PLAYING CARD MACHINE GUN- Card Throwing Trick Shots

  • Publisert 1. nov.. 2018
  • Hide yo kids, hide yo celery. Get started with 6 meals free - 2 free meals in each of your first 3 HelloFresh boxes. Go to and enter markrober60 for a total of $60 off.
    Rick's video (learn to throw cards):
    0:46- Arrow- Andrew Applepie -
    2:45- Faidherbe Square- ProleteR-
    3:52- Keep on Tryin- Andrew Applepie -
    5:55- Sappherios- Falling (Ft eSoreni)-
    9:45- Q- Blue Wednesday -
    11:02 Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak-
    High Speed camera courtesy of They rent high speed cameras at killer prices. Hit them up.
    Cards provided by

    Summary: Building a device like this has been something I've wanted to do for a really long time.

    They are soft-

    I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:
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  • Mark Rober
    Mark Rober  2 måneder siden +3099

    This has been on my build list for a very long time. Shout out to Rick Smith Jr. for being such an awesome human. I post more frequently on Twitter and Instagram @MarkRober.

    • Paul Douglas
      Paul Douglas Dag siden

      is your work area always a tide as it is when you explain something

    • Josh Kuny
      Josh Kuny 6 dager siden

      Mark Rober Rick Smith jr went to my school a few years ago

    • Gaming Creeper
      Gaming Creeper 14 dager siden

      Mark Rober hi

    • Dhruv Jain
      Dhruv Jain 15 dager siden

      Mark Rober is the best guy on NO-clip. I love you Mark.

    • NoMoNeYiZaTioN
      NoMoNeYiZaTioN 15 dager siden

      +MAIFOU BJS No, You're the best!

  • The goat gamers
    The goat gamers 19 minutter siden

    You are true genius

  • Rexel _
    Rexel _ 4 timer siden


  • MAD Mania
    MAD Mania 8 timer siden

    7:56 *cool cards don’t look at the explosions behind them*

  • Deranged Chicken
    Deranged Chicken Dag siden

    Wow guys, absolutely beautiful. you must have had so much fun filming this. great skill and technology... awesome

  • music_blood
    music_blood Dag siden

    I like the mark talks it's freakin adorable and hilarious

  • ghazala kauser
    ghazala kauser Dag siden


  • Genji The Weeb
    Genji The Weeb Dag siden

    When ur playing poker but a guy cheats

  • jebron lames
    jebron lames 2 dager siden


  • Filip Chetwynd
    Filip Chetwynd 2 dager siden

    Killin' a fly with a bazooka.

  • Dex Gacha
    Dex Gacha 2 dager siden

    I mean 7:30

  • Dex Gacha
    Dex Gacha 2 dager siden

    7:29 that was lit

  • Musical Marc/Vlogs/Gaming/Music

    He said fruit ninja but the first 2 targets were vegetables

    NABIL HAMIDI 2 dager siden

    😮 What a genius !

  • HeedroN
    HeedroN 2 dager siden

    i like how he says "fruit ninja" and they cut two vegetables

  • Jack Cressley
    Jack Cressley 2 dager siden

    0:01 mark that’s a vegetable

  • Jason Stephens
    Jason Stephens 3 dager siden

    Mark, you should consider a team up with Gavin and Dan from the Slow Mo Guys. I love both your channels and it would be so cool to see you guys together.

  • subby songs
    subby songs 3 dager siden

    Cool !!!!

  • Kicstar V
    Kicstar V 3 dager siden

    Hisoka + Bullseye

  • Random Blob
    Random Blob 3 dager siden +1

    Hmm...... Can you possibly murder someone with cards?

  • Kai Zhou
    Kai Zhou 3 dager siden

    Give this man some shurikens.

  • EagleEye 31
    EagleEye 31 3 dager siden +2

    Some people have knifes, some people have guns, but this man just needs playing cards.

  • TealGreenSea
    TealGreenSea 3 dager siden +2

    0:24 loogathaaa

  • Hunter Nyholt
    Hunter Nyholt 3 dager siden

    6:53 he looks (and sounds)
    so uncomfortable

  • Hunter Nyholt
    Hunter Nyholt 3 dager siden

    6:53 he looks

  • Gunjot Dhot
    Gunjot Dhot 3 dager siden

    Bet I can’t cut through flex tape

  • Chad Rasner
    Chad Rasner 4 dager siden

    Thank you so much for doing these videos! My son and I love watching them together!

