• Publisert 10. mars. 2019
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  • Inga
    Inga Dag siden

    Omg, it feels like evolution has stopped and is going backwards now. 🤦‍♀️

  • R3KT James
    R3KT James Dag siden

    this is so fucking fake he ripped off a Shane Dawson documentary and made it like some sort of shit drama movie

  • Melissa Decker
    Melissa Decker Dag siden

    Logan Dawson is that you??

  • Devin Martinez
    Devin Martinez Dag siden

    Not watching this

  • FrancesPrances Flcbro

    So your trying to be Shane?

  • Zike Zition
    Zike Zition Dag siden


  • Jack Trotter
    Jack Trotter Dag siden +1

    is this ironic, cuz i genuinely cant tell

    KANYSHA Dag siden

    YYAAAAASSSSS EVAN, cut all ties with that nimrod and live ur life

    KANYSHA Dag siden

    *g r a v i t y*


  • mah name is jefff
    mah name is jefff Dag siden

    What a attention seeker

  • Shah Nn
    Shah Nn Dag siden +1

    Huh eh huh

  • Jim L
    Jim L Dag siden

    Which direction will they SAIL to get to the EDGE? Which WAY is Up?
    Where does the SH!T go when you Flush? Out the Bottom?
    WHY is it Hot at the Equator and Cold at the Top and Bottom?
    Why can you Fly EAST and keep going EAST forever BUT IF you fly North ... Eventually you will be flying SOUTH? Then North again....
    Some people (term used loosely) are STUPID.

  • mah name is jefff
    mah name is jefff Dag siden

    He tryin to be shane so bad

  • mah name is jefff
    mah name is jefff Dag siden

    This is the dumbest thing i watched this week..

  • Christine Maize
    Christine Maize Dag siden

    The Earth is round go into space and look for your self... What does Logan mean when he says "I think I'm coming out of the flat earth closet". But ya the Earth is round

  • Supersonic Richie S S R

    F&3*&$#&#*#* you B&&###*(

  • Athena
    Athena Dag siden

    This should be a psychological disorder. When ppl decide to ignore all scientific evidence that disputes their narrative, you clearly have questionable judgment.

  • Livy 101
    Livy 101 Dag siden

    Rip offfffffffff

  • Christian Lerma
    Christian Lerma Dag siden

    I’m with you but my friend mentioned that when you go from Russia to Alaska would you fall off I SAID THERE IS A LOOP HOLE OR SOME CRAZY SHIT

  • liriel
    liriel Dag siden

    why does he think he's shane now

  • money man
    money man Dag siden +1

    Wow, JJ really did knock all the rest of his brain cells out of him.

  • Ayden Pagan
    Ayden Pagan Dag siden


  • It's Alexandra
    It's Alexandra Dag siden

    i think i lost 3/4 of my brain cells watching this 2:22 minute video
    i think i'm gonna unsubscribe until it's too late

  • GeekMuscle
    GeekMuscle Dag siden

    Straight up copying Shane

  • Madeleine Helliwell
    Madeleine Helliwell Dag siden +1

    Fucking hell...

  • Bob Robinson
    Bob Robinson Dag siden

    First of all , whats worse Logan paul inspired by shane dawsons work , Or a bunch of trolls crapping on him for producing content????? Incase you didnt notice youtube follows trends and everyone gets there ideas from some other place (Deal with it) And stop thinking That spreading hate and negitivity to other youtubers is a good thing !! (GET A GRIP)

  • chou soibam
    chou soibam Dag siden


  • Emily
    Emily Dag siden

    Like what you said about shane.. *YOUR SCARING THE CHILDREN* the shane virus is spreading

  • Celeste Cabrales
    Celeste Cabrales Dag siden

    Skskskt shook

  • Da bloody ace
    Da bloody ace Dag siden

    The earth is round

  • John Kalivas
    John Kalivas Dag siden

    I think Logan should go back to preschool

  • tarek inky
    tarek inky Dag siden

    I thought this is Shane's Channel for a moment

  • X100_ Julian
    X100_ Julian Dag siden

    Are u on drugs

    SICKO MODE MAN Dag siden

    Hell no brainwashed by dumbasses

  • Old MacDonald
    Old MacDonald Dag siden

    You are so stupid as hell

  • Z F
    Z F Dag siden

    Oblate Earth society checking in here.

