Brexit III: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Publisert 18. feb.. 2019
  • The UK could officially leave the European Union next month, which would be a huge change with hugely damaging consequences.
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Kommentarer • 19 498

  • Stone Codfish
    Stone Codfish Dag siden

    Solution to the hard border in Ireland: Stop being fucking babies about religion you ignorant cunts

  • Megan Shepheard
    Megan Shepheard Dag siden

    Settle down George! You're this ✋ many! 😆

  • josemarcos guimaraes

    Banana Monarchy

  • Derek Pearce
    Derek Pearce Dag siden

    Is there seriously a law in the UK that doesn't allow clips of Parliament to be used in comedy shows?!!???

  • yington
    yington Dag siden +1

    So, John Oliver really isn’t that funny.

  • Adnane Bekkaoui
    Adnane Bekkaoui Dag siden

    Mr John Oliver people are not stupid; and yes you're right when u say that the first referundum was not well prepared but it doesnt mean that people can't be; now the people have spoken in favor of the brexit or at least the majority did,
    A representative democracy is mean to deal with comon issues, but brexit is not one of them;

  • gentlerat
    gentlerat Dag siden

    Brittain wouldn't even have tea without other countries.

  • sahaiel
    sahaiel Dag siden

    Oliver doesnt seem to understand, that Brexit was a protest vote, in which people voted to give a massive finger to the whole political elite, whom THEY DON'T TRUST AT ALL. I know, that wasnt the question of the referendum, but thats why they got that result. People are pissed off, and that was the only way they could give voice to it. Very wrong timing, this referendum was suicide...

  • Indhira Elsevyf Garcia

    that ending was great! goodluck with the mummified chicken fajitas

  • Mega Erect
    Mega Erect Dag siden

    All i hear here how Brexit will affect rich people and business .Working class people lost already everything struggle to survive with this globalisation where rich become richer and working class poorest in History.Am Factory worker living on minimum wage i can only afford food and rent .Utility bills paying some weekly cant manage to pay at once.My question is how Brexit will affect me and milions people like me does it mean we will starve ?I dont mind to show my passport on the border once in few years time only difference will make to ordinary working class people.

  • Stephen James
    Stephen James Dag siden

    Every other episode is blocked in my country. I love this show, but I wish it would figure out if it’s internationally accessible or not.

  • david williams
    david williams Dag siden

    Hahahaha hahahaha 🤣

  • dodgers doon1130
    dodgers doon1130 Dag siden

    Wabba lubba dub dub!!

  • aleks 430
    aleks 430 Dag siden

    I find John Oliver excruciating.
    With his, goofy bread roll, rat from ratatouille face.
    He should be tied to a post some where in rural North Africa
    And hacked to pieces, by the black street guys in die hard 2.
    (We’d have to pay for their flights back to the states after though..
    I mean they’re probably professional actors anyway..
    ..but we’d make it worth their while right?...
    ....ehh.. ..Right?)

  • Eduardo Sosa
    Eduardo Sosa Dag siden +1

    3:31, 4:21 This is the moment the defeat was announced...

  • uuamenator
    uuamenator Dag siden

    I disagree, Will Smith as Genie is going to be awesome!

  • Adrian Ceasar
    Adrian Ceasar Dag siden

    Farage the rat

  • Ishan Deulkar
    Ishan Deulkar Dag siden

    okay I might be hooked on Love Island after that clip... that was fantastic

  • Npc 123456789
    Npc 123456789 Dag siden

    Hmm seems like most people on here don't like u.k on its own. I don't understand why it's not okay for a nation to be on its own. To make its own law and have its people control its own nation. I mean Germany isn't the best country in history to look for good world ideas.

  • Poems By Shannon
    Poems By Shannon Dag siden +1

    John is not wrong on the points he brings up. But they are NOT insurmountable. It will be short-term gain for long-term gain. The UK will become like ALL the other countries not apart of an economic bloc. They will negotiate trade based on their own needs and leverage.
    BREXIT is about Independence. More European countries will follow the UK's lead. A growing, unelected EU legislative body is long-term TERRIBLE plan.
    At 14:30 he says that BREXIT was unprovoked. FALSE. It is entirely provoked by a power-hungry unelected body on the continent bent on control. The two massive issues: trade and immigration, were entirely provoked. I love John. I think he's funny. But wake up, folks.

