PLAYING CARD MACHINE GUN- Card Throwing Trick Shots

  • Publisert 1. nov.. 2018
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    Rick's video (learn to throw cards):
    0:46- Arrow- Andrew Applepie -
    2:45- Faidherbe Square- ProleteR-
    3:52- Keep on Tryin- Andrew Applepie -
    5:55- Sappherios- Falling (Ft eSoreni)-
    9:45- Q- Blue Wednesday -
    11:02 Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak-
    High Speed camera courtesy of They rent high speed cameras at killer prices. Hit them up.
    Cards provided by

    Summary: Building a device like this has been something I've wanted to do for a really long time.

    They are soft-

    I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:
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  • Mark Rober
    Mark Rober  18 dager siden +1878

    This has been on my build list for a very long time. Shout out to Rick Smith Jr. for being such an awesome human. I post more frequently on Twitter and Instagram @MarkRober.

    • Tpt Loves
      Tpt Loves 5 dager siden

      Mark Rober Is the world Iran jeujdjejue

    • David Talbot
      David Talbot 8 dager siden

      Do you just use a CNC machine

    • l
      l 11 dager siden

      Hey I'm in a Lego league and we need to think of problems in space and how to fix them so I thought it would be a good idea to ask a former NASA enginer.

    • fried tofu
      fried tofu 13 dager siden

      +Josiah Densmore you should watch more of his content 😂

    • Josiah Densmore
      Josiah Densmore 13 dager siden

      +fried tofu Lol at least he tried...

  • suraj sukumar
    suraj sukumar 9 timer siden

    THX This is very educational (:

  • Erin Johann Distor
    Erin Johann Distor 13 timer siden

    Or you could just Build a Powerful Supreme Card Gun

  • Truls Ringstad
    Truls Ringstad 17 timer siden

    That Card tric is so easy its fake i kan do IT

  • Timmy Simmu
    Timmy Simmu 17 timer siden

    5:53 when your bro switches off the bathroom light while im inside

  • toast ._.
    toast ._. 19 timer siden

    Final challenge slice open a human with a card

  • TheStoneBlock
    TheStoneBlock 21 time siden


  • Dayton Peirick
    Dayton Peirick Dag siden

    Okay I’ve spent the last hour watching your videos and I have to say this is my new favorite channel on NO-clip. I hope to be able to understand how you do all this stuff someday. I hope to blossom and be able to make some stuff like you do.

  • rafiq soufiane
    rafiq soufiane Dag siden

    im sorry to disappoint u but thats not the first one, meath busters made the first one years ago

  • no one shhh
    no one shhh Dag siden

    7:56 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tyler Vine
    Tyler Vine Dag siden


  • Neoi Selini
    Neoi Selini Dag siden

    Can I buy this or get instructions on how to make it?

  • Jemmo Cortes
    Jemmo Cortes Dag siden

    *A Deadly Paper Cut*

  • Jemmo Cortes
    Jemmo Cortes Dag siden

    I guess you could say, that glass *Cracked* me up.

    Okay I'll leave now.

  • Jemmo Cortes
    Jemmo Cortes Dag siden

    *And that's how you build a deadly legal weapon without being arrested.*

  • No Time For Money
    No Time For Money Dag siden

    Rick Smith Jr. got called out of his plane for travelling with playing cards

  • No Time For Money
    No Time For Money Dag siden

    Random guy: Man ninja stars are so cool and powerful.
    Rick Smith Jr.: Hold my beer

  • Lone Studio
    Lone Studio Dag siden

    Twisted Fate is that you?!?

  • Delta Frost
    Delta Frost Dag siden

    At the bar
    Man: I bet you ₱100000 can't win a game in darts
    Rick: Your right but I can win a game of darts by only using cards
    Man: Deal!
    After the game
    Man: I'm broke

  • Charlie Pringle
    Charlie Pringle Dag siden

    Hello Fresh is bad we got 1 rotten potato and 1 rotten vegetable

  • mango's r gud
    mango's r gud Dag siden

    You should do a thanksgiving video about wishbones and how to win every time

  • Master STA
    Master STA Dag siden

    Twisted Fate? Is that you bro ?