  • Mythical
    Mythical Dag siden

    This is so dramatic and stupid I wanna cry

  • Voltron Kittens
    Voltron Kittens Dag siden +1

    The video was only 2:22 and i alrdy have a migraine

  • Best Experiments
    Best Experiments Dag siden

    I always laugh what i hear about flat earth

  • Jean-Luc El-Khoury
    Jean-Luc El-Khoury Dag siden

    Why all the hate? Just don't watch...

    • Mythical
      Mythical Dag siden

      Some of us watched H3's video about his video and wanted to comment

  • Emiry
    Emiry Dag siden +1

    Lol so he trying to be Shane Dawson.. so unoriginal

  • TTV_ Tim Sweeney
    TTV_ Tim Sweeney Dag siden +1

    The erth is fat

  • Jason Is Lost In Japan

    A moron legitimising morons... =l

  • Victoria Ledford
    Victoria Ledford Dag siden +1

    I can't tell if this is real or a joke tbh 😂

  • arynwhat
    arynwhat Dag siden

    you will not top the queen shane sorrry sis😂

  • Sam Hilbourne
    Sam Hilbourne Dag siden +1

    0:46 Has this stupid kid ever heard of gravity? This is where we're at rn smh.

  • Mia Smith
    Mia Smith Dag siden +1

    Have these people ever heard of gravity?

  • William Knudsen
    William Knudsen Dag siden

    0:41 It’s ok that the kid thinks the world is flat. He doesn’t have a working understanding of physics yet.

  • William Knudsen
    William Knudsen Dag siden +1

    Please don’t brainwash children against science. The Earth IS NOT FUCKING FLAT.

  • Turkey boy517
    Turkey boy517 Dag siden

    To Logan... No one gives a Fu*k about u

  • SpeedSniper Plaz
    SpeedSniper Plaz Dag siden

    Copying Shane Dawson but still fire as hell braaah

    • Mythical
      Mythical Dag siden

      No it's not, let's be real

  • Theo Wiegert
    Theo Wiegert Dag siden +1

    This looks like one of those mock trailers where it is all supposed to be funny and fake

  • Matt Williams
    Matt Williams Dag siden +1

    Haven’t you ever heard of gravity? 😱

  • JP Raps
    JP Raps Dag siden +1


  • Oliver Peretti
    Oliver Peretti Dag siden +1

    All hate comments... and i fucking love it😂

  • jacob pittman
    jacob pittman Dag siden +5

    I just lost all respect for Logan….

    • Lauren Bee
      Lauren Bee Dag siden

      jacob pittman I lost respect when he made that video about that poor man in the forest. This is just another ploy for views.

  • Johnny Szky
    Johnny Szky Dag siden +1

    Flat Earth loool but whatever....

  • Chris the Funk
    Chris the Funk Dag siden

    Copying Shane, what a joke.

  • Disturbed is my Middle name

    Yo this new Shane Dawson documentary looks cool

  • Tj Benson
    Tj Benson Dag siden

    You aren’t Shane. You could never, douchebag.

  • Retrace Elak
    Retrace Elak Dag siden +1

    Wtf. Are you retarded? Nevermind, clearly.

  • Brayden Bornemeier
    Brayden Bornemeier Dag siden +1

    If the earth is flat then why are there different time zones?

  • DJALEM99
    DJALEM99 Dag siden

    Ru fucking serious Logan do u acc think the earth is flat

  • 3picAc0rn
    3picAc0rn Dag siden +2

    Anyone notice all these people look like homeless people with no brain cells lmao thinking we’re gunna fall off the earth if it’s round gtfo no one even cares we have more problems then if the earth is flat! We might not even have a earth in years to come and they’re thinking if it’s flat or round, they need to focus on the bigger picture like trying to get clean water world wide or stopping polluting the planet but instead they have meetings about how the earth is flat. Makes lots of sense people

  • shanedawson is the best

    Just stop !!! You're voice is so cringey to dramatic !!! U r litteraly so annoying !!! Stop stealing shane's idea be original why is that so Hard 4 u just keep making youre kid friendly content !!!

  • Malcolm Purple
    Malcolm Purple Dag siden +2

    The worst part of this is that his fan base is all kids, as if he wasn't damaging them enough now this shit.

    • Mythical
      Mythical Dag siden

      +Malcolm Purple oh! See you there!

    • Malcolm Purple
      Malcolm Purple Dag siden

      Mythical then I'll be ready for the grave.

