How I became a victim of the Tesla system

  • Publisert 8. jan.. 2019
  • Update on my missing Tesla model X. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse. It does. Also special guest appearance by Momma Rebuild
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Kommentarer • 8 069

  • Adam Ricketts
    Adam Ricketts 2 timer siden

    Can a dealer legally sell a car without the title ?

  • Kyle Preudhomme
    Kyle Preudhomme 3 timer siden

    Hold up....Your Mom is a TRINI!!!

  • Tim Ryther
    Tim Ryther 5 timer siden

    Your mom is funny. She sounds like a Jamaican. She could do cameo appearances on your videos.

  • Tim Schnedler
    Tim Schnedler 7 timer siden

    wow, just wanted to thank you Rich, I was ready to buy a used 2016 Model S 90D, But after watching all this crap you and others are going through, I think ill just go get a preowned certified Audi.

  • Antwain McGee
    Antwain McGee 8 timer siden

    You're pro Telsa until they do you dirty. Don't know if anyone else who's had the issues you've had.

  • Nikolai Cook
    Nikolai Cook 10 timer siden

    Do people really call their Tesla X a truck?

  • William Ramsey
    William Ramsey 11 timer siden

    You cry about not getting your car in like forever an then you tell the guy delivering the car to turn around and go home instead?? Sounds like a lie to me. 😑

  • Billblom
    Billblom 13 timer siden

    Wonder if everyone you talked to got fired ion the big layoffs....

  • 3v4761
    3v4761 15 timer siden

    Looks like Hennessey and Tesla have the same problem

  • Daniel Düsentrieb
    Daniel Düsentrieb 17 timer siden

    No one at Tesla seems to have "ownership" over the end to end process for used car delivery.

  • John Baugh
    John Baugh 22 timer siden

    Are you effing kidding me? This is exactly why I drive a ten year old dodge truck. She's no beauty queen but I can get parts cheap, she starts every time, and I HATE corporate BS..... Tesla is the Apple of the automotive world.......

  • FossilFreeFamily
    FossilFreeFamily Dag siden

    Great video! Sorry, that the experience has been so crazy/ bad for you! We bought a new Model 3, but were considering buying a used S. I am happy we didn't buy used. Our buying and delivery experience had issues, but nothing like what you have been going through! Hang in there! Tesla's are great cars!

  • sultanofmultan2012
    sultanofmultan2012 Dag siden

    You are a shill for the petroleum industry

  • andrew domenitz
    andrew domenitz Dag siden

    Wouldn't buy a Tesla if you paid me.

  • Marcus
    Marcus Dag siden

    At this point they have to be trolling him right? In my mind Elon has a smoke session with friends and watch videos like this cracking up while they hit the bong. I'm glad this all documented.

  • john beran
    john beran Dag siden

    WOW.... This is absolutely ridiculous a car company allows this to happen. Even with your ability to share your horrible experience on NO-clip they can't figure out how to get you your car. A regular person buying a used Tesla must deal with 10X more stupidity. Tesla will not last if this is how they do business. customer service is just as important as the vehicle. Even though I like Tesla and would like to buy one I will not. I do not want to be a lab rat for Tesla as they try and change the traditional car buying experience that works well.
    I like to buy my car and take possession of it same day. I'm spoiled because I expect to bring my car into dealership for service and if it will take more than 1 hour being given a loaner car. Oh and all while dealing with people that know what they are doing.

  • biscuitninja
    biscuitninja Dag siden

    I've never had great feeling about Tesla... I go and see them in person so I have a person to take to court. Once you bring a person to court, all the BS stops.
    As an engineer, I know people who have worked for Tesla and to the person, every single one of them says, do not buy this product, do not trust the company and run away. Now mind you, this is over 10 years of people talking about this Corporation.

