A Psychopath Broke Into My House

  • Publisert 13. mars. 2019
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  • MinuteVideos
    MinuteVideos  4 dager siden +871

    Hi Everyone,
    Thank you for watching the video. Some people have commented that this story was already animated by another NO-clip channel. Our videos are created from stories submitted by people visiting our website here: minutevideos.com/submit-your-story and we didn’t think that anyone would submit a story that wasn’t their own.. because why would you??

    But as you guys have pointed in the comments, this story is VERY similar to this video from Wansee Entertainment: no-clip.com/video/JUCY8EJMA58/video.html, who credits this video from “Being Scared” as the original: no-clip.com/video/Dz1JGOc8gS4/video.html, who credits even other people. So before we do anything else we’re going to contact these two channels so we can hopefully find out where the story actually comes from and credit the original.
    We run stories submitted to us through online plagiarism checkers and sadly this one was confirmed as a unique story, so we didn’t know that someone else had already made it. That could be because plagiarism checkers don’t know about NO-clip videos or because the story was submitted to us with changes from its original text. That’s why we rely on you guys to tell us if you have already seen a story somewhere else, so please keep your comments coming. Sadly you can’t post links to an original video because NO-clip’s spam filters remove comments with links, but if possible please include the name of the video and the NO-clip channel that you think has the original story.

    Thank you all for your comments and your support and we look forward to finding out the true source of this scary story together with your help!
    - Minutevideos Team

    • my life as a swimmer
      my life as a swimmer Dag siden

      I submitted my story!!

    • Spider- Man
      Spider- Man Dag siden

      I submitted my story

    • Plantern 45
      Plantern 45 Dag siden

      +Me Jr hmmm ill just be quiet :3 who knows maybe someone told them this story after it was published and they didnt know that another vud was already published about it.
      Maybe they knew but had to push throught with the vid since they had started to draw it.
      Maybe they already knew and still posted it since it could disappoint the person who told them this story, thus losing trust ^×^.

      Im just giving a few other scenarios and being open minded. Not looking for any arguments :)
      Just to add to that.
      Their stories can be fake/true they already said it to people when they're going to share their stories whether from personal experience, made up stories in their heads or they just want to share it with them.

    • Me Jr
      Me Jr Dag siden

      +Plantern 45 CHEKED DA DATE SHE IS A SCRUB

    • Me Jr
      Me Jr Dag siden

      Fake u copied for sure i checked the dates on the vids publishing date

  • Me and Kpop
    Me and Kpop 14 timer siden

    Omg so scary

  • Fuk off Boii
    Fuk off Boii 14 timer siden

    *This is why i live at 18th floor*

  • Yuko うあy
    Yuko うあy 14 timer siden

    I'm a psychopath

  • Louie Hartwich Meinert Matschofsky

    This historie is also on another Channel but its told by the little brother lol

  • JABS F
    JABS F 14 timer siden

    Thankful we dont have win 10

    Imean windows

  • Elsa_ doze
    Elsa_ doze 15 timer siden

    I saw a animation of this before ...this is a COPY .

  • Tri Or
    Tri Or 15 timer siden

    I live on the 4th Floor am ok

  • Daniel Alexandersson
    Daniel Alexandersson 15 timer siden +1

    I,d be like "Timmy grab the Magnum"

  • potato potato
    potato potato 15 timer siden

    Is that letenat

  • Mark OSD
    Mark OSD 15 timer siden

    I pooped myself when you said he did the emotion with the knife 😨

  • crystal ASMR
    crystal ASMR 15 timer siden

    Um this story was made by a 18 years old boy are you copying huh??!

    HYBR1D_YT 15 timer siden

    Wait this is almost the same as that story from llama arts?

