Labeled The Smart Kid In Class Made School Life Difficult

  • Publisert 27. nov.. 2018
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    Jade is 13 years old now and in 8th grade. Somewhere back in 4th or 5th grade, when school work started getting a bit harder, and homework started up, was when she was labeled the smart kid in her class. To her, she just was able to finish faster and do really well, and, honestly, she really didn't like it. Being labeled the smart kid in class made school life difficult.
    First, when you're labeled the smart kid you're expected to do things in class that no one else wants to do. For example, when the teacher says okay class, who can solve this problem, and nobody wants to do it, you can pretty much bet that your name is going to get called. And it's not even really the teachers who call on her in class, it's the other kids calling out and saying hey, Jade can do it, make Jade do it!
    But Jade didn't want to solve the problem in class just as much as the other kids didn't, but nobody seemed to understand that. Other students had envy for her because she was so smart. She would certainly graduate with honors. Just because she might have had a high IQ, that didn't mean she wanted to be treated any differently by her classmates, friends, teachers, or parents.
    Second, cheating. Jade is no angel, or a goody-goody, or anything like that, but she does find it really annoying when she's trying to finish her school work in class and other students are whispering to her to give them the answers, or begging her to let them cheat off her when the questions are hard. Cheaters are just so annoying.
    Third, expectations. The expectation on you when you are labeled the smart kid, or a genius, or whatever, is that you're basically expected to learn and know EVERYTHING! For example, last week she was working with a friend where you do stations, moving from one to the next and completing a project at each. It's not a race, but the other students treat it like one. And so there were two boys who got ahead of them in the stations, and one of them says Oh wow, I thought she was supposed to be smarter than that.
    And fourth, born a baby genius. Everybody thinks, even her friends and best friends, that just because she's smart she doesn't work hard to do well or to learn. The other students treat her like everything is easy and that she can just hang around all the time and just get good grades or get on the honor roll just by being who she is. They think she doesn't try hard, which she does, and that she doesn't feel the enormous pressure she and maybe even her parents, and teachers, put on her.
    So, when you label someone the smart kid, just remember that they're trying their hardest too, and most likely, other than the fact that they scored a little better on their test, they are just exactly like you!
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  • Keira Murray
    Keira Murray 4 timer siden

    This was relatable

  • The Biscuits
    The Biscuits 4 timer siden

    same here

  • Pheonix Gamer15
    Pheonix Gamer15 4 timer siden

    happens to me

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    Jori Beauty 5 timer siden

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    2:24 there she is and is the next one after her the new person we have to find

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  • Bts Crap ._.
    Bts Crap ._. 7 timer siden

    I'm also the smart one in my class, I hate it

  • Jordyn Elliott
    Jordyn Elliott 7 timer siden

    I'm labed the smart kid in my class

  • Itstidplays Gamer & animator

    I can

  • asoom joey
    asoom joey 8 timer siden

    tbh i can relate

  • Kayle’s Life
    Kayle’s Life 8 timer siden

    I would love to be labeled the smart kid!😭😭

  • Erza Haxhiajdini
    Erza Haxhiajdini 9 timer siden

    i was labeled and still am the smartest girl in English at my country we speak albanian but we learn english

  • Judge sOs
    Judge sOs 9 timer siden

    I was extended studies, never had a B.. No one thought I was smart till a boy saw my report card and screamed "I thought you were dumb! " Now everyone copies off of me, everyone is mean to me if I get less than a 90. Sorry, but I'm a human too?

  • Ethan Kings
    Ethan Kings 9 timer siden


  • Nicolas gomez
    Nicolas gomez 9 timer siden

    Ikr everyone expects so much from you

  • Galaxy Llama
    Galaxy Llama 9 timer siden

    The same situation here.I HATE TO BE THE SMART KID DUH JUH XD

  • Aurora Castellon
    Aurora Castellon 10 timer siden

    My school is weird then. The teachers lable me the smart kid and the kids just call anyone with glasses the nerd.

  • Christian
    Christian 10 timer siden

    Do any of yall go to P.S.20 School

  • Beng Hemouka
    Beng Hemouka 10 timer siden

    i know how that feel

  • Christian
    Christian 10 timer siden

    I can relate

  • Christian
    Christian 10 timer siden

    I get it

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  • Fritzie sama The boss Bitch

    Ikr is so annoying being the smart kid my classmates always ask to solve in math

  • Qeti Shaverdashvili
    Qeti Shaverdashvili 12 timer siden

    I dont now what to say but this girl looks really preety in animation and i'm preety sure this girl is much more beautifull in real life......I'm a boy BTW

  • Demera Arees
    Demera Arees 13 timer siden

    Кто от русской озвучки, пришёл?