  • Tushar Garg
    Tushar Garg Dag siden

    Can you please make a video on how to make lasers

  • mr. pickle
    mr. pickle 2 dager siden

    and 6:08

  • mr. pickle
    mr. pickle 2 dager siden

    6:03 should be a microsoft wallpaper

  • Kruemel008
    Kruemel008 2 dager siden

    Rick? Rick and Morty? Sorry 😂

  • MIAJay
    MIAJay 2 dager siden

    I have too give it too you.your the man

  • The Cubic Cuber
    The Cubic Cuber 2 dager siden

    Lol nice Boring Company not-a-flamethrower

  • Garret Melgoza
    Garret Melgoza 2 dager siden

    I promise rick switched the olives ♦️

  • SkuLL PRO
    SkuLL PRO 2 dager siden

    Nope... Machine is very good but the user is bad at using it.

  • KabyNougat
    KabyNougat 2 dager siden


  • Mouth spider
    Mouth spider 2 dager siden

    So what if you can break it up glass with Karen I can break glass with my hand

  • Ivar Eriksson Eriksson
    Ivar Eriksson Eriksson 2 dager siden

    I need that in mt life

  • Andymations :-D
    Andymations :-D 2 dager siden


  • P Eter
    P Eter 2 dager siden

    mythbuster built one before, that's the world first

  • javier royo
    javier royo 2 dager siden

    You're crazy!!

  • GUTSHOTkiller 2006
    GUTSHOTkiller 2006 2 dager siden

    Every time in slow mo he looks like trump

  • Kenishro Pogi
    Kenishro Pogi 2 dager siden

    When your crush says she likes you back

  • Saikath Bose
    Saikath Bose 2 dager siden

    Wonder if he can slit throats with cards..

  • Nope Just Nope
    Nope Just Nope 2 dager siden

    Ace of spades.

    * proceeds to get revolver’d out of existence*

  • Camden Odum
    Camden Odum 2 dager siden

    Can a human float (safely) on an acoustic levitator? Must try! Please consider!!!

  • Trish Ruebottom
    Trish Ruebottom 2 dager siden


  • Dinah Humphrey
    Dinah Humphrey 3 dager siden

    That is so COOL 😎

  • Ada Chu
    Ada Chu 3 dager siden +1

    Please try doing elastic launcher gliders from Science Olympiad! Really love that mousetrap vehicle vid

  • FirePlayz
    FirePlayz 3 dager siden

    0:17 got em

  • Bách Lâm
    Bách Lâm 3 dager siden

    Phew humans are still kinda better

  • Dos Bros
    Dos Bros 3 dager siden

    You are losing

  • GammaBro Radiation
    GammaBro Radiation 3 dager siden

    how much money

  • cardboard nail
    cardboard nail 3 dager siden

    Can we wait just a minute because when he told Mark to guess a card I literally told myself "three of clubs." I don't even have words.

  • An USC that named Yuuka Kazami

    Is this what full AS twisted fate look like?

  • Mr Minem
    Mr Minem 3 dager siden

    Go on vidro time 4:31

    GAMING WORLD 3 dager siden

    This guy is boruto!! Hope you understood

    VIREAK TUNING 3 dager siden


    VIREAK TUNING 3 dager siden

    What the song

  • Loquacious
    Loquacious 3 dager siden

    His facial expressions are priceless

  • Blake Schlapper
    Blake Schlapper 3 dager siden

    he has aimbot

  • Cookie Coola
    Cookie Coola 3 dager siden

    Could the the machine act like a money gun?

  • Ice Flame
    Ice Flame 3 dager siden

    videoQuality.exe has stopped working. Close?

  • Don't be a Potter
    Don't be a Potter 3 dager siden

    He and elon musk would boild iron mans suit

  • Ahmet Ibrahim
    Ahmet Ibrahim 3 dager siden

    Oh my god... please CONSIDER subscribing?
    The first time I haven't been bullied into a sub!!

  • Daniel T
    Daniel T 4 dager siden

    7:03 not being a hater, but I'm just saying that this can be easily faked. Tricks like this are more impressive in real time.

