Everything Wrong With The Day After Tomorrow

  • Publisert 19. mars. 2015
  • Here is a movie so bad, it was used as the blueprint for making 2012. Ice wins; science loses; sins abound.
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Kommentarer • 12 950

  • chris silsby
    chris silsby 16 timer siden

    Animals and nature go hand and hand.

  • moemoney131 vee
    moemoney131 vee Dag siden +1

    AOC thought this was a documentary.

  • Kotomi Sakura
    Kotomi Sakura Dag siden

    if this were to really happen, i wish i could hear trump talk to the Mexican President asking to allow American immigrants into Mexico.

  • mightymegatron
    mightymegatron Dag siden +2

    Global warming is about as real as Santa Clause.

  • benjie414
    benjie414 2 dager siden +1

    "climate change" happens. but it's exaggerated by communists / globalists.
    "agenda 21" is a scam. the united nations plans to confiscate private land.
    really, communists / globalists couldn't care less about the environment - or any life form.
    this isn't a movie. it's 2 hours of propaganda.

  • Palitha Hettigoda
    Palitha Hettigoda 3 dager siden +2

    Rename your channel"sinema"

  • Jacksonia
    Jacksonia 3 dager siden +2

    **Laughs in Soviet** Hehehe we are untouched

    I know I'm late

  • Phil Lee
    Phil Lee 4 dager siden

    That’ll teach you for saying things 😂😂😂

  • Glenn LeDrew
    Glenn LeDrew 4 dager siden +2

    The most fundamental error, upon which the whole edifice is built but then crumbles...
    Stratospheric air, IF it could be made to suddenly descend to sea level, would of necessity warm up simply because it's being compressed (the rest of the surrounding atmosphere pressurizes it). This would be the reverse of air cooling as it convectively rises. The adiabatic rate, if memory serves, is something like 2C per 1,000 feet (sorry for mixing units.) And so -40C at 40,000 feet would warm by 80C, to become +40C by the time it reaches sea/ground level.
    Furthermore. This temperature change occurs *instantaneously*. There would be no lag whatsoever. So the more correct scenario would have desert-hot air of extremely low humidity bothering the planet, not super-cold air.
    And suppose such super-cold air did indeed somehow get to the surface. Would people freeze instantly? Certainly not! Air at the usual density we breathe has 1/1,000 the density of water. That's a mighty low heat capacity. *Maybe* near-instantaneous frostbite on exposed skin. But freezing solid through the body, in an instant, as though dunked in liquid nitrogen?!? Ha ha ha ha!
    By the way. I've worked in the Arctic, where air temps of -47C were experienced, and windchills of -80C. I never got close to becoming a popsicle, nor even got frostbite.

  • Jophar Hautman
    Jophar Hautman 5 dager siden

    Cool. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Day after Tomorrow and Snowpiercer. Neat trilogy.

  • Joey Torres
    Joey Torres 6 dager siden

    Sin counter=55555

  • Aidan Cox
    Aidan Cox 7 dager siden

    You sinned at 4:31 you said three tornado's when there are obviously four.

  • Skank Hunt 69
    Skank Hunt 69 7 dager siden

    Lmao 32 packets of peanuts!

  • BaconBoy 3142
    BaconBoy 3142 7 dager siden +2

    XD says three tornadoes when there are four. Rolf
    6:39 the way this a**hole talks

  • Benn Fisherr
    Benn Fisherr 8 dager siden

    Just enjoy the movie.