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    she attac
    she protec
    but mostly important
    she asmr

  • P⃠h⃠a⃠n⃠t⃠o⃠m⃠ TM

    I can relate I hate when the people ask you for answers and you don't tell them then they get mad

  • Keeping up with Kenya
    Keeping up with Kenya 18 timer siden +1

    You know whats funny? I get teased by this biatch that calls me a nerd but then says im dumb.......😑😑

  • Bill Cosby
    Bill Cosby 19 timer siden

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  • olivia vanbrabant
    olivia vanbrabant 19 timer siden

    I'm labeled the "smart kid" too!

  • Cool Noob
    Cool Noob 19 timer siden

    1:10 I never seen a story booth character move so fast XD

  • Andrea Zepeda
    Andrea Zepeda 19 timer siden

    I can relate to this so so so much

  • Annicka Isabelle
    Annicka Isabelle 20 timer siden

    One time I only got 8/15 in a test and people were really really shocked. Like bruh people also make mistakes

  • Annicka Isabelle
    Annicka Isabelle 20 timer siden

    In my school, smart kids are the famous kids.

  • WolfPlays UNLTD
    WolfPlays UNLTD 20 timer siden

    People hate me because I won the spelling bee! My best friend said “the fourth graders hate you because you had an easier word than Andrew!” (Andrew was the runner up)

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    hopedawn rainbow 20 timer siden

    "Juh, "bruh" I love your attitude 😂😂

  • Princess Rainbow
    Princess Rainbow 21 time siden

    Same story here, i may be smart BUT I DUNNO *EVERYTHING* BRUH

  • Ikshika Mukherjee
    Ikshika Mukherjee 21 time siden

    I can so relate

    People use me as a calculator!and it’s not fun it’s hard being the smartest cuz if u go partners it’s called bad luck

  • Jaseng Nhkum
    Jaseng Nhkum 21 time siden

    This is relatable.

    Well at least for me..

  • dAnK mEmeS
    dAnK mEmeS 22 timer siden

    The only thing I can relate to from her is her name, I’m jade to :3

  • mack.
    mack. 22 timer siden

    people always ask me answers for things (mainly science/bio) and when they ask they always say “you’re smart, what’s the answer?”

  • bubba quilimaco
    bubba quilimaco 22 timer siden

    Dont open cheaters inside is kind of the same as on the walking dead dont open dead inside

  • S U P N A Wi
    S U P N A Wi 22 timer siden

    I relate compleatly!!!! I always have to hide mi notebook of people not to copy me LOL

  • Gacha_Poosh
    Gacha_Poosh 22 timer siden

    Eh there's these 3 kids in 3rd grade who are the smartest in the school

    Why cant i be smart...

  • Waffoo101 The Dankest
    Waffoo101 The Dankest 23 timer siden

    I’ve been called a cheater for almost my whole life because of a game of dodgeball. I was one foot away from the ball and everybody said I was out , but I didn’t go out ONCE. So I’ve been called a cheater and not much people want me to play or help or anything because they would say I was cheating

  • DiamondSamurai
    DiamondSamurai 23 timer siden

    I can relate.

  • Summer B
    Summer B 23 timer siden

    You are just like a girl at my school named Rosa

  • Kelby Cannick Jr
    Kelby Cannick Jr 23 timer siden

    I can completely relate

  • Jair Vargas
    Jair Vargas Dag siden

    I do have a skill that people at my school are like WOOOOOWW HOW DO YOU DO THAT and I’m like 😐(my skill is that I can bend both of my thumbs really back)

  • Kevin Hernandez
    Kevin Hernandez Dag siden

    I’m smarter than Albert Einstein and idc

  • Bè Tata
    Bè Tata Dag siden

    I can relate. Everyone expects me to pass everything and help them.

  • Gustavo Lopez
    Gustavo Lopez Dag siden


  • Choco  Cookie
    Choco Cookie Dag siden

    Oof I’m labeled the dumb kid.

