Robocalls: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Publisert 11. mars. 2019
  • Robocalls are a growing problem. If only we could make the FCC care a little bit more about fixing it.
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Kommentarer • 11 994

  • inick2005i
    inick2005i 2 timer siden

    "Block this caller" is my jam

  • Dylan S
    Dylan S 2 timer siden

    the part about not wanting to mail had me weezing in laughter, it is literally me down to those spooky mailboxes in NYC

  • Ryan Keen
    Ryan Keen 2 timer siden

    About Face: Veterans Against the War
    Formerly Iraq Veterans Against the War

  • CJ Cook
    CJ Cook 2 timer siden

    It doesn't matter when you pause, John Oliver is always making a face. :P

  • Lark Forest
    Lark Forest 3 timer siden

    John Oliver is such a Chaotic Neutral

  • Daniel Davis
    Daniel Davis 4 timer siden

    Can you imagine how wild the staff parties for Susan Collins must be? That crew definitely knows how to get fucked up.

  • ROBERTS R Overfield
    ROBERTS R Overfield 4 timer siden

    Well played good sir.

  • RoboCallWall RoboCallWall

    They are using technology and the only answer today is to fight them with technology.

  • Verdugo
    Verdugo 4 timer siden

    GOT ‘EM

  • Andrea Clemente
    Andrea Clemente 4 timer siden

    Facia da merda

  • Ashley Thomas
    Ashley Thomas 5 timer siden

    Well damn... That stamp bit was freakishly on the nose.

  • Happy Ford
    Happy Ford 5 timer siden

    True about Wells Fargo.. They kept calling my daughter relentlessly.

  • SRG Zach Attack
    SRG Zach Attack 5 timer siden

    I get at least one a day

  • C D
    C D 5 timer siden

    Where can I sign up to be robocalled by John Oliver? It would be like a good bedtime story.

  • sarnlest
    sarnlest 5 timer siden

    I got a robocall 4 minutes into watching this...

  • Honey Dubey
    Honey Dubey 6 timer siden


  • Shane Sanders
    Shane Sanders 6 timer siden

    I literally received a robo-call while watching this.

  • Sharon Mullins
    Sharon Mullins 6 timer siden

    Your show is the best! Humor incredible!

  • transplant
    transplant 6 timer siden +2

    If you still get robocalled, you're doing something wrong. The actual issue isn't that big of an issue if you've been alive less than 300 years. As Oliver just showed, you can actually have a lot of fun with telephone scammers. For instance: Call-forwarding. I'm not suggesting anyone actually do this...
    However, you could set up a voip number. Spam every phone list that's likely to get you robocalled. When the calls start coming in, automate your call forwarding to redirect the calls to Ajit Pai and your local representatives. We can think bigger than one call every ninety minutes.

  • Rebecca Lohfert Boas
    Rebecca Lohfert Boas 6 timer siden

    This has never happened to any of my family.. perks of living in Denmark

  • ArachCobra
    ArachCobra 6 timer siden

    That's right, John, give 'em a taste of their own medicine.

  • Mitchell Ware
    Mitchell Ware 6 timer siden

    The Landmower Man ending.

  • Riebenzahl -
    Riebenzahl - 7 timer siden

    Two questions:
    Did it work?
    Why is this not an issue in europe?

  • MakiPcr
    MakiPcr 7 timer siden

    Capital One customer service employee here! The company got worried enough to tell us about it (here in Costa Rica, and Manila, and everywhere)

  • R Painter
    R Painter 7 timer siden

    If I know it's a scam call I will sometimes answer the call, wait for a human to get on the phone and blow a very shrill whistle, but I'm thinking about getting an airhorn.

  • Lorna Nunez
    Lorna Nunez 7 timer siden

    I try that shit. And my calls increase. Same people different numbers. So i can have a stroke any day. T mobil send me a text every month to pay my bill. From the murgae. Am on speed. Dial for every thing these ass hole selling. And thay turn off my phone 12 pm. On due date. No reminder text. Gready mother fuckers..

