I Got Roasted.

  • Publisert 9. jan.. 2019
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Kommentarer • 17 005

  • 123 456
    123 456 Time siden

    He could just have forehead reduction surgery

  • Kiera's nails lambert
    Kiera's nails lambert 13 timer siden

    Aw ksi don't worry a small fore head is not everything I have a big fore head

  • Ur Boi Ali
    Ur Boi Ali 15 timer siden

    When was the last time u washed ur hair

  • Victor Rykowski
    Victor Rykowski 20 timer siden

    I mean you asked for it

  • Son Rota
    Son Rota 21 time siden +2

    Tbh, Megamind looks more like Toby.

  • Alex Agamer
    Alex Agamer Dag siden +1

    Logan Paul is better

  • Zayd siddiquu
    Zayd siddiquu Dag siden

    6:42 he forgot what he was doing

  • Why u gotta 12 car garage??

    young man put that bandana back on NOW

  • Minecraftandroblox Player

    Ksis hair looks like bacon

  • Autum Breeze
    Autum Breeze 2 dager siden

    Ok the x joke was not funny at all

  • Mohamed FAOUZ
    Mohamed FAOUZ 2 dager siden +1

    Without the bandana

  • Poppy Is The Poppy
    Poppy Is The Poppy 2 dager siden +1

    JJ, you have a lot of haters in the world but DO NOT WORRY, I'll never listen, I've been a fan for quite a while and will always been one. :D

  • Sean Paul
    Sean Paul 3 dager siden

    Leave logon and jake puhl

  • Lowell Alan Castolenia jr

    JJ will u ever make a video were u aren't salty or stupid

  • Vera Asare-duah
    Vera Asare-duah 3 dager siden

    Ksi is 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

  • fisherking2m
    fisherking2m 4 dager siden +2

    To be honest I don’t see anything wrong with your hare line

  • Sean Kiri
    Sean Kiri 5 dager siden

    go to 9:39 and you can see a gap of hell

  • Kürşat Kaya
    Kürşat Kaya 5 dager siden

    9:15...HE IS GOD DAMN RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kürşat Kaya
      Kürşat Kaya 5 dager siden

      And no,he thinks Get Hyper is the best

    DR EGWARD 5 dager siden

    come on his forehead isn't that bad

    DR EGWARD 5 dager siden

    oh yeah yeah - i have nothing else to comment

  • ItsPrinceKBro
    ItsPrinceKBro 5 dager siden

    That light bulb joke killed me😂😂😂😂

  • Ace Ranger
    Ace Ranger 6 dager siden

    I would glady say all that to your face you are not scary at all to me you are just a joke and a waste of skin

  • Michael Van der Elst
    Michael Van der Elst 6 dager siden

    Lowkey I'm on a horse remix?

  • mike hockertz
    mike hockertz 6 dager siden

    its not even that bad........

  • Scarel
    Scarel 6 dager siden +9

    Asking them to roast you first, then getting triggered and asking them to tell it to your face, and claiming you're not triggered. So weak..

  • Natures Smurf
    Natures Smurf 7 dager siden +2

    I can FOREtell the future. This joke is aHEAD of its time.

  • kri lxs
    kri lxs 7 dager siden

    I like how he drinks with his pinky up -BRITISH

  • liveitup dreambig
    liveitup dreambig 8 dager siden

    He keeps saying say it to my face like he's rocky he beat joe weller who didnt throw a punch and got lucky in getting a draw against a guy who had only had 5 months boxing training in his life and beat him, what a tit

    • hussein oh yeah yeah
      hussein oh yeah yeah 7 dager siden

      KSI was an athlete for only a year, Logan was his whole life, all Logan did was train for boxing, not build his body which is the hard part.

  • Purple Floyd
    Purple Floyd 9 dager siden

    We roast KSI and all but we love him in the end

    nah I’m playing we ain’t like u JJ I only watched this video to laugh at u

  • Official Ali Al Jundi
    Official Ali Al Jundi 9 dager siden +1

    We all now that ksi is the better son, he doesn’t prank his daddy

  • Helen Mwasumbi
    Helen Mwasumbi 9 dager siden +1

    Me: Gasps
    Brother: What is it??
    Me: V- v- VEGGIETALES!!!!!
    Brother: *Shakes his head in embarassment*
    Brother: You still like that show?
    Me:....... You have offended the Veggietale Gods- Depart from my room, NOW!