  • Tracy Olson
    Tracy Olson Dag siden

    Are you suggesting that millions of people who are below average in intelligence are somehow incapable of understanding the ramifications of their own actions? That their beliefs regarding incredibly complex economic and political issues are somehow informed by something other than having fucking paid attention in the first place?
    Are you inferring that at least half of the population are above the mean in terms of intellectual capacity? Think I'm a dick for saying that? Did a population of goddamn geniuses choose Donald Trump to represent their country and be the leader of the free world?
    Millions of people are convinced that climate change is a made up lie and that requiring industry to limit carbon emissions is unpatriotic and amoral, while accepting a serial philanderer, tax cheat, and draft dodger as their unquestioned leader?
    There. We're no better than you. Believe us, we understand.
    So you made a mistake the first time around. It's okay. It happens. So it turns out that making decisions based on emotions and long-held prejudices isn't always a good idea. Take a deep breath. There now. We know that you're embarrassed. We also know that you are very proud. You should be. You've done a lot of great things. But you've also also buggered some things up royally. So we won't think less of you. At least not less than you did when you voted to leave the EU the first time.
    Pretend that the Dalaks had a device that could influence the opinions of the British populace. But The Doctor was able to escape the temporal prison set up by the Cybermen. Never mind how he did it. Neither of us can comprehend the higher dimensions... Oh, never mind. The mind control device has been dashed. You are now able to go back to the clever, rational masters of the universe that you've always been.
    Now you can set things right. The EU might have walked out the door, but if you speed you can catch her at the airport. Dammit, you're the Hugh Grant to their Renee Zellweger. And yes, I had to google "Zellweger." Get over it, I'm only human. Of flesh and blood I'm made.
    You have it in your power, Great Britain! You are the people of three proud nations who almost singlehandedly held off the might of the Nazis! Your queen is a freaking rock star. You can stand straight, give the lapels of your jacket smartly and decide as a nation that, by jove (Sorry.), you are going to do the right thing! You are going to do the sensible thing! It won't always be easy, but at least you'll always know that The Doctor came through at the last moment and now, with the will of the People, can get on with telling the EU "Sorry, had a bit of a lapse there. Won't happen again! Cheerio! (Sorry again.)
    But *do* something. Write letters to your MP. Write letters to the Prime fucking Minister, for Christ's sake! Write letters to the editors of British newspapers that matter! Hell, write to The Washington Post! The New York Times! Write to John Oliver! Write to The National Enquirer-- No, not that last one. Come to think of it, that could actually be fun! Everybody write letters to the National Enquirer!
    😪 sigh (I think. Sort of looks like snot, if you ask me. At least on my screen. Yes, this is a peculiarly long statement in parentheses for an emoji and four lousy letters. Sorry, it got away from me. What? Okay. I'll shut u

  • Benjamin Jiin
    Benjamin Jiin Dag siden

    Is the origin of Brexit due to immigration issues, and individuals with a eu passport moving into their hood from say, Sudan or Turkey for instance.
    If that is the crux of the issue do what the US did and maybe still does, i believe it's called racial profiling. I've heard some of the eastern European countries do it and it's a thing. Then Brexit need not Brexit. Altho racial profiling may invite racism behaviour and maybe poison the soul of Briton. But, since the British people are mostly non religious and may no longer believe in a British soul then maybe it could be okay for Britain to quietly undermine and subvert edicts from Brussels.
    To maybe draw a not so great parallel in the US the local rural Sheriff's have stated in writing that they will not enforce new gun restrictions enacted by the state legislature.
    If you think im being antisemitic just try going into a synagogue and pushing Jesus Christ pamphlets everyday for a year at many different synagogues. I think this could be a good idea to see what a specific culture will do to protect its self. Or you could try pushing Buddhism in a Muslim community center everyday for a year. It is maybe a human right to protect your culture...... Maybe, or maybe it is a good idea to create a new human right of local historical culture domination? This could have very interesting side-effects?

  • Zulfburht
    Zulfburht Dag siden

    Okay seriously irritating question, why on earth does it block me from watching an episode when it first uploads to NO-clip? Is it because they’re blocking it in Canada, or do I have to genuinely wait two weeks to get my dose of comedy and world news?

  • Therrydicule
    Therrydicule Dag siden

    Wait a couple of years, offer a brexin referendum

  • jc o
    jc o Dag siden

    Don't worry there's always the IMF...

  • Jin Seon
    Jin Seon Dag siden

    I cringed so hard from that boyband

  • Wes
    Wes Dag siden

    Less than 37.5% of the UK's eligible voting population voted 'Leave', why are they still going through with Brexit?

  • BeakerInShortShorts

    No comments. Fixate on the mug. Jesus. + John this hits hard. You love the dumb dumb.