  • Joey brajkovich
    Joey brajkovich 7 timer siden

    Literally got two rob calls while watching this video....

  • Krista Star
    Krista Star 8 timer siden

    Yes!! This made my day.

  • M. Tom
    M. Tom 8 timer siden

    Orange man bad

  • D R
    D R 8 timer siden

    FYI, that "I AM a real person" phone call is indeed a robot. There have been crude AI based robo-callers for years with large vocabularies that can "respond".

  • Josh Boyle
    Josh Boyle 9 timer siden

    This is journalism. Fox, CNN, everyone - this is what journalism should look like. You identify an issue. You investigate that issue. You report on that issue in great detail. Obviously they're doing this with humor here but at the center of it is actually really good journalism.

  • Ray McFarland
    Ray McFarland 9 timer siden

    I got a robocall while watching this

  • m b
    m b 9 timer siden

    The goober line killed me

  • Julia Wang
    Julia Wang 9 timer siden

    Got a robocall while watching this

  • cpMetis
    cpMetis 10 timer siden

    My favorite ones were about my credit card and car warranty, when I was 10 and had neither.

  • Georgia & the Spirit Guitar

    Here is a quote from John Oliver calling for the harassment of another talk show host. MSNBC article dated today.
    "I would argue that Tucker is actually a good example of an internet pile-on being merited," Oliver said.
    Karma is a strong ally for the righteous.

    • TheMoezilla
      TheMoezilla 5 timer siden

      You could of just avoided the middle man and went straight to Last Week Tonight's NO-clip channel, video is there for everyone to watch.

  • BestServedCold
    BestServedCold 10 timer siden

    I got a robocall in the middle of watching this video

  • Rhyme& Reason
    Rhyme& Reason 10 timer siden

    It is really quite shameful how little our government is doing to protect us from scammers, identity thieves, and people who want to track our every move... our government has become pretty much AWOL in actually doing things to make people's lives better and more secure. They've completely sold out to corporate interests...

  • Jake Spartz
    Jake Spartz 10 timer siden

    This is gold. I love Last Week Tonight so much.

  • The Firebird Flock
    The Firebird Flock 10 timer siden

    I want an update of with the FCC on here if this legit happened

  • Super_Cyb0rg
    Super_Cyb0rg 10 timer siden

    Did they just actually fucking robocall the FCC?

  • bhjuoespbnuo
    bhjuoespbnuo 11 timer siden

    2:02 there is no phonecall, he fakes answering a call

  • Rick Abbett
    Rick Abbett 11 timer siden

    Disgusting man who has sex with children

  • Alicia-Pilar Mogollon
    Alicia-Pilar Mogollon 11 timer siden

    #andrewyang2020 says he would make robo calls illegal.

  • Tai Ketchum
    Tai Ketchum 11 timer siden +1

    John really just dabbed on the FCC

  • Quincario
    Quincario 11 timer siden

    348 W 57th. Street, #301 New York NY 10019

  • Magliozzi Edits
    Magliozzi Edits 11 timer siden

    This man is my hero.

  • timmy timmytimmy
    timmy timmytimmy 12 timer siden

    who cheap?
    His Alter is never named, but he has the power to manipulate watermelons and use them as bombs, protective barriers, platforms and teleportation devices(By stepping inside a giant watermelon, having it shrink to nothing, then having it grow anew in a different location, with him still inside it.). He can make them grow huge until they crush an opponent, turn an entire building into a watermelon for a second (thus destroying it when it turns back, somehow).

  • fry daddy
    fry daddy 12 timer siden

    If the robo calls are anything to go on, I've been investigated by the IRS 12 times.
    They'll never catch me.

  • 3dent
    3dent 12 timer siden

    The 4th Law of robotics: No robot shall be able to say, type, transmit or render in any other way the phrase "✅ I'm not a robot."

  • Erwann Kerroc'h
    Erwann Kerroc'h 13 timer siden

    John Oliver and his team are superheroes.

