YouTube Rewind 2018 but it's actually good

  • Publisert 27. des.. 2018
  • NO-clip Rewind 2018. Celebrating the actual videos, people, music and moments that defined 2018. #NO-clipRewind
    Dolan Dark:
    Extra credits:
    Ali A's intro:
    Hit or miss:
    Crab rave:
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  • A Person
    A Person 20 timer siden

    R.I.P to all the amazing people we lost in 2018

  • Phaser
    Phaser 20 timer siden +1

    This is how many people want PewDiePie to make next year’s rewind

  • werking weed
    werking weed 20 timer siden

    We lost xxxtentacion

  • Shayan king
    Shayan king 20 timer siden

    Du är bäst

  • Jose Berlanga
    Jose Berlanga 20 timer siden

    this is art

  • ima potato bubble gum thing

    This is how he gets da subs!

  • Noblex
    Noblex 20 timer siden

    Where is xxxtentacion

  • Mr. Krabs Mungus
    Mr. Krabs Mungus 20 timer siden +1

    This is best. Mostly game cube is amazing

  • Mr. Krabs Mungus
    Mr. Krabs Mungus 20 timer siden +1

    I love this

  • ash59pro channel official
    ash59pro channel official 20 timer siden +1

    Claro pe soy yo nada más :v

  • isa bosman
    isa bosman 21 time siden

    You should make this a tradition or something like that 'cause I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! It was so much better than the actual youtube rewind. My dissapointment in NO-clip lately has slightly lifted. Thank you.

  • Luna Snow Wolf
    Luna Snow Wolf 21 time siden

    T series made more acounts to unlike this rewind

  • OwO UwU
    OwO UwU 21 time siden


    *Theres no Moto Moto*

  • Yuanspex01 YBM
    Yuanspex01 YBM 21 time siden


  • Borislav Jordanov
    Borislav Jordanov 21 time siden

    Meme preview

  • HeyImHanachibby :D
    HeyImHanachibby :D 22 timer siden

    Yo at 0: 22 is dat Logan !?

  • Caleb the goods
    Caleb the goods 22 timer siden


  • Caleb the goods
    Caleb the goods 22 timer siden

    This is the real one NO-clip shouldn’t be allowed to make rewind at the end of the year anymore

  • Kirwii K
    Kirwii K 22 timer siden

    The people who disliked were T-Series and the ones in the actual rewind

  • Vsauce666
    Vsauce666 22 timer siden +1

    'lets give the people what they want'
    *doesn't invite pewdiepie and becomes the most disliked video on NO-clip*

  • Gabriel Soto Acevedo
    Gabriel Soto Acevedo 22 timer siden

    pewdiepie good

  • Joseph Woods weisman
    Joseph Woods weisman 22 timer siden

    This has 3x the likes as the actual rewind 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Darryl franceo Manohar
    Darryl franceo Manohar 22 timer siden

    It’s memewind time everybody

  • Jason Christ
    Jason Christ 22 timer siden +1

    VSAUCE! Am gonna *LIKE!*

  • •Glorinex•
    •Glorinex• 22 timer siden +1

    This should be the egg pic on Instagram except for it’s on NO-clip
    *most liked and viewed video*
    Let’s beat Rewind records

  • Reeze
    Reeze 22 timer siden

    PewDiePie: Reacts to rewind
    NO-clip copyright system: Peeks head out of closet. Sweating. Veins bulging
    PewDiePie: Puts song over all audio
    NO-clip: Slowly creeps back in

    • Golden Armor 27
      Golden Armor 27 22 timer siden

      Lol they knew they were screwed by the king of youtube pewds

  • Doge but who is also doge
    Doge but who is also doge 22 timer siden +1

    Dat meh in baccgroonnd 3:10

  • Szymon Baginski
    Szymon Baginski 22 timer siden +1

    This is the official rewind of 2018... who agrees?