  • T S
    T S Dag siden

    That's painful and should not be happening. However, Tesla is a new company, which is going through a huge growth and a learning curve. I strongly believe in the direct sale model and even though I have experienced some problems with their system myself, I believe we should give Tesla time to sort it out. And, maybe providing such feedback is part of the process.
    I had bought or leased 8 cars from dealerships before (1 used, 7 new including 4 that's considered "luxury" car maker). Only 2 of these buying experiences were good, while the other 6 ranged from bad to terrible. While Tesla had problems on the logistical side, as in your case (although yours was worse), I was not purposefully cheated as to the equipment on the car, surprised by certain car or warranty or other conditions moments before signing, surprised by amounts showing that were not explained, having lemons pushed onto me and being lied as to their condition, getting a new car delivered without features I wanted and being told they can't do anything about - I don't want to deal with another dealer ever again if I can help it Tesla will fix this, as they fixed many other challenges in the past.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • VoidEyed
    VoidEyed Dag siden

    Savage mom! :D

  • VacuBlaster
    VacuBlaster Dag siden

    Why do you bother, just buy a car dude

  • 1225KPH
    1225KPH Dag siden

    Insurance Secured!

  • 1225KPH
    1225KPH Dag siden

    What? What happened to Rich's balls? His kids must be adopted.

  • oxenforde
    oxenforde Dag siden

    Dude. Please. Eat the $2,500 deposit. Tell them, "Never mind." Cancel the insurance.
    Walk away.

  • Michael Weibel
    Michael Weibel Dag siden

    Never going to deal with this, never ever going to buy one

  • Dobemandan
    Dobemandan 2 dager siden


  • Eric Muniz
    Eric Muniz 2 dager siden

    I hope this can go viral for you and to also help others that deal with this type of behavior to paying customers.

  • Kris G
    Kris G 2 dager siden

    These Tesla should easy make 1 million miles batterys that's where reliability is unknown

  • USMC MSgt
    USMC MSgt 2 dager siden

    Sounds like you were catfish.

  • Apa Apsson
    Apa Apsson 2 dager siden

    its sad that you have to make a youtube video, get alot of attention, before they even open thier eyes. think of all the others who don´t i bet they shit on those poor peoples.

  • tommy aronson
    tommy aronson 2 dager siden

    This guy is the biggest telsa troll.

  • tommy aronson
    tommy aronson 2 dager siden

    What a whiner

  • joel fildes
    joel fildes 2 dager siden

    It’s a shame you had your Mom with you,otherwise you could have consoled yourself with a trip to HOOTERS next door to to the Tesla dealers...

  • G Wernette
    G Wernette 2 dager siden

    Elon saw your videos and then directed his staff to put as much bureaucratic red tape in the way as possible.

  • Baron von Limbourgh
    Baron von Limbourgh 2 dager siden

    I do like tesla and love what they are doing. They are still a new company and growing extremely fast no matter how you twist it and when buying a tesla you should expect things might not go as smooth as when dealing with mercedes for example.
    But stuff like this is COMPLETELY unexceptable for any company no mater how new a company is. This does show their priorities are in the wrong places. You simply can not treat your customers this way and expect to be seen as a respectable brand.
    I would have just told them to keep the car and go fuck themselves..

  • Pedro Graça
    Pedro Graça 3 dager siden

    And I thought that the buying process of a Tesla in Portugal was bad because their pretty new in the market.
    Looks like it’s a Tesla problema around the world. The car is awesome but horrible sales process. Have bought lots of cars from different brands and Tesla has been by far the worst buying process. You should not feel this way on the day you pick up your brand new car.

  • andrás csont
    andrás csont 3 dager siden +3

    they sound like those indian scammers

  • Mr. Redline
    Mr. Redline 3 dager siden

    It would have been easier to contact a classic car dealer and buy a real car 😂 jk
    No really I'd be in deep depression if I had to wait months for something that I'm not sure if it's even going to be given to me.

