Celebrities Give Bribery The Old College Try

  • Publisert 13. mars. 2019
  • The Department of Justice is calling the college admissions cheating scheme 'Operation Varsity Blues.'
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Kommentarer • 2 415

  • Gabriel Moreno
    Gabriel Moreno 22 timer siden

    they should hold the universities responsible too for taking in the bribes. i would say heavy fines but they would just pass it to the student by raising tuition. :/ universities are garbage now a days. money making institutions rather than learning institutions.

  • Bardyman
    Bardyman 23 timer siden

    what punishments will the schools and school officials get?

  • I Created An Account For This

    Money buys you lots of things 💸💰

  • Hong Fei Bai
    Hong Fei Bai Dag siden

    People complain about white people not getting opportunities because of affirmative action and things like that. Where are they now? You can't complain about something and ignore evidence that does not support your claim. You should have learned this in Statistics. Oh, so this is why math was so important in high school and middle school ...

  • Rhetorical Answer
    Rhetorical Answer Dag siden

    Let's hear you talk about Senator Warren's lies about her ethnicity during her college years, and to get a position at a university (and how that may have knocked someone else of Native American descent out of that job), or why the "U.S. citizen" Obama had to lie on his college admissions about his own citizenship? You make countless comments about Trump not releasing his tax records... let's hear you chime in on Obama's college admission and Fulbright Scholarship records being released and what he put down on his citizenship. I doubt you're hypocritical worthless ass will say one word against those who have a grip on your leash, Colbert. That choke collar on your free speech probably sucks when you're owned by the left.

  • Max Powers
    Max Powers Dag siden

    *D U H*

  • Martian74
    Martian74 Dag siden

    The liberal elite showing that there is one rule for them and another for everyone else. Like when they say for everyone to fight climate change while they fly in their private jets.

  • Marsel Kourchevel
    Marsel Kourchevel Dag siden

    Why not)

  • Anisa Mazaki
    Anisa Mazaki Dag siden

    1) I don't understand how you're surprised at this, when they pointed this out about Kushner in 2016/17. Clearly yh'all didn't pick up the hint how schools are corrupt too, and
    2) It's hilarious that Macy's Jurrassic Park role "Mr Kirby" (least the bribery aspect) became a reality - LMFAO. Different situation - Same shit XD.

  • Bivens PC
    Bivens PC Dag siden

    He seemed grumpy.

  • Me Too
    Me Too 2 dager siden

    I wonder how many politicians and talking heads benefited with these scams.
    It will be easy to find up, lets get working on it.

  • Robert Republican
    Robert Republican 2 dager siden

    If i find it its not a bribe if i took the dont you want free money then its a bribe

  • trefrog
    trefrog 2 dager siden

    Filliam H. Muffman

  • MarcellusTheGreen
    MarcellusTheGreen 2 dager siden

    Georgetown? The one in Washington D.C., or the one in Kentucky?

  • Roger Lucas
    Roger Lucas 2 dager siden

    Thank God for the Deep State, those intuitions such as the FBI and the DOJ which enforce and inform the values and norms that make America great, without whom these and other practices would not have been exposed.

  • ess marou
    ess marou 2 dager siden

    colbert's audience are pissed they didn't get their daily dose of "trump collusion" hhhh

  • riddle rox
    riddle rox 2 dager siden

    Time to support and attend ur local U, let all the rich brain dead kids go to those elite U.

  • Just Basics
    Just Basics 2 dager siden

    Puppet! Nuff sed

  • Lisa Kennedy
    Lisa Kennedy 2 dager siden

    what kind of parent teaches their child that what they cannot earn can simply be bought?

  • - vHaiqu
    - vHaiqu 2 dager siden

    Where is Andrew Yang?

  • bella roja
    bella roja 2 dager siden

    It wasn't JUST admissions. It was the entire degrees. All of it, literally cheating and fraud, requiring a high level of collusion and spread of corruption.

  • bella roja
    bella roja 2 dager siden

    There is NO way Trump 1. actually got into U of P Wharton 2. actually did all the work. NO way. He is the most illiterate, historically ignorant President we've ever had. He speaks like a 4th grader. Nor do I buy for a second that his kids independently earned their degrees (though I do believe they didn't fake it all).

