YouTube Rewind 2018 but it's actually good


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    DJ ARSENAL 2 timer siden


  • Dante Atkinson
    Dante Atkinson 2 timer siden

    Better then cringe rewind

    DJ ARSENAL 2 timer siden

    Ninja died of ligma

  • Acid Bullets
    Acid Bullets 2 timer siden

    So guys we did it... we made this the most liked non-music related video ever

  • Redpanda458
    Redpanda458 2 timer siden

    NO-clip rewind but it's NO-clip rewind

  • Adaminho
    Adaminho 2 timer siden


  • Cookie Tenter
    Cookie Tenter 2 timer siden

    You forgot to mention xxxtentacion 💔 R.I.P

  • Roundzz 40
    Roundzz 40 2 timer siden

    I eat tide pods

  • Dominic The donkey
    Dominic The donkey 2 timer siden

    What about xxx tentacion

  • Ebombs
    Ebombs 2 timer siden

    R.I.P Stan Lee, you will always be in our hearts🥺🤧

  • The Diamond Knight
    The Diamond Knight 2 timer siden

    I bet the people that dislike this didn't even watch the whole thing

  • Stephen Sotirakos
    Stephen Sotirakos 2 timer siden


  • Lord Meme The Supreme
    Lord Meme The Supreme 2 timer siden

    3:19 what about x

  • Tony Zhou
    Tony Zhou 2 timer siden

    that Logan Paul's "YUUP" thing gets me everytime

  • Sup3rGam3rBEN
    Sup3rGam3rBEN 2 timer siden

    Man, there's a lotta good NO-cliprs here

  • Julien Campardo
    Julien Campardo 2 timer siden +1

    I showed this to my rabbit

    Now it's big chungus

  • Otto von Steinberg
    Otto von Steinberg 2 timer siden

    Now this is good but it makes me realise how shit memes in 2018 got

  • RyAn WaZ HeRe
    RyAn WaZ HeRe 3 timer siden

    you forgot x :(

  • Nate Strawn
    Nate Strawn 3 timer siden

    Thank you for remembering those who have passed away this year

  • Joey Creeper15
    Joey Creeper15 3 timer siden

    We have to make it a new thing to do this every year called the real rewind

  • Brandon
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  • Sascha Hume
    Sascha Hume 3 timer siden

    4:48 what is that reference

  • JhonKnee
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  • da boss
    da boss 3 timer siden

    rip stan lee

  • Bruh Itz Purple
    Bruh Itz Purple 3 timer siden

    My lucky day to get 1k likes sense everyone has that much likes

  • Sr RabbiT
    Sr RabbiT 3 timer siden +1

    *HIT OR MISS* ....

  • VulKus
    VulKus 3 timer siden

    Just got Pete on an add for this...

  • s savage
    s savage 3 timer siden

    Can't get over on how good this video is

  • flying puinguin
    flying puinguin 3 timer siden

    best rewind, but not evan youtube...
    what does that say?

  • hockeylover 569
    hockeylover 569 3 timer siden

    Real rewind is least liked video on NO-clip. This us the most liked non music video

  • Jose Navarro
    Jose Navarro 3 timer siden +1

    When pewdiepie dies it will be the end of NO-clip and the world

  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia 3 timer siden

    Bros I just realized at the beginning those are Isopods at the top of the screen

  • Kenneth Powell
    Kenneth Powell 3 timer siden

    what about xxxxxxx death

  • Bryan Gutiérrez
    Bryan Gutiérrez 3 timer siden +1

    The best Rewind !

  • Na Ni
    Na Ni 3 timer siden

    +49 172 9404456

    OZ OF DARES 3 timer siden

    Flying kitty’s part though

  • lone star
    lone star 3 timer siden +1

    See T series! This is why we want pewdiepie not you

  • Aeon of Karzaroth
    Aeon of Karzaroth 3 timer siden

    Fight against Benny Lava and save this shit bro

  • Cringelord
    Cringelord 3 timer siden

    All dislikes are t series fans by the way fuck t series

  • Tonia Millard
    Tonia Millard 3 timer siden


  • ADRI 199
    ADRI 199 3 timer siden +1

    Where is ben swolo?

  • blake duffy
    blake duffy 3 timer siden

    wait nothing about X ur Mac Millers deaths?!?! still liked just bc pewdie pie tho

  • Jaisal Dave
    Jaisal Dave 3 timer siden

    Best Video Ever in NO-clip

  • Ëñviøüs Bøy
    Ëñviøüs Bøy 3 timer siden

    I dont generally watch Pewdiepie for reasons, but this video..its really well made.

  • TheFluffyCat !
    TheFluffyCat ! 3 timer siden

    Uuuggh! What about Ronald Reagan!!

  • Shadowbeast2006
    Shadowbeast2006 3 timer siden

    This video MUST BE the MOST viewed video ever. ITS REWIND TIME!

  • Enough Cape 68922
    Enough Cape 68922 3 timer siden +1

    Where is Bart slamming a chair on homers head (simpsons)

  • FryNinja05
    FryNinja05 3 timer siden

    Who are all the remembered people

  • Dawn Gutierrez
    Dawn Gutierrez 3 timer siden

    This the best thing I have seen in awhile.

