Billie Eilish: Same Interview, One Year Apart | Vanity Fair


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  • Nur Khalisha Mohd Azizi
    Nur Khalisha Mohd Azizi 17 timer siden

    I like the old one

  • Lorena Beatrix vdv
    Lorena Beatrix vdv 17 timer siden

    2018 Billie I feel u

  • J’nae Jones Allen
    J’nae Jones Allen 17 timer siden


  • Momo Momoko
    Momo Momoko 17 timer siden

    she looks 20 something

  • Rae Oliver
    Rae Oliver 17 timer siden +1

    “I met him”
    okay that hit me h a r d

  • Feral Kitty Gaming
    Feral Kitty Gaming 17 timer siden

    she seems so sad now and im super depressed

  • Scotty Luna
    Scotty Luna 17 timer siden

    10/18 is my birthday lol

  • ღ Alex ღ
    ღ Alex ღ 17 timer siden +1

    That glow in her eyes disappeared 💔😔

  • Quebec's Waffles
    Quebec's Waffles 17 timer siden

    Where are her parents?

  • Julietaa Balderramaaa
    Julietaa Balderramaaa 17 timer siden

    She reminds me of lil xan

  • please help
    please help 17 timer siden

    shes just hitting puberty

  • Maddie J
    Maddie J 17 timer siden

    it’s sad to see how her happiness faded away within a year.

  • anonymous 23
    anonymous 23 17 timer siden

    The fake sad act is lame.. don’t be a poser

  • Axl Snchz
    Axl Snchz 17 timer siden

    I just know that, I 💓 Billie Eillish

  • Shakthi Sivakumaran
    Shakthi Sivakumaran 17 timer siden

    Stay strong Billie. Take a break 😏You deserve it.

  • Oscar Merk
    Oscar Merk 17 timer siden

    all I can say after watching this is, love you billie

  • HeY StoB It
    HeY StoB It 17 timer siden

    I just really want to give her a long long long hug.

  • Ashley Sanders
    Ashley Sanders 17 timer siden

    the sad music in the back doesn’t help😭

  • Rayven Peters
    Rayven Peters 17 timer siden

    The music totally sets the mood.

  • Jacqueline Mckennitt
    Jacqueline Mckennitt 17 timer siden +1

    She’s amazing I miss her enthusiasm but she’s grown so much people change change is good I don’t no but I think that being recognized very day would be hard I love her sooo much she’s amazing this video was so deep

    • Jacqueline Mckennitt
      Jacqueline Mckennitt 17 timer siden +1


  • Britney Rosero
    Britney Rosero 17 timer siden

    Yo, I feel really bad for her. Ahe looka so sad. And she doesnt say anything but you can read everything in her eyes. We love you. Like if you support her

  • Jared Gotherman
    Jared Gotherman 17 timer siden

    who is that

  • d Oak
    d Oak 17 timer siden +1

    The spark in her eyes is gone.
    Seen this on many of my old friends. Drugs, especially weed does this.
    Love her music tho.

  • Nadia Reed
    Nadia Reed 17 timer siden

    Why did this make cry

  • Georgia Mae
    Georgia Mae 17 timer siden

    What? Mistreated for a long time shes only 16?

  • Francisca de Vasconcelos Pinto

    In my opinion, this really is what fame usually does to people: it looks extremely tiring, and as you’re in constant contact with toxic people and practices. Anxiety and depression kick in then. To me, most of them are a mess, emotionally, which accompanied by the fact that they have tons of people supporting and praising them for anything they do, makes a bad combo.
    I felt like they were two completely different people, not exaggerating.

  • Lump Universe
    Lump Universe 17 timer siden

    3:35 awh ♥️

  • Maddy Mullen
    Maddy Mullen 17 timer siden

    Hit me hard in the feels. Stay strong Billie

  • Danielle B
    Danielle B 17 timer siden

    Chloe G moretz!!

  • Philip James Winchester
    Philip James Winchester 17 timer siden

    Depression hit her like a truck...