  • Scott Jewett
    Scott Jewett 13 timer siden

    Hey I remember Tom Wheeler! Kind of looks like a dingo...

  • Buck Young
    Buck Young 13 timer siden

    John Oliver=Dirt Bag. What a loser! Steve Allen, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno to this hot mess.

  • Kyle Loftis
    Kyle Loftis 14 timer siden

    Just got a robocall while watching this.

  • TidalWave Dan
    TidalWave Dan 14 timer siden

    “We’re calling because your car’s warranty is about to expire.”
    Me: Oh wow, what kind of car do I have?
    Scammer: “For security purposes we cannot tell you what car we have on file for you?”
    Me: you’ve done a convincing job here’s all of my sensitive information😈

    DANIELLE PALAZZOLO 15 timer siden

    AT&T inherited a problem child! I'm dead

  • Kelvin Tawanda Tore
    Kelvin Tawanda Tore 15 timer siden +1

    This is my favourite John Oliver clip by far, regards from Africa

  • Andrew J
    Andrew J 16 timer siden +4

    Ajit Pai: "Excuse me, gentlemen, it appears that I may have won a cruise" Let's be honest, folks. The only cruise offers he gets are from ISP lobbyists.

  • D C Tommy
    D C Tommy 18 timer siden

    Buy stamps you English goober!

  • Dana Payne
    Dana Payne 18 timer siden

    I get slightly more disturbed every time John says "business daddy". Please no more.

  • cosmic gaming73
    cosmic gaming73 19 timer siden

    Found the address stop at 16:57 btw

  • macforme
    macforme 19 timer siden

    What do you mean a Goober can't be president? We have one right now!!!!!

  • Stelios P
    Stelios P 19 timer siden

    Buy a Google Pixel 3 and never deal with robocalls again. Call Screening baby.

  • Armel Oenn
    Armel Oenn 20 timer siden

    "But the thing is we shouldn't be entirely up to us to deal with it"... yup, just like [insert any form of harassment existing that people always find a way to victim blame about] [insert any group/minority/target of that are victim of that harassment] can, we can take the prevention we can possibly and theoretically imagine, it is not to the victim to fucking do all the effort.

  • SAHM
    SAHM 21 time siden +1

    I found the Address: 349 W 58th, Street #302, New York, NY 10020.

  • Teri Blaumer
    Teri Blaumer 21 time siden

    Since I don't have a landline and all calls go through my cell, If there's no name attached to the number calling I just don't answer. If it's important they can leave a message, which they never do. That's how I deal with robo calls. I can positively say I can't remember the last time I picked up for a number I didn't recognize, but if I did and heard the robot on the other end, I would just hang up. It's interesting to look up the numbers and find out, although they might have your area code ,they are 300 miles away or in another state.

  • HeDied ThatDay
    HeDied ThatDay 21 time siden

    These calls are almost as robotic as the host!

  • gasdorfic muncher
    gasdorfic muncher 21 time siden

    seems like your phone pre loaded with robo callers ? only gave my number out to 3 people in my family?

  • Michelle Li
    Michelle Li 21 time siden

    How is this show real again?

  • Bilal Ahmed
    Bilal Ahmed 21 time siden

    Please cover upcoming Indian Elections.

  • HeWhoWinsAtLosing
    HeWhoWinsAtLosing 22 timer siden

    I found the address but I refuse to post it out of principle.

  • meh!
    meh! 22 timer siden

    @10:02 i do stuff like this when im bored. that is either a bot or a psychopath

  • meh!
    meh! 22 timer siden

    @8:43 yep... same here

  • Jennifer C
    Jennifer C 22 timer siden

    Love that social security #!

  • Quinn Fischer
    Quinn Fischer 22 timer siden

    10:13 That robot is amazing and I feel terrible for her

    USA BREAKING NEW 22 timer siden

    OMG! And this is why Last Week Tonight keeps winning Emmy awards

  • Anthony P
    Anthony P 23 timer siden

    Without legislation we already have all major mobile carriers providing free spam blocking services, and they are in the process of implementing STIR/SHAKEN protocols based on urging from the FCC and customers. Shockingly not every problem requires federal legislation. Crazy I know.