  • Sandra Vera
    Sandra Vera Dag siden

    Reminds me of my friend Valerie

  • Dhai
    Dhai Dag siden

    I can’t relate at all

  • Manjot Bali
    Manjot Bali Dag siden

    I'm also labelled the smart kid it is super annoying

  • Woskiz
    Woskiz Dag siden

    Do a colander with ACTUALLY HAPPENED

  • Rainbow _lama
    Rainbow _lama Dag siden

    This isn’t even a bad prob

  • PoisonIvy 185
    PoisonIvy 185 Dag siden

    Not to brag but im labeled as the "second smartest kid" in my class and my classmates are like "hey can you teach me to not learn but still score well" seriously?

  • Lizzie Seeley
    Lizzie Seeley Dag siden

    I'm gifted, and ive been labeled the "smart kid" literally forever. School hasn't been hard. Ever. Ive never needed to study for tests or drill information into my head. That seems great, but this year (9th grade) things have been getting hard, and it's really difficult because I'm a procrastinator, but that's never been a problem until now. And if I don't understand something, its like I dont know HOW to study, because I've never had to. And all the kids always want to cheat off me on tests, homework, everything. And if I dont do well my friends and classmates will be like "oh I thought you were gifted" and all this shit and now I'm DROWNING in expectations.

  • Petra Ouček
    Petra Ouček Dag siden

    OMG... This girl is so like me.... In my class I'm also labeled as the smart kid and everybody says that I know everything and so... I hate this so much now

  • That really bad name

    I do have a skill and its getting my crush tk date me and the grade 8s r so jealous of me

  • Aesthetic Honest Opinion x

    Can't relate

    On my biggest math test I got the 2nd highest..

  • Lady_Mimi_Bird
    Lady_Mimi_Bird Dag siden

    *I dont wanna do it so dont make me do it*

  • Lady_Mimi_Bird
    Lady_Mimi_Bird Dag siden

    This was so funny lol 😂😂❤

  • lackadaisical
    lackadaisical Dag siden +1

    This is the most ive related to a video in my life.
    Who is this girl please be my friend ^.^

  • serena bhote
    serena bhote Dag siden

    I can relate

  • Azlan Azlan
    Azlan Azlan Dag siden

    I can relate to this, except I was called The quiet kid (which I guess a lot of people experience too).
    There was this one time , my first couple of month at school. So far everything was going fine,until the drama queens in class starting doing their drama stuff. That time it was math(I hate math seriously who doesnt ?!),the teacher was looking for a student to solve this equation. Since I was known as the quite kid and known to stutter, the drama queens were all like "Why don't you let that person do it?"
    The teacher agreed,and since then I was cursed because I was called a couple of time on that same month. So whenever there was a quiz, the other student would be like "I bet she's gonna get called again" "Sucks to be her" "Oh~He's gonna call you're name~"
    and I'm just there like "Don't JINX IT!!!!"
    Eventually the teacher got fed up with calling my name, so I did'nt get called for most of the year.
    BTW the math teacher used to always do these quiz where everybody has to stand up while he pikc a person to solve he's equations, if he's feeling excited he would make EVERYBODY do the quiz.

  • The Speedzter Galaxy

    Mood :P

  • Kate LeBlanc
    Kate LeBlanc Dag siden

    People think by just being smart you cannot make mistakes but everyone can. We study so we don't work with you in Wal-Mart so we work hard

  • Beauty slept
    Beauty slept Dag siden

    I can releat this and my grandparents are always like to my mom "send you're daughter to us she is good in studies we will help her in studies" it feels good to be called smart but sometimes i can be dumb too. My mom and dad see my grades there always A1 or A+ or like excellent but sometimes my parents doesn't care about it at all cause they know i bring straight A's but they don't know it's hard... they always go after my sister like oh wow you got this or that and i will feel like i did the same but didn't got the congratulation, i do watch videos,kpop etc. If i sit alot more on computer my mom will be like to others "oh my daughter just sit on computer" which does make me stress and angry about it but i still love my mom alot and even my dad thry are the best😙 if i do i do studies all the time... i do need break? It's not easy to be smart or loser in good sence not to be intelligent or not good in studies. Just remember it's not like if someone get alot of A's there intelligent they do work hard for it 😁
    B.t.w if there are some mistaken words i'm sorry i did read the hole comment and fix it 😁 have a good day or night
    P.s LOVE YOURSELF and i'm labeled as artist too. I draw good realistic arts sometimes and i do learn languages🦄🦄

  • Aliza Khan
    Aliza Khan Dag siden

    FINALLY!!! I can relate so much!!