    • Mythical
      Mythical Dag siden

      Just wait when you go outside and hear 6 year olds talking about the earth being flat

  • ya grl natasha
    ya grl natasha Dag siden

    shut up u self centered flat earther

  • Supreme Bubbo
    Supreme Bubbo Dag siden +2

    stop right there, criminal scum

  • Dr Mongous
    Dr Mongous Dag siden


  • Melvin Luz
    Melvin Luz Dag siden

    This is so Autistic and cringy 😂🤢

  • Hassan Badshah
    Hassan Badshah Dag siden

    They dont know that the earth is so big for humans

  • The Loathe Tribune
    The Loathe Tribune Dag siden

    The most probably hilarious shit on the internet right now

  • Ker Lyne
    Ker Lyne Dag siden

    Im ready

  • Devan Esparza
    Devan Esparza Dag siden +1

    This shits retarded tbh

  • Baka Neko
    Baka Neko Dag siden +1

    Please tell me this is supposed to be a parody/comedy... Like... This isn't a video that was intended to be taken serious, right? Perhaps this is a Mockumentary maybe? I am GENUINELY asking/suggesting this...

    • Noah Caucasus
      Noah Caucasus Dag siden

      it's one of those like hey it's a mock a flat earther, but low key you know it's true type of a thing.
      That's it! I want a Flat Earther GF.

  • Jess'metics
    Jess'metics Dag siden

    This is just ridiculous, coping Shane 🤣 Jesus, get some originality

  • David Martin
    David Martin Dag siden +1

    You should at least say you got inspired by Shane or put his name somewhere is more then obvious that you got all this from Shane

  • Heidi R
    Heidi R Dag siden

    How does him holding hands with his other girlfriend have to do with flat earth he needs to get his love life together and marry someone and then do it JESUS

  • Amir Elkherchi
    Amir Elkherchi Dag siden +1

    Ur honestly dumb asf If you think the earth is flat

  • Nate Sukley
    Nate Sukley Dag siden +1

    This is why NO-clip is at an absolute downfall. There’s not such thing as originality anymore. Ride the trends 🤧 I actually enjoy the podcasts too, but this is like you took a Shane Dawson video and tried to parody it

  • Haley Bergstrom
    Haley Bergstrom Dag siden +2

    Wait but if the earth was on his eye in the thumbnail, doesn’t that mean the earth is round? Unless eyes are flat nowadays🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Danga Langman
    Danga Langman Dag siden

    1:46 sums up the message he is truly trying to send.

  • Faded
    Faded Dag siden +1

    How braindead can you be?

  • Cleary Flat Earth
    Cleary Flat Earth Dag siden

    They shut us down!

  • Lukas De ot
    Lukas De ot Dag siden

    Is flat

  • Da Rust
    Da Rust Dag siden +1

    The earth is a dinosaur

  • Emilia Kochman
    Emilia Kochman Dag siden

    stop copying shane

  • Wild Card
    Wild Card Dag siden

    they don't no that there is gravity

  • Tyler
    Tyler Dag siden +13

    Anyone here from H3’s Podcast?

  • hakz Instinct
    hakz Instinct Dag siden

    Cough cough shane dawson

  • Katy C
    Katy C Dag siden +1

    This video hurts my brain. Fuck me, these people are so uneducated.

  • BadBen
    BadBen Dag siden

    It’s annoying because he obviously believes the earth is round but he knows he can sell this over dramatic series to his fans.

  • JustBBA
    JustBBA Dag siden

    This is how many Flat Earthers will be sent to space FOREVER

  • Eagle
    Eagle Dag siden

    why does this look like a trailer to a movie that I am 100% down to watch? lmao

    • Mythical
      Mythical Dag siden

      +Eagle anyone who enjoys his content is stupid, how could you assume I wasn't talking about that? Consuming my comment when you don't even like it

    • Eagle
      Eagle Dag siden

      Mythical Or maybe it’s because Logan obviously put effort into this and I genuinely enjoy his content. Why else would I comment? You’re stupid if you actually actively consume someone’s content and don’t like them that’s just a waste of time and energy.

    • Mythical
      Mythical Dag siden

      Because youre most likely stupid

  • FappleJacks
    FappleJacks Dag siden


  • Char J
    Char J Dag siden +2

    This.... this is a joke right...?

  • John Kemper
    John Kemper Dag siden

    You getting major pushback bro. Connect with me on Facebook. We need to talk about this movement and more that is all getting ready to come out.

  • Daniel D'Urso
    Daniel D'Urso Dag siden

    Don’t know whether this is actually a trailer for a conspiracy theory video or a trailer for the new “dramatic” tv show staring Logan Paul

  • Matt savage K
    Matt savage K Dag siden

    The earth was scientifically proven to be circular

  • Legacy X
    Legacy X Dag siden

    Is he fucking serious fam ? 😂😂