  • Daryn Faye T. Concepcion Concepcion

    Just like the other one

  • RaprapJackie Nebrida
    RaprapJackie Nebrida 16 timer siden

    I heard this story before

  • Min suga rap genius jjang jjang man bong bong

    *sees psychopath in the window*
    mom: *wHaT tHe FuCk aRe yOu TaLkINg aBoUt*

  • Branden Park
    Branden Park 16 timer siden

    I would freak out and throw a nerf gun not shoot

  • i a cat meow!
    i a cat meow! 16 timer siden

    I'm done with these comments XD

  • Kendria Pampilo
    Kendria Pampilo 16 timer siden

    This is why this psychopath needs to go to a mental prison or psychologist

  • OtaCute Luna
    OtaCute Luna 16 timer siden

    Glad we don't have windows

  • Drfrog JZ
    Drfrog JZ 16 timer siden +1

    These comments are hella funny

  • Etap Jaroon
    Etap Jaroon 16 timer siden

    Even that psychopath looks better than me.
    Sad fact.

  • Green HackMask
    Green HackMask 16 timer siden

    psychopath: Give me some SugAR darling!
    Me: Sure....
    psychopath: Thanks!
    Me: no Problem
    Me: ...................
    Me: waittttt i was suppose to be dead!!!!!!!

    INKBOY9 16 timer siden

    wow what a start

    KAYLIN GALVIN 16 timer siden

    Am I the only person who thought he was god in the thumbnail...

  • Amethyst Quartz
    Amethyst Quartz 16 timer siden

    Tf she walking toward the problem

  • A Travelling Bleach
    A Travelling Bleach 17 timer siden +1

    Why didn't you shoot him

  • galactibabe
    galactibabe 17 timer siden

    *missing bad teeth*

  • Noreen Sophia
    Noreen Sophia 17 timer siden

    I would ask my mum to install grills

  • Cosmic Green
    Cosmic Green 17 timer siden +1

    Everyone's talking about the story but can I just say, the drawing actually became better, I loved it!

  • Jonathon Airoldi
    Jonathon Airoldi 17 timer siden

    I know a girl that has a disability and she doesn’t feel any pain at all

  • Michelle audrey
    Michelle audrey 17 timer siden

    this story is copied. its similar to that story when a homeless guy try to break in and hes a known pedophile and the uncle is an arm wrestler and shit

  • Tamia Ancla
    Tamia Ancla 17 timer siden

    I've heard this before👍

  • Deianna Gaming246
    Deianna Gaming246 17 timer siden

    The story sounds like the story from wannsee entertainment

  • DJDEmooN B0Ss
    DJDEmooN B0Ss 17 timer siden +1

    And Pschopath dont fell emotion and they dont do kill just for fun's so that guy dont do just for fun it do for something

    Theory a game theory

    If u see this haha u see me down here help me to go up so click or toch this

  • DJDEmooN B0Ss
    DJDEmooN B0Ss 17 timer siden

    Hahaha just say this if u see a crazy person i am not free need to do something

    And wee just same

    ; )

  • Maddison ASHTON
    Maddison ASHTON 18 timer siden

    Shoot.. it’s night and my window is open and it’s windy so my curtain keeps moving....

  • Hans-Martin Allemann
    Hans-Martin Allemann 18 timer siden +1

    I totally freaked out! Boy, that's so scary!

  • Sliminebloxian
    Sliminebloxian 18 timer siden

    Next up: *I broke into a psychopath's house*

  • Sliminebloxian
    Sliminebloxian 18 timer siden

    The psychopath in the thumbnail looks like someone cutting off his beard.

  • Flame RHG Animations
    Flame RHG Animations 18 timer siden


  • killerbug 12
    killerbug 12 19 timer siden

    This is stolen

  • pine appleZ
    pine appleZ 19 timer siden

    My uncle’s not the strongest person but he was a wrestler 🤦‍♂️

    LOXPOX 19 timer siden

    Knock knock
    Who`s there
    Psychopath who?
    Jake Paul

  • sans
    sans 19 timer siden

    When santa look at the little brother
    (If I'm the little brother): *OK* *COME* *AT* *ME!!!* *FIGHT* *ME!!!!* *FIGHT* *MEEE!!!!!!*

  • ACupOfWater
    ACupOfWater 19 timer siden

    I heard the story from other channel

    Lame btw its so sad that you need to copy other people stories.