    ENDERU GRA W GRY Dag siden

    Im glad that Brexit is just beginning of EU fall. This machine is modern Soviet union and we dont want it in Europe.

  • elfarlaur
    elfarlaur Dag siden

    Ah how sad it is that people in developed countries who haven't experienced much real hardship think that they are invincible.

  • Peter T
    Peter T Dag siden +1

    Putin is laughing is ass of right now. sad...very sad

  • nytr l
    nytr l Dag siden

    *You trust mugs*

  • HamTransitHistory
    HamTransitHistory Dag siden

    Don't blame me, I voted for Buckethead

  • Scott Wesley
    Scott Wesley Dag siden

    This presenter is a very STUPID Person.

  • Habib Olapade
    Habib Olapade Dag siden

    This brother is right about the abs.

  • José Simon
    José Simon 2 dager siden +1

    Nothing equate Trump era and stupidity!

  • Chris Succee
    Chris Succee 2 dager siden

    Good video, but why are we saying that a democratic vote should be ignored? Democracy, bad votes and good, is a slippery slope when you begin to set a precedent of ignoring the people. Now with article 13 and all, the Brits made a brilliant decision without the will of politicians backing them.

    • micael area
      micael area Dag siden

      So in other words, YOU SNOOZE, YOU LOSE? Many European nation's rerun referendums on EU issues. Why is British democracy any exception ? Parliament got to vote three times over the a resolution.Why not the people? Most importantly, it is amazing how the remainers are so passive about this issue. Yes, they occasionally express some indignation but never as passionate as the Brexitiers . It makes me believe that the entire country wants this Brexit to some extent.

  • Nadia Bedok
    Nadia Bedok 2 dager siden

    Question: I am a frequent viewer of the Last Leg and last week, Adam Hills showed a clip of the Speaker of the House in the UK on his UK TV, which is a comedy show... so I am wondering if you are misreading the law about showing clips from the house on a comedy show?

  • mike henry
    mike henry 2 dager siden

    This was too good, one of his best! and he is absolutely right about everything he said, God help Britain.

  • TeeKay Nguyen
    TeeKay Nguyen 2 dager siden

    y2k happened already.

  • rex mundi
    rex mundi 2 dager siden

    This is the first time I've watched Oliver since his "interview" with Dustin Hoffman. He's actually pretty good when he understands what his job is.

  • geroutathat
    geroutathat 2 dager siden

    Americans really like getting their political opinion from comedians. Probably why its such a crap place.

  • Sarabhai Bhavan
    Sarabhai Bhavan 2 dager siden

    they are so fucking selfish. they colonized half of the world and took everything to Britain. They are nothing but a selfish brat. Was is and will be...

  • Sarabhai Bhavan
    Sarabhai Bhavan 2 dager siden

    fuck I like where britain is heading. They have done nothing but colonize through their history and still they just want to be fucking selfish.

  • Mustafa Ali
    Mustafa Ali 2 dager siden

    mummified tacos anyone?

  • Robert W
    Robert W 2 dager siden

    I think I just saw melania trump's body double.

  • ShoehatProductions
    ShoehatProductions 2 dager siden

    Is that Stephen Fry at the end?

  • L F
    L F 2 dager siden

    Pewtin loves all this mayhem.....

  • Josep Garcia
    Josep Garcia 2 dager siden

    You have got the backstop wrong... The backstop is for the whole of the UK to stay in the Custome Union, not only northern Ireland. The backstop which included only Northern Irland was the EU's first proposition but was rejected by the UK government.
    That's why brexiteers hate it, because UK could get trap in the custome union for ever.

  • tuomas hirvonen
    tuomas hirvonen 2 dager siden

    Stephen Fry :)... most likely

  • phuktard
    phuktard 2 dager siden

    I'm feel so blessed to witness Brexit - :)

  • Nick Waddell
    Nick Waddell 2 dager siden +1

    Britain comes out of world war 1 with an empire too large to handle, and they did fine. They come out of world war 2 with an empire on the brink of collapse, and they deal with it and change their focus. It wont be easy, but Britain will come out of this different and just fine.

  • Dean
    Dean 2 dager siden

    yay! =D

  • ObsidianStriker
    ObsidianStriker 2 dager siden

    Stephen Fry!

  • Zoopering
    Zoopering 2 dager siden

    Was that stephen fry?