  • M Will
    M Will 23 timer siden

    Hilarious and yet the f bombs and language is off putting...

  • Victoria Kemp
    Victoria Kemp 23 timer siden

  • Johnny Equinox
    Johnny Equinox 23 timer siden

    This might not get a lot of likes, but the address is 348 W 57th Street, #301, New York, NY 10019. Don't tell the FCC!

  • wizix
    wizix 23 timer siden

    348 W 57th. Street #301, New York NY 10019

  • timmy timmytimmy
    timmy timmytimmy 23 timer siden
    the dodo

  • Travis McCarty
    Travis McCarty 23 timer siden

    Oh and do you see Monica Lewinsky climbing on the me too wagon NO!! She stands for everything a strong woman truly is. Glad she hasnt come to suck yours like you are demanding john.. me too me too!!

    • Travis McCarty
      Travis McCarty 8 timer siden

      +Alex Franklin interestingly this comment was from the live feed lastnight, hmmmm

    • Alex Franklin
      Alex Franklin 11 timer siden

      what is this comment

  • Taylor Warner
    Taylor Warner Dag siden

    The other day at my job I got 12 back to back robo calls from the same number. Every time I answered all I heard was a woman speaking Mandarin. It left 4 voicemails as well. Wild.

  • Travis McCarty
    Travis McCarty Dag siden

    I love your show but Tucker Carlson is much more savage

  • Jennifer Carrillo
    Jennifer Carrillo Dag siden

    There are e-mails like this too. They are contacting beneficiaries from Africa to transfer millions of dollars to us. Some even ask you to send them money for transfer fees.

  • str1ng_the0ry
    str1ng_the0ry Dag siden

    FCC I saved you some time, "348 W 57th. Street, #301, New York, NY, 10019"

  • TheDrexxus
    TheDrexxus Dag siden +1

    The one I get the most keeps telling me that its the FINAL courtesy call about the warranty of my car expiring.
    Despite being the final call, i've had about 200 of them. And the warranty on my car expired more than a decade ago.
    I am so damn sick of the USA being the bitch of corporations. They can't get any laws passed to curb ANY shit eating behavior because those lobbyists keep buying elected officials.
    Lobbyists should be rounded up and fucking executed. They are the reason nothing useful ever gets done. For instance, when the US realized its kids were turning into fatasses, it started requiring school lunches to serve vegetables. Well lobbyists stepped in and made the folks declare that FRENCH FRIES count as vegetables. So it defeats the entire purpose of the requirement and kids keep getting fatter just so motherfuckers can sell more french fries. Our entire system is fucked by this shit.

  • IgorD
    IgorD Dag siden

    Is John Oliver always like this? Is he doing humor?

  • RolandArthur
    RolandArthur Dag siden

    I think you are somewhat off on the depiction of¨meloning¨. It should at least involve two 45+ women and a happy young lad with a blush face. At least!

  • IgorD
    IgorD Dag siden

    3:12 I see why she missed that mortgage payment

  • GDI
    GDI Dag siden

    The spoofing example was only awkward because that old woman looked so shaky and frail that she might throw the phone across the room

  • Sophie Vaughan
    Sophie Vaughan Dag siden


  • Jeremy Branson
    Jeremy Branson Dag siden

    Anyone else get the Scarlett Johansson Under the Skin reference?

  • Hamil Patel
    Hamil Patel Dag siden

    this is fantastic.

  • Megan Waters
    Megan Waters Dag siden

    Does every 90 minutes include the middle of the night?

  • Meredyth Costa
    Meredyth Costa Dag siden


  • Chris Kohanek
    Chris Kohanek Dag siden

    John Oliver makes me proud to be an American.

  • Marcelo Souza babao Lucio

    A paz

  • Kilian Thaa
    Kilian Thaa Dag siden +1

    Hey HBO! how about an episode on article 13? before this shit gets passed...