10 vs 1: Speed Dating 10 Guys Without Seeing Them

  • Publisert 30. des.. 2018
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Kommentarer • 28 989

  • Jubilee
    Jubilee  2 måneder siden +16706

    Hope y'all enjoyed the video! Quick note: all participants were told this was a blind dating social-experiment prior to shooting.. clearly that wasn't enough this time around. 😅
    In full transparency, we considered not releasing this video or cutting the end short but ultimately decided to be fully authentic and release the full video as it happened. We agree that Alexa is amazing and needs another shot at love and we'll make sure you see her again! Looking forward to making even better videos for you in 2019!

    • Yan Wong
      Yan Wong 5 timer siden

      +JD-Productions He could say he already had a gf

      DROMOCR SOLUTION 21 time siden

      Wao I had found the perfect meet and she's exciting and this world, how to find you or talk to you?

    • givmespace
      givmespace 4 dager siden

      Take note girls. After you get your " he must have-check list" ticked off", just remember hes probably taken/ he can do better than you! lol.

    • Chen Love
      Chen Love 14 dager siden


    • Shelby Lynn
      Shelby Lynn 19 dager siden

      Jubilee help me find Alex.

  • JJBum Hun
    JJBum Hun Time siden

    Person: This show for single people.
    Joseph: 👁 ⭕️ 👁 r e a l l y?

  • JJBum Hun
    JJBum Hun Time siden

    Let’s give some love to my boy Miguel

  • Harry Leavers
    Harry Leavers 4 timer siden

    she wants to shoot animals (like deers) and what gun does she use

  • Yan Wong
    Yan Wong 6 timer siden

    I don't get it. Where's the 10th guy?

  • Beatrice BROWN
    Beatrice BROWN 8 timer siden

    sad life shes still single but she was pretty shouldve picked tyler

  • Abigail13Thunder
    Abigail13Thunder 8 timer siden +1

    I like Alex the most....Just me...?


  • Siyun Ding
    Siyun Ding 8 timer siden

    I need Joseph’s insta like right now

  • Gabriela Newkirk
    Gabriela Newkirk 9 timer siden

    wait so does alex by chance like planes or ? just a gut feeling. (he seems so sweet rip)

  • krystal
    krystal 9 timer siden

    I felt so bad for the girl omg

  • Ava Eltzholtz
    Ava Eltzholtz 10 timer siden


  • Ava Eltzholtz
    Ava Eltzholtz 10 timer siden

    I was rooting for tyler

  • Jessica Rodriguez
    Jessica Rodriguez 13 timer siden

    I felt that "I have a gf"

  • EveNevar
    EveNevar 14 timer siden

    tyler is so funny omg

  • Jasmin Müller
    Jasmin Müller 16 timer siden

    omg tyler is so handsome

  • ۪A۫۰۪n۫۰۪i۫۰۪m۫۰۪e۫۰

    guys i heard a rumor that Alex wants to be a pilot

  • Adysyn Searcy
    Adysyn Searcy 18 timer siden

    5:25 . Who caught that ? (Very end)

  • Desislava Stoyanova
    Desislava Stoyanova 18 timer siden

    Does someone know tyler and joseph's insta?

  • lovelife nederland
    lovelife nederland 21 time siden

    Wellllll... I got a girl😂

  • Flora Vercaygne
    Flora Vercaygne 23 timer siden

    At the end I was like wtf

  • Normal Guy
    Normal Guy Dag siden


  • greybel rincon
    greybel rincon Dag siden

    Ok tyler you might not be alexa's type but you are mine's!

  • Malia Grzegorski
    Malia Grzegorski Dag siden

    “I got a gurl”
    😂😂😂you go through a short process just for them to say they’re taken 😂

  • loopy loop
    loopy loop Dag siden

    From the beginning I knew it was Joseph
    Edit gosh darnit they were perfect geez😑😑😑

  • Brianna Huff
    Brianna Huff Dag siden

    That was messed up!!!!!

  • Brianna Huff
    Brianna Huff Dag siden


  • Arsenio Borrego
    Arsenio Borrego Dag siden

    3:42 Tyler that will be me right there

  • Dominic Brown
    Dominic Brown Dag siden

    I'm not gay but I'd date tyler

  • Ana García
    Ana García Dag siden

    His reaction when he saw her!!!! 🤩🤩

  • Ana García
    Ana García Dag siden

    I’m in love with Tyler 😍😍

  • Arìana 133
    Arìana 133 Dag siden

    This dude probably decided he didn’t like her and was like uhhh I got a girl!