  • Analog AI
    Analog AI 3 dager siden

    Be aware Tesla's 70-point inspection is a joke (unless you can get them to give you a copy of the details, which you CAN'T). I became a victim of the "70-point inspection passed" promise on a discounted store-demonstration-car. After driving for half a month with a very slight vibration, I took the Model X into Tesla and the 22" rim was discovered as "dented and unbalanceble rim" after I had driven it off the lot. I was forced to keep the dented rim or pay $3000 for x2 22" rim replacement. From now on, given any CPO or demonstration car with large rims I would recommend you making Tesla take the rims off and balance them before taking delivery.
    Long Story: I took delivery of the demonstration car after they had to fix major rim curb rash (coincidentally on the 2 later discovered damaged rims; the guy who did the cosmetic repair did a fantastic job), but did not suspect rim damage nor took it on a high speed test-drive myself. I suspect neither high-speed driving/vibration test nor wheel balancing was performed and asked them for the report: They refused. I pushed for releasing the detailed report not just give me a "it passed" answer, and no matter what I argued, Tesla will not release the details of the inspection report and the policy is firm. Their argument is that the car was in their ownership when the inspection was performed and the report is "Tesla Property". The customer service rep said it with a straight face with a fear that he would be fired if he had shown me the report that he was holding. Be warned! do not trust their "it passed" promise, unless you magically can "steal" a copy from Tesla on information about the car you just bought.

  • Lee Wood
    Lee Wood 3 dager siden

    You need to cancel the order...
    Tesla doesn’t deserve your money 💰

  • Matthew Swan
    Matthew Swan 3 dager siden

    TESLA = Too Egotistical Start-up Lacking Ambition

  • Sebastian Towles
    Sebastian Towles 3 dager siden

    Really milking this situation, still interesting as hell tho

  • Greg S
    Greg S 3 dager siden

    don't panic

  • Winterx69
    Winterx69 3 dager siden

    Those rims... What sort of Tesla drivers are out there?

  • Gideon Roberts
    Gideon Roberts 3 dager siden

    What’s up with Tesla? Myself and my father in law have had similar experiences with this company’s terrible customer service! It’s gotta be the worst company to work with. Their customer service give all kinds of false promises and hope.

  • Charles Christie
    Charles Christie 3 dager siden

    Suddenly I'm glad I got a Nissan Leaf instead.

  • Jay Maverick
    Jay Maverick 3 dager siden

    Just as a random viewer here - Alignment, some body panels, new rims, this sort of stuff takes 2-3 hours to fix. How the hell are they still working on it?

  • Harry Herber
    Harry Herber 3 dager siden

    This is not good news for the company. Too many bad service experiences will kill future sales. It just changed my mine to not purchase a Tesla. Who needs more car problems like this?

  • Leul Georgis
    Leul Georgis 3 dager siden

    Buying a car sight unseen (Tesla or not) is not a good idea.

  • john jennings
    john jennings 3 dager siden

    Get a lawyer this is a breech of contract.

  • the undead1
    the undead1 3 dager siden

    Sounds like my mishaps with dealerships. Like many times having a dealership do basic maintenance since my hours at times are nuts. I've had oil changes where the filter wasnt changed, tires not rotated. Not all the tires replaced that were supposed to. Well you get the idea. I do most stuff on my own but cannot do it all and dont have time for it when ever shit happens. The only thing I'd give tesla is it's trying to mass market and sell outside the norm of dealerships. Dealerships are still sore about it. Boutique car makers aren't a threat to them so they dont get flack and have issues with selling. Tesla seems to, but as a fairly good sized company it's simple, things are not getting done, and like most place communication sucks. Just like my local chevy dealership, they want your money , will take it, and more if they can and dont give a fuck if your stuck. Good luck. Really good luck.

  • Tony
    Tony 4 dager siden

    I would be surprised if Tesla didn’t go out of business.

