Police Officers Reveal The Smartest Criminals They've Encountered

  • Publisert 9. mars. 2019
  • Police officers of Reddit, who’s the smartest criminal you’ve ever encountered?
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  • Ryan Best
    Ryan Best 2 timer siden

    3:24 hahahahaha the funny part is after they got back the car and thought it was the last time their WHOLE house was then robbed 💀💀💀

    BRENJIB 4 timer siden

    Why is king dedede’s theme playing ?

  • Look at this gay profile pic

    The smartest criminals aren’t caught

  • Coco LaRue
    Coco LaRue 7 timer siden

    That background music. AAAAARGGGG.

  • Denis Mitrovic
    Denis Mitrovic 8 timer siden

    Subsribe to Pewdiepie

  • YoGlev
    YoGlev 8 timer siden


  • Lauren Lauren
    Lauren Lauren 11 timer siden

    hah during the one about the bank robbery, i got a capital one ad.

  • Power Play
    Power Play 13 timer siden

    R/thisactuallyhappened but people believe it.

  • Gruagach. Iron Shoes
    Gruagach. Iron Shoes 13 timer siden

    I know two coppers and they are both corrupt , evidence planting scumbags, coppers no more now they move boxes and do shitty 'security' this was after these two pillars of the community were in court left their mics on naked gun style ''right lads have we all got our stories straight'' went back in and judge asked them ''do you need more time to get your stories straight''? Cretins

  • Kunai Killa
    Kunai Killa 14 timer siden

    Fuck the police!

    RYBORG 15 timer siden

    Came her from r/cringe

  • Kriston Clarke
    Kriston Clarke 17 timer siden

    Deez niggas went to the game lmao! !!!...ducking retards

  • S A
    S A 22 timer siden

    the receipt one reminds me of Ocean's 8

  • S A
    S A 22 timer siden

    omfg ive heard the car story somewhere a long, long time ago. just cant remember where

  • darkdragonc59
    darkdragonc59 23 timer siden

    Why the fuck is the music so loud

  • Skeeter
    Skeeter 23 timer siden

    Taking notes.....

  • elmo and stuff
    elmo and stuff Dag siden

    Elmos getting ideas

  • Madeline Larson
    Madeline Larson Dag siden

    I was also born from the depths of Costco.

  • Bethany Kemton
    Bethany Kemton Dag siden

    I always thought that scene in Oceans 8 was genius. The one at the very beginning in the beauty store.

  • DJ Tapia
    DJ Tapia Dag siden

    These stories are not giving me good ideas

  • Why
    Why Dag siden

    5.2k redditors right here.

  • lamont evans
    lamont evans Dag siden

    I’m from Arkansas 😂😂

  • california roll
    california roll Dag siden

    can u like tone down the music i can barely hear the narration

  • Swolejin
    Swolejin Dag siden

    Music way to loud and distracting

  • Emilyy Sand
    Emilyy Sand Dag siden

    Should check out text 2 memes latest vid as it seem just like this

  • Lawrence Of Vocelli’s

    This is kind of indicative of larger weird thoughts.
    That is to say, the greatest spy/criminal/assassin in history is someone that we will never, ever know about.

  • Philippe Ribeiro
    Philippe Ribeiro Dag siden

    Police officers of the world, (the bad ones, so thats like 95%)
    Kill yourselfs unnironically! Most of you are just being a cancer to society and do more harm in a year than all the good you' ll ever do in your entire life.

  • Memory
    Memory Dag siden

    Hey I just made a vid like this on r/askreddit on my channel! Could you go check it out? It’s pretty short!

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi Dag siden +3

    The real smartest criminals never encounter the police.

  • Derek Louden
    Derek Louden Dag siden

    3:25 is just an urban legend

  • Sean or whatever
    Sean or whatever Dag siden

    Some of these cops usernames tho

  • Harj Sanghera
    Harj Sanghera Dag siden


  • animagi
    animagi Dag siden

    homeowner probably also left his keys on the door

  • animagi
    animagi Dag siden

    2:43 I was like *awwww* then I was like *oh.*

  • William Green
    William Green Dag siden

    @7:59 I thought there was a secrete part of the story that they didn’t want to tell. Sadly it was a glitch of what he actually said next..

  • Alex Qwertyuiop
    Alex Qwertyuiop Dag siden

    on the one about the phone calls, cant they track your location?