  • Ameerah Ihzayyin
    Ameerah Ihzayyin Dag siden

    Why would he go if he had a gf😐

  • Lea Marye
    Lea Marye Dag siden

    she made such good choices like she was so good at this lol
    edit: i hated the ending wtfff

  • Lea Marye
    Lea Marye Dag siden

    i feel so bad the second guy to go points at himself and says “me?” like aw :( dude

  • Sophia Hurtado
    Sophia Hurtado Dag siden

    This ending is kinda sad with the music and her leaving

  • Angela Chen
    Angela Chen Dag siden

    So this thing is a joke cuz he got a girl

  • shayenne gohhh
    shayenne gohhh Dag siden

    tyler is cute cute damn

  • heyyitshoney
    heyyitshoney 2 dager siden

    ughhhh she got nada

  • Grant Teodoro
    Grant Teodoro 2 dager siden

    Tyler funny af!! Lol 😂

  • Ivana Kims
    Ivana Kims 2 dager siden

    Sam was the best. So real!

  • Anthony Duck
    Anthony Duck 2 dager siden

    Send Alexa this way lol

  • Rejus Jarusevicius
    Rejus Jarusevicius 2 dager siden

    Nnnaaaah. That was his excuse to leave her cos the moment he saw her, you can tell he don’t want it

  • The Sleepy PANDA pandiefi

    I knew it was that guy he is gooood

  • WhatsGucci_Tae
    WhatsGucci_Tae 2 dager siden

    20 straight minutes of guys bullshitting

  • Culichi Loera
    Culichi Loera 2 dager siden

    Just to be clear, because there might be some viewers who didn’t get the ending or the main plot... Alex wants to be a pilot 🛩 🛫✈️🛬🛸🚀🚁

  • Kristine Zamora
    Kristine Zamora 2 dager siden

    Well she should've picked Alex!

  • Laconey Spencer
    Laconey Spencer 2 dager siden

    the plot twist lol

  • kycmpckj heart
    kycmpckj heart 2 dager siden

    what the heck!!!!!!

    ALYSSA BARRAZA 2 dager siden

    That’s mest up

  • kyrie Jones
    kyrie Jones 2 dager siden

    That goes for all the "I have a boyfriend" Girls Who flirt with guys

  • Izzy McTighe
    Izzy McTighe 2 dager siden

    oh damn

  • Tweek Tweak
    Tweek Tweak 2 dager siden +3

    I wanna date Tyler so bad just for the memes smh xD

  • Tweek Tweak
    Tweek Tweak 2 dager siden

    Most of these guys are so freaking short

  • Vic Ravenclaw
    Vic Ravenclaw 2 dager siden

    When they're both like:

  • Erika Youngblood
    Erika Youngblood 2 dager siden

    no tyler whyyyyy 😻

  • callumlego
    callumlego 2 dager siden

    Alexa’s Instagram anyone?

  • Ruti Ponce
    Ruti Ponce 2 dager siden

    OMG! the end was so shocking! xD ... lol "i have a girlfriend" 😅😅😅
    it was like: "sorry darling i was here to troll everyone else" 😅😅😅

  • Audacious Doge
    Audacious Doge 2 dager siden

    He talkin bout planes boy, and he got that far? Oh god, looks like I’ll have to become a pilot if i want to get a girl

  • Ase Dei
    Ase Dei 2 dager siden

    Very fit to be president. Really smart ... Smartest guy I have seen on NO-clip

    MYDODGEYUTUBENAME 2 dager siden

    Lol... player gonna play.

  • KappoDB
    KappoDB 3 dager siden

    Joseph looks like Buddy Hield

  • Fat2Mad
    Fat2Mad 3 dager siden

    6:39 still a better president than you have now.

  • aliyya herwidia
    aliyya herwidia 3 dager siden

    I would totally love going for pilot boy, what a ..... sad moment

  • Deven jain
    Deven jain 3 dager siden

    I feel so bad for she totally deserves a 10/10 guy

  • arlin huynh
    arlin huynh 3 dager siden

    i feel so bad for her omg lmao

  • IZIk31
    IZIk31 3 dager siden

    she got scared of him ahhaha

  • Richardtola1
    Richardtola1 3 dager siden

    She definitely didn't except him to be black not to be racist of course

  • Ann Sanchez
    Ann Sanchez 3 dager siden

    Joseph 😍😍

  • Ann Sanchez
    Ann Sanchez 3 dager siden

    Josue 😍😍

  • Mute Falon
    Mute Falon 3 dager siden

    How do I get on this speed dating?