    • Golden Armor 27
      Golden Armor 27 22 timer siden

      100% totally agreed pewdiepie for youtube rewind 2019 confirmed

  • Archisman deb
    Archisman deb 23 timer siden

    kaant ke tera laand de dunga tere haath main
    dehkta hi rahega tu baby apne haath main
    T-series ko kya haraye ga pagle
    130 cr people iske saath hain....
    don't mess with INDIANS because
    tum doodh mangoge hum kheer denge
    hamare ijjat se kheloge hum cheerrrr denge bhag behench....d

  • Alex Predator
    Alex Predator 23 timer siden +1

    NO-clip disliked this!

  • GABRIK 345
    GABRIK 345 23 timer siden +1

    yah, it's meme time

  • The Alex 502
    The Alex 502 23 timer siden

    you are Kazoo kid

  • Phantom Pictures
    Phantom Pictures 23 timer siden

    Much Better

  • Evie Scrax
    Evie Scrax 23 timer siden

    THANK YOUUUU for making this gooooooood I rage in real youtube rewind

    • Golden Armor 27
      Golden Armor 27 22 timer siden

      The real rewind is absolutely cringe and bad just terrible

  • AmazinglyCool YoutubeKid

    My brain cells grew back after this

  • Nabin Vlogs
    Nabin Vlogs Dag siden


  • chees 46
    chees 46 Dag siden +1

    2:36 i wears a belt to

  • Black Shine
    Black Shine Dag siden

    Shshshhshsh oml its so better

  • POW merang
    POW merang Dag siden

    I cannot find a negative comment

    • Elliøt
      Elliøt 23 timer siden

      I found ten...

  • Lorna Baird
    Lorna Baird Dag siden

    Who heard the my names jeff ringtone

  • Cristopher 2609
    Cristopher 2609 Dag siden

    7,9 milions like from Pewdiepie Fans and 82000 dislike from T-Sh*t little kids

    • Golden Armor 27
      Golden Armor 27 22 timer siden

      Exactly t series fortnite playing having kids

  • Jasmine Temple
    Jasmine Temple Dag siden

    Love it

  • Ander Niko
    Ander Niko Dag siden

    If they dont start next years rewind with 👏👏 year review im going to be mad

  • 0 subscribers with No video challenge

    Pew die pie should own NO-clip

  • SaltMan
    SaltMan Dag siden +1

    Its doesn't cringe at every point *my english is bad*

  • adamzulqZ
    adamzulqZ Dag siden

    Wondering wheres jahseh in dis vid

  • Robac - San
    Robac - San Dag siden +1

    Title: But This Is Very Good

  • propuppet gamer666
    propuppet gamer666 Dag siden


  • Cookie Survival
    Cookie Survival Dag siden

    Kamu pake judulnya indi

  • taxs are fucking
    taxs are fucking Dag siden

    That was super

  • Callum Mcneill
    Callum Mcneill Dag siden

    This made me smile...

  • GhOsT_RiDeR _TV
    GhOsT_RiDeR _TV Dag siden

    Avicii 😢😢😢

  • kirito 06
    kirito 06 Dag siden +1


  • Hack vevo
    Hack vevo Dag siden +1

    Y does this have dislikes I mean this is a good rewind

  • Jay Doan
    Jay Doan Dag siden

    This is better then the 2018 Rewind version.

  • DJ Sørën
    DJ Sørën Dag siden

    RIP Avicii

  • Vanessa Merrell
    Vanessa Merrell Dag siden

    Wow the real NO-clip rewoand hit 2m dislike but pewdiepie has 5m likes

  • b00mer
    b00mer Dag siden

    82k dislikes: all the real subs of t series

  • merlin fetahaj
    merlin fetahaj Dag siden

    Ah thats hotter

    CODY GAMER360 Dag siden

    wheres xxxtentacion

  • nexusgaming HD
    nexusgaming HD Dag siden

    Rest in peace Avicii 🙏

  • Crack Games
    Crack Games Dag siden +1

    Pew die pie should be the one making the official rewind video in 2020

  • Smug Dragon
    Smug Dragon Dag siden

    best thing I ever watched

  • Sophia Playz
    Sophia Playz Dag siden

    U NEEED 10K MOR SUBS PEWDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sophia Playz
    Sophia Playz Dag siden +1