  • James Li
    James Li 3 dager siden

    John Oliver kept saying that the twins are actually one person

  • Jaeyong Cho
    Jaeyong Cho 3 dager siden

    This whole scheme wouldn't have happened in the first place if college/universities weren't overlooked. Millions of kids think that a good education and getting into a top college means that they have a successful future, but that's not the case. If you don't follow your passion, then you'll never life a happy successful life. It's so sad that everything is based on grades...

  • Ruple Thaker
    Ruple Thaker 3 dager siden

    Very cheeky.

  • joseph bodden
    joseph bodden 3 dager siden

    THEY PHOTOSHOPPED THE CHILD INTO THE PHOTOGRAPH... holy shit, these are not fourth or fifth graders, they are young ADULTS for crying out loud? When will progeny cease to be children, after they follow the lead of the Melendez Brothers? Hey, my parents are dead, I am no longer a child for the purposes of their prosecution! I am just surprised that the Justice system gave up so easily on the Melendez 'children'...

  • Raymond Orzecki
    Raymond Orzecki 3 dager siden

    Bet none of those varsity parents are Trump supportes and are all Cobutt fans

  • Vicki Ross Tudor
    Vicki Ross Tudor 3 dager siden +1

    Yeah, this is bad. Lock em up.

  • Mitchel Parsons
    Mitchel Parsons 3 dager siden

    Is the "there is only one olsen" thing a real conspiracy? Or did Steven just make a Last Week Tonight joke?

  • esotericVideos
    esotericVideos 3 dager siden

    Many of you won't realize this but the Filliam H. Muffman
    joke at 2:10 is a reference to a 10+ year old joke he made on the Colbert Report

  • Ralph Bernhard
    Ralph Bernhard 3 dager siden

    Rich Americans bribing to get their dumb kids into college?
    Nah. Fake news...

  • goldassayer93555
    goldassayer93555 3 dager siden

    Keep in mind that this “news” is actually Propaganda by the Main Stream Media to create hate and discontent agains the “Rich” to usher in Socialism in America. Hate for the privileged class is the standard method of selling the average citizen on a socialist government. But the socialist government always turns out to be a police state dictatorship.

  • ErykaSoleil
    ErykaSoleil 3 dager siden

    I find two things particularly galling in this case: 1) The parents weren't even making donations to the school, so the school was getting zero benefit-it sucks that donations get less-deserving students a spot, but at least you can make an argument that you're getting a new medical library. 2) This scandal involved bribing proctors, and taking advantage of rules for allowing more test time that are intended to help students with legitimate health issues or other extenuating circumstances. Any rules put in place to prevent this type of cheating in the future will likely hurt most the people who really need those exemptions and extensions.

  • Charles Crandall
    Charles Crandall 3 dager siden

    Asians are to blame. They do well on standardized tests and are rewarded with college admission. This pushes out otherwise qualified applicants and drives their parents to desperate acts.

    Jews played this role during an earlier period. The difference being there is a limited supply of Jews yet a seemingly endless number of Asians. How would America fare with an almost entirely Asian elite? Might the Americans object?

    • Charles Crandall
      Charles Crandall 2 dager siden

      +Ralph Bernhard What benefits would accrue to our society if instead of a surfeit of Asians in medical school there were instead African-American and Hispanic students in proportion to their percentage of the general population? Would health outcomes of blacks and Hispanics improve if more doctors were black and Hispanic? Does medicine have a place for empathy and cultural understanding?

      Do we live in a society? Do we have obligations to measure and evaluate beyond test scores that are so easily manipulated by those devious and mercenary?

    • Ralph Bernhard
      Ralph Bernhard 3 dager siden

      Uhm...you're not serious....right? You're not....uhm....serious, correct?

  • Dean Cooper
    Dean Cooper 3 dager siden

    But why are you SURPRISE ????

  • Jeremiah Israel
    Jeremiah Israel 3 dager siden

    I don't think Trump has "Twitted" a response to this "breaking news" yet. Hmmm...I wonder why??? Hmmm...

  • Dexter Haven
    Dexter Haven 3 dager siden

    FBI: It's okay to sell out America's uranium supply to the Russians; but you better not cheat on university entrance. Something's wrong with our priorities.

  • Katy D
    Katy D 3 dager siden

    Their biggest mistake was scamming Uncle Sam...at that level your crime isn’t a crime unless you don’t pay the government their cut. But this will end like every other rich person in trouble with the law, community service. SMH Sometimes the court of public opinion is the best justice these people get.