  • Zsuzsi Mayer
    Zsuzsi Mayer 4 dager siden

    Am I the only one who thought the guy with the red shirt was Idubbbz?💁

  • guy tv
    guy tv 4 dager siden


  • Danny Castro
    Danny Castro 4 dager siden

    7:54 when you bust a nut

  • Nick Blue
    Nick Blue 4 dager siden

    Cool cards don't look at explosions

  • Mewtwo Gaming
    Mewtwo Gaming 4 dager siden

    I'm surprised that he can cut through glass and have enough force with a card!

  • Løkï the jæçkël
    Løkï the jæçkël 4 dager siden

    Good, now I can make a gigantic card and cut my school in half.

  • The Gaming N0OB
    The Gaming N0OB 4 dager siden

    1945: Wars will be stopped.


  • Tristan Causer
    Tristan Causer 4 dager siden

    Since when are cards so damn sharp to slice an aluminum can?

  • Marcus Swalve
    Marcus Swalve 5 dager siden

    Best cameras ever

  • Logan Parkison
    Logan Parkison 5 dager siden

    Real life Hisoka

  • Winter Arkwright
    Winter Arkwright 5 dager siden

    lol, I love this thing, but also love how you used the grip-pod lol.

  • Xavier Hards
    Xavier Hards 5 dager siden

    Dis dud smat

  • Darius Assogba
    Darius Assogba 5 dager siden

    The card was faster than the combustion and the shockwave from the blast.

  • Theodore Koh
    Theodore Koh 5 dager siden

    You are supposed to light the candle with a lighter

    LIVVY'S MUSIC 5 dager siden


  • Jordan B
    Jordan B 5 dager siden

    Rick is like real life Gambit lol

  • Ford Ellis
    Ford Ellis 5 dager siden

    U are *awesome*

  • ghostexorcist
    ghostexorcist 5 dager siden

    7:52 The card didn't even look back at the explosion. What a badass.

  • Michael Renzulli
    Michael Renzulli 5 dager siden

    The throwing carnival games left the chat

  • Deathwing is my pet
    Deathwing is my pet 6 dager siden +3

    7:49 that card looks like its in one of those moments from movies

  • Daharen
    Daharen 6 dager siden

    It was nice of you to let him win lol. But we all know we were measuring a LOT of Mark Rober enhanced by robots, not just robots. I mean 'honestly' if you used the same system you used for the rig you built for the arcade game to detect a light turning on for 'go' or if you used some sort of motion detection for the olive so that it shot the card at the right time, then you SOOO would have won or tied with him lol... Oh well :), it's nice to have the illusion robots don't make us obsolete XD.

  • Hype Baby
    Hype Baby 6 dager siden +2

    I need that flame thrower.

  • trajkida
    trajkida 6 dager siden

    My mind is broke okbso you do not have money inside of your head wow sorry to hear that

  • asssassin isali
    asssassin isali 6 dager siden

    This guy is living in year 9999 where pewdiepie is still alive

  • Nivlem Dela Cruz
    Nivlem Dela Cruz 6 dager siden

    7:47 Cool cards dont look at explosions

  • Riccardo Dell'Orto
    Riccardo Dell'Orto 6 dager siden

    That's how throwing cards work

  • MarkigamerTV Mark
    MarkigamerTV Mark 6 dager siden

    Best dramatic exit 2018

  • Mustafa Salman
    Mustafa Salman 6 dager siden

    Did anyone notice that Mark said "Fruit ninja" while holding a stick of celery?

  • Jackson Howard
    Jackson Howard 6 dager siden

    omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg
    omg omg omg omg omg

  • Cloud Nine
    Cloud Nine 6 dager siden

    7:52 Never look at explosions.

  • Stephen Beale
    Stephen Beale 6 dager siden

    GREAT way to light a candle!! LOLOL!