  • Henry Lewis
    Henry Lewis 17 timer siden

    And then unfollowed me

  • Faurmox
    Faurmox 17 timer siden

    God, Billie is a true icon 😂❤️❤️ I love her so much, she is so relatable, man I hope I can meet her some day. She is so amazing❤️

  • Henry Lewis
    Henry Lewis 17 timer siden

    She actually followed me on instagram a year ago I didn’t even know she was famous

  • BriBri Is Savage
    BriBri Is Savage 17 timer siden +1

    Get back to your happiness get back to you Billie I love you I all I want to see is you enjoying your own kind of happiness you will get through pain and everything bad in this world ❤️❤️❤️

  • Isbel Aris
    Isbel Aris 17 timer siden

    She’s really gorgeous last year but viticulturas in her honesty this year

  • megajman37
    megajman37 17 timer siden

    who is this?

  • Eva Rook
    Eva Rook 17 timer siden +1

    Just looking in her eyes I see her asking for help:(

  • Christy R.
    Christy R. 17 timer siden +1

    This video makes me want to cry😢

  • Queen Ayama
    Queen Ayama 17 timer siden +2

    So much can happen in a year man.. You can see how the glow in her skin & the sparkle in her eyes are fading. Keep pushing & stay strong, Billie. Take a break if you need to. We get it, & we love you💗💪🏾

    LILY WILLARD 17 timer siden

    I’m not crying what do you mean?

  • Kylie Driggers
    Kylie Driggers 17 timer siden

    Why did this make me cry

  • sunny
    sunny 17 timer siden +1

    why did this lowkey make me sad

  • LoveRauhlxXx
    LoveRauhlxXx 18 timer siden

    Soooo time to cry

  • Carissa Perez
    Carissa Perez 18 timer siden +1

    She looks like she’s on the verge of tears throughout the whole video

  • Clara Stephany
    Clara Stephany 18 timer siden

    Alguma coisa está acontecendo com ela. E eu realmente espero que os pais dela consigam ver isso, e que consigam fazer algo. Pq mesmo ela parecendo ser bem madura, e a frente da sua idade, ela tem apenas 16 anos. E dói em pensar nas consequências de uma fama mal "administrada", ainda mais tão cedo.

  • makenziiee_
    makenziiee_ 18 timer siden

    this was so beautiful

  • makenziiee_
    makenziiee_ 18 timer siden

    I love her so much

  • Annoying B
    Annoying B 18 timer siden +1

    She looks like she is fighting back tears during some questions 😢

  • NeXs DaVi
    NeXs DaVi 18 timer siden

    Who dis?

  • Sonny Cramer
    Sonny Cramer 18 timer siden +1

    bright green to black

  • Dariel Moran
    Dariel Moran 18 timer siden

    Omg she was so gorgeous and I bet she still is

  • heather stewart
    heather stewart 18 timer siden

    awh she is so cute

  • Marriah Luis
    Marriah Luis 18 timer siden

    i like black. it’s been pretty dark lately and i wanted to be dark with it😭 the world

  • Jimin's lost jams
    Jimin's lost jams 18 timer siden

    She looks so different. Not in a good way, I'm sorry. Whatever she's going through I hope it gets better.

  • Sierrah DiCosimo
    Sierrah DiCosimo 18 timer siden

    She seems so...she seems like she's in so much internal pain. Broken. Cracked. Makes my heart hurt because I love her so much...and I relate so much...

  • Jael Reyes Nolasco
    Jael Reyes Nolasco 18 timer siden

    I think she looks broken because of what happened to X :(

    AEBRUHAM BLINKOLN 18 timer siden

    But after the shows. Is when reality hits

  • BunchOfRandomness
    BunchOfRandomness 18 timer siden

    I really hope she finds happiness...True happiness.

  • samantha simoes
    samantha simoes 18 timer siden

    you can hear the pain in her voice and it makes me cry 😭💔

  • VVeirdos For Life
    VVeirdos For Life 18 timer siden


  • Sarcastic_Twet
    Sarcastic_Twet 18 timer siden

    I don’t get it

  • Jacquelyn Thomson
    Jacquelyn Thomson 18 timer siden

    I can tell she’s trying so hard not to cry☹️. It really makes me sad. I just want her to be happy. I don’t like seeing her sad😩

  • ♡Addie Grac3♡
    ♡Addie Grac3♡ 18 timer siden

    this makes me think do all famous people feel this way?

  • Delano[GD] 125
    Delano[GD] 125 18 timer siden

    She’s only 16?

