Filmmaker Reacts to CRAZY HOLLYWOOD CAMERA Techniques!

  • Publisert 13. mars. 2019
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Kommentarer • 5 336

  • Peter McKinnon
    Peter McKinnon  6 dager siden +3030

    My brain is fried. THESE ARE SO COOL!

    • Deets
      Deets 46 minutter siden

      I think the mirror bit is just her running towards the camera and that clip masked into the mirror while showing another clip of just filming the mirror?

    • Mariano Sato
      Mariano Sato Time siden

      mirror shot done by placing a green screen on the mirror and combining in post!

    • Siraj khan
      Siraj khan Time siden

      The mirror thing can be done by zooming out...

    • Zachary Perez
      Zachary Perez 2 timer siden

      DO MORE

    • Jannick
      Jannick 2 timer siden

      I know I´m late to the party, if you want to see more stuff like this check out The Marmalade Visual Engineering or look for spike the robot at youtube, their show reel is insane!

  • Leefy
    Leefy 14 minutter siden

    With the mirror thing the camera was zooming out of the mirror as she ran towards the mirror

    NICE GUY 16 minutter siden

    The clip with the mirror was made with a seperate clip, and this clip was added into the greenscreen as a mirror.

  • Qwer Hip
    Qwer Hip 32 minutter siden

    Some one know how this subteddit is called?

  • Seveneye
    Seveneye 34 minutter siden

    Girl in mirror scene, probably zoom lens and moving at an angle

  • Viktor Kniesz
    Viktor Kniesz 35 minutter siden

    "Quick change" . Also used by actors when changing custome between scenes, very common in theater. Needs a good director, a great crew and days, even weeks of rehearsal.

  • owen chaplin
    owen chaplin 37 minutter siden

    7:13 it was done by facing the camera at the mirror

  • Noah Skripnikoff
    Noah Skripnikoff 38 minutter siden

    More of this !

  • Simon Ramsey
    Simon Ramsey 39 minutter siden

    More of this. It’s bonkers. And so so cool.

    BOSS BABY 40 minutter siden

    A lot of things explained here, thanks mate!

  • Natan
    Natan 44 minutter siden

    Im glad im not the only one who thinks i cant do shit when i see ppl do amazing things 🙈

  • Rogers Photography
    Rogers Photography 44 minutter siden

    This was fun. Great video. I guess the moral of this story is if you don't play well with others and don't like robots you won't get these shots :/

  • 노는 토끼Play Rabbit
    노는 토끼Play Rabbit 45 minutter siden

    AWESOME !!!!!! My Brain Exploded. and more inspired by your Reaction !!! Thank you

  • Lalremruata Pachuau
    Lalremruata Pachuau 47 minutter siden

    8:23 most of u guys wouldn't notice ...even the tv changed!!

  • crashbros gaming
    crashbros gaming 51 minutt siden

    that coce one was cgi from a game called:ghost recon wildlands

  • x3m5p33d3r
    x3m5p33d3r 58 minutter siden

    @7:24 i think the girl ran forward and the camera was filming her on a rig (moving {on rails}with the same speed of the girls) with with the lens pointed at the mirror focusing on the girl.
    I think this is the no special fx added version.

  • Puulix
    Puulix Time siden

    *69k likes yeah boi*

  • Timon Landewe
    Timon Landewe Time siden

    4:14 is from a game named ghost recon wildlands

  • Lorik Dermaku
    Lorik Dermaku Time siden

    7:19 theres a camera when the door is opened

  • Jacob Erskine
    Jacob Erskine Time siden

    That was ridiculous

  • Victorgut7M
    Victorgut7M Time siden

    Which movie is the one shoot from the stairs with a rope?

  • Touri
    Touri Time siden

    7:35 i think with a Green screen on the mirror

  • Philipp Kahler
    Philipp Kahler Time siden

    part 2

  • Anneka Bower
    Anneka Bower Time siden

    Dolly zoom into a mirror?

  • Still_ Steve
    Still_ Steve Time siden

    Links to the videos?????????

  • Sub2Coltz
    Sub2Coltz Time siden

    I feel the scene where they change the whole room is done by the people from ' 60 minute makeover ' if anyone's ever seen it!

  • Cj Greco
    Cj Greco Time siden

    with the mirror and the Girl running. The camera was zooming out the whole time and facing at the mirror

  • Peridium
    Peridium Time siden

    0:33 you've been gnomed!