  • Delaney Johnson
    Delaney Johnson 6 dager siden

    4:22 me when i’m constipated

  • Jackson Pilot
    Jackson Pilot 7 dager siden


  • Jackson Pilot
    Jackson Pilot 7 dager siden

    I l l p s

  • Jackson Pilot
    Jackson Pilot 7 dager siden

    Jeans meatle

  • Jackson Pilot
    Jackson Pilot 7 dager siden


  • Jackson Pilot
    Jackson Pilot 7 dager siden


  • Jackson Pilot
    Jackson Pilot 7 dager siden

    Flame throawer

  • Jackson Pilot
    Jackson Pilot 7 dager siden

    Jeasus he’s good both off you

  • Jackson Pilot
    Jackson Pilot 7 dager siden

    Cooolllllllllll ,’) :)

  • terry ducote
    terry ducote 7 dager siden

    I bet he has a wicked slider. He throws the cards just like a slider. Pronates his wrist

  • smiley satanson
    smiley satanson 7 dager siden

    also irl gambit

  • smiley satanson
    smiley satanson 7 dager siden

    al capone would be proud of your gun

  • Pavle Pavlovic
    Pavle Pavlovic 7 dager siden

    He hit the glass but Producer failed to hit the sound mix , its late a lot

  • Reyhan Aufaa Airell
    Reyhan Aufaa Airell 7 dager siden

    Its actually 10 hits because he fail one of the card

  • Ãñthõñy 17
    Ãñthõñy 17 7 dager siden

    weird flex, but ok

  • Mr. Emerald
    Mr. Emerald 7 dager siden

    What if you replaced the cards with a human. LOL

  • Lois Loves Cheese
    Lois Loves Cheese 7 dager siden

    OMG learn to throw cards
    1 second later
    Im cooking

  • Lois Loves Cheese
    Lois Loves Cheese 7 dager siden

    it must hurt to get shot by this

  • iNatedog
    iNatedog 7 dager siden

    Marks the cool kid with their airpods

  • Nano Cola
    Nano Cola 7 dager siden

    you know they played 52 pick up after the video.

  • Fishey_Jakezzz
    Fishey_Jakezzz 7 dager siden +1

    5:11 After Taco Bell lol had to

  • Oscar Cheng
    Oscar Cheng 7 dager siden

    2:51, I remember this from Muselk. It's been a long, long time since the days of old tf2

  • Soap 101
    Soap 101 7 dager siden

    GEUSS WHAT?!?!?!?

    I SUBBED!!!!!

  • S Organics
    S Organics 8 dager siden

    this guy needs to register those card as a lethal weapon

  • SilentBob420BMFJ
    SilentBob420BMFJ 8 dager siden

    Is he trolling us with the guy who's able to throw cards through glass and full pop cans? Come on... Are they metal cards?

  • Normal
    Normal 8 dager siden

    Pause at 4:22

  • Fer Bert Monsanto
    Fer Bert Monsanto 8 dager siden

    So cool, ddnt know that things i could only saw on movies, actually do exist..

  • armando Breceda
    armando Breceda 8 dager siden

    #-nasa-*peice*-of junk-

  • armando Breceda
    armando Breceda 8 dager siden

    I'm betting 40k cards

  • rookmainhere
    rookmainhere 8 dager siden

    By 7:12 mark became William osman

  • BluFox
    BluFox 8 dager siden

    boi dat fast

  • Steve Lin
    Steve Lin 8 dager siden

    Ninja: thank you for these new and improved ninja stars

  • jadon dube
    jadon dube 8 dager siden

    I know I've been commenting too much but the explosion at 7:36 looks so beutiful it looks edited just pause it as 7:36.

  • jadon dube
    jadon dube 8 dager siden

    The magic trick at 7:01 is so easy I know the secret behind it.

  • jadon dube
    jadon dube 8 dager siden

    at 6:20 I was thinking "I hate La Croi so much I think it deserved that".

  • Alexander Owens
    Alexander Owens 8 dager siden


  • ITZ_BushGnat
    ITZ_BushGnat 8 dager siden

    i already have hellofresh its so good you should so get it

  • Liam
    Liam 9 dager siden

    Mark is good gonna kill batman

  • It'sSmitCraft
    It'sSmitCraft 9 dager siden

    What what the

  • Ultimatezz
    Ultimatezz 9 dager siden

    Make a handgun

  • Thndr_
    Thndr_ 9 dager siden

    72 yards for a card is insane!

  • Raheem Baseanoo
    Raheem Baseanoo 9 dager siden