  • Monica Spaulding-Mott
    Monica Spaulding-Mott 8 dager siden

    Duuuddde, you did NOT SIN MANCHESTER UNITED!😡 I Still love EWW

  • Michael Lavallee
    Michael Lavallee 9 dager siden +1

    You missed the part when the main character is walking past the statue of liberty, like where did he just come from again? The ocean ? I thought he came from Washington D.C lol

  • twat gamer
    twat gamer 9 dager siden

    15:34 if only that joke was made a year later

  • jxwv
    jxwv 9 dager siden

    Wasn’t there like 3 hurricanes not that long ago what’s that mean

  • Wøflo Kún
    Wøflo Kún 9 dager siden

    What year did this come out in 1998, we’ll wait 2009 of 2012

  • sprite !!!
    sprite !!! 10 dager siden +1

    This is one of my top 10 fav movies

  • Robert Hickey
    Robert Hickey 10 dager siden

    It's one of those boats that grow when it gets wetter 😜lol

  • Maximus Decimus 
    Maximus Decimus  11 dager siden +1

    In Russia, they all put on shorts, ate ice cream and laughed at the silly Americans.

  • Ya'll Mind If I Hit Dat T-Pose XD

    Yea shut up only black guy I know

  • Debbie
    Debbie 12 dager siden

    I know this movie is bad and I don't care, I still love it.

  • Benjamin Vu
    Benjamin Vu 12 dager siden

    At least Canada was safe in the movie

  • tri s
    tri s 13 dager siden

    Illuminati confirmed, at 7:33 to 7:37, notice the hidden "666" on the monitor. The 3 storm clouds on the monitor are clearly a cleverly hidden "number of the beast" in plain sight, from Revelation 13:18.

  • R. S.
    R. S. 13 dager siden +1

    So many times when actors were speaking in supposedly super cold temps, we don't see their breath digitally added. Guess it happened so often you didn't mention it.

  • Owen Morey
    Owen Morey 13 dager siden

    Lol they flee to Mexico

  • The Frey Factor
    The Frey Factor 13 dager siden

    I forgot about the wolves too until you mentioned them.

  • Reesees Peecees
    Reesees Peecees 13 dager siden +1

    6:39 is... that the Team Fortress 2 logo on his microphone?

  • Matt Webb
    Matt Webb 14 dager siden

    Only goal scored ever lmfao this guy seriously is American ffs watch real football and u will see my silly American friend

  • GTYI_C7
    GTYI_C7 14 dager siden

    If he’s actually fae Scotland and supports Man U then he deserves what he got

  • The Burning Butterfly
    The Burning Butterfly 14 dager siden

    Do catwoman!!!! How haven't you yet made a vid for this atrocity?

  • Christina Thomas
    Christina Thomas 15 dager siden

    HAAAA 15:56

  • Christina Thomas
    Christina Thomas 15 dager siden

    We didnt listen!! We didnt listen!

  • Christina Thomas
    Christina Thomas 15 dager siden

    1:05 i will always be convinced this is dennis quaid doing his best indian interpretation.

  • Sara Burke
    Sara Burke 16 dager siden

    Pretty good except for the weather channel thing. Everyone is watching the weather channel because the catastrophe is weather related...so you messed that one up. It’s pretty logical.

  • Matthew Fredericks
    Matthew Fredericks 17 dager siden +1

    There was actually 4 twisters

  • Asad Attily
    Asad Attily 17 dager siden +1

    9:00 you killing me man :D :D :D

  • shrapnel77
    shrapnel77 18 dager siden

    WHAP!! That'll teach you for saying things.

  • Bryon Letterman
    Bryon Letterman 18 dager siden

    Ice ages (read: climate change) happens regardless of how humans behave.

  • Jeremy Thomas
    Jeremy Thomas 19 dager siden

    I live in Idaho so I win

  • shannonman2
    shannonman2 19 dager siden


    SOULANAUT500 19 dager siden

    This movie wasn't that bad, just the library scene. Most movies have stupid parts that doesn't make sense. In terms of the immigration discussion, they can be a problem but in truth the worst people in American and in the world are the white people. Everything bad that happens, white people are always behind it. Just look at the illegitimate criminal president in office..enough said.