  • Tao Cheng
    Tao Cheng 2 dager siden

    To comment in Chinese,自作自受

  • elstappo
    elstappo 2 dager siden

    dear john oliver. I hope you hear me. I want to tell you about how it feels to be a New Zealander right now. It really hurts man. I know you americans are used to this shit but we aren't man and it hurts. I'm a grown goddam man and I have cried for three days. we are hurting bad over here. Something else that hurts is that the US is supposed to be our friend and our darkest hour your president has given us nothing but a hollow tweet. It hurts that our primeminister asked one simple thing of him "express love for all Muslim communities' and he has done nothing. No visits to mosques, no sign of solidarity or even compassion for our brothers and sisters who are hurting so much. It hurts that the terrorist cited your presidents name yet your President refuses to call him a terrorist. It hurts that he says he doesn't think right wing terrorism is a problem it fucking hurts. I dare that orange fuckstain to come here and say that. It hurts that your president used the same language as the terrorist shortly after his fake condolences. Words fucking matter. But what hurts most about what your president has done is this. He was promoting a rightwing hate rag on his fucking twitter at the time this happened. Telling his supporters to get tougher. Words fucking matter. When the story broke on Breitbart your President was still linked to it. I saw their article on the terror attack. I saw the comments. Before it was moderated. I saw the hate. I saw who your President is speaking to. Who he is inspiring. And all I saw was hate. AND THAT FUCKING HURTS BRO. There is a reason Fox News has disabled comments on their youtube clips covering the terror attack. There is a reason Donald Trump is ignoring us, hoping we will fade into the news cycle until his next atrocity. Dear John, please, I know you love us and we love you dude. Your kiwi pisstakes are headline news here. Pleaase you are our only hope. If you want to make some fucking heartbroken kiwis smile. Eviscerate that mother fucking cunthole. He is a fucking terrorist sympathiser. He is a callous hate preacher. He is a dogwhistling Nazi. Fuck him up johnnie! Show every rascist fucking thing that garage pail shit has said. Show the world who he his and what he has done to us! Fuck him up Johnny and fuck him up good! Love you sir. Signed a sad kiwi.

  • sammy Davis
    sammy Davis 2 dager siden

    No one in the U.K. want a Brexit anymore.

  • Oatmeal
    Oatmeal 2 dager siden +1

    Ok, normally I don't give a shit about pronunciation since language is arbitrary, but fuck the UK pronunciation of vitamins. The word is a portmanteau of vital minerals, unless, in the UK, you pronounce vital the same way victual is pronounced, the US pronunciation makes way more sense.

  • vikke
    vikke 2 dager siden

    Was the end speaker Stephen Fry? :D

  • Dennis Jacob
    Dennis Jacob 2 dager siden

    UK im sorry

  • MKu MKu
    MKu MKu 2 dager siden +1

    Well, it _is_ comedy. But i still think it should be mentioned that the Brexit does have the potential for positive developements.

  • Matt Higgins
    Matt Higgins 2 dager siden

    Stephen! Fucking! FRY!!!

  • Tim Perry
    Tim Perry 2 dager siden

    Imagine trying to negotiate trade deals while your economy melts down. Think you'll get a fair deal or do you think the other nations will take advantage of the desperation?

  • Felipe Alvarez
    Felipe Alvarez 2 dager siden +1

    Stephen Fry's voice at the end?

    • Marsh Wetland
      Marsh Wetland 2 dager siden

      Whoever it was did a great John Cleese foaming at the mouth impression.

  • Kye Talks
    Kye Talks 2 dager siden

    My sister in law found a solution. She married my [Canadian] brother and moved here to Canada lmao

  • Jonathan Goetz
    Jonathan Goetz 2 dager siden

    Northern Ireland must hold a second hearing. You may exit, but not tear Ireland's 🇮🇪 💔 heart in half!

  • Aaron Freed
    Aaron Freed 2 dager siden


  • MarkEdwardRom
    MarkEdwardRom 2 dager siden

    i feel as a Canadian that this is appropriate: "mommy and daddy are fighting again".

  • Ryan Biggs
    Ryan Biggs 2 dager siden

    John oliver doing a british accent is effen hilarious

  • Um Yes
    Um Yes 2 dager siden

    Welcome back to the shitty 1970's UK.

  • Todor Pashlakov
    Todor Pashlakov 2 dager siden

    There's a simple solution... GIVE NORTHERN IRELAND BACK TO THE IRISH!!!

  • borzi
    borzi 2 dager siden

    What the fuck did they do years ago. Stop acting like this will be a 1st world problem. Go back to a pre-brexit state. Fucktards.

  • Matthew St. Cyr
    Matthew St. Cyr 2 dager siden

    Britain needs to cancel Brexit and stay in the EU. The Conservative parties in Britain and North America have clearly never cared before about the political backlash of backing out of a promise; why do they suddenly care now?

