crumble.

  • michael poche
    michael poche 7 dager siden

    Bullies like Trump are really insecure. compare "Bush on the Couch" by Dr. Justin Franks, MD. , for an insight to 'W"....sequel might be in the words.

  • Eclectic Muse
    Eclectic Muse 7 dager siden

    If Trump had never become President NONE of his crimes would ever be discovered.

  • david hollyfield
    david hollyfield 7 dager siden

    "Close to complete victory"... Wow! I think he lies knowing his base will believe him whatever he says

  • maurice williams
    maurice williams 7 dager siden


  • Annabelle B
    Annabelle B 7 dager siden

    May be he needs to keep out of the tanning booth; Trump looks creepy.

  • maurice williams
    maurice williams 7 dager siden


  • Carol Stone
    Carol Stone 7 dager siden +1

    Humpty Trumpty had a great fall................

    • Vicky Abramowitz
      Vicky Abramowitz 7 dager siden +1

      And all the king's horses and all the king's men, couldn't put Trumpty back together again. So sad.

  • A McNichol
    A McNichol 7 dager siden

    I thought he didnt need notes, now he's looking down at them.

  • retrospect
    retrospect 7 dager siden

    There's so much evidence showing Democrats cheating.
    Take all illigals- dead-twice voter-underage voters, may be we can see truth after all.

  • pal pay
    pal pay 7 dager siden

    trump only 3rd pres to gain republican seats in senate in last 100 years..hide the facts and keep the faith..thats hope in things unseen...reality is an adversary to liars...merica is the place all want to be and once its radicalized...thats what haters want here and abroad...thats what kills is cheap drugs and something for have to do dirty things to your competition..there is no other leverage but threats to harm

  • pal pay
    pal pay 7 dager siden

    oh my he is doomed he lost half as many midterm seats in house as obama...he is only twice as smart as academia effeminate career bureaucrat wonder a recount is needed. reminds me of social justice in CA. where we all have to leave..poor people dont belong there...or FL or NY. or chicago. well not really...they seem to like it there. mad max and schiff the messiah comin to clean you out then help you look for like a state run trap house

  • Nick Garcia
    Nick Garcia 7 dager siden

    Compared to the rest of the world, Americans are Racists, Obese, Liars, Sexually and Emotionally Anorexic.

  • coky coky
    coky coky 7 dager siden

    Donald Trump and his administration is going down the drain.

  • Irene Gavenlock
    Irene Gavenlock 7 dager siden

    And vulnerable too ! Good.

  • Irene Gavenlock
    Irene Gavenlock 7 dager siden

    Great description of trump! Weak humiliated etc etc etc!

  • Thalia Monica
    Thalia Monica 7 dager siden

    I can't believe the people of America don't love a president that put
    them first and want the country to be the greatest in the world I'm sure
    a lot of countries would love a president that put the people first and
    development every part of the country that he can and all the people of
    the country is doing is being bias and ungrateful..

  • Copper Fit
    Copper Fit 7 dager siden

    Yahoo''s.....Go back in History to see what was lost with Obama, Clinton, Bush...You think everyone is STUPID,..your the ones that preach BS..AGAIN..PEOPLE KNOW WHAT THE TRUTH IS...BUFFOON'S...

  • Marie Taylor
    Marie Taylor 8 dager siden

    Tax returns tax returns tax returns!! Busted!!!

  • sharon shoop
    sharon shoop 8 dager siden +1

    He didn't FREAK OUT!!! He called them as he sees them. Bravo Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bruce jacobson
    bruce jacobson 8 dager siden

    Trump emerged the victor....the senate controls the Supreme Court and nothing the House does happens until Senate passes it. Ruth Ginsberg, you're not gone and already we miss you....gonna be a 6-3 conservative Supreme Court.