  • LjLove 808
    LjLove 808 18 timer siden +1

    This made me sad seeing how sad she was. And to think this was only a YEAR ago.

  • Kieran Brownlee
    Kieran Brownlee 18 timer siden

    She has a little bit of a lisp it’s cute

  • Sam's Fog
    Sam's Fog 18 timer siden

    This comment section. Everybody wants to cry. Jeez.

  • AkiraDoodle
    AkiraDoodle 18 timer siden

    oh i went to takashi murakami's exhibit thing in fort worth

    GRIM REAPER 18 timer siden

    I hope your career gets you to a good place

  • xxfogfox xx
    xxfogfox xx 18 timer siden

    You can see how sad she actually is. She’s not a celebrity who is so self centered. She’s so hurt. Fame broke her. Be strong

  • Audrey Stamper
    Audrey Stamper 18 timer siden

    the music made this even sadder

  • winifreddie
    winifreddie 18 timer siden

    I really wanna hug her ;;

  • Mack's Makeup
    Mack's Makeup 18 timer siden

    Who else is crying because she’s grown so much? I’ve been following her journey since ocean eyes came out ):

  • Lily McGuire
    Lily McGuire 18 timer siden

    why did i cry watching this?

  • mclovin
    mclovin 18 timer siden

    This is so beautiful and so raw ugh

  • Oof OwMyBones
    Oof OwMyBones 18 timer siden

    Make one of these for Peep

  • Gracyn Smith
    Gracyn Smith 18 timer siden

    8:41 has been me since I came out of the womb 😂

  • abbie mitchell
    abbie mitchell 18 timer siden

    i haven’t listened to many of billies songs, or looked into her much, but it breaks my heart to see how sad she is. you can see it. i want to cry omg i’m sad

  • GailKimberly Gerona ll OFFICIAL

    I miss the sparkle in her eyes...

  • Emily Edwards
    Emily Edwards 18 timer siden

    Praying she doesn't do drugs

  • Λ_DV
    Λ_DV 18 timer siden

    Never heard of her before this video

  • BethJW xo
    BethJW xo 18 timer siden

    she seems so much more grown up than she is, she is wise beyond her years man

  • Cheetah
    Cheetah 18 timer siden

    How does it feel to be the enemy of magnets?

  • Susy Sherly
    Susy Sherly 18 timer siden

    She lost herself

  • YouTube\music Reposts
    YouTube\music Reposts 18 timer siden +1

    This is like one of those videos they do for movies and the person is usually dead and they are looking back at their videos they made just crying and holding each other

  • Ariel Draper
    Ariel Draper 18 timer siden

    I miss her glow wow. I hate how you can just see the sadness in her expressions.

  • Kaitlyn Betts
    Kaitlyn Betts 18 timer siden

    My poor baby :( I hope she puts herself first soon. She deserves so much more than she realizes. I love her so much.

  • Ally _
    Ally _ 18 timer siden

    Gawww-- she was so energetic back then... time flies man... time flies.

  • Jaydon titty titty
    Jaydon titty titty 18 timer siden

    tyler hit it

  • Daniel Cano
    Daniel Cano 18 timer siden

    She should date lil zan

  • Martin Langsholt
    Martin Langsholt 18 timer siden

    She lost the glow... The light turned off

  • Mel LoBrutto
    Mel LoBrutto 18 timer siden

    god i love her

  • melody
    melody 18 timer siden +1

    she’s on the verge of tears. i want to hug her 😪😭

  • cloud cloud
    cloud cloud 18 timer siden

    Music industry is the deal with the devil.

  • Summer Jackson
    Summer Jackson 18 timer siden

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  • Liana x
    Liana x 18 timer siden

    this honestly makes me so sad she's literally so sad and tbh you can see it in her eyes...

  • кρσρ fαи
    кρσρ fαи 18 timer siden

    "Everyone in the music industry is sad."

  • Jimmy Aguilar
    Jimmy Aguilar 18 timer siden

    Who cares

  • ttw Beep
    ttw Beep 18 timer siden

    It saddens me that the glow in her eyes has dimmed

  • Bruh Bruh
    Bruh Bruh 18 timer siden

    You can see the pain and stress in her eyes. She is sadly going down a bad path and I feel bad for her.