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  • Egg Jr.
    Egg Jr. 2 timer siden

    His wife died of ligma

  • Jan Bajda
    Jan Bajda 2 timer siden +1

    Dose Ninja you’s aimbot 🤔

  • Ahlam Alfrookh
    Ahlam Alfrookh 2 timer siden +1

    People: Is Ninja dead
    Ninja: Yes, I'm Ninja's evil twin. The
    real Ninja died because of ligma.

  • Lyndon Stupid
    Lyndon Stupid 3 timer siden

    Does ninja thinks that there are 13 months in a year?

  • Marehpen
    Marehpen 3 timer siden

    Does ninja twerk

  • CrisisOverdrive
    CrisisOverdrive 3 timer siden

    He should play Overwatch

  • Preston McCormack
    Preston McCormack 3 timer siden

    They copied mythical mornings video

  • Alexthecutiepie
    Alexthecutiepie 3 timer siden

    “Is ninja dead?” I think that ninja purposely answered the wrong way, the dead meant like views dead, lol

  • V and S Channel
    V and S Channel 3 timer siden

    He plays fortnite 24/7 and takes about 3 seconds to remember what a tier is.

  • oof
    oof 3 timer siden

    Does ninja twerk

  • JzBoi 1
    JzBoi 1 4 timer siden

    Ninja died in a bus crash

  • HamishTube
    HamishTube 4 timer siden +1


  • Boite Normal
    Boite Normal 4 timer siden

    BUT HE WAS A NOOB AT HALO *Facepalm* sorry for being rude but that's true...

  • Aniya TV
    Aniya TV 4 timer siden

    Wait wasn’t ninjas hair blue?

  • marco salcido
    marco salcido 4 timer siden

    ligma balls

  • Natalie Sam
    Natalie Sam 4 timer siden

    "I *DON'T* curse in front of kids."
    Its rewind time--

  • Iam Vikk
    Iam Vikk 4 timer siden +1

    He tries *so hard* to be funny

  • Life O
    Life O 4 timer siden +2

    i am bored i wanna see 4 likes please

  • Team Extreme Vlogs /Extreme Gamer 666

    my favorite part is when ninja says ive been streaming fortnite for 1 year and 13 months

  • Nootus Wootus
    Nootus Wootus 4 timer siden

    I’ve played longer than ninja but Ian so much worse

  • Madi Set
    Madi Set 5 timer siden

    Is ninja seeing enough movement?

  • Gamer Kid789
    Gamer Kid789 5 timer siden

    Yes he did curse

  • Sir Blake
    Sir Blake 5 timer siden

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Sir Blake
    Sir Blake 5 timer siden

    The memes thiugh

  • William Leavenworth
    William Leavenworth 5 timer siden

    I thought he forgot his anneversery in front of his wife who he said was there

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 6 timer siden

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Steven BOOM
    Steven BOOM 6 timer siden

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Sebastian Majernik
    Sebastian Majernik 6 timer siden

    ohhh nnnoooo

  • nOG Ops
    nOG Ops 6 timer siden


  • Suha ERLER
    Suha ERLER 6 timer siden

    3:00 translation to English
    The you say the me you little

  • Spartan Turtle
    Spartan Turtle 6 timer siden

    I’m not seeing enough movement

  • ??? ???
    ??? ??? 6 timer siden


  • Daniel Blackledge
    Daniel Blackledge 6 timer siden

    Has ninja ever danced?

  • Awake Instinct
    Awake Instinct 7 timer siden

    You and Shipings are at the same and he’s console

    XxMIKEY DA MURDAxX 7 timer siden

    Wait did ninja say he’s 21 and started at 1921🤔 bruh that was almost a 2centurys ago

  • ReApEr x RxFFy Fortbite
    ReApEr x RxFFy Fortbite 7 timer siden

    Why does This Video has 200.000 Dislike?

  • Tj Joker
    Tj Joker 7 timer siden

    lol I didn't know you were ninja, I just thought you were some guy who liked to comment on competitions hahahh.... gg

  • Dãrk_ßhrøk []
    Dãrk_ßhrøk [] 8 timer siden +1

    oh yeah yeah
    dead meme BTW

  • Epic Gaming Guy 101
    Epic Gaming Guy 101 8 timer siden

    Does ninja have a boyfriend

  • Lukas Persson
    Lukas Persson 9 timer siden

    2:01 ´´i dont curse to the kids´´ also ninja

  • Dicaprio
    Dicaprio 9 timer siden

    Ninja is a cool guy

  • Chase Schlangen
    Chase Schlangen 10 timer siden

    Ninja cursive my insurance

  • P
    P 10 timer siden


  • Kacper Spionek
    Kacper Spionek 10 timer siden


    ILIA FROM GEORGIA 11 timer siden

    200 dislikes WTF?

  • RexJr Basilio
    RexJr Basilio 11 timer siden

    Bruh “i dont curse in front of kids”
    Me: old ninja

  • dark devil133
    dark devil133 11 timer siden


  • Milla Malinen
    Milla Malinen 12 timer siden +1

    1:59 oh ok

  • ZR Daily Channel
    ZR Daily Channel 12 timer siden

    Dose ninja thank to the bus driver ?