    • ice 7
      ice 7 Dag siden

      Well said

  • Tamie Miller
    Tamie Miller 3 dager siden

    Stephen that's been going on for a long time, you hit the nail on the head, lol.

  • RainbowEagle
    RainbowEagle 3 dager siden

    Why are they acting like taking exams for rich kids is a new invention? That shit is as old as the oldest university. Hell, there is an Indian movie (3 idiots - spoiler alert!) about a guy getting the entire degree for a rich kid.

  • parsa seighali
    parsa seighali 3 dager siden

    As a gay vegan engineer who does CrossFit I feel very validated. I’m German.

  • Pennywise
    Pennywise 3 dager siden

    Why Aunt Becky, Why.

  • UzzyDaMLGPro
    UzzyDaMLGPro 3 dager siden +2

    This is unrelated but..

    If I had a dollar for every time Donald Trump said something stupid I'd "have a small loan of a million dollars".

  • Elena
    Elena 3 dager siden

    My mom also paid teacher's at school so I could get good grades for the subjects I didn't really like. But we're not rich. In Ukraine you can just pay from 20 to 100 dollars to get good grades. All depends on a teacher's price list and a grade you want to get. I love my country)

    • Ralph Bernhard
      Ralph Bernhard 3 dager siden

      The "subjects you didn't like"?
      You mean philosophy and religion, maybe?

  • George Carpelan
    George Carpelan 3 dager siden +1

    What is this? Rich people doing immoral stuff?! Unthinkable!

  • Free Manz
    Free Manz 3 dager siden +1

    America: Land of the greed, Home of the slave!!! No surprise here, The most racist country (USA) is also the most corrupt!!!

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh 3 dager siden +1

    When I have kids they better hit the books and the court. I ain't paying $6 Million for them to get into Harvard!

  • Lyle Leonard
    Lyle Leonard 3 dager siden +1

    This has probably been going on for a while but it’s getting so egregious that the Feds felt they had no choice but to step in this time.
    Feds; “Alright guys, now they’re literally faking photos for sport scholarships...(*sigh*).. we gonna have to do something here.”

  • Deb Kelly
    Deb Kelly 4 dager siden

    If the parent is wealthy enough to be able to "donate" hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to get their children into elite colleges, why didn't they spend the money on hiring tutors for their apparently under-performing children? I am, of course, referring to qualified tutors, not the "tutors" they resorted to.

  • Richard Morrissey
    Richard Morrissey 4 dager siden

    Colleges bribe athletes but students can't bribe colleges after they accepted the money and let them in?

  • Antonio Johnson
    Antonio Johnson 4 dager siden

    why isn't there outrage from Capitol hill or better yet from Ocasio- Cortez?

    • Antonio Johnson
      Antonio Johnson 3 dager siden

      thank you

    • Copy Bloc
      Copy Bloc 3 dager siden +1

      “I guess college admissions isn’t that different from elections, where lots of money can buy your spot too,” the New York Representative wrote. “Also an environment where those who make it despite the odds are suspected to not have ‘earned’ it, not truly belong, or assumed to not be able to perform at the same level.”

  • W.M. Aslam - Author
    W.M. Aslam - Author 4 dager siden

    This comes as no surprise to me, a lot of the rich and famous, as well as the political elite, think they can buy anything and everything. This type of bribery isn't just a problem in Asia and Africa, it's a problem worldwide. The Internet and freedom of information is helping catch a lot of these crooks, and no doubt many more will be caught very soon.

  • bd z
    bd z 4 dager siden +1

    Anyone looked into the kardashians or the jenners?

  • orphan200
    orphan200 4 dager siden

    I see the lawyers coming out of the woodwork now.

  • S H
    S H 4 dager siden

    What is money for anyway if not for this purpose?

  • joker 98.6547b
    joker 98.6547b 4 dager siden

    I don't like 94% Irish.

  • joker 98.6547b
    joker 98.6547b 4 dager siden

    + thumbs down.

  • joker 98.6547b
    joker 98.6547b 4 dager siden

    Colbert channel score: 0%. 0/100.

  • Payne_is_good R.J.
    Payne_is_good R.J. 4 dager siden

    Harvard not on the list hmm they ratted everyone else out because the weren't gettin paid!!