  • supernumery
    supernumery 8 dager siden

    Sure he is unglued and sure he freaked out but that soon fades because the State Liar is beginning to convince himself that it was a victory. The man (well, man-pig) lives his life in a parallel universe and if occasionally someone breaks through into that world with bad news, all he does is blame the first person, group or race for it.

  • nancy fontenot
    nancy fontenot 8 dager siden

    I've never watched this show before and I doubt that I will watch again. Two idiots!

    • india rose
      india rose 7 dager siden

      yes, you go back to your reality TV shows while trying to fit your whole fist into your mouth.

  • T B
    T B 8 dager siden

    I have a. Word slammed.

  • OFR
    OFR 8 dager siden

    One word for it. Donald Trump is just AFRAID.

  • Tonya Cach
    Tonya Cach 8 dager siden

    Wow is the orange angry man jaded.. he looks like someone grabbed him in the chalupa.

  • K Khalifah
    K Khalifah 8 dager siden

    "SO MUCH WINNING" eh, Trump?

  • Edna Davis
    Edna Davis 8 dager siden

    Trump isn't used to being told "No" so now he's a raging bull out to destroy others who gets in his way. I believe this is why the Republicans won't stand up against him. They are cowards, and they have forgotten who they really work for "The American People"

  • Ian Clarke
    Ian Clarke 8 dager siden

    He's throwing his toys out of his pram

  • skyclimber7
    skyclimber7 8 dager siden

    Frumps Plan to try and stop the inevitable of Mueller will be the Defunding of the investigation by his new Appointee Mr. buttplug aka Lex Luther ,just another white supremist nationalist. another sad day for America.. thanx Again Republicants for f*ckn ruining stuff yet again for you profit.

  • Michael Higgins
    Michael Higgins 8 dager siden

    Keeping the Senate is a big deal! Winning Governor races in key states is a big deal!

  • Michael Higgins
    Michael Higgins 8 dager siden

    Obama almost destroyed the party.

  • Michael Higgins
    Michael Higgins 8 dager siden

    It was so clear in the press conference that Jim Acosta was totally unglued.

  • Erwin Kunze
    Erwin Kunze 8 dager siden +3

    In 2 years of Trumpnism, I haven’t seen America even starting to get on the path to becoming great again, surely Trump’s policies will fail and now that the democrats control the house Of Representatives, Trump will simply blame the democrats for his shortcomings.

  • Maria Robles
    Maria Robles 8 dager siden

    I am in Honduras and was so clear to me the violence , abuse of power and disrespectful manner the lady from the white house tried to take the microphone from Acosta. Are you all blind? On top the president was rude, nasty and disrespectful to Acosta.

  • Sam Dill
    Sam Dill 8 dager siden

    If Trump releases the Obama, Clinton Administration Documents (unredacted) - Tic, Toc.

  • Sam Dill
    Sam Dill 8 dager siden

    What happens when the Liberals wake-up? You talking-heads know, eventually, this will happen.

  • locadisa
    locadisa 8 dager siden

    He looked like a CEO trying to convince his employees that the company is doing fine and that most of them can still keep their jobs if they listen to him. Yes they won a few seats in the Senate and the governorships of his largest states but with losing the house he knows that he will be checked.He won't be dealing with a bunch of old conservatives any more who are afraid to lose their positions.He will have to answer to a bunch of young millennials and women who won't be easily intimidated. Of course no one fears Nancy but his fight will now go far beyond Nancy's influence. He knows it.His threats won't work this time. Let's see the taxes

  • Rose Engle
    Rose Engle 8 dager siden

    😂😂😂😂 funny how you guys say that he's nervous but really it's you guys that are nervous it's you that nervous because it's you that's going to be in big trouble you should be shaking in your boots I don't even know how you're on TV still

  • penny andrews
    penny andrews 8 dager siden

    We need to do more than scare trump. We need to dump him. Cleanse and repeat. United States and all We stand for with No more blind devision.