  • ChrisDavenport Shoots

    Wait but for the best buy one if he already smashes a hole in the wall why didn't he just leave back through the smashed wall instead of setting off the alarm by going out the back door

  • Tyler Nicholson
    Tyler Nicholson Dag siden

    Costco... that happened $100%

  • Riley.
    Riley. Dag siden

    The smartest criminals are the ones who don't get caught

  • NerdyOwl
    NerdyOwl Dag siden

    This is so low effort, how the hell does this have 2 million views

  • Ish
    Ish Dag siden

    4:20 lmao

  • gacha tea
    gacha tea Dag siden

    4:25 that’s what the lady did in oceans 8

  • Fr Fr
    Fr Fr Dag siden

    This youtuber is the scum of the earth

  • Colin Dalangin
    Colin Dalangin 2 dager siden

    These are kind of like modern “Boy who Cried Wolf”

  • Christian C.
    Christian C. 2 dager siden +1

    1:40 I live in Idaho!!!!

  • im a motha fucking starfish

    Stop with the fucking kirby background music incel

  • The Asian Guy
    The Asian Guy 2 dager siden

    Thanks for letting me know the tactics, now I'm going to rob a bank

  • cheese mod
    cheese mod 2 dager siden

    level 1 crok levvel 125 melt cheese

  • C
    C 2 dager siden

    when it was talking about the "computer issue" i heard a faint windows sound effect.

  • Florent Luquet
    Florent Luquet 2 dager siden

    The music is a slightly bit loud.

  • Malakiah Ayres
    Malakiah Ayres 2 dager siden

    So is that the music from Kirby Dreamland in smash?

  • B Elise
    B Elise 2 dager siden

    Why did that guy have to take out student loans and pretend to go to class? Why didn’t he just walk around an open campus and dress like a student? That’s free...

  • sw0ll3n17
    sw0ll3n17 2 dager siden

    What's the song at the end?

  • B Elise
    B Elise 2 dager siden

    Wait, how did they know the bank robber went to Hong Kong?

  • Grizzly ER
    Grizzly ER 2 dager siden

    lol i was confused i thought the title said the opposite of smart

  • Kyle Comadoll
    Kyle Comadoll 2 dager siden

    My uncle was a boss at a bank in Germany and some one tried to rob it but the vault needs two keys to open and he only had one and his co worker had the other so he talked very loud and when the co worker got to the door he heard he will be here in a few minutes don’t shoot and called the cops my uncle keep the bank from being robbed and most likely saved his and his co workers life as well.

  • Justin Valentin
    Justin Valentin 2 dager siden

    Nice Kirby music.

  • Zip Gamer
    Zip Gamer 2 dager siden

    Turn the background music down you retard

  • Hunter Hanley
    Hunter Hanley 2 dager siden

    Gasp the legendary sand doggo

  • Triniyeet •
    Triniyeet • 2 dager siden


  • Seim Old DickHead
    Seim Old DickHead 2 dager siden

    The smartest one is the one to not get caught

  • J u u p i d u u r
    J u u p i d u u r 2 dager siden +1

    music ruined it

  • FetchQuestAssigner 4432
    FetchQuestAssigner 4432 2 dager siden

    Holy crap that piano noise is unbearable.

  • Phantom Krieger
    Phantom Krieger 2 dager siden +1

    The smartest criminal I ever saw was an Orc wearing nothing but underwear out of Riften, he put a bucket over the shopkeepers head then he robbed him blind. He then proceeded to put a bunch frenzy poisons in female Dark elve's pocket. She ran over and punched a guard causing all the guards by the gate to chase and kill her. The orc proceeded to murder a homeless guy and walked out the gate.

  • can I get 8000 subs or at least 1000

    He coulda got away with if he hadn’t sold one of the things he bought

  • Delaney Aaron
    Delaney Aaron 2 dager siden

    No ones heard of Arkansas so I don’t blame him

  • Finnjävel
    Finnjävel 2 dager siden

    Last one; Get patented keys, if this happens again, just compare time it took to get the car back or the guy to return and ask "key" people around that radius. I have a feeling it was an inside job, because I'm pretty sure Mercedes would have their own key, especially the new ones. I wouldn't call myself a locksmith, but I have learned a lot.... at least, test the key, they usually nowadays have a thing that allows car to start and not start without it.

  • God Stone
    God Stone 2 dager siden

    This officer's name is literally Tittypookaka, pretty sure he isn't an officer......

    TH3CRY5T4LF0X 2 dager siden

    what is that outro song

  • Nikhil Jagtap
    Nikhil Jagtap 2 dager siden


  • Henry Gutierrez
    Henry Gutierrez 2 dager siden

    "Turn your rough day into a ruff day," I love puns.