  • JRG2733
    JRG2733 4 dager siden

    Funny, every scandal and crime reflects on the kind of abuses committed in this country by the likes of Donald J. Trump. I say BOYCOTT THE CHEATING "ELITE" universities. Cut off their federal funding.
    Elect an administration that actually believes in the people, not the corrupt orange elite.

  • Rick Schumacher
    Rick Schumacher 4 dager siden

    How Trump Helps the Mafia to Launder Blood Money ........... BLACKSTONE INTELLIGENCE NETWORK

  • DemonLordChaos
    DemonLordChaos 4 dager siden

    Lol real athletes in 2019.

  • Tidbit
    Tidbit 4 dager siden +1

    The worst of it is the rich already have so many advantages, their kids can have the best tutors, the best SAT prep-ers, go to the best private schools, hang out with other rich kid high achievers, etc. etc. etc.

    • Charles Crandall
      Charles Crandall 2 dager siden

      And yet social and income mobility occurs. This isn't India. We don't have Varna here.

  • Michele Kett
    Michele Kett 4 dager siden

    When will the Trump Correctional Facility be opened? All these con artists and crooks can be in the same place, paying a daily rate, and being forced to play Monopoly everyday. My personal dream! I’m not a sadist, but it would be gratifying!

  • Rexie R
    Rexie R 4 dager siden

    Justice! Finally.

  • Scion of Madness
    Scion of Madness 4 dager siden +4

    The rich caught cheating and paying for favors and special treatment?
    Well THAT'S certainly never happened before! Who could have possibly seen THAT coming?
    Welcome to the human race.
    None the less, I'd like to see Rick Singer burned at the stake, testicles first. We could rename him Rick Sizzler.
    Actually, round up the whole bunch. We'll have a bonfire. It'll be fun.

  • Anthony Butler
    Anthony Butler 4 dager siden +1

    The tax fraud is the most serious issue here and the least surprising... Tax fraud seems to be the main pastime of the rich and famous...

  • Mo Batista
    Mo Batista 4 dager siden

    #Rich lives matter!

  • Elizabeth Beckhusen
    Elizabeth Beckhusen 4 dager siden +1

    I expect Fred bought Donnie's way in who went on to buy his kids in.

  • Der Steppenwolf
    Der Steppenwolf 4 dager siden

    qanon 🤣

  • marshhen
    marshhen 4 dager siden +1

    The worst detail is that this guy's bogus non-profit foundation that they all paid into was said to "help underserved children". So these people took a massive tax deduction from their fraud and faked that they were helping poor kids when in fact this cheatin steals legitimate scholarships and places for ordinary students who enter based solely on merit and need.

    • Mary Rose Kent
      Mary Rose Kent 4 dager siden

      Are marsh hens related to swamp hens? I assume as much. _Rallidae,_ I think.

  • Rex Thrasher
    Rex Thrasher 4 dager siden +1

    Do people in America still believe in hard work and justice? I know that many Americans don’t trust their government, but it is the big businesses and the rich that ordinary people should be afraid of. The corporations can buy the government into their pockets. Big corporations are the reason gun control isn’t allowed, a couple of hundred dead people per year don’t matter as long as gun companies get their money. Meanwhile people focus on important things like the earth being flat or god hating gay people😀 Real world is crazier than any satire could ever be😃

  • Dingo dyno
    Dingo dyno 4 dager siden

    Rofl to bad i dont have that much money to bribe USC to get into there school or UCLA, instead i have to actually bust my brain and study at my community college here in Orange County to get a laughable shot of going to any of them in CA

    • Mary Rose Kent
      Mary Rose Kent 4 dager siden

      Dingo dyno
      You might want to study up on the difference between to and too.

  • altbeb
    altbeb 4 dager siden

    another example of those with money thinking they have divine right - l wonder how many kids that were actual intelligent enough were denied because some hollywood has- been wanted their privileged lifestyle for their moronic kids...

  • MrFantocan
    MrFantocan 4 dager siden +1

    Stephen pretending to be the nice rich guy when he bashed Bernie his entire monologue, all on... he is old.

    The too old for presidency is the corporate offense against the guy who will be for the people.


  • Erdi Brajshori
    Erdi Brajshori 4 dager siden


  • Tas Phillips
    Tas Phillips 4 dager siden

    Singer looks like he is a member of the Heaven’s Gate cult.

  • 丰叶
    丰叶 4 dager siden

    I always believe donation to school to make their children admitted is legal in USA just like what your president did.

