PLAYING CARD MACHINE GUN- Card Throwing Trick Shots

  • Publisert 1. nov.. 2018
  • Hide yo kids, hide yo celery. Get started with 6 meals free - 2 free meals in each of your first 3 HelloFresh boxes. Go to and enter markrober60 for a total of $60 off.
    Rick's video (learn to throw cards):
    0:46- Arrow- Andrew Applepie -
    2:45- Faidherbe Square- ProleteR-
    3:52- Keep on Tryin- Andrew Applepie -
    5:55- Sappherios- Falling (Ft eSoreni)-
    9:45- Q- Blue Wednesday -
    11:02 Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak-
    High Speed camera courtesy of They rent high speed cameras at killer prices. Hit them up.
    Cards provided by

    Summary: Building a device like this has been something I've wanted to do for a really long time.

    They are soft-

    I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:
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  • Mark Rober
    Mark Rober  4 måneder siden +3604

    This has been on my build list for a very long time. Shout out to Rick Smith Jr. for being such an awesome human. I post more frequently on Twitter and Instagram @MarkRober.

  • Kyle Thomas
    Kyle Thomas Dag siden

    His facial expressions are amazing

  • Darsh Hitesh Desai
    Darsh Hitesh Desai Dag siden

    Mark said Fruit Ninja when he was holding celery.👍

  • Cameron - Daily Vlogs and Gaming

    Why does Rick look constipated when throwing the card

  • Aries Lumague
    Aries Lumague Dag siden

    Rick is a Nen user like Hisoka :)

  • PastaPenguins
    PastaPenguins Dag siden

    Nasa hunka junk

  • flipflopsneeded
    flipflopsneeded 2 dager siden

    So, your making it rain.

  • Dhruv Kabra
    Dhruv Kabra 2 dager siden +2

    4:09 just a little overkill


  • •Oxy Pom•
    •Oxy Pom• 2 dager siden

    *Lincoln wants to know your location*

  • Mcroft Liang
    Mcroft Liang 2 dager siden

    Make a Version more powerful and faster

  • Aseem Dahat
    Aseem Dahat 2 dager siden

    guess who is older

  • Carter Vrieze
    Carter Vrieze 2 dager siden

    I totally thought of the ace of spades!!!!!😰😰😰😰😰

  • Señior Sandwich
    Señior Sandwich 2 dager siden

    Anyone else see Elon’s flamethrower

  • Conrad Schleicher
    Conrad Schleicher 2 dager siden

    Did you fruit ninja from that doc n Netflix

  • Jeffy Mathew
    Jeffy Mathew 3 dager siden +3

    *Who else thought of 3 of clubs?*

  • Tøp Nerd
    Tøp Nerd 3 dager siden


  • Banonie Batute
    Banonie Batute 3 dager siden

    Real gambit

  • Allison Stewart-Zeisig
    Allison Stewart-Zeisig 3 dager siden

    Did you see the face422

  • Wilson Reynolds
    Wilson Reynolds 3 dager siden

    He definitely wins because can you throw a piece of paper through a carrot

  • Ramateja Sambaraju
    Ramateja Sambaraju 3 dager siden

    7:53 *Card walks away like a frickin superhero*

  • DennisGames NL
    DennisGames NL 3 dager siden +1

    4:15 when your mom says you cant buy games anymore XD!

  • HighlyAngryDouglas Studios

    Magik Kaitou

  • Slapmeplz 3
    Slapmeplz 3 4 dager siden


  • Charles Song
    Charles Song 4 dager siden +2

    This should be in PubG... Imagine putting a 15X on it.

    NUBBYGAMING 4 dager siden

    You also have the flamethrower from the boring company?

  • Midhiyan
    Midhiyan 4 dager siden

    He has precision drivers in him
    He's a cyboorrrggg

  • tnt 498
    tnt 498 4 dager siden

    o yes mark has a boring company flame thrower INSTANT THUMBS UP

  • RPGmole
    RPGmole 4 dager siden

    Mark is like the first person that invented the washer, he didn’t know or want to wash his clothes so he used science and engineering to make it do it for him

  • Connor Dee
    Connor Dee 4 dager siden

    Wow so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Aaron Pinot
    Aaron Pinot 4 dager siden

    Whats that trick called at 2:45?

