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  • Publisert 9. jan.. 2019
  • I'm not a smart man. These are not smart people.
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  • Kidaru
    Kidaru Dag siden

    I'm as smart as a potato.

  • Michael Wittmann
    Michael Wittmann Dag siden

    The sad part is that the "having sex with normal people is practically bestiality" is actually a quote from House MD...
    They literally just imitate him

  • Clever Nickname
    Clever Nickname Dag siden

    My grandfather had was a college professor with a genius IQ, but he never talked about it with people.
    Ya know why?
    *B e c a u s e p e o p l e w i t h a c t u a l g e n i u s I Q s d o n t b r a g a b o u t b e i n g s m a r t*

  • s b
    s b Dag siden

    That Latin thing...oh my god. Being a high school Latin student myself...if these ding-dongs were actually smart, then they would go look up and see where the word actually comes from, and not make up some bullshit story about 2 romans, that's just insulting to them.

  • Billy
    Billy Dag siden

    9:26 I need to stop watching these late at night, my laughing wakes up the neighbors

  • Ironically Pineapple

    Some of these people would actually probably be cool to be around if they were just more humble

  • Leifen05
    Leifen05 Dag siden

    6:04 this guy is not very smart as I have an IQ of 176

  • Illiterate Scribe
    Illiterate Scribe Dag siden +1

    I thought “virgin” in Latin was Playerus Fortnitus

  • angelaisacliche
    angelaisacliche Dag siden

    Poe's law in action

  • Csak G
    Csak G Dag siden

    This is hurtful to watch

  • ashtwelve
    ashtwelve Dag siden

    They’re all anime profile pics...

  • Fins and Fangs
    Fins and Fangs Dag siden

    11:47 isn’t it 100? Not 90?

  • Lunatic Programmer
    Lunatic Programmer Dag siden

    Looks like some people put too few points into intelligence and too many into arrogance.

  • Lunatic Programmer
    Lunatic Programmer Dag siden +1

    My IQ is incredibly high and I have statistical evidence based on the student t distribution and f test that most of these posts are trolls. Not that your inferior mind even knows how to find out what those words mean.

  • FallenOne87
    FallenOne87 Dag siden

    14:47 fucking dead. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • shell company
    shell company Dag siden

    My IQ is over 9000

  • Billergoid
    Billergoid Dag siden

    Yo is Gunnthra that first guy's profile pic?

  • Amber Howle
    Amber Howle Dag siden

    Ofc theres an onision quote on here, who would've guessed

  • gagan hk
    gagan hk Dag siden

    Isn't Thesaurus a dinosaur??

  • GoldenFT
    GoldenFT 2 dager siden

    1:17 This dude actually asked again on the same exact day and same exact time even. Impressive.

  • a pokemon
    a pokemon 2 dager siden

    7:30 here your answer the black hole slows you down so your not moving that fast thats like running and someone grabs your hand you'll most likely slow down

  • JustMike
    JustMike 2 dager siden

    Studies show my dick is longer than everyone elses

  • Sam Hyena
    Sam Hyena 2 dager siden

    Onision hasnt been relevant in what....10 yrs now? 8? his videos barely crack 30k views...hooooly fuuuck no wonder he does for-hire video editing now...gotta make money somehow...

  • Ethan Bass
    Ethan Bass 2 dager siden

    13:48 Imma go be a Nasa Engineer and watch Minecraft redstone tutorials all day long. Those things are helpful AF

  • DaltonThomas
    DaltonThomas 2 dager siden

    Smart people don't have to tell people how smart they are.

  • Totoro
    Totoro 2 dager siden

    If someone tries to prove that they are smart by saying things in unnecessarily complicated ways, they probably aren't the smartest

  • Pimmelberger
    Pimmelberger 2 dager siden +1

    My IQ is 155 but Im not better than any one else. And I know that nobody cares about my "intelligents" . These People just being stupid af.