  • Pan Cadeusus
    Pan Cadeusus 4 dager siden +1

    I had someone tell me Trump is smart because he is a billionaire 😂😂😂

  • Gary Mingy
    Gary Mingy 4 dager siden

    Bluffing you way in is minor , the paying if someone to fraud your name and take a test is major ,college problem , out of college 1 year , is about the right punishment . How old are these people? 21 can be imature , 28 should get full adult treatment , tax evasion , Goode luck.

  • Lucas de Andre
    Lucas de Andre 4 dager siden

    Stephen is lying! There weren’t two people playing one girl! As John Oliver has been working to prove, it’s actually just one person, and she’s moving really fast to make us think there are two of them. The conspiracy is that there are two!

  • Drake Pryce
    Drake Pryce 4 dager siden

    And Everyone brings up Trump

  • Darth Baiter
    Darth Baiter 4 dager siden

    Kinda like paying off doctors for a bone spurr diagnosis for your son.

    • TheAmphicyon
      TheAmphicyon 4 dager siden

      My dad served 2 years in Vietnam and he said the military was chaos in part because of the draft. Why draft unwilling men, better the bone spur.

  • Ayman
    Ayman 4 dager siden

    Jesus, is the whole system rigged?
    We need to start over!

  • Don Bryant
    Don Bryant 4 dager siden +1

    Oh its just the Big peoples affirmative action program

  • Mary Scheib
    Mary Scheib 4 dager siden

    These are the same rich people who got all the benefits of the republicans tax cut / reform bill. The reform of course is to comfort the comfortable and starve the poor. Or create a deficit crisis to cut funding to Social programs that help the poor and middle class(cough cough)

  • Tania Ojeda
    Tania Ojeda 4 dager siden

    Gossip Girl said it first!

  • Aural Angst
    Aural Angst 4 dager siden +1

    Meritocracy is a decoy used by the rich to validate their position.. in reality, the majority of the rich are so because they are competitive and ruthless manipulators - these are EQ skills.. the reason why IQ and monetary success are only loosely correlated is because the rich manipulate the system to keep their dumbass offspring at the top..

  • David Landon
    David Landon 4 dager siden

    I came for the Filliam H. Muffman callback.

  • Radwulf Eboraci
    Radwulf Eboraci 4 dager siden

    Trump probably said 'Creating a charity to collect bribes & fake stuff to get your kids into top schools ... pure genius, why didn't I think of that instead of a FAKE university?

  • Matazuma
    Matazuma 4 dager siden

    Eat them

  • Ronald Petrin
    Ronald Petrin 4 dager siden

    Such a history is a prerequisite to get a job working in this WH administration, under Accomplishments.

  • Ronald Petrin
    Ronald Petrin 4 dager siden

    The names of all of those who participated should be exposed on You Tube so they can trend.

  • IceFox28
    IceFox28 4 dager siden

    You mean that isn't normal? My poor family watching other students handing hundreds in gift cards to their teachers and donations to the school? That they place students in 'easier' classes if they show some money to the counselor that arranges the classes? The fact that a school in a rich area before the internet was the best is because expensive tutors that teach a whole class and bribery? That was my childhood, especially the donation students that beat kids into near comas and the stalking me 2 miles home to put photos of me on the newborn internet websites. I must have been dreaming that WASN'T happening.

  • Mall Obsessions
    Mall Obsessions 4 dager siden

    You live in an oligarchy. The only reason you live in an oligarchy is because you, the people, are too apathetic to stand up. Brush off the sword of Damocles, rise up. Or you will get everything you deserve.

  • dancepiglover
    dancepiglover 4 dager siden

    What I find the most upsetting is degrees being given to people who don't deserve it and they will do work in which they are unqualified. That is socially irresponsible and dangerous!

  • r .ra
    r .ra 4 dager siden +1

    This is Anti-Semitic Stephen, how dare you question rich AIPAC families

    • Charles Crandall
      Charles Crandall 4 dager siden

      You mean the American Italian Political Affairs Committee?

  • r .ra
    r .ra 4 dager siden

    The glory of Capitalism

  • polite critique
    polite critique 4 dager siden

    All smart kids who dint get in college should do mass suicide then the public will take notice how rich rob everyone in every way. Instead of worshipping these rich pigs like on youtube

  • Melody Conte
    Melody Conte 4 dager siden

    Filliam H. Muffman 😂