    STREETLEGENDZ001 Time siden

    What does Ghetto look like? 🤔🤔

  • Joey Ronsse
    Joey Ronsse Time siden

    The mirror was moving down the hall way with the girl

  • Fevos Man
    Fevos Man Time siden

    He was impressed by the girl in the mirror. "How did they do it"....IT'S CALLED ZOOMING OUT, DUMBASS
    Just joking, I love you

    But seriously, it's just zooming in and out in a mirror

  • Tony Bombardo
    Tony Bombardo Time siden

    Kind of frustrating that you included 27 affiliate links, 4 social media links, and zero links to the reddit post you're talking about...

  • Mali
    Mali Time siden

    * two seconds into intro* *PUNCHES THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON*

  • 5,000 subs without any videooosss ????????

    Yo don't be so hard on yourself your stuff is amazing

  • ghostdasquarian
    ghostdasquarian Time siden +1

    mirror shot. my assumption.
    the cameraman was filming the mirror the whole time. he was running in-front of the girl then stopped to let her take the lead.

  • JCLegoMan
    JCLegoMan 2 timer siden

    This is like studying piano and violin for 10 years and then watching some 6 year old Chinese kid make you look like a fool.

  • marco o
    marco o 2 timer siden

    ok Peter, now learn this stuff and teach me. Ty

  • SayHiTy
    SayHiTy 2 timer siden

    that was amazing 10:00

    DOUBLE ii TECH 2 timer siden +1

    7:12 youtuber cinecam after effects recreated this effect ❤️

  • VincentVanGeisha
    VincentVanGeisha 2 timer siden

    the thing is you probably never gonna be able to shoot a good movie or a short film because you are not interesting enough. all you can do is just shoot a couple cool shots and make youtube videos.

  • DΞΞK (DigitallyRearranged)

    More of these vids

  • alexander boje
    alexander boje 2 timer siden

    I wounder if he is actually talking to someone or is just pretending

  • Richard
    Richard 2 timer siden

    The foam of the bear, if you are able to get a good bear, you can do that in real life all the time if you tilt the glas and straighten it up to the end

  • Christiaan Dekker
    Christiaan Dekker 2 timer siden

    The bathroom scene in Mr Nobody, the camera goes through the mirror

  • OTAKU SAMA -amine
    OTAKU SAMA -amine 2 timer siden

    That girl running i think the camera was facing the mirror and it was being zoomed out perfectly matching her speed.

  • azar ghasemi
    azar ghasemi 2 timer siden

    for the mirror one, they used a green screen in the mirror. it wasn't practical

    BIG WILLY 2 timer siden +1

    What subreddit is this?

  • Machtyn
    Machtyn 2 timer siden

    The mirror thing. Perhaps they did a slow zoom out.

  • Graf von Dralgo
    Graf von Dralgo 2 timer siden

    The mirror could have a little angle and the girl walks not straight

  • Graf von Dralgo
    Graf von Dralgo 2 timer siden

    In Germany is the bear just better

  • David Teinturier
    David Teinturier 2 timer siden

    4:24 😂😂😂😂

  • Progzycode G
    Progzycode G 2 timer siden

    9:41 Is the Women naked?

  • NikEz
    NikEz 2 timer siden

    The mirror moves with her

  • Hana Šmachová
    Hana Šmachová 2 timer siden

    what kind of shit beer doesn't have beer head

  • The Dark Rider
    The Dark Rider 3 timer siden

    Can you teach us how to do those 😁

  • CROWjunkie
    CROWjunkie 3 timer siden

    They zoomed into the mirror😉

    SILVER GAMING 3 timer siden

    Cinecom done video about that shoot with girl who is runnig through the hallway

  • hyoga jidai
    hyoga jidai 3 timer siden


  • Aristo
    Aristo 3 timer siden

    dude that one never ending shot was absolutely insane

  • Sneakpeek India
    Sneakpeek India 3 timer siden

    if somebody finds out BTS of the girl running to the mirror scene... plzzzzzz enlighten us

  • Hicham Hicham
    Hicham Hicham 3 timer siden

    That so cool and brilliant, I enjoyed, thank you for your spectaculous reaction

  • Technical A.chiksa
    Technical A.chiksa 3 timer siden


  • Jake Larntz
    Jake Larntz 3 timer siden

    Over a million views. JEEZ

  • HamilFan1604
    HamilFan1604 3 timer siden

    in the mirror shot they probably filmed from the mirror the hole time and unzoomed as she was getting closer

  • Steady
    Steady 3 timer siden

    If the Mirroreffect wasn't a green screen, then they could have zoomed all the way inside the mirror, at an angle you couldn't see the camera and slowly zommed out in sync to her running. So it seemes the camera is moving backwards.. maybe ^^

  • NightyToxic Stotixツ
    NightyToxic Stotixツ 3 timer siden

    3:55 Ghost Recon Wildlands trailer

  • DamBossTM
    DamBossTM 3 timer siden

    6:49 The running girl that suddenly turns into a mirror
    They first took a shot of her running towards the camera.
    Used a green screen inside the mirror to show the first clip of the girl running
    and then took another shot of the girl opening the door synchronised with the speed of the first shot of the girl touching the camera.