    0:49 to 0:53 omg

  • HWPO Harry
    HWPO Harry Dag siden

    Just beatiful

  • Brianna Montano
    Brianna Montano Dag siden

    4:01 I think were going to have a good time

  • Four
    Four Dag siden +1

    3:25 💔

  • Leo rispling
    Leo rispling Dag siden

    Where is X

  • Zack- RBLX
    Zack- RBLX Dag siden


  • Frankie Yong
    Frankie Yong Dag siden

    Shroud react this you know

  • Jakob Sprague
    Jakob Sprague Dag siden

    Now im kinda sad

  • Mum
    Mum Dag siden

    NO-clip got overtaken buy our king *pewdiepie*

    You have been demonetised...

  • Rayyan Ahm
    Rayyan Ahm Dag siden +9

    How to get likes:
    . *2019?*
    . *March?*
    . *Anyone today?*
    . *Write something like this*

  • Diner с:
    Diner с: Dag siden

    HEY, WHERE IS RUSSIA?! Ебано рот одна омерыка

  • A.N.A
    A.N.A Dag siden +1

    this video got the most likes video on yt but rewind time 2018 have the most dislike on yt. 👏

  • Atonomous Anonymous

    Shout out to bitch lasagna, I just made one tonight.

  • leftfootgaming
    leftfootgaming Dag siden

    i like it when he sez but its actually good coz its true

  • Groove Emu
    Groove Emu Dag siden

    most liked not music video on youtube lol

  • Hong Nguyen
    Hong Nguyen Dag siden


  • K-Chaw GAMING
    K-Chaw GAMING Dag siden +2

    some People "LIKE NO-clip REWIND 2018"
    But not us

    Not us

  • gande man
    gande man Dag siden


    LEGENDRY DECTIVER Dag siden +10

    15 likes for my 15th birthday?

  • CD God
    CD God Dag siden

    Where's x

  • Batman soria
    Batman soria Dag siden

    Que alguien me explique por que carajo esta el título en español

  • TrollZyray
    TrollZyray Dag siden

    Its meme rewind not yt rewind lol

  • ZipperBomb
    ZipperBomb Dag siden

    I think T-Series is Sans.

  • Melon Gaming
    Melon Gaming Dag siden

    This was gr8 m8 I r8 8/8

  • apollo
    apollo Dag siden

    Okay but I deadass watch this once a week

  • Vin the God of fish Lol


  • Fortnitepro21
    Fortnitepro21 Dag siden

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    PewDiePie is in second place
    T series is third
    NO-clip music first

    • Elliøt
      Elliøt 23 timer siden

      NO-clip Music doesn't count because it's just a topic.

  • The Piggy Show Official On YouTube

    The 82k dislikes are from T-series and their bots.

  • Brian Zarate ツ
    Brian Zarate ツ Dag siden

    Esta Mejor Q El Verdadero

  • ferigamer_666 YT
    ferigamer_666 YT Dag siden

    Emmm the rewind of PewDiePie xd

  • Plush Tuber
    Plush Tuber Dag siden

    Pretty sure I just killed all my brain cells.

  • Andrei Ivanov
    Andrei Ivanov Dag siden

    Haha but guess what? Pewdiepie and t-gay both hit 90 ml were getting close guys

  • kationa Calero
    kationa Calero Dag siden

    How is this just now coming up on my feed

  • locked
    locked Dag siden


  • BenIsJamIn
    BenIsJamIn Dag siden

    I like the part where he got an extensive amazing edit and got a shit ton of views and attention for pressing the upload button