  • ADP phyzic
    ADP phyzic 4 dager siden +1

    This is why im going with a 2019 mustang gt

  • golly_zulo
    golly_zulo 4 dager siden

    are you being scammed

  • Mihir Patel
    Mihir Patel 4 dager siden

    Sounds like this guy is butthurt that's why he does everything Tesla.

  • GPtwo
    GPtwo 4 dager siden

    This is insane.

  • romeoron1
    romeoron1 4 dager siden

    Not sure if you'll read this, but I came across your video and I like the way you told your story and edited it. I have a buying issue with Rolls-Royce motor cars and I would like to make a video too, because it seems to be the only way these companies respond to the little guys. Are you able to give video technical advice? Good luck with your Tesla.

  • Deon Dorvil
    Deon Dorvil 4 dager siden

    dodge doesn't give me any problems

  • Salvador Quincy
    Salvador Quincy 4 dager siden

    Holy shit, this is ridiculous. Maybe I will not buy a Tesla anymore. The service sucks

  • Camel Ramel
    Camel Ramel 4 dager siden

    What a mess. Just because of this I’ve basically decided to not get a Tesla. What a mess they are.

  • Randolph Joseph
    Randolph Joseph 4 dager siden

    Your mum is a Trini 🇹🇹 Let her call him, you will get your Model X and probably a roadster after she is finished with him. Lol

  • Kirk Nason
    Kirk Nason 4 dager siden

    Not my experience with a CPO Model X last December. They changed my rims out, replaced any cosmetic interior parts I found and made sure I was totally satisfied.

  • Phoenix Smith
    Phoenix Smith 4 dager siden

    You just misunderstood. Tesla doesn't sell cars, they just make car COMMERCIALS !

  • Rafael Betancourt
    Rafael Betancourt 4 dager siden

    Hey Rich! This just looks like a big evil plot against you!! I bet Elon is laughing this at your expense, sorry bro keep the faith in Tesla

  • matasuki
    matasuki 4 dager siden

    8:20 High Speed Train lol love the sarcasm

  • Nacho Pop's
    Nacho Pop's 4 dager siden

    What a joke how is this still a company

  • Nacho Pop's
    Nacho Pop's 4 dager siden

    This is crazy dude

  • bill nipp
    bill nipp 4 dager siden

    Tesla is still learning how to be a car company. they say it's growing pains, which doesnt sooth your pain or mine. First it was production nightmares, then delivery nightmares, now service center nightmares and coming soon, supercharger nightmares.... Cant say I can recommend Tesla to anyone I know right now. they have too many issues. ty

  • Oskar S
    Oskar S 4 dager siden

    I'd rather buy an audi etron than an tesla rn...

  • C-Doug
    C-Doug 4 dager siden

    You should take Tesla to small claims court to cover the insurance costs incurred by their negligence

  • tazgamer
    tazgamer 4 dager siden

    They're like Apple in that they don't want anyone but them to work on your car.

  • Doan Le
    Doan Le 4 dager siden

    at this speed, you give your NO-clip money to Elon Miusk LOL

  • Nidaa vlogs
    Nidaa vlogs 4 dager siden

    its ok, your video will cover the loss

  • clarkinthedark1
    clarkinthedark1 4 dager siden

    This company is complete and utter shitshow..for years I gave them the benefit of the doubt and took heat for it and this is how they operate? Eff that lol

  • Ron Mecham
    Ron Mecham 4 dager siden

    Hes trying to put people in space but he cant put u in a car...... what kind of businessman is he....? Your mom is awesome

  • mark alan
    mark alan 5 dager siden

    Thanks for your video's Rich. Tesla was on my short list of my next used car but no more. I do not have the patience you have. Tesla Should give you a new model x for all your hassles.

  • RidgeRider RC
    RidgeRider RC 5 dager siden

    Sue em..

  • Dan Mac
    Dan Mac 5 dager siden

    That's it. Not buying that ticket to Mars, I don't want to end up in Neptune.

  • Cameron Hopkins
    Cameron Hopkins 5 dager siden +1

    You need to sue Tesla.

