The Spiders and the Bees

  • Publisert 8. mars. 2019
  • Everyone was so afraid of spiders when what we should have been fearing is bees.
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Kommentarer • 127 589

  • Mankiller3.0 :?
    Mankiller3.0 :? Dag siden

    Both of them can die in a fire for all I care

  • A Moufou
    A Moufou Dag siden

    Damn i steped on a bee too when i was 9 or smth.

  • Nadya Navarro Lamb
    Nadya Navarro Lamb Dag siden

    Life sucks I you are a spider THEY DIE FOR NO REASON!!

  • Jae J.
    Jae J. Dag siden

    I’ve been stung by a bee five times in my life “AHHHH!!!” *screaming*

  • Cottonsealtail
    Cottonsealtail Dag siden

    James makes these spiders seem not scary or terrifying

  • Jocelyn Otano
    Jocelyn Otano Dag siden

    I one time got stung in the ear by a hornet

  • kazok the gamer
    kazok the gamer Dag siden

    Butterflies pollens the rest

  • Dark Professor Oswin

    Actually. Honey bees are an invasive species in America. And they kill a lot of species.

  • Almar Godes
    Almar Godes Dag siden

    Me too IM YOUR # 1 FANN and I download your song like Life Is Fun and I'm afraid of spiders and bees but like you I Will subscribe you thanks and make more video everyday

    LEMON JUICE Dag siden

    1v1 me on fortnie I choose the rules

  • Anyettie Strow
    Anyettie Strow Dag siden

    7:34 I just had a magical experience

  • CQJL Hardman
    CQJL Hardman Dag siden

    One time I got stung 17 times at once

  • Jasman Bains
    Jasman Bains Dag siden +1

    Play the worst game ever fortnite

  • Piper Johnson
    Piper Johnson Dag siden

    I got stung by a yellow jacket on the hand

  • itz_electrix
    itz_electrix Dag siden

    People t
    People th
    People tha
    People that
    People that d
    People that do
    People that do t
    People that do th
    People that do thi
    People that do this


  • Piper Johnson
    Piper Johnson Dag siden

    I got stung by a bee 3 times and 2 of them happened in one day also to me they feel like nothing

  • Moving Paper Animations

    Most of my family works in Beekeeping XD

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah Dag siden


  • Zombie_Chan
    Zombie_Chan Dag siden

    We learnt that wasps suck
    I’m afraid of spiders
    And I once helped a bee that only had one wing

  • Galaxy-knight Eternal

    I’m srry u had to suffer from 2018 NO-clip rewind😥

  • Gta ac solid dude
    Gta ac solid dude Dag siden

    (literal) spider boy
    (literal) spider boy
    Does what ever what a (literal) spider boy does

  • Ethan Choi
    Ethan Choi Dag siden

    Do gaming channel

  • Skary Chavez
    Skary Chavez Dag siden

    I bought your book bag
    Today my review 👍

  • wofycakelight lightfoxygumdale

    I'm new to channel

  • oogular boogular
    oogular boogular Dag siden

    ive been stung by not 1, not 2, but 0 bees!

  • KeBro 124
    KeBro 124 Dag siden +1

    Somebody call up Lucas the spider!!!

  • Fortnite Tunes
    Fortnite Tunes Dag siden +1

    What if the *SPIDER* killed Harry the moth!!

  • Cynthia Reece
    Cynthia Reece Dag siden

    My name is matthew

  • Joaquin Russo
    Joaquin Russo Dag siden

    I hate wasp

  • Assasinsgamer222
    Assasinsgamer222 Dag siden

    How bad I got stung 68 times

  • xWolfieGachax
    xWolfieGachax Dag siden

    Thing is, I'm scared of both of them TwT

  • Nikki Moreno
    Nikki Moreno Dag siden

    Hey odds ones out I was first sting by a wasp

  • Nathaniel Harris
    Nathaniel Harris Dag siden

    A spider in my show like a pervert it happened TODAY

  • Julie Allen
    Julie Allen Dag siden

    I have been stung by a hole hive

  • carlosibermeo
    carlosibermeo Dag siden

    7:34 anyone else thinks of annoying orange

    . . . No one? ok.

    ALIJAHGAMER06 23 Dag siden


  • Sandra Umana
    Sandra Umana Dag siden

    nice butt 0:40

  • Matrix Blox
    Matrix Blox Dag siden


    From the board games video

  • Chara Dreamurr
    Chara Dreamurr Dag siden +1

    Yay I got my first like!

    Why is it blue?

  • Lazy potato
    Lazy potato Dag siden

    I got stung by like 12

  • Gerard Tyler Carino

    You make the spiders look adorable buttt i think we freak out mostly because of the way they look i understand they wont attack you but seeing a giant ass spider crawling around is just scary

  • NJTGaming
    NJTGaming Dag siden

    The Lenny spider is a very rare species

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord Dag siden +1

    The NO-clip who I know that isn't afraid of spiders is *Exotic Lair* he has a bunch of tarantulas

  • Ty Beeman
    Ty Beeman Dag siden


  • Vast Productions
    Vast Productions Dag siden

    Soooo... Bees are suicide bombers ?

  • IveyKidz TV
    IveyKidz TV Dag siden +1

    6:40 me to too

  • Uncovered Bananas
    Uncovered Bananas Dag siden

    the other 80% of crops I'm pretty sure would be butterflies.

  • NJTGaming
    NJTGaming Dag siden


  • Alanzo Cavaness
    Alanzo Cavaness Dag siden

    Good job on the airsoft game at Mr. Beast, James!