  • Lilliana Parra
    Lilliana Parra 3 timer siden +1

    You are a legend on tik tik

  • CookieKat 104
    CookieKat 104 3 timer siden

    *sub to pewds..... yeet on T series*

  • Mikki B
    Mikki B 3 timer siden +1

    *T-Series has left the chat*

  • Veyonce Gonzalez
    Veyonce Gonzalez 3 timer siden

    I'm not a fan of him but I dont hate on him because I dont know him so disrespect... but this isn't a bad video lol I love that you put Stephen strange in here and marvel great job!!!

  • Ravena Roth
    Ravena Roth 3 timer siden


  • Young Koshi
    Young Koshi 3 timer siden

    It's better than original rewind

  • Cool Full on
    Cool Full on 3 timer siden +1

    I just realized that he say Walmart twice and I never heard it the second time during the lil Tay part

  • RandomUser27
    RandomUser27 3 timer siden +1

    Put the Dolan dark part in this in 1.25 speed and it will sound better(in my opinion)

  • DaBéOh
    DaBéOh 4 timer siden +1

    Let's make this video more liked than the actual YT rewind has dislikes! Won't be easy

  • Juan Camaney
    Juan Camaney 4 timer siden


  • Cavin All
    Cavin All 4 timer siden +1

    You forgot xxxtentacion

  • Hello There
    Hello There 4 timer siden

    No RIP X cool

  • Kobra Nejdet
    Kobra Nejdet 4 timer siden +1

    this guy danny d ?

  • TaytorTot
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  • RewBerry
    RewBerry 4 timer siden

    I Am Gone

  • [Name]
    [Name] 4 timer siden +2

    This has the highest Like/dislike ratio on youtube. ...?

  • GameKnight333
    GameKnight333 4 timer siden +2

    Congrats on 82 Million Pewds!

  • john withers
    john withers 4 timer siden

    the most important part is at 3:17

  • Hit Or Miss
    Hit Or Miss 4 timer siden

    So nobody gonna say anything about him not putting X in here?

  • Patrick Dolan
    Patrick Dolan 4 timer siden +1

    T- series are using fan bots, it’s the truth.

  • Da gaming Penguin
    Da gaming Penguin 4 timer siden

    Are u the flying kitty

  • MrJoelMan
    MrJoelMan 4 timer siden +1

    Best NO-clip video yet

  • Nayrolf
    Nayrolf 4 timer siden +1

    Wow, I actually recognized almost everything in this video. That was the problem of rewind 2018 : too much irrelevant things...

  • Léa Rousseau
    Léa Rousseau 4 timer siden

    Why not

  • Tiffleaf
    Tiffleaf 4 timer siden

    That retarted Tiktok girl is trying to look like a gamer wen chances are she not. Wat a dunce 4:44

  • Oh Yeah
    Oh Yeah 4 timer siden +1



    Read my name.

  • Tiffleaf
    Tiffleaf 4 timer siden

    Every1 who plays splatoon 2 or splatoon 1 give a ROUND OF APPLAUSE to dollan dark for adding the inkling / woomy

  • Oblithian
    Oblithian 4 timer siden

    I wish there were credits for all the clips that appear, I am curious to watch some of the videos now.

  • Hamza Irshad
    Hamza Irshad 4 timer siden +2

    now 2019 ...

  • Carlos Jessie
    Carlos Jessie 4 timer siden +1

    Pewdiepie should buy out NO-clip or create a new video platform. I'd never use NO-clip again.

  • Bente Marit Ekker
    Bente Marit Ekker 4 timer siden

    Hi vsauce michel here

  • unicorn gamer girl
    unicorn gamer girl 4 timer siden +3

    I have to say this is actually really good

  • Jandie
    Jandie 4 timer siden

    the people who disliked this must be on the spectrum

  • Terry flynn
    Terry flynn 4 timer siden

    damn just amizang

  • Vortex Sniping
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  • H F
    H F 4 timer siden

    Best vid ever

  • nifazune
    nifazune 4 timer siden

    **Pulls out meat scepter**

  • Baby Play
    Baby Play 4 timer siden

    U forget xxx

  • OwOmeatballeggplantOwO
    OwOmeatballeggplantOwO 4 timer siden

    PewDiePie, you’re truly a legend. You’re capable of making more likeable videos than NO-clip itself.

  • springy 9330
    springy 9330 4 timer siden

    New lesson learned...
    Memes are not dead

  • ElliPelli
    ElliPelli 4 timer siden

    I remember we were in class and i have seen this video like a 1000 times and we were working with a task quietly and then i hear the song playing loudly in the room next to us and everyone started laughing and the teacher had to tell them to turn it off... 😂 ok just wanted to say this. Aha.

  • Twistedd-BlackNerd
    Twistedd-BlackNerd 5 timer siden

    *NO-clip has left the the server*
    *F, has joined the server*

  • Big Sauce
    Big Sauce 5 timer siden

    Please make this the most likes video

  • IkerUs
    IkerUs 5 timer siden

    DOlan dark is my idol

  • JuaXen Said
    JuaXen Said 5 timer siden

    ¿Dónde están los hispanohablantes?

  • Tim Kopac
    Tim Kopac 5 timer siden +1

    We lost xxxtetacion

  • The Derpy Wonder
    The Derpy Wonder 5 timer siden

    I miss Stan lee :c

  • Zérø øut
    Zérø øut 5 timer siden +1

    *Let's go to kill this blue Finger*

  • Paulus V
    Paulus V 5 timer siden

    When you wear outdated merch

  • Keisha x
    Keisha x 5 timer siden

    When I saw the globglogabgalab is smiled