  • Crow Wearing A Top Hat
    Crow Wearing A Top Hat 19 dager siden +2

    I had to watch this in science class.
    I wish we just watched CinemaSins' video on it

  • Julez Jackson
    Julez Jackson 20 dager siden

    Can I interest you in a frosty 🍦😆😆😆😆

  • Acey Kerr
    Acey Kerr 20 dager siden

    These end of the world movies suck, change my mind.

  • Alex J
    Alex J 21 dag siden

    I loved this movie as a child. It's shame you put it up here thinking it's all shit.

  • Toasted Gaming
    Toasted Gaming 21 dag siden

    I’m a bit late but the weather channel bit would probobly be the president was on all channels

  • Jon Mueller
    Jon Mueller 22 dager siden

    How dare you sin Manchester United! That should of been at least 50 sins off.

  • Mary took the kids YAY
    Mary took the kids YAY 22 dager siden

    Ya um if motherfucking trump was in this situation we would be dead

  • Jason Juneau
    Jason Juneau 22 dager siden +1

    2 days before the day after tomorrow.

  • Rebecca Nolasco
    Rebecca Nolasco 22 dager siden

    ok, as a brazilian, I'm kinda triggered by the soccer jokes

  • Ethan Jones
    Ethan Jones 22 dager siden +1

    This is seriously such an awful movie. I’m disgusted at all the IMDb reviews defending it.

  • Clara Miller
    Clara Miller 23 dager siden

    not to mention, we are in an ice age right now

  • The Yellow
    The Yellow 23 dager siden

    this dude lookin' like Muselk

  • Ronan Linsley
    Ronan Linsley 23 dager siden

    5:27 avianca flight 52

  • Jorge Reyes
    Jorge Reyes 23 dager siden

    the scene where th ocean goes over the himalays and destroys the llamas temple,,

  • Blue
    Blue 23 dager siden

    I once forgot my underwear at the library after taking it off to read hamlet more comfortably.

  • rfdzn
    rfdzn 23 dager siden

    "oh he did not just say that out loud"

  • With a Critical Eye
    With a Critical Eye 23 dager siden

    The guy being referenced on the LAX for sin 47 going onto 48, probably flew there by use of Tornado, we should have sinned it for not showing that on screen and for being highly unrealistic

  • Ryan Noah
    Ryan Noah 23 dager siden

    1:58 every british dad ever

  • Jason Tritt
    Jason Tritt 24 dager siden

    😂 @ 8:59 "Well I wouldn't worry about that, because all the blood is in his penis right now."🤣

  • mxwlbrwn
    mxwlbrwn 24 dager siden

    Power and telephone lines are buried underground in NYC. Specifically so as not to be knocked out by inclement weather.

  • Bleezy Monkey
    Bleezy Monkey 24 dager siden

    5:25 dude wtf lol

  • Seanglendo
    Seanglendo 24 dager siden

    Disliked for being the guy being packed last in PE, you fat fuck

  • kimnice
    kimnice 25 dager siden

    Jake's character only wrote answers in a math test and not how he got that answer? At least in my country that would be automatic failure. Here these tests are more about how you got that answer..than the answer it self. If there are answers, but no solutions that could indicate that this character either cheated and/or he didn't truly understand the process. For example in one of my tests I got my answer wrong in this one question, but I still received 5 out of 6 points from that question. I had made small careless mistake in the end, but I demonstrated that I know how to get that right answer.

  • Tomball2468
    Tomball2468 25 dager siden +1

    How come everyone in the UK dies but most of they Americans live

  • Patmando
    Patmando 25 dager siden

    birds and animals have some kind of electrolocation thing, so they know when there is a big storm coming and they as a rule generaly dont like storms

  • Coconut Head
    Coconut Head 26 dager siden

    11:53 lol "Thanks, Doctor homeless guy." If I ever become homeless I'll get my homelessness Ph.D too xD

  • Anakin SkyWalker
    Anakin SkyWalker 26 dager siden

    Despite being scientifically inaccurate, I actually enjoyed this movie.