  • the small under
    the small under 19 timer siden


  • The Air
    The Air 19 timer siden

    I would do this: *puts up middle finger and fbi window and kicks home less crazy dude*

  • Pan Cheed37
    Pan Cheed37 19 timer siden

    For some reason I think my cousin might end up like that guy..
    Every time he gets angry he blacks out and basically turns into someone else and smashes stuff
    He’s almost killed me and I’ve almost killed him at least ten times
    He’s been expelled from every school in the state
    But I don’t care whenever I get the chance to hang out with him I do
    And that stuff just goes to the back of my head. He is a very loving kind and nice boy and deserves
    To be happy and not watched by the bloody government.

  • Ganovin
    Ganovin 19 timer siden

    The man in the thumbnail looks like Charles Manson lol 😂

  • Tongkol Sambel
    Tongkol Sambel 19 timer siden

    Stupid sister, stupid mom too

  • Jake Cartoon
    Jake Cartoon 20 timer siden +1

    i don’t know why im watching this home alone. now i keep hearing banging upstairs. oh god,save me. D:

  • Chip 390
    Chip 390 20 timer siden

    Is it just me or have I herd a story almost EXACTLY like this one before 🤨

  • BlueStorm o.o
    BlueStorm o.o 20 timer siden +1

    Oh my gaaa

    Itz JESUS

  • Untoten Gunslinger
    Untoten Gunslinger 20 timer siden

    Wait... you didnt bring a weapon to the bathroom? Well if this ever happen to me I will just do this
    Me: *goes to bedroom grabs M1911* hmmm
    *grabs bullets*
    Perfect now.... *loads gun and primes it*
    *goes back down*
    ???: LET ME IN*starts to stab window*
    Me: *sigh* stupid. *as I say that I raise my gun pointing upward*
    Me: I know... *click* *BANG*
    ???: *turns pale* N-not until you let me in!!
    Me: ... so be it... see you in hell. *aims for chest then.....* *BANG*
    *Goes outside*
    ???: *tries to get knife*
    Me: *kicks knife away and holds him down* welp... you had a bad run... next life... *I'll see your burning body in the fiery pits of hell*
    *aims for head*
    Oh and one last thing.... I may seem like a defenceless kid.... but I have been taught in special weapons and tactics. So next time... be more.. smart about your targets. Well then. *voice turns cold* see you in hell *click* *BANG*
    Hmph... welp I lost my ticket to heaven now I'm going to hell. Atleast I went down fighting.

  • rufl
    rufl 20 timer siden

    "The banging got louder and louder"
    me: .......😏

  • CringeTubeHere
    CringeTubeHere 20 timer siden

    Who’s watching this at night and half way when you hear *b a n g b a n g b a n g!
    Me: ......

  • X- Treme Anims
    X- Treme Anims 21 time siden

    Next up: a homless man broke into my mom

  • Kishen Muralidharan
    Kishen Muralidharan 21 time siden

    I have heard the same story somewhere else

  • android user
    android user 21 time siden

    You've just copied the video from Wansee Entertainments

  • SuperiorOf Turtles
    SuperiorOf Turtles 21 time siden +1

    I thought your thumbnail was Jesus🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Swëët Applë
    Swëët Applë 21 time siden

    I'm in my room that's upstairs and is still scared

  • Honey Matriano
    Honey Matriano 22 timer siden

    nice drawing

  • Saki Gamer
    Saki Gamer 22 timer siden

    Oof last night someone tried to climb my wall my dad was outside not home. My babysitter was shocked she got her phone and called my dad I looked outside the window, the man saw me... He got on his motorcycle and drove away. My dad got back with his friends. We were save. Oof I was scared to death😱

  • Natalie Lester
    Natalie Lester 22 timer siden


  • xx Lil RaEDe xx
    xx Lil RaEDe xx 22 timer siden

    This isn't true.

