Home-Cooked Vs. $1000 Gingerbread House

  • Publisert 28. nov.. 2018
  • Ned & Ariel use their Google Home Hub to make a home-cooked gingerbread house then compare it to a $1000 gingerbread house at a fancy bakery. It's the Holiday Special of Night In / Night Out! #NightInNightOut
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    Ariel Fulmer
    Natalie, Store Manager Half Baked Co.
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    Special thanks to
    Half Baked Co.
    Licensed from AudioNetwork
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    Official Try Guys Photos
    By Mandee Johnson Photography | @mandeephoto
    2nd Try, LLC STAFF
    Executive Producer - Keith Habersberger
    Executive Producer - Ned Fulmer
    Executive Producer - Zach Kornfeld
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    Production Manager - Alexandria Herring
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    Assistant Editor - Will Witwer
    Production Assistant - Kasiemobi Udo-okoye
    Production Assistant - Miles Bonsignore
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  • yukta gajaria
    yukta gajaria 39 minutter siden

    the manager at the bakery, natalie was on mr kates 'design vs. design' video too!

  • Sehajpreet KAUR
    Sehajpreet KAUR 4 timer siden

    Please watch my first video for more cute stuff m.no-clip.com/video/sKQWGmoOamo/video.html

  • lpsmidnight 98
    lpsmidnight 98 6 timer siden

    You guys are so cute together😂😂😂😂👌

  • laura fulton
    laura fulton 9 timer siden

    I guess there's still salmonella in US eggs then? In England you can eat raw dough or raw meringue as much as you want 😋

  • Asad Khattak
    Asad Khattak 11 timer siden +1

    😭 Norman pier though

  • khaxjc1
    khaxjc1 21 time siden

    Given the recent series on safe driving you think they'd do a different opening.

  • khaxjc1
    khaxjc1 22 timer siden

    Given the recent series on safe driving you think they'd do a different opening.

  • khaxjc1
    khaxjc1 22 timer siden

    Given the recent series on safe driving you think they'd do a different opening.

  • kian baker
    kian baker Dag siden

    Ned and Ariel are couple goals... I bet Eugene is jealous lol

  • MaeCee
    MaeCee Dag siden

    A little off topic, but I love Ned's Christmas sweater! Where can one get it?!

  • Paige Habener
    Paige Habener Dag siden

    The manager of the bake shop was in Mr. Kate’s design vs design competition!!

  • David Yao
    David Yao 2 dager siden

    Yes! New Night In/ / Night Out!

  • T.I.P.
    T.I.P. 2 dager siden

    U guys r so adorable together

  • Jamie Wilson
    Jamie Wilson 2 dager siden

    My favorite series!

  • Brooke Barborak
    Brooke Barborak 2 dager siden

    But what made that 1000 it’s wasn’t even really nice

  • A
    A 2 dager siden

    I will never have the beautiful relationship that Ned and Ariel have.

  • Taco Loco
    Taco Loco 3 dager siden

    In what world would Ned choose a night out over spending time with his wife and baby. Not a world I want to live in that’s for sure.

  • Conor Buggy
    Conor Buggy 3 dager siden

    Ned and Ariel are couples goals. Also that $1000 house looked good but nowhere near worth the price, also using corn syrup is an epic fail.

  • felicia h
    felicia h 3 dager siden

    ned looks like a christmas present

  • Sarah F
    Sarah F 3 dager siden

    The $1000 gingerbread house was an incredible disappointment. It was cool and all but for the price, noooo way. Maybe a $100..

  • Mady Shae
    Mady Shae 3 dager siden

    i liked this style of video for this particular series

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 3 dager siden

    Is this the episode you try dating ladies for a change?

  • LifeofAlyssha
    LifeofAlyssha 3 dager siden

    Ned always chooses Ariel it's so cute

  • Luke Purcell
    Luke Purcell 3 dager siden

    I’m cringing

  • Julie Christensen
    Julie Christensen 3 dager siden

    You two together just makes me so happy!

  • Jane Winter
    Jane Winter 3 dager siden

    They are so sweet 😍😍😭

  • Pauline Saylor
    Pauline Saylor 3 dager siden

    I love these two! They should do more videos together!