  • TWON
    TWON 9 dager siden

    anybody else actually text chicken to 2496

  • Lukas-Gebremichael Mezgebe

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Sophie Sheppard
    Sophie Sheppard 9 dager siden

    Oh my lord. Does anyone know how correctly form a sentence?

  • Ghost Avenger
    Ghost Avenger 10 dager siden

    Your forehead is expanding at a larger rate than space

  • Carlos Mahinay
    Carlos Mahinay 10 dager siden +4

    He's growing backwoods out of his head

  • NightWolf Gaming
    NightWolf Gaming 10 dager siden

    8:45 - 8:50

  • Legendary Soccer
    Legendary Soccer 11 dager siden

    You look like that one candy

  • Bleach Man
    Bleach Man 11 dager siden

    Little did you know your whole sub reddit is roasting you

  • ParanormalR6S
    ParanormalR6S 12 dager siden

    10:39 Welp that back fired

  • Shant'e Hunter
    Shant'e Hunter 12 dager siden +1

    Shut up you dusty monkey

  • MINTY 4
    MINTY 4 12 dager siden +2

    Not going to get triggered *get Triggered*

  •  12 dager siden

    If you are interested in anime feel free to hit up my channel

  • ElectrifiedPigeon22
    ElectrifiedPigeon22 12 dager siden +1

    the one on 8:45 is a roast from a video i have heard of it

  • The Dark SHADOW 171
    The Dark SHADOW 171 12 dager siden

    What the heil

  • PimJ roise
    PimJ roise 13 dager siden

    Nice vid
    You had the confidence to take off your bandana and show your big asssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • PuffPuff Pass
    PuffPuff Pass 13 dager siden +1

    He so black, the black filter makes him look white. 1:59

  • Hassan Musif
    Hassan Musif 13 dager siden


  • Ah'moure Wade
    Ah'moure Wade 13 dager siden +2

    hair looking like chicken foots.

  • Emcee 2196
    Emcee 2196 13 dager siden +1

    Bro your elbows are ASHEYYY

  • Bernd Rehder
    Bernd Rehder 13 dager siden

    his hair looks like nick nacks

  • Alec 123
    Alec 123 13 dager siden +1


  • Hassan Musif
    Hassan Musif 14 dager siden

    Bacause you tosted

  • Hassan Musif
    Hassan Musif 14 dager siden


  • LizbethPedroVlogs
    LizbethPedroVlogs 14 dager siden

    4:07 baby carrot

  • Arya M
    Arya M 14 dager siden +1

    Why are yous being so mean to JJ :(

  • Taijon Thomas fray
    Taijon Thomas fray 14 dager siden

    I have a big forehead to jj ur not the only one

  • u finna get THIS CRUSADE
    u finna get THIS CRUSADE 14 dager siden

    He had to order a xll Banda for his forehead

  • kaiden kirk
    kaiden kirk 15 dager siden

    I thought your fourhead was huge but its not bad (your the best)

  • PapiChong GT
    PapiChong GT 15 dager siden

    Whoa! Don't throw daddy Bill in there like that.

  • Friz Boi
    Friz Boi 16 dager siden +10

    Jj looks like a Walmart 21 savage

  • Alpha
    Alpha 16 dager siden

    The most effective, ruthless roast was at 9:11... that says something... also who else took the time to read that? Genuine gold.

  • Chris Yeah
    Chris Yeah 16 dager siden

    I'd be happy to say all this shit to your face. What would you do about it ? You been boxing for a year mate, chill.

  • mobile gamer
    mobile gamer 16 dager siden

    Ksi i'm a big fan but i would roast you to your face. Fourhead? More like fivehead

  • Steven Lyu
    Steven Lyu 17 dager siden

    4:08 You sure about that one?