  • Don 'Wardaddy' Collier
    Don 'Wardaddy' Collier 2 dager siden

    That's actually pretty smart.

  • Bob herobrine
    Bob herobrine 2 dager siden

    Gotta luv dat og kirby music

  • AnimePabu
    AnimePabu 2 dager siden

    The guy who said he had no receipt probably watched oceans 8 and went like oh that’s a good idea let me try and it worked lmfao

  • DeRezno
    DeRezno 2 dager siden

    Is that...classical kirby?

  • Ginger Ninja
    Ginger Ninja 2 dager siden +1

    The smartest criminals they have ever encountered are the ones they weren’t aware they encountered.

  • Spencer Fox
    Spencer Fox 2 dager siden

    I know copying the boy who cried wolf is smart or not I guess it works though

  • Grandma Margeret
    Grandma Margeret 2 dager siden +1

    PART 2!!

  • bennywallo
    bennywallo 2 dager siden

    lol the first one is 200 IQ

  • thevioletskull
    thevioletskull 2 dager siden

    These stories are great!

  • Power In Knowledge
    Power In Knowledge 2 dager siden

    From what I get the most effective way is to lure people into a sense of security just long enough for you to get away.

  • DanielC
    DanielC 2 dager siden

    So who wants Movie tickets to Avengers End Game? You and your family!

  • Ghost
    Ghost 2 dager siden

    3:33 the only way between the tuh sides.

  • Montegery
    Montegery 2 dager siden +1

    Wouldnt a small barcode on cash make it a lot easier to catch criminals.

    • NeonGen2000
      NeonGen2000 2 dager siden

      They have something like that. It's called a serial number. lol.

  • Jase H
    Jase H 2 dager siden

    My decency as a human demands that I hate these anarchists.
    The part of my brain that sees life as a hyper-realistic simulation, tho, kinda has to respect the hustle.

  • A. M.
    A. M. 2 dager siden +1

    The smart ones were never caught.

  • Flyest Jatt
    Flyest Jatt 2 dager siden

    Anyone else taking notes?? 📝

  • Just Another Human
    Just Another Human 2 dager siden

    The smartest criminal is the one the cops don't even know about.

  • Roo Drew
    Roo Drew 2 dager siden

    2:44 pls help i dont understand

  • Tomas Petkevičius
    Tomas Petkevičius 2 dager siden

    Last on is smart af!

  • Sandy Hooker
    Sandy Hooker 2 dager siden +2

    The smartest criminals are the ones that were never caught.

  • Nedas Bicenovas
    Nedas Bicenovas 2 dager siden

    Aaannnddd then you have these geniuses.

  • Unicorn Tv
    Unicorn Tv 2 dager siden

    4:07 *Wow..now that's clever*

  • Weed
    Weed 2 dager siden

    Police officers are fucking retarded you know how many times I have been drunk or high and had to talk to the cops I always managed to get out the situation if you make your story seem dumb but believable they believe you I swear to god I made the stories up in my mind while I had quarter of weed in my pocket and 4 Xanaxs

    • Weed
      Weed 2 dager siden

      King Dedede I meannn smoking weed on a random persons porch and smoking in side my school bathroom plus being drunk laying on top my car in my underwear almost naked early in the morning plus falling in a hot tub drunk as shit while pouring my liquor in the hot tub and a lot more i was nearly arrested for stealing out of Walmart somehow talked my way out of that 2 😂 fuck I bested the police so many time

    • King Dedede
      King Dedede 2 dager siden

      probably cause they didn't care about what you were doing

  • Unicorn Tv
    Unicorn Tv 2 dager siden

    They are just giving other robbers ideas😂

  • Tony Gon
    Tony Gon 2 dager siden

    In 8:18 Sledge from Rainbow six siege

  • JH
    JH 2 dager siden

    Costco one is fucking bullshit, obviously.
    Everyone has a unique DL#, and cops enter it into their system when you're pulled over. Also almost every American knows what Costco is, that's like saying you live in the state of Walmart.
    I don't know why people bother making up such far-fetched shit.

  • Jeti
    Jeti 2 dager siden

    Kirby fight music lmao

  • Broet
    Broet 2 dager siden

    It was so good until the Doggo meme 😡

  • Ellie Marie
    Ellie Marie 2 dager siden

    Those false alarm schemes wouldn't work in Germany I feel. In my city we have a small Jewish community which never even encountered antisemitism. Nothing ever happened during a gathering of theirs but the police comes every week just in case.