  • Claire Meech
    Claire Meech 3 dager siden

    6:25 aw they're so cute #couplegoals

  • Dan Wiley
    Dan Wiley 3 dager siden

    The world shall burn

  • Valentina Garcia
    Valentina Garcia 4 dager siden

    That looked fun both ways

  • Lena Alexander
    Lena Alexander 4 dager siden +6

    Such a wholesome couple. I also love Bean he’s so adorable

  • brian peterson
    brian peterson 4 dager siden +1

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  • LetsTalkFooty
    LetsTalkFooty 4 dager siden +1

    Lol why did it say “happy holidays” and not merry Christmas

    • Lena Alexander
      Lena Alexander 4 dager siden +5

      LetsTalkFooty because not everyone celebrates Christmas and there is other holidays

  • ReadyMadeBouquet
    ReadyMadeBouquet 4 dager siden +4


  • Madelon Beute
    Madelon Beute 4 dager siden +43

    I feel like Ariel should get the honorary title 'try wife' for doing so much

  • Parker Khatri
    Parker Khatri 4 dager siden +1

    It’s so obvious this vid is sponsored by google home

  • Marcie360
    Marcie360 4 dager siden +3

    Feels like im watching a 13 minute long ad

  • Tom Guill
    Tom Guill 4 dager siden

    Bonjour !!!

  • Harikusa
    Harikusa 4 dager siden

    Why it doesn't say "Contains adds" right in a middle of the video?

  • Shlomit Gardi
    Shlomit Gardi 4 dager siden +1

    They are such a cute couple

  • Jolene Smart
    Jolene Smart 4 dager siden +1

    Love how they repeat it’s other sentences loads haha like all the baking stuff..yeah all the baking stuff etc haha they always do it they are a match made in heaven tbf their new house is epic too

  • Regina Füleki
    Regina Füleki 4 dager siden +1

    Cutest youtube couple ever

  • ShippingAvaLance
    ShippingAvaLance 4 dager siden

    Never ate a gingerbread house but I have made alot

  • Ruby_isverymuchonfire
    Ruby_isverymuchonfire 4 dager siden

    This was so fucking cute

  • P S
    P S 4 dager siden

    10:50 Attack on Titan???

  • Ben Robbins
    Ben Robbins 4 dager siden +1

    Possibly the most hipster video I've ever seen.

  • jzizzles
    jzizzles 5 dager siden

    $1000? thats a $100 price tag at most

  • Mithu Anantharajah
    Mithu Anantharajah 5 dager siden +1


  • Timothy
    Timothy 5 dager siden

    She definitely puts it in his butt.

  • Linda and Alex
    Linda and Alex 5 dager siden +1

    We made a Gingerbread house on our channel. It did not look like that. Nice.

  • Queen -_-J
    Queen -_-J 5 dager siden

    1:30 Ned set off my goggle assistant as well😂

  • Traci Lew
    Traci Lew 5 dager siden

    Chiclets Ned, they're Chiclets. lmao.

  • Chibi Kitn
    Chibi Kitn 5 dager siden


  • Crumui
    Crumui 5 dager siden +1

    Ariel is such an angel isn't she :D

  • Princess Pebbles
    Princess Pebbles 5 dager siden

    This looks like a commercial

  • Karen Moreno
    Karen Moreno 5 dager siden

    I want someone to love me as mush as Ned loves Ariel 😭😭

  • Christine Marie T. Mendoza

    When the chef said “ and bring out your edible gold “
    Yeah everyone has edible gold right

  • Kimberly Erin
    Kimberly Erin 5 dager siden +1

    Omg they are too adorable!!

    HAMLET 5 dager siden

    does anyone knows the name of the music at 05:07? I've heard it so many times and I can't find it!

  • Lollipop Land
    Lollipop Land 6 dager siden

    10:27 when he said that in my head I thought (SLAYYYYYYY)!!!!!

  • Andrea Whalen
    Andrea Whalen 6 dager siden

    You guys should Try eating the foods Buddy the Elf eats in Elf, like the Syrup Spaghetti!

  • Yahaira Bautista
    Yahaira Bautista 6 dager siden

    Ned has a suit for literally EVERYTHING 😂

  • Duong Lau
    Duong Lau 6 dager siden

    That product placement lol

  • cuongthanh tran
    cuongthanh tran 6 dager siden

    very nice my friend..

