Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson


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  • shane
    shane  5 dager siden +4634

    PART 2 UP NOW!!!!!!

    • Cami Milligan
      Cami Milligan Dag siden

      Shane they predicted the frozen thing with Encino man the movie if you know what I mean.

    • Jade Patient
      Jade Patient Dag siden

      hey, Shane whats the music you're using in the bg? I wanna add it to my work out playlist.

    • Anime Account
      Anime Account Dag siden

      SHANE!!! I found an app called Social Dummy. It’s were you can make fake accounts on ANY fake social media, from fake Instagram to fake TINDER. What’s scary is it’s a bit TOO realistic. Please check it out because I believe this app could ruin lives.

      SAIF THE EDGE Dag siden

      the SFX one and the Stores one are not creepy or scary czu they're business they want you buy as many things as they want NO shit, this what companies do its their marketing strategy/tactics

    • EquJaz
      EquJaz Dag siden

      shane hands down the best NO-clipr

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    hi im a small youtuber and it would mean so much to me i really want to hit 300 subs please help me and subscribe its ok if you dont want to i understand

  • Amelia The Diva
    Amelia The Diva Dag siden

    When Walt said “i always want to be there with you” i started to cry because he’s such a sweet man and I’m still crying

  • Jenna McClure
    Jenna McClure Dag siden

    SHANE!!! My sister and I were watching this video last night on her laptop and at the beginning there was a honey ad (which we initially thought was going to be a conspiracy theory). Luckily it was not because we both have honey on our laptops and use it all the time! So we watched the video last night around 9:30pm, mind you, my phone is on my nightstand flipped over the ENTIRE time. I then went to sleep after checking the rest of my social media on my phone and when I woke up this morning THE HONEY APP AUTOMATICALLY DOWNLOADED ON MY PHONE! Idk what this is about or how it happened but I definitely did not do it! I’m freaked out and if it wasn’t a conspiracy before maybe it should be now!

  • Allison Turner
    Allison Turner Dag siden

    As someone who worked at Hollister, its not a conspiracy - it's just shitty business ethics. And as someone who works in advertising, most of the "conspiracy" stuff (like grocery store setups, colors, etc) is just general, public knowledge. There's no secret about it.
    Now for what Apple would want with recording you, don't worry - its just so they can get paid by Facebook for giving them data to advertise stuff to you. And maybe to sell to health insurance companies to decide your premiums. No one's planning to black mail you.

  • Bitch try me Oof
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    Forest fires are *paid actors*

  • Lyli Mia
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  • Nicolas Librado
    Nicolas Librado Dag siden

    Anyone else was expecting Gloria Borger to show up at 1:38:42

  • Rotage Said
    Rotage Said Dag siden

    Didn't Shane talk about the Woolsey fire before?... and he said that was Trump getting revenge or something on people he hate and also wanted to test the laser incase of any war????......I don't know, maybe I remember wrong......

  • Ella YT
    Ella YT Dag siden

    But talking about the suicide thing, i think it is not a conspirasy, but it is 100% real. Beacuse when I have had a bad day and I start crying the first thing that i think of is: I want to die. Why even am I on this world if I have such a bad life.. - Yeah this sh*t is weird. I think im not going to be able to sleep for the next 2 months now.🤐

  • Kaylin :P hi
    Kaylin :P hi Dag siden +1

    Oh my god, the first conspiracy, *thats my friends behind my back and one time I might be able to hear...* :,(

    Edit: Gravity Falls is meant to have weird messages, look up all the theories on NO-clip/here lol, they are *SO.* creepy...

  • Victoria Johnson
    Victoria Johnson Dag siden

    Notice that these are all relatively old cartoon suicide is just now becoming a huge problem.

  • Ema Crouch
    Ema Crouch Dag siden

    Ohhh my god I just tried the phone thing on my phone ....I heard static

  • Ali Carter
    Ali Carter Dag siden

    Shane is one of the only youtubers I trust anymore

  • The Bard of Plotagon

    Ok so get this, I was just on snapchat looking through stories, my tablet is on the floor and I’m kinda crouching beside it... When I went to turn the camera on in started with an image of me standing above my tablet which quickly went away, it can’t have been the still from before because I didn’t turn my camera on until I was looking at it from the floor, and even then it was unintentional. I am SHOOK.