  • Nicky Novak
    Nicky Novak 4 dager siden +3

    You literally said it has a “robin hood mode” wouldn’t it be smarter to use that?

  • Max Z
    Max Z 4 dager siden +2

    *puts explosives onto playing cards* "LETS GO"

  • Andrew Tube 2.0
    Andrew Tube 2.0 4 dager siden

    How do you throw a card like that?

  • Shadow ender minecraft And more plus mew

    Close it up and give is a stock!

  • MLGaming LT
    MLGaming LT 4 dager siden

    This gun looks like gun from far cry new dawn

  • Ponina Joseph
    Ponina Joseph 5 dager siden

    He would pass to be a baseball/softball pitcher.

  • Last Life
    Last Life 5 dager siden

    This person throwing cards is like a real life Gambit.

  • Victor Thomas
    Victor Thomas 6 dager siden

    Can i have one

  • Funnn Boys
    Funnn Boys 6 dager siden +1


  • Jonathan Moore
    Jonathan Moore 6 dager siden

    9:05 why did he even need to say that if he would just hold it free hand. Am I missing something?

  • lamJoe Joe
    lamJoe Joe 7 dager siden

    Gambit be mad you didnt invite him.

  • Logan c
    Logan c 7 dager siden

    Science vs magic

  • Akshi Jain
    Akshi Jain 7 dager siden

    4:40 Beautiful.

  • Dan hudson
    Dan hudson 7 dager siden

    I knew I didn’t eat my whole banana

  • Zombe 255
    Zombe 255 7 dager siden


  • Yellow Jackets
    Yellow Jackets 7 dager siden

    It was a false deck

  • Ramzan Mahyudin
    Ramzan Mahyudin 7 dager siden +2

    He said fruit ninja nut celery and carrots aren't fruit lmao 😂

  • LethalDarkYT
    LethalDarkYT 7 dager siden

    Said fruit ninja holding a vegetable

  • Rohan Ahmed
    Rohan Ahmed 8 dager siden

    4:21 *Donald Trump's Son?!*

  • S U B S C R I B E T O P E W D I E P I E

    I thought the song said " weed go flying "

  • lyramaria music
    lyramaria music 8 dager siden +2

    is that the guy who was invited from dude perfect ??

  • face the wind
    face the wind 8 dager siden

    does that throws money

  • Ryan Kilcullen
    Ryan Kilcullen 8 dager siden

    Beginning says fruit ninja holds up carrot😂😂

  • Trap Wolf
    Trap Wolf 8 dager siden

    The bulb farted

  • Immanuel
    Immanuel 8 dager siden +1

    7:08 - that is the funniest sound i've ever heard! - great video! :P

    ANIQ TO DA IRFAN lol 9 dager siden +1

    NERFERS(toy gun owners) be holy tactics batman! ITS THE FLYWHEELMASTERACE!(fly wheel master ace)

  • Mmm LLL
    Mmm LLL 9 dager siden

    I don't know why, but it's funny if you spam

  • Eagle Times
    Eagle Times 9 dager siden +1

    6:28 pls tell me how it’s done 😓

  • Mansoor Haque
    Mansoor Haque 10 dager siden +6

    It’s disturbing how accurate he is.

  • Jochem
    Jochem 10 dager siden +1

    5:12 he sliced like a tip of that olive, then you show it to the camera and it is cut perfectly into two pieces, you are not getting away with that one buddy

  • Prismo
    Prismo 10 dager siden +2

    Damn that’s some Yu-Gi-Oh! Card throwing skills

  • Cringelord Memes
    Cringelord Memes 10 dager siden

    This man doesn’t even need a knife or self defence weapon and he can cut anything in the kitchen with a deck of cards

  • swe_ banana
    swe_ banana 10 dager siden


  • YoBo
    YoBo 10 dager siden

    This is the first 1# guy with the worlds best talent that doesn't show off ad is a really nice guy👨.