  • Bob Baker
    Bob Baker 8 dager siden

    LMAO...Freaked out? Wow these FOOLS really NEED to stop the lies

  • James Freas
    James Freas 8 dager siden

    So the take these nitwits have on Acosta's shameful White House nursery school behavior is that it was Trump who went in there looking for a fight. One reporter calls him a racist and was herself correctly identified as as a racist by Trump, and another just hops up and starts asking questions as if it was a disorderly town hall meeting. Trump had to tell her numerous times to sit down She defied him! No wonder they're called the 'fake media'. How can anyone trust Morning Joe to present facts after this? It's such a childish show.

  • yuk747
    yuk747 8 dager siden

    Well you where right Trump no is above the law so get ready to get checked and sit for questioning.

  • Ken Baker
    Ken Baker 8 dager siden

    This panel is out of touch. I saw the press embarrass its self. Peter Alexander and Jim Acosta both came off as a fools.

  • kayne garcia
    kayne garcia 8 dager siden

    I’m so happy to live in a world where the vast majority of the country has to treat its leader like a giant baby throwing tantrums daily...

  • Sheldon Walz
    Sheldon Walz 8 dager siden

    3seats I think is sort of a big deal Joe!!! MSNBC just report fairly

  • Ginu Raju
    Ginu Raju 8 dager siden

    Fakers joe and whatever her name is.

  • Ginu Raju
    Ginu Raju 8 dager siden

    What a balanced panel fake news

  • Pogo
    Pogo 8 dager siden

    Losing 7 governors and 28 House seats is Victory for Trump, explains why he managed to lose money running a casino.

  • MagicSantos
    MagicSantos 8 dager siden +1


  • MrCleverheel
    MrCleverheel 8 dager siden

    Joe; "Burr, in North Carolina, that's a swing gonna be a..." Mika; "...a thorn...." Good one, Mika!

  • Jon Davidson
    Jon Davidson 8 dager siden

    Joe, stop being rude to Mika and talking over her. I don't care if she's you're girlfriend now. Shut up and allow her to speak; it's called professional courtesy. You know, the kind you're always talking about?

  • Carol Ann
    Carol Ann 8 dager siden

    I am amazed at the people turning out to vote and being heard!

  • simmering downs
    simmering downs 8 dager siden

    shock and awe

  • Sarpong Sarpong
    Sarpong Sarpong 8 dager siden

    blue wave!!!!!!!!!!!! letsget America democracy back

  • lillian ballard
    lillian ballard 8 dager siden

    Jan. 20, 2017, was when T was sworn in. This is now NOV 12,2018. THIS IS NOT 2 YRS, For months everyone says 2 years. He should know the job now. IT was planned for after midterms. GOOD Luck Mr Sessions. I mean it. ENJOY YOUR RETIREMENT. You gave what you were able to give. ENOUGH. Done.

  • krisluvkev
    krisluvkev 8 dager siden

    Wasn't it predicted that dems were going to take the House that wasn't a surprise actually.....

  • 123Rockchild
    123Rockchild 8 dager siden

    Freaked out? Maybe sorta like when Joe Scarborough was freaked out when his intern girlfriend mysteriously died in his congressional office in Florida? Maybe like that?

  • Lisa Davis
    Lisa Davis 8 dager siden

    The President can have who he wants in his cabinet like every President before him. After 2 years there is no collusion except on the Democrats side. C NN all you do is mislead, which is lying 🤥. The Democrats are trying to rig another election. Seth was murdered when he was on his way to expose Hillary. Your time is near.

  • Ronald Brown
    Ronald Brown 8 dager siden

    Boycott Boycott Now

  • Lisa Davis
    Lisa Davis 8 dager siden

    Warren your the corruption , our President is doing just fine draining the swamp, You Democrats are liars and criminals .

  • 1disaffected
    1disaffected 8 dager siden

    I guess everyone has forgotten this but Rick Tyler, sitting farthest from Joe in this video, was an ade to Ted Cruz and he was very SLIMY. I wish Joe would banish him from the show