Home-Cooked Vs. $1000 Gingerbread House

  • Publisert 28. nov.. 2018
  • Ned & Ariel use their Google Home Hub to make a home-cooked gingerbread house then compare it to a $1000 gingerbread house at a fancy bakery. It's the Holiday Special of Night In / Night Out! #NightInNightOut
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Kommentarer • 11 455

  • Jarina Savova
    Jarina Savova 2 dager siden

    Ned + Ariel = OTP

  • Michaela Langer
    Michaela Langer 2 dager siden


  • AgentPedestrian
    AgentPedestrian 5 dager siden

    Sponsored to the nines but I'm into the honesty about it. So many NO-cliprs try to wriggle out of the sponsorship law but not this video oh no. It's a full on 13.13 commercial to get that Google money

  • Carolina Leon
    Carolina Leon 5 dager siden

    This reminded me of like an adorable 50s or 60s sitcom

  • Meagan Woolstrum
    Meagan Woolstrum 6 dager siden


  • Anabelle Jackson!
    Anabelle Jackson! 7 dager siden

    6:25 they said it at the same time
    Edit: How’s the baby?

  • Nina Marchetti
    Nina Marchetti 7 dager siden +1

    omg. have any of you guys seen mr. kate's design vs. design competition. Natalie was in it!

  • ArcticWolf101NH
    ArcticWolf101NH 8 dager siden

    I want a marriage like ned and Ariel's :))))

  • Cassady Lynn
    Cassady Lynn 9 dager siden

    When Ariel said "Hey Google!" My phone (Samsung Galaxy S8) picked it up and started the Google assistant even though it's 'trained' to my voice. Goes to show our phones are always listening 👍😂⚰

  • Assassingirl 2591
    Assassingirl 2591 9 dager siden

    Ariel is really good at not telling people what they is kinda really bad

  • Helen Erickson
    Helen Erickson 11 dager siden

    They make my heart so happy 😂

  • John Snow
    John Snow 13 dager siden

    The 1000 dollar gingerbread house was butt ugly.

    • John Snow
      John Snow 9 dager siden

      Hafsa Mehmood No, it‘s just...I, personally, find it awful.

    • Hafsa Mehmood
      Hafsa Mehmood 10 dager siden

      are you blind???

  • Lonely Violet
    Lonely Violet 14 dager siden

    Ned actually looked really hot in that suit

  • XoxKawaii_Potato-xoX
    XoxKawaii_Potato-xoX 14 dager siden


  • JDrawing
    JDrawing 14 dager siden

    2:11 when u r tired parents

  • MaG1cPr1NgL3S
    MaG1cPr1NgL3S 15 dager siden

    Ariel saying Hey Google triggered my Google 😂

  • Erin Awesom
    Erin Awesom 15 dager siden

    How long did it take you guys from start to finish to make your gingerbread house?

  • RK Slither
    RK Slither 16 dager siden

    so who actually made it? Im kidding nobody would claim to have made that.

    another joke

  • MC King-Minecraft
    MC King-Minecraft 17 dager siden

    Where was Wes in this video?

  • sr. anyone
    sr. anyone 17 dager siden

    Am I the only one who truly love the try guys, but still think it's super weird that they always refer about Ariel as "ned's wife"? I mean. At this point everyone knows who she is, and to the ones that don't. Ned is Ariel husband just like she is his wife

    • sr. anyone
      sr. anyone 17 dager siden

      Ps: I'm not saying this is some anti feminist thing. Cause we all know how much respect ned has with his wife and they really love it other. I'm just making a point

  • Kat n Beans
    Kat n Beans 18 dager siden

    When Ariel said hey Google it activated my phone's assistant sjdjshdbdua

  • Alex Helme
    Alex Helme 19 dager siden

    Omg I discovered the white chocolate with gingerbread thing on accident last Christmas and won’t shut up about it to my family who doesn’t care about gingerbread houses and I finally feel validated

  • allstars2825
    allstars2825 19 dager siden

    So, they are not a part of buzzfeed but still are? hahahah

  • GhostyGeek
    GhostyGeek 20 dager siden

    Ned and Ariel are the dorkiest couple

  • Crab Apple
    Crab Apple 20 dager siden

    Honestly the only reason people think of this video as a 13 minute ad is because in the beginning they disclosed the video is sponsored by google home hub. If they said they were sponsored when they used the hub then people wouldn't be as upset

  • Jorge Fernandez
    Jorge Fernandez 20 dager siden

    Dont hate on this two.