  • BUSHEYA The Bush
    BUSHEYA The Bush 10 dager siden

    Mans cards are mad of steel, i swear

  • BUSHEYA The Bush
    BUSHEYA The Bush 10 dager siden +1

    *Dude Perfect*

  • Aedyn Acosta
    Aedyn Acosta 10 dager siden

    Who else came from dude perfect

  • EnderCrow
    EnderCrow 10 dager siden

    If the world gets taken over by robots, then Rick Smith Jr. needs to be our leader.

  • Charles Teofilo
    Charles Teofilo 10 dager siden

    5:11 XD

  • Shanu Khera
    Shanu Khera 10 dager siden

    you are a legend Mark

  • Teejit Tabmanee
    Teejit Tabmanee 10 dager siden

    😂 9:10 mark cheats

  • Game Select
    Game Select 10 dager siden

    8:07 did the earth just blow up

  • Wakalanni
    Wakalanni 11 dager siden

    6:01 the American education system

  • Ryan Noaker
    Ryan Noaker 11 dager siden +2

    Lighting the candle so nonchalantly with a flamethrower is definitely my favorite part. Awesome video!

  • Exclared
    Exclared 11 dager siden

    7:40 Directed by Micheal Bay

  • Donny Vo
    Donny Vo 11 dager siden

    He's gambit

  • Anna Martins
    Anna Martins 11 dager siden

    Live action Gambit

  • Ruby Hall
    Ruby Hall 11 dager siden

    The real way seto kaiba does it.

  • usa team
    usa team 12 dager siden

    Card like mattle

  • Varun Gupta
    Varun Gupta 12 dager siden +2

    *Recommendation Squad!!!*

    QUIRK GAMING 12 dager siden +1

    Best part 5:13

  • 1TwoThree
    1TwoThree 12 dager siden +4

    holds veggie

  • hassaan khan
    hassaan khan 12 dager siden +1

    7:51 when you can't watch Netflix

  • Darz The Robot
    Darz The Robot 12 dager siden +1

    3:37 looks so photoshopped for me because they aren’t moving

  • Jaxson Presley
    Jaxson Presley 12 dager siden

    7:05 HOW O_o

  • Flippy Boy Leeway
    Flippy Boy Leeway 12 dager siden +5

    Poor lightbulb. And the ballon, who couldn’t escape their death.

  • Soldier Gaming
    Soldier Gaming 12 dager siden +8

    This man gotta train soldiers for Zombie Apocalypse 😂

  • Ty Tolley
    Ty Tolley 12 dager siden +11

    Of course Mark Rober has a Boring flamethrower!

  • Evansh Sedani
    Evansh Sedani 13 dager siden +26

    07:54 I've seen men walking away from explosions
    But haven't seen cards flying away from fire

  • rexorax
    rexorax 13 dager siden +2

    The music sounds like a British guy saying beatbox Brian

  • Tara
    Tara 13 dager siden


  • Omar Zafar
    Omar Zafar 13 dager siden

    5:15 oooooof

  • Jasneet Jaswal
    Jasneet Jaswal 13 dager siden

    Why not single shot mode or Robin Hood mode

  • Jasneet Jaswal
    Jasneet Jaswal 13 dager siden

    4:09 anyone who plays call of duty will get this: is mark Firebreak? Looks like he’s using the purifier

  • Zac
    Zac 13 dager siden +4

    The playing card Gods have left the chat.

  • Eetu Myllykangas
    Eetu Myllykangas 13 dager siden

    I like your videos!

  • George Juckes
    George Juckes 13 dager siden +1

    10:17 could he not aford the wires

  • Vinod Ginny
    Vinod Ginny 14 dager siden

    Wanna hv fun watch this in 0.25x......thank me later

  • school documents
    school documents 14 dager siden +2

    There has been a glitch in the matrix.