  • Nb Vids
    Nb Vids 12 timer siden

    I cringed when he said
    I had ONLY 100,000 SUBS

  • Space GamerX
    Space GamerX 12 timer siden

    I'm surprised he didn't report his character for stream sniping

  • ilegitdontknow
    ilegitdontknow 12 timer siden

    Why is ninja a emo dog

    SNEAKERHEADZZZ 13 timer siden

    Don’t get why so many people hate on ninja, just coz he made it 😂

  • Dylan Ong
    Dylan Ong 13 timer siden

    0:27 N I N J A Y O U F U N N Y B A S T A R D

  • BoskoGamer2000 0
    BoskoGamer2000 0 14 timer siden +1

    Oh yeah yeah

  • AuthenticNugget.
    AuthenticNugget. 14 timer siden +1


  • Brendon Durham
    Brendon Durham 16 timer siden

    Streaming for about.... a year and 13 months!!
    Next question, where did ninja go to school?

  • Darkestron
    Darkestron 17 timer siden

    4:20 look up how long fortnite has been out

  • 1 thousand subs without a video

    Please sub to me

  • 1 thousand subs without a video

    Please sub to me

  • 1 thousand subs without a video

    Please sub to me

  • 1 thousand subs without a video

    Please sub to me

  • Ale
    Ale 18 timer siden

    _Ninja_ *does ninja curse* ?
    _NO-clip recommendations_ *ahh that's hot*

  • Fortnite Blazer
    Fortnite Blazer 18 timer siden

    do you stream snipe

  • Ninjagamer 456
    Ninjagamer 456 18 timer siden

    Ligma is fake

  • ChihuahuaDoge Doge Doge
    ChihuahuaDoge Doge Doge 18 timer siden

    Does ninja give food???

  • OZ_ shadoless 747
    OZ_ shadoless 747 18 timer siden

    Enjoy your wrong you did because of front of kids it was that game when you were playing H1Z one oh my God you did curse in front of a kid

  • CreamCake[GD]
    CreamCake[GD] 18 timer siden

    Is it me or does ninja seem awfully "nice" in this video? Not the ninja I'm used to...

  • Mason Corrick
    Mason Corrick 19 timer siden

    Ninja lied he does break the rules. If he has been playing since October he shouldn’t have the recon expert

  • Alex Hearn
    Alex Hearn 20 timer siden

    What’s ligma?

  • Great Juice
    Great Juice 20 timer siden

    Is ninja a crybaby?
    “HAHAHA no, why would I be a crybaby? I’m totally modest. Totally.”
    (Ninja rewind)

  • JaydenartGamer
    JaydenartGamer 20 timer siden

    Ninja:I dont do it in front of kids

    "The f%$k you say to me you little s%¿t"
    "You kiss your mother with that fu$&¿ng mouth"

  • JaydenartGamer
    JaydenartGamer 20 timer siden

    Does Ninja curse?Ninja:No

    Me:That some bulls%$t right there

  • gamerboy 5468
    gamerboy 5468 21 time siden

    Wait did he say he has been streaming scince 1921

  • Tf2fan100
    Tf2fan100 21 time siden

    0:10 wut

  • Real
    Real 21 time siden


  • Real
    Real 21 time siden


  • Bubblygumartist
    Bubblygumartist 21 time siden

    What’s a capture card!

  • real lynx Nintendo switch
    real lynx Nintendo switch 22 timer siden +2

    Ninja: I don't curse front of kids

    Me: OK let's see


  • Joshua Ibe
    Joshua Ibe 22 timer siden

    Hes fly is down

  • Jesus Ceron
    Jesus Ceron 22 timer siden +2


  • BrooklynJade
    BrooklynJade 22 timer siden +1

    I don’t think I’ve seen a nerdier video in my life

  • ZionGames
    ZionGames 22 timer siden

    But what about the time you killed your teamate

  • alex sergi
    alex sergi 23 timer siden

    He said he started playing for a year and 13 months

  • Miguel Alcala
    Miguel Alcala 23 timer siden

    1:17 he lied he looks like Shawn mendes

  • Rex H
    Rex H 23 timer siden

    1:48 *"Does Ninja Curse?" F*ck no..
    Uhm delete that out*

  • Ken Gacha
    Ken Gacha 23 timer siden

    He dead by Stream sniper

  • Nailed IT! Productions
    Nailed IT! Productions 23 timer siden +1

    Does nija give me a shoutout
    Nija: no

  • Wolfie Gacha :D
    Wolfie Gacha :D 23 timer siden

    Roses are red
    Ninjas hair isn’t blue anymore
    If you kill him

    *sTrEam SnIpER*

  • Midnight Black
    Midnight Black 23 timer siden

    0:29 *MY NINJA HAS LIGMA* 😂

  • FortniteGamerGirl 2314
    FortniteGamerGirl 2314 23 timer siden

    Wait he said 1 year and 13 months wouldn’t that be 2 years and 1 month

  • Evan Cormier
    Evan Cormier 23 timer siden

    Dose ninja twerk

  • Hudson Kim
    Hudson Kim Dag siden +1

    If you like this comment I will donate 1$ to myself

  • Toxic Plus
    Toxic Plus Dag siden

    oh yeah yeah

  • Goul Plays
    Goul Plays Dag siden

    Ninja died of ligma unfortunately so that explains why ninjas evil twin does not swear

  • Kieren Street
    Kieren Street Dag siden

    Thai, Asian 😂😂😂

  • TypeRTypical Cinematics

    4:26 Reply If You Noticed What He Said.

  • ToycatUnited YT
    ToycatUnited YT Dag siden

    How does Ninja make his thumbnails?
    With Uber Eats man!

  • ToycatUnited YT
    ToycatUnited YT Dag siden

    Click This Twice
    \/ Wait...

  • ToycatUnited YT
    ToycatUnited YT Dag siden

    How long has Ninja been married?
    Uhhhhh... Enough.