  • Lucy Pabst
    Lucy Pabst 21 dag siden

    Casually crying bc they’re so cute

  • Shraddha Mestry
    Shraddha Mestry 23 dager siden

    OMG my Google Assistant was activated by Ariel's voice at 2:00 am I was deadass scared

  • Hailey Budach
    Hailey Budach 24 dager siden

    this is what happiness looks like. making a gingerbread house with your spouse and then going on an incredibly expensive date😂❤️

  • Earth Chan
    Earth Chan 27 dager siden

    The Try Guys try...WATCHING CARTOONS :)? (Like Steven Universe, Adventure time, Gravity Falls, etc) More modern cartoons of this generation. :D

  • Jackelyne Dutra
    Jackelyne Dutra 27 dager siden

    this is one of my favorite videos EVER

  • Chandra Park
    Chandra Park 29 dager siden

    6:24 This is what being married does to you..

  • Experimental Viking
    Experimental Viking Måned siden

    4:28 dik dik dik dik dik dik dik

  • B C
    B C Måned siden +3

    That dog is absolutely hideous

  • Erik Samøssen
    Erik Samøssen Måned siden

    My boyfriend and I both really love to bake, not that we're great at it though. My best memory was about six-seven years ago now, when my boyfriend and I, who were at the time just best friends, had a huge fight that no one knew about so being close and all, they put us together to make a gingerbread house. We protested and glared at each other in the beginning but after a while, we were both laughing and making jokes together and had so much fun, and we were so proud of our house even though it was probably the worst one there compared to his siblings who were paired up with my siblings.
    This honestly made me tear up a little because of how sweet and playful you two are with each other, even after so many years the love is still so bright between you two. I want to have a family like that one day too, and seeing you guys like this gives me a little hope for my future

  • yoav zafrir
    yoav zafrir Måned siden

    Buzzfeed is pissed

  • Judith B
    Judith B Måned siden +1

    How isn't the top-comment "WHO PAYS $1000 FOR A GINGERBREAD HOUSE?!?!"??? I mean, seriously, even though it looked really very nice, but who would actually buy that if they weren't paid by google (and the shop?) to promote them?! I paid less for a decent washer-dryer!! $1000 dollars is probably more than I paid for my laptop, and that is something I use several hours every day!!
    (I guess those kinds of baked goods are aimed at companies who have it as holiday display to impress clients?)

  • mr anonymous
    mr anonymous Måned siden +1

    This video kept activating my phone when he said hey google

    • Ty Noel
      Ty Noel Måned siden

      yeah for being a promo for google home this video is a fucking nightmare to watch if you have one 😹😹

  • lil meow meow
    lil meow meow Måned siden +1

    10:26 you could say those sleighs SLAYED

  • Leo Callahan
    Leo Callahan Måned siden

    What is this worth it?

  • Jessica Hickey
    Jessica Hickey Måned siden

    Yo they made THAT👏🏻👏🏻

  • Carter Nichols
    Carter Nichols Måned siden

    *Ahem* Pinterest worth it.

  • analicious94
    analicious94 Måned siden


  • SRozz
    SRozz Måned siden

    The homemade one is incredibly impressive. I could never do that.

  • Jeff Binder
    Jeff Binder Måned siden

    Ned and Ariel would be great on Attack on Titan :)

  • alyssa dennis
    alyssa dennis Måned siden

    They look so cute together!

  • Emily Tremblay
    Emily Tremblay Måned siden +1

    Where’s Wesley??

  • Maria Mih
    Maria Mih Måned siden

    I love Ariel so freaking much omg

  • Lola Smith
    Lola Smith Måned siden

    I am a simple person. I see Ariel, I click.

  • Brittney Towns
    Brittney Towns Måned siden

    Lordt, the amount of times my google hub went off because of this video 😂😂 I had to turn the volume down

  • Genesis Reyes
    Genesis Reyes Måned siden

    It's like there making or baking there dream house🏠

  • wendy pearson
    wendy pearson Måned siden

    Even though I like their show, I kinda gagged with them sucking on each other so much, and the non stop smiling.....really!?

  • XxFairyWhiteGemxX Light

    I was playing with play foam and...I was about to shove it up my mouth cause they were eating there homemade food

  • Maja Bentinger
    Maja Bentinger Måned siden

    It feels like The Try Guys are becoming a food channel hahaha.

  • Oriana Gomez
    Oriana Gomez Måned siden

    What a beautiful couple

  • AreaLabMen
    AreaLabMen Måned siden

    They are going to be SICK of gingerbread by the time they're finished with it. (Ugh!)