  • Alyssa Glass
    Alyssa Glass 2 dager siden

    No joke, I legit have written stuff like this in the past. If I can come across them I will be sure to send them your way so you can mock the ever living hell out of me with your Mocking Spongebob meme voice.
    Gotta laugh at my stupidity every now and again.

  • Gemini the Stellar Dreamer

    Being actually smart is an incredible burden because there are people like this in the world.

    • Gemini the Stellar Dreamer
      Gemini the Stellar Dreamer 2 dager siden

      Which sounds like these people but even though everyone says I'm brilliant, I'm a fuckin dumbass. Easily one of the dumbest people I know. It's not about the size of your brain, its about how you use it.

  • user.equalto.Null
    user.equalto.Null 2 dager siden

    Aaaaaaaggghhhh... It hurts because I was one of them...

  • Tank you for subscribing
    Tank you for subscribing 2 dager siden

    That first one sounded satire

  • oogular boogular
    oogular boogular 2 dager siden

    Being smart is actually a curse though. I have everyone at school asking me for help 24/7

  • chairmanofrussia
    chairmanofrussia 2 dager siden

    That pedo who messaged her five minutes to the day four years later 😂🤣😂🤣 priceless

  • Maya Mmb
    Maya Mmb 2 dager siden

    OF COURSE onision is here..

  • thomas steele
    thomas steele 2 dager siden

    7:45 he supposed that the force excepted by the black hole speeds up the light which means he’s so dumb he can’t fathom that just because something is pulling the speed of light doesn’t change. Fucking idiot

  • kickassssnation027
    kickassssnation027 2 dager siden

    Sounds extremely familiar from a certain "skeptic" or is it "skeptic affiliate"

    LOST CHROMEAZONE 2 dager siden

    My brain runs on an AMD A6 Elite. It may not be as good as some but I've still got more processing power than you!

  • Manuel Calavera
    Manuel Calavera 2 dager siden +1

    My IQ is 119 which is above average but I have never ever bragged about it cuz I know that my IQ won't help me in life unless I'm street smart...

  • Raven Ligon
    Raven Ligon 2 dager siden

    *Sees the first few seconds, notices Gunnthrá from Fire Emblem Heroes*

    I’m a Fire Emblem Fan. I thought I’d never see a Fire Emblem character in one of your videos, but here I am.

  • Jolly Regidor
    Jolly Regidor 2 dager siden

    I have an IQ of 345..this video is such a photosynthesis.

  • dragonslayer2000
    dragonslayer2000 2 dager siden

    7:36 when light is pulled into a black hole it doesn't actually accelerate because the speed of light is a universal constant, I.e: it doesn't go any faster it just moves towards it at its regular speed.

  • Yung Venuz
    Yung Venuz 2 dager siden

    >"top of class" 91%
    >intermediate class

  • Jeremy Frederick
    Jeremy Frederick 2 dager siden

    I have an iq of 11-something? I don't fucking care??

  • King G
    King G 2 dager siden

    well i found the answer about the hole black and speed light think so basically....its faster

    Bang....get it cuz the big bang in space haha i have an iq of....dunno but its low pretty low

  • MastermindEpsilon
    MastermindEpsilon 2 dager siden

    Fun fact. IQ is related in proportion to your age. 100 being an average score, implying your mental age is lined up perfectly with your actual age. Below 70 means you are legally retarded.

  • Lori
    Lori 2 dager siden



  • Shani Lev
    Shani Lev 2 dager siden

    This video gives me hope. Because I know I'm an idiot, but at least I'm not a condescending idiot who thinks they're better then everyone.

  • ProjectHomeProductions
    ProjectHomeProductions 2 dager siden

    7:43 the level of cringe here is bad...i bet he's one of those "I read stephen hawkings book" but clearly didnt understand a damn thing in it (Or better yet didn't read it and scoffs at hawking because he's a "Quasi-celebrity 'scientist'")

  • Thomas O'Hair
    Thomas O'Hair 2 dager siden

    potato sauce

  • DeathSerpent
    DeathSerpent 2 dager siden

    To be fair...