  • Ticking Clocks
    Ticking Clocks 3 dager siden +1

    Why does everyone think the guy was lying because he thought she was ugly? That girl is far from ugly (we all have our tastes but c'mon now...)--if he was lying, which it has been said he wasn't because he apparently has his girl posted up on his IG, imo it would've been because she's 18 and dude looks at least 24. Still doesn't explain why he or his girl agreed to this unless it was solely for clout which...these days that seems likely.

  • Sam B
    Sam B 3 dager siden

    down to be in one of these videos haha

  • Andy Olarra
    Andy Olarra 3 dager siden +1

    That Tyler guy is like a black Daniel Ricciardo.

  • Jess
    Jess 3 dager siden

    Their ship name could've been Alexa. Like Alex 'x' a...

  • AmazingSase
    AmazingSase 3 dager siden

    Blue pill trap

  • Franco
    Franco 3 dager siden


  • Yonael Zeamman
    Yonael Zeamman 3 dager siden

    Yo Joseph is wild 😂😂

  • Ayà. Mai
    Ayà. Mai 3 dager siden

    I wonder if you can feel the pheromones through the curtain? 🤔

  • Kayla Marks
    Kayla Marks 3 dager siden

    Tyler reminds me of Noah Centiano

  • Jackie newmeyer
    Jackie newmeyer 3 dager siden

    That dude is first ballot Hall of Fame doosh.

  • Kyungmin Woo
    Kyungmin Woo 3 dager siden

    I like the way Joseph talking, he is serious and humourous at the same time but he got a girl 😂 too sorry for alexia

  • Joseph
    Joseph 3 dager siden

    Lol it set off my Alexa

  • Bless Blissey
    Bless Blissey 3 dager siden

    I really like JOSUE rite from the very first moment! Exotic looking and sassy suave upbringing. The kind of guy that I would find very attractive from the very first look!

    • Bless Blissey
      Bless Blissey 3 dager siden

      Awwwww bad at planning but real cute (for me at least)

  • LA Locquiao
    LA Locquiao 3 dager siden

    WAHHHH. I feel sad for Alexa. Disappointed. Another Speed Dating AHAHAHAHA

  • Nani?!
    Nani?! 3 dager siden

    Top 5 anime betrayals 😔

  • ace wang
    ace wang 3 dager siden

    That ending just stopped my heart

  • Jaayla Hayes
    Jaayla Hayes 4 dager siden

    I’m going to trick you

    Read more

  • Where do we go when we fall asleep

    It seems like the dude was single bit the thing was that he didn't like the girl... She is really cute though but maybe not his type so he made an excuse.

  • kldodo
    kldodo 4 dager siden

    10:20 the way he said it truly had my ass rolling 😭😭🤣🤣🤣😭

  • Stephanie Garcia
    Stephanie Garcia 4 dager siden


  • praveen kumar
    praveen kumar 4 dager siden

    That twist in the last was having a lot of twist than expected.....😂😂😂

  • Brian Mendez
    Brian Mendez 4 dager siden

    Lets all agree she is crying inside. 😂😂 my boi wth bro

  • DucklingGaming
    DucklingGaming 4 dager siden

    I want Alex the pilot guy 😭😍😍 he seems so sweet and adorable.

  • Mystery ASMR
    Mystery ASMR 4 dager siden

    TaYlOr Is CuTe

  • Leshandra Lewis
    Leshandra Lewis 4 dager siden

    Bruh I seen the hurt in her eyes ,

  • Foggy_ Pad
    Foggy_ Pad 4 dager siden

    Who else heard that Alex want to be a pilot??

  • Stefanos Maniatopoulos
    Stefanos Maniatopoulos 4 dager siden

    She wants to be a marine biologist. Im the only one who thought immediately Jotaro kujo from jjba? 😂😂😂

  • Hannah Mckenzie
    Hannah Mckenzie 4 dager siden

    cant lie that tyler guy reminds me of noah centino idk why

  • Sara sunshine
    Sara sunshine 4 dager siden

    OMG I’ve seen this on Instagram i didn’t know it was this video. I was so going for them!

  • richyyLR Ll
    richyyLR Ll 4 dager siden

    Joseph is a POS.