  • reee eee
    reee eee Måned siden

    This video was just a huge ad

  • Jessica Gale
    Jessica Gale Måned siden

    They are insanely perfect for each other

  • to be decided
    to be decided Måned siden

    Ariel's got crazy eyes

  • leonardo dicaprisun
    leonardo dicaprisun Måned siden

    I love their relationship so much

  • Huub Benders
    Huub Benders Måned siden

    4:53 What are you looking at ned?

  • mae nelly
    mae nelly Måned siden +2

    Yo I love the Try Guys but this video is just... no....

  • TheDMC
    TheDMC Måned siden

    6:25 that was scarily in sync...

  • someone da gr8
    someone da gr8 Måned siden

    Ariel looks so tense in the car

  • Brianna Hickey
    Brianna Hickey Måned siden


  • Maisie's Vlogs
    Maisie's Vlogs Måned siden


  • johnyboi blue
    johnyboi blue Måned siden +1

    Who's watching wes

  • Kerry Joseph
    Kerry Joseph Måned siden

    The perfect family moment 👨‍👩‍👧

  • Warning Content
    Warning Content Måned siden

    Is ginger bread made out of ginger??

  • Talis Jason vlogs
    Talis Jason vlogs Måned siden +11

    All I can think is Keith could destroy that village so easily

  • Areana Angel
    Areana Angel Måned siden

    it upset me when u bit into the expensive house

  • Gavin Hines
    Gavin Hines Måned siden

    2:24 that's what she said

  • SydneyLandes21
    SydneyLandes21 Måned siden

    If you live in Lafayette, go to Twins Bakery, their gingerbread is amazing!

  • acerjuglans
    acerjuglans Måned siden

    That suit! Impressive!

  • claire hall
    claire hall Måned siden

    i love the try guys but this is such an add

  • Andrew Rivera
    Andrew Rivera Måned siden

    I like this “worth it” v2

  • Sadie Zlab
    Sadie Zlab Måned siden

    *This is the whitest shit I've ever seen smh*

  • Joseph Garcia
    Joseph Garcia Måned siden


  • tony martinez
    tony martinez Måned siden

    I would Raw dog Ariel with that outfit on. She looks amazing!!

  • Lauterio
    Lauterio Måned siden

    This ad is long but great.

  • Crystal A.
    Crystal A. Måned siden

    Awwww Ned you’re such a sweet husband 💖 Ariel you are the perfect match for Ned! I love you two, sending lots of love and positive vibes! ✨

  • Ruby Patterson
    Ruby Patterson Måned siden

    11:00 wow I don't remember this scene from Attack on titan

  • BimBiBap
    BimBiBap Måned siden

    Wow Ned and Ariel are super cute together! Like they’re really sweet together and watching them makes me feel fuzzy 😊

  • *-*Green Tea*-*
    *-*Green Tea*-* Måned siden

    Love how Ariel is taller than Ned

  • Momo Chan!
    Momo Chan! Måned siden

    11:08 why did I think of attack on titans??

  • cable wire
    cable wire Måned siden +3

    for some reason when i see really white normal upper class couples do sweet things together all I can imagine is them having hardcore bdsm sessions in the bedroom fully decked in leather lol

  • Libby F
    Libby F Måned siden

    you guys are so adorable I love this series! :)

  • green tea magic
    green tea magic Måned siden

    so cute!!

  • ISageRika ̇
    ISageRika ̇ Måned siden


  • weatherleaf
    weatherleaf Måned siden

    Ariel and Ned destroying houses could be a meme, if it isn't already :p

  • WolfyDiamond
    WolfyDiamond Måned siden

    This is a 13 min long ad tbh

  • Ekaterina Kit
    Ekaterina Kit Måned siden

    i love you guys so much!!!

  • Huey Freeman
    Huey Freeman Måned siden

    is that the girl from the mr. kate contest vid???

  • Cutiee Pie
    Cutiee Pie Måned siden +1

    Ariel is so charismatic

  • Koko Posts
    Koko Posts Måned siden

    Who else's phone kept reacting when they said "Hey Google"?

  • marim0y
    marim0y Måned siden

    This is so stinking wholesome and cute.

  • alberto032973
    alberto032973 Måned siden +1

    Cute dog

  • Emilyemoore57
    Emilyemoore57 Måned siden

    It kept triggering my Google on my phone 😂

  • Charlotte Dixon
    Charlotte Dixon Måned siden

    Oh guys...I absolutely adore you two, but just be you lol It all looked so delicious though and everything about the aesthetic is my vision of a perfect Christmas.