  • Cubic Cubes
    Cubic Cubes 22 timer siden

    Why do I watch these

  • Stanford Gaming
    Stanford Gaming 22 timer siden

    I’ve heard this story on another channel it’s a fake story

  • Its Evan
    Its Evan 22 timer siden +1

    There's a man like that, without a knife who is normally at my bus stop but he went away.. idk where he went but I'm glad he's gone, he used to randomly yell things like swear words and stuff...

  • come dream with me tonight Lilly

    Im a psycho

  • Noyan The Pro 123V2
    Noyan The Pro 123V2 22 timer siden

    Imagine it was just there grandpa

  • I like Drawing
    I like Drawing 22 timer siden

    He been doing that white stuff wasn’t he?

  • Shoto Todorki
    Shoto Todorki 22 timer siden

    Her uncle was probably screaming "BRING THAT ASS HERE BOI" "IMMA BEAT THAT ASS BOI"

  • that android sent by cyberlife

    A bit fake the cops would not take a hour

  • Shy Utz
    Shy Utz 23 timer siden

    Pulls out m16* BEGONE

  • Audrey Fernandez
    Audrey Fernandez 23 timer siden

    4:21 The police Officerz

  • Luna Fox12
    Luna Fox12 23 timer siden +1


    ΛĐΔMATIONS 2.O 23 timer siden +1

    I’ve heard a story just like this

  • KaKa Wynn
    KaKa Wynn 23 timer siden

    This story was on wansee

  • Allen Baker
    Allen Baker 23 timer siden

    Imagine tay k being in the situation,The psychopath would be dead by then

  • John Higgins
    John Higgins 23 timer siden

    I’ve heard this same exact story somewhere else

  • Tania Sharmin
    Tania Sharmin 23 timer siden

    Just say FBI OPEN UP

  • video1 fakaola
    video1 fakaola 23 timer siden

    Bless you

  • MariWolflove
    MariWolflove Dag siden

    Let’s just hope for the best for this family

  • ShadowPlays73 H
    ShadowPlays73 H Dag siden

    Me gets glock19
    Psychopath i will kill you
    Me shoots him through the glass

  • ymir krista
    ymir krista Dag siden +1

    Everytime i look at the thumbnail i think its god lol

  • 90 s
    90 s Dag siden

    That Actually happen to me but I’m all Gucci

  • Cam
    Cam Dag siden

    I thought that was Jesus in the thumbnail

  • Lena Bacalan
    Lena Bacalan Dag siden

    What do i do if theres a physchopath

  • unicorn rainbow
    unicorn rainbow Dag siden

    A long bearded gray haired man with missing teeth he looked like he hadn't showered for weeks!!!

    ROASTED 😂😂😂

  • Mirica Woodley
    Mirica Woodley Dag siden +1

    She low key roasted the guy when she first saw him tbh

  • •{Funtime Mitzi}•

    Thought that was Luke Skywalker when he is old

  • Hailey Diaz
    Hailey Diaz Dag siden

    Doesn’t that guy look like PierreG Asmr


    Yeah, yeah this is sad and all. But, this one thought was urking me this entire video.

    *this video is more than a minute long*

  • Roxan Ferniz
    Roxan Ferniz Dag siden

    scary stroy

  • Z-Man Overstreet
    Z-Man Overstreet Dag siden

    Just shoot em'

  • Z-Man Overstreet
    Z-Man Overstreet Dag siden +1

    He wants you to come to Hogwarts!

  • Yuki Wu
    Yuki Wu Dag siden +1


  • Yuki Wu
    Yuki Wu Dag siden +1

    yeaaaaa uncleeeeeee iceee