  • GhOst OmegaplayYT
    GhOst OmegaplayYT 26 dager siden

    Do Everything wrong with Jurassic world fallen kingdom

  • Lucca Dareys Maley
    Lucca Dareys Maley 27 dager siden

    It’s kind of funny that LA is a prime place for all sorts of natural disasters but this movie has one of the few that can’t happen in LA, like it could be a Tsunami, Wildfire, Landslide, Hurricane, or Earthquake but you go with Tornado?

  • brendan909
    brendan909 27 dager siden

    Soccer a low scoring game? Look up 'wall game'.

  • Edu Henrique de Almeida
    Edu Henrique de Almeida 28 dager siden

    2:01 cinemasins dude never watched football

  • PugsInHats
    PugsInHats 28 dager siden

    wow, illegal immigration before 2016

  • mcpickle
    mcpickle 29 dager siden

    I am pretty sure this video wouldn't have been made if those final skits are from the actual movie hell I would dare to say that this movie would be actually good if that was true

  • Etasha Boo
    Etasha Boo 29 dager siden

    I liked this movie

  • Daniel Tung
    Daniel Tung 29 dager siden

    2:00 yes that's it

  • Santiago Rodriguez Guillen

    Also also, three huggers movie is a tree hugger s movie

  • gaston moreno
    gaston moreno Måned siden

    You clearly say three tornados when theres 4. Mistake bro simple mistake

  • Fuzzlewhumper
    Fuzzlewhumper Måned siden

    It bothers me I never spotted those windows in the room they holed up in. Sigh. Next ice age, I'm burning this DVD.

  • Harshit Yashwardhan
    Harshit Yashwardhan Måned siden +2

    If u wistle in India u gona get beaten by the crowd

  • Daniel Byrns
    Daniel Byrns Måned siden

    If the cold is coming from outer space why arent the satilites frozen.

  • Baris K
    Baris K Måned siden

    yes, we all watch football like that: "come on! kick the ball! kick it! oh yeah, kick it good!!"

  • JustMe
    JustMe Måned siden

    the biggest sin is giving the only black friend they have the worst hairline in existence

  • Shadethewolfy
    Shadethewolfy Måned siden

    This movie stars Yake Yillen-hula-hay. That's at least one more sin.

  • Magnus Walander
    Magnus Walander Måned siden

    Well every Good scientist has read most works in the same field...

  • Deadly Shark
    Deadly Shark Måned siden

    There is four tornadoes

  • Grace Playz
    Grace Playz Måned siden +1

    You forgot about the part where the girls cuts her leg in the water and it’s never mentioned again

    • Avatarfan10000
      Avatarfan10000 20 dager siden +1

      She mentions it to a friend but no one acts on it. The friend brings it up later. In fact she stated she knew how to keep the guy warm because she Pays attention in health class. She knows how to keep people warm but has no clue that not cleaning a wound leads in infection?

  • Bleu Thai Designs
    Bleu Thai Designs Måned siden

    My pet peeve with this movie was they were in a library and INSTEAD of burning the wood furniture they burned the books - wood would last for hours a book is 10 mins tops - one of those large tables might make it through most of the night - sin

  • michael t
    michael t Måned siden

    Missed the part were the ISS took a thermal image of North America and all the state lines are visible in the photo.

  • D T
    D T Måned siden

    Losing New York is acceptable

  • This is Life
    This is Life Måned siden

    it is bad, but is there a better this is the worldsend and we need to survive without some kind of monster or angels?

  • GamerFromJump
    GamerFromJump Måned siden

    Evacuate _north_ to escape an Ice Age? The fuck?

  • David Chow
    David Chow Måned siden

    8:55 and 8:59 MVP

  • ZeroTheLelouch
    ZeroTheLelouch Måned siden

    This is happening right now lol

  • Starving Wolf
    Starving Wolf Måned siden

    I like how you can rate a movie based on length of Cinema sins