  • Zach Zafar
    Zach Zafar 6 dager siden

    Night outs are always fun but night ins are there to make memories and as Ariel put it, it'll become one of their (your) family traditions for years to come

  • You’re Gay
    You’re Gay 6 dager siden

    Y’all are so cute 💕💕

  • Gibran Esparza
    Gibran Esparza 6 dager siden

    This started getting real cringy at the end

  • ophelia chatterjee
    ophelia chatterjee 6 dager siden


  • JLCodes
    JLCodes 6 dager siden +1

    So this was basically an ad for Google?

  • Juliet Lang
    Juliet Lang 6 dager siden

    that sponsor tho

  • Jake Hernandez
    Jake Hernandez 6 dager siden

    Their house is already remodeled here lol

  • Ronnie Kray
    Ronnie Kray 6 dager siden

    Has that dude got any balls he’s the definition of a cuck I hope that is just a act he’s putting on

  • Deja Taija
    Deja Taija 6 dager siden +1

    Sorry to say but the raw egg thing is only for sensitive tummies or people who have reaction to raw egg other wise you can eat what ever batter you want.

    Tip for your immune system the more germs you eat such as not washing an apple or if you drop something on a table you can eat them and make your immune system stronger.

  • Suri Wang
    Suri Wang 6 dager siden

    _Feels_ _Fake_

  • Alex Ayala
    Alex Ayala 6 dager siden

    This is so cute

  • Aaliyah Edwards
    Aaliyah Edwards 6 dager siden

    love the side by side

  • Lora Macks
    Lora Macks 6 dager siden

    I don’t get how that was $1000....

  • Yuri Im
    Yuri Im 6 dager siden

    This reminds me of SnK. We see the reaction of the Titans instead

  • Normita Huerta
    Normita Huerta 7 dager siden

    Okay it's settled. Ariel is literally Ned. But a girl 😂

  • chapa2303
    chapa2303 7 dager siden


  • Alanah Staunton
    Alanah Staunton 7 dager siden

    This video seems too produced or like edited or something... Its different to you're usual videos

  • Tim Ngugi
    Tim Ngugi 7 dager siden

    This video was possibly the wHITEST thing I've ever seen

  • Erika Louwrens
    Erika Louwrens 7 dager siden

    Bean is gorgeous!

  • star baby
    star baby 7 dager siden

    everyone in the comments is annoyed with how over produced this video is but i'm over here like..... THAT GINGERBREAD HOUSE WAS NOT WORTH *$1000* .....

  • Christine Van
    Christine Van 7 dager siden +1

    They are perfect for each other

  • Emily Reynolds
    Emily Reynolds 7 dager siden

    If I wanted an infomercial I would watch tv (then immediately change the channel) smh

  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama 7 dager siden

    *_-great video guys-_*

  • stick man
    stick man 7 dager siden

    Who wants cake?
    |🍰 |
    Like for cake

  • Layla Cloud
    Layla Cloud 7 dager siden

    When you realize Ned is the "girl" in his marriage......

  • Nora Van Den Berge
    Nora Van Den Berge 7 dager siden

    The try guys are in yt rewind and ned is kissing a dog

  • Democtic
    Democtic 7 dager siden

    Ned looks like Eddie from flash season 1

  • ana arias
    ana arias 7 dager siden

    i know that the sponsorship is necessary because you guys need money as a new company but was there no way to make this video not look so overproduced? it almost feels scripted. part of the charm of try guy videos is watching the unexpectedly silly stuff happen and this feels like there was probably a lot of silly stuff left on the cutting room floor. i mean building a gingerbread house feels like a perfect recipe for a silly video with people screwing things up while having fun.

  • Ali Corum
    Ali Corum 7 dager siden +1

    This is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Chang Steve
    Chang Steve 7 dager siden

    7:45 xd

  • imconfuseded
    imconfuseded 7 dager siden

    *Leaves buzzfeed*
    *uses Tasty recipes even thought they are shit chefs*
    Buzzfeed kiss ups confirmed.

  • Amanda milson
    Amanda milson 7 dager siden +1

    I thought he was going to put icing on her face

  • golrokh nasihatkon
    golrokh nasihatkon 7 dager siden

    I LOVEd ittttt so muchhhh!!!

  • MMM Green tail
    MMM Green tail 7 dager siden

    What a disappointment for $1000

  • Savannah Roberts
    Savannah Roberts 7 dager siden

    I could do this :-)

  • L B
    L B 7 dager siden

    worth it is quaking