  • zander flank
    zander flank Dag siden

    Thanks for making me paranoid of everything now

  • zander flank
    zander flank Dag siden

    Thanks for making me paranoid of everything now

  • Weekly Tea served HOT

    This is why my mom and I dont go shopping all the time because of the stupid government manipulating people

  • lyn the trash bin
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    this is scary as shit tbh. but the funniest part is trying to make the sponsors edgy

  • ꜰσυηᴅιєツ

    I've had the iPhone thing happen to me. I would call someone and I could hear music or them talking like five seconds before they ever answered.

  • Queso Kid
    Queso Kid Dag siden

    It’s literally just a glitch in the iPhone.

  • Im.a_Band ._.Freak
    Im.a_Band ._.Freak Dag siden

    Shane ur like an anarchist and you don't even know it you say therioes but this is how the actual world is we could take it all back but it would have to be by force it just takes 1 million 10% of the population to make things right Shane you're already opening eyes of people

  • Summer Leigh
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  • Amaya Johnson
    Amaya Johnson Dag siden

    Watches this on phone..First three minutes...THROWS PHONE ACROSS THE FUCKING ROOM

  • Emma Segal
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    Am I the only one that has noticed that in many cartoons they show the illuminati?

  • _simple_gazania_
    _simple_gazania_ Dag siden

    1:23:51 this boi lookin like an alien

  • Kawaii Wolfie Wafflez

    november 8th is my bday :(

  • Bob Watermelon
    Bob Watermelon Dag siden

    Stay woke bitches

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith Dag siden +1

    The Live Photo’s one are supposed to start recording 3 seconds before, that’s the point of a LIVE photo other wise it would be a normal photo 😂 omg

  • yeet
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    thank god im ugly so no one wants to steal my face.

  • ZARA S
    ZARA S Dag siden

    1:38:46 is that the pew news song

  • Sharima Madhoo
    Sharima Madhoo Dag siden

    The grocery thing is soooooo true!!

  • José Adler
    José Adler Dag siden +1

    Lmao Shane I love you, but like does it have to be this creepy? Like I need to be able to sleep lol

  • p e e p
    p e e p Dag siden +2

    i havent seen a normal video from Shane in like 9 months

  • Specz / sHcK GalaXY

    Well then, 7 ads.

  • •Kali• •
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    31 million views less than 2 weeks. EVERY NO-clipR IS SHOOOOOK

  • Akumu
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    1:38:50 PEW NEWS!!!!!!

  • Katwolfe
    Katwolfe Dag siden +1

    Also the fires smoke spread so far! Like it even spread close to where I live. And that's really far away from me.

  • Cooper Cano
    Cooper Cano Dag siden

    you guys are so dumb kys

  • Samantha Chowdhury
    Samantha Chowdhury Dag siden

    I fucking love garret😂❤️

  • supermonstermachine25 lel


  • 10,000 subscribers with one clip Challenge

    Did he use the pew news music?😂

  • supermonstermachine25 lel

    Part 2 up now

  • SourCandy
    SourCandy Dag siden

    I like how people say that Shane should have a Netflix show but if he had one Andrew wouldn't have a job...

  • wholesome yoongi
    wholesome yoongi Dag siden +1

    this editing. 💞💞

  • Sam M
    Sam M Dag siden +1

    1:38:34 I’m Gloria borger and this is giraffe news

  • Le Jackson
    Le Jackson Dag siden

    Am I the only one who can't read a watch so just went with the flow 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rachel Waldroup
    Rachel Waldroup Dag siden +2

    Imagine all the poor pets left in houses after the evac

  • Malloree McLean
    Malloree McLean Dag siden

    Also I’m gonna need you and Ryland to investigate the DIA conspiracy. Like ASAP! Please, and thank you

  • aby august
    aby august Dag siden

    My best friend left in a Hollister shirt from my house I'm now Watching this I called her and told her to take it of she was confused but I'm satisfied