  • Emerald Pika
    Emerald Pika Dag siden +1

    Fun fact male bees are SLAVES

  • Hubcaps
    Hubcaps Dag siden

    Hey james, you should watch film theory.

  • BananaazAnimationz OwO

    3:36 You good James?

  • Luisavvo
    Luisavvo Dag siden

    How could I contact you?
    is that I would like to do a fandub in Spanish and I wanted to ask your permission.
    Obviously I would not get paid with your material I just want something to do dubbing

  • Rebekah Willes
    Rebekah Willes Dag siden


  • Chantelle White
    Chantelle White Dag siden

    I Love. Watermelon 🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉. I. Love caT🐱🐈

  • Mistic Holly
    Mistic Holly Dag siden +2

    *Bee lands on shoulder*


  • BundleBerry c:
    BundleBerry c: Dag siden

    I love spiders! they're so cute!

  • Zero Ling
    Zero Ling Dag siden

    what did we learn? that trumps a butthole

  • Unknown ?
    Unknown ? Dag siden

    I had a bee on my nose once

  • patricia lopez
    patricia lopez Dag siden

    My cousin is allergic to bes

  • King Ninja
    King Ninja Dag siden

    I don't have a fear of any of them
    People also think I'm weird because I think their cute

  • Ella C.B.
    Ella C.B. Dag siden

    Make an animation of the mr.Beast airsoft war

  • Josh Bolack
    Josh Bolack Dag siden

    5:07 some bats and birds, among other things

  • Tiny Rex
    Tiny Rex Dag siden

    Cough btw good job an winning beast's battle royale thingy, i watched it and you guys did amazing

  • joannel50
    joannel50 Dag siden

    just {BEE} your self

  • Chantelle White
    Chantelle White Dag siden

    I. Love. BaBy. Bees. Hey hey hey Hey. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Jamee The Animator 2019

    Hey james,try add your screaming compilation

  • Salma Maklad
    Salma Maklad Dag siden

    Oh God the two things I fear hehe😅

  • Manas009
    Manas009 Dag siden +1

    bees give honey #BEELIVESMATTER james

  • ava minkowski
    ava minkowski Dag siden

    Iv got stung by a wasp...the worst thing ever

  • Wyatt Hartley
    Wyatt Hartley Dag siden

    why you hate on jacksepticeye

  • MissCyber
    MissCyber Dag siden

    I’ve got stung by a be ONCE heh in.. kindergarten...I cried...

  • Matt The Nerd
    Matt The Nerd Dag siden +1

    I hated the beginning message

  • ZavierGoesBOOM!!!
    ZavierGoesBOOM!!! Dag siden

    pervert = lenny

  • ZavierGoesBOOM!!!
    ZavierGoesBOOM!!! Dag siden

    and im not afaird of spiders but im afaird of ticks

  • Phoenix xoxo
    Phoenix xoxo Dag siden

    Yeah, wasps are horrible. I got stung by one a few months ago

  • ZavierGoesBOOM!!!
    ZavierGoesBOOM!!! Dag siden

    but i've been bit by a ant

  • ZavierGoesBOOM!!!
    ZavierGoesBOOM!!! Dag siden

    and i've never been stung by a bee or bit by an spider

  • ZavierGoesBOOM!!!
    ZavierGoesBOOM!!! Dag siden

    i'm allergic to mosquitoes

  • Destiny Brown
    Destiny Brown Dag siden

    Dude I'm sitting across from my sisters who are 4 and 2, and they are literally watching this video. I recognized the voice and lost it!

  • ZavierGoesBOOM!!!
    ZavierGoesBOOM!!! Dag siden

    oh butterflies,wasps,humming birds,bees,some spiders,hornets,bats and some flies pollinate the plants

  • Godzilla Carsia
    Godzilla Carsia Dag siden +1

    Global warming😂😂😂😂

  • Hannah D.
    Hannah D. Dag siden +1

    Who else was here at 1 mill?

  • The Shonen Theorist

    GOSH DARN IT JAMES 🤣 3:53 and 7:34

  • Yt_thegoat 04
    Yt_thegoat 04 Dag siden

    I still will kill spiders

  • Lulu Pulante
    Lulu Pulante Dag siden

    one day a bee stung on my mouth ;-;
    ( im brazilian sorry if my english is bad)

    I LOVE ROBLOX ! Dag siden +2

    We learned something new today......

  • Amanda Wilson
    Amanda Wilson Dag siden

    You need to do more research about bees and watch film theory

  • Crash the bundy lord masta :D

    6:59 hey look , it’s an inflated water buffalo!
    8:00 HEY!IT’S ANOTHER!!!!

  • Lordmurd
    Lordmurd Dag siden watch this james bees are evil

  • Omarock Anim8
    Omarock Anim8 Dag siden +1

    My brother won't put his seatbelt on.😢

  • Lil Potato
    Lil Potato Dag siden


  • DimondBlazer Reviews

    james should do that high piched voise more

  • Gacha moonlight star wolf

    6:47 HE SAT ON IT

  • Bella Morales
    Bella Morales Dag siden

    I stepped on a bee before because I didn’t want to put my sandals back on after going outside while I was walking back inside

  • Beth Middleton
    Beth Middleton Dag siden

    Pause at 4:51 me when I get a new kid in my class

  • VerticalVoid
    VerticalVoid Dag siden

    Tarantulas are cute, small spiders are big no though

  • lucas
    lucas Dag siden

    Bees = good
    Wasps = cancer

  • 100 subs without a video

    I got a question

    Why the sprinkles aren't you subscribe to PewDiePie