  • Marcus pennell
    Marcus pennell 17 dager siden +2

    The titanic boat one was supreme

  • Vex
    Vex 17 dager siden +19

    when you took your bandana off it was all over

  • Pints Totor
    Pints Totor 17 dager siden

    your hairline is not bad lol, im 16 and mine is worse.

  • ItsShepsky
    ItsShepsky 17 dager siden

    Boi got a nose like a double barrel shotgun

  • notPlancha
    notPlancha 18 dager siden +1

    is it 10 minutes yet?

  • FistedWaffle_lol 45378
    FistedWaffle_lol 45378 18 dager siden

    KSI get your nose fixed boi

  • B- Music
    B- Music 18 dager siden +30

    JJ congrats!


  • subscribe to pewdiepie
    subscribe to pewdiepie 18 dager siden

    Um your forehead is not even bad

  • Racecar Is Life
    Racecar Is Life 19 dager siden

    I don’t know why everyone goes on about your hair line, it’s not even that bad! And I’m not a big fan of KSI and I’m not a subscriber

  • sensu cartel
    sensu cartel 19 dager siden

    God dam you're forehead is as long as brolys

  • Canian Cloud
    Canian Cloud 19 dager siden +1

    My mans look like Bacterial Meningitis xD

  • Vince Bakker
    Vince Bakker 19 dager siden

    R.I.P KSI

  • Kelsey Nagle
    Kelsey Nagle 20 dager siden

    What is the point of roasting you when that BIG FOREHEAD has already roasted it self

  • Dini Tono
    Dini Tono 20 dager siden

    6:47 I'm out

  • Brianrod4576 ,
    Brianrod4576 , 20 dager siden

    Laid in America is a good movie 4 out 5

  • Jack Bonney
    Jack Bonney 20 dager siden

    I've got a new title for the but job 'The but job 2: a cumy adventure

  • Justin McKay
    Justin McKay 20 dager siden


  • Mininaenae 24
    Mininaenae 24 20 dager siden

    JJ how was your Christmas 🎄

  • Joseph sanz
    Joseph sanz 21 dag siden +1

    KSI your a savage doesn’t listín to these crapy fu*****

  • Kenneth Knows stuff
    Kenneth Knows stuff 22 dager siden

    His hairline is not that bad i bet one of yall got a hairline That receded so far back it look like it went back in time

  • Tennika Quick
    Tennika Quick 22 dager siden

    You look trim in this vid 🤔😍

  • Kermit The Frog
    Kermit The Frog 22 dager siden

    That xxxtentacion comment...

  • Diego Rodriguez
    Diego Rodriguez 22 dager siden

    Why is people trying to roast you in the comments for this video when its over, what where they slow enough to miss it?

  • Jiovani De polo
    Jiovani De polo 22 dager siden

    put back on the bandana

    DHRXV XO 23 dager siden

    Iam good at dissing but I LOVE U JJ

  • ImThatWeirdoGracie
    ImThatWeirdoGracie 23 dager siden +4

    "You look like KSI"
    "Could be worse, he could sound and act like KSI"
    *This sounds very familiar 🤔🤔🤔*

  • Gabz_Tee_Vee
    Gabz_Tee_Vee 23 dager siden +1

    The eggxecutor or however you spelled it roast had me crying 😂

  • Joel Kim
    Joel Kim 23 dager siden

    6:30 just end me

  • Saffronmillywebster@gmail.com Saffron1313webster22

    I've only just realized KSI was in "Laid in America"

  • Takunda K
    Takunda K 24 dager siden

    7:24 my mans really roasted Zimbabwe like that 😂😂

  • Busayo Alebiosu
    Busayo Alebiosu 24 dager siden

    But actually his forehead is actually bigger than his bank account

  • Josh Martin
    Josh Martin 24 dager siden


  • Christopher Peoples
    Christopher Peoples 25 dager siden

    These oh yeah yeah are everywhere. Get off air and stop breathing

  • DuckBoy
    DuckBoy 25 dager siden

    7:47 Some one said that to me once

  • Laddy2007
    Laddy2007 25 dager siden

    i thught i was watching ksi not megamind