  • Games And MORE
    Games And MORE 4 dager siden

    Y he no use robin hood mode

  • Random Gaming
    Random Gaming 4 dager siden

    Dorito throwing machine

  • OrangeJuice
    OrangeJuice 4 dager siden

    Me: Hey, you wanna play a game with these cards?
    Friend: Yeh. What’s it called?
    Me: Pick Up 52
    Friend: uh ok sure
    Me: 2:45

  • LegendSpaceBoi8 plays minecraft

    I wonder if he also bought the hat from The Boring Company

  • oDoG ThePleb
    oDoG ThePleb 4 dager siden +1

    Posted on my birthday :)

  • James Wamboldt
    James Wamboldt 4 dager siden

    i love engineering but i dont know how to learn about all the coding and building and wiring and physics like i dont even know where to start

  • Timothy Lim
    Timothy Lim 4 dager siden


  • DvdXploitr
    DvdXploitr 5 dager siden

    seeing the damage he can do with a playing card makes me wonder how playing cards are allowed in prison...he could probably cut thru the bars and escape!

  • Jazzdog5
    Jazzdog5 5 dager siden

    5:58 toot

  • Gibran, le prince des câlins

    Oh! You have the "not a flamethrower"!

  • Arlito. banana
    Arlito. banana 5 dager siden

    Dear mark rober I would like you to do a video on plasma globes and there reaction to time foil I put tinfoil on my plasma globes and turned it on it made a hissing noise Wich when I tried to record just came out as static fuzz I want to know what is causing that noise and why I can't record it I also noticed when my tablet got close to the globe the audio cut out

  • Addust Channel
    Addust Channel 5 dager siden

    Hey Mark you should overload your mega super soaker by filling it up with water but putting a waterproof fan to blow the water into the tank and then seal it while it has more water than it can hold, and fire instantly. WARNING: YOU MAY NEED TO REPLACE THE PISTON/WATER TANK

  • munkki18
    munkki18 5 dager siden

    you should play Kerbal Space Program!!

  • Faisal Al-Yahya
    Faisal Al-Yahya 5 dager siden +3

    This guy is the real Gambit!

  • Thabang Sithebe
    Thabang Sithebe 5 dager siden

    Weird flex but ok

  • Yash Keshavpatnam
    Yash Keshavpatnam 5 dager siden

    What do you mean by "brushless" motors.

  • Raithit Ju
    Raithit Ju 5 dager siden

    You sell?

  • Cloud Spud
    Cloud Spud 5 dager siden

    We watched this in school !

  • khenghee
    khenghee 5 dager siden

    twisted fate

  • Thomas Severson
    Thomas Severson 5 dager siden +1

    Is this real: The action lab how close you can get to a drop of a neutron star?

  • SomebodyNobody -_-
    SomebodyNobody -_- 5 dager siden

    I need that fla m thrower in my life

  • SpiteBellow
    SpiteBellow 5 dager siden

    yes please how much?

  • The guy in the purple hoodie

    7:44 he's crying

  • The guy in the purple hoodie

    4:20 when your constipated

  • Sonja G
    Sonja G 5 dager siden

    I wonder what your neighbors would think if the saw you running around with a flame throwing blowing things up.

  • The guy in the purple hoodie

    2:03 and pause instantly

  • Yeetyboi2018
    Yeetyboi2018 6 dager siden

    Mann VS Machine: Card Edition

  • Joseph Simmerman
    Joseph Simmerman 6 dager siden

    Could you do a video on how a basketball backboard works

  • Zap Tap
    Zap Tap 6 dager siden

    0:20 watch that hand there Mark 👌

  • Checkmate Games
    Checkmate Games 6 dager siden


  • Tancredi Paonessa
    Tancredi Paonessa 6 dager siden

    Another way to ruin someone life with playing cards

  • Alex Uzumaki
    Alex Uzumaki 6 dager siden

    So he can kill people with cards in war

  • Karslo00 b or Brian de stupid dude

    If you are a rich, you can use your credit card

  • Jr Animator
    Jr Animator 6 dager siden

    Me: simplifies pi^2 with g
    Engineering prof: *oh yeah*

  • Jr Animator
    Jr Animator 6 dager siden

    is it just me or he got skinny

  • Eric parks
    Eric parks 6 dager siden

    7:34 when playing uno goes wrong.

  • Kajo Harudo
    Kajo Harudo 6 dager siden


  • BionicSyndicate gaming
    BionicSyndicate gaming 6 dager siden