    Just if you want to know :D
    Im not english, sorry for spelling!

  • Harrison Finn
    Harrison Finn 3 timer siden

    The camera one is you move to left or right and film them running but before that I do it when there just running and sink them together when editing

  • Elites Engineering
    Elites Engineering 3 timer siden

    Can I put that barrel lense in my bum

  • Holistic Howling
    Holistic Howling 3 timer siden

    Still waiting for the "Filmmaker"

  • Flappy Gamer
    Flappy Gamer 3 timer siden

    Please do more reactions like this one

  • Rudrajit Saha
    Rudrajit Saha 3 timer siden

    Thanks youtube for recommending this one

  • Gmail User
    Gmail User 3 timer siden

    Check out a fight scene in a movie called The Protector. It's the stairs fight scene. its s super long continuous shot incredibly done.

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un 4 timer siden


  • jjb jjv
    jjb jjv 4 timer siden

    This reminds me of Unbox Therapy

  • amazing jerry
    amazing jerry 4 timer siden

    NO-clip get this sh*t of my recommended!

  • 30m3
    30m3 4 timer siden

    That is how you get humbled real fast!

  • Tim Genford Jensen
    Tim Genford Jensen 4 timer siden

    you need to check out the Shooting Macro video :)

  • Sage Perisse
    Sage Perisse 4 timer siden

    That's my Zebra Zebra! haha

  • Christopher Lalrindika
    Christopher Lalrindika 4 timer siden


  • Markus
    Markus 4 timer siden

    Just stop talking and start with the video

    MR. RIDDLE 4 timer siden +1

    this was the longest video I have ever seen.

    • Pro Gamer
      Pro Gamer 4 timer siden +1

      This is a joke right?

  • DerMensch NR5
    DerMensch NR5 4 timer siden

    You were right. She was walking backwards.

  • Nakki S
    Nakki S 4 timer siden

    Now I wanna study film making and work in Hollywood 🌚
    I really like your reaction 😅

  • leonardo morreti
    leonardo morreti 4 timer siden

    what kind of microphone do you have?

  • Guy reshef
    Guy reshef 4 timer siden

    Is this dude over reacts to everything?

  • Sean
    Sean 4 timer siden

    Mirror clip, just zoom in on the mirror!

    ATADEMO 4 timer siden

    the contact mirror scene was 2 takes from alternate directions, and the mirror take was layered on top. look at 6:59, look at the position of the pointer and middle finger in both hands. in the mirror shot the fingers are about a half inch more scissored open then in the non mirror shot. plus the inside shirt is outside the cuff in the real, but inside the cuff in the oehr.

  • Oeuf Crispples
    Oeuf Crispples 4 timer siden

    Peter McNikon

  • İbrahim Eryüksel
    İbrahim Eryüksel 5 timer siden

    The mirror shot had green screen it wasn't actually a mirror

  • AtrumNoxProductions
    AtrumNoxProductions 5 timer siden

    At 7:00 the NO-clip Group "Cinecom .net" made a video on it. I think they did a pretty good job at explaining it; and recreating it.

  • Langik Minang
    Langik Minang 5 timer siden

    Oh really awesome, very cool, it make me shock 😱

  • Niiiqa
    Niiiqa 5 timer siden

    how he calls himself filmaker hmpf

  • Black Deer
    Black Deer 5 timer siden

    9:41 did the women in the blue just strip fully naked?

  • G Skub
    G Skub 5 timer siden

    The one shot video has a behind the scenes. Search for The Sunday Times - Icons on Vimeo and there's a link in the description for the behind-the-scenes.

  • Owais Abbasi
    Owais Abbasi 5 timer siden +1

    Now I know......

    "Food photography is a lie"😕

    • Pro Gamer
      Pro Gamer 4 timer siden +1

      Lol I read this comment the same moment he said that in the video

  • Kinna Lokohan
    Kinna Lokohan 5 timer siden

    I'm no film maker but i know how the mirror shot was done

  • Ryan'sMG TV
    Ryan'sMG TV 5 timer siden

    4:18 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

  • ItzFelix
    ItzFelix 5 timer siden

    The mirror scene might be done by zooming out

    AVA LIVE RADIO 5 timer siden

    The continued shots were crazy. I had no idea this even happened. MyGod. .