    EDISONTECH 5 dager siden

    You have Murphy’s law...

  • Nisco Racing
    Nisco Racing 5 dager siden

    All i know Big Oil & Dealerships have made a solid ecosystem for them self.
    It's even locked down in the law for them. Fighting this war will last decades.

  • Asad Attily
    Asad Attily 5 dager siden

    tesla dose not going to be one of the modern cars on this case Mercedes start production EV Toyota will start soon Volvo has it's concepts and there is much more so bye bye tesla

  • Ned Kipps
    Ned Kipps 5 dager siden

    Just seen a White Model X90 in Zambia. I am the Next Rich

  • nodr84
    nodr84 5 dager siden

    I will gladly sign up, at almost any cost, for the pay per view between your Mom and Elons Mom, in a Thunderdome throw-down, to see who gets your car on the actual SAME DAY of the PPV cage match!
    May the Best Mom WIN!

  • Alkeryn
    Alkeryn 5 dager siden

    You could sue tesla for big bucks

  • Akash Singh
    Akash Singh 5 dager siden

    Sue the lemonade out of Tesla bro, this is outrageous.

  • cdanielh128
    cdanielh128 5 dager siden

    I was looking to buy a Tesla. After seeing these videos and reading so many other stories of similar situations I am avoiding them and looking at Rivian. I can wait a couple more years and go with a all wheel drive vehicle and a company that hopefully will learn the lessons here. What a shame. I am glad Elon did what he did. He changed the market and possibly Tesla single handedly changed the future of the car industry. That being said I think there is much room to grow for Tesla.

  • H. Martín de'Campo
    H. Martín de'Campo 5 dager siden +1

    Very helpful Richie‼️👍🏼I honestly think you were TOO NICE‼️ I would have unwound the deal at the 40th day of no delivery. I would have made them PAY HARD‼️ I won’t be buying a Tesla after having watched your thoughtful vid! 👍🏼

  • Motor Sportz
    Motor Sportz 5 dager siden

    People really think the model X and 3 are good looking cars??? HA

  • Garlan Garner
    Garlan Garner 5 dager siden

    NO way I believe all of this is happening to such an innocent guy. Really Rich?...I've seen you when you weren't behind the youtube camera.

  • Arnold
    Arnold 5 dager siden +1

    What a Scam! You must've gotten the car for dirt cheap... for you to put up with all this. Seriously.

  • nowtleft2
    nowtleft2 5 dager siden

    I would have cancelled and sent a bill for my costs.

  • Mr Sosha Da baad Man
    Mr Sosha Da baad Man 5 dager siden

    I Just want a Rich Rebuilds Tesla Model S. So I can stunt on racer boys in silence.

  • Eric Frickey
    Eric Frickey 5 dager siden

    At least you got a ton of views out if this. You win. An average person would have given up after week one and bought a Honda Accord.

  • Mihai Nicolae
    Mihai Nicolae 5 dager siden +1

    Some NEWS?

  • Thermmo Dhynamics
    Thermmo Dhynamics 5 dager siden +1

    Hi Rich, where's the follow-up ? Did Elon offer you a position or sent his lawyers to your premises? Which one, both ?

  • Anthony J
    Anthony J 5 dager siden

    Just wait & have the car delivered to you; email or call them back @ the main customer service number & demand it; yes the dealership experience os nice, but its much nicer having you model X delivered to you.

  • creepe rocks
    creepe rocks 5 dager siden +1

    "He's trying to send people to space but he can't put u in a car" ahahahahaha

  • Time Flash
    Time Flash 5 dager siden

    Update please!!

  • JFlywheel
    JFlywheel 5 dager siden

    Not acceptable, but hopefully they will make it right for you in the end which has been my experience.

  • antonio volpe
    antonio volpe 5 dager siden +2

    four rear motors in 50k miles ??? my original owner p100dL says tesla is a total scam