  • Alicia Haynes
    Alicia Haynes Dag siden

    Wow we have the same name and labelled one of the smart kids but I still can't relate

  • AnimeMangle HD
    AnimeMangle HD Dag siden

    And like whenever some other kid is like MISSSS I DONT UNDERSTAAANNNDD the teacher is like Oh that’s okay sweetie, go ask Mangle she will help you, and if I say no she’s like I EXPECT YOU TO BE A ROLEMODEL AND HELP YOUNGER KIDS!! and there’s always pressure to get all, the answers right and if you don’t people are like, oh my goodness your sooo dumb, even I’m smarter then uuuuu HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

  • AnimeMangle HD
    AnimeMangle HD Dag siden

    I relate soooooo much!!! Like the bullies are always saying oh can you do my work for meee or cam I copy your wwwoooooorrkkkk! OMG

  • Carley Jae
    Carley Jae Dag siden +1

    Theirs a group of really smart kids (gt, straight a's) and just smart/decent kids (a's and b's)... Their always just will be a smart kid in each class.... I'm one of them in my math class weirdly.

  • XY-Gang Visuals 死は私の情熱です

    What the fuck, can you stop saying "bruh"?

  • 1 Cool Peep
    1 Cool Peep Dag siden


  • ashix ee
    ashix ee Dag siden

    I feel like my bff relates to this. Shes a new student in our school, though for some weeks, she was known as the smart student. She takes projects so serious she wanted to finish it already. She may be bossy sometimes because she is stressed and she wanted a higher grade. I guess along time ago i used to call her as the teachers pet since every teacher in my classroom trusts her. I also noticed that same as the video, classmates just tease her. Whenever theres a group project shes the only one who was making because the others arent even helping because shes "smart" and can do anything by herself. Whenever theres an exam, shes mostly always the first one to finish the exam, whenever shes the first one, some classmates just say "she passed because shes smart." "Whatever, shes smart so she can do anything" and that may offend her a little becuase shes really sensitive and mostly doesnt take jokes as jokes. Nobody felt or knew that she worked really hard and she was really pressured of each project, homework, and exams.
    Edit: sry for late long comment tho uH-

  • levi34 ackerman
    levi34 ackerman Dag siden

    True it is so true happens to me all time at school

  • Marcy Almendral
    Marcy Almendral Dag siden

    Relatable!!!!im a smart kid in class

  • Inkitty Toony
    Inkitty Toony Dag siden

    Despite me thinking i'm not smart but for some gosh darn reason i think i'm surrounded by idiots in my class cause of how dependant my classroom is on me

  • LHML 123
    LHML 123 Dag siden +1

    This happens to me too but the worst thing is my parents are both doctors the students are telling me that they are teaching me BRUH they don’t have time to take me out and the thing is they call me DOCTORS DAUGHTER 😫😫

  • ZODIAC _
    ZODIAC _ Dag siden

    💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 this is true af

  • Janette Ngo
    Janette Ngo Dag siden

    This is too relatable to me. Waaayyyy too relatable.

  • MetroBullet
    MetroBullet Dag siden

    why is she complaining if I had this it would be a blessing

  • maya kedarmehl
    maya kedarmehl Dag siden

    can’t relate

  • maya kedarmehl
    maya kedarmehl Dag siden

    lol cant relate

  • Han Ngo
    Han Ngo Dag siden

    Being smart is good, that doesn’t make you a nerd at all. I AM BAD AT MATH COULD YA BE MY TUTOR

  • Awesome Sauce
    Awesome Sauce Dag siden

    Juh Bruh

  • Mete Tural
    Mete Tural Dag siden

    I was labeled the boring kid with no friends and barely anybody realises I was there.
    Hell I don't even think the teacher noticed i was there.

  • Lubid
    Lubid Dag siden

    During a test I always finish so fast, I have to wait until someone turns their test in

  • dipps Draws
    dipps Draws Dag siden +1

    1:14 The cheating Dead

  • CringeBoy OnYoutube

    I know four digit by 4 digit in multiplication and my friends like how to do that?

  • Russian Spy
    Russian Spy Dag siden

    I hate the way they talk on this channel... just saying.

  • Ayesha Raja
    Ayesha Raja Dag siden +1

    good story but why do keep say BRUH?!

  • Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen Dag siden

    I Was Called Hacker in School and Banned from Having any Electronics, And I Can't Own Electronics for the rest of my life and got 10 Years of Probation for Hacking into the Pentagon,CIA,NASA,FBI,War Room,Russain, CIA Director. Then I Got Raided by FBI.

  • GreenGamer JD
    GreenGamer JD Dag siden

    Huh, didn't know there was another Jade who had the same experience I did in elementary and middle school 😂...😞