  • Courtney Sch.
    Courtney Sch. 2 dager siden

    If Britain goes through brexit it’ll suddenly be cheaper for me to fly there

  • Paul C
    Paul C 2 dager siden +1

    The flower trader's repent is a classic...

  • Nano 02
    Nano 02 2 dager siden +4

    You just remembered that Canada exists, isn't it Mr. Oliver?

  • Amanda
    Amanda 2 dager siden +10

    Can we please talk about how all the people on Gogglebox discussing how Brexit was a bad idea were WOMEN

  • Matthew Harris-Levesque
    Matthew Harris-Levesque 2 dager siden +21


    Is That Mug Available For Purchase? (11:15)

  • Van Daley Industries, LLC

    People reading this in ten years, bet this will have remained a major shitshow... yes or no?

  • errtuownsyou
    errtuownsyou 2 dager siden

    I hear Stephen.

  • Yudith Caron
    Yudith Caron 2 dager siden +1

    Brexit is like Lord Mortimer getting Netherland soldiers to capture kind Edward II. Everybody was cheering, until they realized the aftermath was way worse than expected, then they killed Lord Mortimer in the person of Theresa May and her Brexit deal and they hope they won't have another one-hundred-years war.

  • Ian Cassidy
    Ian Cassidy 2 dager siden

    It is time for the U.K to submit to Colonization by the U.S.; there will be conditions such as dissolution of the monachy, no political representation in congress, etc. But at least you'll have jobs.

  • Blair Bird
    Blair Bird 2 dager siden

    Where can I get that mug?

  • Bryce Schug
    Bryce Schug 3 dager siden

    And I can buy that mug where?

  • Samuel Kristopher
    Samuel Kristopher 3 dager siden

    I'm willing to bet money that whatever the outcome of Brexit, there will be riots... bad riots. If it leaves with No Deal and the economy shuts down, people will riot. If they cancel Brexit, people will riot. If there's a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, people will riot. It's too late now for any solution. I just hope that, whether they leave or stay, Farrage is found and lynched during the chaos.

  • Cecilia Ellis
    Cecilia Ellis 3 dager siden

    so gut wrenching funny. thank you John Oliver

  • adam prestidge
    adam prestidge 3 dager siden

    People like that fucking idiot florist are prime examples of why democracy doesn't work.

  • gladiater56
    gladiater56 3 dager siden +1

    I could be wrong. But I think that was Stephen Fry doing the monologue at the end.

  • WalterReimer
    WalterReimer 3 dager siden

    The movie "The Bed-Sitting Room" as a post-Brexit scenario. Discuss.

  • David Lopez-Leandro
    David Lopez-Leandro 3 dager siden +6

    I think this could be the first time the queen should intervene. It's her country, and her appointed representatives are no longer in her best interest.

  • Bloodshot the deer-fox
    Bloodshot the deer-fox 3 dager siden +5

    I hope the breunion boys release a single with Lil EU.

    Wait, I'm not British

  • ThunderboltTangerine
    ThunderboltTangerine 3 dager siden

    Maybe the EU should of thought twice about letting in millions of random people with no plan? Actions have consequences...

  • Steve S
    Steve S 3 dager siden

    is this show doing so bad that they have to let it be a 22min ad on other channels? john oliver has not been funny for a long time, its sad they have to prop up his corpse and puppet his body to try to make a buck. if i wanted to watch the hack that JO has turned into id pay for hbo but seeing that GoT is not on right now i wont and also dont want to see full length JO show ads. how sad you push the entire show as an ad.

  • McJohnson
    McJohnson 3 dager siden +3

    18:00 - British NO-clipr Hbomberguy put it well in his Brexit video back in 2016:
    _"Under a
    representative democratic system, the majority of people haven't had to think about this stuff for a long time. It stands to reason that they don't know enough to make these decisions... In a way, the greatest criticism of representative democracy, that it shelters people from having to understand economics and politics because someone else is doing the thinking for them, has come home to roost. Now even our leaders have no _*_fucking_*_ idea."_

  • JaQuicker
    JaQuicker 3 dager siden

    Good to know it's not just the US got undeservedly rich airheads

  • ride4funn omg
    ride4funn omg 3 dager siden

    Stupid English wankers, you have been deceived. Just like the stupid wanker Americans.

  • Samin Yazdi
    Samin Yazdi 3 dager siden +4

    I remember watching Deborah using Howard's custard, it was the worst moment in history.

  • James Elliott
    James Elliott 3 dager siden

    It'd be cool to see Northern Ireland leave the UK and join the south.
    Peace be the journey guys, hoping for the best for you fellas.