  • Anaya Singh
    Anaya Singh Dag siden +3

    Now I’m scared of my microwave

  • Malloree McLean
    Malloree McLean Dag siden

    So Real Genius is actually happening.. the government making lasers to obliterate someone from space.... shook

  • Aesthetic Pumpkin
    Aesthetic Pumpkin Dag siden

    Clocks are that way because ofcourse they want you to buy it it’s a business

  • Emoki Sakura
    Emoki Sakura Dag siden

    I blame donald trump

  • Deanna Marie!
    Deanna Marie! Dag siden

    Omg I’m kinda scared I can hear the noise thur my phone 😬

  • Katwolfe
    Katwolfe Dag siden +1

    I work in a restaurant and even we do some of those things. We have it so guests can see the food being made. And for kids we put complementary colors together so kids get hungrier

  • Oh yeah Oh yeah
    Oh yeah Oh yeah Dag siden

    the first thing about people listening through your phones especially intelligence agencies is well known. only really ignorant people wouldnt know

  • Tree
    Tree Dag siden

    hahaha my boy muta up in here 51:06

  • AbbiezCorner
    AbbiezCorner Dag siden

    31:19 when it said "to be continued"I was like "no wayyyyy that that was already an hour and forty-four minutes" XD

  • Yeet Boi
    Yeet Boi Dag siden +1

    Is it just me that gets really happy when you tubers take time off for mental health and stuff so you know when they come back they are gonna give you a really good video AND they are gonna be happy again 😂😤😤😫😫😫😂

  • Kada The Rebel
    Kada The Rebel Dag siden

    I knew all the hidden meanings in the kids nursery rhymes.

  • JT Jones
    JT Jones Dag siden

    Fires can actually be good for the environment

  • JustMandy
    JustMandy Dag siden

    None of this is new...first world war ( The Great War) the pro type roll-out. Second World War: activation of advanced technology.
    All these were in the system long before us ( human cattle) were aware. Imagine how advanced ( and from who or what) they are now!

  • Micheal Stiles
    Micheal Stiles Dag siden

    Its so annoying hearing people say oh my god over and over.

  • Eve Does Stuff
    Eve Does Stuff Dag siden

    This is my I use android and trakfone XD

  • Im.a_Band ._.Freak
    Im.a_Band ._.Freak Dag siden

    This is what I live for Shane if the government takes you we could tell they can't take us all

  • Princess Banana hammock

    I heard that the apple logo was originally rainbow and had a bite mark because of a gay man that was killed using cyanide laced apple and was killed after a single bite but was changed to silver to be more modern

  • Jayce Harris
    Jayce Harris Dag siden

    2:25 that's why i don't have an iPhone they pre connect to calls sometimes

  • Aesthetic Pumpkin
    Aesthetic Pumpkin Dag siden

    This is great but ur just telling us the dark things of the world , making us scared but u should try and do something to stop these sort of things

  • sydandtaytum
    sydandtaytum Dag siden

    i think the abercrombie thing has been blown way out of proportion. OF COURSE they market their stuff with good looking people....WHAT BRAND DOESNT??????? i think it is just a bunch of people insecure about their bodies getting up in arms at a thing that every brand does, but only this guy got caught saying. my guess is that the high ups running A&F wanted mike jeffries out as CEO so they released his statements to get the public outrage that makes him step down.

  • Ace Nerd S.
    Ace Nerd S. Dag siden

    1:25:20 some of those trees are redwood which are sought after due to the fact that they don't get eaten by bugs, are hard to knock over, can grow back easily, and are slightly fireproof.

  • kai bella
    kai bella Dag siden

    hot topic needs to sell shane merch

  • Morgan Dufoe
    Morgan Dufoe Dag siden

    THIS IS SO SO SO GOOD! well done Shane! very talented

  • Beary Slimes
    Beary Slimes Dag siden

    lol this happened to my mom too

  • Kada The Rebel
    Kada The Rebel Dag siden

    That horse at the park looked like me when I wake up in the morning.

  • sydandtaytum
    sydandtaytum Dag siden

    1:10:00 actually i WANT there to be mirrors everywhere when i shop because i like holding items up to me to see if i like the color/length/style without having to try it on. it helps me edit my shopping. i regularly get annoyed when i am shopping for clothes and cant find a mirror near me.

  • Pontiac690
    Pontiac690 Dag siden

    honestly the retail and store one isnt a conspiracy its 100 percent true

  • caitlyn ManZo
    caitlyn ManZo Dag siden

    When they started talking abt how the iPhones are always recording, I flipped off my camera

  • hectorsosa24
    hectorsosa24 Dag siden

    Don’t mess with my cheese bruh

  • XxDreamer_GirlxX
    XxDreamer_GirlxX Dag siden

    I'm 11 and scared...😰😪

    • vivlodia
      vivlodia Dag siden

      After i watch videos like these i watch memes later...Its a tip for you 🙂

  • Jamie Harper
    Jamie Harper Dag siden

    It’s quite clearly just mic delay

  • Amelia Goyden
    Amelia Goyden Dag siden

    Lol idk why but when the momo girl appeared I got jumpscared 😂😂

  • Olivia Hughes
    Olivia Hughes Dag siden

    Why did he make the sponsorship scary lol 😂like isn't you getting money a good thing

  • Happy Catcus007
    Happy Catcus007 Dag siden

    “Tom Wait” I’m deeeeed 🤣🤣🤣

  • Hi People
    Hi People Dag siden

    All the dislikes are from the fbi lol

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    DAMN_ CHANTx3 Dag siden

    Lmao mickey is nuts. Was that real?

  • vivlodia
    vivlodia Dag siden

    Holy fuck, im genuinely scared...

  • smiling herron
    smiling herron Dag siden

    This is why I don't like iPhones and why I don't own one

  • Cutie Pie
    Cutie Pie Dag siden

    That’s why my uncle doesn’t let his daughter to watch spongebob

  • Henry Tombs
    Henry Tombs Dag siden +1

    Lol I am so gonna look out for these supermarket tricks I have been tricked this whole time so annoying

  • Vandarera
    Vandarera Dag siden

    About the "glorifying suicide" conspiracy. I don't think they were glorifying suicide but actually making FUN OF suicidal people and depression and suicide itself because back then people with depression and suicidal thoughts were seen as being "diseased" and nobody wanted anything to do with them even though a lot of the same people that made fun of it may have humanly had similar dark thoughts about themselves, especially animators. I think a lot of them wanted to express this through animation and make fun of depression and suicide by covering it with a relatable laugh (or for some people, simply making fun of people that are depressed and suicidal). But I doubt the subliminal message part, especially when Spongebob was clearly making fun of that very same conspiracy theory.

  • Zang Deci
    Zang Deci Dag siden

    anyone else hear the pewnews sound near the end

  • Happy Catcus007
    Happy Catcus007 Dag siden

    I am so thankful that Shane doesn’t make us pay for this. I wouldn’t be able to watch.

  • Eve Does Stuff
    Eve Does Stuff Dag siden

    I believe that whole voice thing originated from vocaloids like hatsune miku, a Japanese, virtual pop star, hatsune miku roughly translates into the first sound of the future. Miku has very realistic vocals along with other vocaloids like megurine luka.

  • Jessica Ancona
    Jessica Ancona Dag siden

    I just realized watching this; but there's a cartoon show that's really popular about a kid that finds an alien watch (not going into too much detail because most people know of this show.) called Ben 10 and he's called Ben 10 because he's 10 years old at the beginning of the show.

  • Mrsznewyawk
    Mrsznewyawk Dag siden

    15:48 oh np girl that wig 😣 hoooorrribleeee - so sorry for her though.

  • Ok Ay
    Ok Ay Dag siden +2

    Zepeto is a korean app. Many Kpop idols downloaded the app to hop on the trend. What if the app was created by stalker fans (sasaengs) in order to stalk idols? Just my theory.

  • Ashley Nick
    Ashley Nick Dag siden

    This is why Androids are better than iPhones 😐

  • Kaxrv
    Kaxrv Dag siden +1

    1:38:18 pew news??